Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Criminal Minds: A message from Erica Messer, showrunner of Criminal Minds, about this evening's season finale and Andy Swan, of blessed memory!

Dear Fans,

As you watch tonight's finale, you'll hear a name that means so much to all of us in the CM family. Andy Swan.

For those of you who don't know, Andy was with us from the beginning of the series. He was Al's right hand man in props and Gubler's counterpart in the 'Matthew Gray Gubler Unauthorized Documentary' internet series. Most importantly, he was a devoted husband and father who was adored by everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

Writing this in the past tense is heartbreaking. Andy died in February just one year after his diagnosis. He had an aggressive form of cancer. One that took him way too soon.

Tonight's finale is dedicated to his memory. There were bigger plans to see his name on screen but they didn't pan out. So... naming a character after him was the only thing I could control. The script had every character saying Andy Swan. The final cut lost a few. I'd love to know how many times it's actually said... maybe we can all listen for it tonight and smile in memory of a great man, a great friend and a father and husband who will be very, very missed.

All of the proceeds from tonight's script will be given to Andy's family.

Thank you again for hanging in there this season.

Happy Hiatus!
Erica Messer