Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Criminal Minds Trip Diary: As many of you are aware, we have been considering the idea of putting on a Criminal Minds convention for the many great fans of this show(more to come on the decision later). We decided that the best way to decide on the feasibility of one would be for the potential planners to meet face to face. This get-together, in Los Angeles, also provided us with an opportunity to meet the extraordinarily talented writers, behind the scenes professionals and the actors of the show.

Our adventure started with ten women boarding planes all over the world and meeting in room 516 at the Days Inn in Glendale. Putting names to faces and replacing cyber symbols for hugs and kissess with actual hugs and kisses. Room 516 became the drop off point for all the gifts everyone had brought for our writers. It quickly became obvious that there would not be enough time to wrap so many gifts before leaving for the studio at 5:30pm so we sorted them all over the room and vowed to wrap them when we returned. Off to the studio we headed to watch "Pleasure Is My Business".

---More later!

Pictured above is Andrew Wilder, writer of L.D.S.K., North Mammon, Ashes & Dust, The Tribe, Elephant's Memory, Lucky, Minimal Loss, Normal and the upcoming episode "Omnivore".