Wednesday, May 16, 2007



The BAU team is on a mission to find both Frank and SSA Gideon and needs your assistance. There will be a secret message hidden by Gideon on the Criminal Minds Fanatic blog. The team needs it to solve the case.

First the team must have answers to a number of clue questions. This is only part of their mission. Once the answers to the clues are posted, they will receive Gideon’s message. But there is more.

Gideon’s message is scrambled and it is also hidden. Someone must find the scrambled message, unscramble it and post the message for the team to see. The message will identify Frank and Gideon’s location.

Are you ready for the hunt to find Frank and Gideon?

**Thank you to the wonderful members of the website that worked so hard to come up with and implement this contest*******