Saturday, January 17, 2009


Criminal Minds Blog Notes: Happy Saturday everyone! The Criminal Minds mods and I have just a few notes for the week.

1. We are once again hosting auctions for the Actors Fund and for Kim's American Heart Association marathon. Those auctions can be found here and new items will be posted every few days:

2. We have a new episode and lots of wonderful Criminal Minds repeats coming up. Great time to introduce a newbie to the show. :)

3. Operation pens and letters is going great. It is fine with me if you prefer to send me an email to print out and deliver. Pens must be mailed. lol.

4. If you want to make a direct donation to Kim's Marathon there a few things you should know. You have the option of whether or not you want the $ amount of your donation to show on the scrolling board. Many people have donated in honor of our writers which thrills me! Thanks to Kim for including us in this worthy cause. We're off to a great start. Over $300 in less than one day! Way to go Criminal Minds family!

5. Some housekeeping notes from the moderators: Any member who has not posted a comment on the message board within the past 30 days will have their membership deleted during the upcoming maintenance cycle. Please remember that we support fair usage on the board, unless express permission has been granted in writing from the source of an article, and anything else will be deleted.

6. Thank you to CBS for their fast response in confirming the IMDB error last week. Please be assured that I have confirmation from Ed Bernero, and we all know that that is as good as gold, as well that this was simply an error. While I was thrilled to see how many of you were freaked at the prospect of another cast change, please stop emailing me. The matter is totally closed. Mistakes happen. This was one. There are simply no plans at this time to bring back Lola Glaudini to the show. Case closed.

7. Thank you again to Deb Fisher, Erica Messer and John Gallagher for joining us in the chat room this past Wednesday. It was a great episode and a great chat. Thank you to Ed Bernero for making these chats possible.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm and safe. Pop in a CM dvd and grab some tea! :)