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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Bloodline" written by Mark Linehan Bruner and directed by Tim Matheson

"Bloodline" -- Agent Prentiss (Paget Brewster, left) talks with a girl, Cate Hale (Adair Tishler, right) who was abducted by a strange family but then released.

**Spoiler will be in the comments. Beware! ***

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Deirdre said...

I think this episode looks really interesting. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I think that this episode is Emily centric... :)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that this is only Tuesday? How can that be?

Poopy damn...can't wait for Wednesday...

Looks like a great and very unusual (like last week!) storyline!

Anonymous said...

Happy CM Day everybody!!!

14 hours and counting...

Anonymous said...

2H02 hours before CM, yeah!


Anonymous said...

Whoa...creepy kid... like "In Name and Blood"

Anonymous said...

that. was. AWESOME. personally, the best ep so far this season. and how about hotch taking names and kicking butt? ive never seen that side of him before... i wonder if it was an interrogation technique, or if he was legit ticked off? hmmm... i wonder if jack was on his mind too? really though, this one was great. real intense. i love wednesdays :)

Anonymous said...

that. was. AWESOME. personally, the best ep so far this season. and how about hotch taking names and kicking butt? ive never seen that side of him before... i wonder if it was an interrogation technique, or if he was legit ticked off? hmmm... i wonder if jack was on his mind too? really though, this one was great. real intense. i love wednesdays :)

Unknown said...

Wow!!!! That was Awesome!!!!!!

A family thats kills togther stays together......and the!!!

The team was really on the top of there game! It will be nice to have JJ back soon. Hotch does appreciate those that have earned his trust...Jordan hadn't reached that point yet.

I broke my heart when HOtch was explianing to the father that he doesn't even know if Jack was enjoying the Christmas present he got him :(

Awesome...keep them coming!!!!:)

Lasell! Xo:)

Laura_G said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! This was a GREAT ep! Who is this writer??? Great job to the entire CM team!

Ann said...

AWESOME EPI! Please use this writer more! Everything was just fantastic. Prentiss was phenomenal, the case was ultra creepy, & y'all even threw in an explosion! Great, great episode.

Anonymous said...

I think I have a new favorite episode! It was totally and completely awesome!

To know this has been happening for generations since 1909! WOW!

Emily was so good with that little girl. She did a really good job speaking with her and getting the information they needed.

Hotch makes a really scary and really awesome bad cop! He did a fantastic job at that!

Brothers????? There's more of them???? Wowzers! The ending was awesome and scary! Very scary!

Anonymous said...

man what a creepy ending. Makes one wonder how many of the kid's brothers are out there. almost like vampires.

Anonymous said...

Very well done episode!!! From the premise-a family of gypsies- to all the great acting I was really impressed. Kudos to Adair Tishler, she was very impressive in the cognitive interview and in all the many scenes that it took to make up her memories. Of course our regular cast was fantastic. Special applause to Paget Brewster!

I liked the look and feel of the episode and the details. The glass fragments, the bells and all the stories behind why the unsubs killed made it more realistic and human. There were a lot of layers in the plot to keep me thinking and its one of the reason I started watching the show to begin with.

If they had left out that hair fiber match comment it would have been about perfect ;)

Great job cast, crew, Ed, Mark Bruner, Tim Matheson and all writers and producers who helped out!

Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say: this brings home schooling to a whole new level, lol.

I don't know how they do it, but the episodes keep getting better.

This was especially creepy, a killing family teaching their son to abduct a young girl as a future wife and kill her biological parents, and the creepier thing, the mother had been abducted and her parents killed by the dad and his family when she was a young girl. They found evidence of about 30 of these incidences since 1902! Generations of killing families! And creepier still, the mother telling the son in Romanian not to tell them about his brothers, and then cut to another family getting ready to abduct a young girl and kill her parents.

Emily's interrogation of the girl the "threw away" was a thing of beauty. She was so wonderful with the girl.

Emily and Hotch tag teaming the mother after they caught her was amazing. Hotch makes a completely scary bad cop to Emily's soft nice cop. That was such a great scene. I know the Hotch fans will be loving this episode!

And JJ is coming back! Jordan was good, but it really made me realize how much I miss JJ. It was a nice touch to have Jordan tell Hotch about how hard JJ's job was and that she shouldn't be taken for granted.

Rossi has really been attentive of the team lately. It is nice to know that he cares about his team.

Great Episode! I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't expecting much from a freelance writer but this episode was fantastic. I loved the ending!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Totally kick ass eppy! That was surely a creepy ending!

Hotch angry= HOTTTTTTT

Anonymous said...

another great episode. very chilling, loved Emily and Hotch in the interrogation room and Ems interaction with the little girl was very moving . and painful to watch Hotch's guilt over not seeing Jack .
the ending was very sad .. as you could see the end result of what happened to those little girls .. and how many of them were stolen from their lives .
completely disagree with Jordans assessment of Hotch ..but then . she hasn't known him as long as we have . Loved that she said that the team was a family. And so they are .

Kirsten said...

What a fabulous episode! Great all-round effort, but I especially loved Hotch & Prentis' good cop-bad cop... excellent! A creepy plot and even creepier ending. Loved it... except for having my heart broken when we found out Hotch hasn't talked to Jack since Christmas...:(

Can't wait for the next one!


Anonymous said...

Fantastically creepy episode!!

A whole famiy of killers. That's new. I was glued to my tv screen.

One of the best episodes of the season.

Congratulations to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. Edge of the seat episode with great twists. Really liked this episode!

Anonymous said...

The plot line was very good, and of course you had to really love the goodcop/bad cop scenario. It was simply brilliant and really interesting to see Hotch lose control even if it was a ruse. This rates an A+++

jackie said...

O.K. where do i begin. This was
an episode not to be forgotten.
This was an awesome episode. It
has left me speechless; chills
running down my spine; and
hanging onto the edge of my seat.
It had great team interaction
from beginning to end, and ever
one had equal screen time
throughout the episode.
I especially loved how Hotch
handled the father. He was so
sensitive and caring. I loved
the part as well with him and
Emily playing good cop/bad cop.
When Hotch slammed his fists
down on the table, i literally
jumped. Rossi was great with
Jordan while reassuring her
about her doubts. I think he
is the only one aside from
Emily who actually knows what
she witnessed and went through
while working with the BAU.
In closing, i just have to
say, that this was a very
well rounded and excellently
written episode from beginning
to end.
Congratulations to the writers;
producers; crew; and cast
for bringing us yet another
awesome and terrific episode
of Criminal Minds.
Thank you also to Ed Bernero
for giving us this terrific
show that we all tune into
every wednesday night.

Laura said...

I thought the ending was very X-Files-esque, leaving us watching the cycle begin was certianly the creepiest episode this season.

I liked the development of Jordan's character; the writers found a way to write her out that left me feeling compassionate toward her when a few episodes ago I found her abrasive and arrogant.

One thing I will say--they did make it seem like Hotch was just out of Jack's life, and I want to know if it's his choice (by being a workaholic) or Haley's... Either way, he should fix it! Jack could only benefit.

Anonymous said...

Garcia: O captain, my captain? to Hotch. Lots of great Garcia lines in the episode.

What a freakin sick family. Kidnapping girls their son's age as psedo wives.

Great story. I liked Todd but I am really glad that JJ is coming back.

Hotch not knowing if Jack liked his Christmas present was incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode! Something very fresh and new. That's one thing you can say about CM, never a recycled storyline. And I'm so pumped that JJ will be back soon.

LoraLee said...

Well, it definitely wasn't a Reid ep, in fact only the one line stood out for me on the first viewing was "We already did," which was delivered with a bit of the snark that I know so many of you ladies loooove.

I did love the episode though. Truly frightening family. And I'm very glad that they made a point to repeatedly say that the unsubs were twisting tradition, that the behavior is not traditional Romany behavior (although it does resemble legends of child-stealing).

I also liked that they didn't have Prentiss just say, "oh, pouliya (phonetically spelled) means ..." she is fluent in multiple languages, but nobody is going to be fluent in EVERY language. Having spent time in overseas political circles, I would expect her to recognize more languages than she can speak.

When they showed the "previously on Criminal Minds ..." and it was all Jordan I was afraid they were going to kill her off, I'm glad they sent her back to counterterrorism, I think she'll be much happier there.

Can you believe Hotch in the interrogation??? He was great. Absolutely amazing. That has got to go in my top ten Hotch scens of all times (maybe top five, I've got to think about it) and Emily played off him perfectly. They've gone from wary and unsure of each other to one hell of a team.

Reid, Morgan and Rossi didn't get much quality time this week, but I loved Garcia - PG-13 OR NC-17? And "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?" (one of my all-time favorite songs) "thank you for turning my like into a Cher song."

And I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the best parts of the show is you really do stay on the edge of your seat because they don't always win. They caught this one, but little brother is out there about to commit his first murder. As I said at the beginning truly frightening family.

Little Cate was adorable, I just wanted to pick her up and hug her. Kudos to Adair Tishler for an excellent job.

And speaking kudos, big ones to Mr. Bruner and Mr. Matheson for jobs well done.

I'll definitely be rewatching this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. I thought it was very well done. I would like to see the team find the brothers, maybe come back to it in a few episodes. Now that they know about them and saw the trend they should know to keep a lookout for a similar MO. I hope to see more from these writers.

Anonymous said...

They just keep getting better and better! I just enjoyed this episode a lot. Very scary stuff. Great acting and writing too.
Loved to see Hotch being really mean, TG was great.Great to see Rossi trying once again to be there for Jordan, but I am so glad JJ is coming back, I just can't wait. Penelope was funny.
I must see this one again and again! One of my favorite this season without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Great episode:

1. Garcia brought the funny tonight and was her normal wonderous self.

2. Hotch mentioning Jack was great.

3. The way they sorta wrapped up Jordan's role was tasteful and believable.

4. Emily is terrific with child victims. I loved that she was able to recognize the language but wasn't able to nail it down. I like when she contributes without being a know it all. Paget was great tonight.

5. I was shocked when they figured out that this had probably been coming on for generations. How freaky that was.

Truly good episode and I will rewatch it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the open ending.

Reminds me of Frank.

Anonymous said...

Rossi has been so terrific to Jordan. I really like seeing the understanding side of him.

As glad as I am to have JJ coming back, I will miss Jordan Todd. She was a great fill in character.

Anonymous said...

Gypses, Tramps and Thieves. Garcia channeling Cher. Brilliant episode. Lots to love. Looking forward to seeing if the story pops up again this season. Open ended is great since it leaves the door open for a revisit.

Anonymous said...

Well the new writer nailed it! Great episode. Sorry I missed the chat. We all watched together instead of studying for our Chem test. If we flunk out of SUNY it will be Ed Bernero's fault. Wednesday belongs to Criminal Minds and not Chem!

Ztivokreb said...

creepy! It never would have crossed my mind that an entire family would do something like that for generations and not think something was wrong with it...and the end? creepy-er!

Anonymous said...

uh IMDB said that Kevin Spacey was in this episode???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an almost loss for the team. I mean, the kind of messy, not only did they lose but they know there are further repercussions down the road for the loss. It's just that kind of not happy ending, no do-overs, no fixits (please no bringing this story back to catch the others) type of story I think CM is brave enough to do. The only reason I call it an almost loss is that they did save the girl they were looking for and caught that family, and the other brothers were more of an added twist. Still, a good one.

And, the whole, Hotch hasn't seen or had contact with Jack since Christmas (or before?)? That's leading to something, right? We're supposed to see that something is off with Hotch, right? Hotch doesn't see Jack often, but it's not typical that he wouldn't use the little time he does have or have some contact through phone calls or something. Bringing it up was maybe some kind of foreshadowing? Not some implication that Hotch is normally uninvolved even when he could be otherwise. *fingers crossed*

But, Hotch is one scary man when he wants to be. And, thank goodness he uses those scary powers for good. If he used them for evil, watch out!

HardKOrr said...

What an awesome episode! Girls taken and their parents killed going back 100 years. Super creepy and with the ending left so open, this could go on for another 100 years. Emily = win. She was so awesome with Cate and with Hotch playing good cop/bad cop.

And though I'm not a Jordan fan, I liked the way they ended it with her. She is going back to counter-terrorism and she recognized what a family this team is and how hard JJ's job truly is. Excellent episode! Can't wait for the next one when JJ's back! Do we really have to wait 3 weeks?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably good episode - way different yet again! Where are the writers finding this material?! Is it not scary to think they dig up some actual factual stories to build upon and some sick family might actually be out there doing this? EEK!

Def a Hotch and Emily centered epi and they were both phenomenal.

I thought Reid's hair looked great tonight, good style for that handsome face - it almost makes your forget he's a pipecleaner...

Anonymous said...

Man, this was a fantastic episode!!!
Emily/Paget was ah-mazing!!
I was a little sad that this wasn't Emily's 'big secret' episode...I hope it comes soon though!!
I will miss Jordan so hardcore!! I loved her with Emily...
I don't think I can wait 3 freaking weeks for the next episode!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Even though it doesn't compare to the awesomeness of Tracy Bell kicking her attacker in The Boogeyman, Cate does get her name on the awesome board for hopping with her hands and feet bound together so she could attract attention and get help. Just another in the list of women (and even girls) fighting back on the show, even when fighting can only be done by doing what you can to get others to help you.

Anonymous said...

This was a really cool episode, but the plot seemed kind of out there. But then again, a lot of real crimes are pretty out there. Out of curiosity, *has* there ever been a case like this?

Anonymous said...

It was really an interesting episode.
The fact that the murders were being perpetrated by the family, like a tradition, was something creepy and 'fascinating' at the same time.

Only complaint : please, give Reid his old hair style back!!!
The style from the last two episodes doesn't suit him at all.
Hopefully, by the next episode it'll be back to normal (well, back to 'Reid normal' that is).
I loved the way his hair was in the fourth season up until 'Soulmate'. Please, correct it.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION POWERS THAT BE: Keep Mark Lineham Bruner's phone number!!!

This was a brilliant episode.

We had all of the elements we love plus some fresh turns.

I loved the Hotch/Emily interrogation. WOW, talk about a Hotchalanche! And Emily was wonderful with the little girl.

The way Rossi has supported Jordan has been very nice to see. He can be tough, but also tender. I love that!

Anonymous said...

I second the earlier comment about Reid's hair.
I was hoping that after soulmate Reid's hair would be back to its normal style, I was disappointed to see that it was not the case.
His hair looks much better in the other episodes (like in 'Normal' for instance). Please, please, change it for the next episode.

Other than that great episode.
I really liked the ending, which reminded me of 'X-Files', like someone else said.
It's an ending that makes you understand that not everything is as resolved as it seems and it makes you wonder what could happen.

Mikisorul said...

I want to say that was an interesting as idea but I didn't like the fact it was inaccurate. First of all, Romani are not Romanians, they are gypsies and they are spread all over the Europe or even all over the world, yes they are nomads, they move a lot, and yes they are stealing sometimes but not all the time. Second, Romani speak their own language which is a dialect of Hindi or Mongolian, and they do have their own community and their own rules after which they live. And, third broken glass is a superstition for good luck for northern European countries like Germany, Poland, Belarus or Russia (actually for Romanians broken glass means bad luck). Anyway Romania gets some publicity...therefore interesting episode with interesting perspective.

Anonymous said...

Prior to AJ's maternity leave it was said that Jordan's character would be used to highlight just how hard JJ's job is and I think they succeeded in doing this.

Prentiss with the girl made my ovaries hurt. She needs a kid. Wonderful scene. Paget did a fab job.

The whole premise behind the episode was first rate. Great job CM!

Anonymous said...

This was the best episode of this season! In fact, I am even willing to go as far as to say that this was one of the best all-time episodes EVER!!!

Totally disturbing and creepy but AWESOMELY FANTASTIC!!!

Keep 'em coming, Team CM! :)

Anonymous said...

A very interesting episode with a downright scary ending!

Liked Hotch and Emily's good cop bad cop.

Not enough Reid for my liking. He's been almost nonexistent in the last few episodes. At least he got to leave the police station this time like a real agent and wasn't just left going over blogs, manning the coffee pot or answering tip lines.

Anonymous said...

I really can't say enough great things about this episode. On the one hand, the intergenerational serial killer family was pretty interesting in a freaky, train-wreck sort of way. I couldn't figure out what they were doing until about halfway through the episode. At first I thought they were the little girl's biological parents and were kidnapping her back; then I thought they were trying to give their son a sister for some reason. Then it dawned on me they were really twisted Gypsies and were hunting him a child bride. I spent a few minutes wondering how their society worked, why the mother had only one child when she was well into her forties and had been abducted in 1971, what they do with any of their own daughters, etc. Any episode that can get me that involved in the story is a good one.

I also liked the first little girl and the "cognitive interview." I saw her as Molly on "Heroes" and she's quite a good little actress and the character was tough. Her drunken, deadbeat dad seemed to have sobered up by the time she was in the hospital, so you kind of hope he is able to stay cleaned up. The second little girl was just there to look pretty and delicate and blonde and terrified, probably exactly the sort of "wife" this family would want.

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode. Unique premise and plot, and great acting, down to the two young girls. Everyone was really good.

Anonymous said...

Never saw it coming. The episode was first rate. Great concept and no continuity glitches at all. JJ coming back! That is a yeah. Last night's chat was a love feast for this bright new writer. I hope we can expect many more episodes from him in the future. Families killing as a tradition. What a great new twist.

Anonymous said...

Great episode!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mark, are you like the Reid of the CM writers? LOL So young, so talented ... What a great episode!!! My favorite for this season so far. Thank you for FINALLY giving Hotch an interrogation scene again. Long overdo and he's so good at it. So a big THANK YOU to you. Great lines for everyone on the team. The storyline was AWESOME. Just the idea of a murderous and abducting Rumanian gipsy culture ... Yikes. May never be the favorite CM episode on Rumanian TV ... Hope to see another episode from you soon. Great job!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the show - definitely held your attention. The ending was perfect although I'm not sure they should go any further with it. It's kind of like a book that lets you use your own imagination.

Can hardly wait three week and JJ returning.

Anonymous said...

Murdering, child-stealing Gypsies? Well, I guess not all the plots can be stellar. Actually, this was less of a plot than an old wives' tale. Step up your game, noob.

I can't fault the seriousness with which it was treated, though. The acting, directing, and staging were all good. Prentiss' interrogation of the girl belonged in a better episode. There were also a number of good Hotch moments, from the "bad cop" act (though they hardly had to have Reid tell us that's what it was) to the poignance of his comments to the other absentee father. Gibson is so good at the "silent waters run deep" thing that it's a shame when we don't see more of Hotch. Glad to have the full-strength Garcia quips back, as well, as we lost them for a few episodes. Good performances, too, from both child actors. Anyone who saw House this week knows how much a bad performance from a child actor can annoy.

And unfortunately, without a better plot to distract me, Reid's slick new look is starting to bother me, too. It's wrong for the character. There isn't a geek in the history of mankind that would spend that much fuss on his own appearance. Either they're trying too hard to give him a grown-up look, or Reid is hiding a girlfriend who's given him a makeover.

Laura_G said...

Ok, so I had to watch this ep again because I missed the ending. This was a great all around ep! It was creepy and I can totally see something like that happening. Scary!

I loved the lines from Garcia. She's just great! We saw many sides of Hotch, tender, confused, angry. The Hotch sisters just HAD to LOVE this ep! No, there wasn't a ton of Reid, but that's ok. What there was, he was great - as always! Rossi has really become part of the team. He is really growing on me and has changed so much since he joined the team. Prentiss, what can you say??? AWESOME!

Congrats to the writer, producers, cast and crew. This was just a surprisingly wonderful episode and I will watch it over and over again! Great job!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

An excellent first episode for Mark!It was amazing..

Loved the Prentiss/Hotch interrogation with the good cop/bad cop and an angry Hotch (who said he was unemotional?)

Loved Prentiss with the little girl during the interview. It was also great to see her growing up in different countries used in the identification of the Romanian language.

Rossi has become so much more a part of the team and caring...I honestly think he's the only except maybe Emily that had any idea of what Jordan saw while she was in the BAU...loved how he helped her through her doubts...

Hotch was great with the father though it broke my heart when he said he hasn't seen Jack (perhaps a foreshadowing of a Hotch storyline)...

Also Loved how Jordan described the team as a true..and how hard JJ's job really is...I liked Jordan and I'll miss her but I'll be glad to have JJ back...she's awesome..

Anonymous said...

Creepy, disturbing episode! That was Criminal Minds at it’s best once again. And then learning it was a first time writer, and a very young one at that! Wow, kudos to you, Mark, you sure got talent.

A family teaching 9 year old boys to slit adult women’s throats and to abduct little girls is just scaring. And I freaked out at the end when it became clear that there were many more of them out there - a whole clan doing this kind of ‘business’ for generations, what a disturbing thought!

In addition to the creepy case we got a plane scene again (yeah!), Emily was totally awesome, Hotch finally got an interrogation to make all the Hotch sisters happy as well as an extremely sad scene about Jack, Morgan and Garcia were finally back to the best of their old banter, Rossi had a soft spot and Reid for a change wasn’t locked up in the police station but finally got out into the field once again. Moreover Reid looked totally hot tonight, his hair was better than last week (though I still prefer when it’s a little shorter) and the pink shirt suits him extremely well.

The only thing I didn’t like about the episode was that there was too much Jordan in it. During the flashback to her coping problems in ‘Normal’, I was like: They’re not going to give her a double episode, are they? When did JJ ever get as much attention as Todd? It wasn’t necessary to put that much emphasize on Todd’s emotional problems to get her out of the show again, she was a temporary right from the beginning anyway, and I didn’t like it how she judged Emily and Hotch. She’s pretty, sexy and clever, but she’s not part of the family, it’s just not her call to do so.

Elizabeth said...

Very creepy and some great performances.

I'm less impressed with the playing to a stereotype of Romany people being petty thieves and stealing children. There could have been more challenging of that notion.

Great promise from this writer though. He understands how to tell a story.

Anonymous said...

Wow awesome episode !
And I can't wait to see JJ's coming back !!!!

ROSE said...

Mark Bruner is so talented and this is my favorite episode since the get go!! I so am going to be upset if there is not a sequel or sequels!!!!!!!! Bruner's episode has now taken me to the place where this is now my favorite tv show!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow again an episode which blows my mind.

A mother and a farther teaches their son to kill someone?!That's really scary to me.

I must say that I almost cried when the little blond girl crys.It was so real.I felt so sorry for her.

I loved the scene between Morgan and Garcia.She is just the best.

Heck!When Hotch gets mad and hits the table,I shruged back for a second.Great scene.


And what an ending,huh?!Phew!Haven't see that coming.Really good and creepy.

What else...?!Reid's hair...well...somehow this haircut reminds me on a song "wake me up before you go go..."

Awesome episode.Scary,bloody,do I need to say more?!

Anonymous said...

VERY phenomenal episode!! Garcia / Morgan interaction, "bad cop" Hotch, gentle Prentiss, Rossi keeping an eye on Jordan, Jordan leaving (good job Meta!...)....totally wicked plot.

Maybe Reid has had minor roles lately because he has consumed entire episodes repeatedly??? I liked his hair, and hope the writers /directors work on more important things than his next style.
As far as the "inaccurate" info on Romany.... who cares????? It is a TV show. They portray Florida as the deviant hellhole of the entire nation... and I am too caught up in my favorite show to be offended??

Can't wait to see if Hotch starts opening some, maybe backstory sometime this decade??

ROSE said...

Mark Bruner is going to be one of the next best writers for tv and film. Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

What an episode!
Mark Bruner did an amazing job! Welcome!
This season we are full of new writers, and none of them disappointed. Congratulations!

Now, as a fan of this show for a while now, I feel like not much can surprise or creep me out, but then I watch a new episode and you manage that easily.
My biggest question was why? Why the girls? At first, I thought it was because they wanted a perfect nuclear family, and then it sank in: wives. And then Chills!

Love the (oh so clear to us) bad cop/good cop dynamic.
Love Rossi and his compassion towards Jordan.
And even though I wish Jordan had filled in for JJ just fine, I enjoyed the fact that she decided to leave, instead of being let go.

Also, I'm so happy that JJ will be back next episode.


Anonymous said...

Wow,and we thought we have enough trouble just getting our kids to write thank-you notes to Grandma! Here's a family having a killer time of teaching family values to their kid.
Very interesting first script!! It was quite disturbing since young children are involved in events that basically destroys their innocence and moral compass. I like the twist at the end that there were more of them out there.
Loved the good cop/bad cop scenes. It's a rare treat to see Hotch snarling and spittin' mad when he is usually so composed. He deserves an Oscar nod for best supporting actor in an interrogation. Emily was very sweet with the little girl. Poor Jordan had the thankless job of being filler and thus having not enough time for anyone to warm up to her. Surprisingly, just when Reid had a chance to save tons of money on sunscreen, he gets sent outside on a raid!!!! That slicked back hairstyle may help him shoot straighter by staying out of his eyes but please, like others have asked, can we have his normal hair back????????
Congrats to Mark Bruner on an exciting first script. Looking forward to more!!!!

A Criminal Minds fan said...

omg what can I say, that episode was so great!

We got great team work, killer one liner deliver by Garcia,
fantastic interrogation scene by Hotch and Prentiss, a very, very creepy and disturbing family of killers and an ending that I didn't see coming! All this by a new writer!

I love everything about this episode. good writing that kept me interested from the get go. outstanding work by dair Tishler who played Cate Hale a kidnapped young girl. That scene with Prentiss where she is recalling
events when she was with her abducters was great.

Excellent work too by Paget Brewster who got shine in that episode. Thomas Gibson was also great, he had so many wonderful scenes. From his scene with the father where he did convey how time was important to that sad scene where he told the father about not knowing if Jack liked his christmas present. But the best scene of the episode was the interrogation scene, what a scene! Thomas was so great there with Paget playing the bad cop/good cop routine.

Hotch can be a very scary guy! Hotch never raise his voice even
when he is angry so when he slamed his hand on the table I jumped!

The family was scary. To raise your son to kill people is...disturbing not to mention kidnapping young girls to be wife to their son... And the mother, poor her, she was a victim too, stockholm syndrom.

Loved that this episode was well balnace between time spend on
the unsubs and on the team.

I like the pairing in that episode, Hotch and Prentiss work well together as does Morgan and Rossi.

I am happy with how Jordan was written out, going back to her old job. I was surprised that she thought Hotch took JJ for granted.
As much as I liked Jordan, she was excellent in 52 pick up and Bloodline, I will be happy when JJ is back.

I hope Mark Bruner will write more episode because as a first episode this one was a home run.

Thanks to everyone who are working on CM every week to make this great show! can't wait to see what you will all come up with next!


Anonymous said...

Had to go back and watch some of last nite's show again to see if Reid's hair looked as bad as some have mentioned - I think not - just different, yet again! He kinda has taken on a retro (albeit longer) look, not unlike some I can remember seeing on old 50's album covers of my mom's, like Elvis, Ricky Nelson or even the Everly Brothers. It didn't look as wet this week as it did last week but he must have def used some gel or something to keep it from falling in his face everytime he bends over! But really, he has such a great face, he ALWAYS looks handsome altho' I admit this hairstyle does not exude geekiness, but neither did the shorter, side parted, a bit-in- the-face look he has sported the rest of this season, which looked great but not geeky. That one looked like it belonged on him for his modeling days, not as him being Reid.

But, come on, this is his fourth season, give the guy a break, he IS maturing and becoming less geeky, so why not let him look older and less nerdy? Plus he does justice to that pink shirt, yes he does - can you picture that on Morgan? I think not...

And Mark Bruner - OMG! I could not believe his age. I agree he is the "Reid of the CM writers" he is so incredibly imaginative and talented - this story was amazing and I cannot wait to see more of his work.

I will probably want to watch it again this weekend - I'm doing that with sev of these recent epis - they are incredibly mesmerizing -the stories, the acting and the guest stars. CM just keeps getting better and better. Makes us CM Fanatics even more CM Fun-Addicts!

Unknown said...

What can I say? This ep ROCKED, and I mean ROCKED, amazing job for a first try in our beloved show... clever, creepy, gripping, dark and tense... wow, just loooooved it!!!!!
Took my breath away!!!
This season is just fantastic, thanks to all, cast and crew... keep it up, it's brilliant!

Walburga Benker said...

Wow, an interesting creepy case with a very creepy end. Love the Hotch/Emily moments, lovely Garcia " Oh Captain, my captain". Rossi and Morgan are getting well together and i´m a little bit sorry for Todd, but i´m glad to have JJ back soon. What a wonderful start for this young talented writer. Well done. Can´t wait to see more from this writer.
A big thank also to Ed´, the cast, crew and all the other people who made this possible.
Now i dream about a part two from this ep, because of this special open end.
The rest is all said.

Anonymous said...

Good episode. The murders going on in the family... that was a creepy case, and it was fascinating.

About Reid's hair, I really preferred his earlier hairstyle too, the hairstyle he had before 'Soul Mates'.
I was expecting it to be back to the way it was before that episode and I was disappointed, like some other people by the look of it.

He had different hairstyles, in four seasons that's normal, but this one, with gel, is the worst.
It has nothing to do with it being a 'geeky style' or not.
It just does not suit him!

Anonymous said...

But, come on, this is his fourth season, give the guy a break, he IS maturing and becoming less geeky, so why not let him look older and less nerdy?

Because he's a nerd. LOL

It's not that he doesn't look pretty; he does. That's the problem. I've spent years in the company of people in science or technology, and looking pretty isn't taken seriously enough to make the priority list. His looking like he stepped out of the pages of GQ strikes a really false note.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, RMF, Reid has looked more like a model than a geek all season, not just these last two epis, and rather than just admire that gorgeous face, we could be trying to figure out what's up.

Last week, his actions were still plenty geeky -remember when he made the remark "one guy ues commas and the other uses ellipses" and the snarky expression that went with it that prompted the local LE's to inquire where he came from. ("left in a basket...")

I think MGG is so talented and so versatile -he is a writer, director and an artist, also, and I think he lets his moods dictate his appearance. Some days he is more GQ (the recent Paley Center appearance-side part, a bit of hair in the face/sexy look he has sported most of this season) and then look at him last week at the Sundance Fest -shaggy and slightly unkempt.

I don't think the directors, writers, Ed or anybody really tell MGG how to dress or wear his hair anymore - I think they let him do his own thing - which always gets him attention his hair is def his trademark.

But, RMF, what if you're right? Reid luvers all over will sob at this possibility: WHAT IS SOME GF IS STYLIN' UP OUR REID?

Could this be the former bartendress in PA from "52 Pickup" or a person in his real life? God forbid, the poor guy has a real life...

What if Reid is commuting to PA on the weekends like JJ did to New Orleans to see Will? Could this be the next storyline? OMG... are we ready for that?

And now we have a couple weeks of reruns to tide us over and keep us wondering, what will Reid look like next? That's enough to keep us coming back for sure, right?

Let's just appreciate that we have so many very different very handsome and talented men to look at every week - it's just that Reid can't settle on the right 'do for him (some woman will ultimately do that -hopefully no time soon!)and let's just go with it and enjoy it. It gives us something to talk about, huh?

Love CM and all you guys, too.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't think his new hairstyle does him justice.
He looked much better in the previous episodes of the fourth season. I don't enjoy the 'gel style / greasy style' from the last two episodes.

From what we know there has been apparently no intention from the writers of bringing the bartender from "52 pickup" back. So I don't think that she's involved.
Remember that for JJ it was a different situation : they had to bring back Will because of the actress' pregnancy.
I think the bartender was more there to show Reid getting some experience at dealing with women rather than showing Reid having a serious relationship.
I think it was an experience meant to help him conquer his fears when he finds the person he wants to be with.

Anyway, I hope that this hairstyle is not back for the next episode.
It doesn't look good on Reid.

Elizabeth said...

As far as the "inaccurate" info on Romany.... who cares????? It is a TV show. They portray Florida as the deviant hellhole of the entire nation... and I am too caught up in my favorite show to be offended??

Anonymous - I suspect the Romani, who are repeatedly the victims of racist attacks in Europe and elsewhere, care very much about the stereotype being perpetuated.

Unless I'm very much mistaken, people from Florida are not an oppressed minority.

Anonymous said...

It's a TV show... but whatever

Laura said...

As far as Reid's hair is concerned (and I can't believe I'm invested enough in hairstyles to care--it's a good thing no one can see mine right now)I am happy as long as they don't let it get long and scraggly again, as it was at the end of the third season.

I will buy that he would do what was easiest with his hair--I know many geeky guys who do just that--but when it starts looking unwashed and unkempt...I think the writers want to call forth the drug use storyline again.

Anonymous said...

" As far as Reid's hair is concerned (and I can't believe I'm invested enough in hairstyles to care--it's a good thing no one can see mine right now)I am happy as long as they don't let it get long and scraggly again, as it was at the end of the third season.

I will buy that he would do what was easiest with his hair--I know many geeky guys who do just that--but when it starts looking unwashed and unkempt...I think the writers want to call forth the drug use storyline again

It's true that the choice in hairstyle isn't really an important matter, LOL.
Still I'll admit to not really liking that new style from the last two episodes.
I preferred all his other styles, even the one by the end of the third season, to this last one. Hopefully it'll be gone for the next episodes.

Silvinha said...

Emily was terrific!! She was very sweet with Cate and I want to ser her being a mother!

Since I'm Hotch/Prentiss shipper I couln'd be more happier with the interrogation scene. They make quite a pair and I so want to see them always together!

Todd was rude and I'm glad JJ is back.

This was one of the best episodes of CM. Congratulations to everyone and I can't wait to see the next!

Unknown said...

I Loved this episode Emily was amazing. I loved the interactions with Garcia and the rest of the team.
JJ is going to be back from next episode yippee,Jordan was a good fill in but no JJ. kind of creepy ending maybe the BAU will be chasing them down again in the future.
Hotch needs to have some desperate father s.n bonding time, maybe the writers could work it into an episode

Anonymous said...

Nice episode, wonderfull storytelling, I think mr. Bruner did a really good job. The good cop/bad cop interrogation - that was amazing! CM are still bringing new things, things that they haven't used before - except one thing in this ep. - why they were Gypsies? I understand there are many issues with them probably all over the world, not only in Europe, but there is absolutely more from what to choose an UNSUB and this was IMO the easiest and thinest choice.
Despite of this tiny thing, the episode was breathtaking and scary. I loved the way it was dealt with Jordan leaving the team and I'm really looking forward ti have JJ back :-)

Anonymous said...

JM.......(sighs), those eyes, that mouth, and oh yeah, he's a fine actor too! More Rossi!

Anonymous said...

I loved this ep. It was perfectly creepy. For this being Mark's first, he did a great job.

Anonymous said...

I loved this ep. It was perfectly creepy. For this being Mark's first, he did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Although I didn't believe that the kid was only 9, I was impressed by his acting. I liked the twist at the end too.

Riverapiym said...

Wow!!!! That was Awesome!!!!!! A family thats kills togther stays together......and the!!! The team was really on the top of there game! It will be nice to have JJ back soon. Hotch does appreciate those that have earned his trust...Jordan hadn't reached that point yet. I broke my heart when HOtch was explianing to the father that he doesn't even know if Jack was enjoying the Christmas present he got him :( Awesome...keep them coming!!!!:) Lasell! Xo:)