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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Big Sea" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness and Rachel Nichols.

** Beware: There will be spoilers in the comments!


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Blimey Limey said...

Dare I be first?!

I'm looking forward to watching the episode on Thursday (my Source has been primed) & still hoping for good news with regard to our two gents signing well-deserved DECENT contracts.

However, based on the episode's suposed location (Florida, albeit not Miami) I'm currently getting flashbacks to Dexter's "Bay Harbor Butcher" case!! His off-shore body dump site was discovered for those not familiar with this other example of televisual genius...

Lena Ocean Taylor said...

Blimey Limey, being a Dexter fan too, I actually thought exactly the same !! ^^
And I keep wondering what would happen if they sent the BAU after Dex !!

Anyway, i'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode, and I too, hope Shemar and Thomas will get signed up for next season !!

Blimey Limey said...

@ Lena.
Great minds think alike! ;-))

I'd love to see the BAU profile Dexter.
Morgan vs. Morgan. Ha!

BellaRN said...

^^^ I am a huge Dexter fan too, and that's the first thing I thought. I was like, "oh my God, Dexter is the unsub!".


Looking forward to the episode.

Blimey Limey said...

"Tick, tick tick - that's the sound of CM season 6 running out..."

Wonder if we'll get a whodunnit or an unsub focussed episode? Hopefully the former IMHO.

Lara said...

How many episodes after this one? Just one?
Anyway, after a rocky season, I'm glad that the show is ending it with such strong episodes, and I look forward for JJ to be gracing my tv once again.

Gloria said...

I would like to give a term history of Chapter 6.09, as the unsub was not trapped. Not if you remember the man who lived in the mountains and abducting children for over ten years, miraculously managed to rescue the two children he had in his possession.
In the end I was disappointed that the team failed to catch him.
I'm anxious to see the season finale. I do not think focusing on a single unsub rather around a criminal team, I think it will be a great challenge for our guys.
And of course, the JJ's return will be the cherry on the season finale.

gubegirl said...

OK, you guys have all been holding out on me: Dexter is my SECOND fave show. And during this
L-O-N-G dry spell, I have taken up "The Killing!"

Altho' with all the wkday re-runs on A&E and ion, that's what's on most often and I have been walked in on by my family watching yet another old CM. They never cease saying "Didn't you already see that one? Isn't that an old one... the skinny kid's hair is way long..." and my husband's famous one: "Don't you ever get tired of watching those killers..." yada yada yada.

No, I don't. And for the most part I am not grossed out. Somehow I can see past the gore and the horror and see the job that needs to be done and the people I love to watch doing it.

'Course, with Dexter, he does BOTH: the job and the killing, but, hey he always gets the bad guy...well, most of the time:)

Cannot wait til tomorrow nite. What are we drinking, girls? We are saving the Patrone for the finale, 'member...:)

mikey said...

Is this episode based of the long river killer case?

Anonymous said...

Judging from the preview, I don't know if I'm going to like this episode very much. The whole crushing bones and blowing dust and choosing knives things make me think a lot of the episode is just gonna be the unsub torturing his victim. I hate those.

Loren said...

This will be the second crime they've had in Jacksonville. Haha that's where I'm from and last time (early early season 1) they just showed some aligators and made it really hot. Haha I love Florida.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what's going on with our team and still awaiting news that our boys will be back next season.

Karen said...

Loren: I'm from Jacksonville too! What a small world haha. But I have to agree with them it is really hot. Finally today my dad agreed to turn on the a/c after trying to cut down on the bill but we couldn't take it anymore!

I think this episode could be really great if they do it right. I'm hoping these last 2 episodes end really strong to give season 7 a good start. I can't wait to see JJ back!

I've never seen Dexter before because we don't have Showtime. But, I keep hearing such good things that I may have to start watching!

Loren said...

Karen I cannot imagine today without the ac. Holy cow. I live here but I'm going to school in Orlando so I'm there more and it's even worse. Oh Florida, I love you but man!

Blue Sunflower said...

Not really looking forward to the episode. The synopsis alone seems way too far-fetched, and for CM that's saying something. Also, annoyed that with ALL the times they've been to Florida, this is the first we've heard of some Morgan relative. And eh, TBH I'm not much of a fan of Morgan-prominent episodes anyway. I like him a ton more when he's supporting.

I'll just be happy when RN's name s no longer on the Regular Cast list, and AJ Cook and Paget Brewster's names are.

Lin in Ohio said...

Just read JM's interview (below). I always liked him. Now I think I love him. He so totally gets us. Fixing what's not broken -- exactly!

Jessica said...

As the season draws to a close, thank you to the entire cast and crew. To Ms. Nichols, I'm sorry it was such a rough ride for you. I wish you all the best.

christyzachman said...


I agree with you about the family always commenting on the fact that I constantly have the show on. My sister doesn't even like to come in and talk sometimes because she doesn't want to see the blood and stuff but I just can't help watching my favorite characters. I could watch forever. When its on so will I be watching.

christyzachman said...

I am looking forward to tonight. I hope everyone else is too and we blast the show in the ratings.

heyya said...

Ooh..I love Dexter too! Now if they'd brought on a character like Debra Morgan to replace Emily, I would have totally been on board! I absolutely love her! I love Emily too. I'm a fan of strong, kickass women. Sadly, in my estimation, Seaver isn't that.
And I don't know if I should say this, my comment may end up getting deleted, but a couple of my friends want to have a CM/Dexter crossover, and they want Ashley Seaver to be his one and only victim! They want want him to cut her up into tiny little pieces. Yikes...at least I'm not as evil as them! Sorry Seaver fans. No malice intended. I just shared it because I found it humourous. But I do want her gone.
About the episode, after last week's amazing eppy, I'm looking forward to this one. But I'm still a bit skeptical. Don't want to get my hopes up. But still, this is the first CM episode I've actually been looking forward to in a long, long time.
Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Met-RX said...

yay! yay! yay! yay!


Luv me some Morgan! said...

I am very much looking forward to this episode!! I can't wait! I love all of our team members, but Morgan is probably my favorite (with Reid being a very close second. And I love Morgan prominent episodes. No doubt this one will be great.

Gubegirl, your family sounds like mine. LOL!! Especially with the "Didn't you already see that one?" They'll be okay.

Stacey said...

Really looking forward to tonight's episode.... hope to see some more Morgan.

Please CBS hurry up and announce you have resigned SM & TG!!!!

LunaM said...

Can tonight's episode be as good as last week`s? I certainly hope, but that will be hard to achieve. Anyway, the case sounds interesting, IMO.

I hope for another whodunnit, good screentime for everyone on the team, some good team-interaction and lots of profiling.

Looks like this will be a Morgan-centric one. I don't mind having a Morgan-centric episode and it sounds like it will be quite emotional. But why did't we really have a Rossi-centric episode this season (unless you count the one with the unsub who had Alzheimer's and that's a long time ago)?

Hopefully next season there will really be good stuff for all of them: Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Reid, JJ, Garcia and Prentiss. :)

niteanjl said...

For some reason, I believe they'll come back to that Appalachian Trail killer. I thought it would be like Frank or the Reaper, something that's carried over into the next season. At least I hope so. They gotta get that guy!

For me, it's getting into bittersweet times. The episodes are getting better & better, but the season is ending . . . what will I do this summer besides reruns and worrying about TG & SM?

CBS needs to get this crap wrapped up. I was so pleased with JM's interview. It gave me hope that the network has finally come to their senses! I'm so glad the cast feels the same as we do - IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

niteanjl said...


I agree, we should have had a good Rossi-centric episode this season too.

From what I've read in early-in-the season interviews, there was much more planned for this season than they were able to do, due to the behind the scenes drama created by the network.

It was supposed to be a 'season of secrets' - Reid's headaches, Hotch/Jack having trouble dealing with Haley's death, a 'nice' secret for Garcia. I believe there was even supposed to be something on Rossi.

I guess with all the writers got thrown at them out of the blue, there just wasn't time to work it all in. Maybe they'll catch up next season!

I'm hoping they get that headache issue/schizophrenia issue put to bed. Let Reid just need some 'therapy', just like everyone else needs from time to time. They CAN NOT let that man succumb to his mother's illness. That would be such a . . . cheat, an easy way out if MGG decides not to renew his contract next year.

I'm sick of bad things happening to people in order to get them off a show. That's been done to death! Let them have a happy ending for a change.

Anonymous said...

Rossi-centric would be good for me too, Luna. Though apart from the Reid chicken/cat/chihuahua-killing headache episode, and the three exit-arc episodes, and perhaps Morgan in the Kyle Secor eppy, there haven't really been any character-centred stories this Season. It'll be interesting to see more about Morgan's folk.

From JM's interview, I get the strong feeling of the writers, cast and crew being caught off-balance by the changes, & always playing catch up. I think it was Eleven who said on the other open thread that for next Season, whatever happens in the contract negotiations, at least the writers will know who is in and who is out in time to plan ahead and write good material for all. It's a strong point, whoever said it!

Any way, I'm looking forward to it.

Do sea bones really come out as white and unpitted as those in the photo? I suppose little fish would delicately nibble flesh and larger fish would shake the meat from the corpse, in contrast with dogs/pigs/whatevers on dry land who would gnaw and crunch bones...

UK viewer

Karen said...

Loren: I go to school in Lakeland so I'm just home for the summer. I was sweating bullets because I was used to my 60 degree room at school haha.

Gubegirl: Still no responses on the soundtrack but hopefully soon! I think it was you I was talking about Ray LaMontagne. He's going to be on David Letterman tonight if you can watch!

I wonder if they'll use the end part of the episode to set up for the season finale. I kind of hope they do so it doesn't seem choppy like some of the episodes have been this season.

Anonymous said...

Doh, niteanjl, I posted at same time as you and you said everything better. Boooo!


niteanjl said...

Hey anonymous - UK V

LOL! Anything thing worth saying, it worth saying twice, so go ahead and repeat, repeat, repeat.

It's good to know we all think alike on some of the points! Maybe the network will FINALLY listen to us, the people who actually have a brain cell or two to rub together!!

Anonymous said...

Gah, there hasn't been a Morgan episode since "25 To Life," which I liked very much.

Hope to see a crap load of him tonight, as I can't EVER get tired of his character.

The others, yeah, sometimes I can get overloaded, but never with Morgan. Just hope there's more Morgan than Hotch tonight.

*fingers crossed*

The Big Sea said...

I really, really disliked last week's episode. It left a sour taste in my mouth. It was like waking up first thing in the morning when your mouth is dry, and you need something refreshing to replenish it.

I'm hoping this episode will be what does the replenishing.

Plus, I'm hoping to see boat loads of my favorite Agent Morgan tonight! =D

Eleven said...

Amidst all the hoopla about contracts, i chanced upon this not-so-old interview with TG. When he was asked about whether he'd lean towards film or TV next, he said "I feel like I’ve missed so much of my kids that continuing with this series for a little while longer would be OK, but if I did another TV series, they’d be gone." What does 'little while longer' mean? Have been feeling a bit low ever since i read the interview. Oh well, there's always real life happening somewhere, innit? (Not supposed to post a link here i suppose, so am not.)

MorganBetterShootSomeone said...

I know I'm in the minority, but last week was waaay too much Hotch for my liking, and he's wearing on me, to be perfectly honest.

Why hasn't there been anything with Rossi or Garcia? Even a little Reid would be nice.

Awesome to see lots of Morgan this season. Goes to show he's truly one of the top characters on the show, and can be a force to be reckoned with.

Looking forward to his episode tonight, after the dreaded "25 To Life," where they did the Morgan character a BIG injustice with the writing.

Hoping tonight's his night for a kill too. LOL

Blimey Limey said...

Wow! I'm loving all these Dexter fans who've suddenly appeared - must be our "love" (wrong word but never mind eh?) of serial killers, etc.

Not much to add until this time tomorrow evening when I'll have seen the episode.

On the subject of Florida, we had some TV programme on over on this side of the Pond a while back about pest controllers in Florida - the workers got called out to some family who had found a caiman swimming around in their pool! Made me laugh...

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like the "provocateurs" are back posting on this blog.

I'm hoping for balanced screen time in the ep tonight. I hope no one character takes over the episode in a way that diminishes any of the other characters. If the episode is well-written we shouldn't have that problem, so I'm remaining optimistic until I've seen the episode.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I love Dexter, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in with the others. I too am hoping for lots of Morgan tonight.

Balanced screen time? It's a character centric episode for a reason. There was no complaining on this blog regarding all those Hotch centric episodes. Nobody was harping on balanced screen time then. *rolls eyes*

Balanced screen time is acceptable for regular non-character specific episodes, but tonight, it's Morgan's turn. He can't take a back seat to an episode where he's featured.

I certainly hope he's featured ALOT tonight, despite the Negative Morgan/Pro Hotch aura here.

niteanjl said...


I read the same interview and it got me thinking, too.

I'm wondering if part of the contract situation is TG working on NOT being in so much of every episode so he doesn't have to spend so much time commuting? I know it's been hard on him.

I would be happy to see less of him if it meant he was staying with the show. We wouldn't want the same thing to happen to him as did with William Peterson on CSI and Vincent D'Onfrio on Law&Order Criminal Intent.

Still, even if his contract works out, I don't think it will be for more than 1-2 years at most . . .

niteanjl said...

I've always found that while an episode if 'character-centric', the rest of the cast/team is never left out. While the episode itself might revolve around one particular, the rest close ranks around him/her to help, as a 'family' should.

But then, that's just my take. While I might have a very favorite character, I care about the rest too. I don't mind if ANY one of them is featured more than the others in any particular episode. They'll get their turn, just as they have all during the series.

Anonymous said...

'A little while longer' isn't so bad.

Perhaps Hotch will be on less but there in really significant ways when he is there. Somehow connected to the Strauss story, perhaps. If it's his choice to withdraw or to be less involved, I hope fans will be tolerant and not try to burn down CBS or turn against him or the show or anything!!

Ditto Shemar Moore.

UK viewer

Eleven said...

Yes, Niteanjl, 1-2 years i would think, too. Damned if i wouldn't wish him luck for whatever he plans to do whenever he plans to move, although i am still feeling a bit weepy. lol.

A Morgan epi - yahoo! And yes, want a rrrreally good Rossi episode soon. Actually they've all missed out this season. Reid/Corazon - the moment i think of Revelations and Elephant's Memory, i want to banish Corazon from my memory - i found it so unbearable. Now Coda was certainly better.

Camilla said...

This episode does sound good from the description.

I like the seaver character. I think there is much potential with her father being a serial killer. A story we have not seen before. It is good for the show something new is happening.

Pat said...

I'm probably going to take a bashing, but I've never really liked any of the Morgan centric episodes so I'm not looking forward to the episode tonight much. I hope it'll at least be an interesting story. I'm the hugest Reid fan and we just do not see enough of him, especially in the last couple of seasons.

sf81387 said...

I'm wondering if part of the contract situation is TG working on NOT being in so much of every episode so he doesn't have to spend so much time commuting? I know it's been hard on him.

I don't think that's an issue with him. It takes 8 days to shoot an episode and none of them are usually required to be there every single day. Just by following him and the rest of the cast and crew on Twitter for the last year I've noticed that his schedule almost always gives him a Friday or a Monday or both off every week so he's getting a good 3 or 4 day weekend with his family every week and it's about 3 hours on a plane nonstop so probably not that big of a hassle as far as travel goes.

IF there is a situation with his contract it's probably the usual sticking points. Length, money, residuals, etc.

Looking forward to tonight's episode. I love the preview of the guy blowing that powder in the guy's face and then handing him a knife to kill himself with. Yes, I'm twisted like that and I too love Dexter. : )

niteanjl said...


I would totally understand if he chose to be on less, and while I might not be REAL crazy about it, I could live with it.

If it's HIS choice not to continue, in any capacity, we'll all have respect that decision. He DOES live in San Antonio AND he has 3 children that he dearly wants to spend time with. Can we really, honestly hold that against him? I'm selfish enough to admit I want him to stay, but I'll be big enough to let him go if he so chooses.

Now, if he's goes because of some damned stupidity on the part of the network . . . that's a whole 'nuther ball of wax.

The same goes for Shemar. I firmly believes he's fed up with the crap that's been thrown CM's way all these years and that he wants better, not just for him but the whole shootin' match.

I hope they both get whatever they want and/or deserve!

niteanjl said...


I hope you're right. I know they've always worked with him on the shooting schedule and I'm glad they've done it for him. But, it's still got to be kind of hard to be away from your kids when they're that age.

If it's money, etc. CBS needs to cough it up already. Neither of them can be asking TOO much, at least, not Charlie Sheen-wise!

And, back on topic, I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. We haven't had as many Morgan-centric episodes as some of the others (I could be wrong), so it will be good to see him center stage. I mean, he can only smash through so many doors or only tackle so many unsubs . . . (I'm just kidding folks, I like to see him do that too, but we need his sensitive, emotional side too)

sf81387 said...

I'm probably going to take a bashing, but I've never really liked any of the Morgan centric episodes so I'm not looking forward to the episode tonight much.

I was a big LOST fan so when I think of a "centric" episode I think of a character focused episode in which the character is actually fleshed out a bit more so I've never really found much of what Criminal Minds does to be "character-centric". There's been a few here and there that actually peel back the layers of one of the characters a bit, but they're few and far between.

I've always loved "Profiler Profiled". It's one of my all-time favorite episodes and one I would actually consider "character-centric".

As for tonight's episode, Morgan's got a personal connection to one of the possible victims. Apparently a cousin we've never heard about, but will no doubt be cause for a few sad, far away looks out into the ocean could be one of the victims. Beyond that I don't see it being totally focused on Morgan, but with the exception of a handful of episodes, I don't really see any of them as being "charcter-centric". The whole team is usually always involved.

Anonymous said...


It's a 'her'. The fake Morgan fan.

Anonymous said...

So Jill have any more news or good news about us knowing about the contract situation with Thomas Gibson? You did say we should know this week.

niteanjl said...


I guess that's what most of us call a 'character-centric' episode. Not so much were one character is the sole point of the episode, but like you said, we get to see into their past/personal life, to get to see events, etc. that helped to shape them into the person that they are.

Like in "Revelations", we saw into Reid's childhood. It made most of us wonder how he turned out as stable as he is.

We'd all like to know scads more about each of them, but then, it would turn it into a soap opera and none of us would want that!

Anonymous said...

About TG traveling back and forth just to see his family is a sticking point. I don't see that at all because the producers are very kind to him. Also the guy that plays House left his family in England when he started the show. Thats a bigger sacrafice.

niteanjl said...


Thomas Gibson/Hugh Laurie - apple/oranges.

Yes, they've been good to them, but anyone that knows anything about CM at all, knows they haven't been nearly good enough, to any of them.

But you're intitled to your opinion.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Unknown said...

I'm hoping all is resolved for S7 - in the meantime, two more episodes (and tonight's looks good!) and then we can all take a deep breath for the summer!

Criminal Minds Fan said...


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REW49 said...

Call me stupid, but what's an ISP?

Even though Reid is my all-time favorite character on Criminal Minds, "Profiler, Profiled" is one of my all-time favorite eps because it is truly a character-centric episode.

niteanjl said...


That episode was really insightful into Morgan's character.

Until then, I had always wondered by he was so 'passionate' (especially 'rough') when he took down an unsub who had sexually abused children. He always seemed to take that so much more personal than other types of unsubs.

'Profiler, Profiled' explained it beautifully, giving us a look beneath that tough, cool guy exterior he exudes.

I love episodes that give us those kinds of insights into the characters.

Unknown said...

"Profiler, Profiled" was a very good episode for Morgan. I enjoyed it even though I'm not a huge Morgan fan. As far as tonight's episode, I worry that it could be cheesy and overblown because that's how most of Morgan's centric episodes this season have been to me, sorry to say. It's the writing. Also, I think the directors were better in those earlier episodes at getting the best performance out of each actor. I hope the show can go back to the more realistic dramatic approach that it originally started out with.

Unknown said...

So are we going to find out on Friday what happens with Thomas Gibson and his contract? Now if we don't find out anything this week I will feel burned for believing something that was not true.

Unknown said...

Criminal Minds Fan: You go, GF! What a creep! Nothing better to do than to mess things up and waste people's time - mainly yours, but I spent 15 mins posting and then pressed submit only to find the blog down! Bummer.

Said I loved to see Morgan emote and hoped it would be along the lines of "Profiler, Prolfiled" which allowed SM to show just how excellent an actor he can be.

If anything can bring out the sensitive man in him, it is kids and family and if there is a threat in this epi to a fam member, then we just might get Morgan to emote! Only thing better than Morgan emoting would be Reid....is there anything better to watch than Reid angst? Only for Reid luv'rs tho', that just want to hug him to pieces when he gets that "lost little boy" look on his face. Sigh...But tears in Morgan's eyes....that's damn special.

Have had to fulfill too many requests for Hotch bibs so there better be not excess Hotch -
couldn't handle it tonite, not so soon after last wk:)
Karen: wrote you on the other thread (KV) but yes, Ray LM is wonderful and loved his song in JJ, Let it be Me. TY for the heads-up and I will DVR him on Letterman tonite!

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Blue, the upfronts are this coming Wednesday and you will absolutely know what is happening by then. I am betting it will be good news for both of our great actors.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Blue, this thread is for comments regarding the episode. Feel free to email me but to answer your question, when and if the contracts are done it will be CBS that makes the formal announcement. Even if the press and I know we won't be able to say anything until they do it themselves.

Kitty said...

@REW49. ISP is internet service provider.

I too keep thinking of the Bay Harbor Butcher ... Dexter is my other guilty pleasure.

I'm not expecting a great episode. but I'm expecting a *new* one, and that counts for a lot in my book.

Just ... two ... hours ...

Unknown said...

After tonite, next week is the finale and in the TV Guide just rec'd today, another interview with JM is highlighted. He says some of the same as mentioned before, but goes on to say that for the finale, they are upping the ante..that the epi will deal with peronnel and private lives but that the resolution will ne different: "it'll have a mysterious, uplifting note. It's more psychological this time than having a bomb." He promises that the finale will be "more intriguing than last year." He is pictured sitting on the desk talking to a blonde with her back to the camera, who is probably JJ.

On that note, I have high hopes for a good ending and poss future security with the existing cast. Hope, hope, hope.

For Dexter freaks: same pub(w/e 5/22/11) mentions that he meets a 20 something y.o. beautiful Latina named Jamie who has just relocated to Miamiand may be what he needs "to heal his gutted heart." Think Dex's ears were burning to read this so many months before the 6th season starts:)

Criminal Minds Fan: Will we be able to back to using screen names at some point?

ITMW, I am gubegirl.

Gloria said...

I liked the last chapter, although it was one of my favorites, is still better than the grim · "Reflection of Desires. "
To this end of the season, what team member will be the center of the story, as was Morgan last year?

Unknown said...

Whoo-hoo! What great news! Twice the salary? What does that tell you? I truly hope that TG gets a satisfactory offer and that he really does want to stay.

Sounds like CBS is properly motivated and sees the value of this show and the players...sure took long enuf! It's been a rough year for all of us!

I am a happy Morgan and

sf81387 said...

Congratulations to Shemar Moore! : )

Anonymous said...

I like the way the episode has started. I think this is going to be a good one!

jenna collins said...

Terrific episode. Totally loving Morgan! Great job by the whole cast.

Lori said...

I heart Jim Clemente episodes!!! Reid doing a linguistic profile.. what what

Karen said...

Can someone tell me what happened in the first 15 mins of the episode?? I was driving home from work! The 45 mins that I did see were really good though! I'm so happy that Shemar has a contract!! Come on now CBS sign Thomas!
Gubegirl: I was confused when I saw the name Vicki haha. But I will definitely try to watch too. However, Wednesday is my big tv night haha. Have you ever listened to James Morrison?

zagi said...

Congratulations to Shemar Moore. Now CBS/ABC Studios sign Thomas Gibson please.

I can`t wait to watch the episode.Sounds great from all the spoilers I got.

BellaRN said...

Well, I pretty much hated this episode. :(

I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. It felt like they threw a bunch of pieces out on the table but none of them ever came together to make a really good puzzle. They jumped from one random thing to the next, without much explanation.

The whole thing was one big BLAH.

Please, please, please let the finale be good or even decent.

BellaRN said...

Oh, and I forgot to add... for those who did like the episode, what exactly did you like about it?

Michael said...

Again a great episode. And again Seaver was great. It is becoming a sure thing always now.

amanda r. said...

I was screaming at the telly for the kid to stab the unsub and the dogs went nuts. I loved the episode. The case was different and very edge of the seat. CM writing at its best and kudos to the cast and crew.

Anonymous said...

Morgan and his aunt. Beautiful scene and I loved him talking with killer at the end of the episode. All in all a very good epi!

Alana said...

Congratulations to Shemar!
But what about Mr Gibson?
Should we start calling CBS/ABC to complain or they are going to sign him already?
Come on CBS, fix what you broke.

About the episode, I don't think I have ever missed the girls as much as I did tonight. The team just seemed so spaced.
I have to re-watch, but that was my 1st impression. But I liked the case. Just got worried they were going after Dexter for a minute.
Morgan was great, great tonight.
But I have gotta say, I still can't deal with Seaver. And Rachel Nichol's robotic deliver of her lines don't help.
Sorry, but all I want for season 7, besides Hotch, JJ and Prentiss is for her to go. We had a really tough season, and this character really didn't help, so let's move on and fix the mistakes and let unfit characters go to make room to beloved ones who should have never left in the first place.

PS: I guess I missed a spammer. And it seems to have been a bad one. Anyone cares to fill me in?

I'm A CMer said...

Another great ep!! Kudos to Jim and Breen! I'm not the biggest fan of seeing the unsub right away, but it fit into this story. And Morgan was fantastic in this epic!! And so was Garcia and Reid! And Hotch tieless!! WIN for all CM fans!!
BTW - has anyone seen JM's thank you on ION after getting his star? It's great!!

Anonymous said...

Tonight's episode was wonderful. It was Morgan-centric, showed his dramatic appeal, and was an all around interesting story.

Truly, I believe this season has been incredible, much like season three, everything really pulling together despite massive losses.

Being a huge Prentiss fan, it is very hard to see her gone, but I have to admire how the season has progressed (And her ending episodes were fantastic, too!)

TheBigSea said...

Apart from "The Longest Night," this has to be the second best episode of this season.

I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved...to be continued.


Usually, I want to see the unsubs shot by someone on the team, and I was hoping Morgan would put a bullet in that creep, but even though he didn't, it was still an awesome ep.

The scene with Morgan and the aunt, with Rossi looking on actually touched me. I loved Rossi tonight. Such a father figure. Always on Morgan's side, like his confidant.

Amazing, amazing, amazing job. I cannot stress that enough. I had low expectations after last week's horrible episode, and they have just raised, and for once, I'm anticipating next week's ep! =D

khalid said...

I liked Reid not being able to tell if the unsub was female or male. It made it interesting watching them figure it out.

When James had the knife I wanted him to use it on the man and not the fish. He had an opportunity.

I really really liked this episode!

Anonymous said...

The compassion Morgan showed by lying to his aunt to help her find peace was beautiful. I wanted to feel bad for the unsub since he had been abused as a child but I couldn't find it in myself.

I do wonder if Cindy was indeed one of his victims.

Great episode.

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode!!

callie said...

I can't imagine the pain and torture of not knowing if one of your family members is alive or dead. This was an outstanding episode and bravo to Shemar for an outstanding performance. He deserves the contract he got today. Looking forward to the chat with Jim Clemente tomorrow.


Cynthia said...

I loved this episode and how it revealed more about morgan's family.

Sandra said...

Shemar did an amazing job tonight. The scene with Morgan's aunt was beautiful. And I'm truly glad that his contract has been renewed. :) I loved this episode.

SSA_Carpenter said...

It was a good episode. I think this is one of the episodes that needed a longer time slot. I liked Garcia's bone-shaped pen. It was pretty funny the way they had Morgan holding bones at the same time. I liked Morgan's emotion. I think Shemar did an excellent job. It seemed like it needed to be longer, but it was still a good episode.

Anonymous said...

AH...Hotch tieless is a treat!!!This was definately Morgan centric EP.... And he did an amazing job..

Congrats! MOORE for getting the Contract.. Waiting for TG's contract confirmation..Cant wait for the Finale...Surely it will be gr8!!!


A 2 Z Merchandising said...

Loved this episode for so many reasons. Shemar Moore did a good job and it makes me see how talented he is when given the right material. I thought he was horrible in 25 to life but I think it was because the story was not well done. He was good in this one. I'm so glad he has a new contract.

I like how there was a lot of different kinds of profiling in this one - bones, linguistic, geographic. It was interesting. I loved how they used Reid to these types of profiling. It showed that they were making use of the genius on the team which they should be doing. I love how Reid delivers his lines and explains all these complicated facts quickly. I really felt like he was in his element. It was lacking in season 5 and the beginning of season 6. I'm glad they brought that back because it really is what his character is all about. I'd like to see him out on field a bit more but it has gotten better so I will take what I can get.

I loved both Hotch and Rossi in this episode. I like how Rossi's character has really developed into a kind of father figure to the team. He was really underused for a while so I'm glad they are back on track with that.

Seaver, what can I say? She's just not working for me. She doesn't seem to have flow like the rest of the team.

Mary J said...

Yeah, another great episode; Shemar did a fantastic job and Jim and Breen are great story tellers. Gotta say I really loved seeing Hotch without a tie, providing press conference in his sunglasses and running the docks in his Khakis. Morgan and Rossi moments were very good too; love having Rossi more in the forefront these past couple of episodes. Thanks CM cast and crew for another entertaining hour.

Congratulations Shemar on a new contract! I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting good news for Thomas.

PLEASE, PLEASE CBS/ABC make Thomas the offer he needs to sign on the dotted line.

No TG = NO CM 4 ME!!

Blue Sunflower said...

Aw, Morgan pulled a Hotch. Still bet he'll go ballistic when he finds out about Prentiss though. Congrats to Shemar on the new contract. :D

Anyhoo, didn't get to see much of the episode again, but I did see *some* of it:

Alana said...

But I have gotta say, I still can't deal with Seaver. And Rachel Nichol's robotic deliver of her lines don't help.

I am so tired of the Super!Prodigy!Profiler and Seaver!Is!So!Equal!In!The!Team the show throws at us. Why the writers can't figure out that her telling everyone what to do is NOT what a character-you're-happy-is-a-newbie-with-fresh-eyes does is beyond me.

Seaver: "We need to rethink the profile..."


Ahem. Yeah. Go away, Seaver.

heyya said...

So first off, I'm a big fan of both the writers Jim Clemente and Breen Frazier. Jim's episodes "Lessons Learned" and "Risky Business" are amongst my favourites, especially the latter. Ditto for Breen's "52 Pickup" and "Uncanny Valley." "Compromising Positions" was pretty good too.
However, this one "The Big Sea" didn't really do much for me. After last week, I was expecting an equally fantastic episode, but it was just okay at best, like most of the season6 episodes have been for me.
I did like some parts though. The bits in the beginning with Hotch and Reid were great. Reid got to showcase his genius once again while analyzing the bones, and I appreciated it. There was some nice banter between those two, and such moments between those two will be welcomed by me in the future.
Morgan and Reid scene in the morgue was nice too. I like seeing them brainstorming and profiling together. They have great chemistry.
I liked Rossi and his interactions with Morgan. He was compassionate and gentle and that gave a nice touch to his personality.
Morgan's scenes with the aunt were well done. Shemar is a gifted performer and he was admirable, and made me appreciate the character of Morgan more. I sort of had an inkling that victim number 5, would not turn out to be his cousin. The second to last when his aunt was crying and he hugged her was sad, very sad. But it still didn't tug at my heart strings like "Mosley Lane" or say "Normal." Those were some really sad, yet brilliant episodes.
I really didn't care much for the unsub or his storyline. It simply wasn't interesting enough for me, and it thought it was mildly boring.
Seaver still doesn't do anything for me. It's been 12 episodes, so I highly doubt that's going to change next week. Even if there are only ten seconds of her in an episode, to me, it seems like ten long tortourous minutes. That's how bland and lifeless she is to me. Something is very off about her line delivery(at least to me). Even when she is saying something that is not stupid and actually makes sense, I can't believe it coming from her mouth and take her seriously. I'm sorry, I just can't. One moment, they have her asking rookie questions, and then she profiles like an expert? I don't understand. I think the writers have done this character in, and there is no hope for her. CBS should make the smart choice and get scrap ASHLEY SEAVER. She's a liability.
Onto next week...can't really say I'm looking forward to it. But I am looking forward to seeing the back of season6. I'll be glad when it's finally over. For me, it was been an underwhelming season, at best.

heyya said...

I'm ecstatic that Shemar has signed a new contract. Thank you CBS.
I'm expecting positive news with regard to Thomas too. Get him on board asap, CBS.
Then beg Paget to return, get her back, scrap Seaver, and I will be very, very excited for season7.

Rach said...

Tonight's episode was beautifully done. I really enjoyed it. It kept my interest throughout. Seaver still annoys me, but I have just learned to erase her. The acting was well done as always by our team. I must say, costuming did a FANTASTIC job this episode. Everyone looked wonderful. Great job!! With news of Shemar's renewal, next week should be easier to process. I just hope that CBS keeps Thomas. He is the heart of the team.

Daisy said...

ok, not sure i can give an accurate comment as i was watching with a migraine and couldn't see straight :( but with that said ..... really enjoyed seeing a epi that was done around morgan, it was due. it was also appropriate that it aired at the same time his contract was renewed. (yahoo!) i will need to go back to see the epi again from start to finish but i think what stuck me the most is that the feel of the show that has been missing most of the year, the feel of family/interaction of the characters/the team seems to be coming back which i am very thrilled about. over all i did enjoy the epi but there was one thing i didn't get. at the end i thought it was said morgan's family member wasn't one of the victims but then when see the victim,s he said "he id her" as though see was? sorry like i said my head was killing me and i was like "what". anyway really looking forward to that chat tonight with jim clemente as i have been watching cm since season 1 and it the whole reason i began watching cm initially was that the topic of the showing was profiling. the subject of what make people do what they do, what makes people tick all respects has always been a great interest to me. see you all tonight!

aka daisy

Anonymous said...

Good episode. Jim Clemente is one of the best. Hope he has a lot more ideas up his sleeve for next Season.

Nice pace. Kind of sea-airy.

Really liked the emphasis being strongly on profiling/forensic and also the kind of bottom-up approach they used at first (the way they worked from the large group of the missing back towards their victims). That's realistic. Bet they do that all the time, rather than the Garcia few clicks and you've got a shortlist of 5. Then the 'rosetta stone' postcard was canny.

Have I mentioned how much I love the softness Mantegna puts into his voice sometimes. I love the softness Mantegna puts into his voice. I like him and Morgan together. We've seen that twice this season in (the to-me underestimated) '25 to Life' (with a completely different angry/energetic dynamic), and now here. SM and JM bring good things out of each other.

SOooooooooo glad Shemar is staying.

Oh, and opening Conrad quotation was from his non-fiction collection of essays, The Mirror of the Sea (I think). He's one of my favourite writers so I am ecstatic to hear JM read his words!!

Still puzzled by the complete whiteness of those bones. Had they been for teeth-whitening or is that really what the sea does?

More than anything, glad that Morgan didn't shoot the man. Of course, it's more helpful to be able to interrogate your unsubs and your enemies. You learn more. It's humane and it's better justice than the execution, IMO. Make the man stand trial and make him hear in civilised court what he's done. If we assume a human being has a conscience, that's the place, the only place, where an act of violence can do good. The science of profiling benefits too.

UK viewer

sf81387 said...

I thought Reid's ability to analyze bones was pretty stupid. I understand he's really smart and retains everything he reads, but the ability to do what he was doing with those bones is a specialty all its own that requires years of study and to suggest that it's something he just knows is pretty ridiculous and made me laugh and roll my eyes at how silly and unbelievable it was.

I also thought they came to some really quick conclusions based on nothing really. The guy must've been protecting someone, yeah that's it, it's the only reason he would've been fighting so hard and the whole mess about the boats and trains just seemed to be pulled out of thin air.

Every time they find a body Morgan gets a phone call? Really Rossi? You didn't even know Morgan 7 years ago and now suddenly you're an expert on all that haunts him? A guy who doesn't even share what he had to eat for dinner the night before has let you in on this and now you're sharing that with Seaver? Ugh. It's so awful how they just conjure up backstory out of nothing and expect the audience to just go along with it. Knowing now that Morgan had a cousin that fell victim to a stalker makes you wonder about his initial unwillingness to help the victim in "The Crossing". Seems like a man who lost someone that way would be uber sensitive to it happening to another woman.

The unsub was terribly boring as was the case. Not one of my favorite episodes, but certainly not the worst either. Morgan had some nice moments with his aunt.

Kury said...

IF Morgan was purposely let aunt think her daughter was killed by this unsub, if that's the case, I really really don't like it. I can't understand why Morgan told a lie to aunt. Even if Morgan believe her death (not by this unsub but by stalker), and yes, hope could be paralyzing or doesn't know what happen to child is suffering, but how could he lie about someone's death? (I know it's not exactly a lie because unsub did pic the picture but he knew this unsub didn't kill his cousin.) I don't understand what writers want to tell us by this ending. I must be missing something.

Kelsey :] said...

I haven't got to watch the episode yet because I was working, but I am looking forward to watching it on DVR this morning! Will have better analysis at that point. On a side note, so happy that Shemar signed his contract!

Anonymous said...

sf & the numbers

Yeah, a lot of the team-continuity stuff was out. There was some attempt to work it back into things with the 'You never told me that' conversation to imply foregoing conversation/debriefing, but otherwise it was a very sudden transplant of Secret (and yet somehow public) Burden.

On the other hand, I appreciate the plainly-shot unemotive nature of the scenes with the unsub and his two latest victims. Glad that it wasn't a bevy of 21-year-old blonde girls (again... again... again...). The range of victims was interesting and provoking since there's usually such a strong emphasis on 'type'. (Perhaps because most of the unsubs are sexually motivated???). The different motivation and mentality of this unsub gave the episode a different ground and feel. The man must have had some 'profilery' type skills himself to identify the individuals who would fit his pathology. You could see that in the way he managed to read Morgan's concern in the interrogation.

The unsub being boring? Yes, I thought he was too. He was a boring nutter. But I appreciated the character for that, and the doggedness of his demeanour. What he was doing made sense to him and that was all he asked. He kind of fitted killing into a routine. He was almost like a wage-slave in his attitude towards it. His dad was still on his tail, it seems to me. Strange that he didn't get away but he kept at it for the tiny patterns of freedom.

UK viewer

Stacey said...

Great episode. I loved it and especially as it showed the sides to Morgan I love. It was beautifully shot.

I'm also so happy Shemar has signed and got a HUGE pay rise. It's nothing more than he deserves... I'm hoping for good things in season 7. Now get Paget back and I'll be in heaven!

Elisabeth said...

I thought this episode was very good and I really felt for Morgan and his aunt.

I loved the case and how they resolved it, the profiling scenes were excellent.
Jim Clemete wrote an awesome story (thank you very much !).

Being able to catch the culprit without killing him/her is always a bonus in my book.
This show is about studying criminals, how they operate, their motives,...
When the team is able to catch their unsub alive it feels more like a win for our heroes (if one can talk about a 'win' in that contest).

My favorite scenes are definitely the scenes with Reid at the beginning.
Reid putting his skills to good use is always a treat.

I absolutely loved seeing him using his scientific background (it doesn't happen enough on the show).

I was also glad for the Hotch/Reid scenes, I really love them and wish to see more of them.

This season, I think that Reid's potential was wasted.
His only storyline revolved around his headaches, and it was less than gratifying for the character.

I want to see Reid making a difference with his incredible brain, I want him to outsmart people and shine with his skills.

I hope that next season, Reid's scenes (and possible storylines) will focus positively on his intelligence and his value within the team.

Shemar Daily Admin said...

I'm a little behind on episodes since I was out of town but I'll be catching up today. Huge Morgan fan so always love a Morgan centric episode. Can't wait to see if we learn anything else about Morgan other then him having an Aunt and cousin in Florida.

Sad to see the Season ending soon but happy we will still have them next season. Now if they could just finish contract negotiations.

zagi said...

I loved the episode. There was a creepy atmosphere throughout the whole ep. Even though the unsub/victim parts on the mostly dark boat and our team on the sunny beach were visually the exact opposite, there was still an atmosphere of gloom on the team. It was almost like in "To Hell...and Back". They were somehow overwelmed by the number of victims, although the numbers were nowhere near as high as in "To Hell....". Hotch seemed very affected by the case everytime when they found new bones.

Reid was great in the ep . He seemed in his element working on the remains. There were great profiling scenes from all the team members specially Morgan and Reid. I loved every Morgan/Rossi scene (like always). Rossi is such a great guy and he was there for Morgan throughout the ep. Morgan was awesome. Great profiling, he saved the hostage and handled the interrogation really well and very calm even though he was personally affected by the case.

The actress who played Morgan`s aunt was great and Morgan`s scenes with her were powerful and heartbreaking. When he lied to her about her daughter he gave her some closure. She finally would be able to mourn Cindy and to move on with her life. That scene also reminded me of „To Hell....“. Hope paralyses. Overall a great episode.

Anonymous said...

Zagi, spot on. It was reminding me of 'Too Hell and Back' too (though I didn't realise it till you said...) All those different kinds of victim (men, women, young, old, black, white etc) selected just because easy to seize, and this equally diverse group selected because they could be perceived to be neglecting duty. (Who isn't??!)

But more than that it was the atmosphere and a feeling of unglamorous reality. I seem to remember reading somewhere that 'Hell and Back' was based on a real case (?) and Jim C's the real BAU guy, so perhaps both stories are simply more real-world than often? The process of investigation had a more head-down working feel to it.

Thought you'd enjoy the Morgan/Rossi! There's something goes back and forth between them when they're given proper time to work. I believe in them (even when the story gives you a few little leaps to make in terms of continuity).

Love what you say about the dark boat / sunlight and breeze beach contrast.

My one quibble is that it didn't feel right to give the aunt closure when it wasn't closed. She might have to go through it all again, or even, with luck, Cindy will walk in one day.

Uk viewer

Anonymous said...

People complain that Seaver never does anything during an episode. Hotch just stood their the entire episode looking pretty. He seems to do that alot while Seaver actually goes and does stuff.

Anonymous said...

With Shemar's pay raise I really doubt that Thomas is going to come back. Since Shemar was signed first I think that is a big deal.

blr1962 said...

I was just getting home last night when the episode came on so there was a lot of activity going on at my house (I.e., distractions) so I want to watch it again today but,,, I did love Garcia's line about the scary math problem. Tieless Hotch... Well, prettiest thing I saw all day. : ) And I loved the Morgan moments! (Congratulations, Mr. Moore, on the contract! Now if we can get some good news about my awesome Mr. Gibson...). And the beginning with the skull coming out in the water was pretty cool! Can't wait to get to watch it again to catch all the little details I missed the first time!

Melinda said...

The issue is the Seaver character as a whole regardless of what she is doing or not doing. It was just a fail of an idea that needs to be shelved and moved on from.

The fact that Shemar signed first has nothing to do with Thomas. I'm thrilled to bits that Shemar now has a contract and that his pay has increased per episode (long overdue). Now, we just need Thomas to get signed on too and pray that Paget will come back so that we can get this team back in order. Hopefully, next season will have some stronger writing as was present in earlier seasons.

Anonymous said...

Folks Thomas Gibson will not be coming back too bad.

heyya said...

Anonymous, how the heck do you know? Do you work for CBS or ABC studios??

Kury said...

Uk Viewer,

My one quibble is that it didn't feel right to give the aunt closure when it wasn't closed. She might have to go through it all again, or even, with luck, Cindy will walk in one day.

That's exactly what I thought. I'm glad someone else feel the same. And because I think this ending is huge part of this story, this false feeling kind of ruined this episode for me.

But I did like Morgan's interrogation with unsub. Very calm and corrected.
And I So wish to see Hotch doing interrogation some day. I really really miss it.

And I think it's kind of cheating that Reid can do anything (genius is a easy excuse of that), and since we have Garcia to be computer genius and can find any information out of computer, two geniuses in one TV show are ... well, just too much unfair IMHO, but, I DO enjoy Reid's bone profiling.

I love Reid and Hotch interaction. I like how different it is to Reid/Morgan interaction, each pair has their own chemistry. I really like that. I wish I could see Reid and Hotch interact more personal matter like earlier seasons. I really miss that.

What I really like about this episode is they didn't kill the unsub. Sometimes there is no other way except kill unsubs, and sometimes it's more realistic to kill unsubs, I understand, but I always like when they don't kill unsub. Their job is to catch unsubs not kill them.

Eleven said...

Kury, great post! Just had to say it :-)

Lynn said...

For some reason this episode didn't hold my attention like most of them do. That is not to say that I didn't like it; in fact there were some really good moments and there was nothing in the episode that I hated. I liked Reid profiling the bones and the hand writing as well as Morgan's interaction with the unsub in the interrogation room and with his Aunt. Denise Dowse (Auntie Yvonne) was great and the unsub (who looked a little like Russell Crowe to me) was sufficiently creepy.

I guess the thing that bugged me the most is that we have never heard of Derek's cousin before this ( to my knowledge anyway) and to suddenly have her come up was just odd. Rossi said in the episode that every time unidentified African American women are found Morgan always gets that call from his Auntie. Well, this is not the first time there has been a case with unidentified women so why is this the first time we hear about a stalker who went after DM's cousin? Anyway, I am glad that Shemar has a contract and I can't wait for the season finale. Now we just need TG to get his contract. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

alicew said...

Very good episode. I really enjoyed the focus on profiling and not being shown a lot of pointless violence. And I enjoyed all the team interaction. The team (with one exception - guess who?) felt like the team again.

I loved Reid being Reid again, even though it was probably just a touch over the top that he could be expert in that many things. He reminded me of "Bones" in this episode. Hotch, Rossi, Morgan and Garcia all felt in character again. I would have enjoyed this Morgan-centric episode more if I weren't so burned out by too much Morgan in S5 and S6. For me, he's best as a supporting character, not as the one in charge.

After all this time, I still feel this needs to be said: Please get rid of Seaver. I have nothing against Rachel Nichols and she has my sympathy in this difficult situation, but I still find Seaver irritating. It only took me a couple of episodes each to really like Prentiss and Rossi. I really tried to like Seaver, but after half a season, the best I can do is to pretend it's actually Prentiss in disguise saying the the lines that an experienced profiler would say. Seaver is an irritant that noticeably reduces my enjoyment of the show.

To CBS - I'm still ecstatic that you corrected one mistake and rehired AJ Cook. And thank you for signing Shemar Moore back on. Now please do the same for Thomas Gibson (and Paget Brewster, if she becomes available). No TG = no CM for me.

TheEldersTKD said...

I really enjoyed this episode. Different type of story with the whole team involved. Liked seeing Hotch/Reid interaction..that's always good. I thought the episode was kind of creepy (I like that) and of course, tieless, jacketless Hotch is always a BIG bonus. Looking good TG! Liked Rossi in the episode...nice to see a bit more of him lately.

The episodes in the last third of this season have been very good. I though this year started well but then faltered in the middle with some not so great eps. Anyway, they seem to be back on track.

Glad to hear that SM received his much deserved contract. Now, anxiously waiting for TG's contract to be done (hurry up CBS). He deserves a very lucrative deal, he is an excellent actor and his portrayal of Hotch is wonderful.

On another note, my sister, a friend and I met MGG at the University of NH two weeks ago and he was sooo funny. Also, he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Just amazing!

tjchoney said...

I really enjoyed this episode. I'm usually not a fan of showing the unsub at the beginning, but it worked here. And, it had some twists I didn't see coming like the way the dad died. Great acting by everyone. The last couple of episodes have reminded me of the old Criminal Minds I enjoy so much, even without J.J. and Emily, though I miss them and can't wait for J.J. to come back. Hopefully, Emily will be back too. Ashley is actually starting to grow on me so I've enjoyed her the last couple of episodes also.

Congratulations to Shemar on his new contract. Now, hopefully, Thomas won't be far behind.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that since Shemar has signed on and Thomas has not they are preparing for him not to come back. I think they are going to make him the Section Chief and Morgan the leader of the team.

History05 said...

Haven't had a chance to watch the entire episode but so far so good. Definitely enjoying the setting & a more casual Hotch.

Looking forward to the chat!

Jill said...

Just finished watching: an original storyline, unique contributions from Reid, and minimal Seaver = good episode. Hoping for great next week though to end this uneven season on a high note.
Also hoping Hotch and Prentiss will be around in full force next year...

Adam said...

fantastic episode and Seaver is really growing on me. She is deveoping beautifully.

Eleven said...

SM's baked a new contract, while TG's bakin' pancakes. Oh twitterer, thou shalt kill us. Here, look at the dotted line, please sign before i become an unsub and go postal on someone at work.

Anonymous said...

LOL Eleven.. I hear ya, I want all of this contract stuff to be nipped in the bud, along with news on whether Paget will be returning to the show or not. Oh sweet Lord above please send Paget back to CM, please!!! We need the team that the network gutted like the fish in last night's episode back together again!!! No more sub par replacements, we need the team back!!!

Magali said...

I'm French and I still have not had the chance to see "Big Sea", but I'm very impatient to see, because Jim Clemente is a very good writer ...He wrote some episodes in 6 years but each of its episodes marked me as the themes are disturbing and extremely well treated with a very good profiling.
Thank you jim
Magali RAULT

Eleven said...

There's no nipping in the bud any more, anon, it's a bloomin' garden out there and the flowers have DIED. Budded about six months ago methinks.

gubegirl said...

Lots of things to like about this epi: total change of scenery, great effects & photography, had a totally different "feel" to it than usual. Did not feel
LA-ish" as usual.

Maybe that would be the "Dexter effect?!" Course, altho' I have never watched "Bones", Reid was doing just what I would think they do. I never realized Reid was so strong in forensics and I agree with sf81387, I found it to be a little bit over the top. He did it well, tho', as only Reid can ramble:) Sounded good.

They might quite a few large leaps which made it seem less than credible, both with the profiling and again with the story of Morgan's cousin and her stalker. Reminded me of when JJ told Hotch about her sister's suicide: just does not seem that we would not alreay know these things - certainly the rest of their FBI crime-fighting team would. Wouldn't they?

Loved the interaction with Aunt Yvonne and Morgan - he is so good with family and I love to see that, but I have to agree here with uk viewer and kury: did he lie to give her peace of mind? It sounded as tho' he did, but there was a line there during his convo with her that despite rewinding twice, I could not quite get. I understood when he told Hotch that the Russell Crowe-looking unsub (grungier and yuckier, tho')called ea. vic by name and had not used Cindy's, that Morgan did not believe he had killed her. So I was confused and I am not sure if he thought that, it was the best move to let his aunt believe a falsehood. "course in his line of work, Morgan could be thinking, what are the chances after 7 yrs, they will ever learn/find any different? Oh, well, it's TV.

And I am with Blue: almost everything Seaver says should have a question mark at the end. If/when she speaks at all. I still want to smack her most everytime she does. Sorry. That's all I'll say on this subject.

Need to go back again and see the scene with Garcia and the "bone" pen and watch Reid with all those bones some more. He seemed quite in his element which attests to the actor he is but I wonder if I will be shaking my head even more after I see him speak with such extensive "forensic" experience again. Liked Hotch telling him he had to work fast, like be ready in 3 hrs., Reid said he could do it in 2 and Hotch came back with "be ready in 1." They know each other so well!

All in all, CM goes to Bay Harbor was very entertaining.

Hope TG gets his contract today. Please give him a great one. He so deserves it.

Go away, anonymous, with your negativity...or Criminal Minds Fan will hunt you down like an unsub ...just go away.

Eleven said...

Let's all just ignore the WUMs. They are WUMs after all. We'll keep this positive and constructive, as it should be. I love it when the discussion goes to cinematography, characterisation, music, etc. Good stuff :-)

Steph said...

Hurry up and sign Thomas, CBS so that I can watch the episode. No more CM for me until our fab Aaron Hotchner is secured for next season.
No Hotch/TG, No CM for me.

gubegirl said...

Eleven, what are WUMs? anything to do with wonky?

Eleven said...

Wind-up merchants, Gubegirl.

Krizia said...

I enjoyed this episode. I felt it was a bit more grounded and seemed to deviate from previous episodes in terms of it's timing and structure. Kind of reminded me of past seasons, in a very positive way. I like that we got to shed more light on Morgan's past, especially in the wake of announcements that he has just renewed his contract with the show.

I also look forward to the chat tonight. Thanks to Jim and his guest for willing to take the time to talk to us.


gubegirl said...

Good I am only slightly wonky (and a little gullible, too:) TY, Eleven.

RaineInMD said...

I only saw the 2nd half of the show but it looked very interesting - cant wait to see the entire episode.

Anonymous said...

Leave rachel Nichols alone! I think she's great and sometimes a show needs fresh blood. Let's face it: if she joined the show under different circumstances there wouldn't be as much b!t@hing and whining going on.

Eleven said...

Best advice ever on how to tackle the WUMs came from SF - take a deep breath and walk away....

Karen said...

Although this episode was a little choppy I enjoyed it. I really thought the kid was going to use the knife on the unsub though! I felt so bad for the dad he fought so hard against the drugs (I can't remember what they are called). I do know now that I will not be opening my door for anyone so that I don't get that crap blown in my face haha. I loved that we got to see a little bit of the old Reid!

Belinda said...

Anonymous, huh?? Some people don't like the character that she plays, and others don't like the character and her portrayl of the character. Big deal, that happens all of the time with characters in different TV shows, movies, books, plays, etc. My hope is that the character does not appear season 7 or any other season beyond season 7. That is my opinion. The world did not explode as a result of my opinion, nor has the stock market crashed. Life goes on as it will for Nichols if she does not return to the show come season 7.

Belinda said...

Oh, and to your point about the show needding "fresh blood," it didn't need that, the cast the show had was excellent and didn't need messing with. Also, I assure you that a character as ridiculous and ill-conceived as the Seaver character would have definitely raised both of my eyebrows regardless of how it came in the door.

My two cents said...

OK, here is the thing I have about "fresh blood" and "change is hard". Working in IT, change is necessary. And yes, it is true that people don't like change and usually resist it. However, like I said before, sometimes change is necessary -- if the old database/system is not providing all the business needs or in order to increase efficiency, keep up with the competitors, etc.

But here's the catch: change must be beneficial. Sometimes the changes implemented, though done with good intentions, are NOT beneficial. This can be due to many reasons, one of which is that top-level people make the decisions; execs who are usually not in touch with the day to day needs of their employees/users/clients.

I have found that when new systems are implemented, there is resistance at first but if the change is good, i.e. new system works better, then the users adjust and accept it. But if the new system is bad and ineffective, no matter what you do the users will not accept it.

Sometimes if the new system is not working out, the decision needs to be made to implement yet another new system, or go back to the old one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this episode fell flat for me. The unsub's back-story didn't make any logical sense and I thought the actor overplayed the part.

Also, while I'm glad Shemar has finalized his contract, I feel like he has grown tired of this role and just isn't showing the depth and range he did in earlier seasons. Now this is nitpicking, but I also detest his sculpted facial hair.

Always happy with lots of Reid scenes,and I don't care whether his genius appears to all-encompassing because MGG always plays his role in a fresh and believable manner. I also prefer seeing him act more adult; I detest it when the writers make him babyish.

Biting my nails over Thomas' contract renewal...CM would not be CM w/out our man Hotch. Would be as happy as most for a Seaver-less Season 7.

Hoping for a fantastic finale and feeling a bit relieved that this challenging season (for cast and fans alike) is nearly over.

Belinda said...

Anonymous said...

"Also, while I'm glad Shemar has finalized his contract, I feel like he has grown tired of this role and just isn't showing the depth and range he did in earlier seasons."

I think this is probably more a byproduct of the writing than of Shemar himself. Although, I personally do not get that vibe from Shemar at all with regard to his portrayl of the Morgan character.

Kris Brown said...

This episode was awesome! And also glad that Shemar has a new contract!

Mahële said...

I think it was a great and suspenseful episode.

We were directly taken to the beach with the team after the introduction (without seeing the debriefing scene) and I think it was a nice change of pace.

Morgan's reaction to the possible connection between the case and his cousin felt real. He wanted to give closure to his aunt but wanted to stay objective at the same time.
I also loved how he handled the interrogation of the unsub.

The scene at the end, when he lies to his aunt, was bittersweet.
He really wanted to help his aunt moving on.

I really enjoyed seeing Reid studying the bones and being asked to do a linguistic profile. Best parts of the episodes for me.

I really hope we get to see "Reid the genius" more in the future.

I also loved the scenes between Hotch and Reid.
Hotch can be a very demanding boss, and he sort of ask the impossible from Reid. But that proves just how much he knows Reid and how much he trusts him.
I love their interactions and wish we could see that on a much more regular basis.

christyzachman said...

I enjoyed this episode and would like to respond to a few comments made by others about some things.
The white bones - yes, when bones are recovered from the water after being done for a significant amount of time, the bones are white because they have been water pressurized clean and because the small fish have eaten the flesh off of the bones. In any show that I have seen they bones from the water are white.

I loved that we met another member of Morgan's extended family. Since we don't see every day or hear every conversation between our agents it is quite probable that Morgan had talked about his aunt and what she does. He has possibly talked about other members of this family as well, we don't know all that. It is a work environment. Do you know all of your co-workers family and friends? Do they know all of yours? The fact that our team is close does not mean that they do things together all the time and talk about their personal lives. Like Hotch once said, his personal life is private and some things are difficult to share. Rossi figured it out that Haley left and he would share with Morgan about his Haley leaving but the didn't find out until he was served with divorce papers. So not everybody knows everything.
Reid was interesting in this episode in how he profiled the bones and the handwriting. He has done both things before and is quite good at it. He has several degrees, yes, but he also continues to learn and read about new things. He is more likely to read technical manuals and textbooks than fiction. He will learn and know about bones before vampires or Harry Potter.
Hotch was hot in this episode. I loved his more casual look and he looked yummy when presenting to the press. He always does good when talking to them. I can never get enough of a Hotch fix.
Rossi was good as usual in this role of profiling not just the unsub but his co-workers as well. He is very good at reading them and guiding them to where they can reach a good conclusion. This is a great testament to his life experiences and how he was able to form the BAU with others like him. It would be interesting to learn more about his past and what made him who he is.
Seaver - was she there? I don't remember anything that she said or did that was significant in finding or discovering who the unsub was.
I love this show and enjoyed the episode it was well-written and kept my interest. I loved that is wasn't a spree of reckless violence and crap like that. It showed I think more of the real type of unsubs out there, the quiet killers.


AL said...

Jim Clemente episodes are always my favorites and this one did not disappoint!!

Anonymous said...

JM just tweeted that "currently Thomas is the only one who does not have a deal for next season."

Does that mean RN has a deal?

Kelsey :] said...

I just finished watching the episode and it wasn't one of my favourites. It had some ups, I enjoyed a lot of the reid dialogue, but for the first time I did not enjoy the Morgan aspect, which is rare for me because I am a huge Shemar/Morgan fan. This episode was so/so for me. Looking forward to the finale on Wednesday

gubegirl said...

You said it well, My two cents, and on that note, I vow to follow my own rule and NOT say anything more on that subject today!

I was thinking about what another poster today said (sorry, I don't remember who) re: Morgan; that maybe the chief spot will go to Morgan and Hotch will take Strauss' job. Which would mean he will only be on once in a while, as she is, and that could be the delay in renegotiating his contract? You know, PT vs. FT work? and all that goes with it? To be worth his while, fit his family/travel needs, etc.

I'm not saying this is my choice, esp, since I have developed a recent semi-lust fot Hotch:) but I'm just sayin'... It could explain/solve some things, don't you think? It could save me some bib money...:)

But it would KILL Eleven! and many others. So I am hoping that it doesn't happen. Or if it does, poss be only temporary?

Failed to mention how good Rossi was last nite. With everybody. He is just perfect in his role, as father, mentor, comrade, team player, etc. Love him more every epi. I still want to meet at least one wife...

I hope that someone will have heard the line I missed there close to the end with Aunt Yvonne and let's decide: Is Cindy gone or no? I think Morgan believes she was not one of the victims here but is indeed dead thru some other means, and felt OK telling his aunt what he did so she could move on. What did you guys think?

Anonymous said...

I don't think she has a contract. I think what they may have is an option to either pick her back up for season 7 or not. I could be wrong about that, but that is what it seems like to me.

Belinda said...

There was no mention of RN in the Dateline article. It listed all of the other actors, including Paget who is still up in the air, so I don't think there is any solid news about RN, at least nothing that I have seen reported anywhere.

RaniaC said...

Great episode! Shemar was wonderful!

sf81387 said...

I hope that someone will have heard the line I missed there close to the end with Aunt Yvonne and let's decide: Is Cindy gone or no? I think Morgan believes she was not one of the victims here but is indeed dead thru some other means, and felt OK telling his aunt what he did so she could move on. What did you guys think?.

I think that the line at the end to his aunt was something like "he identified the photo". I agree he let his aunt believe her daughter was one of the victims so she could move on. He knows she wasn't one of the ocean victims, but he believes she's dead.

Mary J said...

I think Morgan believes his cousin is dead at the hands of the stalker. He allowed is aunt to believe that she died at the hands of this unsub to give her some peace; she wasn't sleeping, going out or taking her medication.

Anonymous said...

So relieved that SM got his contract. We want TG back as well. Make it happen CBS/ABC!!!

Regarding the episode:

Loved the Hotch/Reid banter in the tent with the bones.

Loved Morgan with Auntie Yvonne, especially at the end where he gives her the closure she needs to move on even though he knows the victim isn't really his cousin Cindy. It's nice to see this side of Morgan.

Still always enjoy when the team has to call Garcia and she picks up saying "Magic 8 Ball" or "Oracle" or something along those lines.

Looking forward to the season finale and JJ/AJ coming back for season 7. TG had better be back as well. (And, perhaps PB, too. We'll find out soon).


Eleven said...

Ok, i'm starting to write my obituary, Gubegirl. We'll find out at some point in the not-too-distant future whether the stories of my possible demise were greatly exaggerated or not. Sniffle. 11 to 0 in the blink of an eye. sniffle. sob. boo hooooo.

gubegirl said...

Eleven: I'm a very optimistic realist (does that make sense?) and I say, let's picture in our mind's eye(s), a SHIRTLESS Hotch (well, maybe he can wear his tie...)signing a nice, fat contract by 5 PM tomorrow PST...we'll call that a ZERO to TEN.

But, just in case, if it makes you feel any better, I will make a special bib for you to wear at the funeral and will use my scrap-booking skills to make a lovely memory board of Hotch for the service...representing all the faces of Hotch.

how warped are we...don't answer that...

REW49 said...

Very interesting episode--for once, we had an unsub attacking male victims. Bit of a change of pace from the usual female victims (my main gripe with last week's episode).

Liked the interaction with Morgan and his aunt--i think he just told her a white lie about Cindy's possible death in order to make her move on with her life.

I was intrigued and amused by Reid's profiling of the bones--though why did he disappear again for the last part of the episode?

The bones look unnatuarally white--mistake?

can't wait for the chat tonight.

Elle313 said...

Unlike some of the previous episodes this season, you could tell that this episode was written by someone who knows and understands the characters - which I found very refreshing!

Since Reid is my favorite character, I enjoyed seeing him back to his old, regular self, including the (*not* exact quotes) 'I can have it (the reconstruction) in two hours', and Hotch saying to 'make it one'.

I also enjoyed seeing more into Morgan's life, and thus, his personality. I think it always adds a continuing dimension to the characters whenever we see/hear more about their personal lives, allowing us to grow *with* the characters as we proceed together from season to season.

The "change in atmosphere" of the unsub search (i.e., the beach) in itself I thought also made the episode more interesting; I think, perhaps, because it made it more "fresh" (like the "Alaska" ep did, if that makes any sense).

I also thought that seeing who the unsub was at the beginning of the ep was a nice change, and wondered how it would pan out, as we saw him continue his "tasks" as the team tried to find him.

(Though I have to say two things crossed my mind when the whole 'powder making people susceptible to suggestions' thing came up:
(1) I hope no unscrupulous person heard this and can get their hands on the powder and tries it in real life, and,
(2) I wonder if that's how magicians "hypnotize" people to get them to do their suggestions. LOL ....MGG??? ;)

The only thing I really didn't like about the ep (and I give the total blame to CBS et al) is the Seaver character. She should not have insight into things that the rest of the team doesn't. I hate to bring up a different show, but NCIS handled new, "less-knowing" characters beautifully - the new characters didn't just suddenly start spewing amazing insights into things, like they seem to want Seaver to do, they had a learning curve - which Seaver *should* but *doesn't* have.

All in all, though, an excellent ep!

CheetoBreath said...

Congratulations to Shemar Moore on his new contract!

Please get Thomas Gibson's contract finalized soon too, CBS!!

Dita Von Chaos said...

This is actually only the second episode of Criminal Minds that I've been able to watch "new". Most of my evenings are filled watching the older episodes on a couple of other channels (A&E, and ION). I have to say it was a bit of a shock to not see AJ Cook or Paget Brewster. The new star, Rachel Nichols, while not a bad actor, seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place being seen by many fans as simply a "fill-in", which, unfortunately, gives the impression that her character doesn't matter. Granted, I haven't seen too many of the episodes Rachel has been in, but I will give her due credit for taking on her roll with the BAU.

On to the episode, "Big Sea", I do definitely see similarities between this case and the "Bay Harbor Butcher" case of Dexter. My question would be, did the writers come up with this story on their own, or was someone taking inspiration from Dexter?

kaitlyn said...

Great great episode reid was excellent again and yes Rachel was good again in this episode. seaver is really stating to hit the ball out of the park.

Anonymous said...

$100k/episode? Yeesh. That's $2.4 mil/year, with summers off! I am clearly in the wrong business.

Anonymous said...

So happy about Shemar being back but could care less about Thomas.

BAU1919 said...

Last Night's episode was good...

To be honest though, its hard to focus on the storyline with the big elephant in the room...well ELEPHANTS!

First off its still driving me NUTS that the team thinks Emily is dead. I HOPE that they learn the truth, whether Paget comes back or not.

And last night all I could think about was how much I am going to be disappointed if Hotch doesn't come back. Happy to hear about Shemar, but dang, the show just won't ever be the same without their leader :(

BAU1919 said...

Read an artcle that Shemar doubled his salary to about 100 grand an episode. Isnt that what TG and JM have been making for the past several seasons?? If Shemar has only been making 50 grand an episode (i use 'only' loosely but its still far less than JM and TG) I don't even wanna know how little AJ,and Paget have been making compared to the rest.

Call me crazy and naive to how the business works, but shouldn't everyone that is doing the SAME job get paid the SAME amount?

Glampire30 said...

Really enjoyed last night's episode.... It was really neat to see the compassion in Morgan with his aunt..... Can't wait for next week's episode :-)

Anonymous said...

No Hotch no CM! No Hotch no CM! No Hotch no CM!!! Thomas MUST get his contract. I cannot imagine CM without Thomas Gibson and I would not watch it if Hotch is gone, or if he is in a new position e.g. Strauss' job whereby we wouldn't see as much of him. Don't get me wrong I am glad Shemar got a good contract. But I am worried about TG's - he is a very popular character and MUST get his contract! Save our guy!

christyzachman said...

I wanted to state how to determine who gets paid more on a show. The star is shown first and is paid the most, in Criminal Minds that was Mandy and is now Joe. The second highest paid is usually the second person shown or the last person if their is a and or with in front of the name, in CM it is Tom. The next high paid person is third in the credits, in CM that was Lola and Paget and after Paget, Shemar. The next highest paid will be Shemar, then Matthews pay and then AJs pay. In the first season, Kirsten was not in the credits because she was only a day player. She worked one day a week. In the current season, Kirsten comes before Rachel in pay, she is the lowest paid.
Pay is determined by the name and how many days an actor is on the set. The highest paid actors are normally well-known when they are hired and are normally on set everyday. They also receive the most lines on the show. When a show has been on for a while the actors who were less known in the beginning have more clout because they have gotten a fan base. That is why Shemar was able to get such a boost in his salary in his new contract.
I believe that the actors on CM do a great in every episode that they do and I enjoy them all. They deserve better promotion and better press agents. They deserve the money that they get.
I hope that Tom signs his contract soon and gets all the money that he deserves because he does a fine job in promoting CM at certain times of the year and deserves everything he gets.

Jill said...

Breaking news? Someone else write in if I am wrong but I think there is an article on TV Guide about NBC saying Paget's pilot was officially passed on.

Unknown said...

I loved this episode, it was fantastic.

Morgan's story was well done and I really felt for him and his aunt.

I loved the case and how they resolved it, the profiling scenes were excellent.

It was nice to be directly taken to the beach with the team already there.
That change of pace was interesting.

I was glad they were able to catch the unsub without killing him.
This show is about studying criminals, how they operate, their motives,...

My favorite scenes are definitely the scenes with Reid at the beginning.
Reid putting his skills to good use is always a treat.
I absolutely loved seeing him using his scientific background.

I was also glad for the Hotch/Reid scenes, I really love them and wish to see more of them.

This season, I think that Reid's potential was wasted.
His only storyline revolved around his headaches, and it was less than gratifying for the character.

I want to see Reid making a difference with his incredible brain, outsmart people and shine with his skills.
And I hope that his more personal moments will be moments with his teammates.

I hope that next season, Reid's scenes (and possible storylines) will focus positively on his intelligence and his value within the team.

Unknown said...

Jill: I see nothing but articles dated last fall when NBC first ordered the pilot. Next wk's hard copy of TV Guide, rec'd earlier this wk does not mention it in their "Can NBC reinvent itself?" despite mentioning other shows; in the "Cheers and Jeers", someone writes in that Forest Whitaker and the CM:SB is "just awful ...and difficult to watch" with all his yelling and racing around.

Hope you hear something soon; I am on pins and needles about Paget and Thomas and am ready to whip out my bib to start drooling anytime you give me the word! Ladies, I propose you do the same and envision a handsome Hotch on your screens anew next fall!

I do not see the URL spot anywhere here but I am:


NYC said...

There is a Deadline article about the NBC pilots that have been ordered and passed on. Paget's has been passed on. There was a lot of strong competition in the comedy field. A couple of the comedy pilots were basically locks for a position on the Fall schedule.

I'm sorry that her pilot was passed on, I truly am, but I would be lying if I were to say that I wasn't thrilled at the possibility of her coming back to CM. I want her to come back so bad.

Blue Sunflower said...

Reid would totally know the anthropology stuff. It's not that off from anything he would say simply looking at x-rays, and I'd bet my eye teeth Reid has enough medical knowledge to read those. Syphillis' effects on the skeleton are well known, thanks to historical figures and the Tuskegee experiments. Knowing the meth effects, also not a stretch. Reid wouldn't even have ever needed to see a *dead* body to know what meth does to a live one (particularly since Reid used the teeth). The arthritis (joints deform), calcium deficiency (bone wouldn't be as dense), and defensive wounds (outside of arm vs inside and how it cracked) also simple stuff to tell. Not to mention, boy went to college and probably took every single class offered. He would have taken biology, anatomy, and anthropology. He was probably a VERY busy teenager, and don't forget he remembers everything. As shown in numerous other episodes, he knows his medical stuff (I'd venture to say he has everything for a MD degree minus the residency work). Also, Reid was born to be a lab rat.

The geology was also super novice. It's basically the Law of Superposition, a Geology 101 tenet. Actually, they teach it in high school - assuming you find one that still offers geology as a course. Bones would be that white. Oceans do that. Try searching for whale bones. :D

Nothing about Reid's profiling this last episode was out of the realm for him in any way. It would actually have been unrealistic IMO if he *hadn't* known.

Also, as someone's who's lost a loved one due to violence, I can tell you knowing is better than not knowing. The second Auntie said "I'll never know, will I?" Morgan - being Morgan - wasn't going to say anything else. Morgan deals everyday with how important it is to give survivors answers and closure - and more importantly (and overpoweringly), he loves his aunt. He'll deal with the consequences if his cousin ever does show up. The mere fact she's still "missing" pretty much indicates either she doesn't want to be found, or she's already dead. It's not like Morgan actually closed her case out, let alone filled out the paperwork to do so. He just told his aunt what she needed to hear so that she could start moving on with her life.

The only real unrealistic issue I saw in the episode was where the bodies were dumped to begin with. Oh, plus Seaver and the actor playing the kid.

sf81387 said...
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sf81387 said...

So I guess we aren't going to get any news on TG's contract situation this week? I'm thinking that with Paget Brewster suddenly available again, Mr. Gibson should probably take whatever's been offered before he finds himself not being offered anything at all. Perhaps unemployment is more appealing than what's been offered? I could see that too. He's probably comfortable financially and doesn't have to work if he can't do so under whatever terms he's wanting to do so.

On another note, I think if I were Rachel Nichols I'd start looking for a new job. It's just too many characters to write for, unless of course TG and the suits can't come to terms, then I guess it'd be okay to keep her around.

Cranks said...

Great episode. I loved seeing all the sides of Morgan that made me fall in love with him. Please more like this.
I felt so sorry for the aunt and she got the closure she needed.... that must have been very difficult for Morgan to do
I found the episode beautifully shot too

CheetoBreath said...

CBS would be CRAZY to let Thomas Gibson walk away. Truth.

sf81387 said...

Thanks for the chat transcript. It was very cool to hear from the experts! I was a total wimp last night and fell asleep before it started so I was excited to see it! Thanks again! : )

sf81387 said...

CBS would be CRAZY to let Thomas Gibson walk away. Truth.

I've gotten to the point where I'm just annoyed and starting to not care anymore. The behind the scenes drama with this show has gone way beyond exhausting. I'm ready for TG and CBS/ABC to just sh*t or get off the pot already. I'm good either way. Just do something so I can know whether I'm sticking around or moving on. Yes, it's all about me ; )

I was so excited to see that CBS picked up JJ Abrams "Persons of Interest". I'd love to make it in addition to CM, but if it has to be instead of CM, I can be happy with that. I love everything that man does. : )

Anonymous said...

Gubegirl: Were you in the chat with Jim, John, and Erica??? My question wasn't in the transcript there but I did ask Erica about the soundtrack. She said that could it be great and she'd look into it!

I love how Jim offers a genuine profiler's perspective to the show! And I love how he also tries to protect the public with it too!

How come I can't just use my name anymore?


Unknown said...

Karen: was not in the chat but skimming the transcript after just returning home : looks like EM herself broached the subject. Will hope to hear from Jill or someone for further directions but I am excited and let's keep each other posted, OK? Will ck back later after dinner (when you're in bed:)


Anonymous said...

Gubegirl: We all got to ask her questions and I was the one who brought up the soundtrack. But she did seem to like the idea based on saying she'd look into it. Yes, we should definitely keep each other posted. And hopefully I'll hear back from some of my e-mails soon as well. Hope dinner's good!


Anonymous said...

Did Blogger just deleted 100+ comments?
I guess. Well, at least the message of error is gone and I can repost.

Either way, I loved the episode. All the Reid, the Hotch and I gotta say, Morgan was terrific. And how sad his "secret" was. I was torn about the lie, but I think I can see it as a good thing more than a bad one.

Still see no need for Seaver, but I think as of today that's become a moot point. Fingers crossed.

Now, about the chat.
I couldn't believe the surprise guest we got and I loved that Erica was there too.
So thank you Jim, John and Erica for your time and for answering all of our questions.
I didn't get to ask Erica a question, but I didn't have to, she brought it up herself, about JJ and Hotch knowing about Emily. And that made my day, I really hope to see how the team will react when they find out.

Seriously, the season is not even over yet and I can barely wait for the new one.

Unless CBS decides that we have had way too many good news recently and decides to do more "fixing" and don't sign a contract with Thomas Gibson.
And then they lose me as a viewer.

CBS, you have a rare opportunity to gain the trust of your viewers back, all that is missing is Thomas Gibson for this to happen, so: SIGN THOMAS GIBSON ALREADY!

CheetoBreath said...

Yes, thank you for the chat transcript. And thanks to JC, JD, and EM for a great chat!

The behind the scenes drama with this show has gone way beyond exhausting.
Couldn't agree more!! And I think many other fans would agree as well.

I love JJ Abrams as well and if he's got a show up against a Hotch-less CM then I too would rather watch the JJ Abrams. And if they keep Seaver and not Hotch, I predict that they will have fans pooping bricks and jumping ship left and right. Bad idea. Very bad idea!! (No offense to Ms. Nichols). Hotch is a very popular and beloved character on the show with a large following while Seaver is new and fairly disliked (again, no offense to Ms. Nichols - it is the fictional character I am talking about here, not the actress.)

How come I can't just use my name anymore?
I heard there was a spammer so I'm guessing this is the preventive measure taken to keep him/her/it from flooding the board again. Sad that other people have to jump through hoops because of a person(s)' idiocy.

amelialor: I love your livejournal.

CBS, you have a rare opportunity to gain the trust of your viewers back, all that is missing is Thomas Gibson for this to happen, so: SIGN THOMAS GIBSON ALREADY!
Couldn't have said it better myself. Enough with the BTS drama, CBS/ABC. It is off-putting and people are getting sick of it, myself included. I will NOT be tuning in to Criminal Minds without Hotch!!

Cranks said...

Folks, don't worry about TG. There's no doubt he's already signed and they're just holding out for a bit of Holywood hype.... my guess is they'll announce it around the finale. Erica Messer is clearly a big TG fan so I can't see him not being here next season

Unknown said...

TY, Karen, for bringing it up and I hope that we get the go-ahead and support for the soundtrack. Have a workshop to teach tomorrow but will check in later to see if any more good stuff has happened; ie, TG, PB or invite to submit our favorite CM music!

Dinner was not too exciting but that's because I was hard at work prepping for my lunch for my workshop tomorrow: Spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, homemade French bread and "Earthquake" cake that smells so-o-o good baking right now I am ready to cut into it tonite-hah!

Calling it a nite, have a great day tomorrow and thanks again for speaking up!

Criminal Minds Fan: when can we use our URL again or are we on guard against the crazies as someone on here mentioned abit ago? What a pain in the a-- people can be...'Nite all!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! I even set up a google account. If it keeps the nutters from the door, so be it. At least CM Fan can track 'em down and leave a cyber version of one of those nice little flaming parcels with that extra special filling on their doorsteps eh?!

Gubegirl - I google image searched Earthquake cake as cake is in my top three favourite foods. I pretty much started licking the screen (imagine Homer Simpson spotting a box of doughnuts) and it's definitely on my "to make and guzzle" list now. Is there a particular recipe you recommend? I have American cooking cups (bought in New York years ago) so it doesn't have to be a Limeyfied recipe in grams.

Loved the chat transcript too - fascinating stuff from the experts. I was amused that my "originally aspired to job" AND current "fell into by chance" job are mentioned as good backgrounds for the BAU. Yeah, I know it's US citizens only, but I'd look good in one of those FBI vests kicking down doors and chasing the crazies! If I learnt sign language and kept my mouth shut nobody would find out.

Anyway, the episode. Enjoyed it! Nice spooky intro, good team interaction, creepy unsub... The type of man you wouldn't notice on the street because he wouldn't stand out as a nutjob - that's what made him all the more creepy.

Wonder if this is Morgan's secret? Lying (for the right reasons - I think) to his Aunt. If that ever comes out it'll be messy. I'd bet he feels extremely guilty about it already.

Reid's bone profiling - some have said it's unrealistic he'd know all that as it's a highly specialised area of expertise. While I understand that and normally I'd agree... but with Reid's capabilities all he'd need to do would be read a few books, attend a couple of lectures and practical workshops and it would all be stored in that big ol' brain forever. Perhaps if he'd been discussing it with a medical examiner or forensic scientist it would have made it more realistic for all?

Looking forward to the finale - my Source is primed!

Finally, I texted my Mum a couple of days ago to say she'd missed a couple of "tieless Hotch" episodes (her and my Dad are out in the middle of nowhere in NE Spain but she'll see 22 & 23 next week), to which I got this reply:

"CM on TV last night in Spanish. Shemar had a nice deep voice, Gubler high and a bit squeaky. Noooo Hotch."

The big round yellow thing in the sky (which we rarely see further north) must be getting to her...

teenybit said...

After my initial viewing of Big Sea, I couldn’t figure out what I’d just seen. I must have been so distracted by Hotch/TG looking pretty, that I did more ogling than paying attention to the action and dialogue, lol. He did look awfully pretty in his tie-less blue shirts and khakis. And the press conference in the dark shades I was a little confused about what had transpired in the episode, so I had to re-watch to get a better handle on the storyline.

I have to agree with sf and some others that there were some leaps made to get to some of the conclusions. I realize there’s less than an hour to tell a story so some of the continuity scenes that would provide clarity were probably left on the cutting room floor. Reid’s ability to determine that the victims were probably given some drug to stabilize their handwriting based on the fact that the postcards appeared to be written without duress was somewhat farfetched. Then to make the leap that it was some powdered substance that was inhaled. I know we have to suspend logic in order to accept that our heroes can solve these crimes in an hour; so for the sake of pacing and suspense, I’m not complaining too much about the liberties the writers’ had to take.

I think Temprance Brennan of Bones would take issue with the fact that her brilliance and much studied field of archaeology can be replicated by someone who can simply read about it in a book. When did Reid acquire this expertise? It was fun to watch, but now it makes me believe that the writers may have Reid performing brain surgery from studying the procedure in a text book.

Seaver being so knowledgeable about nicks on bones indicating the unsub was a sadist; and because Morgan said these cases can be difficult, she automatically knows he lost someone. Add that to her contribution to the profile, the writers’ desire to fast-track Seaver’s development is what makes the character insufferable. She couldn’t possibly be so self-assured; and yes her comments should end in a question mark.

I liked Morgan’s sensitivity to his aunt, and Shemar Morgan characterization in this episode. He displayed just the right balance of emotion and concern and didn’t overplay his scenes.
I enjoyed the episode. It was nice to see the team out of its element; nice to see Hotch in casual wear looking pretty (two episodes in a row). A girl could get use to this.

And for those who notice that Reid disappears towards the end of an episode, it reminds me of the funny interview MGG gave to the Futon Critic, where he basically said he stays away from the physical stuff. He talked about how he and Joe Mantegna don’t even like to drive the SUV. The end of the episode is usually where the team is capturing, taking down the unsub or rescuing the victim. That doesn’t seem to be Reid’s forte or preference; so I’m sure he fine with the fact that his contribution has already been made.


P.S. I guess it was necessary to change how we post to the blog, but it's a shame we had to.

teenybit said...
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teenybit said...

christyzachman said...
"I wanted to state how to determine who gets paid more on a show. The star is shown first and is paid the most, in Criminal Minds that was Mandy and is now Joe. The second highest paid is usually the second person shown or the last person if their is a and or with in front of the name, in CM it is Tom."

I believe Tom Selleck's name is the last name to appear in Blue Bloods's credits, and it follows the "and" like Thomas Gibson's does in CM. However, I'm sure Selleck is the highest paid star on Blue Bloods...Just an observation.

BTW, congratulations to Shemar Moore on his re-signing. I'm happy to see CBS/ABC doubled his salary. He deserved at least that.

I'm sure Thomas Gibson will be re-signed hopefully for at least double or triple his salary based on the fan votes on this blog. It's good to see TPTB finally rewarding our cast for their value.

I'm a little concerned about the delay in announcing TG's re-signing; but I'm sure it has more to do with promotional/marketing value rather than a contentious negotiations. The announcement of SM's re-signing came out the day before the airing of the last CM episode. It may give CM & CBS a promotional/marketing bang to announce TG's re-signing the day before or the day of the airing of the season finale.

In addition, CBS's upfronts are scheduled for the same day as CM's finale, so you get more bang for the buck...just another thought...

Finally, according to Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has officially passed on MLAAE. I wanted Paget's pilot to work out only because it was what she wanted. I hope she comes back to CM where she's loved, adored and supported by the cast, crew and fans. She has been sorely missed.

It would be nice to have CBS announce her return before their upfronts on Wednesday as well. That would be the ultimate in putting the band back together; and demonstrating to the fans that they are serious.


Unknown said...

Blimey: if you found one that inc devil's food cake, with the upside-down icing being the icing sugar, cocoanut, cream cheese, pecans, vanilla and butter, you got it GF! Will let you know how they like it! I used a 13 X 9 pan. Too bad we can't get MGG over here to indulge with us: I would so like to put a few pounds on that boy...

Can't wait to hear PB say
"I'm B-A-C-K...! and maybe TG signed late last nite?

Must not have crushed on Hotch as much as I thought 'cause I missed all the attire or lack thereof you guys are mentioning last Wed. nite.

That can only mean, I am still a Morgan/


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cheetobreath for answering my question! That makes sense after the spammer commented over 100 times on the thread. Not cool.

Gubegirl, I'm so jealous of that Earthquake cake right now! It sounds delicious!

I can't wait for the finale! I just hope I get to watch it! They need to hurry up and resign Thomas or there will be major uproar! And I hope Paget comes back! Fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

As a former HR person, I freak everytime I see someone say "resign" Thomas. They are meaning to have him "re-sign" but to me "resign" is to terminate!

Going for my coffee now to calm down..:)


Profable said...

Wonderful episode : it was well-written and the plot was very good.
I loved the connection between Morgan and his aunt.
I understand why Morgan felt the need to lie to his aunt, not knowing was worse for her than anything else. He managed to give her some closure. Their scenes were bittersweet and felt real.

It was scary to see how the unsub managed to control his victims and their actions.
I was glad the father fought back like he did. The boy will be able to remember his father fighting and trying to save him, giving him a message of strength and love.

The Reid scenes were fantastic. There’s nothing like seeing Reid using his brilliant brain in different ways (and like Morgan once said, he could have done anything in this world with his life, he has a very wide range of capacities, abilities and knowledge).
He can bring so much to the team and I wish we could see that on a much more regular basis. Maybe it could be the object of his storyline in the seventh season ? I sure hope so.

The Morgan/Rossi moments were great, their relationship is always interesting to watch.
Rossi offers his own brand of blunt but sympathetic understanding and comfort. I think that’s what Morgan needed. They work well together, just like Hotch and Reid work well together in their own way.

All in all, a very good episode where everyone was perfectly in character. Thanks to everyone involved (cast, crew, writers,…) !

coadygirl said...

I liked this episode although I'm finding I'm getting tired of seeing kids manipulated and harmed. My imagination had the Dad knifing his kid per the unsubs demand but it didn't work out that way. Thankfully. Clever Reid, we need to see more of his knowledge. That's why Gideon brought him on board in the first place. Just a personal note. If I ever get the chance I'm going to take a couple of links off Reid's watch and let it fit him properly. It's getting to look like a bracelet :)sad to season end but VERY excited to see the new season start.

REW49 said...

So, it's official--NBC did not pick up My Life as an Experiment. Does that mean Paget Brewster will return to Criminal Minds for season 7? I'd like to think "yes" but it is still Paget's decision and it could be no. Maybe AJ Cook's re-signing could be a motivation to get back on board.

What does that mean for Rachel Nichols? Will she stay on or be let go? Personally, I'm a bit indifferent to her character Seaver, but for the sake of the show's future, I'm afraid Seaver has to go.

teresah said...

OK. For now just trying to get myself on here

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