Friday, March 06, 2009


Criminal Minds: Scott David is our wonderful casting director. He's the man responsible for the actors that bring the writer's words to life in such incredible detail. I've known Scott for awhile, but it was good to see him again. Sitting with him in Ed's office, teasing him about not answering an email and talking about Criminal Minds and Washington Fields, it really hit me how much the behind the scenes people have become so fascinating to me and to all the fans.

While I was in Ed's office with he and Scott, we started talking about how the previous evening, my ladies had managed to stump Breen and Rick. Ed declared that he couldn't possibly be stumped so we took it back to the writers room to test him.

The ladies quickly came up with a few questions that Ed couldn't answer such as "How many times has Reid been propositioned?" and "How many times has JJ had the quotes in an episode?" . He would later turn these same questions around on Matthew. More on that later!