Monday, May 21, 2007


Criminal Minds: I remembered something that happened on the Criminal Minds set when I was watching "Ashes and Dust" a few days ago. I met Sean O'Brian when he returned on my first night on the set to reshoot one of his scenes. We were standing in the hallway while the cameras were being positioned and then they told him that they were ready. We had been talking about funny internet experiences that we both had had but as soon as they called him he excused himself and walked onto the set. The scene, which never made it into the final cut, was him talking on the phone with Abby setting up their final meeting. He talks for just a minute, picks up a suitcase and then leaves the room. They shot it a couple of times and then did some angle shots and then called cut and he was done. He walked right back over to me and started the conversation back right where we had left it before his shoot. He went from being an incredibly funny conversationist to unsub and back again without missing a beat and all in the course of about 20 minutes. He is an incredible actor and a really nice man. I look forward to seeing his future projects. :)