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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Out of the Light" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness and Rachel Nichol.

** Beware: There will be spoilers in the comments!


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Kalola said...


Eu quero a Paget de volta

Anonymous said...

A year ago, we looked forward to the end of the fifth season. The involvement of Tim Curry promised. But then out of AJ and Paget made ​​infer that this would not be a good year for Criminal Minds. The months passed, fans, unhappy, we expressed what we felt, and while Bernero struggled to keep afloat her newborn CMSB and try to cover the space of AJ and Paget with Rachel, fans required changes.
Today, after a year, AJ's contract and the possibility of Paget's return gives us a break, but remains elusive the situation of Shemar and Thomas.
It is time to understand that production can not deceive or can not play with our intelligence. We want this situation is defined. We expect nothing less than that.
Jessica, Costa Rica

Kitty said...

I'm trying hard to look forward to the last three episodes, but honestly all the backstage drama has me afraid to invest any more of my heart in this series.

I'm angry and insulted by the way the PTB have treated writers, cast, and fans -- and I find myself giving serious consideration to just ... not watching anymore.

Anonymous said...

If you dont show the support the show deserves,then Thomas and Shemar wont get contracts!,You are giveing up on them way to early!.Give them so time!. Dont go around makeing conclustions!.Give the producers some time.They may be haveing a secert plan for paget and stuff. just give them so time and a brake!.Also Rachel is a great actress but she cant show her talents if no one gives her a chance.Its just like when Lola(elle) left and the brought paget into the show and when mandy(gideon) left and the brought Joe(Rossi) in.Give the whole show some time!

Carla said...

Anonymous, it is not about someone showing off great acting skills that I'm sorry I just don't see, and this is based on seeing her in other works, not just Criminal Minds, but each individual has their own opinion about that and I respect that. It is about a character that is not good for the show. There are 3 episodes left and people are still saying that her character is not a fit. I'm sorry, but enough is enough. It is time to end that run an quite frankly it will not be such a devastation considering the character will have only been on for 15 episodes. A 15 episode character is not a big deal to move on from.

I do want the show to go on the best and strongest way possible and that is not going to happen with this character on it. That has been demonstrated here again, and again, and again. Thomas and Shemar need to get their contracts up, ready, and signed. AJ is back on board for next season and my fingers are crossed for Paget to return. I wish Rachel Nichols all of the success in the world but it is simply not on this show in my opinion. I want next season to be about discussing characters that are fitted for the show. The seven that made up the team before were just that, fitted and perfect.

This episode looks good, but like others, all of this drama and uncertanity takes the excitement out of it for me. Yet, I will watch this episode and hope that next season marks the return of less drama off screen and the team that we have all grown to love, Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, Reid, Garcia, Rossi and JJ. Please make that so, please!

Michael said...

Well i think seaver will work in the future on the show there is so much story to tell from this interesting character we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

But bringing in Pretinss would really be implausible. A person like Prentiss with so many skeletons in the closet could never return to the FBI. Also acclaimed dead to the world no FBI unit would hire her again its a fact. Not when you people say this show has to be realistic. so if people can accept her coming back nobody should have any problem accepting Seaver to the team she is just a new agent which is very likely someone in the FBI would school and learn up.

Carla said...

Two different things Michael beginning with the fact that Prentiss has a basis for being there Seaver doesn't. I didn't like the whole Prentiss spy arc thing, but that is something that can absolutely be fixed if she returns next season. You can't fix the fact that Seaver doesn't have the experience, rank, qualifications or merit to be on the team the way the show has written the BAU to be, the way that it has stressed it to be for these past 5 years.

But do you see what I mean about this back and forth with this character. I for one am sick of it and do not envision going through another season of debating the fact that a probationary agent is on an elite and specialized team when there is no way in hades that she should and could be there the way that this show has proceeded and has been written for all of this time. This is the elephant in the room with this character. I really hope that the LA Times article was on point in saying that CBS wants to put this team back together because I think that would be best for everyone, especially, ironically Rachel Nichols as I am sure there are other less contentious roles she could be taking that suit her and the show or movie she would be on.

Tamara said...

I too feel fatigued over this whole situation but am praying that everything will be settled for season 7 and that, fingers crossed, the magnificent 7 get stitched back together again. That would be heavenly!

The preview for this episode looked interesting. It was hard for me to figure out what was happening which was a good change from the other previews this season which basically laid it all out before the episode aired. I wonder if there will be a thread running through this episode to the other two remaining episodes of the season.

I am excited to see AJ come back for the season finale and for season 7!!!

Audrey said...

I am going to be honest and say that I find it extremely difficult to watch the show lately. I just can't stomach the Seaver character. I sure hope that both Hotch and Morgan will be returning next season, or that will be the last straw for me. :-(

And Paget, please come back! Please!!!! :..(

Rachel said...

I don't mean to be rude, but none of these comments have anything to do with spoilers. A few of you mentioned the preview for the episode, but beside that it seems like you are beating a dead horse. We have the separate thread for Shemar and Thomas, but it would be nice if everyone would give up the whole Seaver thing. The writers are going to do what they want with that character and even Thomas if you read the transcript asked us to give Rachel Nichols a chance and be a little nicer. I didn't like her at first either but the fact that Thomas specifically took time out to acknowledge we should give her a chance, changed my whole outlook on it and I really have begun looking at it differently. No one likes change, so no matter who they put in there, the avid fans were going to protest to get the old back.

And I acknowledge my post does not have any spoilers either, but I would like to read about some if anyone has them.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to watching the last episodes, despite the fact that Seaver will still be appearing in them. This is maining because of the knowledge that JJ is coming back. I keep hoping that will her reappearance this will mean that Seaver won't return next season. Please, please CBS, make the next smart move and axe Seaver. We all know that the show is better off without her.

I (somewhat) apologize to those who are sick of hearing us complain about Seaver, but I know that I for one won't stop complaining because that is one of the only ways to get this aweful character removed. I do feel a little sorry for Rachel Nichols because she seems nice, but the fact remains that she's a terrible actress and she proved that spectarly in the last new episode.


christyzachman said...

I am happy for new shows and look forward to watching them. I would not watch if Tom or Shemar were gone but as long as my men are there, so will I.

Kathleen said...

Rachel, I love TG, but I have a mind of my own, a sense of what is good and what is bad, and I don't think the Seaver character is good. I'm not a robot that someone can program into liking this or that. I will always give people, characters, etc. chances, but eventually I will come to a determination and my determination is that this character is a no go for the show, sufficient time has passed for me to come to that conclusion (we are at the home stretch). I have never insulted the actress, however, that doesn't change the fact that I think the character is absymal. The character and the actress are two separate things and for the millionth and a half time this has nothing to do with change. Change can be great, good change, bad change is just that, bad, and in my opinion this is bad. The change from Elle to Prentiss was fabulous.

That being said, I will watch this episode in the hopes that it will be good. I'm hoping that the preview which looked great is a reflection of the episode itself. The male leads on this show are phenomenal and are really owed a debt of gratitude for helping hold this show together this season, although I cannot wait for the return of AJ and hope with all my heart that Paget returns. The team was phenomenal before and I hope the show can get back to that. Oh, I love the shot of Shemar in the water. I wonder how many takes that took to shoot, it seems like it may have been tricky to shoot (I wonder how Shemar felt like taping that scene, lol). Also, I'm hoping that there are no more repeats. I don't think there are, I hope not. I would like there to be some type of a flow leading up to the finale if possible.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen any spoilers for this episode unlike the other episodes. There are even spoilers for the final two episodes, but I haven't seen any for this episode. Maybe as the day goes on, there will be some posted by people who have maybe found some.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Kathleen said...

I thought maybe people had some scoop about the episode now from spoilers printed in articles, but if not, then Wednesday it is :)

sf81387 said...

There's been very little scoop concerning this episode. There wasn't even any promotional photos for it. There were some comments from Rick Dunkle and Kim Harrison. Rick says it shows Hotch in a way we'd never expect and then added that we see him without a tie. Not sure what's so special about that. We've seen him without a tie before, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Kim says the episode is fantastic. Of course, I'd never expect one of the writers to suggest an episode was anything but fantastic. ; )

Oh and Jack is supposed to make an appearance. That's reason enough to tune in (for me anyway). : )

Anonymous said...

I put very little confidence in anything Dunkle says since he has made it clear he was pefectly comfortable with Rachel Nichols and saw no reason to get AJ Cook or Paget Brewster back. No cool.

Anonymous said...

In this hormonal atmosphere Hotch without a tie is an innovation to drive people crazy with delight. Equally we went crazy with anguish and fury when he was missing for one individual episode. The world revolves around the man, for some arcane reason that leaves the rest of us in wonder.

I'm hoping that the episode has something else to recommend it


UK viewer

Rosie said...

Hotch without a tie does indeed drive me crazy with delight. Swoon, swoon, drool. Hotch and Jack makes this an episode not to miss! xD

sf81387 said...

I put very little confidence in anything Dunkle says since he has made it clear he was pefectly comfortable with Rachel Nichols and saw no reason to get AJ Cook or Paget Brewster back. No cool.

When did he say that? That's a pretty strong accusation. Do you have a link or something to back it up because all I've ever heard him say is how difficult it was to lose them and how he'd love to have them back, but that those decisions are out of his hands.

As for him being comfortable with Nichols. Good for him. It wouldn't bode well for the show if the writers took a childish stance against a new character and didn't try to do his or her best by the character.

Michael said...

Anonymous what are you even talking about. It is not a fact that Rachel Nichols is a bad actress. Yeah you think it that does not make it fact Many also think she is a very good actress. It is your opinion she is bad. It is NOT fact.

And its not fact that i think she is good or others think that as well. It is also opinion.

I still believe she will become a great character over time. She already is quite intriguing.

I think the rest of the cast is quite disappointed by those who do not suppport her. It kind of was spelled out in Gibsons chat. That he does not condone this ridiculous hate for this new character who hasn't even been developed yet.

From the previews this episode looks very good. It again looks like there will be some profiling which we all love.

Kathleen said...

Yay, Jack is going to be in it, fantastic! I always love when Jack makes an appearance. He must be so big now :)

Maura, I've never heard anything with regard to Rick not wanting AJ or Paget back. It is his job to write for whatever character he is assigned to write for and I assume that he would be gladto write for AJ and Paget (if she comes back). Writers typically love to write, so any opportunity to do that is welcomed for them.

Michael, TG did not say that he didn't condone "ridiculous hate," if so, please point specifically to that point in the transcript that is up at the blog. He said that he'd like people to support the actress. You are taking what he's said and using that as some sort of rationale to accept the character of Seaver; that is not a basis to accept a character. I think it is correct that people shouldn't say nasty things towards the actress and I am glad that he came out against that; that is wrong. However, to accept a character that one thinks is bad, horrible, what have you, based solely on what another person has said is to suspend your opinion to that of another person. People can recommend things to you, you try it out, then from there you form an opinion. I am not a robot that can be programmed or influened by what others think or say. I form my own opinions based on what I've seen and experienced, and from what I've seen and experienced the character is not good. I don't find anything at all intriguing about this character, nor do I care to see what ploy they will cook up next to get viewers to buy into her. To me, it is a bad cardboard cut out of a character that I feel has no place at the BAU. Others can feel free to feel differently about that, I don't mind, but never would I say, "Hey, you have to like a character you think is bad because I said so, or TG, or JM, or whomever said so," people can think for themselves. I allow people to do that; I just share what I think for whatever it is worth.

Kathleen said...

LOL, Uk viewer, "hormonal atmosphere," this is the first I hear of the no tie situation. I thought the tie-less Hotch, LOL, was appearing in the Big Sea episode. Guess the tie-less Hotch fanatics will get their fill this episode too :)

Tina said...

I do love a tie-less hotch. Count me in... Lol

niteanjl said...

I don't have a spoiler, but felt the need to add my two cents worth. Yes, this has been a difficult season because of TPTB. However, I had to take a step back for all the discussion boards and start watching each episode for what it was, without nitpicking them to death because of the backstage drama. In doing so, I found them quite enjoyable. Some more disturbing that others, but that happens every season.

As far as RN goes, she has my deepest sympathies. She stepped into a firestorm not of her own making, not one I'd have done for all the money in the world.

The episode without TG was NOT something bad. TPTB gave him the episode off so he could go to the UK to play in a golf tournament. He said so in an interview, so we can relax on that score.

I plan to watch CM to the bitter end. Every long running series goes through rough patches when TPTB decide to 'refresh'. They learn that that crap doesn't work and things straighten out.

Even if it doesn't, I owe the remaining cast/crew my loyalty for all the hours of enjoyment they've given me.

That being said, I would rather the show end on a high note rather than a slow, lingering death. But let's hope that's a century from now.

Anonymous said...

I think this episode might be a big let down because of how little this episode has been promoted. They know its going to be bad so they are trying to ignore it. I really think what Rick Dunkle said that we will see Hotch as never seen before. To me this is a warning sign that he is going to be written OOC. If this is so I can see fans of Hotch being really pissed off. So far they have destroyed the character of Hotch this season at the grumble of his fans.

Maria said...

Yes, I too wonder what he means by seeing Hotch as he has never been seen before. I doubt that is just all about him not having a tie. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see. Already, I am not looking forward to the season finale because of the budget cuts angle which leaves to wide of an opening for either Hotch or Morgan to leave if their contracts don't get resolved. Having both men sign contracts prior to the season finale would make me feel better about the season finale episode, but maybe they won't do that to keep the suspense up. I hope not. That is not the type of suspense I want.

LunaM said...

Tie-less Hotch (yes, count me in on those hormonal driven fans LoL) and Jack in an episode, that sounds good in my book. Now if only the case is interesting, and by what I saw in the preview it is. I wish for another classic whodunnit. Please no more excessive scenes with what horrible things the not so unknown (at least to us) unsub does. At least for a while.
Too bad we haven't gotten any promotional pics of this episode, I wonder why. But I don't think there is a suspicious reason for it.

niteanjl said...

"Seeing Hotch as we've never seen before."

Before the season began, TG said in an interview that this season would be all about family, their 'family' and how they would be dealing with issues in their family, namely Reid's headaches & Hotch/Jack in finally dealing with Haley's death.

Hotch has not really had the time to deal adequately with her death. TG stated that we would see an emotional side of Hotch because of this and the fact that Jack is having a hard time dealing with his mother's death. I think it's time we saw something of this side of Hotch. He's dealt with too much without a release of any kind. Like Morgan said, who does he talk to?

TG also stated that we would also start seeing more of Hotch's dry sense of humor returning after that.

Mind you, this was all in an interview that came about the same time as the announcement about AJ's and Paget's contracts. Therefore, they writers have not been able to devote the time to these story arcs as originally planned. There was also supposed to be a 'happy' development for Garcia & I think there were even rumors of something with Rossi. This season was originally dubbed 'a season of secrets'.

SmokeFreeZone said...

Most Criminal Minds Fans are ADULTS, right???? This being the case, I would like for the execs @ CM to treat us as such!!

Frankly, I'm weary of all this unnecessary "drama" about who
MIGHT BE LEAVING the show (TG & SM) and who might be coming back to the show (PB)

"G" & "M" just sign the new contracts and let's get on with the show, ok? Otherwise, CM might lose a lot of their loyal fans...

niteanjl said...

I don't think it's as simple as TG & SM 'just signing' their contracts. I believe both actors have been jerked around and under-appreciated for too many years, especially after what happened to the ladies.

Also, I may be way off base here, but it could be that TG is working on NOT being in front of the cameras quite so much. It's very exhausting to be in every episode AND in a high percentage of shots. Look what that did to William Peterson of CSI and Vincent D'Onfrio of L&O-CI. I would rather see him a tiny bit less than not at all.

SM, that may be a whole other story. He's been very vocal about his anger over the way they've ALL been treated, not just this season, but all series long, so . . .

Regardless, I think we're WAY off topic here, Sorry . . . it's just a very touchy subject these days!

Melody said...

niteanjl.. Ack, I have to know what you mean by this then we can go back on topic :)

"Look what that did to William Peterson of CSI and Vincent D'Onfrio of L&O-CI. I would rather see him a tiny bit less than not at all."

I've never watched those shows, so I don't know what you mean there. Did those actors get burned out?

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people have been reluctant to be open minded to 'Seaver' because of the departure of JJ and Prentiss. No one likes to watch two favorites leave due to 'budget issues' or 'disinterest in renewing contracts', only to have another actress hired and a new character. It's basically a, "if it's not broke, why fix it?" situation. Why get rid of loved characters to just turn around and introduce new ones?
I know in the real world it works that way, but this is a show. If they want to make it as realistic as possible they might as well do a documentary, you know?
I love all the actors, new and old, and I think they've been doing an amazing job. I don't hate Seaver(Rachel), but she's feeling too much like a replacement JJ. they should have gradually worked her into the team while JJ was still there.

SmokeFreeZone said...

niteangl.. do either Shemar or Thomas have a better offer from some other network???

If so, they may be thinking about leaving Criminal Minds?? Although we'd like to know as much as we can about what's going on behind the's not going to happen. I'd really like to see both Gibson and Moore remain on the show, but if they have better things to do... Then we wish them both the best!!!

niteanjl said...


Yes, both actors left due to the physical and emotional exhaustion of being in every episode and nearly every scene. D'Onfrio has recently returned to Law & Order: Criminal Intent this season after a couple of seasons off. Peterson has never returned and I don't think he's ever planning to. He's gone back to theatre work.

I'm not saying this is what's happening with TG, but while he's mentioned Hotch not being in the forefront of the show so much this season, he's also commented on the the tremendous amount of time he spends commuting and missing his kids growing up.

Melody said...

Anonymous, I think had it been a good character, reluctant or not, people would have accepted the fact that Seaver was there, just as they did with Rossi and Prentiss. Mind you, there are still people calling out for Gideon and Elle's return, people that don't like Rossi or Prentiss, but the difference with that is that they never said "What the heck? Rossi and Prentiss make no sense to be on the BAU team. Why are they there?" With Prentiss, they went out of there way to clearly demonstrate that she was not only qualified to be on the team, but that her experience and qualifications were something that brought something to the BAU table. The same is not the case for Seaver, they can't demonstrate that no matter how hard the may try because she just doesn't have the rank and experience to be there or the extraordinary attibutes of Reid that got him in there. Had this been the first season, yes, slipping someone like Seaver in could have worked because that is when the show was establishing itself, its base, its foundation, but to try and do that now after all of this time of establishing something totally to the contrary is not going to work for a lot of people. Why they decided to create a completely unqualified character to be part of the team beats me. It was truly an ill-conceived character for this show and I think that adds to whatever other reluctance may have been there from the get go. That can't be erased now no matter how many moons they have this character try and jump over. I was set to give this character a chance, even with how I felt AJ and Paget were treated, but the nature of this character makes that impossible for me and I personally don't like what I perceive as ploys to try and get me to overlook what I feel are deep flaws. That is a big turn off for me.

I haven't heard of Thomas or Shemar having offers with amy other network. In Thomas' last chat, he emphatically stated that he wanted to return to Criminal Minds but that a contract had not been settled on yet. He's also said this in some interviews. I don't know what Shemar's feelings are as he has been relatively quiet, but I think he also wants to return to the show.

niteanjl said...


I'm not aware of any better offers. I'm just drawing my own conclusions base upon comments they themselves have made. That and that it's common knowledge this show has been neglected from the very beginning by the network, etc. No budget, never being promoted as well as other shows, little or no pay raises.

If it were me, I'd be more than a litted pissed and would want better from this after all the crap that's been pulled this past year!

Melody said...

Thanks for the reply niteanjl :)

niteanjl said...

Oh, another point off target, but . . . did you know the network no longer give CM an after party?

How pitiful is that? A bunch of us on FB have decided we ought to take up a collection and throw them one helluva party!!!

Anonymous said...

Spoiler pics for the season finale are up online...out there.

cmwinner said...

The promo looks good! I just wish tonight was Wednesday! After two weeks in a row of repeats, I am glad we have a new one this week! All to soon it will be a long summer of reruns. :( I am looking forward to tomorrow's eppisode! The last three eppisodes of this season sound really good.

Blimey Limey said...

Ha! My Mum will be loving tie-less Hotch.

In the meantime I'll get my Source on the case, so I can watch on Thursday. I'm hoping for:

* A well-written episode of a whodunnit nature.

* All this "secrets" malarky to be cleared up.

* Reid. Headaches? No headaches?

* TG & SM to sign the DECENT contracts they deserve (so I can watch the episode secure in the knowledge our gents will be back next season).

* Sergio. Yeah, I really want to know what happened to him! If I keep nagging on here do you reckon they'll show a three second clip of him living at Chateau Garcia "Just to shut up that whinging bloody woman on the CMF blog!"? Worth a try maybe? ;-))

Enjoy the episode, folks...

kaitlyn said...

Anonymous i think they will gradually work seaver into the team, when JJ is back in season 7.

BellaRN said...

No spoilers??

As for beating the dead horse, the whole idea that the ONLY reason we don't like Seaver is because we don't want change is ridiculous. Sure, that plays it's own little part but for me it's about whether or not the change WORKS.

Old school but I, for one, was heartbroken when Gideon left and Rossi stepped in. Even now, Gideon remains a favorite of mine. But Rossi WORKED.

When Elle left, that was change too.. but a change that worked. Same goes for bringing in Prentiss.


Optika said...

I really want to see this ep and whatever new side there is of Hotch and I love his moments with Jack! That kid is adorable!

Very glad that AJ is back and cant wait to see her new side come full circle.

I dont care if Seaver stays anymore though the character is just to flip floppy for me and isnt sensible to the show and RN is great in everything else but CM and The Inside. I wish her all the best and dont really see her staying on the show for much longer anyway but if she does, then so long as she's not annoying then its fine. I'll deal as long as AJ is on.

Though if Thomas Gibson doesnt return, the idk if I'll still watch cuz that is just heartbreaking.

t said...

I'm trying not to get my hopes up over this episode. I have been disappointed too often this season. I have not seen previews so have no idea at all how it will be. I am looking forward to seeing Hotch with Jack.
As for S 7 I would be happy with less on camera time for Hotch if his part is well written and they add some complexity/layers to the character

Loren said...

Well I just saw a pretty cool promo. Maybe it was the same one that's been posted but I don't remember these scenes.

It had Reid asking some badly injured mand "who did this to you" and then there was a scene of Morgan swimming down to a car that apparantly had someone trapped in there. Yay for heroic!Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn said:

"Anonymous i think they will gradually work seaver into the team, when JJ is back in season 7."

What the hell were they doing all of this time if not attempting to do that? That makes no damn sesne unless you are saying she has just been taking up space and time from the other characters. It hasn't worked now and it won't work season 7 or any other season. That is CBS' call but I can't see why they would waste any more time or money on that character.

Tina said...

Katylin: what do you mean they will gradually work her in during S7? They have already shoved her down our throats in S6. I realize this Is a tired subject and has been talked to death but IMO Seaver does not now nor ever will belong in the BAU. Hopefully the new season will return our team to their former glory.

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be anymore repeats or is it new episodes from now on?

LaShawna said...

It's about freaking time for a new episode! It feels like it's been a month, even though it hasn't. At least we get three uninterrupted weeks of Criminal Minds fun until the end of the season! :)

BellaRN said...

Also - a longer version of the promo for this week's episode can be seen on the official CBS Criminal Minds YouTube channel.

Anonymous said...

BellaRN, it looks about the same length as the one on the CBS forum, unless there is another one I am missing?

niteanjl said...

Something I've noticed . . . the preview for the CM have never been very long, or repeated very often. However that crappy spin-off is getting way too much advertisement!

Anonymous said...

Every year, USA today does a poll for shows "on the bubble" and readers vote online to chose which shows they want to save and which shows they want dropped. After the voting ends, USA Today posts an article to show the results. Each network has two shows, one to keep and one to kill. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was one of the bubble shows, and the general consencious is that CBS should "kill" it: the article wished for the death of it (although Criminal Minds itself isn't well-beloved by that paper either, calling it "vile" and wishing it would be canceled too--that I disagree with).

It's rather funny--the ones who criticize and hate Criminal Minds are usually men, and women (like me) like the show! Odd.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere that the reason CM:SB had a lot more advertising than the parent ship is that the network thought it needed an extra push to attract attention. Sign of desperation?

Martha said...

Anonymous, is that USA Today article online. Don't post the link here, just want to know if I can Google for it (we are not supposed to post links without permission).

I can't express how much I loathe the spin-off as it is part and parcel of why things got turned upside down cast wise on CM. I hope it spins right off of the air. Sorry KV.

Annie C said...

People, please stop.

I know we all love this show beyond reason, and we consider the characters a family and they are important to us. But to the case and crew this is a job. Get it, a job. And someday this particular job is going to be over and they are all going to have to move on.

Now Hollywood, perhaps more than any other field out there, is a field that relies heavily on someone's reputation. If you get a reputation of being difficult to work with no one is going to want you on their project and then you will no longer have a job. Your mortgage will not get paid, your kids will not get braces, and so on.

And just like any other job one of the ways you can get a bad reputation is complaining about your co-workers in an open, public forum on the internet.

No one on the cast or crew is going to say anything bad about Seaver the character, the actress who plays her, the people who created her, or the network execs who passed through the idea. Not. Going. To. Happen. Not the actors, not the writers, not the make-up people, no one. They are not going to risk their careers over it and I don't blame them. Everyone is going to say neutrally nice things to keep their reputation as a nice, easy-to-work-with person. At best you're going to get someone like the new show runner saying Season 6 was "difficult", which in PR speak is a huge acknowledgement of everything we have been complaining about.

Now please stop pushing. It's rude and it's annoying and if I was anyone on the cast or crew I would want to start avoiding the public just so I wouldn't have to keep dancing around those questions.They get it. After all, they brought JJ back.

Now, as for SM & TG, for all we know this isn't taking a long time. Just because we expected it tweeted yesterday, this could very well be an average length of time for negotiations. I don't know about you all, but I've never been in contract negotiations as the star of a major, scripted TV show. The closest I've ever been is contract negotiations for the school district where I used to teach, and that took the better part of a year.

Now as Reid once said on an elevator, everyone chill out. Let's just enjoy the last of the season and cross our fingers for better next year. From the interview they had with the showrunner a bit back it sounds like she's hearing what we have to say, so why don't we just have hope.

Anonymous said...

To me, it is a fact that Rachel Nichols is a bad actress. I mean, come on, did you even watch the last new episode? The delivery of her lines had me cringing in pain and I desperately wished that my ears would bleed out so I didn't have to listen to her. It's your opinion that she's a good actress and it's mine that she's terrible. I feel that she's ruined the dynminic of the team and if TPTB want to make things right then they need to get rid of her. I think she's been in enough episodes for fans to decide whether or not they like her and I strongly dislike her.


Teresa H. said...

Yes, what did happen to that squiggly word we used to have to copy?
Annie I agree with you, it must get very difficult for the people associated with this show to keep coming up with, neutral,no new info answers to the endless questions and quite honestly I read neutrality in TG's answer that he would like to be back/plans to be back next year. Like you I have no idea how long contract negotiations take.

But it's hard to chill when I have loved the show so much, I always realize that I'm probably far more
into it than perhaps the cast and crew, for whom as you say it's a job.

Anonymous said...

I'll be very easily satisfied by a heap of sweet good Rossi-ness, a happy return for JJ, strong story, characterful moments for all the team, and signs of a good new direction (team-wise and career-wise) that fits both Ashley and JJ into the BAU.

It'll be interesting to see exactly what capacity JJ is to assume on her return. Is she media liaison, a little bit Straussy, a little bit more profilery???

I miss the wonky words too, Teresa H.
Damn CBS, Damn 'em! Why can't they leave well alone. The board just isn't the same without this vital element... Waaaaah!!!


UK viewer

Anonymous said...

Uk viewer, JJ is not going to be in this episode, she will be in the season finale, but to my knowledge there aren't any scenes with her and Seaver (for me that is an Amen!). I take it that JJ's appearance in the season finale will be brief, so we may just only get hints at how she may return to the show. I think they will fully flesh that out next season which will depend on a lot of factors; whether Thomas, Shemar and/or PB come back will be key elements, I think, as to how JJ will ultimately be developed. I'm not adding Seaver to this because I am hoping that she will be gone by season 7 thereby ending this awful season 6 experiment, but that as someone else wrote that is a CBS call, I don't work at or own the network.

sf81387 said...

It had Reid asking some badly injured mand "who did this to you" and then there was a scene of Morgan swimming down to a car that apparantly had someone trapped in there. Yay for heroic!Morgan.

I remember seeing pictures on Twitter of Morgan, Hotch and I think Seaver. They were wet and Morgan and Hotch were kneeling over a woman and it looked like they were giving her CPR. Lucky victim was getting some mouth-to-mouth from Morgan. ; )

Anonymous said...

Uh, I've looked at the wrong spoiler photos with JJ and been Dumb! Thanks for letting me know not to expect her back yet, Anon...

UK viewer

Michael said...

Anonymous Karen. NO it is not a fact. There is many that think she is a good actress people who watch CM and those who do not watch CM.

So NO it is not a fact it is YOUR opinion it is a BIG difference.

I think she will be a great character for the show like many has come to realize. Yeah there is those who don't like her like you. But there is also those who see potential in her and is looking forward for her to develop. Believe it or not there is actually many now that is quite tired of this hate for her when she hasn't even been developed yet.

BellaRN said...

@Anonymous - I'm not sure?

The one I saw was the back and forth "did he do it or not?" and then Reid leaning over someone and asking "who did this to you?", while Morgan swims down to a sinking car with someone in it.

We will see it soon! :)

Melissa said...

Michael the first line of Karen's post said "to her RN is a bad actress," that sounds like ahe is speaking for herself. What I am tired of is the whole she has been developed yet line that is akin to the she has been there 3 episodes line that went to 4 then to 5 and so forth. If this character were in a book I were reading, a movie I were watching, or in this case, a TV show that I am watching, I would have written it off for me personally. If a character is worth the paper they are being written on engagement with the audience would have occurred long before this stage. They may not be an individuals favorite, may not even be liked, but there would be some tangible purpose for them in the narrative, not this constant development deal that is constantly being thrown out for the "justification" for this experiment. This character is just a waste of time and energy IN MY OPINION, I put that in all caps so that it would be loud and clear.

Melissa said...

I was wondering if that picture was for the Big Sea episode, but since this preview had Morgan diving in to save that woman, I'm thinking now that it is thos episode. Dang, that lucky actress :) I think the woman in the scene where Reid is asking the woman in the hospital who did that to her is a nurse. I have to look at the preview again to make sure.

Anonymous said...

Finally found the real promos.

Oh great, I hate underwater scenes. I can always feel myself getting short of breath. This is going to be a terrific episode for anyone with claustrophobia!

Under the earth, locked in a cellar, trapped in a car underwater...

(It takes seconds to drown, apparently. All the splashy TV struggles make it seem like a slow death but the brain loves its oxygen and once starved of it you're dead in a handful of seconds.)

gasp, gasp, gasp... g____________

UK Viewer

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we are finally getting a new episode. Then I get sad because I remember that we only have three left, but the last episode will have JJ, so I'm still really excited for it.

About the fan breaking subject of Seaver, seriously, this character is breaking the fandom, like it's worth it, I have to agree with whomever posted before, but this season was really a failed experiment, Seaver included.

I'd be really happy if by episode 7.01 she just wasn't there anymore. Honestly, I wouldn't bother to ask why, where and how, I'll just pretend she never existed. Same thing the writers appear to be doing with Reid's headaches storyline I suppose, and Hotch being now a single parent, and Tamara and Sergio and Rossi's three ex-wives and Morgan's specialty and Garcia's 3 or 4 brothers. If they can do that, why can't I?

I'm ready for a end of the season with more Reid, more Hotch, more Rossi, Morgan, Garcia and to get JJ back, and I hope they give us a hint about Prentiss.


niteanjl said...

I believe it was in an interview with MGG that someone asked about Reid's headaches. (It could have been someone else.) Anyway, whoever it was asked if the 'headache' issue was resolve, they were told 'for now'.

It goes back to all the issues that the writers HAD to work in as opposed the the ones they had ORIGINALLY planned to go into this season.

So, I think this indicates that there will be some issues that will be touched on again in season 7 and hopefully resolved to our satisfaction!

Felicia said...

I'm hoping that the Reid headache story line is done. I miss Reid the genius with the dry sense of humor and the bit of sarcasm. Now whenever Reid is mentioned it is all about his headaches. I don't want Reid to be the "Headache Guy." The way Reid was written in the past is what made me love that character, this season he has just been a mess with the on and off headaches. I'm really hoping that they just move on from that whole story line and get back into some classic Reid.

Anonymous said...

I still want to figure out the cause of Reid's headaches, and I'm still holding on to the theory that he is headed towards a breakdown of sorts, that the headaches are a warning sign. Remember when Julio sensed that Reid had "ghosts" in his head? It's gonna happen--maybe not this season, but hopefully next season. You can only go for so long without breaking.

By breakdown, I don't mean a mental breakdown (like the kind to send someone off to a mental hospital--not for Reid), but rather an emotional breakdown, for Reid to be cleanse of his bottled up emotions. That's what I'd like to see.

Anonymous said...

I mean, Corazon gave a great start, and then it fizzled only to be brought up again through dialogue, but not actually action. I was really hoping the writers were not going to make the same mistake with Reid's drug addiction subplot (also had a great start but fizzled out, only to be brought up again in two episodes, in two different seasons).

Felicia said...

I understand what you are saying Anonymous but I think his headacehes were caused by the external pressures of his job and his fear of developing the same mental illness as his mom. To keep delving into that, why? This is my point, ever since that headache story all anyone ever seems to associate Reid with are headaches. Will he get a headache this week, net week, two months from now... It has become all that anyone focuses on to the dteriment, I think, of Reid himself. I just want a return to wonderful, funny, insightful genius Reid, not his headaches.

Aska said...

I’m really looking forward to this episode. I hope it’s going to be a good one. The promos looked interesting (but I know they can be misleading).

About Reid and his headaches I think the story is resolved. That’s it for Reid’s storyline, that was his ‘big’ secret.

@ Felicia :

As much as a big part of me was disappointed, I too hope the writers won’t go back to that story in the seventh season.

Reid deserves such a better storyline.
If they use that as an excuse for a Reid storyline in the seventh season, that will be beyond lame and disappointing.

I too miss Reid the genius. I hope that he’ll get a storyline in the seventh season and one that will have something to do with his genius (and not with a romance, please !).

There are so many interesting stories we could have if the writers decided to concentrate on Reid’s exceptional mind and on his relationship with his teammates. They should use his potential more.

niteanjl said...

I think Reid's headaches are stress-induced migraines. The stress of what he sees in his job everyday, the pressure of being the 'genius' and his growing fear of schizophrenia. All that, coupled with the fact that he has doesn't feel all that comfortable trusting someone to confide that sort of thing to, or a 'special' friend as it were, would cause these off/on again headaches.

But I'm like so many of you, only on the schizophrenia issue. It must be put to bed and be done with. He's had enough to deal with over the years. It's someone else's turn to have issues.

Aska said...


I don't think it's a matter of having issues to deal with.
ALL the characters were given a lot to deal with over the years, all of them.
Reid is certainly not the only one.
I don't think he was the character who suffered the most.

Come on, what Reid angst did we have this season ?
He just had headaches in 'Corazon' and talked briefly about it twice afterward.
A very short conversation with Prentiss and a very short conversation with Morgan and it's over.

The fans speculated a lot about it, so it might give the impression that it was a big storyline.
But Reid just had a single centric episode, 'Corazon', and his "big issue" ended up being stress related headaches (with two 30 seconds scenes to bring it to an end after 'Corazon')...

Now, I really don't want the writers to bring back that storyline, it didn't lead anywhere and it's better to drop it.

But I do hope Reid will have better material to work with in the next season.

K. said...

I think Seaver should get alot more support than she is getting. She is still a develloping character, and i know it will take time before we can all like her.

Back on topic, i cannot wait for this episode tonight! I bet there will be some drama!! Like usual!

Tamara said...

Sorry, K. I'm done with Seaver and the tired "Developing" character bit and I feel enough time has passed for me to form that opinion thank you very much.

Can't wait for tonight's episode! It has been way too long since we've had a new one and I'm crossing my fingers that the episode is as good as the preview :) Not long before it airs on the east coast.

Tina said...

how much more time should we give her? She has already been in 15 or 16 eps. I mean seriously how long do we have to wait for this character to "develop"? It didn't take Rossi or Prentiss this long to develop. They came with the credentials and experience to join the BAU. Honestly I'm done giving Super Seaver a chance, let's just cut our loses and hopefully move on to a bigger and better things next season with the return of J.J

Tamara said...

Jack is so precious :)

I love Hotch and Rossi moments :)

Tamara said...

I love Reid :)

Pari said...

"They're devastated"....REALLY? Is this chick for Serious. PLEASE take Ashley Seaver off my Screen!!!

Tamara said...

Rossi is giving the suspect the smack down!! Rossi is the best at interviewing suspects!

Pari said...

Oh Their in my hometown...damn they should have brought Garcia!!!

Anonymous said...

This Seaver chick sounds like a robot... I'll be glad when JJ gets back. Crossing my fingers for Prentiss.

Tamara said...

Hotch and Morgan... underwater scene.. that is just one of the reasons we need BOTH of these men back. They work so well together!

Tamara said...

Hotch and Rossi coaching Jack's team.. gotta love it!!!

Tina said...

Hotch and Rossi coaching soccer...... I love it!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love the Hotch/Rossi scenes, I just wish they would give us some Hotch/Reid scenes from time to time...

Anonymous said...

Initial reaction: I. Loved. This. Episode.
I wish I had better words, but I just loved it. Hotch? Love. Complexity of the case? Love.
Reid profiling the victim's body? Love.
Profiling overall? Love.
Creepy ending with the first suspect? Love.
Hotch and Rossi coaching? Love.

The balance felt spot on - the creepy vs. the happy, the team vs. the personal bits.
I'll stop since I've quickly become a broken record.

Tamara said...

Speaking of Reid, where did he disappear off to in the end???

Shana Hillman said...

Oh god - Hotch smiling! Hotch laughing and high five-ing and coaching Jack's soccer team! I think my heart just grew 4 sizes!

Tamara said...

That was awesome Shana as was the underwater scene with Hotch and Morgan; that was great :)

Anonymous said...

On another note, the continuity in the water scene was awful. Blazing sun when Morgan and Hotch break the water, then change camera angles and it's raining!

Unknown said...

@ Tamara :
It's Reid, you know how it works with him : once his usefulness is achieved the writers switch the "off" button....

Anonymous said...

Tamara, they had to fill their "Seaver" quota, so you know... Reid gots to go.... :/

Seriously, if you edit out her scenes nothing at all would change about the episode, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Worst episode of Criminal Minds I think I've seen yet.


I can't wait to erase this off my DVR. Come on, don't disappoint this next week, I'm beggin ya.

Tamara said...

Elisabeth, that sucks because he was so good in the beginning, profiling the body. That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Tamara, they had to fill their "Seaver" quota, so you know... Reid gots to go.... :/

Seriously, if you edit out her scenes nothing at all would change about the episode, nothing.

SO true, and can I get a hold of that version instead?


lauren j. said...

Can someone explain the bit at the end? I wasn't really paying attention...Seaver seemed hung up on the photos still, and then they showed the teacher doing something...was he involved or what?

Betsy said...

lauren j... I don't know. That was a bit confusing to me too. I couldn't make out what pictures the teacher was developing. I think there is something definitely up with the teacher.

Unknown said...

@ Tamara :
I completely agree with you.
Trust me I don't like it either, but that's just what the writers do.

And yes to more scenes between Hotch and Reid !

Mary J said...

I love Hotch and Jack moments and tonight we got, Hotch & Jack, Hotch & Morgan and Hotch & Rossi.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was classic Criminal Minds. Not a lot of unsub and we didn"t know who he was until late in the show. I loved the profiling. Every team member had a role to play. I just thought it was great. I had to rewind (yes I still use a VCR) to understand the ending. At the beginning of the show when the unsub was digging up a grave he was texting someone saying it was so much fun. He has a partner and we are led to believe it is the teacher because of the cutting implement they show in the teacher's darkroom. Well done everyone. I just hope this episode gets the ratings it deserves. It is always iffy when there has been a 2 week break.

Anonymous said...

So Seaver wasn't satisfied with the result huh? Looks like she's got a good instinct. I wonder if we'll be seeing that teacher again.

Deandra said...

Instincts, she was looking at a picture.... Sorry, but I have to agree with what another poster said.. edit out her scenes and it would not alter the episode. It is just such a bland and wooden character.

I can't wait for AJ to come back. Please Paget, come back, please!!!!

On a happier note, the underwater scene, oh my God, I was shocked to see Hotch appear out of nowhere, that was awesome. Reid at the hospital, AWESOME, and Hotch and Rossi in the beginning and at the game, love it!

I'm A CMer said...

I loved this ep!!!! The case part was spooky on so many levels. I knew the first guy was involved somehow. The scenes with the team sitting around the table have been great the past couple eps and this one was no different. And the last five minutes - WOW!!!!! I sure didn't expect Hotch to show up on the other side of the car and shoot the unsub!! Plus, I got see Hotch in a t-shirt and jeans. And the big smile on the plane!! Then there's "mom and dad", I mean Hotch and Rossi, at the soccer game. Think I'll be re-watching the last five minutes about 42 times tonight. It's all about being entertained for an hour in my book and this one scored a 10!!!

Anonymous said...

She wasn't "just looking at the picture." She clearly thought there was something they were missing. Why else have that scene?

Deandra said...

She's had scenes where she's looked at stuff like that before, but if that is what you think, you are entitled to your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I hate Hotch focused episodes but it still sounds really good and I'm gonna watch. I really like Seaver. She's a great character. Of course, I miss AJ and Prentiss too. I understand the original team will be back together in the fall, which will probably include Rossi. I also watch CM Suspect Behavior which is so good I watch the episodes several times before I hit the mighty delete button. My two most fav characters are Morgan and Garcia. Reid comes in a distant third since the writers destroyed the little hoyay moments between Morgan and Reid. If Shemar's contract is not renewed, I definitely will not be watching. Shemar Moore is the most popular CM character on Facebook. I like all the other characters but I would not wacth this show without Shemar. Of course, if he gest another show, I'll watch that.

I'm A CMer said...

I forgot one thing. We learned Rossi's big secret for the season! "My second wife was artsy." LOL!

Mephisto said...

OMG I absolutley loved it. That was fantastic ( with the exception of Seaver of course but then JJ is gonna be back soon, which will hopefully fix that problem). Loved the story, the character emphasis and teh Hotch & Rossi scenes. Also the underwater rescue was great. If the rest of season 6 goes like thsi as well then the show is back pon track!

Yuridia said...

Anonymous said...

Tamara, they had to fill their "Seaver" quota, so you know... Reid gots to go.... :/

Seriously, if you edit out her scenes nothing at all would change about the episode, nothing.

SO true, and can I get a hold of that version instead?


Annie, if you get that version, can I borrow it?

LOL, I'm A CMer, Rossi's secret is out!!! The underwater scene.. wow! Jack is such a cute little man, and who wouldn't love Rossi kicking it on the field with the little tykes :) Question, does Hotch sleep? He's got extra duties from Strauss, he's the Unit Chief, he's a single dad. I think Hotch needs some time off, but not the type that fails to bring him back next season. He and Morgan better be back!

Ele said...

Finally Hotch smiles and laughs!!!! Amazing end with Rossi helping him coach..... Nothing sexier than Hotch wearing jeans!

CM Fan said...

Loved the episode! Jack is such a cute kid!

The case was way creepy and the teacher? I would never let that guy teach my kids! The twist at the end was good.

Good team balance, lots of my favorite Hotch. Rossi was very good in the interrogation scene!

The underwater scene? wow! excellent! and the bonus of wet Hotch and Morgan!

last, LOVED to see Hotch as a coach and Dave as his assistant! well done!

Love the episode and hope to see more next season of Hotch as dad or the team out of work. no big scene but just a few here and there so we get to know the team more is something I love to see on CM.

Last, great writing and great acting from Thomas, Joe, Matthew and Shemar!

Tamara said...

I think the underwater scene is poised to become a favorite :)

Roberta said...

I took the scene with Seaver looking at the photo as maybe the work starting to get to her, like she isn't ready for this yet, or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.

Emily said...

Great CM episode. Everyone on the team had something to do, everyone got to shine.

Love Hotch smiling. He and Rossi coaching the soccer team was fun to watch. Not to mention hotch in jeans and black T-shirt was nice to see :)

The underwater scene was amazing! I was surprised to see Hotch underwater and shooting the guy was cool!

Excellent work from a new writer! TG and JM were very good in that one!

Bohemian Chick said...

I LOVED this ep! Hotch coming to the driver's window & shooting the unsub completely surprised me - loved that. And the scene at the end with Hotch, Rossi, Jack & the other little kids was GREAT. It's those little glimpses of their off-work life that makes me get so attached to the characters. Plus I just love Thomas.
I suspect the teacher might be back in future episodes. The finale is supposed to be about human trafficking, & I suspect he's involved, since he had all of those pictures and a manilla folder with the name of the unsub on it.
Great, great episode - I think the show is back to it's old self.

lauren j. said...

Bohemian Tech Chick, I think you're right. We'll be seeing this guy again in the finale I think. I think I'll have to re-watch this episode from that perspective.

Seaver obviously has an inkling about the guy. There's no other reason to show her lingering on the photo (juxtaposed with the scene of the teacher).

Dori said...

MGG, TG, SM, and JM did such a fantastic job in this episode!!! Okay, first, I loved the scene of Reid profiling the body in the hospital. That was such a great way to bring in profiling and of course a way to show off Reid experience and intellect- always love that! The scenes with Reid and Morgan, love them! It is great to see them out on the field with one another. More and more, they are picking up on each others contributions, great compliment. Hotch and Rossi, terrific!! I love when there are scenes with these men. Their collective work and life experience gives them a different type of dynamic to play off of one another. And the socceer scene, how ownderful and cute was that!!! I love Jack!!! It is great that Rossi is there to support Hotch in his activities with his son. No doubt it must be tough for Hotch to juggle all of these areas of his life and I bet it is great to know that someone is there for him on that personal level. OOHHH, the unsub, eeks, he was creepy; I kind of want to erase those scenes with him and that girl out of my head, creepy! The teacher, talk about a nut job! I think he will be back at some point. Bohemian Tech Chick, maybe your right in that he will appear in the finale, or maybe he knew who the unsub was along and just kept his mouth shut, preferring to take his creepy pictures.... Whatever it is, the teacher definitely is up to no good.

Dori said...

Forgot to mention the underwater scene with Morgan and Hotch, loved it!!! I was shocked when Hotch showed up out of nowhere :)

Fletch said...

The Hotch scene where he "shot" the unsub was unrealistic.

One: A glock cannot fire under water

Two: There's too much air in his body to not have had to jam himself into something to lean back like that and aim.

That whole scene was poorly done, and they should have wrote something else more realistic in regards to taking down the unsub.

Fletch said...

It would have been more realistic to have Morgan go in alone, and then use his knife when the unsub went for the girl, to kill the unsub.

Anonymous said...

Sensational episode! Wish we'd had way more of these during this season. The last scene with Unsub #1 was a great twist and deliciously creepy.

Jack is always a welcome sight and it was wonderful to see dear Hotch smiling and having fun (Haley would be pleased). What a nice break from his season-long scowl!

Also loved the innocent Reid examining every inch of the still living victim's body. Can't ever get enough Reid for me anyway.

Unfortunate to inject Seaver into JJ's traditional role of working with the victim's family because it's a sad contrast. Sorry to say I agree with the earlier blogger who described RN as "robotic." Over the moon that the real McCoy is returning to CM!

Thanks to the CM team for an episode that rivaled some of the best from S1-S4, when we all fell in love with this show.

gubegirl said...

OMG! Hotch girls: move over! I have been a Reid/Morgan fan from the beginning but tonite...well, wow! Here is a handsome, smart, admirable man who all of a sudden is smiling LOTS, who is acting like a REAL person (dad) and is dressed casually (during the game at the end, I think I caught even an un-tucked polo shirt and maybe a little skin?!?!) and all of a sudden, I am saying OMG! Hotch is HOT! Geez, people, what would we do without these guys? (Hotch or Morgan) It would not be nearly so good missing even one...two of them would cause it not to exist. Reid is the sweetest, cutest geek in the world and I love him to pieces but we cannot lose Hotch or Morgan. That scene at the end: I totally was expecting to see Morgan being the action guy, diving in like a champ, to save the girl. But no way was I expecting to see Hotch in the water also, blowing away the unsub just in the nick of time! WOW! What a great scene - I thought it was really special.

Reid was extraordinary at the "body profiling" as only Reid can do: the God of geekness. I loved that they gave him the chance to be running in Kevlar with gun drawn like a real agent. despite his shrunken-Grandpa sweater buttoned up under his vest, making him look more like a middle schooler on the loose (love you, Reid! you are the best, baby!)
Rossi is becoming a total fixture; someone that you can always count on and his sense of humor always gets me. Great to see him help Hotch coach and this is a good thing for him, too; he is a natural father/mentor figure. Cannot wait to get to see one or more of his wives which is bound to happen some day, I hope, soon!

OMG! Did I mention that Hotch is a REAL person? and a good-looking man to boot? Can you tell that I have had 1 1/2 glasses of wine and prattling way more than...never mind...I am still wiping the drool from my chin... Glad that Reid did not have a headache but still expect to see this resolved because of all the energy the CM Fanatics have invested in it:) But it can wait til Season 7...

Finally: WTH was that bit at the end with the teacher? Is he someone who needs to be caught? He was a weirdo but he is a killer or potential killer, too? But to think that maybe Seaver picked up on that and not one of the others...nah, not happening. She is no better than she was 5 epi's back. Sorry, Michael, Sweetie, her "development" just ain't happening. OK, now I'm signing off because I can't be happy if I start talking Seaver and I refuse to get off this CM high! Whoo-hoo! I will sleep well tonite! Good work and I cannot wait 'til next week!

gubegirl said...

Just jumped to the other thread supporting the contract finalizing for TG and SM: what happened there? More un-niceness? Hope not. What is WRONG with people? Hopefully after a good dose of tonite's EXCELLENT epi will shake that crankiness right outta them, Criminal Minds Fan or whomever had to shut it down...
Let me say it here, then: CBS: Give the guys great contracts! TG and SM: hold out for good contracts but pls! Sign soon! You've got us dying here!

Mary J said...

It was great to see Hotch leave that "sourpuss" at the office in this episode.

CBS...let's get Thomas and Shemar signed for Season 7.

Anonymous said...

About the teacher, clearly he was involved, and he certainly needs to get caught for this, but I think that in this case, he was just a voyeur, not like the other unsub who abducted and attacked the girls. Much like the peephole he did, I don't think he will follow up with anything like this case.

But question, IF he was the one taking pictures of the girls, can't the surviving victim identify him? Even if the dead unsub took them, maybe he went there and she heard them talking once.

I just don't see how he will just get away with this. But I don't see the show coming back to this either. Sadly.


Blue Sunflower said...

Best lines, hands down:

Rossi: How many pictures?
Morgan: I see maybe 30 or 40...
Reid: 54
Morgan (exasperated tone): Excuse me, 54.

LOL. I <3 Morgan/Reid so much it hurts.

Didn't watch much, as A) I was late coming home; and B) could not take Seaver's scenes so kept flipping back and forth to another show. Couldn't take much of the cliche'd Morgan-says-"C'mon! Live!" scenes, so missed Hotch saving the day. Will also need to catch the episode on youtube to see the Reid body profiling.

Did catch Hotch/Rossi dripping all kinds of adorable. I had to get several towels to clean up all the cuteness. Also, I'm on board with the poster who says they wish for more Hotch/Reid. Too bad the writers think instead that Seaver needs pointless scenes that could be subtracted without interfering with the show at all.

And YES! "Robotic" is the perfect word for her! She was pretty one-note during her scenes tonight, esp interviewing the families. The contrast to Hotch just made RN's "I'm trying to act sorry" face even worse. Though I was also annoyed I had to once again go "What the? Newbie!Know!Nothing gets to go to a crime scene ALONE so her Fresh!Eyes can maybe spot something?!?! BTW, a total take-off of the stupid scene in the not-pilot of CMSB when the show stole an episode of CM to promote itself. Also annoyed we got the totally useless - not to mention unneccessary "He must have been hurt by someone like her in the past". Dear writers: we the audience can already assume that, you don't need to tell us, and Seaver really doesn't need any more excuses to look like she's not older than 12. She's an Academy - and college - graduate. She shouldn't need to say stupid lines like these. I don't know why you keep insisting on giving her such "Could Sammy be the unsub?" lines.)

SSA_Carpenter said...

LOVED this episode! I loved the unsub and the story behind it all. I loved how they found someone, but found out someone was framing him, but knew the guy. I loved The water scene! Hotch was really good with his gun on that one! I think it would be really awesome if it were Prentiss in the water with Morgan because they have awesome stealth skills when they're side by side. But due to circumstances, Hotch did great and he looked really good with that gun underwater. The CPR scene was done really well! Morgan should've counted more to 30 though. The soccer scenes were just adorable!! I loved the Hotch and Jack and Hotch and Rossi make an amazing coaching team! I think it's the dad prescence they both have. It really shined in that last scene.

Eleven said...

This blog's a wee bit slow for us spoilees right now. Come on, loves, spoil us! Or maybe a lot of the peeps have fainted? Have you? WetHotch, HappyHotch, TshirtHotch. Yepsie, some of you have fainted I think.

Anonymous said...

Pari said....
"They're devastated"....REALLY? Is this chick for Serious. PLEASE take Ashley Seaver off my Screen!!!

I'm seriously wondering how the same bunch of writers who'd give wonderful lines to others keep giving Seaver such dummy lines..... sign that they don't know what to do with her? Or it's just the way she delivers them?

Seriously, if you edit out her scenes nothing at all would change about the episode, nothing

Yep, agree with that totally. Not case-wise nor 'interaction' with the team..... glad to know I'm not the only one having to resort to such extreme measure. LOL!

christyzachman said...

Hotch is a soccer dad!!!! He was so cute in his t-shirt and jeans. Of course he would be involved in his son's team and watch him play and be very much a part of it. It's great that he is now the coach with Rossi as assistant, a great family man at the end.
The case was interesting too, with Morgan running to get to her. A wonderful scene and showed his determination for protecting girls is still paramount for him. The ebony god is in the house. I loved to see Morgan and Hotch in the lake swimming, that was a first. The episode was good and presented a good job for each of our cast members. The guest stars were good in their performances and chilling at times. although I did get a sense of alligator tears from the young women. They were not as good as they could be. They showed too much youth and inexperience but could improve over time.
I enjoyed the contributions of everyone in the show.
Reid as he profiled the victim.
Seaver as she talked with the family.
Rossi as the great interigator.
Morgan as the rescuer.
Garcia at her screens where she belongs.
Hotch as the leader and strong foundation.
Great episode with Jack at the beginning and the end.

heyya said...

I enjoyed this episode immensely! After "Coda" this is the first episode that left a smile on my face when it got over. My favourite parts were Jack/Hotch, it was a short scene, but I love anything with Jack so..
I liked the Rossi bits with Marcus Talbot too. I always like it when Rossi interrogates an unsub, I think they should let him do it more often.
Reid and Morgan in Talbot's house. I liked it. I liked all the Reid scenes in this one, especially when he was profiling the first victim's body. It was kind of fascinating. I didn't know bodies could be profiled too. I don't know why he almost disappeared in the last ten minutes though.
Morgan and Hotch underwater- can I just say badass?! It was awesome especially when Hotch shot the unsub. It was great.
But my absolute favourite parts last few scenes with Rossi and Hotch in the plane, and in the football field with Jack and the little kids. I always love it when Hotch smiles, he has the most adorable dimples. The camaraderie between him and Rossi is so natural, it's a pleasure to see them together. And how cute did they look while egging Jack on to score? Especially Rossi, he had me in hysterics! All in all, it was a good episode.
My issue remains with the thing that does not belong. I hate to bring this up every week, but I feel that if I don't say anything on the issue, CBS will think I have accepted it and am okay with it. This is in no way true, so I had to say it, with the hope that it will be rectified next season.
Next week looks interesting. For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to a new CM episode.

Sonja said...

since when is kevlar so light that you can swim to the surface with it on Tongue or that you still need to swim down instead of going down without swimming... lalalalala

liked the episode.. liked Hotch/Jack... tieless Hotch... liked the partner thingy at the end! wonder if we'll see him again! The end with Hotch/Rossi and the kids was coooooool! lalala I am pleased...

Anonymous said...

My issue remains with the thing that does not belong.

The thing that does not belong? Wow. Hate on her all you want, but please don't indulge in such casually misogynist language. At least use her name.

Mahële said...

I enjoyed "Out of the Light" but I was disappointed by some aspects of the episode.

The good parts :

- There were great scenes between the team members.

- The profiling scenes were great too. I especially loved seeing Reid profiling the body.

- The scenes between Hotch and Jack were cute.

The not so good parts :

- Nothing against Hotch or Morgan but I really didn't like the underwater scene.
It was SO over the top.

- Of course, we were once again treated to the "Amazing Disappearing Reid Act"...
You can say all you want but Reid is a really skilled illusionist and he manages to disappear in the blink of an eye.

- Even if I like the Hotch/Rossi scenes, I agree with the others : I would love to see some private scenes between Hotch and Reid...I miss them like crazy.

zagi said...

Anonymous said...

"My issue remains with the thing that does not belong."

"The thing that does not belong? Wow. Hate on her all you want, but please don't indulge in such casually misogynist language. At least use her name."

I agree , that hate is way over the top. Now I hope Seaver stays in season 7 , if only to annoy the "things" that hate her so much.

Laurinha said...

zagi said...
"I agree , that hate is way over the top. Now I hope Seaver stays in season 7 , if only to annoy the "things" that hate her so much."

I wish she is gone by the first episode of season 7, only because I cannot stand all of this arguments about her any more.

It's a serious thing when one or two among 30 comments about an episode, actually say something nice about this character. 15 episodes in and the best you can expect is for people to ignore and avoid commenting on her.

And it proves the point of how unfit and unnecessary this character is when her contribution to the episode is to do the thing that JJ used to do. And JJ will be back after next week's episode, so what's the point?

So sick of Seaver getting in the way of me fulling appreciating an episode.
Please, be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great story. Involved and well-directed too. Like that the action was shared out amongst the team. Loved the little moment where the cop mutters 'unbelievable'. (Cops of week, I love em. I like when the director finds time to give them time. It's a good sign that it's all under control.)

Seaver was good this episode. I like her increasingly and don't understand any more the objections to her presence. She did good stuff and didn't let anyone down. Actor did good. I'm still missing Rossi but they let him have a few more lines, I suppose. Buggers.

Personally I didn't enjoy the kitsch ending but that's probably a lost in translation American/British thing. It was going to be a favourite episode from this Season till they showed Hotch and Rossi running on the touchline. Then I thought, who are those guys? I remember they did a similar thing with House. House on the lacrosse or hockey pitch. Can't remember. Out of Character. Must delete from memory.

The writers seem to be showing the bad guys getting away with it more this Season (the child abusing back-packer, now the photograher). That's realistic. Less realistic that Hotch shows up underwater, takes the perfect shot, in perfect time. But it was beautifully shot. (Filmed.) One of those moments where the image takes over from the need for reality. Self-referential clever so-and-sos.

UK viewer

Dori said...

Just like people are getting tired of the give Seaver a chance because she is "developing" thing, I'm sick of that too, so am I sick with this "hating on her" thing. I'm thinking that the word "thing" was used so as to avoid the use of the characters name, and yes, I get why people would have a problem with that. I also have a problem with that. I don't like that reference either and really there should be no reason not to use the characters name; the characters name should be used.

I didn't initially mention her in my review because she was just, well, there. But here we go. For me, her presence continues to be absolutely ill-fitting, no chemistry, throws off the dynamic, and really Anderson could get in there and do what she is doing and probably with more presence. Someone said it earlier and I agree, if you were to cut out her scenes it would not make one bit of difference to the episode. Her delievery was flat and wooden and the scene with her and the family, it was just painful to watch for me because it was as monotone as it gets in my opinion. No matter what type of scene it is whether it be dramatic, funny, sad, it is the same with her imo. This especially came to light for me in this episode when she was speaking to the family. She might as well been ordering a latte at Starbucks and perhaps Roberta was being cheeky with her comment, but I too perhaps there was maybe a moment of reflection about the case in looking at those pictures. The victims were around the same agae I am guessing that Seaver would be on the show, she met with the family, those are all things that leave an impression on people. To look at the picture of the girl who makes up the whole of the victims, one of whose family you spoke with, is not an easy thing. The fact that they showed the teacher afterwards, I think, may either be a set up for a future episode or maybe just a commentary on the fact that the teacher isn't so squeaky clean after all. We'll find out if anything comes to pass with that, that is my opinion about that scene anyway.

I have lost count of how many episodes she has been on, but it remains the same for me and now will probably come the "hate" speech stuff that consistently comes from one or two people when one says something about this character. Or maybe the Prentiss arc and developing excuses, none of which ever held any weight for me, and especially not in the recent epiosdes as she has gotten increased screen time. I've tried to give this character a chance but for me the character just continues to get bad to the point where I want to mute her when she comes onto the screen.

Anonymous said...

Forgot. It was an intriguing moment between Seaver and Rossi at the window.

[v. loose paraphrase]

Rossi: Guys like these don't like having their every move watched over by a spouse.
Seaver: [sardonically] Who does?

The need for secrecy is interesting. Hope it wasn't just a throwaway line but connects up to something. I like with this character how she's filling in stuff from her home life as she goes. It's hard not to personalise what for the others is just information. (Her father was married so he's not this exact kind of killer.) But this moment seemed significant to her, not her father. What's it about?

There was a lot of voyeurism in the shots this episode. Our guys watching our guys, a lot of window watching or over-the-watcher's-shoulder views of distant scenes. The camera was giving us clues about spectacled photographer all along. Mark my words. ;o)

UK viewer

Anonymous said...

My take on the photographer, for what it's worth, connects to what Rossi said to him about getting his fix from the images. The photographs of the girls -- all those victims -- must have passed through his hands and have 'fed' him. He's been enabling the real killer so there's some complicity there. But now he's like a junkie without a supplier. To get the same high he's going to have to come out into the open.

UK viewer

Raquel said...

Uk viewer said...

"Seaver was good this episode. I like her increasingly and don't understand any more the objections to her presence. She did good stuff and didn't let anyone down. Actor did good."

Her presence on the team is an irritant for me. Maybe a combination of the writing and the acting, but when she has scenes I just don't want to watch them. I love this show and that fact bothers me. I'm not going to get on the whole cadet and probationary agent talk because that has been beaten to death and needless to say I agree with all of it. I don't feel there is any chemistry there with this character. Her being there was robotic to me too and that is a shame considering that I never felt that way about the other characters that have been on the show. I'm not trying to be mean towards the actress or disrespect her in any way, but part of a review is the way a character came across and I don't feel this one comes across well. You may like her, fine, but people have objections for different reasons. The ones I've written her are only just a few that I have and will not continue at this point because I feel this character is just not worth that type of time for me to spend on.

I do want to say that I enjoyed the episode and feel that the men did a good job. Most people touched on the highlights: Hotch and Rossi talking about Hotch's weekend in the beginning, Reid in the hosiptal, Reid and Morgan out at the teacher's house, the underwater scene with Hotch and Morgan and the final socceer field scene with Hotch, Rossi, Jack and the other kids :)

sdwally said...

Yum, what a fantastic episode chocked with loads of Hotchly goodness. I hope Roger Hedden is here to stay because he scripted a thoroughly entertaining, well-balanced Hotch-centric episode that showed the complexity of the life our handsome, diverse, vibrant unit chief; while engaging the other team members in a significant way.

The scene with Morgan diving in the water and Hotch appearing out of nowhere to shoot the unsub was mesmerizing and so unexpected. I loved both of our action heroes; and this scene more than demonstrates why they’re both a necessity for CM. All of that underwater beauty and goodness cannot be replicated by any other series. It also adds a special dimension to the CM when Hotch and Morgan partner to perform the more physically intense action scenes; and it’s nice to have some every once in awhile.

The opening scene where it seemed like Hotch was the unsub chasing the victim, when he was actually running behind Jack and the other kids on the soccer field, was an unusual but fascinating parallel of victimization and interplay where the director blended the two scenes in an interesting way.

The focus on the unsub was not overdone. And it seems that the teacher, who was thought to be involved then discounted, was actually more involved than our team realized. I hope the writer is not making Seaver more perceptive on this matter than the rest of the team. It would seem more gratuitous than realistic. And every scene with Seaver makes me long for the return of Prentiss. Whoever thought this character would be an acceptable replacement for Prentiss and JJ should really have their heads examined. I really hope this chapter ends with the season finale; and we don’t have to engage on the Seaver subject in Season 7.

I loved Hotch and Jack, Morgan and Reid, Hotch and Rossi; and give credit to Hedden for crafting an episode that played to the strengths of each. I watched the first-run episode then re-watched the DVR’d version twice, because I can’t seem to get enough of a gorgeous, smiling, relaxed, fun-loving, tieless, t-shirted Hotch. It makes me scratch my head in amazement that the writers would keep such a valuable asset in the background for most of the season. I hope the last two episodes don’t revert back to maddening form and push our sexy, engaging unit chief out of the picture once again. Nobody does HOT, better than HOTCH. Please get TG resigned to a new contract as soon as possible. That goes for Shemar Moore as well.

Thank you Roger Hedden and Doug Aarniokoski, I certainly hope you’re a part of the CM team returning for season 7.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel that reactions to Seaver have become ingrained. People don't like her because they expect not to like her. Imagine you have never seen the show before. Hah! You need your fresh eyes. It may give a different view.

It's just a personal reaction of course but I think she's a good character and well-acted. And I'm not even a guy.

UK viewer

heyya said...

Uh thing comment ruffled a few people's feather here. I'm truly sorry. I honestly was so pleasantly surprised and happy with this episode, I just wrote the first thing that popped into my head. I should've known better than to be so insensitive. If I could go back and edit, I would. Sadly, I can't. Therefore, I'm going just going to have to say that I take back what I said before. My issue is with Seaver, and I will continue having an issue with her. To me, she's like a mannequin. Only there for show, like the token female.
Again, I apologize to the people who took offence, it wasn't my intention. But I did make a huge mistake, and I'm owning up to it. That's all I can do.
But I stand by my opinion that Seaver is a waste of space and needs to be shown the door.

Anonymous said...

PS kids of six playing in azzurri formations? Come off it! At that age they chase the ball.


Raquel said...

No, Uk viewer, there not ingrained. I have a brain and I use it everytime I sit down to watch or read anything and that is the impression that I get of this character. Again, you may like her, that is fine, but please don't try to insult my intelligence or the intelligence of others by saying that this is just an ingrained reaction when there are usually episode specific reasons as to why that may be. I take the time to examine each character and my reaction to one or more may change depending on the episode. Some are favorites of mine, but for me when I think they've slipped I do not hesitate to say so.

niteanjl said...


Reid's had enough? I'm talking all through the series, not just this season;

Caught on fire
Taken hostage/beaten/hooked on drugs
Shot in leg
Caught anthrax
Gun held to head
Mother is schizophrenic
Migraine headaches
Thumped in head/held at gunpoint in ER with Hotch

May not seem like a lot, but compared to the others, just a little bit more.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean that Racquel. So what specifically did Nichols or Seaver do wrong in this episode? Bearing in mind that a lot of her detractors preface their statements about her with phrases such as "I didn't watch her", "I flicked to the other channel when she was on", "I can't focus while she's on". I'm not insulting anyone's intelligence, just observing that it's hard to take a clear view or to reappraise a character when you're not even watching!

UK viewer

Raquel said...

Let me add that if I thought there were something good about this character in a specific episode, I would say that regardless of the fact that I don't think it is a good character for the show; that opinion would not preclude me from saying that, but for me, I have not seen that.

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Racquel, you say the same thing:

Her presence on the team is an irritant for me. Maybe a combination of the writing and the acting, but when she has scenes I just don't want to watch them.

All I'm saying is 'watch'!

UK viewer

Raquel said...

I can only speak for myself because I sat through the episode, but really, her performance her has been the same for me throughout. It is just flat and really I think one would not be missing much if they didn't see any of her scenes. The people I talk to see some of her scenes, but then they either have to change the channel because they are getting annoyed or mute it because they just can't take it, especially the earlier ones. However, many do sit through her scenes, they just don't like them and trust me some of them wish there were something to like (myself included) because it brings down certain parts of the episode when you don't.

The other characters on the show are vibrant, a function not only of the writing, but of the delivery. It is just not there for me with this character. Also, from what I have seen here the majority of the time, people do sit through her scenes, commenting on specific things about her scenes.

Amelia said...

sdwally said...
I really hope this chapter ends with the season finale; and we don’t have to engage on the Seaver subject in Season 7.
Yes, please!

If I have to through one more season with this character and her "fresh eyes", the numerous requests of "give her a chance", and the hope that "she will develop" and have to read: "you are all haters who can't cope with change", I'm pretty sure I'll have to become a casual viewer, because if CM's TPTB can't admit what a bad character this is, her introduction and her subsequent episodes and the so-call development, I really don't think they deserve my faithful viewing. I waited for a whole season, two is too much to ask IMHO.

Raquel said...

Uk viewer said...

"Her presence on the team is an irritant for me. Maybe a combination of the writing and the acting, but when she has scenes I just don't want to watch them.

All I'm saying is 'watch'"

I do watch them, I just wish I didn't because to date for me it hasn't improved. But like I said, if there were something that changed, that I enjoyed, I would say that as I would say that for any of the other characters. I posted my reply to you after you wrote this I think, it seems like that anyway.

niteanjl said...

I am so pleased with this episode I can barely find the words. Although, I've enjoyed the season itself, contrary to all the complaints about. I had to step back, take a deep breath, ignore the BB's and watch each episode for what it was, without nitpicking them to death because of the backstage drama.

That being said, this episode was excellent. It fulfilled everyone's cry for less unsub and more profiling. The chemistry between the team was wonderful.

I loved seeing Hotch smile more. It's about time. I was beginning to worry that crease between his eyes was going to be permanent. It had been promised all season and I was beginning to despair that it would happen because of all the other story arcs that HAD to be done this season.

I DID miss Reid at the end, but after thinking about it, there are times when he's absent. I did notice that he sounded like he had a cold, so maybe that's why he wasn't near the water? I remember reading somewhere in an interview that at one point all of them had a cold at the same time, but I don't know which episode they were filming.

The end bothered me however. I couldn't tell if the art teacher was just a voyeur and had those pics, or if he was in on it. It would bother me if I thought there were TWO unsubs in one season that got away at the end. One carrying over to the next season like Frank or the Reaper is okay, but two?

Still, this show gives me hope that all of the wrinkles are beginning to be ironed out, that TPTB have learned from their mistakes and our show is getting back on track!

Nanci said...

This is the first full episode I've watched in the last few weeks (re-runs not withstanding) as I couldn't stomach Seaver...there, I said it - her name!!! For all the posters who want us to use her name - SEAVER SUCKS!

Every time she opens her mouth, my teeth hurt. She says stupid things, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag....I don't actually hate the person, that's too much - but the character needs to go ASAP. If the writers want us to automatically believe she's now an 'experienced' profiler - they need their writing credentials taken away. The character is weak and a total fail.

The actress herself doesn't add anything to the mix. She's wooden, robotic - call it whatever you want, Rachel Nichols simply is not an actress. She can 'develop' elsewhere - she's a distraction (and not in a good way) to this show and its viewers. When a character continuously brings negative comments, it surely has to be a red flag to the PTB that things needs to change. If it doesn't, then the show gets what it deserves for trying to force-feed us this awful person. Rachel has had more than enough time to 'develop' this character even with bad writing. She simply doesn't have what it takes. No chemistry with the team, no emotion whatsoever with what she's's just not there.

Again, let me just say that there is no hate for Rachel, I just don't think she is a good actress and she definitely does not belong on this show.

Having said all of that - I was very happy to watch tonight's episode in full. With the exception of the thing that does not belong - it was excellent. Loved Hotch/Rossi (always love Rossi) - Morgan/Hotch scene at the end while over the top just a bit, was fabulous! I think they finally started using Reid (at the hospital) to do what he does best and was glad to see that.

Can't wait for JJ to come back! Let's get back to normal - PLEASE!

Side note: I agree with the poster that said even tho she hated commenting each week on Seaver (it is really getting to be a dead issue) - that she didn't want the PTB to think she's accepted Seaver, I totally agree. I will continue to voice my objection to this ridiculous addition as long as it takes.

Amelia said...

Anonymous said...
So what specifically did Nichols or Seaver do wrong in this episode?

To answer that, I'm listing several things Dori said up there and I agree:

* absolutely ill-fitting;
* no chemistry
* throws off the dynamic
* no presence.
* delivery is flat and wooden
* cut out her scenes and it would make no difference
And I'm adding:
* wastes time that should go to the original and characters that we love

niteanjl said...

I do have a question however.

Did anyone else notice, while Reid and Morgan were going over the art teacher's house, when Morgan moved one of the cameras that Reid meticulously put it back? Did I imagine that? Or did I miss something?

I found myself watching him very closely throughout the rest of the episode, wondering if the writers were working on making him OCD? If so, I'm gonna be pissed. Enough already. Let's quit throwing so many curve balls at our crew. Let them chase a few unsubs for a while without so much 'outside' crap. And if they have to throw 'personal stuff' into the mix, let it be . . . oh, I don't know, nothing like headaches, killers after them, etc.

Not that I want this show to get too 'warm and fuzzy' but the team's been through A LOT lately. In reality, a team with this much thrown at them at once would lose all effectiveness. Maybe that's what they're working up to for the season finale as part of the cliffhanger (besides the budget issues)?

heyya said...

Thank you, Nanci for agreeing with me! I agree with everything you said too, word for word.

Alison said...

I thought this episode was great :) I totally melted when Hotch smiled/grinned at the end!

heyya said...

" niteanjl said...
I do have a question however.

Did anyone else notice, while Reid and Morgan were going over the art teacher's house, when Morgan moved one of the cameras that Reid meticulously put it back? Did I imagine that? Or did I miss something?"

Ya I noticed that and couldn't help but wonder the same thing. I kept rewinding the scene too. He just looked too damn good in it. Anyway, back to the original point, nope I don't think they're going to give him OCD or anything. I guess he just did it for the benefit of Talbot, and didn't want to mess around with his things. But that's what the writers do, or is it the director? I'm confused. They give us signs here and there, like in "25 to life" Emily slowly wiping the blood off of her hands, which led many to believe something more would come of it, but nothing. So I'm not expecting them to pick up on the happening of that scene in Talbot's house again. But it was a good scene.

niteanjl said...


Thanks, I was hoping it wasn't just me. Frankly, because I have a slight case of OCD and wouldn't wish it on a soul.

Now that you mention it, I do remember the nosebleed scene and wondered what was up with that, too.

Hopefully you're right about him wanting to leave the desk 'neat', but I tend to worry about Reid. I'll be glad when/if they put the mental illness thing to bed. It's been hanging over the series like the proverbial Sword of Damocles.

niteanjl said...

Oh, sorry, Heyya, my brain went to a totally different episode. I remember that scene too. I think the writers/producers/directors like to throw little bits like that at us to see if we're paying attention!

Larissa said...

This new writer, Roger Hedden, was great!
Gave great focus to the strong characters.
Let Garcia be her funny and light self.
Gave us profiling.
Not too much unsub.
And a peek at the personal lives of the team.

Love it!
Welcome and hope he you are staying for the 7th season.

Anonymous said...

Amelia writes that Seaver is

* absolutely ill-fitting;
* no chemistry
* throws off the dynamic
* no presence.
* delivery is flat and wooden
* cut out her scenes and it would make no difference
And I'm adding:
* wastes time that should go to the original and characters that we love

These are generalisations more than specific to the episode. Can anyone come up with a specific instance where a look or the delivery of a line was off? I'm puzzled because I can't see the above in her performance in this episode. She seemed to me fully in the swing of things but also a distinct presence.

What did you think, say, of the scene at the window with Rossi (there's something interesting in that) or her way of talking to the parents of the missing girl? There's a lot of range in her. She is -- and this is going to annoy folk -- in my opinion, she is one of the more nuanced actors on the show.

Plus the writers seem to have made moves to anticipate people's objections. Even in the instances where people have resisted her in the past on the grounds that a) she knows too little and b) she knows too much, the writers found a way around that by having her supply information (to the viewer) but follow it up with a tag question (to the rest of the team). Canny divils!

I dunno. I was sure after watching 'Out of the Light' that there would be a warmer response because the whole show was so good and because Seaver was (IMO) pretty well integrated. She was simply one of the team. It's just baffling, but that's me. I guess I'm a bad CM fan after all, and YES, I am fed up of talking about her.


UK viewer

Anonymous said...

Great show!

Anonymous said...

As a long time fan of the show, I've got to say this.

I've read all season long, the same damn complaints, gripes, etc. over EVERYTHING there is about the show.

While I admit everyone's allowed their opinion, enough already. You've made your feelings known about the writers, the executives and the new character ad nauseum.

If you're that unhappy, either complain to the network or JUST STOP WATCHING!! Find something else to do with your time instead of subjecting yourself to something you obviously hate for an hour a week.

The rest of us are just plain sick and tired of reading the same crap every week. Get over it already or find something new to watch!

heyya said...

niteanjl, now that you mention it, I think I have a bit of OCD too. Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to accept this Seaver character. I can be obsessive about things too. Like Criminal Minds for example, completely obsessed. And all my books have to be arranged in a certain way, same with my clothes, it can be really exhausting.
Ya but onto Reid, the poor boy has already been through so much, and I don't want him to suffer anymore. Through the years, he's overcome so much. I think his strength is really underrated. I want him to be happy without having to worry about losing his mind at any given time.
They should just use him for the stuff he does best, like in this episode. His mind is truly unique and should be used to its full capacity. I loved how they used him in "Coda" when he figured out what Sammy was trying to tell them, or in "Masterpiece" when he cracked the professor's code, and explained the Fibonacci sequence. These are just a few examples and there are many more. That is the Reid I love. He's an intelligent, perceptive, perfectly healthy young man, who has overcome a lot of odds to get where he is. I don't want him to go loopy. That would be an injustice to his character and to his fans.

Nanci said...

To the Anonymous poster who is fed up with all the complaining - maybe you should stop reading it! I can certainly stop watching but that street runs both ways.

As a long time fan and viewer, if there is a blog, message board, etc. that asks for feedback - then I'm going to give it. And if you don't want to read the negative then I suggest you skim those posts and move right along, adding your own positive light to the message. That's your choice - this is mine.

niteanjl said...

Thank you Heyya. I love the way his mind works out patterns and puzzles . . . sort of an 'autistic' quality, but works with a genius character.

Yes, if they actually ever go down that road, having schizophrenia finally claiming him, it would almost be a 'cheat', a disservice to the fans.

I do have to point out, however, that MGG has just one more year left on his contract. After following him closely the past couple of years, I have this hinky feeling he may not want to renew his contract, even if the show continues. MGG just has too many other projects he wants to pursue, especially in directing. (Now, if CM lets him direct more than one episode next season...)

He's hinted that next season will be 'spectacular' (I think that's the word he used). That almost scared me in a way, but then again, it could just have been MGG speak. He can be such a goofball at times!

Anonymous said...

Giving feedback and giving one's opinion are all well and good, but 'beating a dead horse' accomplishes very little.

sf81387 said...

I don't think they were trying to imply that Reid is OCD (although I think that quite a few of us have a touch of it). Reid is a neat, organized brainac and having Morgan say something about the guy needing order in his life and then showing Reid move the object that Morgan moved back to the spot it was before was supposed to make us laugh. It got a chuckle out of me so I guess it worked. : )

I really liked this episode and Hotch and Rossi coaching Jack's soccer team is made of WIN! It's nice to see that Hotch has a real friend and vice-versa. I don't think Rossi has many close relationships outside of work either.

I enjoyed the underwater scene very much. I could care less how realistic it was, it's fictional television and it's supposed to be fun and it was!

I have no issues with Seaver. As always, she's just kind of there. Hopefully if she gets to stick around she'll come into her own and develop some distinct personality traits, like the other characters have over the years.

Can't wait to watch it again! : )

Carl said...

Good god i am sick of this seaver hating.These haters come off as childish.
Come on man she was good last night!

niteanjl said...


You know, now that I think back on it, it would be humorous for him to put it back after Morgan moved it. An almost typical Morgan/Reid moment, so to speak.

I have the episode on DVR and plan to re-watch to catch things I missed. I'll keep that in mind and will probably giggle too. I find humor in some of the oddest moments on the show. Not sure if they mean to put a moment of 'dark humor' in there, but then, my mind works that way! (Hubby worries about me sometimes!)

niteanjl said...


RE: underwater scene - even though it wasn't entirely realistc (gun shot), hubby thought it was the coolest thing when Hotch appeared at the window and he doesn't even watch the show unless I take over the TV in the room where he is!!

heyya said...

Niteanjl, yep I know about his contract situation too. I've been following him closely for quite some time too(obsessed!)and if he decides to leave I hope they give him a good send off, you know, not one where he goes wonky. Not fair. I want all their stories to end on a happy note. I just love them too much. I think the show will be over when/if he leaves though. Just like the show cannot work without Morgan and Hotch it cannot work without Reid. I know I wouldn't watch.
Lol...I think about season7 he said something along the lines of they were on the precipice of becoming something great or not! Haha...what is that supposed to mean? He is a goofball and I love him to death though <3

Amelia said...

Regarding these affirmations: "distinct presence", "there's a lot of range in her". We are certainly going to have to agree to disagree, because you and I clearly see this character in completely different lights. You like what she is doing, how she delivers and carry herself and I don't. Not in her scene with the family, not in her moment in the window with Rossi.

But the different ways people react to characters is true to every show, I guess. You like her? You appreciate her time. I don't? She kind of ruins the show for.

What I think made this episode was great was the great writing, with good profiling, little character moments and some light moments, which I must say, this show really needs nowadays; because it didn't allow the unsub to take over the focus and because it focused on the four strong male characters and gave Garcia a moment.

I still miss the girls and can't wait for JJ, but given the need, the four men and Garcia could do this without Seaver without missing a beat. Because they are all great and have chemistry and work as a team. And with JJ being back, what is Seaver going to do? Apparently now she makes the phone calls and talk to families, with JJ back, what? She will just be a profiler and part of the team and I'm supposed to buy that? With scenes like the last raid, where she gets to go with the team (to stand there staring) and Reid is left behind?

Aska said...

I don't think Reid had much more thrown at him compared to the others.

Just look at Hotch since season 1 :

- Might have been abused by his father;
- Wife leaves him and ask for a divorce when he clearly still loves her;
- Said wife might have cheated on him;
- He can barely see his son;
- Is held hostage at the ER too (since you mentioned it for Reid...);
- Gets caught up in a big car explosion;
- looses his friend Kate Joyner who agonizes in his arms;
- Has hearing problems;
- Is singled out by Foyet who wants him to make a deal (and makes him feel guilty about the death of the bus passengers);
- Gets caught in a car accident in Road Kill;
- Foyet breaks into his apartment and stabs him nine times;
- His ex-wife and son are taken away;
- His ex-wife dies while on the phone with him; he's now a single dad; ...(I'm not going to mention everything).

How many times did Prentiss had to take a beating ?
How many times did Morgan put himself in danger ?

I'm not saying that Reid didn't have his fair share. He did but he's not the only one.

Just like you I don't want the writers to pursue the schizophrenia storyline.
I too want a better storyline than that for Reid in the next season.

Just like you I would love to see a storyline that would concentrate on his off the charts intellect. He graduated high school at 12, had three doctorates by 21, he can read 20 000 words per minute, off the charts IQ ... there's so much potential unexplored here.

I hope that the he'll get a storyline concentrating on that in the seventh season. Something that will really highlight the character and will make him stand out.

Anonymous said...

I might be working on old money (gunpowder) but do guns fire underwater? Those harpoon-type things divers swim about with must do, but ordinary guns?

Loved the way Hotch stayed around like Marine Boy (oh, my age) to see the effect of his shot, before ascending. Not like he would be gasping for air or anything...

UK v

Nanci said...

We'll beat this dead horse until the carcass is taken away. That's also our 'opinion'....

As far as her being 'good last night' - that's your opinion and you're entitled. I respect that - I just don't (and won't) agree.

niteanjl said...


I agree, every show has it's run. They all end eventually, whether we want them to or not.

Still, I'm tired of any & all TV shows "killing" a character off when they leave. Whatever happened to a happy ending for cripes sake?

There's enough bad in the world as it is. Give the fans a warm, fuzzy feeling occasionally. Let them ride off into the sunset on a high note: Finding love/marriage, babies, great new job . . . just something NICE for a change!

Aska said...

And sorry for the typos, I edited this post too fast.

niteanjl said...


I suppose you're right when you think about, but all of the others, Hotch especially, seem to have been made of stronger stuff to begin with than he started out.

He's grown a lot over the years and I think he's up to the challenge on most things, but his (in his mind) Achilles heel is the possibility of losing his mind.

Mina said...

Every episode has wonderful quotes. Yesterday's were great. I remember the first: "of this even God is deprived...". However, I cannot remember the one said on the plane when returnning. Can someone help me on that one? I thought it had something to do with change?

Amelia said...

I might be working on old money (gunpowder) but do guns fire underwater?

Only Mythbusters can answer that.
For the video I saw, if you are three feet down in the water, you can be safe against a shot, but the bullet has to travel those three feet, it is not about how deep you are shooting, but how far from the shot you are. How far was Hotch from the guy? Plus, the bullet had to go through the window right?
I don't know.
It was awesome moment, but I don't know about reality.

niteanjl said...

As far as the gun firing underwater . . . let's face it, we have to suspend our belief on a few things when it come to TV Land and Hollyweird. Case in point: how face DNA results come back, etc. I knew the impossiblity of it, but man, did it look cool and exciting, something we've wanted to see in the show for a bit. The good guys won in a spectacular way!!

Mina said...

Can someone HELP? =) I am looking for the ending quote on the airplane. I wrote it down last night but cant find it. I thought it had to do with "change". Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Reid vs Hotch in the epic suffering stakes? It's Hotch hands down. The more the fans like you, the more long-suffering you are deemed to be! I'm sure he had a plague of frogs last Season. It was good to see him smile in this eppy. I'm hugging to my chest the fact that the lovely Rossi has never been abducted, poisoned, mauled by bats or beaten on the soles of his feet. And hope the writers leave him that way.

Amelia, Thanks a lot for that. I hadn't thought at all about the resistance of the bullet travelling through water or the difficulty of aim. I just thought of the detonation not mixing with water (like, wouldn't it put the spark out - told you it was 'old money!'). It would have been so funny if the bullet had got through the windscreen and then just bounced harmlessly off the guy's forehead like a goldfish nibbling your foot. The distraction on its own might have made him drop the girl's leg.

Mina, I can't remember the quotation at all. I seem to think Hotch said it but that's all I've got. Do you remember any other words than change?

UK Viewer

Dori said...

Carl said..

"Good god i am sick of this seaver hating.These haters come off as childish. "

Goes directly to my point made earlier. Perhaps "fresh eyes" are needed for other less tired excuses... Oh and as to beating the dead horse comment, if the horse weren't in need of beating, at least for some, that would be over by now. Also, with the gripes, complaining, however it was put, this is a forum to express views about episodes and the characters in that episode, including the unsubs and guest stars i.e. family members. If you have only positive things to say about every single episode, go right ahead and state them, that's great, no one is stopping you from that, if you don't like less than flattering things that people have to say about an episode, characters, etc. then I'm afraid you may be disappointed because everyone perceives epiosdes in different ways. Yet, that does not give anyone the right to tell them not to voice that, or for that matter to stop watching the show. I will stop watching the show if and when I chose because I want to, not because someone doesn't like my comments or the comments of others. The scroll button on your keyboard is good for avoiding comments you don't like about the show and/or the characters. No one is forcing you to read the comments, whether those comments be good or bad.

Uk viewer, those "generalizations" as you state them go to the very core of the characters delivery and lack of personality in my view. If I can't enjoy a character because I think their delivery is flat, wooden, their ill- fitting for the premise of the show, that affects the character in the episode itself, not to mention decreases my enjoyment level. For me, the sore thumb was her interaction with the family members as I stated earlier. I see no range whatsoever, like I said before, she might as well have been ordering a latte from Starbucks imo. Otherwise, she was just there, saying this or that, but overall it did not impact me nor did her presence make a bit of difference in this episode as in others. With the other characters on the show (specifically the ones that came in after Gideon and Elle, Rossi and Prentiss), by now, their presence did impact me, they did engage me and wanted me to see more of them. With Seaver, the complete opposite, again, she is just there taking screen time from the characters I do feel are engaging and cause me to tune in on a weekly basis and for me that is bad. Others can agree or disagree.

Amelia said...

Ending quote:
"Bring the past only if you are going to build from it."
Doménico Cieri Estrada

Nanci said...

Dori - well said and good perspect. I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing Amelia, and a great quotation.


Nanci said...

Sorry, I meant 'perspective'...I was typing too fast.

Mina said...

THANK YOU to ALL who helped! I use these quotes in my science class often. I didnt want to lose that one. I'm very glad I found this Blog! I'll be back! Let's keep enjoying this show. HAGD everyone!! Cya next week! =)

Dori said...

Thanks for the quote.. I was wondering about it myself.

I love the quotes that are used on the show. I wonder how much time it takes them to sift threw quotes to use for the show.

Ah yes, the gun shot underwater. Personally, I don't want to find out up close if that can be done or not, LOL. It was an awesome moment nonethless :)

I wonder how long, how many takes it took them to shot that scene. Also, where the cameras were angled.

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