Thursday, January 01, 2009


2009. When Criminal Minds started, there weren’t a whole lot of people that would have bet we’d be ringing in 2009 at all, much less comfortably in the top ten. But here we are, bustling along, still getting the opportunity to make a show with a family we all love.

And we only get to do it because of the fans and, more specifically, our amazing “Fanatics”, who support us week in and week out. Always know that we immensely appreciate every one of you and your amazing support of the staff, cast and crew.

We all read the blog and the updates and sometimes it’s a topic of conversation the next day on set (for example, the beauty shot of Andre, our effects guy, got a lot of mileage since he’s nowhere near that pretty in real life!).

One of the greatest (and most unexpected way back in 2004 when we were just starting out) aspects of my Criminal Minds experience has been the chance to get to know the people that watch the show. Thanks for being you.

I’d like to wish all of you an amazing New Year with loads of love and happiness. And always remember: Dream big and then GO FOR IT!

Much love and respect –