Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Supply & Demand" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness and Rachel Nichols.

** Beware! There will be spoilers within the comments!


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Tina said...

I'm incredibly excited to see what tomorrow nights ep. will hold. I've been planning for it all week ( dork that I am). I hope we get a ep. with everyone doing what they do best i.e. Hotch the fearless leader Reid the genius etc. I also hope for the profiling of days gone by. I must admit I am a little apprehensive with T.G. not yet having a contract. I hope the CM season finale doesn't turn into the T.G. finale

Anonymous said...

I second Tina's wish list.
Roll on Thursday afternoon...

Anonymous said...

There is such tension regarding TG's contract, whether he will be signing or not. I do hope he will come back as I can't conceive CM without him. I second Tina's wish, I hope it doesn't turn into Thomas Gibson's finale !

Cynthia said...

I can't wait for this ep!! i'm so excited to see how this season is going to end :D Also can't wait to see AJ back again!!

Kitty said...

Oh boy for AJ returning. Please, please, have Hotch returning. And a hint about what's the deal with Strauss would be, oh, so nice.

gubegirl said...

Blimey: Are you ready for the finale, GF? All my margarita makings are out, ready to go. May have to have a little rehearsal tonite to make sure I am ready...:)

Surely hope we hear something soon about TG's future with CM. I should say CM's future, as it would look bleak w/o Thomas. Feeling more positive again this afternoon, tho, eternal optimist that I am. 'Course that could have something to do with the new thread open to blog about a new CM epi...even if it is the final one for the season.

On a side note, the pres of Mexico was on the news this AM about how tourism in Mex is down; from something like 90 million annually (drastic numbers but was not listening real closely) a few yrs ago to 3 million last year and he is blaming the U.S. media is respon for this drop in tourism. Claims that MOST murders are drug-related and that they don't USUALLY target tourists...very reassuring, huh, Blimey?

Happy to go back to being my gubegirl self, I must say, thanks Criminal Minds Fan!

Anonymous said...

@ Gubegirl:
I have a viewing dilemma on Thursday (seen my Source today, gave a verbal reminder and smiled sweetly at them).
I can either watch after rushing home from work, but won't be able to enjoy a rare midweek tipple whilst viewing as I need to drive across town to go to the gym & Body Combat. OR... I can wait until I get back and sip the Crabbie's (alcoholic ginger beer) to ease the tension of my CM fix having to wait. Hmmmm.
The jury's still out on the TJ trip. I'm erring on the side of caution at present so may just end up sitting in the hotel with a bottle of Patron instead! ;-))

gubegirl said...

How screwed up is this: the cancelled CM:SB gets a write-up in next wk's TV Guide for its finale. Maybe because French Stewart from 3rd Rock is the suspect? Then a JEER for same show re: KV's dif colored hair EVERY WK (?) NOT OUR Garcia! The viewer writing in votes for red, which is my personal fave.

Guess I can't complain when OUR CM got an entire page for their finale this wk, complete with JJ.

Pat said...

Hi gubegirl, Blimey Limey,

I don't usually write on the blog before the episode but I'm so glad to be able to get on here once again. I just had to lurk last week.

Maybe they're holding off on any kind of announcement on TG to give more drama to the episode especially since it's about budget cuts at the unit. After the disaster their meddling with the team caused last year, you wouldn't think they'd let TG get away. With CM:SB being cancelled, they should have enough moolah to give TG what he wants.

Blimey, when you're flying over Manitoba, drop down for a visit.

Jessica said...

Finally finished this season! It's been a year full of uncertainty, but I think season 6 ends with good news for us. AJ's return is great, but I think we have a lot of changes for next season, our guys will not be the same with the return of JJ, knowing that Emily is alive and with Reid's health problem.
I also send greetings to all who participated in this blog. I got involved recently, but I loved it. Not a day goes by that I enter the page to read a new article or comment.
And on the contract of Thomas Gibson, do not think there is to worry, we will see in a few months to our team back together.

TheEldersTKD said...

I can't even get excited for the finale due to the situation with TG's contract. It really is a downer. My husband and I had a large group of people coming to our house to watch tomorrow, but now everyone is kind of not into it at all. Too bad it has to be that way.

BellaRN said...

Despite the issues with TG's contract, I am super excited for tomorrow's finale! AJ is back! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank god my finals will be finished tomorrow--so I can watch the finale! Great timing! I wonder how this episode will play out.

What a (relatively) nice way to end a school year.

Lena Ocean Taylor said...

Love the picture for the thread ! This is exactly the team I want for next season !! ^^

Regina said...

In my country we're quite behind on CM, so as of tonight, I'm only up to Valhalla. However, I'm very excited to read about the finale and (hopefully good) news about TG's contract in the near future. Felt bad for Kirsten to hear of CM:SB's cancellation, but hopefully now CBS can focus on getting the team back together and making quality episodes.

cmwinner said...

So can't wait for tonight!!! The previews and everything I read about tonight's eppisode, make it look so good!

Anonymous said...

Jill - why will you not recognize Rachel as a part of this cast? Every single picture you post does not include her and it's disrespectful to her. She is a cast member of this show and if you claim to be such a fan of the show then you should show ALL cast members respect. It's ridiculous.

The latest picture on the homepage is yet another example of this. I hate to break it to you but Paget is not in this finale, Rachel is. I love Paget and I soooooo hope she comes back but lets at least be real about who is in the actual episode.

christyzachman said...

Yeah, its Wednesday!!!!

christyzachman said...

Looking forward to tonight's episode although it may the last episode I watch if Tom does not sign a contract. But CBS better give him a great deal.

heyya said...

That picture just warms my heart. I'm even a little teary eyed hoping that next season will see the return of this amazing cast, which was perfect as it was and shouldn't have been messed with. CBS you had a magical cast and I still can't believe they so ruthlessly dismantled it, and gave us a below par character in the stead of the departed. Not acceptable.
I'm positive after seeing the transcript of Erica's chat. Especially the comment about her bringing the band back together fills me with optimism.
As for the season finale, I say bring it on! I can't wait for season6 to be over. Seems like a bad dream I just want to forget.
Hopefully, as Erica said, we'll have a clean slate come season7.

Be_Bonnie said...

The finale will have the team take help from Amy Price-Francis (coming on as SSA Andi Swan). Hope she doesn't become another asinine regular like Ashley Seaver. I hope they give Seaver the boot!

Oh! i so want TG and PB to join the family in season 7!

Anonymous said...

CBS's 2011-2012 schedule just came out today--and CSI is doing to air after Criminal Minds on Wednesdays. How will that bode for this show?

Anonymous said...

I think CSI NY used to air after Criminal Minds.

GOOD, back at the same timeslot, I was afraid CBS would do something silly like move it to Thursdays or send it to the 10pm (even though, when it aired that hour once, the ratings were the same), but if they did that, what would hold up against American Idol, right?

Now, all I need is Thomas Gibson signed, Paget officially back and Seaver gone and season 7 will be heaven.

heyya said...

Rachel Nichols just tweeted that she's slated to return for next season.
So long Criminal Minds.
Thank you for five amazing years.

Anonymous said...

I've never yeller NO so loud from TV news I heard!

Why, why? Why, Criminal Minds? Why do you stick around with bad decisions?


Cindy said...

heyya, she said slated and that she hopes nothing changes; slated is not the same as being officially picked up. As of now, yes, she may be slated, but that can change. I don't think her contract was just for 1 season. I would be shocked if there isn't an option clause in there giving the network the option to either pick her up for another season or release her (I'm praying for them releasing her so that we don't have to deal with the Seaver character come season 7).

Heck, as of now, Thomas Gibson has no contract and the option against Paget, to my knowledge, hasn't been used. There are still too many things in the air. Nothing has been set in stone yet. I'm sure once it has, we will learn about it here and/or at Deadline. Unless Criminal Minds Fan has any news regarding Paget and/or Rachel that she could share??

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I really, really hope you are right.
Because 8 regulars, really?
The show barely had the time for 7, now they are planning on 8?
Unless Paget isn't coming back, but I would still rather have Hotch, Reid, Garcia, Rossi, JJ and Morgan and NO SEAVER.


Cindy said...

Janet, I don't think the network would pay out for 8 series regulars. That is way too many characters and money out of the door, especially considering the pay raises. Also, the Seaver character has not been well received at all so I doubt they would make some concerted effort to keep that character on board if Thomas and Paget return.

I haven't heard anything about Paget though, but I am with you that if Paget doesn't return then it should stay with just the 6, Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, Reid, Rossi, and JJ. Speaking of JJ, can't wait to see her tonight!

Erica said...

Today's mantra:
Will not let my excitement for the finale be ruined by the fact that Thomas Gibson still has no contract. Paget is not officially confirmed back yet. Seaver may come back.

But to be completely honest, my level of excitement is nowhere near of what it was for past seasons.

I guess I'm hoping for the best and not expecting way too much.

Anonymous said...

If it were such a done deal, why would she have to cross her fingers that nothing changes. Either you have a firm agreement to come back, or not, and I'd think that if you had a firm agreement there would be nothing to hope would change, it would just be

Anonymous said...

Notice though she only says "slated" to return and she has her fingers crossed that nothing changes. My guess, she might not have a guarantee on a full season of episodes. Which means she could only be on the first few episodes to allow a transition, i.e., maybe Prentiss coming back and then Seaver leaving.

Anonymous said...

Seaver may be back?

Oh, goody, another season of how amazing this character is supposed to be shoved down our throats, and I can only expect from the past episodes, how the veteran likable characters would be USED to point that out to us every single opportunity they get.

Just the preview with her asking so many questions while Aaron Hotchner just stands there makes me cringe.

No more Seaver, please, CM peeps. You tried, we tried, my patience tried, they all failed. Learn from your mistakes.

Jane said...

I hope Ashley Seaver won't be here for the seventh season too.
If Paget Brewster doesn't come back I would be perfectly happy with 'just' Hotch, Reid, Rossi, Morgan, JJ and Garcia.

Patricia said...

Seaver is really coming back?


And why does she need to give us bad news on the same day as the finale?
Like we don't have enough to worry about with TG's contract situation?

A. said...

It was a tweet people, a very non- specific tweet with words that don't state anything for sure. Let's just all wait for news on Thomas and Paget. I'm sure that if there will be any news of the Seaver character returning that will be something that will be reported on as well. I don't want that character to return either but I am not going to state based on some non- specifically worded tweet that the character is coming back for sure.

Michael said...

This episode sounds very good. Gonna be interesting to see what happens to the team.

Yes seaver is back in your face immature haters!

Karleny said...

And Michael's statements are exactly why I hope the Seaver character does not return to the show. I'm sick of the character and all the craziness that circles it. If she returns, I'm out. I just can't take a whole new season of this Seaver garbage.

I will wait for official news, not a tweet.

Anonymous said...

Well, if there is a bright spot, and that is a very dim one in light of all this soap opera-ish drama with this show this year, it is that they cancelled that crap spinoff.

Your choice for photo on this post makes me sad, and well, sort of says it all for ME personally. Until I see THAT entire cast back together like that, I am almost 99.99% sure they will not be getting me back as a viewer.Oh, and 'new person' does not count to me either,sorry.

jonishackley said...

And to the Anonymous (brave of you) who complained about RN not being pictured here, most of us DO NOT consider her a part of the cast. She's a temporary mistake that needs to be rectified by showing her the door. It's disrespectful of the fans to ask us to buy this character that would never under any circumstances be allowed on the BAU or the pitiful "actress" they chose to play her. Don't give Jill grief. I'm sure she's appealing to the majority of the fans. Even the CBS website does not list RN as a member of the cast. Go check it out.

Caroline said...

why are people here so hateful:-(

Rachel/Seaver is great give her a chance. Just put yourself in her place. She just want an income like all.
Besides Ashley Seaver is really beginning to shine.

Julia said...

I hate the character Caroline. It is an affront to the show and to the majority of the fans that have watched this show for years. It is CBS attempt to save a few bucks and believe me, it shows.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

The picture I choose to post with this thread reflects the season as it started.

As for Ms. Nichols...well I am sure she is a terrific person but her character is a non starter for me. My personal opinion.

Ms. Nichols has many photographs on this blog. I post all the press pictures and she is in many of them.

I would remind everyone that I require respect on this blog. You can have and share your opinions without belittling anyone else for their opinion.

Hatefulness is never a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that everyone is pretty down on Rachel Nichols. Granted, she hasn't been given much to do this season, but if you find a feed for her cancelled Fox series "The Inside" you can she that she is capable of amazing work in this genre. Lots of fans bemoaning the loss of Paget Brewster, but I think if viewers would stop trying to see Nichols as her replacement but as a completely different character they might enjoy her work. Personally, I think the writers need to make sure they give Seaver a decent arc next season to let Nichols show her stuff.

Caroline said...

I have watched the show for years i got no problem with her. She is fine

Julia said...

Anonymous, my bemoaning the loss of Prentiss is not what hinders me not liking the Seaver character, nor do I see Seaver as some sort of replacement for Prentiss as that would be laughable. The character in my opinion SUCKS and no amount of tricks, arcs, or ploys is going to change my mind about that. End of story.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

This thread is for the discussion of this episode. Stop the Seaver argument.

Henry Patterson said...

Jill you say you are sure Nichols is a teriffic person

and she is,you can see that, and here from the cast.

Yet you ignore her in everything, and you don't follow her on twitter, what is up with that.

I think this is respectful of you, when the cast has told everyone to support her. Don't you?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I don't follow Ms. Nichols because I have never met Ms. Nichols. Perhaps if I meet her when I am back on set in July I will decide to follow her.

Unknown said...

JJ's back tonight! Happy dance. Can't wait to see how everything unfolds on my tv screen to the final scene of the season. What role will JJ play in season 7? What changes are ahead for our heroes?

Alison said...

I'm excited for the finale but also sad that it's the finale! Looking forward to JJ's return :D!

RosenCollegeDaily said...

This is not exactly a spoiler but after reading Erica Messer's note to the fans about the passing of Mr. Andy Swan, I felt I had to post something.

Clearly, being with CM since the beginning means a lot to me as I have been too. However, I first heard his name and grew to love him for his work on MGG's internet videos that were so much fun and now everytime I watch them, I feel a little sad.

All of that said, I am so glad they found a way to include him in tonight's finale, a momentous episode for whom I'm sure was a momentous man, and will look forward to listening out for his name. Thoughts go out to all of his friends and family.

With that, I am beyond excited for whatever may happen tonight and while I know that this year has brought a lot of bitterness and pain, I think, for our contribution to the memory of Andy Swan, let's try not to be bitter or rude towards eachother and about the show and its characters (we all know who I'm talking about even though I'm not a fan either) following tonight's episode. Rest in peace, Andy, and thanks for all you did!

To everyone else, here's to the end of, if nothing else, and interesting year of Criminal Minds and an even better Season 7!

Chelle said...

For me, Nichols looks so like JJ, that I am constantly reminded that they had gotten a "younger model". I cannot count how many times I thought it was AJ Cook in a scene and in truth, it was Nichols.
That having been said... I love the show. Am soooooooo excited about JJ's return. I miss Paget, but am not sure she has come full circle with the show, so I hold out hope.
In all honesty, you know that no matter if Seaver is there or not, we will watch. How can we not? We are addicts....
Love to the family and friends of Andy Swan. So sad. What a beautiful homage to name the character after him.

Chelle said...

Found it interesting that TG twittered some lyrics from Blue Suede Shoes.
Just for general consumption, take it as you will, the beginning of that song starts;

One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go, cat, go

sf81387 said...

It was for Tweet the Feet Tuesday. He was wearing Blue Suede Shoes.

I think JJ has one scene in tonight's episode. The case looks interesting, but the cliffhanger sounds lame.

RosenCollegeDaily said...

Agreed, to an extent, about the cliffhanger. I mean, it definitely won't be the normal finale and it certainly won't be exciting/worrying/epic as we assume finales to be, but it will strike home for anyone who knows what's going on behind the scenes. So, yeah, it won't be epic but it will be very truthful and therefore dramatic.

RosenCollegeDaily said...

Also, according to RN's tweet:

As for CM: I'm slated to return next season (AMAZEBALLS!), so I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing changes."

Meh :/. Not official but hey, at least that's good for her and Seaver's fans. (Haha trying to be positive).

In any case, if there was anyone thinking/hoping/worried she may exit tonight, that won't happen.

causeAscene said...

So far it's cute. Well, the character moments are the unsub situation is freaky. But they've already had a few good character moments, most of them with Garcia. I am getting the feeling of a family here more than I have in a while.

NYC said...

Paget, please, please, please come back!

causeAscene said...


Great episode for Garcia. Lots and lots of Garcia. Very little Reid and a fair amount of the others. Morgan and Rossi had quite a few nice scenes and moments that were great. Seaver, as usual, had a fair amount as she's 'learning.'

Hotch... was odd. Because he wasn't physically in it a lot but I did feel like his scenes and prescence carried a lot of weight, which is exactly what he's great at.

Again, very little Reid which is upsetting as he's my favorite. He had like two cute 1-second moments but then again, maybe I'm biased.

As for the episode itself, it was an interesting storyline with an unforseen twist but overall, it did not feel like a finale.

Andy Swan's name being said by all the characters and the character that had the name was a great one but surprisingly female.

And of course, the last scene is of the lovely and greatly missed JJ. Excited about that for sure.

Overall, it was good but not momentous. Which, I expected as the episode was more so supposed to reflect the drama behind-the-scenes as opposed to someone in danger or anything more finale like. So... the episode itself does not necessrily have my itching for next season, but hearing who will and will not be coming back will definitely. Here's to hoping to the old team back exactly as it was before.

mfj1311 said...

Nicely written Erica.

My heart is broken; please come back TG/Hotch.

sf81387 said...

So, JJ, who was forced to leave to take a job with the DoD at the Pentagon, who then conveniently was shown to be working for the State Department in order to help track down Emily Prentiss Super Spy is now just able to come back to the BAU because she wants to? Ugh......

Good episode even if that ending was stupid. Hotch's "I intend to" when asked if he was coming back made me roll my eyes. I enjoyed the case though. Disturbing.

Fabiannawashington said...

Not sure how I felt about the ep. as a whole. It was ok not one of my favs. It was the little moments that made it for me. I loved the Garcia/Morgan moments and Kevin was adorable at the end. I love when Reid jokes around MGG is such a great actor. I also thought it ended perfectly... with J.J. The only thing bothering me is that we haven't heard about T.G.'s contract. Hope everyone including Paget is back for S7. Hopefully Seaver will go off to a field office never to be seen again.


carolina said...

Terrific episode!

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

The case was interesting but there was way too little of Reid. It's the season finale, there should have been more of him. There was more of Seaver. I also thought it was a little too much about Garcia. Don't get me wrong, I like Garcia but this should have been about everyone's reaction to what Hotch said about staying with the team. Reid said in a previous ep. that he kind of understood why Gideon left, why not show more of him. He was seriously lacking in this episode and it was a finale about the team. He should have been there more, atleast more than Seaver.

Mimi said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that TG will get his contract as well and we fans will have all of the BAU family back together next season. I am also very excited to see that JJ is coming back!

Raven said...

I really liked this episode. Erica did a great tribute to Andy Swan. I loved the Garcia/Kevin and Garcia/Derek moments. Reid's joke made me laugh. Too cute! Loved Rossi tonight. Derek and Rossi having each others back. Still not warming up to Seaver tho...I liked the character Andy Swan better.

Marisol said...

I don't know what to say about this episode. Maybe I am so mentally exhausted by all of the drama behind the CM scenes that I just couldn't get into this season finale. Seeing JJ, for only about 3 minutes was nice, but it was a reminder of the things still left up in the air.

Is TG getting a contract? Will Paget return? Will they stop making Reid disappear and shoving more Seaver on screen? I hate to say it, but this did not leaving me wanting to see what happens next season because what could happen next season would be dreadful; no Hotch, no Prentiss, and Seaver still kicking about. I'll wait to hear news about what is going to ultimately going to happen, but if the scenario I painted happens, then, well, this will have been my last CM episode.

Anonymous said...

Glad that JJ is coming back :)
Fairly good episode, in my opinion, but I wish there had been a cliffhanger or something. And I'm sad that Reid was left at headquarters. AGAIN.

Sandra Wolf said...

Ok...I'm going to say it: the tonight's episode was quick, superficial and pretty lousy. I've been a CM fan since day one but in the tonight's show, none was into it. Thomas Gibson despite his charisma wasn't "there". In the case he wouldn't come back for season 7, he wouldn't be remembered for the tonight's performance.
As for the final scene with JJ...Sorry to say it but it wasn't convincing at all. I love this show because I think all characters are credible, smart and convincing. They were not tonight.

As for Seaver...She is not JJ and will never replace her. But all harsh comments are just what they are: harsh and mean. Everyone should show some respect, whether they like or not. You don't have to like, but you sure have to respect.

happy summer days !

TheEldersTKD said...

I thought the episode was good, but definitely not finale material. It seemed like an episode from a normal week....just didn't have the spark that all the prior finales have had.
The tribute to Andy Swan was nice and it was good to see J.J. However, the ending was kinda lame. I mean we all know she is coming back.

Hope this is not the last episode of CM that I ever watch. Too much drama going on right now and it was really tough to enjoy the episode. Did not like seeing Hotch walk away and Garcia watching him looking all depressed.

Let's hope for some good news soon.

Debbie said...

Wow, seems like everyone is preoccupied with all of the issues surrounding the show rather than just watching and enjoying the episode tonight. That's too bad.

The episode was good to the extent that I could focus on it. I kept getting distracted with the references to Andy Swan - so sad. My heart goes out to his family.

It was good to see AJ/JJ again. I'm so excited that she's coming back - and terribly worried that Thomas won't be. Why do they keep jerking the fans around? It's really wearing thin.

I hope that everyone affiliated with the show enjoys the break. We're all eager for season 7 to begin - so ready to get back on track with the show we all love.

Anonymous said...

Overall I liked the "flavor" of this episode, and the last few episodes. It's not the same CM (and probably never will be), but I still enjoy it and the characters.

I like that the traffic ring-leader was a woman - a little unexpected.

Reid wasn't around much, but thanks for at least giving him jokes. It's nice to see him smile since the headaches are gone (for now...?). Snarky!Reid is always welcome.

I appreciate the episode's nod to the contract issues without being too angsty/in-your-face about it, and Garcia and Kevin's discussions reflecting how everyone on the cast and crew (and probably many viewers) may have felt after everything that's happened - wanting to pack it in, remembering that some good things happened here, etc. That felt authentic.

I'll be interested to see how exactly JJ is brought back, since this episode mentions budget cuts (although I don't recall Hotch saying anyone had to go, just that they might get offers).

Leave it to Rossi to be hatching a plot... : )

Looking forward to season 7!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the episode. Not sure I liked all the discussion about budget cuts given we have some actors without contracts right now but I think it was a good end to the season and a nice job honoring a fallen crew member!

Teresa H. said...

This felt much more like classic CM. The team worked well together. Great Morgan/Garcia and Morgan/Rossi scenes. It was great to see Kevin, but where has he been all this time?
Hotch was back in charge, doing what he does best. Was it my imagination or did he look a bit gaunt? Did like to see a teenie bit of gray at his temples. That's something that bothers me about both him and Rossi, their hair is way too dark for their ages. The opening grabbed me, really spoke CM to me.
The episode felt really well paced, just drew me in slowly. The dialogue was more than just pat one-liners, while pushing the story along it also revealed the characters. I found Seaver less annoying than in other episodes, they did good editing and had her speaking off camera every now and then. Also no manipulative scenes with her.
Was not sure quite what was going on with the victims, what exactly were the buyers buying? Nice touch that the leader was the young woman. Don't know what Rossi heard when she talked about being strapped down that made him suspicious.
J.J. looked great. Those long legs and high heels speak to a tougher woman. But I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about her coming back. I love the idea of the family being back together but I feel sad that A.J. Cook did not get some really good part. I have the same mixed feelings about Paget.
Well it seems that they've at least succeeded in getting me to tune in for Ep 1 of S7

Keith said...

LOVED tonight's episode.

TONS of Morgan and Garcia tonight, which I loved. Tons of Morgan and Rossi, which I loved.

Rossi had Morgan's back as he distracted that monster of a man so Morgan could knock his big a$$ out.

Morgan had Rossi's back as that dead eyed brunette was about to blow Rossi's brains out, and Morgan objected by appearing out of nowhere with one emphatic shot in the middle abdomen, killing her dead as hell.


I want MORE episodes like this! xD

Mephisto said...

Well, that was poor. I appreciate that there was a lot of behind the scene drama, but this made no sense whatsoever. Like people said before. First JJ is at the Pentagon, then at the State Department and now she simply DECIDES to be back???? Where was Hotch? I mean we all just need to remember the disastrous "25 to live". If TG does not get a contract then this would be what it ll be like next season. I prefer when they go out with a Bang for the Final and please next year they have to cause last year was nothing much to write homem about but this year was actually really bad!. I don't really need to say that they also need to loose Seaver I think as that is plain obvious.

Rochelle said...

As a CM fan, this epi was meh. It wasn't bad, it had its moments, but overall and especially for a finale it was anti-climatic.

Second though, as a Reid fan, I feel cheated. He IS a field agent, it would be awesome if they stopped leaving him behind all the time. He's NOT Penelope, there's no reason for him to constantly be tied to headquarters or left in some random LEO's station while the rest of the team goes and does their thing. And find something else for Rossi to call Seaver...Morgan and Reid have had "Kid" on lock since Season one. *sigh* after this season, I wouldn't be surprised if after his contract ends MGG walks. Why stick around if he's not going to be utilized?

Third..this contract mess with TG is ridiculous. Sign the man already! I cannot believe Rachel Nichols is "slated" to return and Thomas still doesn't have a contract! If they think Seaver is gonna get fans tuning in, they are sadly mistaken..she has fans tuning OUT!!! I swear I'm thisclose to throwing in the towel! I'm already missing Prentiss and I'm not getting enough Reid...if I lose Hotch, I'm done. I'll watch reruns on ION and A&E and say thanks for the memories.

jesse long said...

I have to agree that it was sad hearing Andy Swan's name but sweet at the same time if that makes any sense.

It has been a long difficult season and I hope that the new season brings only peace and all our cast members back.

Erica's chat really gave me confidence that we will see great things next season.

Marisol said...

Rochelle, you just said everything that I failed to say. I just don't get where they think they are going with this whole TG up in the air, Paget status unknown, and RN slated to return, my God, this is all just ridiculous.

I did forget to say that I feel it was nice that they mentioned Andy Swan in the episode. It seems that he was a beloved person and I am sure that it was touching for his family to know that he was loved by those around him.

Jenny said...

It seems like the writers set up a way to lose Seaver, like the idea of all the othe victims out there was too much for her to handle. Ship her off to sex crimes or something! She does not fit in this team.
I am cautiously but optimistically waiting to hear about TG and PB. If we get good news I will be able to rewatch this episode with much more excitement!

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I loved JJ saying she is coming back and I can forgive the open ended ending since we all know that they don't even know who is going to be on the cast next season.

I think this has been a truly long season with so much cast drama and maybe we didn't need a cliffhanger this time. I think the days of FK might be over and I am okay with that.

Anonymous said...

Well Season 6 and most of Season 5 really were Morgan and Garcia centric and all about people going and coming and now coming back. What I wish for season 7 is more Reid, Hotch and Rossi. Because of everything that happened they have been pushed to the background and I think it is time to bring them back. In different interviews done by Erica she talks about a Strauss arc and a JJ arc. Please, I just want the original team back but I don't want to see JJ as the superhero they turned her in to with a vastly enlarged role. She was terrific as JJ the warm, empathetic confidant for both police and families.
Tonight's episode included a good case and some good team moments but again little Hotch and Reid. It is almost as if they know that as long as Reid and Hotch are there that people will keep watching so they spend their time on the other team members to make them more popular. I am not saying I am not crazy about the other characters, I love them all but if you think about the seasons you loved best they were more Reid and Hotch centric. I know everyone has their favorites, that is the way it should be, so I am not saying it was wrong to highlight characters the way they did (I always thought they underused Morgon), I just think it is time to go back and highlight Reid and Hotch a little more in Season 7 because I for one really miss them.
Rest in peace Andy we will not forget you.

Glynnis said...

I am too distracted by TG's lack of contract to really give a flip about tonight's epi.
-As a Buffy fan, I'm always happy to see Kevin.
-I liked the Andy Swan tip of the hat and found myself tracking who did/did not say it (that we saw).
-I was sort of amused that Morgan finally got to shoot someone instead of tackling them.
-I wondered why in the world JJ would report back to Rossi instead of Hotch.
-I got a shiver when they said the last time they got together like this was when Gideon left. 3 yrs, 8 mos, eh? I still miss him and am still mad at him for leaving. :P
-While pleased for Morgan and Garcia to see so much screen time, I wished for more Reid and especially Hotch.

Everything pointed to Hotch leaving. And I already felt distance between me and the show.

As Hotch goes, so go I. No Hotch? No CM. Well, the first 4.5 yrs were great, anyway. Better than most "entertainment" out there! :)

BellaRN said...

Overall, I loved the episode! The case was perfect, there were some great family moments between the team that made me smile. I did think it was a little too Garcia-centric for a finale (which is a SMALL complaint considering I love Garcia)

And although I did love the episode, it went downhill for me at the end. Hotch saying "we'll talk about it later"?? And a simple, vague statement of "I'm coming back" from JJ?? Just didn't feel like a true finale but maybe I was expecting way too much.

BUT, overall... well done! <3

Anonymous said...

I liked the late meeting between JJ and Rossi and her saying she was coming back! Love Rossi for being the one to have arranged it. I liked the case and I thought the cast did a great job although the limited use of TG was concerning. I think it was really very nice that they mentioned Mr. Swan. He must have meant a lot to them.

Beatrice said...

God, God, God, I just want the team back together again and some good writers. I seriously hate CBS for what they have done to this show and I swear if the team is not put back together (Hotch and Prentiss are crucial for me) then I am done with CBS. I am not going to force myself to try and ignore one of the characters on the show for the sake of seeing the ones that I truly love. It hasn't and doesn't work and I won't do that for another season. I just won't. Damn CBS, fix this!

Andy Swan I hope you are resting in peace and that your family and loved ones are finding solace in each other and in their memories of you.

jonishackley said...

I approached this episode with mixed emotions and that's pretty much how I viewed it as well. The plot with the unsub was on a par with other creepy finales. The leader was unexpected. But the plot revolving around what's happening at the BAU was unsettling and didn't answer any questions. We have no idea if there'll be cuts or not. And then it didn't really make sense to bring JJ back in the midst of talking of cutting others, even though I really want her back.
I agree with all those who noticed Reid is being sacrificed in order to give more lines to Seaver. Seaver was bland, uninteresting and unbelievable as always. Shouldn't the obvious response to Hotch's initial announcement have been, "I'm sorry but someone has to go and Seaver has neither the training nor the experience to be on this team?" I can't believe the producers are even considering bringing her back.
I understand that due to contract negotiations at the time this script was written they could not be more specific, but rather than being a spectacular cliffhanger like previous seasons, this just leaves one with a sense of confusion as to what CBS is thinking. Why on earth hasn't Thomas been signed for next season? Why on earth is Rachel Nichols still there? Still hoping they can get Paget back. It's going to be a long summer. Thank goodness for DVDs and reruns on ION and A&E.

Tina said...

It's because Jill is so well connected that we get the chats and auction items. I think she does an amazing job with this site and if you don't like it nobody is forcing you to be here. I also highly doubt Jill expects us to kiss her rear end. We come here to talk about CM w/ others who share our passion for this show not to listen to uncalled for negative remarks from someone who is obviously a bit jealous.

Alana said...

SO many things:
1 - glad JJ is back.
2 - Why is she coming to Rossi is a good question. I bet Rossi is pulling some strings right behind Strauss's back.
3 - Why in a room with Hotch and Reid, Seaver is the one asking most questions and coming to conclusions?
4 - Good case, but I was so distracted with the team situation that was brought up, I kept wishing it would just end already so we could get more time to see about that.
5 - Garcia and Kevin are adorable!
6 - Reid bringing up Gideon made me sad for him.
7 - Not even 1 min of Emily?
8 - What is up with Strauss, did you even decide about that, writers?
9 - Get rid of Seaver already, she takes time away from the other characters and she makes no sense.
10 - I'm gonna call this episode Anticlimactic at best.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Thanks Tina but ignore it. I do!

I thought Erica Messer, the cast and the whole crew did a great job! I loved the episode but hearing Andy's name was very sad. May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort in the love they are surrounded by.

maggie said...

I like the season finale up until I saw Hotch walk away. I hope He will not lose Hotch/TG!!! If that happen then this will be it for me!

DM said...

That post by 'anonymous' - that's just WRONG. I thought i was going to ignore it, but couldn't. Just go away.


Ronny said...


Thank you for all that you do. I hope you are feeling good and well today.

Unknown said...

Jill I agree with Tina about anonymous. I know you ignore it but honestly the comment is uncalled for and if someone is going bitch and call you out personally they should at least have the balls/backbone to attach their name to their statement. If I had access to Garcia I would have her track down Anonymous with her mad tech skills so that everyone could see who the idiot is. And some ass kicking would be involved. If your going to be a jerk own it anonymous and let us know who you are. Without Jill and her dedication to this blog none of us would be able to share our enjoyment/passion together for this show here. Maybe Anonymous should start their own blog for all the bitter anonymous fans.

SSA_Carpenter said...

Is it just me or are Garcia and kevin getting married?! Cause if they are ... that's AWESOME!!! ;D Hotch left me uncertain :( It'll be really sad to see him go :( but JJ's back!!!! ;D ... wow this episode had quite the ups and downs ... AND really good Rossi quotes. "Okay REID" while talking to Morgan and "Do I look like a weather man?" ;D LOL oh Rossi. I liked the teasing Morgan about working out too. This episode was really well done. I found it strange though how Andy Swan was a woman.
This episode made a great season finale though.

Seaver has done really great so far, but definitely needs expanding on in terms of character. I think she needs something big, like if she was the main lead in saving a character's life. I think that would really bring her out in how vital her role is on the team.

Anonymous said...

I missed the quote (or quotes) tonight.
Can anyone post it (they, if there were two)

Gabby said...

Oh no SSA Carpenter.. I would definitely tune out if they did that with Seaver. I'm thinking of tuning out if she is still there season 7. Oh God, I don't want to think about that as I am upset about the TG contract issue and there is still no word about Paget. I am glad that AJ is back. I wish she were in the episode longer. I wonder what she and Rossi talked about prior to her showing up there.

I do think that maybe Kevin was leading up to proposing to Garcia :) That would be interesting to see fleshed out. I liked that Morgan and Rossi were paired together. I don't think they have been paired together a lot. Reid, I just adore him, but like others have said he gets left behind too much I suspect partly to give Seaver something to go. Yeah, that is endearing... NOT. The spin that the woman was the unsub, creepy!!

Hotch had better be back season 7, he had just better be back. Paget, for the love of CM and humanity, please come back to CM, please!!! Finally, I love that Andy Swan's name was mentioned as much as it was. A wonderful tribute.

Gabby said...

What type of cancer did Andy have?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Throat cancer and he was a non smoker. He was a really nice young man with a great wife and a very young son.

Gabby said...

That is so tragic, especially considering that he wasn't a smoker. I hope his wife and son have a good support system to get them through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not want them to focus Season 7 on Reid and Hotch, because although Seasons 5 and 6 were more Morgan/Garcia, all the prior seasons were Reid and Hotch.

Don't turn this into overkill.

Just keep Season 7 nice and balanced. If anyone should have more air time, it should be Rossi.

Also, tuning in to see Seaver? I like Seaver, but she's not why I tune in.

I tune in to see Rossi, Garcia, and Morgan. ;)

I'm A CMer said...

From my first view, IMHO, I thought this was a great ep. I totally loved the Rossi/Morgan moments, especially how they went from humor and snark, to having each others backs. It was a tip of the hat to "family" theme once again. I will not get into the Seaver debate other than to say everyone's opinion should be respected here. Loved how Rossi, the wily, elder profiler, sniffed out the woman unsub, as did Hotch. There could have been more Hotch; however, like the Reid fans, I'm biased so I will not say more. And Garcia got a chance to shine with Kevin and her Morgan. Great touch. And then there's JJ. I believe my gut hunch is correct: JJ is coming back as a profiler. Rossi is the team's lead profiler. Why would he talk to her earlier about returning as the media liason? It sure opens some great options for AJ next season!! And finally to Erica. What a wonderful tribute to a husband and father gone to soon. *points heavenward* This one was for you Andy!!!!!
PS To Jill: thank you for everything you do with this site for all of us CM fans. YOU ROCK and much luvs!!

Gabby said...

I don't mean to say that if he was a smoker that he should have gotten throat cancer. I hope that did not come across that way. It is just a sad situation.

Rach said...

Tonight's episode was fantastic. I loved all the questions it left for us for next season. Now Thomas needs to sign his contract!!!

I hope I don't cause an uproar with my comment, but I can't stand Lynch. Every time he is on, I just get mad. CBS should get rid of HIM and bring back Paget! CBS problem SOLVED. lol.

I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.

Konrad said...

OK, so then people tune in for Hotch, Reid, Rossi, Garcia and Morgan? I completely agree! Add JJ and Prentiss to the list and you've got the Dream Cast. Fix what you broke, CBS! ;)

Paget, please come back!

Eva said...

Alana, ditto, a million times ditto, ditto, ditto!

Konrad, a million ditto's to your post as well! Please Paget come back, CBS give Thomas a good contract, please fix this, just fix this :(

Anonymous said...

Why was Reid left behind at the end? Why did Seaver have more screen time than Reid? Love Garcia but there was too much of her for the finale. I thought the finale should be more balanced and we should see reactions from all members. The Garcia scenes were cute but maybe for another episode.

Anonymous said...

Thomas needs to get a contract now. He is so essential to the show. I really hope this episode wasn't hinting that he's leaving.

Why did Hotch call a meeting early in the morning about the current situation but at the end was in no rush to talk about things?

I love that JJ is back but I hope they don't turn her into some super tough woman - it just isn't her role. She was always the wholesome one who brought some emotion to the show. I also hope it doesn't turn into the "JJ" show as much as I love her.

I think next season needs to be more balanced. There wasn't enough Reid or Hotch this season.

Anonymous said...

There didn't need to be anymore Reid or Hotch this season. It picked up the slack from the past seasons.

Now that it's all evened out, keep it that way, IMO. Not too much of anyone, unless they make sure if they overdue one, they overdue all, to keep it fair.

I didn't mind all the Garcia I saw tonight, and the scenes with Morgan made me smile, as did Morgan clocking the big man and shooting that freaky looking girl. K, that part didn't make me smile. There was something eerie about it. That cold look on Morgan's face, and that girl's eyes were dead before he had even killed her.


Nice job Erica. ^_^

Silvinha said...

Paget, please, for the love of God....come back!

And CBS, give Thomas a new contract so we all can be happy and perfect again!!!

Blue Sunflower said...

'K, well at this point I'm nearly washed out on the show. No Paget, no real JJ, little Reid, plus the prospect of no Hotch and MORE Seaver...

Let's just say this isn't going to be a summer of buzz for me. I'm not excited to look forward to S7, just disappointed.

Did like Andi Swan though. Thought it a fitting tribute.

Lynn said...

I liked this episode but, as others have already stated, it didn't feel like a season finale. The episode itself had some really great moments, especially Morgan and Rossi having each others backs. I also agree that there wasn't enough Reid, but really there never is in my opinion. And EM did a nice job writing the episode. I liked all the references to Andy Swan and I am glad that they were able to honor him in some way. I guess I am glad that they didn't end this season with a huge "did somebody just die" type of finale, but it was anticlimactic. The drama is happening behind the scenes rather than in the episode that we just watched. I really hope that TG's contract is renewed. I can't imagine CM with out him.

gubegirl said...

Def not like prev finales. It was Ok but not what I expected. As everyone else has noted, not enough Hotch or Reid. Garcia and Kevin were good but after such a lengthy absence you maight have thought there would have been some explanation. Wherever he has been, Kevin looks like he has aged 10 years. Garcia and Morgan still being really chummy in a hands-on way which seems incongruent if Kevin has been in her life all along. Seeing PG&DM at the theater together a wk or two ago, I was beginning to believe Kevin was gone.

Liked Reid getting a little jab at Morgan when so often it is Morgan poking fun of him. Cute. Reid's hair looking more boy-bandish again sticking out but I still prefer it short to the way he wore it last year, almost to his shoulders.
Silly ending, esp the part of JJ in Rossi's office in the middle of the nite and the way she said "I'm coming back." This scene was the picture I had seen in the TV Guide but I thought it would be more substantial, longer, involve Hotch, etc. No explanation re: Strauss nor further info re: the budget cuts. I guess that is part of the cliffhanger: who will stay and who will go.

Nice the way that Erica found a way to pay tribute to Andy Swan. I know that many of the cast were close to him and using his name tonite was a unique touch (I counted 7 but maybe someone heard more?) My best to his family and I love that the proceeds go to his family. That kind of action is why I like this show - it FEELS like family.

Didn't like that the only taker for Reid's offer for Tandoori was Seaver. Wish they wouldn't ram her down our throat, esp when I think she got more screen time and lines tonite than he did.

OK, enuf. Sorry you had to suffer with another crazy's comments tonite, Jill, some people just don't have anice bone in their body and live to make people miserable and we have seen a few here, haven't we?

Finally, pls sign the contract tomorrow, TG, so we can rest a little easier.

Take care and have a good nite everyone.

Stacey said...

As an episode, I really liked this.
Morgan & Rossi saving each others ass was great
Kevin and Garcia were really cute.
Reid to Morgan 'You should start working out' - brilliant!
Really liked Andy Swan - lovely tribute.
But I have to say as a finale it was a bit of a let down.
But if Erica Messer wrote this (did she??) I have a good feeling about Season 7

Stacey said...

Oh and I forgot to say... Good feeling about Season 7, but Paget back would make it perfect! That would be awesome.
Come on CBS pay her lots of money to come back!

Shirley said...

All the BTS drama with the show lately has really drained and tired me out. It kept me from really enjoying the show tonight. Morgan/Rossi is okay, but it's not as good as Hotch/Rossi. Hotch and Rossi have that special camaraderie. Don't get me wrong, I think the whole cast is great. But CM without Hotch would mean the end of the show for me. Please, CBS/ABC. Don't deprive me of my favorite show. Renew TG so I can keep watching. Thanks!

Wally said...

As a longtime fan of Paget Brewster, it was encouraging to see AJ Cook's return to the show in tonight's episode. I am hoping for a similar outcome for my girl Paget. It has only been a couple of episodes without her and already I am going through Paget withdrawals. While I am sorry that her comedy series did not get picked up, I truly hope she can come back too, just like AJ.

Diana said...


If Hotch doesn't come back, neither will I.

Gilbert said...

Decent episode, but I agree with those who said that it was a bit anti-climactic.

I think that TPTB should stop tinkering with the show and restore the original cast by bringing back both Thomas and Paget. Don't mess with the formula for success! Don't be stupid, CBS. Sign TG and PB. JMO

Jessica said...

That was a lovely tribute to Andy Swan. RIP, Mr. Swan. You live on in the memories and hearts of your loved ones.

It was lovely to see AJ/JJ again, even if only for a brief moment. Nervously anticipating news of TG's return for next season as well. As happy as I am about JJ's return, it will be for naught if TG does not return. It would break my heart, actually. I wouldn't be able to keep watching.

Kitty said...

I was pleased with the attention given to each team member (although not enough Reid and proportionately too much to newbie Seaver) but there were some holes in the plot.

I'm hoping I wasn't seeing too much symbolism in the fact that at the end, all the team members were there ... and Hotch left.

PGunn said...

I thought this was a good episode. It was nice change of pace to see different characters paired up and looking out for each other. I didn’t care for the late night meeting between Rossi and JJ. Nor am I thrilled with the choice of cliffhanger as it’s a continuation of the “who is out and who is coming back” drama we’ve been going on throughout the season. I’m taking the summer off from watching the show, I need a break!

A 2 Z Merchandising said...

Matthew Gray Gubler should have been guest starring in this episode because he hardly got any screen time. He's such a talented actor and has been blessed to play an amazing character so why was he sidelined like that today. He got less screen time than even Seaver.

First they start a storyline for him and then totally drop it. And now for an episode as important as the finale, he's barely shown.

Oh and they have to give Thomas Gibson an amazing contract, it just wouldn't be the same without him.

A 2 Z Merchandising said...

On the plus side, I thought the case was interesting and loved Morgan and Rossi having eachother's backs.

Sky said...

Unless I hear that TG is re-signed and coming back with a major storyline next season, I'm going to be looking for something else to watch instead of CM this next fall.

It was nice that they named a character after someone important from the crew, and I truly wish he hadn't died, but why did they have to stick Hotch with this character the entire time?? I wanted Hotch to be more in the thick of things, where the action is, where he belongs, where they *used* to put him. And Reid got stuck with Seaver at the end. Oh brother. *eyeroll*

I didn't like the case. Too many bimbo guest actresses whose acting left a lot to be desired. What happened to the believable young actresses like in "North Mammon"??? This case reminded me of elements of "The Fight" combined with "Honor Among Thieves".

And the whole thing about budget cuts, things changing, Rossi talking to JJ at the end instead of Hotch. (Hotch was the one who said he'd try to get JJ back so why wasn't he the one shown meeting her?) All this left me confused, and not in a good "Oh I wonder what will happen next" way but in a way that, like some other fans, just left me feeling exhausted.

jbouch00 said...

- So excited JJ is back!!
- Could have been a "better" finale but with all the cast drama fans don't really need anymore stress
- Hotch better not leave cause it honestly wouldn't be the same without him
- Kind of nervous about how Garcia was talking (but she can't leave, who would be there tech girl?)
- Reid needs to get better so he can go back out in the field more
- I believe that Prentiss will return but I also believe that they are going to sort out the whole Seaver/Hotch/JJ stuff first
- As for Seaver, I think she was put in a really tough position. Imagine having the "perfect team" and then two of the team mates leave and you are stuck in there immediately and forced to "take someones place"...I believe she is a good actress but she had no shot at winning over any fans hearts when she is put there to "replace" two VERY loved characters. Bad situation for her. But we can't be so hard on her. It wasn't her choice.
- Excited for season 7. Hoping for that "perfect team" :)

heyya said...

I quite liked the season finale. There was hardly anything fault I could find with it. It was a good, strong, clean episode, a nice way to end the season. I also think it was one of the strongest season6 episodes. So thank you Erica.
I think there were parts in this episode that were really heart warming. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin, but his scenes with Garcia were really sweet. Especially in the beginning. Morgan and Garcia were definitely in their element and I loved every bit of them! The phone conversation when he was trying to cheer her up was pure gold, and reminiscent of the older days. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Rossi's little comment to Morgan - "okay Reid" made me laugh hysterically for some reason. Just the way he said it was too cool.
I enjoyed the case too, which has not happened a lot this season. It was fast-paced, intriguing, and the end was superb. When Morgan shot that horrible girl. Morgan and Rossi again were great during the raid, each having the other's back it was wonderful to see.
Reid was also in his element in this episode. He was fantastic. The little interaction between Reid and Garcia in the roundtable room bought a smile to my face. And him telling Morgan to work out, after smiling so sweetly after that just melted my heart. Reid definitely likes Indian food! Haha...I loved the he said "tandoori." I wish I could teach him the proper pronounciation.
And JJ! Oh my god! For me she was the absolute highlight of the episode. Even if she was for only about a minute or so, I was so happy to see her back, and when she spoke my heart did a little somersault. I was like yess! The heart of the team is back. She better have a prominent role next season.
What can I say about Seaver? "And yet for every bad, there a worse..." I don't think this applies to Seaver though, she is the absolute worst. I really hope CBS/TPTB reconsider their decision about bringing her back next season. The contrast between her and SSA Andi Swan was apparent for everyone to see and got me wondering why did we get Seaver when the writers could have come up with a character like Andi? She would have been an ideal replacement for Emily, although Emily can never be replaced, and I'm hoping that she returns. Still she would have been better than Seaver. Strong, independent, self-assured, EXPERIENCED, a woman of substance and character, this type of woman I would I have welcomed with open arms. She showed more personality and character than in one episode alone than Seaver has in 13-14 episodes. I could have lived with her. Too bad we got barbie doll Ashley Seaver. Please get rid of her.

heyya said...

Sorry for the typos in my previous post.

Pat said...

I didn't think it was a great season finale. There was no edge of your seat ending. The case, for me, was so so. Not enough Reid this season or last. I'm not asking for whole episodes but is it too much to ask that he not always be left at the office? Do Erica and the writers have something against Reid's character or MGG. It's almost seemed that way over season 5 and 6. He's been so underused,as has Hotch much of this season.

Seaver is not growing on me, in fact, she irritates me more all the time. From reading the chat with John Douglas and Jim Clemente, they, who know what they're talking about, said profiler training took two years. So I ask, what is a probationary agent doing there?

It was a nice rememberance of Andy Swan. I think on screen and off CM is a family.

Jill, you do a marvelous job of giving us a place to discuss, debate, rant and rejoice about our favorite show. You deserve nothing but kudos. Thank you.

Lena Ocean Taylor said...

I totally agree with Heyya (won't repeat it all), especially with the Andi Swan character. Why didn't we get THAT kind of woman to join the team ?

Sonja said...

Strauss leaving... makes me wondering about JJ's return ;) I'd be really cool though... JJ/Hotch go along way for leadership I;d say.. A girl can dream right?

Strong episode.. finally the team moments are back and a strong nice case! As an episode should be!

The ending that she'd escape as a victim I'd expected but nice ending that the team didn't stop profiling...

Rossi/Morgan having each others back was awesome btw... Morgan/Garcia moments made me smile... Garcia/Kevin are cool! But I'm a geek myself :P

Erica... you give me hope for the future of CM...

But without TG... no Hotch and with no Hotch no CM for me...

Anonymous said...

And I forgot: I wouldn't mind to trade the characters of Ashley Seaver and Andi Swan!

Anonymous said...

As earlier hinted this episode was more drama than action. A disturbing case with a twist. Loved the scenes btwn Kevin-Garcia and Morgan and Rossi having each other's back. Also a nice tribute to Andy Swan. Glad to see JJ/AJ back. Not exactly a cliffhanger but a long wait for all, to see “the issues” be cleared/resolved in the next season. There weren’t many Hotch and Reid scenes in the finale :-(
Hopeful to see TG’s contract renewed soon.
Thank you for giving us yet another great season!!
Eagerly waiting to see our beloved CM family ALL-together again (Optimistic about Paget’s return) in Season 7…..
Swamini, India.

Unknown said...

The first thing I thought of when Hotch talked about budget discussions and offers to go elsewhere was that this would be the best opportunity to get rid of Seaver, a Cadet in the BAU? she has got to go, all of the storylines so far and she just doesn’t fit.

Overall good case and the profiling worked, team interaction was good, and I enjoyed the team exchanges which were reminiscent of CM of the past. The car scene with Andi Swan (and I thought this was a nice touch) & Hotch was very nicely done and I particularly liked the under the breath analysis she did of Hotch’s profiling skills nicely done & speaks volumes of the man.

I know this sets up an out if you like if TG’s contract is not renewed, and I fervently hope it doesn’t come to that or my CM obsession will finally be over!, we need this team, this family back together.

I would have liked to have seen a little more of Hotch at the end of the episode, the close seemed to be very rushed & I wish the JJ scene would have been between her & Hotch, ultimately it is his decision that she comes back & given he said he was hoping to get her back & their history, I would have liked to have seen that connection.

There is a first for everything with Morgan being overpowered by the big dude, my god he was huge, great casting though and nice to see this side of Morgan, typical Morgan reaction though to turn around and get one back good going Morgan!.

I liked the parallel too that they don’t turn off when they think they have their unsub, the turn of events & emotions & reflex reactions to nab the brunette unsub was very well done, and again we have the team watching out for each other, Hotch’s words came back to me hauntingly when he said to Morgan in his five stages of grief assessment that they have protected each other for years and don’t expect this to go away anytime soon.

The case was smart & well done, and for all its serious content there were the lighter moments, the team exchanges, Rossi's comment to Morgan, Reid to Garcia & Reid to Morgan made me smile, the intelligence & character interactions is what grabbed me with this show from the very beginning and this is what has been sorely lacking this season, I guess we have all the BTS dramas & cast changes to blame for that, and more to the point is that CM will not survive the loss of Thomas Gibson. So whatever it takes I hope they work it out and we have him back, together with the rest of the original CM family.

And yes Blue Curl that trade would be just perfect, especially if we can’t get Paget back, hell she has the experience of the little I saw of her the interaction just worked, something that still hasn’t happened with Seaver after the many episodes she has been in.

The mention of the Indian restaurant by Raid wasn’t lost on me, this happened in Paradise as well, memorable scene & Emily had a date with her hot tub!

Loved the quotes
• And yet to every bad there is a worse
• What it lies in our power to do it lies in our power not to do

Erica & the CM team did a great job with this episode & thanks go out to our CM cast and crew for another year, many will agree a hard and bumpy year and here’s hoping for a better year to come, and a year that they can pick up the shreds and put it back together.

Jill a big thank you to you and all your many helpers for your commitment through the year, we won’t be here without you, thanks for keeping us informed with your many tweets, thanks for the chats & transcripts that have been organised, and the always up to date blog posts, I for one truly appreciate your commitment to pulling all this together and keeping it up to date … Thank you.

I hope everyone has a great summer break & we have better news on the TG front soon.

Kury said...

Honestly, I don't know what to think about the episode. I don't understand the case very much, and I really don't get the team storyline.
It's like, so how we should feel about it??

But one thing I want to say is, I don't like the case ending. Realizing the girl was the leader, and second before she kill Rossi, Morgan killed her. That was too much like ordinary cop show.
It would be way more like profiler if Rossi calmly arrested her before she realize he knew she is the unsub.
I want more intelligent and stellar way to end case than "We killed unsub second before get killed and did justice!" type of ending.


One more note.
I liked Agent Andi Swan and her working with Hotch very much.

Kury said...

Sorry. One more thing I don't get.
Why was it Rossi who JJ talked in the end?
Is Hotch more make sense because he is the one who suppose to try to get JJ back?

sf81387 said...

According to one of the crew members, that final scene was supposed to be between Hotch and JJ. He was supposed to walk in and find her in his office and she was supposed to say "We Need To Talk" and that was how it was supposed to end, which would've made a whole hell of a lot more sense then her all the off the sudden being ALLOWED to come back to the BAU just because she wants to when she wasn't ALLOWED to stay at her job because she wanted to. They changed the scene because they didn't know if Thomas would be back to finish it. I'm so sick of the behind the scenes drama connected to this show and with the way they've let it bleed onto the actual show all season.

Emma said...

Fantastic episode. Hotch has to come back the ending was not a good sign:-(

Yes Rachel Nichols you my dear has become one of my favorites on the show. You ROCK girl!

cmwinner said...

I enjoyed last night's eppisode. The story line was good, however, I don't feel as if it was good enough for a season finale story line. The season finale's usually have alot more action to them, a lot more intensity, but I didn't find that last night. Not even when they were taking everone down. (Which, by the way, I was upset that Reid wasn't there!) The ending wasn't really much of a cliff hanger, since we all know TG hasn't signed his contract for next year. As soon as that comes out, we will know the results, way before September even gets here. I highly doubt they can keep something like that under wraps.

However, the last three words of the eppisode were the best last three words of any CM final ever! JJ says "I'm coming back."!!!!

Kury said...

sf81387 ,

Thanks for the info.
I kind of relieved to know it suppose to be Hotch, but it's really dessapointing they changed.
So, they prepared for TG's departure.
That's really depressing.
This whole BTS drama really making this show mess.
It's really sad.

Elena said...

It has been said before and I will continue the call.. Paget Brewster please come back!!! I love that JJ is coming back, I do, but I just don't think I can get through a season without Emily Prentiss as well, certainly not if they are still delusional enough to believe that Seaver will work in that position. Seriously, is anybody home? Is the phone still off the hook? I'm ready to sell off all that I own and take out loans to buy more stuff to sell off to pay anyone who is willing to please wipe Seaver off my screen. It is the finale and no I still don't like the character, she is not a fit, zero chemsitry, and if just all shades of off. Someone said it earlier, but the character of Andy Swan had more presence, definitely more qualifications and experiennce to be there which was illustrated in that one episode than in all the episodes that Seaver has been in. My God! If Paget Brewster doesn't come back which would shatter my heart into a million pieces than sign up Agent Swan and send Seaver to some field office where she belongs. Don't even get me started on why she was even talked to about the possibility of staying. She is a probabtionary agent and as such should not even have that option.

Hotch, oh God, if he walks for sure I am walking. There is just absolutely no question about it. The show has already been fractured with the loss of JJ and Prentiss and the god awful addition of Seaver, loss of some great writers, and then to lose Hotch too, insanity! At this point, I am just so disappointed at the complete hash that TPTB have turned this show into. Why has this top 10 show on America's #1 rated TV network been consistently treated like some mom and pop cable access show? Please funnel some resources into this show to get it back to the stellar show that it used to be with terrific fitting characeters, all wonderfully acted out by great actors, writing that kicked ass, and no behind the scene drama that has seeped onto the screen.

Alana said...

(Back for more)

It really didn't feel like a season finale. It barely felt like a complete episode. I wish they wouldn't let BTS drama affect the writing so much.

Especially in TG's case. Not only he just walks out, Rossi gets to take his last scene? I understand he still needs a contract, but you have Hotch NOW, use him. Stop preparing yourselves and us to lose someone by underutilized them, fight for them and show how important they are in every way you can.

The case was good, I guess. And the Andi Swan character was great. I counted 3 characters saying the name: Hotch, Garcia and Rossi. Did I miss anyone?

Even though I prefer Reid and Morgan and Hotch and Rossi teaming up, Rossi and Morgan were great tonight. Really great. And I love that Rossi save Morgan and 5 min later, Morgan returned the favor.

Too little Reid. And as always, he gets left behind. Didn't get him kind of "snapping" at Garcia. But I guess it's all good?

And poor Garcia. Her last shot mirrored my face at the time. Good thing though, can we expect a wedding coming? I would love that. I love them.

I don't know how much more I can take of Seaver. In on scene she's asking questions, then coming up with conclusions and ideas. She is a newbie? No? She needs guiding? No? I don't even know anymore. I certainly don't care. And I really don't care for all the time that is being made to accommodate such a unbalanced character.

Honestly, after 31 min I just sat and waited for JJ. And even though I wanted a lot more of her, I'm just glad she is back.

The team hasn't felt like a family to me since she left, maybe she can help restore the balance. That is, if TG comes back. If not, then I don't even know what will happen.

Really, too much drama for a show that it's too much drama to begin with.

Either way, now we sit and wait and hope for the best:
Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster back, if we are lucky.

Kury said...

I was thinking, if the ending was played out the way sf81387 said with Hotch and JJ, and her last word was "We need to talk", then we could speculate they would be going to talk about Prentiss situation because that was their secret, then that would be way more exciting season ending than actual (make not much sense) ending.
Too bad they change that.

Alana said...

I agree Kury.
It should've been that way.
And it would be much better, and it would acknowledge Emily too, because I was also really disappointed that there wasn't even one mention of Emily.

Bill Collinson said...

Oh oh didn't like the ending. What will happen to Hotch. Can't really see the show go on without him.

Yet they renewed it. So CBS better sign Thomas now.

I really like Seaver though. Everybody has to start somewhere to become topnotch.

Right now she is learning from the best. The team see the potential she has in her.

She is a great addition to the team IMO.

Lin in Ohio said...

This episode was okay, but not great. There was way too many places where the mechanics showed through -- places where reality had to be bent to make the plot work. For example, when Morgan and Rossi went to the gas station and the attendant told them that "nearly everyone pays in cash". In these parts, hardly anyone pays in cash any more. And Rossi filling up the tank? Wasn't it full when you left the BAU, what, 20 miles ago? Same with pay phones -- they are damn hard to find any more. And why was the driver, who was 8 miles from their base, calling someone three miles away? He just left ten minutes ago. It was just too contrived. I understand suspension of disbelief, but there were too many silly wrote-ourselves-into-a-corner moments.

And why would Hotch call them in extra early to talk about the budget cuts? There was nothing in that scene that couldn't have waited until after breakfast. Again, I understand they needed to be there that early to make the plot fit in one day, but it was just ... clumsy.

The story itself could have been a lot more interesting if it had been fleshed out, but there wasn't time with all the background stuff.

And while I appreciate that AJ Cook has magnificent legs, that's twice we've had the "look at the hot legs" shot -- and that will be quite enough, thank you. Once more would just be cheap.

On the other hand, I loved Morgan and Rossi saving each other. Liked the Garcia and Lynch scenes, too. Definitely needed more Reid.

And loved, loved, loved honoring Andy Swan. Very nice!

MySentimentExactLee said...

I just want to extend a huge thanks to Ed, Erica and anyone else involved in this heartfelt tribute to Andy Swan. It's only been a few months and I still haven't healed since his death. This will help.


Annie C said...

OK, I came here to double check because I watched last nights episode right after having some dental work done. Apparently my discontent had nothing to do with being high.

- I expected more of the case. Biggest case of the season my hiney. There wasn't even a sense of urgency there. Guys, you have implied creepy rape scenes before, you did one last week. It's called BDSM, it's all over the net. Take the Safe Search off and go take notes. I could have written a creepier auction scene, and I just might to show you how it's done.

- They should have had Hotch finding JJ in his office. *That* would have given us the drama and anticipation due an end of season episode. Really, just that. Even if we do (god forbid) lose Hotch next season, they could have set it up that he was going to back up Emily and still had the option to bring one or both back. Instead all we got was Rossi admiring her legs.

- If we don't get PB back then a character like Andi Swan would be a perfect replacement, a strong, competent female character with some previous experience. You hit a winner there, make good use of it.

- Not enough Reid. Come on, if MGG can go out and do some of the things he's been doing on his blog then Reid can get back out in the field. He's always been the gentle side of the team, seeing his reaction to the victims would have added some much needed drama and emotion to the thing.

- Seaver still doesn't work for me as a Member of the BAU. Assign her to Swan's task force, she has the youth, the looks, and she needs the experience. Then you can use her as a reoccurring character, or even a long story arc as a victim. That might suit the actress better, she always looks like she's about to cry anyway.

I was going to buy last night's episode off iTunes, because I was watching high and I figured I might have missed something, but clearly the drugs helped, not hindered the episode. Now I'm going to go buy "Lauren", the best of the season IMHO, and enjoy that instead.

Unknown said...

I posted and then went back to read comments already posted some interesting ones there and thanks too sf81387 for the clarification on the JJ scene, that makes sense, although I don’t like it, and it actually makes the uncertainty and lack of contract for Thomas even worse when you view it in this light.

I guess this also now makes sense as to why Hotch left as he did, which again was ominous, while the team was left behind.

And I agree Jane & Janet if Paget decides not to come back, I’d be happy to just have Hotch, Reid, Garcia, Rossi, JJ and Morgan and NO SEAVER.

heyya … someone after my own heart, totally agree especially the last para.

Oh & Jill for what it’s worth, I like your choice of picture heading this topic, the season 5 finale team as tweeted by TG if I recall correctly & before disaster struck.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, first Conrad (last week) now Hardy, sounding like 'In Tenebris' but actually from The Woodlanders. Literature geek here and very happy to hear two of my top guys. It was Samuel Johnson early on that wooed me into CM, sad to say.


Loving it. Just watching now. Five minutes in. The finger printing iPhone is something. Terrific opening. I think the writers have done well so far adding in seeds of doubt about cast for next year. Enjoy very much seeing Kevin, my favourite of the satellite characters (but only because I count Strauss as central).

Love Rossi's delivery: 'Just cos you're bad doesn't mean you're busted'.

UK viewer

Eleven said...

I'd like to second HollyM's comment about the picture - thank you Jill!! I posted on the TG thread that it was heartbreaking (sniffle).

At the same time, however, it's actually quite funny. We know it's TG's tweetpic, but they seem to be simultaneously in and out of character, especially TG and JM. Although i can hardly imagine JJ with her head almost on Hotch's shoulder (the poor man would prolly have a heart attack! Is that a workable exit story?) and Prentiss with her arm on his knee (eh, 6 years and he hasn't touched her other than to shake hands - if they have, sorry I missed it!), i can totally see AJC and PB doing that. Strangely, however, TG seems more Hotch in this pic - shy and folded into himself. JM/Rossi - cool as a cucumber, all-knowing, like he's going to wink any minute "I know where your hands are, kiddos!" Oh they are LOVE, all of them! JM's analogy of The Beatles was sooper (recent interview about the finale)!

Just awesome pic - i could write a paper on it ;-)

zagi said...

I liked the episode. Some good profiling moments, nice team moments and the main unsub was quite a surprise. I loved the Rossi/Morgan scenes. Kevin and Garcia are cute together and I liked Reid teasing Morgan. I liked the tribute to Andy Swan. But I didn`t really warm up to the Swan character although she had a few good scenes with Hotch.

But the illogical JJ will be back plot was annoying. How are they going to justify her coming back when they have to cut budgets.The budget cuts were even decided before anybody knew that JJ would be back. So the budget cuts were to be made even though the team had only 6 members. Now with JJ back and assuming Hotch will also be back they are 7 team members. That means at least 2 of them have to go to accomplish the budget cuts. Or if Hotch should not be back then still one of the rest has to go with him. It also does not bode well for Prentiss`s return unless they simply decide the budgets cuts storyline never existed when they start with season 7. Or all 8 characters are back in season 7 and they decide to split the team into two teams(which they could logically explain with Cooper`s team not being around any longer). That would mean we see only half of the original team every week.

Why JJ now is able to come back just like that, when she was forced to leave the team in the first place , is also a stupid story line. They better come up with good explanation for that.

Anonymous said...

I like how Garcia refers to the young people in the boot (aka trunk) as casualties rather than victims. It gives dignity.

Quite liked the little scene between Reid and Ashley ('Is that rhetorical?') The two of them are good together. She seems more relaxed with him and he's simple with her -- able to be himself. It must be refreshing for him to be with someone his own age who is just as much a 'freak' (bad word, but you know what I mean) as he is. They ask each other the right kind of helpful questions.

The two kids on the board kind of mirrored Reid and Ashley. (What can I say? Eleven's got me analysing the pictures...)

Also really like Rossi and Morgan together. 'Do I look like a weather man?' Nicely directed scene.

Virginia looks absolutely Beautiful! Lucky Virginians. Wish I could see that out of my kitchen window.

UK viewer

Judith said...

I don't know how they are going to sort out all of this budget stuff out, except let's start with eliminating Seaver. I just can't stomach that character any longer. WTH, she is talking more than any of the other characters and that is just plain wrong considering that there is no substance behind the bland and redundant "Agent Obvious." Oh and as for Reid having someone his own age to talk to, I could think of a lot more interesting characters for him to talk to around his age, hell, get the man some books, it would be more interesting and less painful to watch on screen. I really can't believe the network or really anybody with a pulse thinks what they have doen to CM is acceptable. Give me a break already!! I have had it with Seaver, with the shoddy writing this past season, with the loss of JJ in tbe beginning of the season, the loss of Prentiss near the end of the season, and now the possible loss of Hotch. Haven't we been through enough season 6??? Just get TG a contract and get PB back, if you can't get PB back, then let the budget crisis story play out with just 6 characters (Hotch, Garcia, JJ, Reid, Rossi and Morgan).

If CM keeps going in this same direction, then I am getting on the first life boat onto shore and I am sure I won't be the only one. In case you haven't heard CBS, Fox is coming back next season with the X Factor featuring Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul at the same time that CM is on. Then hey, what do you know, American Idol will be on to pick up after the X Factor mid- season. How much more of this nonsense you've been pulling with CM do you think viewers are going to take before they switch the channel? Keep this mess up and you will find out! Fix it!!!

Anonymous said...

Take it from me, X factor is Poo.

UK viewer

niteanjl said...

I loved this season finale, so much of it the interaction felt like the 'old days' before CBS started interferring.

No, there wasn't an 'edge of your seat' cliffhanger, but hey, we knew that weeks and weeks ago. The cast, etc. had already warned us about it, so I wasn't surprised. I actually didn't mind . . . I mean, having a cliffhanger wondering who's dying, etc. every season can get a bit stale, so why not change it up.

I do understand everyone's frustration with the seemingly dropped story arcs, but I've reminded myself every week, before sitting down to watch, what's been behind all of it.

The writers/producers had major story arcs planned for Hotch, Reid and Garcia. Then they got thrown the loop of losing JJ altogether, having to work around Prentiss, not knowing if she was actually leaving or not, getting a new character thrown in . . . pluse some of the writers are new to the show.

Maybe I'm making excuses, but I think some of them are valid. The cast themselves have commented on these same facts and have stated that the original story arcs will be picked back up in season 7.

JM has said that the network has realized they tried to fix something that wasn't broken and are, therefore, trying to remedy that situation.

I have high hopes for the next season. I dearly wish TG gets the contract he wants. However, I love the show and ALL of the characters. So, regardless of what happens, I'm there out of loyalty to the rest, if for nothing else.

It's still early. The writers don't start work until sometime in June and they don't start filming until after July 4, so we've got time to hope!

Eleven said...

Totally off-topic, but Thomas Hardy gives me nightmares of my 'return of the native' classes. gah. I would have so loved them to have done 'Jude', though (my fav Hardy). And Dickens, oh, as long as it's not "hard times' (shudder). My tear-inducing Minds quote is by Stoppard, though, 'memory of the smell of smoke and that once our eyes watered' (S&G are dead' wow). Profilin' pics, UKV, great occupation.

Eleven said...

R&G i meant, not S&G.

Judith said...

It doesn't matter UK viewer (I've never seen it so I don't know), the point is some viewers (not saying all) will get fed up with all of this junk they have been pulling with CM, the disappearing GOOD cast members (JJ and Prentiss), addition of lame ones (Seaver), and now the possible loss of another good character (Hotch), then guess what, some viewers may click on their remote to check out what else is on in TV Land and if anything catches their fancy for just a second.. bye bye CM. That is how that happens a majority of the time. It is not a "Cold Turkey" kind of thing, no, it is a look at a program here, a look at a program there, and if the program that you started with, in your view, keeps sinking, then eventually it will get switched off entirely. People are already mentally exhausted with all of this CM behind the scenes drama and what the network has got to get into their thick little skulls is that all of their nonsense is not helping the show, it is potentially destroying it.

Anonymous said...

This white-collar sex crime plot fits in spookily well with the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

UK viewer

CriminalMindsFan said...

I can't wait for season 7! But hopefully it won't be as gory as season 6 - please could we tone it down a little? Little over blood overload :)

June said...

Good writing, good case with some nice twist. was scared for Dave at the end! Some humor, Reid telling Morgan he need to work out more, Dave snarkiness, Hotch being amazing and handsome as ever and a great guest agent in Andi Swan made this episode very enjoyable until the end, with Hotch walking away and us not knowing if Thomas Gibson will be back. I hope CBS will re-signed Thomas soon, because CM without Hotch is just so not happening for me!

Erin said...

Anonymous, Seaver was a part of the episode (too much of a part of it for my taste), so the fact that she is going to get talked about is going to be in this thread. How could it not be? Every other character is discussed. Keyword character. I don't know RN so I can't speak about RN, unfortnately, I know Seaver and I don't like her at all and just don't get why this character was ever placed into CM. It has been far too many episodes for me to count, far too many chances given, and I am done. In fact, for me, it has gotten progressively worse to the point that I just can't enjoy the show the way I used to. I can only hope that TG gets re-signed (if not, I am out!) and that Seaver is shipped off to some office far away from the BAU.

I am sad that the ending scene which should have been a scene between Hotch and JJ became a Rossi and JJ scene. I have nothing ata ll against the Rossi character. I love him, but it definitely would hav eplayed out better with Hotch and JJ being that they share the secret about Prentiss. Speaking of Prentiss, PLEASE PAGET COME BACK!!!!!!! Her not being on the show anymore is just an epic fail, an epic fail!!

Nanci said...

Watched the episode and felt it was not quite 'finale' material but a good show.

I have to (continue) to express my contempt for the Seaver character. Not Rachel Nichols, but the character - she has to go. As was stated previously, the differences between her character and Andy Swan was more than obvious. And for the argument that "Seaver is learning" - as has also been stated ad nauseum, this is NOT a learning division. Andy Swan would have (and would be) a much better fit for the team than Seaver. Swan showed more intellect, direction, emotion, etc. in one episode than Seaver has in all her episodes combined!

However, back to the episode - I enjoyed what I saw - always love more Rossi and he and Morgan together were great. Was a little scared there at the end when I thought my man Rossi was going to be hurt - but Morgan stepped in and that was the end of that...excellent!

Kudos to the writers for acknowledging Andy Swan - that was a nice tribute and my condolences to his family and friends.

Sort of looking forward to Season 7 but as others have stated, I'm taking the summer off, no reruns for me - I can't do this season again. If Season 7 isn't rectified shortly after 'take-off' I don't think I'll be watching much of that either.

Hopefully they get it all together over the summer and we can start fresh next season.

Anonymous said...

(Joining Eleven off topic -- I love Return of the Native and don't get on with Jude, which I guess shows that the objections both ways round are Real Stuff.

Would love to know how they come up with the quotations. Is there a bookworm hidden away in some back room or do they Google a few key words?

If they ever get stuck for a quote, Eleven, perhaps we could job share!! Hang out on set... Read the odd novel... Play with the props... Drool indecently...)

Ah, but Judith, JJ is coming back and Prentiss may too. And Hotch may not go anywhere. And then it will all look different. On another forum, there was a really nice discussion of old episodes, one of them very unpopular at the time of airing but now full of interest. If we can get to calmer waters, maybe this season will look better?

Agreed, that it has been uneven and not as good as it could have been in terms of long-developed arcs, because of having to play catch up with imposed changes. niteanjl is absolutely right about that. But moment to moment, story to story, I think there's been some great stuff this time. It's felt different and necessarily open to change. (I know, it helps that I'm not as resistant to the new character as most are, so I'm not watching feeling tense and grumpy which certainly would spoil the fun a little!!)

In this episode, I'm loving the feel of the dialogue. It's quick, individual, moves the plot on and gives you glimpses of the characters. Everyone feels distinctive. Garcia's terrific. I own up that I don't always enjoy the baby doll stuff but Morgan and Garcia are very believable and sweet. Her 'distancing herself' from the cases was really well acted, I thought.

Agree with everyone who likes the Swan character.

UK viewer

niteanjl said...

This was a while back in the thread, but I have to agree with whoever it was the commented on CMSB and someone's complaint about Garcia's hair. (Not the poster on this thread, but the person she was talking about.)

It was not her fault that the idiots than ran the show didn't show the episodes in the order they were filmed . . .

Also, RE: the comment about MGG leaving after next year. I have the same feeling, although for different reasons. In an interview, he stated that no one really expected CM to go beyond 7-8 episodes. When it did it was a surprise to everyone and somewhere along the line he signed a 6 year contract, which is up after season 7. He does give mixed signals (but that could just be that interviews are not always printed/shown in order). Sometimes he says he'll work as long as they throw work at him and other times you get the impression that he wouldn't mind to be off doing something else, something more creative in his first love, directing.

Although I get sick at the thought, I'll be greatly surprised if he signs on again after season 7.

Erin said...

niteanjl, I think if there is continuing drana with the show and especially if CBS tries to put the screws in him money wise, I too think MGG will be out at the end of season 7.

If CBS doesn't right ALL of their wrongs, and that means getting Paget back and giving Thomas a good contract, then I think MGG and maybe possibly JM (both of whose contracts are up at the endof next season) may just opt to walk. Who knows, maybe CBS just wants to run this show down into the ground and wash their hands of it. They are always crying about how expensive long running shows are to produce, of course, always leaving out how much money they make off of the shows in the current sseason and in syndication. Well, if that is the case, they certainly had a head start with all of the asinine decisions this season.

Tina said...

I said in a earlier post that I loved all the little moments last night. They are what made the ep. for me. It just felt so rushed and as many have said not like a season finale at all. I was just re watching omnivore 4x17 and the ep. just had a whole different feel than they do now. Not quite as rushed and more of a we're in this together feeling than I get now. I hope we get that back w/ S7

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what was it about 'strapped down' that alerted Rossi to the ring-leader? Was it her age? The others were older so she obviously hadn't been held for as long???

Love the fact that he, Hotch and Swan all came to the same conclusion by different means, and Morgan too, I guess, or he couldn't have been in position quickly enough to shoot her. Agree with Kury from way up in the thread that it would have been better to arrest her but at least this time there was a pressing reason to shoot. (The Lovely Rossi)

UK viewer

niteanjl said...

Erin: I have to agree. MGG is the lowest paid of them all. Which, when the show started, might have been okay, since he came in as an unknown actor. But after 6 seasons of showing his stuff, both in acting AND directing, he's obviously worth more than he's being paid. (As all of them are, by the way.)

He has asked for a pay bump but I've not heard a word about whether he got it or not.

As far as CBS bitching about the $ of a long running show . . . BULL CRAP!!!! From all accounts this show has run on a shoestring budget from the very beginning. WTF can they be complaining about? Especially after paying nearly $2 mil. a show to that a-hole Charlie Sheen!!!

Come on, CBS. Tell us another tale, I sit on mine!!!

niteanjl said...

I think the 'strapped down' comment rang a bell in Rossi's head, since the bodies in the trunk showed very little, if any signs of being restrained . . . or if they did, I missed it. That, and the fact, she was way too coherent for one of the victims, who'd been drugged.

Eleven said...

Your job-sharing idea is epic, UKV. On set - at least we won't fight over the same guy ;-) but i can see quite a few skirmishes/peccadilloes with books/quotes. Definitely getting Dostoyevsky in there, whether you like it or not, and Nabokov and Andrew Sean Greer. Endless resources at our disposal.

Anonymous said...

In my mind, it's just like every season finale. We always worry that the cliffhanger will end up in the worst way. Now obviously this is a different situation, but I just think they have to resign TG. Maybe I'm just letting my heart make this decision, but I just see no way that he doesn't come back. It'll be interesting to see when we would find out if he resigns. It kind of takes away from the cliffhanger if he resigns in June and they announce it then, but in today's age I would think it would get leaked either way.

Meg said...

I haven't watched CM since With Friends Like These when Reid's storyline fizzled out so underwhelmingly (the introduction of Seaver and the too often bad writing has largely killed my love for Show this year) but out of curiosity and to see JJ back again I decided to tune in for the finale. Sadly, as been too often the case this season, I was left decidedly not at all happy with Show. Too little Reid who once again gets left behind. I really wish they would stop doing this! Too little Hotch. And way, way too much Seaver for me to stomach. It was the finale, they should all have been featured equally.
I did enjoy seeing Kevin back and I was delighted to see JJ back. My husband was even more delighted. And I liked the Rossi we got, poor guy's been another very underused character this year along with Reid and Hotch. And I liked the Andi Swan character. Sadly I don't think that JJ coming back will be enought to sway me back to CM though. The only thing that will do that is if Father Christmas comes early and gives me a S7 of Reid, Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Garcia and JJ (and Prentiss if Paget so chooses to come back).

Michael said...

yeah anonymous i really don' like this blog anymore.

Besides seaver is great on the show.
It seems like its the popular thing to hate Seaver. while they really got no basis for it at all. It is like the people hating on twilight just because they want to or the people who don't like Tom Cruise.

I really think this hate has gone overboard now and it is getting tiresome and old. And the cast also says to support her yet there is some who ignores that and i think it is wrong. It is just pety hate for no reason just because they want to. The character hasn't even been developed yet to its entirely. So why hate on someone that can grow into an awesome character with the help of the writers.

This seaver hate is really getting childish.

Erin said...

Grow into a great character.. sort of like a cold grows into a pnenmonia.... What is tiresome is the mantra like "She hasn't developed yet, she is growing" blah blah blah.. How can you say she is so great if you are saying she hasn't grown or developed yet? What is so great then? I respect your opinion that you like this character, so respect mine when I say that this is perhaps the most abysmal character I have seen on TV for quite some time now, and considering what is out there, that is saying a lot in my book.

For me, this is all moot because if TG does not get re-signed and Seaver is still there with our without Hotch, I am out and I will take comfort in my season 1- 5 DVD's.

Erin said...

niteanjl, you are right!!!! CM has been on a shoestring budget from day one, not to mention the abysmal money per episode that the cast is getting. ABC Studios and CM has been lining their pockets off of CM for some time now. It is just sickening!

Anonymous said...

I know not everyone will be crazy about this comment, but here goes...

I think it shows something about the character of the actress RN, when in a recent interview, she stated that she knew people disliked the Seaver character and that she totally understood their POV. That you can only do so much with a character that the writer's haven't paid proper attention to.

I think she knew coming in that there would be great resistance to a new character, no matter who it was or how it was written.

Not saying this as an excuse or anything, just throwing it out there.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't mean to sound mean, but it doesn't show a great deal of intellect to 'call out' the moderator/owner of the blog. What do you expect to happen when you do that?

Silly goose!

Anonymous said...

To the bad-tempered Anonymous. Think how you're coming across. It's not good. The blog owner does a terrific job.

UK viewer

Teri said...

Good episode, love the Andi Swan character, wish we had her added on the show instead of the cadet.

This was a dark case. Didn't see who the real ring leader was until it was all revealed, I love being surprised! Poor Dave he almost got killed! Oh and Morgan had his ass kicked, love Reid telling him he should work out more!

What I didn't like was like all this season, very little of Reid or Rossi or Hotch. I hope this will change next season! And Hotch better be back! I don't want to give up CM but I will if Hotch is not back as Unit Chief and no trick like on 25 to Life, I hated that episode because there was no Hotch!

Anyway, cast and crew enjoy your vacation!

causeAscene said...

Wow... I think some of us lose track of a very important detail: This is a television show.

Not that I'm undermining how awesome it is because I'm not, but really? What's up with all the hatred? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are not entitled to judge or belittle people because of how they feel, and then claim that to be the opinion you're entitled to. No. We are all fans of the same show. I don't like Seaver, but others do. End of story.

We get so caught up in this show that we begin to be mean to others and that's exactly what will take this show down faster than any cast change could. A show is nothing without a solid fanbase and we have, until now, been just that.

With all that said, I'm going to repeat that the episode was good but as a fan of Reid, I felt a little cheated. He may be small but he's more than capable of going in on the raids and all.

niteanjl said...

Erin: Thanks for your agreement. This is something I've felt STRONGLY about since last June and have ranted, raved, bitched and moaned about ever since, much to my husband's great annoyance. It was made even worse when SM & PB told how CBS has cabbaged funds/crew from CM to put into CMSB. That really stuck in my craw!!

That being said, I know it goes against what most feel when they talk about TG not re-signing. If he doesn't, I will miss him, and it will be heartbreaking to watch CM without him. But, I feel so strongly for the rest of the cast and the way that they've been treated, that I'll watch to support them, even if it's only moral support.

Again, it would be painful, but I think I can do it for the love of MGG, SM, KV, JM & AJC (and hopefully PB). I'd say RN, but she hasn't grown on my heartstrings yet. The rest are long time friends/family.

Rosie said...

The character hasn't even been developed yet to its entirely.

Sorry, but 13-14 episodes is more than enough time to develop a character IMO. If it hasn't been achieved by now, I think it never will. Last night's Andi Swan character was in ONE episode and I liked her. The character was interesting and had personality and the actress had great screen presence.

But whoever said it was moot is right, because No Hotch, No CM for me.

Erin said...

Anonymous, I don't mind that you put that comment out there and like I said, I have nothing at all against RN, nothing at all, but that doesn't change my feelings about the character that I think is horrific and I just don't appreciate them sacrificing the other characters for by writing them OOC or shortchanging them line wise. The character has been on for a good portion of the season and it is not clicking with me and a number of people, nor will it ever. Enough episodes have gone by for me to determine that and yes, any actress would have been hard pressed to step in that place, but a GOOD character would have may some strides by now I believe.

And to the other Anonymous, what in the world are you thinking coming on the blog and trying to denigrate the blog owner Jill. Talk about clueless!!!

niteanjl said...

As far as the lack of Reid at the end of the last couple of episodes...

While I don't know about "Supply & Demand" I noticed that MGG sounded like he had a cold or something in "Big Sea". His voice was raspy and he seemed paler/darker eyed than normal. Made me think he was suffering from a cold. Therefore, I kinda thought that was why they might not have had him running around near the water. CA waters are seriously cold and the air coming off them would be cooler too. He seems to be really cold natured in real life too. I don't know, maybe it was just that notice it.

Don't have an explanation for the finale, other than he seemed to be running the 'situation room' all by his lonesome, which is just as important as running around on a raid . . .?

Erin said...

I heard that MGG had some sort of throat surgery niteanjl, not sure if that is true, but I remember someone mentioning that on another board.

la said...

wow what an episode.
Boring, predictable, unrealistic (even for TV), Rossi being the perverted old lech, where was Reid? oh yeah overshadowed by seaver.
blah blah another season down. hopeully s7 has a little more oomph to it.
I can't stand seaver. If RN had been written into a character like Andi Swan I could take it a whole lot better than a kid who teaches teh elite team a thing or 2

niteanjl said...

Erin: MGG said he had throat surgery way back when he was modeling. His throat had closed up, preventing him from eating and he could barely drink, so he lost a lot of weight . . . like he has any to lose.

Don't know if he's had further work done, but I do remember on Twitter one of them commenting on how someone had spread a cold around the ENTIRE cast/crew . . .

niteanjl said...

Did I miss something? Where was Rossi being a letch?

Anonymous said...

Ta niteanjl!
That makes sense of Rossi noticing the phrase's oddness. Still 'strapped down' was a strange thing for her to say because she'll have known well how the victims were kept. Perhaps the pressure of the situation forced up a memory for her. Could she have been ill-treated in her past or maybe even 'strapped down' is a prison thing??? Dunno. (I'm thinking chain gang.) Is it like this: Rossi was offering her sympathy and it pulled up an emotional memory that betrayed her? If Rossi had known in advance, sympathy would have been a good interview technique. He didn't but obviously he was alert enough to spot the error.

Eleven, I'm insisting on Dostoevsky too. You can have Nabakov if I can have Tolstoy. All these Russians! Let's have Bellow and Malamud too. Two of your very best writers, IMO.


Erin said...

Wow, that surgery sounds crazy niteanjl!!

They probably pass around a lot of colds on set like they do at the office I work at.

niteanjl said...

Erin: Go to youtube and pull up MGG's New York story. He talks about his surgery and being really skinny then, which sets the entire cast off laughing, since he's really been 'packing on the pounds'. Shows what a nut he is in real life!

Eleven said...

Anonymoose, should i walk away? Yep. But you should take this opportunity to run, i think.

gubegirl said...

I feel, after reading all your comments here, like re-watching the epi again tonite. But I had already decided to watch the 2 hr finale of the Mentalist which I have not watched all season, but it is def time he gets Red John!

But now, if nothing else, I may need to go back to catch more of the Andi Swan character who was fabulous and, heyva, I'm with you: she showed me more in one epi what an agent should be than Seaver has in more than a dozen.
Sad but true, and a great way to put things in perspective, don't you think?

Re: times "Andy Swan" mentioned: mind you I had two dogs on the couch with me, battling me for my popcorn (decided to forego the margaritas, Blimey!) but I THOUGHT I heard Garcia and Morgan say the name TWICE each, Hotch and Rossi, ONCE each, and Andi Swan herself when she intro'd herself and I didn't hear Reid mention the name which was weird since he was probably the one closest to the real Andy. But EM did say that some were edited out and d/n know just many ended up in the show. Anyway, that would be 7. Anybody else count?

Re: Reid not saying much, I can hardly remember hearing him say anything except for his line about Morgan working out and the Tandoori chicken at the end. Very disappointed at that. Almost as disappointed as seeing JJ with Rossi instead of Hotch: maybe there is a reason for this, but it just felt so WRONG to me. The timing certainly ties together tho': sf81387 saying that was not the way it was written orig, and TG not having a signed contract, the "budget cuts," etc. Early AM mtg for budget cuts was weird, too. Trying to add more drama, I suppose?

Not a bad show, and we don't need to worry if one of our guys have died but heck, we're not sure if Hotch or Prentiss are returning or if season 7 will once again include Seaver, who, I am sorry, she is not any better today than she was after 3 or 4 shows. JMHO.
But I am feeling it more strongly after seeing the woman who played Andi Swan - she was awesome. So credible, so bad-ass, she could partner up with Morgan or Prentiss anyday.

OK, guys, I am done, write on, y'all and Jill, thanks again for doing a great job letting us talk here and having to handle the s--- you have had to put up with the past year. Best of luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

For me it was an OK episode but they really didn't have a lot to work with. That really is the story of the entire season. The season was impossible to work with. They had no idea who was coming, who was going.

One more thing...all the people complaining about RN, you do realize that you are slamming the writers right? They made the character. Also - give the character a chance? Prentiss was not a badass in the first 6 episodes. She was able to contribute to a possible terrorist attack and she played chess.

Will be an interesting off-season.

Eleven said...

UKV, this is getting very interesting. Yes, you may have Tolstoy (grin). But i hate it when they qualify the authors with "English novelist so and so, psycholinguist such and such. It rekindles the awfulness of the first line of the da vinci code (i fess up - i read it. ohhh, wasted hours of my short life. What i woulldn't do to take those back).

I so wish they hadn't done JJ and the Legs bit. So not Minds, imo.

Erin said...

Anonymous, I am aware of that and I stand 100% behind everything I've said.

Unknown said...

From the character moments that show that they are a family to the unexpected ending of the case (at least for me) I really enjoyed the episode. I was very pleased to see JJ at the end. Thankyou CBS for fixing your mistake. I really would like to know what Rossi and JJ talked about since it holds the clue as to how JJ is coming back.

Looking forward to next season. I hope to see all of the cast back in season 7.

gubegirl said...

Anonymous just above Erin: you give me reason to wish I could smack someone thru my computer screen. Take a good look at your unkind self in the mirror, take a lesson in "Nice" and get yourself some manners. Because if you talked that way to anyone in your life, believe me, when I say you would have NO ONE in your life! In other words, that is verbal abuse and you have def crossed the line. I hope Jill gets on here and sends you flyin' fast but I am sorry she has to see such s--- as yours on here. No wonder you are anonymous - if you have a conscience at all, you would never admit to such cruel and immature behavior.

Re: MGG: does anyone here remember him saying once he was overweight? I remember something during an interview about him describing himself as being a chubby kid (so hard to believe!) and his sister giving him a perm or something and he had a big curly head of hair at the same time. It's been years since I read/heard this, but find it a hilarious thought to see our favorite "pipecleaner" ever being any different other than his many hair styles.

niteanjl: that was me reading from the TV Guide about complaints about Garcia's hair color - can't believe that person ever watched CM before!

BTW, I'm with you: MGG has done several movies, has directed, has his art and is extremely talented; if he is asking for a raise and doesn't get it, he could/should walk. Sad tho' I would be, I would follow his work somewhere else because he is so amazing. Love you, Reid!

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