Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Since the writers of Criminal Minds have not started writing the episodes for the third season yet, let's help them out by giving them some ideas. Does anyone have any ideas for a good story? What do we want to see in the third season of Criminal Minds?


lisaw918 said...

As we found out with Elle, the crimes that take place in the victims' homes are the most disturbing -- because home is the one place we equate with perfect safety. We assume our homes are havens; we assume that our neighborhoods are good and nothing dangerous ever happens there. I live in a good neighborhood, but three or four blocks away, at the metro stop, sometimes people get mugged and stores get robbed.

I think it would be interesting to have an episode in which the team has nailed down the unsub to a single seemingly peaceful, white-picket-fence neighborhood, but they have to go around sniffing out secrets from door to door in order to unearth their unsub, who stays hidden for a long time underneath all the other badness going around. And no one turns him in because no one wants to cast the first stone.

Also, as always, as much Gideon and Hotch in the same scene as humanly possible :)

And I like the way J.J. is finding her place within the team instead of sticking around when they happen to call on her, like an extra limb. She's developed real relationships with pretty much everyone except for Gideon, with whom she seems to have nothing in common; she treats him like a sovereign commanding his troops. And except for Prentiss, but that's probably because she's still the new girl in town.

In "Revelations," Prentiss says Hotch doesn't trust women as much as men, but it's Gideon who has a hard time with all the women at one point or another, except for Elle, whom he treated like a disciple, not an equal.

So let's explore Gideon's problems with women, and let's give J.J. a chance to paint him into a corner and dazzle him with her expertise. I think he's part of the reason she still feels like an attachment to the team instead of part of it.

Sigrid said...

I agree with most everything Lisa said.

Also, I'd like to see some development in the Hotchner marriage. A second baby, just to run the good SSA ragged? A even more visible tear in the fabric of the relationshiop? Or maybe something to make them stronger?
Anyway, no matter what, I'd like to see some development. Be it the marriage ending or just something happening.

Anonymous said...

I would like some exploration into Garcia's backstory. Also, an episode in which they profile teen gang activity could be interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a case that requires them to be undercover. Hotch could lose the suit and they are all in regular street clothes mixing with real people in a community so they can profile some crime that is occuring there. Reid and JJ could play a young married couple new to town and Gideon could be the father in-law. Just a shippers dream. I will be thinking about this all day long now!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an episode that puts all of their individual talents in interrogation/ interviewing in the limelight. I can imagine each profiler's particular style being most effective with one type of suspect more than another. Let's have an ep with many suspects - perhaps a closed community of some kind - and use the interviews to get the information they need for the profile, or to see who matches it best.

I can see Gideon handling just about anyone, but I can also see each profiler using his/her assets to get below the surface of certain types of people. Finding people's weaknesses, that kind of thing.

For instance, Morgan could "relate" to other tough-guy types, while Reid could "play weak" around them. JJ often flirts to get what she wants, but is also good at the fake "help me out, I'm just a cog in the profiling machine." Meanwhile Garcia could be busy researching backgrounds and telling truth from lies.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have all the loose threads from this season pulled together so we can move on. They need to take one episode and get it over with already! Please for the love of everything holy and for once and for all:
1: Reid, drugs or not?
2: Gideon's backstory.
3: Is Hotchner really 65 years old as his backstory would imply.
4: Let one character mention the name Elle once so we don;t continue thinking they are all unfeeling cold blooded people.
5: We know Garcia has an office and a car. Is there anything else please.
6. I would like to see more episodes in the next season where the whole team is together and not splintered off. They work so well together. Garcia in the field more would be great.

Anonymous said...

There have been many wives killing their husbands in the news lately. I would like to see the team tackle that type of issue.

Anonymous said...

Of course, as much as possible of HOTCH!! His immaculate suits are "WOW!!"...but he looks great in casual wear also. I don't want him to dress down.

Storylines to show more emphasis on each of the BAU Team's individual "personality traits". Each of the Team is so unique and a pleasure in their own way. Not an "overload" of any of the characters, just enough individualism to keep us coming back for more.

The music has been wonderful in past seasons! As someone who lOVES music, more of it would not be hard for these ears to hear. It adds so much to the drama of an episode when certain songs are featured, according to the particular theme.

It is hard to suggest storylines because I love the element of surprise each episode brings. I dread the day when they run out of good ideas.

Great topic, Jill!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Gideon and Hotch together more in scenes taking the lead and leading the group. Unfortunately there is no shortage on "Ripped from the Headlines" high profile cases in the news right now so I am sure that the writers are going to have plenty of choices.

Anonymous said...

I will send them $100 if they write an episode that includes at least 30 seconds of Mandy singing.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Another $100 from me!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see stories in which the team doesn't figure it out. Something so complicated that in the end they lose but use it as a learning tool.

respectanimals said...

I don’t really have any particular storylines that I would like to see covered next season, but I do have certain suggestions about things they have done in the first two seasons that I have enjoyed and would like to see the writers continue doing in the third season.

My favorite episodes tend to be the ones where I find the unsub particularly interesting and unique and there is a lot of interaction between a member(s) of the team and the unsub, like the way Frank and Gideon go head to head in No Way Out, or Randall Garner torments the team in The Fisher King, or Jind Allah and Gideon try to outsmart each other in Lessons Learned, or Tobias Hankel’s multiple personalities interacting with Reid in The Big Game and Revelations. I also really enjoyed the interplay between Gideon and Sarah Jean Dawes in Riding the Lightning.

The scenes between the members of the team that show the audience how much they care about each other is a must. Whether it be the father/mentor relationship between Gideon and Reid or the harmless sexual interplay of Garcia and Morgan or just statements like Gideon stating that he greatly respects and admires Morgan in Empty Planet or the way Hodge is looking out for Gideon when Gideon almost enters the interrogation room with a pen in his pocket in Natural Born Killer. Episodes like Derailed and Revelations are just packed full of dramatic scenes where the team members show they care about each other. These scenes and the ones where the audience learns more about the members of the team’s personal life, are what keeps me coming back. If I don’t like and care about the characters, no matter how good the stories are, I won’t keep coming back to watch the show.

They definitely need to continue with the comic relief of Garcia, as she is awesome and they need to add more funny scenes like Reid and his rocket in the opening scene of Profiler, Profiled. Even just funny moments like the scene in the Ashes and Dust episode where Reid withholds a statistic from everyone and when Emily asks him about it, he states that he was trying to be more conversational. She responds with "Oh...It's not working" are a good break from the more serious tone of the show.

I disagree with some of the other comments about Garcia and JJ being field agents. I don’t think that Garcia is necessarily needed in the field every time, as she has quite the setup back at Quantico. And JJ is more their mouthpiece and organizer than an actual profiler, I would think. I do like both characters a lot though and would like to see more of them next season.

The one thing I hope they don’t do next season is shift their focus to topping what they did in the previous seasons, instead of just trying to give us good stories and therefore avoiding the tendency of so many popular shows entering their third season, of resorting to shock value tactics. I don’t want to see it become a show where each new episode is just an attempt to present us with a new somehow more horrific unsub than the last. Statements like “most prolific serial killer ever” only work once.

Anonymous said...

My general plea to the writers for next season is to allow the women (JJ & Prentiss, specifically, since I feel Garcia, while she rocks, is best in small doses) to have a bigger and more significant role.

This show often feels like it should have been called 'Men's Minds'.

We've had *one* JJ-centric episode (North Mammon) and *one* reasonably Prentis-centric episode (Honor Among Thieves).

With all the Gideon/Hotch/Reid drama that goes on, it becomes really frustrating for a female viewer. JJ and Prentiss are both potentially complex characters. Give them a chance, writers!

Anonymous said...

Ditto times 14! I agree with everything already said.

Anonymous said...

In Profiler, Profiled, it was revealed that a serial killer was still on the loose. I would like to see Morgan return home and help with the youth center now that Carl is imprisoned, see his family, and help solve this case once and for all, especially with the little boy who's grave he visits and is still unidentified. I think this would put a lot of things to rest for Morgan.

I would also like to see an episode where a set of identical twins turn out to be the unsub. Since they would have identical DNA and maybe even habits, they could really give the team a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

more background storylines of each bau team memebers life etc,perhaps a ne baby for the hotchners,gidoen meeting up with his son and the full background on gidoens life and the others,hotches and gidoens realsonship eg,how they started to work together.not too many of those endings that leave you wnating to know more

Anonymous said...

I prefer the element of surprise.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see continued teamwork and also I would like to see the entire team in each episode instead of so many character centered one. I think they are so awesome as a team unit working together to find the unsub. I am very happy with season two so far.

Anonymous said...

I'd like some characer love scenes. It would be a nice distraction from the rapes that they show. And I love seeing the characters outside of work :) Also, more JJ!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a typical day inside the BAU office.

lisaw918 said...

I disagree with the people who want all the backstories and mysteries revealed all at once, or ASAP. As Mandy is so fond of saying, it's a "slow onion peel." You get a little bit at a time, and that's what keeps it interesting. Besides, I am so much more interested in the characters' present goings-on than some mysterious past. That stuff is so overdone.

As is the "my twin did it" excuse. Or: he's had a bone marrow transplant and we got the donor DNA instead. Or: he's a Chimaera and has two whole different sets of DNA. I think that last one was done twice, believe it or not; once on CSI and I can't remember the other one.

I'd rather have a complete lack of physical evidence than some universal snafu.

The things I like happen when they come at the show from a whole different angle. A couple weeks ago on CSI they had an episode that focused on the lab techs and had them ganging up to try and solve the Miniature Killer mystery. That was awesome. We got development of minor characters and a new case perspective at the same time.

Not necessarily an episode zeroing in on one character's life, like "Profiler, Profiled," but a chance for the supporting profilers to work together in the limelight. For example, an episode in which Morgan, Reid and Prentiss start working an angle in which, for some reason, Gideon and Hotch can't really figure out how to participate.

Time for the junior classmates to play without a teacher's supervision :)

Anonymous said...

1. I'd like to see more JJ.
2. I'd like to see Gideon and JJ interact at least once (I can barely remember when they've talked)
3. More into Hotch and Haleys life
4. I would love to see one of the local cops be the ubsub.

Anonymous said...

I would like more backstory and I like the team being together rather than half in one direction and the other half somewhere else. I think each team member has a unique talent or point of view and they play well off of each other when they are together.

As for specific story ideas...I will leave that in the writers' very cabable hands.

Anonymous said...

I want to see an episode where they are going after an unsub and Reid finds his dad. Maybe hes a dective or a lawyer. but NOT the unsub!

Anonymous said...

I would want to see Garcia's storyline revealed through her breaking down, Morgan finding her, and then she spills her guts. I don't think I could ever see her getting into something like "Profiler, Profiled" where we learn that she has a dark, secret past. I totally loved what Gracie said about being undercover, espcially with the Reid/JJ part. We haven't seen them do anything really undercover since "Aftermath", I think. And of course, that is when Elle spazzed and we all know what happened afterwards. Maybe that's why they haven't done any undercover stuff since.

Elizabeth said...

I think it is easier to say what I don't want to see!

I don't want to see team members getting together in implausible relationships because then it just becomes a soap opera and viewers switch off in their droves (I'm looking at you, CSI).

And I don't want to see my favourite show jump the shark.

I would like to see Hotch's backstory resolved and it would be good to use his background as a lawyer - maybe bring that up, or put him in an advocacy role.

Hotch losing control for once would also be good (if somewhat terrifying).

Morgan needs to do more tackling, although having the women doing some physical stuff to show they are as good as the boys would also make a change.

It would make a change to see Reid utterly stumped. I'm still waiting for him to say "I'm sorry, I don't know. I have absolutely no idea about this one."

What I love about this show is the team interaction - so putting them under pressure from another agency (not necessarily law enforcement) where they have to prove something as a team would be good.

Moral ambiguity and more cases where it isn't all black and white and the audience indentifies with the unsub would be good.


Anonymous said...

Reid HAS been using, the jet gets hijacked and he hasn't any access to his fix. He has to go through withdrawal on the plane, but has his group around him to help him through it.

Anonymous said...

When Hotch was still a public prosecutor, a man was condemned for a crude murder to 15 years. However, he could flee and now wants to take revenge for Hotch. He makes miserable for Hotch. He takes (menaces, defamation) at the end he takes Hotch´s family as a hostage and Hotch gives itself up to him.

Elizabeth said...

On a more shallow note, Hotch in jeans again would brighten the screen.

And if Reid's annual haircut could be less heinous, we would all be a lot happier.

Oh, and Morgan having to take his shirt off for any spurious reasons would be a most excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

A few of you mentioned that Mandy singing in an episode would be great, and although I love his singing, I think that would be a "jumping the shark" moment. BUT, how about using a track of his as background music? Don't have him actually sing, but maybe show him thinking about something and a track of him singing an appropriate song in the background? I wonder if a whole lot of people would recognize it?

A lot of people I talk to about the show don't even know what a great singer he is. That would be an appropriately sneaky thing to do!

Anonymous said...

I'll just be glad if we never hear another word about Reids supposed drug problem. I would like to hear more about Gideons backstory too and maybe Garcia also.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not like the new 'Emily' person and want Elle back. here's how it goes. Emily dies somehow first. Then, Reid goes to visit his mother at the mental institution. It turns out Elle has been there seeing a psyciatrist (sorry bad spelling) and Reid talks her into re-joining the team now that she's over the 'incident'

Anonymous said...

Oh - I forgot to mention that Reid gets over his drug problem and is perfectly back to normal

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more edge-of-your-seat or the ones that just shock you. Like errors in the profile. Kind of like the fisher king. That was one of the most awesome ever. I would to, as almost everyone has been saying, get a look at everyones history. Im still wondering about my man Reid. Last time we even got a glimpse of his past was in the one when he was kidnapped. Oh, and I think they need more kids in the stories. It would lighten the atmosphere...i think.

Durwen said...

Maybe having Nathan Harris back as Reid's nemesis (Ethan wasn't that much of an arch-rival, after all) at some point would be nice, although maybe not during season 3, because Reid will be too busy solving his drug problem once and for all!!! I mean, how am I supposed to believe they're good at their job of profiling if they can't figure out what's qoing on with Reid?
More happy family-like moments (like when they were having dinner in a chinese restaurant in A Real Rain, or when they play chess/cards/whatever in the plane).
Another episode with non-linear narrative would be fine, IMO (a Quentin Tarantinoish episode that begins in media res, then goes back to the beginning, and so on, like Pulp Fiction). It could also display some macabre sense of humor.
An episode that's built from a series of flashbacks showing the different points of view of several witnesses/suspects.

Anonymous said...

As always, I am waiting for the Garcia-centric episode in which she somehow gets tied up with an unsub (taken hostage, runs into him, whatever) and Morgan and the team save her.

I envision this massive Morgan-Garcia-unsub tackle.

But I'd love some sort of episode that further cements their friendship.

Anonymous said...

Anything they want to show me!

Anonymous said...

I think they should have like Reid start actually dating somebody... I mean he's been through so much in season 2 that he needs a girlfriend right?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see soemthing about Reid's drug problem mentioned; we dont even know if he has one or not!

Anonymous said...

This is my suggestion:

A woman from Morgan's past comes to the BAU staing their child has been kidnapped (by the guy that Elle supposely killed) and she needs the team's assistance with finding the child. (Hint..We lear he was previously married).
As a result, we learn that a child from each of the BAU team member's families have been kidnapped and the team (including Garcia) must use their skills to solve the case while trying deal with family issues.

I don't want a romance between team members but can we get a little more history from their past.

Also, I want them to tie up all loose ends (ie Elle leaving, Reid's drug usage).

I would love anything closely related to a James Patterson or Tom Clancy novel.

Anonymous said...

Great pic of Bernero!

rebekah said...

I have a great idea for an episode which I have actually fleshed out quite a bit - but CBS doesn't welcome episodes/scripts/ideas from people not in their employ. I have an idea for a literary killer whose actually obsessed with/stalking a professor by killing people for "homework". I study sexual and marital violence in 19th Century fiction (including an essay entitled "Wife Tortue in England"), and there is a fount of material in these works which could translate to a great episode. But, like I said, CBS does not welcome unsolicited scripts or story ideas. Bummer.

I disagree with everyone who says they aren't dealing with Reid's addiction. They are dealing with it in a very subtle way (which is how this team interacts in general). You just have to watch for the clues/signs. Reid is in recovery, and everyone (including Morgan) are aiding that recovering in their own ways (that's why Morgan had Reid go to Spokane and he went to the woods in Open Season)

Anonymous said...

Don't send it to CBS. Send it to Touchstone TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has mentioned this so far. I know Reid could or couldn't have the whole drug thing going on but i would kind of like to see something where he starts to develope signs of schizophrenia. maybe have a case were he starts to feel like hes going off the deep end or something like that. I don't know crazy idea maybe we should just stick to the drug storyline for now :)

Anonymous said...

I think there should be more group interaction. I love MGG but it was too much Reid this season.

Anonymous said...

Number 1. I want to see more JJ.

Number 2. I want to see more of the personal lifes of all the characters. Ex- brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends

Elizabeth said...

As an afterthought - I think looking at ordinary people in extraordinary situations would be interesting. I have been studying the Stanford Prison experiment and it would be fascinating to develop a story line on that basis - ordinary people, with no discernable personality disorders, becoming sadistic due the situation they have been placed in. I know this was touched upon in North Mammon, but it would be an interesting concept to develop further - how close are any of us to a terrible act.

rebekah said...

Elizabeth: That's an awesome idea!

So, you can send stuff to Touchstone, really? Oh wow! I wrote this whole script and have been playing with converting to a short novel - of course without the beloved Criminal Minds characters - but cool! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

okay, I have finally figured out exactly how my episode where Elle returns will happen. it's actually 2 episodes.


(this is the end only)

The team assembles outside Randy Parker's (made him up - he's the unsub for my episode) house.

Hotch: Randy Parker, come out of the house with your hands in the air

Randy comes out with a gun

Randy: Freeze suckers (cool voice)

Morgan: You're the sucker now (everyone pulls out guns at same time)

Randy: Drop your weapons

Morgan: or what?

Randy: I'll kill the girl! (grabs pink-haired girlfriend named Ellie and points gun at her head)

Ellie: (texas accent) You wouldn't kill me

Randy: you're right (pushes her toward BAU team)

Randy: But I can kill them! Drop your weapons

Gideon: I think we should do it (whispering)

all drop guns except randy

Ellie: You can't shoot them! they're my freinds!

Reid: technically we just met but...

Ellie: They're my freinds!

Ellie: uh oh, he's gettin ready to shoot, get behind me y'all

all but Emily and randy get behind her

Ellie: Come on! he's gonna bust your brains!

Emily: he's not going to shoot, his gun's just a fake anyway

Randy: you wanna bet

Emily: Ya i wanna bet

Randy shoots emily in the face and she dies

Ellie: You killed her!

Hotch: you're under arrest for the murder of federal agent Emily Prentiss

Randy: ah well, i was goin in the slammer anyways

Ellie: Y'all saved my life!

Ellie gives big hug to Reid

Morgan: actually, you saved our lives

Ellie: Y'all saved my live, how could i ever repay you

Reid: You could start by letting go of me

Ellie: oh sorry

Randy: if i'm gettin locked up, i want the pretty little blond one to do it

JJ takes one step

JJ: Gideon

Gideon locks him up

Ellie talks to Reid and JJ about her pink hair for a while

Ellie: I don't know why i even did it in the first place, this dye's never gonna come out. It'll just have to grow out and that'll take a while



(beginning only)

Garcia and Reid are sittin at his desk

Garcia: I can't believe it's been 6 months since Emily was shot

Reid: I know

Garcia: oh well, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

she leaves

Reid: you too

he leaves


Reid enters mental institution to visit his mom

He sees Elle in the lobby

but something is different...

she has pink tips on her hair


Ellie: This dye's never gonna come out. It'll just have to grow out and that'll take a while


Elle: Reid?

Reid: Elle?

*insert suprised recognition and dramatic scene where they act like teenage girls who haven't seen each other for three years*

Reid: what brings you to a mental institution?

Elle: well, after the "unspeakable incident" i started seeing a psychiatrist. he told me to go out to the country where there won't be any crime or violence. So i took his advice and moved in with my boyfriend Randy

(if you haven't figured it out, Ellie and Ell are the same person)

Elle: Big mistake. after that episode, i decided to get some real help.

Reid: so you completely got over both incidents?

Elle: yep, and now i'm back to normal

Reid: so, you might be thinking about re-joining the team?

Elle: of course!


that is what i have. i know there's a lot of spaces, but it's easier to read that way. if you like Emily, then you can always make her have a heroic death instead of an ignorant one, but I REALLY like Elle and NOT EMILY

Anonymous said...

Yo, I dedicate this next one to macmillk and all you Garcia and Reid fans

it was actully made up by my sister


It's the weekend and Garcia goes on a picnic (corny i know)

As she's walking down the street, she hears a noise. she turns around and sees a bush move. she's a little creeped out, but not too worried.

so she sits down and starts eating when the bush moves again.

then, she feels something move near her leg. she looks down and!

there are a million little spiders crawlig toward her and up her leg!

she naturally freaks out and squishes them all. then as she's cooling off, her phone rings.

she opens in and it's a dark and blurry photo. so she enhances it and it's the end of a hedge and a small tree. odd.

the next day, she's sitting in her office and Morgan phones her

Morgan: Garcia, i just got a dark photo and i need you to enhance it for me

Garcia: sure thing buttercup (heeheehee!)

she enhances the photo and gasps! it's the exact same photo that she recieved the other day. but the spooky thing is, there is a dead body tied to the tree.

So she calls Morgan and tells him all about the two photos.

(oh, by the way, Hotch, Gideon, Elle/Emily, JJ, and Morgan are working on the case, so don't worry)

Garcia enters her office coming back from somewhere and there's a spider on her desk.

she completely loses it. Morgan hears her scream and rushes in. he takes one look around and SMACK! he kills the spider.

(Meanwhile, Reid hasn't been in it very much and Hotch just figured out the unsub is a stocker)

Garcia tells morgan about the moving bush and the spider attack.

Morgan has to go work on the case and he can't leave Garcia alone, so he asks Reid to keep her company.

(i apologise for my episodes taking so long, but i must say, they are pretty good!)

Morgan told Reid that the unsub is probably stocking Garcia, but don't tell her, she's already spooked enough from the spiders.


Reid and Garcia are sitting in her office watching a movie.
then, they hear a noise, they both turn to the window and they see something out there. Garcia quickly takes a picture of it and sends it to morgan.

yes, there is something out there

Next thing you know, the power cuts out. Reid and Garcia are sitting, scared, in the dark and suddenly, the thunder starts. followed closely by lightning - which illuminates the scene outside to reveal...


(of course they scream as loud as humanly possible)

part two to come...

Anonymous said...

I think the writers should expand more on the character's of Garcia and J.J. (we know little about them, espically Garcia). They need to bring Sean (Hotch's brother) back for an episode. An episode i wouldn't miss is were the team can't find out who the Unsub is and they have no forensic evidence tieing the unsub to the crimes adn having it come back to haunt them later on in the season. They should also have a few more episodes (in future seasons as well) where they play on people's fears, such as an unsub torturing and killing someone using posionous spiders or snakes. It would also be really interesting if they had an unsub who was into S&M and having the killer be a female since there have only been a couple of female unsubs, like in Jones and The Perfect Storm.

Anonymous said...

I definitely DON'T want to see them remove Hotch as the head BAU or remove his character at all. All of the characters interact and play off each other so well.

Anonymous said...


Garcia and Reid are captured and are sitting in an abandoned warehouse.

The guy and Reid start talking

Only their hands are tied.

(meanwhile, BAU is looking for them, working their butts off too)

So the guy starts to beat up Reid

so sad! :( tear

Garcia gets an idea

she starts to sneak up on the guy

(her mind): quietly, quietly, quietly


she punches the guy square in the back (if that's a place...)

the guy tries to get Reid with some drugs from nowhere (same kind as he was addicted to)

but Garcia beats him up

so now, Garcia is breathing deeply and standing over the guy, who is lying on the floor bleeding and tied up and drugged.

oh, and Reid is huddled in a corner, scared

Garcia: ok Reid, let's get outta here

she moves toward the door

Reid: one sec

Garcia: ?

Reid picks up box of drugs (Garcia Gasps!) and smashes it to smitherines!!!!!!!

They silently exit.

Garcia calls Morgan and uses her GPS to locate them

Morgan and the team come to the rescue

and Reid goes to one of those
"Hi, my name is Spencer,"
"Hello Spencer"
"And I have a problem"
places where they are all in a circle to talk about their problems.

Reid: I ffinally overcame my addiction...


Anonymous said...


1) Is HOTCH really supposed to be 65??? No way????? I think you mean Gideon???!!

2) Has Reid overcome the drug addiction???

3) Is Mandy leaving CM???? Please for the love of God nooooo!!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I haven't been able to watch any of season 3 yet because I've been away at college. However, I'm really confused by all these people who seem to think that Aaron Hotchner is supposed to be sixty-five. It must by Gideon who's sixty-five. In the second season, Hotch reveals his graduation year, and I'm pretty sure that it puts him almost exactly at forty years old. Not sixty-five.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see Dr Reid Spencer in love with someone,if possible a smart and fashionable girl, not only in a episode, but in many.It would be very interesting to see such an experience for Reid.

Anonymous said...

someone said that Reid should go & look for his father- how about saying that his father has re-married, and has had a child. the child could now be a young teenager/young adult and he/she could come looking for their older brother- it could be just a couple of episodes though- its up to the writers.
aywayz, thats my idea.