Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Criminal Minds Diary: A few minutes later, it was our turn to surprise them when we started up the chat. We've seen their work and now was their chance to see our work.

They've been kind enough to come to many a chat for us, but I'm not sure they ever realized how complex each one is. They watched in amazement as a literal assembly line was set up. Moderators and techs were lined up down the table as the chat began. There were probably eight laptops set up on the table.

Breen and Brianna sat at one of the latops, replying in wonderful detail to each of the questions. As the chat went on, the rest of the writers moved in towards them, surrounding them, reading over their shoulders.

While this was going on, Ed excused himself. Washington Fields business was on tap. He promised to see us the next afternoon.

Once the chat wrapped up, some of the writers admitted that it had been a long day and they were heading home. They, too, said they'd see us the next day.

We were only supposed to be there for two hours, but Breen was in no hurry for us to leave. He asked us questions about the episode and then broadened it up to the show in general. He asked us what we wanted to see more of, what we didn't like, what we thought of certain themes and whether we had enjoyed the fourth season. To his credit, we warned him in advance that we were opinionated and he never flinched. He wanted to hear everything. Some of what we said, he nodded and agreed with us. Other things he explained. And every now and again, we surprised him and you could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

Also staying around to talk with us was Script Coordinator turned writer, Rick Dunkle - who I will write more about later. A sci-fi aficionado, he connected with many of the ladies, reminding them that even these writers who we so adore are fans of something. Rick has written the 20th episode of the season entitled "Conflicted". We expect it to be a brilliant success.

When the evening finally came to an end and it was time to return to our hotel rooms, we were all in a state of euphoric high. I gave the ladies my promise, however, that the best was yet to come.

To them, that hardly seemed possible.