Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Criminal Minds: Seasons one and two of Criminal Minds were terrific. The third season of Criminal Minds was wrought with cast changes, the 100 days of striking and proof that amazing professionals can rise to any challenge and still deliver amazing episodes. It was, in my opinion, everyone who works on Criminal Minds' finest hour! Now here we are one week away from the fourth season of Criminal Minds and you can feel the excitement all over the fandom. Ed Bernero never disappoints and never fails to kick it up a notch so lets have the blog kick it up a notch with him.

Here is the contest for Criminal Minds' episode "Mayhem" ~ The person who leaves the most detailed and accurate recap of the episode on this blog after the episode airs will win a surprise box of Criminal Minds goodies. I'll give you a hint. One thing you can wear, one thing you can read and one thing you can frame. I will pay to ship the prize anywhere in the world so this is open to everyone. The deadline for your recap is Saturday, September 27th at 8 pm est. Judging will be done by an anonymous friend of the blog.

Good luck to everyone and please remember to talk about the show to anyone/everyone you meet tomorrow. Lets find those people who haven't watched the show and convince them that they should be glued to CBS on Wednesday night. Lets kick it up another notch!