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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Soul Mates" written by Deb Fisher and Erica Messer and directed by John Gallagher.

Soul Mates" -- The BAU team suspect a member of an affluent community in Atlanta is responsible for the disappearance of a local young woman and that the suspect may have worked with an accomplice.

***Spoilers are in the comments! Beware!***

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so-o-o ready for a new epi - sounds wonderful! Altho' seeing Sex, Birth and Death on A&E last Fri nite and the surprise rerun of this season's "Angel Maker" last Sat nite have kept me going. Seeing something from earlier seasons reminds me of how long I have loved this show and how I continue to be amazed at the consistent quality of the new ones and writers' and actors' ability to keep us in suspense every Wed. nite - I love it!

I have converted my sister, two girlfriends and my daughter so far this season and it is so fun to look forward to each new epi and then discuss it afterward - almost just like a book club that I don't have time to do!

Anonymous said...

One hour and 12 minutes to go! I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...


The episode opened fast and quick. Straight into the case. That's new. Local police arrest Wayne Harris infront of his family and some teens and then BAM there is Hotch, Rossi and Morgan. Not expecting such a fast start. This is going to be really good!

Anonymous said...

Detective: Where did you find him? ( referring to Reid )

Rossi: He was left in a basic on the steps of the FBI.

LOL! That cracked me up so hard!

Anonymous said...

left in a basket not a basic

Anonymous said...

best cm line ever!

' he was left in a basket on the steps of the fbi '

said by rossi about reid.

how funny. loving it so far.

Anonymous said...

I liked that line but I really liked Garcia telling Reid that she is always in control sweet cheeks.

I like opening with the case going full force.

Who is the actor playing the unsub? He is great.

EF said...

What else has the daughter been in? Her face is so familiar...I can't find the name of the actress on this site.

Anonymous said...

Mirror black and white alpha male psychos. Interesting that Rossi and Morgan called it perfectly. And Hotch saying the unsub partner would show himself to the family. Damn commercials. I wonder if the daughter will figure it out. The wife seems clueless or in massive denial. This is a very good episode.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the wife want to put the house up for the bail? There has to be something about that because they honed in on it.

Jordan is doing a much better job. I like the way she handled the neighbor in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

i have 2 hours tell show time

Ztivokreb said...

I like how we started in the thick of things...the arrest is being made in the beginning of the ep..but wait, not everything is open and shut. Morgan, doing his best to keep his tempter..Reid scrambling to decipher the love notes...Prentis Hotch and Rossi running back and forth....and of course, the wife refuses to believe anything bad of her husband, even though she knows better.

Great episode.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is great going back to back with him. Baiting each other. Loved it when Morgan told him not to call him boy. Don't make Morgan mad.

The white dude is creepy. Creepier than Harris.

Anonymous said...

Using music to communicate. How smart is that. The dude lives right next door. Loved it when Rossi told him they knew the partner's name. Totally great.

Anonymous said...

TMF took his daughter. Hell, I wasn't ready for this twist. He is going to kill his partner's daughter. Now the wife is upset. Little late. The actors in this episode are superb.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

The daughter was on Heroes last season, as the girl who could imitate anything she saw.

I liked this one. Morgan was on fire.

Phoenix said...

Well done overall. The acting by all was great--as usual. Nice twist at the end.

New favorite line: "He was left in a basket on the steps of the FBI"
That rates right up there with "pipe cleaner with eyes".

Anonymous said...

OMG was a GREAT episode! I absolutely love pissed off Morgan! What a wonderful job they all did.

Anonymous said...

Ok heres a recap of the Epi

It starts out the typical upscale family going about a day. When teh father is arrested as a lynk in a young girl taht has gone missing named Missy upon futher examination of teh father named Willam we learn he is a lawyer who has had a rape case dropped in Alanta the town the family was previously in. Upon futher investigation of the fathers computer record it is discovered that he has been chating with a Steven who is a white man same socal sit as Willam. Together they have raped and killed four girls. But when Willam learns that Steven has his daughter he fears that he might hurt her and helps the FBI. Bring Steven in. Which in turn causes Willams family life to go south.
Thats the rough recap of this epi

Phoenix said...

Huge thanks to Erica, Deb and John for the great chat this evening. It's always a treat. Please come again!

Kirsten said...

Sooo happy to have had a new episode! Thanks to the 'gruesome twosome' for a fast-paced classic, complete with Rossi's soon-to-be-famous line about Reid being left on the steps of the FBI. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I loved that we started this episode already knowing that a suspect, William Harris, is already in custody. But the object of this episode was to find out the why and to find the latest victim. It starts with the interrogation and collecting evidence. The team determines, after the latest victim is found murdered, that their suspect has a partner. I really appreciated how Prentiss and Hodges tiptoed around the interviewing of Harris' family. I thought it was interesting how they made the partner almost identical in mannerisms and life. By midway through the episode, Harris becomes very arrogant and very scary. The banter between William and Derek was intense. I thought the use of music lyrics was creative especially after figuring out the partner, Baleman lived right next door. The fact that Andrea, Harris' daughter was taken was pretty predictable. The confrontation between Sharon Harris and her husband was emotional. The look on Andrea's face upon the realization that her father was a murderer was powerful. This episode just showed exactly why we watch this show. Fanominal!

Kirsten said...

Ooops, forgot to say a big thank you to the ladies and to John G for coming to chat with us! Always great to hear your insights into our fabulous epi's. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved the line about Reid being left in a basket on the steps of the FBI. I also liked the look Reid gave Morgan when Morgan asked him if he was sure. Come on Morgan. Reid is always sure. Fun lines mixed into a great episode.

Anonymous said...

It took me a few seconds to realize I had not missed the opening. It all happened so quickly but I liked it. I like getting to the case so quickly and then working out how we got to that point.

When Garcia told them Steven lived next door I think I squeaked. You knew who it was as soon as he showed up as the savior when the car was ruined but finding out that he lived next door was still shocking.

I think they loved each other and didn't just need each other. I think they loved each other because they love themselves and they are carbon copies of each other. Interesting.

Superior casting. All of the guest stars did a wonderful job. Top notch.

Anonymous said...

Now we know that Reid is a pipe cleaner that was left in a basket. God I love our writers. And of course REID.

jackie said...

Thank you so much to Erica; Deb;
and John for yet another awesome
episode, and for joining us in
tonights chat to answer all of
our many questions. You guys truly
I want to say, that i loved this
episode from beginning to end.
It kept me on my toes and the edge
of my seat trying to figure out
if William really did kill those
women, or if he was truly innocent.
It had great team interaction,
and all the team members played
an integral part all the way from
beginning to end.
I do have to say, that i loved
the line about Reid that was
exchanged between the detective
and Rossi. The detective asked
Rossi "Where did you find this
kid", and Rossi said "He was
left in a basket on the steps
of the FBI". That was priceless.
I couldn't stop laughing.
Again, i loved this episode,
and i can't waite for next
weeks new episode. I also can't
waite for the next Deb/Erica
episode. Thanks again guys
for the awesome episode!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode!!! The guest actors were great, and played creepy good! (heh)

Anonymous said...

The opening was sneaky. They lulled us into the peaceful pictures of Sarasota and the water and then wham! I was looking at the shoreline and the houses thinking how pretty it was and then here comes the arrest and the BAU. Great fake! It was surreal that the teenagers were discussing the case when the police showed up to arrest him. Their comments about the ages and races of the dead girls was very foreshadowing. They nailed it. I felt so sorry for the daughter. When she pieced it together and was standing their with the dad she loved and had trusted it was really sad. He destroyed his family but thankfully he stepped up to save her life. What a monster.

Anonymous said...

very enjoyable episode... loved how it started with so much intensity . Having Morgan & Rossi do the interrogation was a nice touch.. great to see them work together . Every member of the team moved the case forward.. and there were a lot of great lines, too. Believable unsub,, as well.. someone you would least suspect, a family man with a normal life , but that is often the case in real life.
Great Episode... and thank you for joining us in the chat room and sharing your insights

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Deb and Erica and John Gallagher for joining us in the chat after the episode. All the writers are so wonderful to us bu joining us and letting us pick their brains, and having the director of the episode with us was an extra special treat. Deb, Erica, and John do great work!

The episode was wonderful, creepy, and thought-provoking. Everything we love about CM. The case was very interesting and the team really worked together on this one.

There's still a lot I want to process on this one and watch it again, but here are a few things I really liked:

Hotch and Emily talking to the mother and daughter. The daughter was really snippy to Emily, but she listenend to what Emily had to say and figured out who her father's partner was because of what Emily said to her. The mother was in total denial. She knew but she didn't want to know, so she dismissed her daughter's telling her that Steven might be her father's partner.

Morgan and Rossi interrogating William was a thing of beauty. Wiliam really was a piece of work, smugly smiling, knowing he was going to get out of jail, and being a real smart ass. I really wanted to smack him with his self-satisfied smiles and snarky comments. Boy did he make Morgan mad when he called him "boy"!

The camera-work between Reid and the journal pages on the board was really well-done. It really showed Reids' process in evaluating the writing styles and getting clues from the text.

I also liked the flashbacks going from black and white into color. It really symbolized the memory beginning and then full recollection. That was a very nice effect.

I absolutely loved it when the COTW asked Rossi where they got Reid and Rossi says completely straight-faced "he was left on the steps in a basket at the FBI." What a great line and an instant classic.

Garcia was wonderful, but there wasn't enough of her. There never is. I liked the scened where she worked with Reid and Emily to figure out the song lyrics William and Steven used to signal one another that they had another victim, especially when she sent the feed of the song to the team and they instantly recognized it. That woman is amazing!

Jordan had a very small part this week, but she handled the neighbor well, and seems to have recovered from Normal.

There was a really nice balance of each of rest of the team members this week, all working toward finding the accomplice.

Deb, Erica, and John did it again! Thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seats once again.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode but can we do something about MGG's hair. It wasn't working for me tonight. Great team effort. Left on the steps in a basket. *g*

Ann said...

Awesome epsiode! The writing was great, the casting was great, the suspense was great, everything was just great :). And I want to echo everyone's thanks to Deb, Erica, & John for chatting w/ us tonight!

Anonymous said...

Just watched it. I hate basketball. Since when is it more important than Criminal Minds!! (stomps her foot)

Really first rate episode. I loathed him. Not even him saving his daughter made me the slightest bit sympathetic towards him.

He was so smug. I wanted Morgan to wipe that smug off of his face. Rossi was sharp tonight and Todd is growing on me.

Anonymous said...

I also miss Garcia's humor! And not a lot of Hotch in the last few episodes.. I'm start to miss a bit mmore hotch too!

But I loved the episode!

I was afraid for another to much victim/unsub scenes instead of the bau after paradise a bit but I'm glad that wasn't the case! And for our writers! Another great episode! They keep surprising me :D

The intro that was different from other episodes! The perfect neighboorhood at first after that the arrest of the perfect dad... Then Hotch asking what the local law enforcement dude was doing.. I found myself in doubt if he was the unsub or not. Until Morgan talked to the local detective.. About needing to break him in order to save the victim... I liked the way we got introduced to this episode!! refreshing!

I hadn't read anything about the episode nor did I see the promo but the title of the show gave away enough for me to wait until they had found a partner of the unsub. And since I like to be surprised I had hoped to see a bit less spoilering title for the episode!

The main cast is as yummy as always :P I love the acting of the guests! And since I like to watch heroes I was surprised to see a "Hero". :D

The joke about the basket made me almost pie my pants! But I found it a bit to much to say something like that to someone you also need to keep as a proffesional "friend". But it really cracked me up! I liked Reid and giving a load of statistics again! Makes him Reid again. I know his character grew a lot in the past few years but as not much of a Reid fan I found it cool to see some of his dorky statistics again! That just makes his character!

I have also noticed that we haven't seen a lot of Hotch/Morgan pairing up together after Mayhem. I wonder is that is just a coinsidence or if there is more behind it!

Ohw almost forgot I loved the case... Makes me wonder about my family and neighbours for a moment :P

Anonymous said...

Just to add something:

Hotchner saying: "You know we thing we know the ones we love, but everyone can keep secrets." I had the feeling that there was more behind that sentence!

Or I could be desperate for a Hotch centric episode!! :P :D ;)


Anonymous said...

Deb, Erica and John - first of all, thank you for an excellent episode. I will never look at my nice neighbors the same way again! And thank you so much for coming to chat with us last night. It is a lot of fun to learn the nuances and to hear about how you created the ep, why you did things. It is a real treat!

Okay, I loved the episode. The opening totally threw me off...I thought I was on the wrong channel..but it had that CM look, so I wasn't sure until the team arrived.

The interrogation scenes were intense. I just wanted to smack William. What a creep. Morgan and Rossi were excellent. I enjoyed seeing an unsub who could stand his ground...match wits...shake them up a bit. Great dialogue.

I loved the scenes that showed Reid working out the love letters and how clever to use lines from songs to communicate. D & E, you are brilliant!

Of course, I loved the line about Reid arriving in a basket on the steps of the FBI and Garcia's sweet cheeks line. So her!

I thought the actress who played the daughter did a fabulous job with her body language. The looks she was throwing around...lethal. For a while, I wondered whether she could be the partner because her reactions were so strong.

And how devasting would it be to find out that your husband...father...was a rapist and a murder. Your life evaporates before your eyes. You'd doubt everything that ever happened. You'd probably feel guilt for not realizing and/or doing something about it. Great psychological stuff.

I'm breathing a big sign of contentment over this episode.

Anonymous said...

I second the YAH that the show is back and I am so happy it came back with a great episode. We had to wait a long time for a new one but I think it was worth it.

Reid + Basket= Too funny for words.

Also, did anyone catch Rossi talking about wifes becoming boring? I wonder if he was talking from experience since he was married several times.

They were soul mates without any soul.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds - Soulmates

I have to say, that I’m dissapointed somehow. The episode has s a great story line, but I was missing the observation of the unsubs house. I looked at the place aruond the house and no police car was present around neighbourhood. This should be a rutine. Prentiss even told the girl, he second unsub could possibly show up at the house. It’s not professional to leave the decision to the mother and girl if they have notice something out of order if they are in such denial if everything happening. I know there has to be a fight and saving of the last victim at the end of all episodes, but that kind of mistake can be deadly in real life. I can’t belive that the FBI can make mistakes like that, even the local police. Altought is was one of the best episodes of the show I really missed that kind of focusing at the little real details of the case. If they had cached the other unsub, the episode could be more even more thrilling, by confronting them int he local office or quiestion them both in the polica office next to each other in separate rooms. The team could have saved a victim in the yacht at the end captured by the second unsub, it could have been also a release.

Anonymous said...


Just because you couldn't see the house being watched doesn't mean it wasn't being. When the police stack out a house I think they try to be invisible and in this case they were wanting to see if the partner reached out to the family. They were sure he would. I think it was Rossi who said the partner would need to reach out because he would want info and the family was the only way to get it. Since they wanted to see if he showed up then it reasons that they would hide while they covered the house.

There was so many good inter personal team moments in the episode. Hard to list them all. I have come to really like Rossi and Morgan working together. I agree with those who said that Jordan seems to have hit her comfort zone. Small part for her in this one but she showed the same level of understanding with the family and the neighbors as JJ would have.

Anonymous said...

I really loved it. I was reading some comments on another site and people were moaning that there wasn't enough Reid. I'm a Reid lover too but the show has many characters and it can't always focus on Reid. I thought his parts were great. He seems to have matured this season. More confidence. And the basket! Best line ever! Up there with calling him a pipecleaner

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy! People are never happy if their favorite character isn't front and center. I like the episodes, like this one, where the whole team cracks it. The only exception is Garcia. There just is never enough of our fav tech goddess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Deb, Erica and John Gallagher for joining us in chat!

The episode was realistic in that when a suspect (unsub) is brought in for questioning, there is sometimes very little known about them or the crime in question. It takes many hours for some people to reveal anything, and some never do. Harris had such a large ego he just had to spar with Morgan and Rossi. He could have said nothing at all but he liked feeling he was in a position of superiority.

Lots of dialogue and losts of closeups to give us the feel of a real interrgation. Nice job.

Great guests, and kudos to Joe and Shemar for their work on the interrogation.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Repeat next week. Suicide anyone!


Anonymous said...

I really loved this episode...the actings were amazing..that i almost teared up!!!

Anonymous said...

This was a really great episode. Moved quickly and kept me on the edge of my seat. Imaginative, tense, and well-acted, as usual. I liked coming into the middle of a case in progress.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode! I'm with Phoenix - the line about Reid being left in a basket immed made me think of the pipecleaner with eyes line many epis ago - not flattering but endearing, nonetheless - don't worry Reid, you may be way too skinny and way too smart, but we LOVE you anyway!

Which reminds me of Morgan asking Reid if he "was sure?" Reid NEVER speaks unless he is sure, we Reid luvers know that, our boy is always right! and the look they exchanged makes you realize they both know it, too!

I also loved Morgan being highly agitated in this show - when he spoke to Harris about his beautiful wife and daughter, I couldn't help but think how much Morgan would love to have a family, despite his sometimes macho,and stud-muffin demeanor, down deep, he is very much a family guy, don't you think?

The lines Rossi used on Harris about the excitement of meeting a new female "the first kiss, smelling her freshly shampooed hair" (not exact, prob'ly) made me think the same thing I think Lettie said: he who has had several wives speaks from experience!

Garcia may not get as much air time but she always blows us away with her skills and great lines - she is a classic and long after this show is gone (hopefully no time soon!) she will be remembered.

Meta was also much more calm and professional, small role last nite, but good. Still glad JJ is coming back, tho'!

I loved the black/white theme and the way Rossi and Morgan worked it and came up with the profile and Reid doing all his usual "techie" stuff on the wall.

And have you ever in your life seen as many hair styles on a guy in your life? Most guys couldn't pull this off in their LIFETIME let alone within 2-4 years like MGG does. We may not like them all, but that hair of his is indeed amazing, I must admit and probably is his trademark, wouldn't you say?

Gotta go, good to blog, love CM and everybody connected to it and all of you fellow CM fanatics!

Lola said...

Great episode! My favourite moment was the line about Reid and the basket.

Anonymous said...

Where was the plane in the beginning? I don’t like it when they jump into the middle of action, but I liked all the rest of the episode, especially the pace and the intense profiling work. The story reminded me a bit too much of ‘The Last Word’. The line about Reid being left in a basket on the steps of the FBI was hilarious. He needs a haircut though, looked like a girl from the 80s tonight. Morgan was great interviewing the suspect, and I liked his teaming up with Rossi. Hotch seemed very tense once again and when he talked about loved ones keeping their secrets I sensed his betrayal by Haley seeping through once again. The ladies were especially pretty tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this episode takes the phrase,"love your neighbor" and "like a good neigbor" to new extremes!!! And here I thought they were just good for gardening tips!
Lots of strong character moments for the BAU. Morgan was sparring mano a mano with that smug unsub. There was more hard-hitting action than a heavyweight championship at the MGM Grand! Emily and Hotch were very compassionate with trying to make the wife and daughter see beyond their defensiveness and realize what was really happening. Reid was embedded at the police station with a huge pot of coffee presumably nearby, doing his usual brilliant cryptography, complete with all his variations of puzzled looks. I have a theory that his hair is slicked back for episodes dealing with pedophiles(P911,Minimal Loss)so that his Leave It to Beaver Vibes can counteract all that bad pedophile mojo.
Great episode Deb, Erica, and John!!! Sorry to not be able to make it to the chat to catch some of the nuances especially when there is again a sense of poetic justice in this episode.

Anonymous said...

I am a shemar fan, but when this first started I thought this was going to be a reid show. nothing against reid but it wasn't, they all played a part. That was so good. but my favorite moment was during the interrogation of the unsub by mogan and rossi. Those are the parts I keep watching. Shemar is just getting better and better and better. great show.

Anonymous said...

Another intense offering, with another good performance by the guest star playing the unsub, and another worthy interrogation involving Morgan.

We're very familiar by now with how the team tracks down a perpetrator, but this episode focuses on something different -- how an investigator breaks down the criminal and gets him to compromise himself. The identification of the suspect is largely bypassed. It's similar to the mind game between Rossi and Rothschild in "Masterpiece", but in that episode, the unsub happily admits his own guilt.

As in "Normal", we find out quite a lot about the life of the murderer of the week. He appears to be an upstanding but workaholic husband and father, until we find out how he really fills his time. In interrogation, he is arrogant and dismissive, relying on his lawyerly expertise to suss out that they have very little on him. At first, Rossi and Morgan appear to be swinging at thin air. At the same time, though, Harris reveals himself as entirely unempathetic even when confronted by photos of the victims, smirking at times, so the authorities are actually reassured that they have the right man even as he tries to humiliate them. His attempt to manipulate Morgan using race issues is outstandingly badly conceived, because by then Harris has alienated everyone so thoroughly that there is no longer any way to identify with him. This is a man who, when confronted by certain danger to his own daughter, actually has to think about it before helping her.

The portrayal of his partner was less remarkable. Although creepy, he was less compelling than their weird psycho murderers' club itself. But for Reid's persistent efforts with forensic linguistics, it might have gone undetected altogether since the last victim died when Harris was in custody. It is dysfunctional, intricate, incomprehensible, and in the end fragile despite its intensity, since the team breaks it apart merely by introducing suspicion into their relationship.

The wife and daughter's relationships with Harris were interesting. The daughter is naturally unwilling to believe the worst of her father, but she's too smart not to. She does fail Slasher Movie 101, though -- "I suspect my dad's a murderer, and our neighbor is his partner in let me follow him!" The wife initially appears to refuse to believe the accusations as well, but the coincidence of the prior rape charges and the current sex-murder accusations proves too much, and she never goes through with borrowing against the house to provide him bail. It appears to be a complete surprise to Harris that she's no longer in the palm of his hand.

My only real knock against the episode is that the partner isn't more suspicious when Harris shows up to claim his daughter. If he already thinks Harris is betraying him, it seems unlikely that he wouldn't guess he was wearing a wire.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think that Hotch was alluding to Hailey having had an affair when he refered to people having secrets?

kelltrek said...

The episode was good, but we have now had 2 episodes where the vast majority of the screen time is devoted to the unsubs and a lot less to the team. The team was also split up into smaller groups - Morgan and Rossi, Hotch and Prentice, Garcia and Reid and Todd kind of floating around on their own. I personally like the interaction of the team as they work through problems and bounce ideas and theories off each other. I really like the plane scenes and the conference room scenes, they really give much more of a feel for the profilers and are usually revealing for bits of back story.

Once we found out that the 2nd unsub knew the family, I thought that something was sure to happen, but I thought that it would involve the wife, not the daughter. For all of the people who can't believe that the wife could be so dense, remember, people see what they want to see and ignore the rest.

All in all, an OK episode, but give me more 'team time'.

Anonymous said...

First of all a huge thanks to Deb, Erica, and John Gallagher for the great chat last night.

An awesome episode! Loved the "he was left in a basket on the doorstep of the FBI"...truely a classic right up there with Oanh Ly's "pipecleaner with eyes"...

The scene where the father was getting ready to practice driving with his daughter reminded me of when i was learning with my dad..he said almost the same thing...

The scene at the end when she finds out that her father was a killer after denying it was excellently done...I admit I shed a tear or two..

Another amazingly written and executed episode!

Laura_G said...

Yet another great episode from the guresome twosome! You girls Rock!

Thanks to Erica, Deb and John for coming to chat!!!!

Walburga Benker said...

Yeah, CM is back. Deb and Erika, thanks so much for this ep .
It was creepy never thought it would be the neighbour. Lots of good dialogue, specialy the one from Reid and the basket. Great acting from all.
I´m with BlueCurl, so little Hotch moments. Maybe more at the next ep.?
I´m looking forward to the next week.

Anonymous said...

moment of the show was when William Harris realised his wife (who previously has done everything he asked rather than have to face the truth) hadn't posted bail. suddenly his intellect and arrogance fell away and we saw him for the creep he was. it was the flip of his outrageous confidence when Missy was found murdered during his questioning, and he said "Told you so ...".

how he managed to separate in his mind the girls he was raping and killing from his own daughter chills me to the bone, but that is the lack of empathy that so often comes up in CM.

and so often the 'unsub' turns out to be a loner with no genuine connections nor family - trying to imagine how a supposedly ordinary family copes in the aftermath of the revelation will haunt me for a long time.

fave Reid moment: "... one guy uses dashes while the other uses ellipses (triumphant laugh that no one else understands)". ah, Reid the Dweeb lives!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. The unsub seemed like the perfect father,esp.when he was teaching his daughter to drive. I felt so bad for her when her father was arrested. I thought she was a smart girl up until she decided to follow unsub#2 by herself. She was just asking to be grabbed.her father was real piece of work. How he could do that without thinking of his daughter was just evil.

I liked the interrogations but he was so smug I wanted to see Rossi or Morgan throw him against the wall(but then that would have screwed the case).

I truly think that it was Reid and Garcia's brainwork that broke the case. Reid's linguistics told the BAU that there were two Unsubs and Garcia's computer magic found the 2nd unsub,while unsub #1 was playing games with Rossi and Morgan.

I felt so bad for the girl when she thought her father saved her and then realized that everyone was right about him. I can't imagine that feeling of betrayal.

i did love the lighter mooments, both at Reid's expense(the basket line from Rossi and the sweet cheeks line from Garcia.) Unlike other people,I thought Reid looked beautiful in this episode. I have no problem with his long hair.(I love long hair on guys) It was better than the short hair and glasses in season 2.

Anonymous said...

That was one of the best episodes all season. It was a great way to begin the new year. I especially enjoyed the ending where they used William to draw Steven out after Steven kidnapped William's daughter. It was a fine directing job and written story. I think that the directors should do more storylines like this later in the season. I didn't want to miss a minute of it. I liked how the episode starting with them arrested one of the unsubs and the episode focusing around catching the other. To have two dominant personalities was something new as well. The actors also did a really good job. Shemar Moore's character Derek Morgan had a nice back and forth with the suspect as did Joe Mantegna's character David Rossi. Showing more of the family than the investigation was a nice twist too. It showed how their investigations can just completely ruin and wreck families. It also shows how you really don't know your neighbors which is somewhat scary because it could truely happen to anyone at anytime. Yet again Dr. Reid was back at the board decoding and deciphering. I thought it was funny when the officer asked Rossi where they found him and he answered that Reid was dropped at the door of the FBI. The show is starting to have more humor than when Mandy Patikson was on the show. Really in my opinion this episode was another great installment of the best season yet.


Anonymous said...

This show was different from other shows. Most of the time, there is a crazy unsub out there. Here, there was a normal family man. I wondered if they had the right man. The writers obviously planned it that way. Not until we saw the two unsubs together was it definite that these were the killers.

It is a good thing that this show has not become to formulatic. A job well done by all.

Great episode!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he was trying to save his daughter. I think he just wanted to see his partner one last time. I know they argued but once he was caught he knew his partner would reach out to his family and he showed no concern for them at that point. Once he was told that his partner had his daughter he realized that he wasn't going to walk away from these crimes like he did the rapes in Atlanta and I think he needed that last thrill of being with his partner even if it was to argue. The emotion he showed when his daughter realized that her dad didn't save her but was really guilty of the crimes said it all to me. He was so self absorbed and proficient at lying his way through life that he thought he could make things right with his daughter. Wrong of course but he was a true sicko. I really believe he needed that last rush with his mirror image.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas without new CM episodes were soo long, I couldn't wait for this ep and this one was brilliant, I love you CM!

Anonymous said...

i really like this one. i like the comment about reid. i felt sorry for the mans family. i like how they just got into the case. rossie and morgan work so good together.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

Love how we got into the action from the get go, it gave a certain rhythm of urgency to the episode that unfortunately isn't sustain through the episode.

Micheal Boatman who played William Harris was very good. He oozed arrogance, self assurance,so sure that his partner would not give him up.

Loved the interrogation scene. Shemar Moore did a great job as Morgan in those scenes, showing
Morgan contempt for Harris and what he did.

Strange dynamic between the mother and her daughter during the interview conducted by Hotchner and Prentiss. The daughter was the one who did answers the FBI agents questions, she was very in control as if she was the woman of the house.

One thing I like from CM is the humor, little lines here and there that gets me smile, Reid to Garcia 'you seems to be in control' Garcia 'I'm always in control sweet cheeks' other just made me laugh out loud, about Reid, cop to Rossi 'Where did you find this kid?'Rossi 'he was left in a basket on the step of the FBI'

A killing team, two men abducting, raping and killing young girls who act and think as a couple as if they were lovers, good observation from Morgan 'if you two got it on all those women would still be alive'

Oh poor Hotch, he speaks from experience when he says to Harris wife 'You know, we think we know the one we love, but everybody can keep secrets'

Those who says there was no profiling in this episode, look again there was plenty of it! It was in Harris interrogation, in Harris wife and daughter interviews, in Reid going through Harris emails to his partner etc..

Creepy moments was when Harris is thinking about some past event where he and his partner are looking at a poor girl whose been tied and got some duck tape to her mouth to shut her up and she is laying in the trunk of a car, she is crying and Harris looks at his partner and gives him this smile that says 'we both knows how this will proceed' You can see in his smile how truly evil he is. That more than anything else in this episode gave me the creepy! What a truly depraved pair! Even Morgan, who does sees his share of depraved individuals as a BAU agent was disgusted by Harris. That interrogation was the best part of the episode for me. Kudos goes to Shemar, Joe and Micheal Boatman for those scenes.

Only problem I had with episode was the daughter following her dad partner. Up until then she was an interesting character who did things that made sense but then she sees that guy going out after a fight with his wife and she follows him? Since she knew that he fitted what the FBI had told her and her mom to look out for, why didn't she call the police?
Knowing what they did, why did she follow? I know that since the BAU wasn't breaking Harris the writers needed to get Harris to give up the partner so the only way was to have Harris daughter becoming a victim. That was too easy but it gave us another great scene with Morgan and Rossi asking Harris why he isn't running for the door to save his daughter!

So, I did like this episode, it wasn't the best of the season but it was a solid, good episode. Good work Deb and Erica!


LoraLee said...

Thank you Deb and Erica for what sounds like a great episode (I'm a victim of American Idol and CTV and can't watch until tonight) and thanks for coming to the chat, I love it when I/we get the chance to interact with you guys.

I can't wait to see Morgan and Rossi tagteam the unsub and even not having seen it yet the "He was left in a basket ..." will be one of my all-time favorites, as will "... one guy uses dashes while the other uses ellipses" (thanks for posting that mscass) I'm a legal proofreader and can identify my typists by just those factors (I also know they're different and when each are approriate, so I understand the "triumphant laughter").

Anonymous said...

With every CM episode, I learn something new: about crime, personality disorders, m.o.'s, etc. But reading this blog the last few days has made me wonder what "ellipsis" were and I kept meaning to google it. Loralee (the most recent blog) finally made me do that and I realize I do that all the time but never knew what it was called! Just goes to show, you can learn something new every day!

I totally get Reid's satisfaction in discovering this in his analysis and can now laugh, too. And they can leave Reid in a basket on my doorstep anytime...

Anonymous said...

Once again great acting and a great script. The unsub's family dynamic was especially fascinating. One thing I've missed once again, letting Hotch do the interrogation. Why so often Morgan and Rossi? I like Reid in interrogations because it's cool to watch this whiz kid taking on ice-cold criminals. But I really, really, really miss seing Hotch doing interrogations. Common guys, give this man some screen time that doesn't involve beating him up psychologically. Thank you for another great episode.

Anonymous said...

Once again great acting and a great script. The unsub's family dynamic was especially fascinating. One thing I've missed once again, letting Hotch do the interrogation. Why so often Morgan and Rossi? I like Reid in interrogations because it's cool to watch this whiz kid taking on ice-cold criminals. But I really, really, really miss seing Hotch doing interrogations. Common guys, give this man some screen time that doesn't involve beating him up psychologically. Thank you for another great episode.

Anonymous said...

I needed to watch it again before posting. I liked it the first watch but really liked it even more after the second watch.

The dynamics of the partners' relationship was so interesting. That they found each other in such a benign way is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Rossi line, He needed to say goodbye, was chilling. The ending had nothing to do with his daughter. I thought it did on the first watch but now I realize it that he was trying to have one more rush.