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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Lauren" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)


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Alison said...

Very excited for this ep! :D but also very sad too :(

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to the episode. I have to say I don't really understand the complaining about this season. For me, it's a great season of Criminal Minds that's getting the balance right -- particularly in the first half.

I'll be sad to see Prentiss leaving the BAU, by whatever means, but trust the writers to make a great job of it. With luck, they'll find a way to keep the door open. Plus I'm very interested to see MGG's directing. Promos look very dramatic.

Any hoo, looking to the future, since these changes are happening, perhaps it's best they happen soon. Let's see which of the actors are committed to the show and which are wanting to move on to new challenges. Then the fans can start being positive and enjoying the show. It's not like it's a Mandy Patinkin-type situation. There hasn't been a crisis or a breakdown of that scale but CM survived that loss and will certainly survive this and whatever other losses are coming. The basic premise is too good.

UK viewer

Gina said...

I am excited, sickened, anxious, and angered. These are all of the emotions that are swirling around inside me as I wait for the Lauren episode to air on Wednesday.

I have loved and watched Criminal Minds since day one and up until the point that CBS and CM let go of AJ Cook and the fantastic writers that the show had before. Although, I believe that show was hit fairly hard when the writers were fired, and after some left, I still waited anxiously for episodes to air because of the magnificent cast that the show had. This cast is all but gone, with the exception of the male leads and Garcia. AJ was fired, CBS and CM attempted to fire Paget, relented, but it was too late. Now, it seems that Paget wants to try her hand at comedy, something I think she is well-suited for, but then again, she is such a fantastic actress that she would do well just about anywhere.

CBS and CM all I can say is that I hope that you fought hard to keep Paget, and I hope that you are still trying to do so, bearing in mind that it is Paget's decision to sign onto the pilot or not if it gets picked up. I desperately want Paget to come back, but what I also want to come back which is gone is my belief that CBS and CM are doing what is best for the show and not making haphazard decisions that are geared toward other projects or people's personal ambitions. For me, the show has been degraded so much that with the departure of Prentiss I must sadly say that I will no longer be watching CM. This is my personal decision, not one that I am trying to insist others follow. It is my belief and opinion that what you left for viewers after Emily's departure is not good, and on some levels insulting. It also angers me because I have always had faith that the show would rightfully and logically make-up for voids left by characters (Rossi for Gideon, Prentiss for Elle).

I hope that Paget will shine in this episode. CBS and CM it is a tragedy that you never saw the gold you had in Paget Brewster. It is truly sad.

Kato2416 said...

I'm very excited. I'm going to have to buy it on iTunes because I won't be able to watch and can't record it (which I'm very sad about). Any ways, I'm looking forward to it. Although super sad about her leaving, I'm going to support the rest of them. It definitely won't be the same without Paget and AJ, but what else can you do but support them and the rest of the show.
Also looking forward to Paget's new show:

Inez said...

I cannot say whether or not I will continue to watch CM after Paget leaves. Perhaps I will watch one or two episodes, but based on what I have seen thus far with respect to the latest cast addition, I suspect that my CM viewership will not be long for this world. Don't get me wrong, I love TG, SM, MGG, JM, nd KV and I wish them all nothing but the best on Criminal Minds and any other projects they may be working on, but I simply cannot sit and watch a show I have watched for years sink further down for the sake of saying that I am watching the show.

I just don't see and cannot understand what the thought process was behind the newest character whom I feel can bring nothing to the table other than continued out of character writing and slowing of the show's pace because she is so junior. Most definitely, this character does not lend any of the credibility and strength that Prentiss and Rossi brought when two other strong and credible characters left, Elle and Gideon. I know that those characters leaving was tough for people but back then Criminal Minds handled their leaving the show with such excellence, with characters that not only fit into the dynamic of the show, but who brought a whole other set of expertise to the already existing expertise of the other agents. I cannot say that now. Also, it doesn't help how the latest two characters have left and are leaving. Nevertheless, with a strong stand in I think this could have been a less rocky transition.

Paget Brewster leaving is horrible and I cannot blame anyone other than the decision makers at CBS and CM for this turn of events. I would like to see her back on Criminal Minds, but if that is not to be, then I will be making that move to see her in her new comedy project. Either way, I am always thrilled to see what Paget will be doing, as I will be thrilled to see what Matthew, Thomas, Joe, Shemar and Kirsten will be doing as well. I love that Matthew was allowed to direct this episode, he is such a wonderful talent. I am also thrilled that AJ will be back for this episode, but I know that my heart will break yet again when AJ leaves.

I want to strongly emphasize that these are my opinions. They are just my opinions and should not be fodder for any type of back and forth.

Anonymous said...

What is gone cannot be retrieved. What is left may not last much longer (see current contract negotiations for TG and SM and MGGs moving-on-after-six-years-is-not-really-a-bad-thing quote along w/his contract being up next year). What is happening now has been a huge improvement over last year- not only because of who is or isn't there but because they have applied themselves a bit more to character development w/in the team. Very excited to see "Lauren" (or for that matter anything else MGG should choose to direct/act in/produce/create in the future, regardless of where it is (maybe even moreso if it's not CM related)). Paget will thrive whatever her decision is because she's a beautiful, talented actor. This show is full of them but ultimately it's the writing that decides the fate of a show like this- if the viewer is not invested in or engaged by the team or by the story all the gore and voyeristic insight about sociopaths, etc. won't keep people tuning in.

zagi said...

UK viewer said: "Really looking forward to the episode. I have to say I don't really understand the complaining about this season. For me, it's a great season of Criminal Minds that's getting the balance right -- particularly in the first half. "

Totally agree with you.


lauren j. said...

Personally, for the past few months I have watched every single episode of CM. That hasn't happened for probably a year or two. I was a big fan for the first 4 years or so, then my life got busier, I got a little bored with the show, and I just didn't make an effort to watch it as much. Really sorry to see AJ and Paget go, but I am looking forward to some changes on CM to mix things up a little and I haven't been this invested in the show's direction for a long time.

Dee said...

I have such mixed feelings about "Lauren". I hate the loss of one of tv's best female characters. I wish Paget the very best in her future endeavors. Too bad TPTB didn't see the gift they had in her.

I look forward to the ep. because I trust MGG to have done it beautifully, but dread the aftermath of her departure.

I love CM, but worry about the direction the show is taking. Fans have always counted on the credibility of the stories and more importantly, of the characters. The new addition to the team has shattered the high standards we have come to expect.

When Emily joined the team, she had to fight for the job. Hotch told her it was an elite team, "not for just anybody who wants to give it a whirl". She had to prove herself worthy of her position. How ironic is it that her replacement is an unqualified cadet who is snapped into the team because she asked them to let her make it up to them for messing up in a previous case? And we are expected to welcome her with open arms and amnesiac minds.

Credibility = 0

I'll continue to watch to support TG, JM, MGG, SM and KV. And I'll keep hoping to return to the higher standard that once defined CM and set it apart from the dozens of mass produced cop shows.

Amanda said...

Anonymous said,

"Paget will thrive whatever her decision is because she's a beautiful, talented actor. This show is full of them but ultimately it's the writing that decides the fate of a show like this- if the viewer is not invested in or engaged by the team or by the story all the gore and voyeristic insight about sociopaths, etc. won't keep people tuning in."

Yes, for me this is true. I have to respectfully disagree with the opinion that this season has been great so far. I can't say that it has even been good. There have been a few good episodes, but out of a season where 17 episodes have been shown thus far that is not saying much in my book. The intelligent, clever and subtle writing that used to be the benchmark for this show has for me left the building. More and more, I believe tthat this is becoming the standard crime procedural that the shows creator and producers once vowed it would never turn into. Unlike Lauren J., unfortunately, there have been times that not only haven't I tuned into the show, when I have, I either start doing another activity or switch the channel midstream.

It is the writing that keeps people engaged but along with that the team for it is the team that brings those words to light, it is the team that people have invested in and what helps visually engage the audience with what is printed on a script. One thing that I have to say about this season is that Hotch has been all but sunken into the background, something I hope CBS and CM are not trying to do intentionally so as condition people for a possible Hotch exit. I am not saying this as some Hotch fanatic, I love the Hotch character but do not place him above any other original character on the team. I believe that Hotch rounds out and completes the other original cast, Rossi, Garcia, Reid, Rossi, Morgan and Prentiss. However, nowadays, even when Hotch is on screen it is like he is not really there and that is crazy in my book because he is the Unit Chief. Hotch is just one of the characters that for me has lost their way this season and the addition of the Seaver character is just a symptom of everything that has been broken with the show, broken because CBS and CM broke it.

Will I keep tuning in? I don't know, but like Anonymous said all of the gore and voyeristic insight about sociopaths, etc. won't keep me tuning in, neither will the new character which I believe is not strong, not believable for CM, and just plain bland and boring. With that said, I am looking forward to the Lauren episode. Super sad that it will be Paget's last episode, excited to see AJ again, and love that Matthew directed the episode.

I too will put the disclaimer that this is just my opinion. Sheesh, too much personalizing lately; these are just opinions.

sf81387 said...

I'll be happy to see this silly Prentiss arc end so the show can get back to normal. I haven't cared for the way this arc has shortened the main storyline to the point where it has felt rushed and like you went from point A to point B without any really reasoning as to why or how you got there. The last few episodes have been pretty forgettable because of it. What's really going to suck is if there is no clear resolution to the arc after we've had to put up with it for so long. Just let it end. Please.

As for Paget Brewster, I wish her luck on her future endeavors and I hope that her pilot gets picked up. : )

Yvonne said...

Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming, but I am not. First JJ, now Prentiss. Two strong female characters written off as if they were nothing but just place mats. Incidentially, the new character is just that, a place mat because that character cannot at all bring what JJ and Prentiss did, not in any way, especially not in a credible way. I don't know who over there thought that it was a good idea to let go of two strengths and then add one weakness but let me say it was not a good thought. This is decision making at its poorest.

The Lauren episode looks like it will be exciting and I am hoping that it will succeed in filling in some of the gaps left to be filled in this arc. I pray that Paget's final episode will be done with dignity and respect for the character that she has played so well throughout the years. I am relieved that Matthew Gray Gubler was allowed to direct this episode and that fact alone boosts my confidence that the episode will be done with the respect and dignity that it deserves. I will miss Paget terribly and even though it may be foolish to do so I am still holding out hope that she will return for season 7. I am also excited that AJ is returning for this episode but sad that just as quickly as she is returning, just as quickly she will be leaving.

I don't know what else to say other than I am gravely disappointed at the direction the show has been heading in since mid season 5. It is my hope that I will continue to watch CM after the Prentiss character leaves, but that is something that I cannot say until I have watched some episodes without her character. I must admit that I am filled with dread at what will come next for CM, primarily because of the new character. If the new character had been better conceived, or even if the cast were left at Garcia and the men, I would have better confidence.

LunaM said...

I know the next episode will be full of suspense and action and emotion. I know “Lauren” will be a great hour of TV, if only for Paget’s top-notch acting and MGG’s directing. But of course also because of the rest of the cast and crew doing everything to give Paget the exit she deserves. However, I ‘m also kind of dreading next episode. Prentiss is my second favorite character. It hurts to imagine not seeing her around anymore. Seeing the credits without her for the first time ... I will be in shambles. Although I had the gut feeling for some time now that Paget won’t come back, I still had this tiny little flame of hope she’d return for season 7. But reading that she has got a pilot now seems to make it final. I am a bit heartbroken about it, although of course I'm happy for Paget and wish her all the best.
I personally think season 6 started pretty strong. I was very happy with most of the episodes, although even they never seemed as strong as the epis from season 1 - 4. With the lack of quality writing lately, the only reason for me to watch CM at the moment is Hotch, but unfortunately Hotch isn't really around much either, and when he is, he's OOC quite often. Hotch and Prentiss always had a very good working relationship and good onscreen chemistry, IMO (non-shippy!!!) and I think they dropped the ball completely by leaving Hotch out of the Prentiss story-arc so much. Therefore, at the moment, I’m torn whether to stop watching CM after "Lauren" or not. I love the rest of the cast too and want to support them, but the direction this season has been taking leaves me disappointed and wanting. Maybe I can hope we'll see more Hotch again when we are one agent down and the Prentiss arc is completed? I hope after “Lauren” they’ll finally pick up the Reid-and-his-headaches storyline again. Maybe Hotch could be involved in that a bit more?
A perfect CM episode for me is a team oriented one in which all the characters get to shine and have equal screen time, all the while with a strong presence of Hotch as the Unit Chief. An episode in which we see more of the actual profiling rather than what the unsub does at the moment. An episode with a family feel to the team. I hope it’s still not too late to get that kind of CM back.
Until then, I am anxious, excited and curious for what next Wednesday’s episode has in store for us.

Silvinha said...

I'm excited about this episode but at the same time I'm sad as hell. "Lauren" could be the best episode ever if is wasn't Paget's last episode. It's bittersweet and I can't believe CBS' morons could be so stupidy for letting her go. They should do everything to bring Paget back because this show needs a strong female agent like Prentiss.

And while I wish all the best to Paget, the selfish part in me wants her back on CM. Emily Prentiss has to stay because she has to.

And then there's JJ who's only will be back for a few minutes to leave us again. And this time taking Emily away with her.

It's just unbelievable what CBS has been doing to ruin this once great show.

Maury said...

6th comment, by Anonymous

"(see current contract negotiations for TG and SM and MGGs moving-on-after-six-years-is-not-really-a-bad-thing quote along w/his contract being up next year)"

could you give us the link to the MGG quote you posted about?

DoctaJ said...

Eagerly awaiting/dreading this ep. I trust the writers/MGG will not let us down for Pagets last ep, and I know for a fact Paget will be amazing.

Just not sure how invested I can be in this show once my favorite character is gone, but thanks to Criminal Minds for creating and allowing us to get to know the awesome Emily Prentiss.

bbm12 said...

The Lauren episode will definitely be a rollercoaster ride for me because it is marking the end of Emily Prentiss. I know there have been articles printed that suggest that the ending will be left open for a possible Prentiss return in season 7, but I must say my hope for that happening is waning. I am glad that JJ will be back, but will be upset again when she leaves. I love that MGG directed this episode; it has been said before and is worth saying again he is both a talented actor and director.

Personally, I cannot say that I am surprised concerning the current tide of the show because it has been crashing down the door ever since CBS fired the writers at the end of season 4. Now, what, in my opinion, we are being left with is a disjointed mess created and implemented by individuals at CBS and CM who were looking outward and not inward on CM. Disjointed in the writing, disjointed in the removal of two strong female cast members, and disjointed in the addition of a non- credible and nonsensical female character.

I would hope that CBS and CM could get back on track, but honestly, I don't see that happening. What I see happening after Prentiss leaves is more, and because of the new character, increased out of character writing and more leaps in logic. However, I cannot resist but to bang on the drum that has been banged on here repeatedly, and that is, to get some of the old writers back, to get AJ Cook back, to try everything on earth possible to get Paget back, to not include the Seaver character in season 7. Please understand that for me, and I would suspect others, these are not things that are said flippantly. These are things that have grown from a deep sense of my own personal concern for the show and I would guess to say others concern for the show as well. However, I am certainly not trying to speak for others when I say these or any other things here.

I also wanted to say congratulations to Paget Brewster on her role in the new comedy pilot. Pilots are a tricky thing, many do not get picked up, but I can't help but to believe that this one will. Paget is an extremely gifted actress that lights up the screen, and unlike CBS and CM who chose to disregard those qualities in Paget, I am sure that another network will spot them immediately and want to showcase them on their network. With that said, I am hoping against hope that Paget will return to CM, but if the pilot gets picked up, and it is what she still wants to pursue at that time, then I wish her all the best.

Mel (Toronto) said...

Well I for one am not a big fan of season 6 for many reasons.

I hate the way AJ and Paget were treated for whatever reasons we were given (creative/financial).

The writing also has been terrible. There is no flow what so ever. Seems like all the attention is going to the unsubs and there isn't much profiling being done - which is/use to be the base of this show.

Also, where is Hotch? He's the leader of the unit and it almost feels like he's been MIA so far. Rossi is supposedly the man that has been there and done that and now he's been reduced to just asking "where is Seaver?" Reid lost his innocent wit and hardly rambles anymore. Emily doesn't have her snarky comments or dry humour. Morgon isn't playboy, busting down doors anymore. Garcia is now helping sort and pick cases now? Seriously?

All the good writers that knew these characters have left. Thanks to the cuts that were made after the writers strike. Now all CM has are freelancers that have no connection to the fans and characters what so ever.

IMO the introduction of Ashley Seaver was done at a terrible time. Did they think firing AJ and then bringing in someone that looks so much like her wouldn't rub some long times fans the wrong way? This is not a "dig" at Rachel Nichols in any way/shape/form so no one flame me for saying that.

The show makes the BAU seem like a prestigious unit in the FBI, only the best of the best can even be considered. So the writers throw in a cadet from the academy? Seriously, makes no sense. At least when Rossi and Prentiss joined they has some sort of a background story and you could see how they "fit" in the unit.

I think I'm done with CM after this season.

I'm a HUGE Paget fan so I'll only tune in if she somehow comes back next season (assuming there is a season 7 lol).

Good luck to Thomas and Shemar with their negotiations. I hope CBS learned from their dealing with Paget/AJ, don't F* up this show more than it has been.

(end my rant)

Anonymous said...

They are saying that this is the last episode for Paget I thought it wasn't official that she was leaving yet

Anonymous said...

I really think Season 6 has been great since the Christmas break. The only episode I disliked was
"13th Step" but I just don't happen to care for unsub centric episodes. They have done them before though (ie True Night) I liked "Today I Do" and I loved "Crorozon","Sense Memory","Coda" and "Vahalla". I am really looking forward to "Lauren"
I wish Paget well in everything she does and hope to see her on Criminal Minds again if she so chooses.
There will be a Season 7 and I will be watching and to the actors and crew who work 12 to 14 hours a day to entertain us, please know you hard work and talent is much appreciated by this fan and viewer.

blue133 said...

JJ has been summarily dismissed, banished because her role on the team was thought to be unnecessary.

Morgan has become more of an action figure.

Prentiss all but lost her wit, sarcasm, dark humor, interviewing skills, substantive insights on victimology and language skills.

Gone are the days of snarky Reid as well as the Reid that used to captivate me with his intelligence and dry humor. The ironic thing about Reid is that I am sure he was the lonely genius that they are harping on back then too, but his character was so vibrantly written that this aspect of his life was not what defined his character to me unlike now.

Hotch was on the scene and he had feelings back then, dark and sorrowful, but he had them, and he and his feelings were shown. Now, whenever he does appear on screen (which seems to be less and less these days) I hardly register his presence on screen. If he is not taking upon duties that were once delegated to JJ (you know, the character whom CBS and CM thought wasn't necessary on the show), he and Rossi are being schooled by some cadet who hasn't completed her basic training at the Academy; don't even get me started on the absurdity of that whole situation (Today I do episode).

What happened to Rossi? Rossi used to have some grit, charm, wit, and substantial things to say other than to ask "Where's Seaver?" He was a stand alone character who interacted well with the other team members because, like them, he had something to bring to the table, something that blended perfectly with what they were bringing to the table. However, now it seems like he will be used as some sort of surrogate father or mentor to Seaver a la perhaps Gideon and Reid, or perhaps Hotch and Reid. Unlike those mentoring relationships, the Rossi/Seaver mentoring relationship will be an epic fail for it lacks the substance and raw material that Gideon/Reid, Hotch/Reid had. What was being mentored in Reid was not what he needed to qualify and be a vital asset to the team, he's always had that (his genius), but rather, the experience to be a field agent. The complete opposite is the case with Seaver. She lacks not only any discernible qualification to be on the team, but also the experience to be a field agent.

Goodness, I just desperately want Criminal Minds back. The Criminal Minds with stellar writing and characters that not only fit, but engaged. My criticism should in no way diminsh the respect and admiration that I have for the cast and crew who dedicate 12 to 14hours, sometimes even 16 hours or more, into producing shows to air. Despite my criticim, please know that I do indeed appreciate your hard work, however, one is not married to the other and there are times when things should be expressed.

I have a flurry of emotions welling up inside of me concerning the Lauren episode. As others have pointed out, I am glad that MGG was chosen to direct this episode, and am glad that AJ will return for this episode, but I am heartbroken at the fact that this will be the last episode of the season that Paget will appear in. Perhaps, her final episode ever. What a shame, what an utter shame, that CBS and CM treated what was so precious to the show as if it were nothing more than mere scrap paper. I assure you that Paget Brewster and the character she played on the show, and for that matter AJ Cook and the character she played on the show, were much more than that. And forgive me, but the character that you have chosen to insert in that void is simply not acceptable in my opinion, the reasons being that which may who have written on this blog have shared through numerous threads.

I wish all the success and happines in the world for Paget but I would be remiss if I said I do not long for her return to CM for season 7. I do hope that she will come back to CM as I hope that what made CM stand apart from every crime drama show on TV will come back. If not, then I fear I will have to depart.

Unknown said...

I will miss Prentiss but am happy that I will no doubt see Paget in something soon (especially if her pilot gets picked up)

Who all saw the longer promo thatJM posted on twitter. With the sniper asking "whose the target?" Over an arial shot of OUR TEAM M oh my...this is going to be intense.

I know there has been backstage stuff ging on at CM...there has since the shows inception. I miss and will continue to miss JJ. I will miss Prentiss. However it is an ensemble show. Much like ER as long as they stay true to the core the show will not falter. It is not centered around any one character/actor. Granted enough of the team will need to stay entact for that "family" feeling to follow thru but I think they should be alright. I mean really...they based almost eh entire first season around Gideon...the quotes where all narrated by him, the cases were all solved by him with the HELP of the team...then slowly the focus started to even out and boom he was gone.

While we will always have our faves I have faith that the show will be ok. I cant imagine it without the ones who are left....but I dont even want to go there.

I think MGG was just beign honest when he said that after 100 episodes moving on is not that horrible a thing to think about. Paget has wonderful comedic timing and will flourish in a role that focuses on her a bit more. Absolutely no shame in that. Good luck girl!

Monday Tuesday CMday! Cant wa

Optika said...

I think that Criminal Minds is a great show and part of what makes it a great show is its unique cast and characters and the fact that it is so underrated.
Paget has tried comedy before and if you've seen her appearnces or her interviews, you can tell that Paget is a very funny and entertaining actress. I will really miss her on Criminal Minds and cant wait for this episode to air, although I hate that CM has come to this, to the end of Paget and AJ on the show. Still hoping that they will both come back and that the waste of space Seaver will not return for season 7.
I checked the ratings for the show during its entire run so far, and its had great ratings and ratings have also been solid throughout everything, but they have also gone down...
If Thomas Gibson does not return, I will not watch the show anymore because he is going to be the only reason to watch it at all and I really hope that he comes back in full swing.
I dont understand what the writers are doing and why they are not fixing this show. Still this season has had some great episodes,
loved the season opener and JJ(tears) and I loved Reflections of Desire, The Thirteenth Step and Safe Haven.
Hate Seaver, will never like her, best wishes to Paget and AJ.
Congratulations to Paget, still wondering about AJ. I heard she was being considered for some shows but havent heard anything solid yet.This will still be a great episode!

Optika said...

Where are people reading about MGG saying moving on is not such a bad thing? Just curious?

Optika said...

Sorry but I have another question...I was watching "empty Planet" again on dvd from season 2 and at the end of the episode when JJ and Reid are playing cards, Reid was trying to ask JJ out to go to COmic Con with him and JJ said never, but and correct me if I am wrong, but I believe she also said "I'm dating a genius", it might have been I'm beating a genius but i went over the scene a million times and I think she said dating.
My theory is that the original writers wanted to get JJ and Spence together from the start, but got scared but from this line in "Empty Planet", i think that JJ and Spence at least casually dated on and off but it never really got off the ground...
IDK, but I was always rooting for JJ and Spence and I think that it is totally plausible and they have great chemistry and I love them, love the idea of JJ and Spence as a couple! In my mind, they dated and will always be meant for one another!

gubegirl said...

I'm with several of you here, in that I am looking forward to this coming Wednesday with mixed feelings It is not just any old epi - it will be great in that our wonderful MGG directed it and will have put extra special effort into it because it is of such significance. It made me feel good that PB especially requested that he do it which demonstrates her trust and confidence in her co-worker and is indicative of the special relationship these people have working together.

But after losing so many good writers, learning of Ed's investment in the spin-off and his ultimate devotion to that rather than the orgi CM, losing AJ, the cutback and threat of losing Paget (which is now coming to pass - who can blame her?) and having the crazy storyline of a cadet written into this elite & experienced crew to "refresh" the show which was so damn good prev...I am just bummed.

I will continue to watch because TG, SM and MGG are still there. But if what MGG said in the interview for TV Guide, "6 yrs is a good run" well,I've got one foot out the door as well as they do: their hearts will no longer be in it as they prepare to leave. They do not have the great writing, strong direction, interest of TPTB, and their are rapidly losing their strong and devoted fanbase: not their fault but it is inevitable after all that has happened this past year. None of it is anything like what happened with Lola G or Mandy P leaving, JJ going on maternity leave: these were all all little tremors compared to the magnitude of the "quake" we have been living with all this season..we have all been hanging on for dear life, hoping against hope that we would wake up and the nightmare would be over and we could go back to some semblance of a "normal" CM. Only those that have devoted fanatics for several years are probably feeling this way, but I do believe we are HUGE in numbers.

Good luck to you, dear Paget. We will miss you on CM, follow you on your new show and hope that you might just come back...sigh. Matthew, pls do not leave anytime soon: CM needs you now more than ever, eveybit as much as they need TG. I would miss SM alot, and Rossi is good, KV is half-gone(not watching the spin-off)AJ and Paget gone and what will there be left? A skeleton crew just does not cut it and I do not care to see any more "refreshment" techniques applied here. Sorry, it has just been too much to take over this past season. WAY too much to bear.

That said, I will be watching Wed. nite with every fiber of myself involved, even if I manage to drop more of my buttered popcorn on myself than usual:) while not being able to avert my eyes from the acreen. I will keep praying that something good happens in the next few weeks before season's end that I will give me something special to look forward to next fall.

Rosa said...

Can't speak for anyone else, but I think that the episode after the Lauren episode will be it for me. I want to see the episode after Lauren to see how Hotch, Rossi, Garcia, Morgan and Reid will function immediately after Prentiss leaving. I know that I am but just one person so I know my leaving will not affect anything. It is not something I am doing for others or to affect anything, but for myself because of what has happened to the show.

I haved loved CM from the very beginning and have stuck by it when some people said that it was doomed after Gideom and Elle left. CM was not doomed after that because the writers back then wrote in the wonderful Prentiss and Rossi characters. I'm not saying CM is doomed now, what I am saying is that the loss of not one, but now two characters, along with the decreasing quality of the writing and the product and culmination of that writing and bad decision making Seaver is not something that I feel will strengthen the show, or for that matter, will cause me to want to watch further after Prentiss leaves. I love TG, KV, SM, JM, and MGG and hope that they will continue on in CM for years to come, but I know the direction that the show is heading in is not one I believe I can be a part of.

Paget is wonderful and I know that no matter where she lands she will be successful as will AJ. I wish that the both of them were coming back permanently for season 7, but I am certainly not holding my breath. In the meantime, with tears in my eyes I will watch the Lauren episode and cling onto dear life to my DVD's of the past CM seasons.

Anonymous said...

it seems more like criminal minds is developping into a boys show, (sorry rachel and kirsten)because from what i have read,when the series started back in 2005, it was an equal amount of viewers, when lola/elle left, the shows viewers were more boys, when mandy/gideon left, the show equalized again.when paget/prentiss joined girls started watching again, and when joe/rossi joined for some reason, boys watched it less. BUT when our beloved jj left, 95% percent of the viewers were girls, now when prentiss leaves, i bet it's regular viewers are going to plummit.

And now onto the topic: i can't wait for this dramatic episode, i don't know what happens but i already know that MGG is a great director and i love the episode already!!!!

Nebraska fan said...

i can't wait until wednesday night to get to the end of this ever ending suspense. I will continue watching CM unless TG, SM and JM leave. Then it will be another show to go by the way.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please post this interview with MGG from tv guide becasue I cant find it online.Please and thank you!

Or at least give a link or something.

gubegirl said...

Anonymous: Don't know if the MGG interview re: PB-"Lauren" was on-line: I read it in the new TV Guide hard opy which arrived last week. MGG starts our saying "It's never easy to say goodbye to friends" and that viewers will learn some " shocking, dark things" about Prentiss.

He admits to "feeling conflicted" and says that he does "not want to lose characters you love, but departures can only make for more powerful story-telling."

He felt honored that PB requested that he direct her final epi, author David Kronke says that she is not giving interviews, and MGG goes on to say that "she was exactly what a director would hope for. It was rare on the show that her charcter did anything touching, but Paget did complicated, hard stuff in one or two takes. It made me miss her all the more."

The quote he gives in the inset picture is: "After you have played a character for 100 episodes, moving on is not the worst thing in the world." Altho' this references Paget's exit, we cannot help but feel he is saying he may be seriously thinking about leaving sometime soon, as well. Hopefully, they will continue to give him directing jobs to entice him and that we can enjoy his talents for awhile to come!

Hope this helps, anonymous! I would die if I thought MGG was talking out there and I didn't know what he was saying." Hah!

Pamela said...

A lead on where to find that TV guide article with MGG would be great, or maybe just a cut and paste of what he said would be greatly appreciated!

What has been done to Criminal Minds is, pardon the pun, criminal. When Mandy and Lola left the show, they left of their own free will to pursue other projects, in the case of Lola, I think she wanted to move back to NYC. The show responded to these departures with great and rich characters. Today, what we see is a half-baked attempt at filling in the void that was left with AJ's firing and now Paget's leaving, leaving because of how she was treated, with a character that is just does not jive with this show and never will because the character is not at the level of the others and can't be written as such without some major out of character writing, and out of show writing.

I remember interviews with Paget where she expressed such a gratitude and joy for being part of Criminal Minds. AJ too expressed this type of gratitude and joy. None of these women wanted to leave, but other people had other plans and felt that their services no longer needed to be rendered. HUGE MISTAKE!

I too can only hope in my heart that Paget will return for season 7, but in all probabilty her pilot will be picked up and she will move forward. Wherever she ends up I will support her and watch with anticipation. Hope it is CM, but if not, will watch whatever she is on. Paget is so wonderful, both she and AJ are, and they most certainly did not deserve the treatment that they received for the sake of a spin-off, a spin-off that I will never watch (sorry KV).

I am another one who cannot say now if I will continue to watch CM. I will have to wait and see and make that personal decision when the time comes for me to make it.

Pamela said...

gubegirl, thank you! My post appeared after you cut and paste those MGG's quotes from the article.

carol said...

I will watch CM season 7 to support MGG,TG,RN,SM

Anonymous said...

Thanks gubegirl

Optika said...

I have to say that if MGG is thinking about seriously leaving, i wouldnt blame him or Thomas Gibson or Shemar Moore. Shemar Moore has grown into a better actor becuase of CM, I dont think he is een as much of a pretty boy anymore but he's rarely given any hardcore storyline. No one really is ecept for Hotch and Reid and there is still a lot that we can leanr about all the characters. Paget is such a wonderous actress! AJ was so great and so versatile. Love Thomas Gibson! I will supprot the three of them and MGG as well and Shemar Moore but if TG leaves, then I will too.
I do not support RN or Ashley Seaver for reasons I have preivously stated in other posts.
I think MGG was also referring to a possible exit from TG and SM as well. It seems that everyone except for RN and Kirsten Vangess are considering leaving and i dont blame them.

sf81387 said...

I've not gotten the impression from any of the actors that they are considering leaving the show. TG has stated numerous times that he wants to come back, JM continues to hold to his statement that they'll have to shut the lights out on him and does MGG ever have a negative thing to say about anything? KV seems happy and it's hard to tell with SM. He's voiced his unhappiness about the things that have happened, but I've not heard him comment about his personal status. Obviously any one of them can be shown the door at any moment, but I've not gotten the impression that any of them have one foot out the door already. JMO

Karina said...

MGG, JM, and I think KV have signed on for at least one more season of CM, so as of now, I don't think any of those individuals are leaving. Depending on the contract situation, TG and/or SM may not be back for season 7. Neither TG or SM has expressed a desire to leave the show, quite the opposite, they both would like to stay but I think have strongly hinted that if they believe they are being shafted by the network contract wise, then they are out of there. I would not blame them at all if that is what they ultimately decide to do because as was seen in the case of PB and AJ, the network has no to little regard for the actors and their work on the show.

I am sick about the Lauren episode. Sick not because I think it will be bad, sick because it marks the end to one of the best female characters ever created for a crime drama. As always, I know that Paget will do an awesome job at portraying Prentiss and it is great that Matthew is directing, they couldn't have gone with a better director. AJ coming back for that episode will definitely be the icing on that episode cake for me. But she will leave again, and this time Paget is going with her. I know, I just know that by the end of the episode I will be in tears. Tears of sadness and tears of anger.

What CM will look like after Prentiss leaves is not good in my opinion, not good at all. Sure, Hotch (assuming that he gets some good screen time and is allowed to act like the Unit Chief that he is), Reid, Morgan, Garcia and Rossi will be there but so will a character that is just not up to snuff. I liken this to being given a glass of water that is almost entirely filled with good clean water, but within that good, clean water are some drops of rubbish. Would you drink that water even though it just had only a few drops of rubbish in it? The few drops affect what is otherwise is good and clean. This is not towards RN, no, so please don't interpret it that way, it is towards the character that unfortunately was created for her (or whomever else they would have hired had it not been her) to play. Also, this is just my opinion, so please do not intrepret my opinion in any other way or that I am speaking for other people. I can speak for no one other than myself.

I want to remember Criminal Minds for what it was before. A show with amazing writing and an ensemble cast that was out of this world. Yes, that is the way that I want to keep Criminal Minds in my mind and in my heart. I anticipate that the Lauren episode will be a good episode to keep these things in my mind and in my heart as it will be the last CM episode for me.

sf81387 said...

Neither TG or SM has expressed a desire to leave the show, quite the opposite, they both would like to stay but I think have strongly hinted that if they believe they are being shafted by the network contract wise, then they are out of there.

Really? What has either man said publicly that has strongly hinted this? I must've missed it.

Anonymous said...

Strauss will be there too. Really important for me. Jayne Atkinson is my second favourite actor on the show after Mantegna. Any team that includes Rossi, Reid, Strauss and Garcia is going to be strong and vibrant. Add to that maybe Morgan and Hotch and there's plenty of range and oomph. It's too early to say about Ashley but that means it's too early to foreclose too.

Amanda said...

sft1837, there was an article where Shemar said that the contract talks for the ending of season 6 for him and TG were political and complicated. At that time, there was no real certainity with PB, he said that things were up in the air with her, this was way before any news of her pilot. I think someone cut and paste a portion of that article in one of the threads here, unless I am confusing a thread here with one at a different forum. Not sure if that is what Karina is talking about though. This is the only thing though.

Amanda said...

the only thing I can think of though. Does anybody know of anything else? I know the Deadline article said that they were no where near deals, kind of hinting that talks were going badly, but there was no quote from TG or SM there.

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting that "Lauren" is going to be a huge ratings boon for Criminal Minds--the ratings for "Vahalla" reached over 14 million, the first time in weeks, and I bet the ratings will go even higher, maybe breaking 15 to 16 million.

After Laruen, however, I think there will be a steep ratings decline, as many viewers will leave after Prentiss's (for now) final episode. I'm still gonna watch the last six episodes of the season, just to see it through, but I'm also going to keep a close eye on the ratings, hoping that it doesn't go below 9-10 million.

Anonymous said...

Now that the end of Prentiss is finally near, is anyone going to actually stop watching Criminal Minds? I'm not, out of a clinical interest to see how the show will go (and for Reid, if his sickness storyline comes back in force).

For the secrets, I have a feeling they're being created on the fly. I remember in a chat with Thomas Gibson that he didn't know what his secret would be, and is waiting for the writers to create something.

I've got no idea what kind of secrets Rossi and Morgan would have (although I had thought "25 to Life" would be the revealing episode for Morgan, but no dice). But we're running out of time for season six, with only six episodes left. What is the show going to pull for season 7 to draw viewers in? I don't know.

sf81387 said...

I remember Shemar's quotes in that article but I don't recall him saying that contract talks for him and TG were complicated and political. In fact I don't recall him even mentioning his and TG's contracts specifically.

It's pretty typical for contract negotiations to go down to the zero hour especially when you're dealing with veteran actors on a long running series who know that the show may not have more than year or two of life left in it. They've established themselves and their character and would want to earn as much money as possible before it all ends and they have to start over on something new. I wouldn't expect to hear anything until it's almost time for the actors to go back to work in July. I don't think it's a matter of anyone trying to screw anyone though, just the typical push and pull of contract negotiations.

Ward said...

I haven't heard anything about any of the remaining cast talking about wanting to leave. On a personal level, I would not be surprised if TG or SM decided to leave the show if they do not get whatever it is, or at least the majority of whatever it is, that they are asking for. It is not an uncommon thing for actors to do, not saying that is what is going on behind the scenes here, just saying it is not something that would surprise me for TG or SM to do if they feel that they are getting a raw deal from the network. I hope that is not the case here and that contract talks end fairly for these actors.

I am looking forward to the Lauren episode and hope that there are minimal plot holes and that Prentiss leaves on a strong note. Pretty sure that I won't be sticking around after the Lauren episode, except, I may watch the episode after Lauren to see what is the aftermath of however it is they will write Prentiss leaving.

It sucks that CBS and CM dropped the ball on both AJ and Paget. Each of the characters that they played brought something to the BAU table, and now we have a junior rookie agent that is going to be bopping about the BAU. No thanks, not interested in watching "Criminal Minds: Training Camp."

Want to say a big congratulations to Paget on the pilot! Working with Jack Black as an Executive Producer I am sure will be a riot. Will look out for news about this pilot airing if it is picked up as a series.

sf81387 said...

For the secrets, I have a feeling they're being created on the fly.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are no more secrets revealed, which is fine because other than Prentiss's secret (boy was that a doozy) they've been pretty lame. The showrunners are known for hyping things that never make it to the screen. Remember how they hyped that the trauma with Hotch was supposedly going to make them a closer family and we were going to see that play out on screen? Have they seemed like anything that even resembles a family since episode 5.10?

Meg said...

Anonymous said...

"Now that the end of Prentiss is finally near, is anyone going to actually stop watching Criminal Minds? "

I'm going to stay watching to see what, if anything, happens with Reid's storyline. Reid's my favourite character and I'm getting impatient to see more about his headaches. Plus I'm interested to see how Prentiss's departure affects the team.

But I'm not so sure I will be tuning into S7 (if there is a S7.) The loss of Prentiss and J.J, the bad writing and, most of all, the introduction of the dreadful Seaver character has really wrecked my love for the show. Reid's storyline will keep me hanging on in this year but I'm not sure even my beloved Reid will be able to entice me back for S7.

Optika said...

There were still family moments up until the departure of AJ/JJ. The family feel is gone but I think it will be back temporarily in Lauren, but that it will be awkward with Seaver there. Seaver is not part of the family, not to me, not too a lot of people. And I think after Lauren the rating swill drop, or even after the espisode after Lauren becuase people will want to see how the show will be like after Prentiss leaves. This really sucks. Networs are so stupid. Thank god for dvds! But still.
Emily is such an awesome character and had so much more potential than was shown as did AJ. I wish Jeff Davis hadnt left, or would at least come back. Ed Bernero did some great stuff but I think he has now lost his mind.
Criminal Minds is too good on its own to have a spinoff. The spinoff sucks and so do its rating but it looks like it may be renewed.
Since it is piolt season, has anyoone heard anything about what AJ is up to? Cant wait to see Bringing Ashley Home.It looks like a great movie.

Felicia said...

I don't think there can be any way to predict what the ratings will be like after Prentiss leaves. I know I will not be watching, but that is me, don't know how many others, if any others will do the same. For me it is not about how many people will stop watching after I do, that is something people have to decide on their own. The fact is I feel the show left not only two voids, but in their place put in another void and I don't want to see increased screen time played out for that. But again, that is just me.

If the Reid headache story line comes back up, I will come here and find out in the spoilers and later on get that episode on iTunes. With the Secrets thing, yeah, I don't get that whole thing and maybe it is something that is being created on the fly, with maybe the exception of Prentiss and Reid. I would also be interested to see what they try to use pull viewers back in for season 7. I'm guessing that maybe it will have to do with whatever happens in the last episode of season 6 whatever that could be, or maybe they will hint at some type of definitive closure for the Prentiss character. I wish it were that Prentiss were coming back.

Optika said...

Also, what happened to Hotch's brother? He should have made an appearnce or been mentioned at least in season 5.
I would like to see more episodes like Tabula Rasa. I think it would be cool to see how JJ ended up on the team and what her first case was, and I would like to see one of Hotch's old cases from his days as a prosecuter come back to haunt him. Same with Morgon and Rossi, old cases, cold cases.
I feel that with Reid, they have explored pretty much all they can of his past and are now making up insane storylines for his future. His migraines are interesting but Corazon was a strange episode and I think that Reid's migraines may be all show and lame telling.
i just want to see more of Hotch and to see Seaver go. SHe doesnt work for the show and never will. If the show ends up being a "boys club", I'd rather watch that than have miss eye candy ruin perfectly good scenes and storylines with her stupid questions and dissing Reid and misinofrmation.I will eventually get over AJ and paget being forced out, as long as they are happy with where they end up but CBS just ruined a great tv family, on the show and in real life.

Wanda said...

Meg, I am tempted to hang on to see if anything further develops with the Reid storyline as both he and Prentiss are my favorite characters on the show, but I will be angry if I stayed to watch the 6 episodes after Prentiss leaves (it's 6, right?) to find out that nothing has been developed there. Also, I do want to see what effect losing Prentiss will have on the team, but, for all of the reasons you mentioned, the bad writing, the loss of JJ and now Prentiss, the dreadful introduction of the Seaver character, God, I just can't. I am hoping that coming to the spoiler threads will keep me abreast of what is going on and then I will seek to get whatever episode it seems people are saying is focusing on Reid's headaches. Also, if there is any follow up with the Secrets "gimmick" then I suppose that will be discussed here as well.

Looking forward to, but at the same time, dreading the Lauren episode. God, it will be great to see JJ again and I love, love, love that MGG directed this episode. Paget, what can I say about Paget other than it has been a pleasure to see her portray Prentiss. Wish she were coming back, but will see anything that she is in. Hope to see AJ in some projects soon too!

Optika said...

paget is such an amaing actress and seems like one of the coolest people you can ever meet. i just watched a tone of her interviews online and she's hilarious! She has a real knack for comedy. I think she should have her own show but this new pilot looks interesting. Too bad she cant do both though.
I cant wait to see AJ back on CM! Wednesday seems to far away. Its really terrible that both will be gone but it does make for an interesting storyline.
And what is the deal with CLyde? Is he a bad guy? I felt really sorry for Tsia but it was ineveitable. Her death. Emily will be in every scene. I hope Hotch also has some prominanet screen time as well.

Meg said...

Wanda said...

"Meg, I am tempted to hang on to see if anything further develops with the Reid storyline as both he and Prentiss are my favorite characters on the show, but I will be angry if I stayed to watch the 6 episodes after Prentiss leaves (it's 6, right?) to find out that nothing has been developed there. Also, I do want to see what effect losing Prentiss will have on the team, but, for all of the reasons you mentioned, the bad writing, the loss of JJ and now Prentiss, the dreadful introduction of the Seaver character, God, I just can't. I am hoping that coming to the spoiler threads will keep me abreast of what is going on and then I will seek to get whatever episode it seems people are saying is focusing on Reid's headaches. Also, if there is any follow up with the Secrets "gimmick" then I suppose that will be discussed here as well."

Wanda, yeah, that's a good point. I too will be furious if I watch the rest of the season only for there to be nothing more about Reid's headaches. So I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and read the spoiler pages after each episode. Then I can hunt down the episode/s that deal with Reid's headaches.

As for this week's episode. I'm both excited for it and absolutely dreading it. I love that it's being directed by MGG and I'm really looking forward to seeing J.J/A.J back but then she'll be leaving again and this time taking Prentiss/Paget with her. And I'm going to hate that so much. I wish Paget all the best of luck for the future but oh how I wish she'd come back to CM next year and that we could have a S7 of Reid, Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss and J.J.

the Celt said...

I think they will wait and see what the ratings are like once Prentiss leaves the show, depending on the numbers I suspect will make their decision if there is even going to be a season 7, if the numbers are down considerably I cannot see them offering more money to TG and SM if the series loses viewers...........sad thing is, if they had left things alone from the beginning, we would not even be commenting on this.......the Celt

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds is the number four scripted show on television behind only NCIS, NCIS Los Angelas and the Mentalist. It is in the Top 10 in both DVR+7 ratings and in syndication. There will be a Season 7.

Anita said...

There will be a season 7 it is just that no one really knows what the cast will look like when season 7 rolls around. To your point about the ratings, I think you are right in that if the ratings drop to a point where CBS feels a raise increase is not justified for Thomas or Shemar, then who knows what will happen with their characters on the show. I'm imagining that they are asking for more money, maybe other stuff too, who knows, but yeah, I think the ratings have to remain at whatever consistent level CBS feels is good for them (ususally like a 3.0 or higher) to give Thomas and Shemar what they are asking for. Of course, this is just what I am thinking though. But there will definitely be a season 7; I think that stuff like contracts have to be settled before an official statement is made, at least that is what it seems like to me. I agree though, that if things were left as they were we probably would not be talking about this now :(

I hate to say this, but I think that after the episode that comes after Lauren, I think it is called "With Friends like These," I am out. It was bad enough losing JJ, at least there was still Hotch, Prentiss, Garcia, Reid, Rossi and Morgan. There was definitely something that I felt missing with JJ's absence, and the writing hasn't helped, but those guys were still there. Now Prentiss is out the door and then, for whatever reason, they add this new character into the mix and that is when the whole thing went south for me, it starting heading south with the writing but then it definitely landed south with that character. The character doesn't make sense and I am sorry I don't believe I should have to wait 6 or more episodes to figure out what in the heck function that character serves when there is really no function at all. A cadet in the BAU, really... This is just crazy and what will happen moving along is more crazy storylines where the other characters will all dance, hop, and skip over the craziness of that character being there and I don't want to see that. What I wanted to see was rich and creative storylines featuring Prentiss, Reid, Hotch, Morgan, Garcia and Rossi. CBS and CM have destroyed that for me.

I wish the TG, MGG, SM, JM, and KV continued success with the show and of course I wish Paget much success as well as AJ. I will definitely have a box of Kleenex next to me as I watch the Lauren episode.

Anonymous said...

After Prentiss leaves, I will barely be holding onto to a string as a CM viewer. Get rid of Thomas or Shemar, then it is definitely click on delete and press enter on my DVR for Criminal Minds.

gubegirl said...

I cannot shed any light on the SM/TG contract negotitation except it seems I did read on a post on an earlier thread in this forum, which is the only one I regularly check, that SM had made some negative comments and I believe it was after the spin-off and dismissal of JJ and I don't think he said much. At least that's what I remember. On a fairly recent interview on Ellen, he was still praising the show, and talking about another successful (6th) season and that he felt "blessed." TG said sim positive things in his recent interviewing on Regis & Kelly, etc.

But I agree with whomever made the stmt about the SECRETS being made up on the fly: I think those flew out the window when Ed jumped off the bandwagon to chase Forest and the new kids. Between that and the subsequent lack of consistent direction, and the endless number of writers who are new to our team, the secrets have fallen by the wayside. Reid would be the easiest to come up with something with the schizoid mom and hints at Asbergers, here come the headaches, blinding and incapacitating with no further development, tiny hint at continuity (migraine book - & his confiding about them in last epi to Emily prob'ly both due to all our noise here "WTH? what happened to Reid's H.A.s???)

MAYBE, just MAYBE we will hear something more to resolve that one before the end of the season. Given that no others except for Prentiss have been brought up, I find it highly unlikely that much more will be dealt with in the final 6 epis of this season. Heck, at this point, I'm happy to let go of the secret subject matter til next season if we could finalize Reid's; of course, do what the overwhelming majority of us want: deal with the Seaver/misfit/storyline and MAKE THINGS RIGHT/REAL/CREDIBLE ONCE AGAIN. PERIOD. THAT'S ALL.

Grant us just that one small request? And then we will wait patiently for you to get us back to where we were, loving the best show on TV, early in season 7; you can take the entire summer to work out all the details. Don't dangle any crap under our noses about secrets, refreshing changes i.e., new blood, etc. Just do the best you can to put the remaining pieces that are still intact back together, get AW and/or CM back and pull several all-nighters watching seasons 1-5, seeing what you did right and how you went wrong and go back to the old way of doing things right, No massive gore, no grandiose CSI-like scenes just QUALITY, THOUGHT-PROVOKING AND MINDFUL EPI'S THAT LEAVE US IN WONDERMENT AND APPRECIATION.

OK. Now I'm done. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I'm done after this season.

I miss the way the team use to interact and I guess the only way to see this again is to stick to the old episode.

CBS is ruining this show each passing day. There seems to be more drama behind the scenes than infront!

HP <3

BAU1919 said...

I'm gonna need a bottle of wine to get me through this episode, I think. lol

Excited, sad, and nervous all at the same time. I never get invested in TV shows but damn...

Cynthia said...

I can't wait to see Lauren and i'm dreading it at the same time because I don't want the Paget/Emily leave. However, I think that she is right to leave after what CBS did to her and AJ. We will see JJ for one episode again, just to see her leave again, this time taking Emily with her :(
AJ and Paget will be missed dearly!! I don't know whether to continue watching to support the other actors that are left, or to give up on the sinking ship...

BAU1919 said...

seeing how she will most likely live, according to MGG, my biggest concern is her secrets.

I just don't want this character that is so highly respected by the other characters on the show, as well as by the fans to end up being some sort of 'dirty cop'.

I hope they send her out with nothing but dignity and respect, because that is what both Emily Prentiss and Paget Brewster have brought to the show.

Dennis said...

I watched every episode from the Pilot until season 6 episode 2. I have not watched since but I will watch this Wednesday for JJ's visit and Prentiss's departure. After that I will not watch but I do read this blog as well as others to find out how the show is going. I read mostly disappointment by the loyal fans. The ship is sinking.

By the way, AJ Cook is on a new Lifetime movie next Sunday. It is called Bringing Ashley Home. I will be watching and hope you will watch too.

Raquel said...

BAU1919, I was thinking more along the lines of a bottle of whiskey or some tequila to get me through the emotional topsy turvy I will go through during the Lauren episode.

After the Lauren episode, I will have Wednesday nights at 9 pm est free to go to happy hour, read some books, clean my apartment, etc. etc. because I will no longer tune into CM. This is not so much about Prentiss, although she is a big factor in the equation, this has more to do with the obvious lack of focus and direction at CM that started when CBS let writers like Andrew Wilder slip out the door. In the history of stupid moves, that ranks up there with the best of them. Since that time, for me, I've seen virtually nothing more than a shadow of what this show used to be. In between the firing of AJ and pushing Paget off the lot, the Seaver character, yup, that was the call for me to get onboard one of the available tug boats to land on shore safely.

Writers such as Andrew Wilder being dismissed stupid, AJ being fired stupid, Paget being basically thrown under a bus stupid, the addition of the Seaver character stupid, hell, the only thing that has been done consistently is something that falls under the stupid umbrella. Could Thomas and Shemar being shafted in contract negotiations be the next stupid move, wouldn't doubt it.

Phyllis said...

Raquel, can I add the spin-off to the list of things to go under the stupid umbrella as the spin-off is one of the main catalyst for all of the things you listed.

I too will cease from watching CM once the Lauren episode is over. I doubt that anyone's profession of that here will make any difference to the geniuses at CBS or CM as they care only about the big picture and there is no telling what the big picture ratings wise will look like once Paget is off the show, but it certainly doesn't hurt to share that with them here. At any rate, I wanted to make a point of saying that my Nielson rating will no longer be given to this show, or any other show on CBS. You have effectively ruined this show in my opinion and I can no longer trust what is produced or run by those in charge at CBS.

Hava said...

I don't care if the ratings stay the same, go through the roof, or drop, once the Prentiss character is no longer on the show, I am switching the channel or turning off my TV.

I am sick of all the havoc I believe CBS and CM have cast upon CM and I am not all impressed by what they are leaving as far as a female field character once Prentiss leaves.

I am done.

The Prodigal Cheeto Returns said...

Love that pic of Thomas Gibson. Dayum. Hotttt.

Aimee said...

I'm super excited about this episode. I'm also devasted that it will be Prentiss's last ep, as she's my favorite.

The irony here is that had they not fired (than half assed un-fired) Paget Brewster, I doubt she would have gotten even a quarter of the awesome screentime she's gotten this season. Ah well, it's been a good 6 seasons so far.

I think I'll still watch the show afterwards (I do love Reid a ton), but CM will probably fall off of my "must see tv, must buy DVDs ASAP" list and into my "watch during syndicated re-runs" list.

sdwally said...

On November 6, 2010, Paget Brewster tweeted the following:
pagetpaget paget brewster
Dear Comedy, Wow, I really miss you. Hey, are you free in February? I am! I sure hope we can get together. Kisses! Love, Paget

I was bothered by the tweet for several days because it sounded as if Paget was saying come February, she’d be looking for a job; and she hoped to get an opportunity to do comedy again. Well it looks like she’s finally gotten her wish. However, in the meantime I couldn’t sleep one night and decided to write CBS about Paget and eventually transmitted the following letter on November 10, 2010, at 2:10 a.m. to Les Moonves and Nina Tassler via CBS’s internet comment form:

Mr. Les Moonves and Ms. Nina Tassler:

I am passionately requesting that you reverse your decision to sever Paget Brewster’s ties with Criminal Minds and the CBS Network. I know these decisions are not made in a vacuum; and I know you ponder long and hard over choices that can make or break a series and shatter the hearts of devoted fans and followers. I’m not writing to attack or to criticize you or to question your wisdom or judgment. I am writing to simply ask that you be responsive to the angst of so many viewers and fans who have already suffered through the loss of a valuable friend and family member in AJ Cook; to not force us to endure this again with another friend and family member, Paget Brewster.

You see as a longtime CBS viewer and devoted Criminal Minds’ fan, the loss of one and the potential loss of another close family member is incomprehensible. As a CBS stalwart as a child, whose mom was a big fan of Young and The Restless, Mannix and later Walker, Texas Ranger; it feels almost like a betrayal when the first show to which I’ve become fervently attached, is the one that now seems to be under assault. And I as a loyal, longtime viewer, I find myself helpless to do anything about it. Although this comment is from me, you know there are tens of thousands who feel as I do. I know there are times when a show has to be canceled even though that show has a significant following. I know it is sometimes necessary to refresh a series; but interchanging pretty faces is not the answer.

You have built a cast of quality actors with a devoted fan base. And Criminal Minds is one of CBS’ top ten shows in both the demos and in total viewers. Paget Brewster’s participation on the show should be given equal credit for Criminal Minds’ success. Her contribution is immeasurable and her presence has become a staple on the series. Again, I am asking that you please reinstate Paget Brewster to the Criminal Minds’ roster for the remainder of this year and for the duration of Criminal Minds. Your positive response to this request would demonstrate to the loyal fans of Criminal Minds and the CBS Network that you are listening to our collective voices and are responding as the network that cares. Thank you

sdwally said...


I believed CBS responded to my request and the requests of thousands of others whose letters, emails, petitions, and faxes finally fell on listening ears when they offered Paget back her full-time status on CM. So the news about Paget’s new pilot deal and CM’s potential loss of her services has given me serious separation anxiety as I try to adjust to her potential loss. I know she has to do what’s best for her, and I respect whatever decision she makes. But I know now I must put myself on a three-step program to start weaning myself off of CM now, because if Thomas Gibson ever announces that he’s leaving CM, I’ll be beside myself with grief. I’ve never been this invested in a series, and never this invested in characters and the actors. It’s been fun commenting on blogs and twitter; but it’s getting to be a bit too painful.

I’ve have really enjoyed the Prentiss arc, even with its sometimes frustrating storyline. I’ve enjoyed seeing more of Prentiss; I’ve hated not seeing enough of Hotch; and I’m anxiously but hesitantly looking forward to Lauren and am hoping for a cliffhanger that will force the writers to bring Paget back to give us closure, even if her pilot is picked up and she opts to leave CM. But I’m really hoping that CBS and CM will make Paget a first-rate offer that is so extraordinary that she will pass on the pilot. The pilot has further increased her leverage as is added recognition of her value and talent. I hope CBS and CM do the right thing and make it easy for Paget to forgo NBC and the pilot for now; because I selfishly don’t want to lose her and will miss her inimitable presence on my all-time favorite show.

Mike said...

The longer seaver is on the show. The more will fans like her. Got a feeling she will become a very beloved character on the show. You just wait and see. When all this is forgotten

Mike said...

here is a cute pic of the cast the other day.

Lisette said...

Nothing will be forgotten and why are people posting pictures of MGG, SM, KV, and SM?? Is that someone from CBS? This goes to nothing and only sparks off my anger even more because it is some sort of smoke screen to divert attention from the fact that the show is losing yet another one of its strongest assets. I'll say that for me what will be forgotten is the trust and confidence that I once placed in CBS and CM.

Due to what I think is a complete mishandling of the shows female actors (AJ and Paget), the Lauren episode will send off yet another one of the female cast. In her place, we get a character that is completely unqualified for the role that this female character will be leaving void and that angers me. The Prentiss character was unique because as the only female profiler she held her own with all the men, and in many circumstances, she surpassed the men. In Prentiss, there was no need to add any additional female character, she covered that and much more. Now, we get some insipid trainee agent who is barely going to be graduating from the Academy which in no way qualifies her to be at the BAU, yeah, what a way to advance women on this show CBS and CM. Well, count me out CBS and CM. You had a great cast, strong writing, and in me someone who trusted the decisions made by CBS and CM to advance the show. That is gone now and after Wednesday so will I which will probably not make a dent but in the grand scheme of things, but on a personal level means a lot to me.

heyya said...

I'm sorry but what the heck are those pictures supposed to mean? Why post them here? They're behind the scenes pics and make no difference to the actual plot or the writing of the show. And what difference does it make if some people think MGG and Rachel Nichols make a handsome couple? When did CM turn into a romance series? I thought it was a crime drama. They better not hook up Reid and Seaver. That is the absolute worst thing they can do in the light of all the recent events. Reid is a fan favourite, Seaver well not so much. I can't stand her for reasons already mentioned on numerous occasions on a number of threads.
I'm looking forward to "Lauren" I'm excited to see the conclusion of the Prentiss/Doyle story arc. I'm sure Paget is going to do an amazing job. I hope she goes out with a bang. MGG's directorial debut "Mosley Lane" is my favourite CM episode ever, I'm hoping "Lauren" surpasses that to become my favourite although I have my doubts. JJ coming back and this time taking Emily with her will only refresh all those old wounds and make me remember how CBS have ruined what was once a truly brilliant and thought-provoking show with an amazing mix of characters and writers.
I honestly don't know if I'll continue watching after "Lauren" I love TG, SM, MGG, KV, and JM but the show is going to feel so weird without Emily in there. Plus, we'll have to tolerate that Seaver character who is likely to get more screen time being the only female field agent. I'll have to watch one or two episodes after "Lauren" to figure out if I can continue watching. If I can't then adios CM. Not that it is going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things but at least I'll get some peace of mind. And we'll always have re-runs! That is how I want to remember CM anyways, an amazing show which consistently delivered chilling episodes with wonderful acting and interesting plots and sub-plot. I'm seriously dreading how it'll look once Emily leaves :(
I'm ecstatic that Paget Brewster got cast in a comedy pilot. She is such a versatile actress. I hope for her sake the pilot gets picked up. CBS treated her as though she were expendable, and if I were her I would never return, no matter what. She deserves to work for people who appreciate her talents and value her work, not morons like CBS. I wish her the best of luck in the future in whatever she decides to do. Same goes for AJ. I hope that she gets offered a TV or something too. She's such a powerhouse of a performer and until season5 she was really under utilized on CM. AJ Cook is my favourite actress and I believe she will once again prove her worth when we see her in "Lauren." I'll continue to support both these amazing and talented ladies no matter what!

heyya said...

Sorry for the typos in my previous post!

Janice said...

Forget, forget, just what in the hell are we supposed to forget. Are we supposed to forget how CBS shafted this show by firing some of its strongest writers? Are we supposed to forget how AJ Cook was treated like some temp actress instead of as one of the strong female leads on the show? Are we supposed to forget how Paget Brewster was basically demoted from series regular to God knows what that little deal was that they first tried to spin her way? Are we supposed to forget that instead of adding a strong female character on the show we get some hopelessly non-qualified rookie fresh from the Academy? Sorry, but these are not things that time will cause me to forget. No, these are not things that I am going to forget because for me these are things that have ruined the CM viewing experience for me. These are things that as a woman appall and enrage me.

Not only are AJ Cook and Paget Brewster two wonderful actresses, the characters they played on CM were the epitome of strength, experience, and expertise. These are qualities that women both young and old can admire and aspire to emulate. Throwing in some completely non-qualified female character on the show who is at the BAU basically because she felt bad about her first time out with the BAU is completely ridiculous and is no type of model for women (25 to Life episode). It is a disgrace that on a show that had female characters who both had the experience and expertise to earn their spots on the BAU, now CBS and CM have cooked up this character who gets on through sympathy and pity ploys. It is disgusting!

I know it won't make one damn bit of a difference but after Wednesday CM will be deleted from my viewing schedule. I have loved this show for years but I've had enough of what I view as lame brain decision making by the powers that be at CBS and CM. I will be glad to see AJ Cook back and am excited to see what MGG does directing wise. Of course, I am also looking forward to seeing Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss but am devastated that this will be her last episode as I am upset that because of the moronic decision making at CBS and CM this will be my last CM episode.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll ever know the full truth about what went on in Paget's negotiations. I do get the feeling, however, that it was her choice to leave. Sure, she got the initial push from CBS, but her background is in comedy. Maybe she truly wants to move away from drama, and while unfortunate, it could be exactly the push she needs.

Of course, I will miss Prentiss, but I am excited to see Paget in something new. So I truly hope the pilot gets picked up. I've found Criminal Minds to be extremely stale and not enjoyable this year - and not just because of the behind-the-scenes drama. I think she is jumping ship at the right time.

coadygirl said...

I'm looking forward to seeing "Lauren',I'm excited to see another MGG directorial, and as unhappy as I am with CBS,Bernero, and the almost non existant writers;I've invested a chunk of my time to CM. I'm seeing them thru until they film the last episode. I absolutely adore Paget Brewster and especially how she says something "sucks". Emily is just a great character and I think we see alot of Paget's natural humor in EP. It *sucks* that she's going to be gone. I wish the team would stay together. I thought that when Mandy and Lola left.(I liked her). I can't say that I'm warming up to Seaver. I can't reconcile myself to the shoddy greeting we had of her. I'm all about continuity. Her character is just so disjointed. I hope they get Seaver and her future with the BAU recalibrated because this is just ridiculous.
OPTIKA; I believe that the conversation went as follows:
JJ: I'm beating a genius
SR: Ha! this genius is letting you cheat!
I'm going by memory so it could be a little different but I'm pretty sure this is how it went :)

gubegirl said...

heyva, I'm with you: of what significance are those pics anyway? They are not good of ANY of them and represent nothing that has any importance to me. KV looks disgusted, why would Shemar want to snuggle with Reid and Reid's raccoon eyes are exaggerated to the point of cartoonish. Not flattering, IMHO.

Anyway. Let's talk about the "secrets." Altho' this may have been a premise at the beginning of the season to get everyone motivated and pumped, beyond Paget's current storyline and Reid's headaches, well, I'm not seeing or hearing any secrets that are anything to write home about. I think the entire concept got up and left when EB did, about the time the spin-off idea took off: there went the secrets: out the window. There has not been any consistent writer that knows our team that has picked up that idea and ran with it with the exception of Corazon (was that Rick Dunkle?) when Reid seemed to be suffering so with these "horrific" headaches and hallucinations. A HUGE deal. Then, there is this lapse, and we are left shaking our heads, he is acting fine until we write and nag and carry-on via this blog, until he shows up at the beginning of a recent epi carrying a book on migraines. No mention again until he jumps at Prentiss' greeting in Valhalla and confides he has been having bad headaches. That's it. That's all.

I would be surprised if anything but the Prentiss arc and just possibly, the Reid H.A. storylines get wrapped up this season, let alone any new "secrets" brought up. What do you all think? I remember us talking and going on and on, imagining what they might be for each character and now I just feel ripped off. And a little stupid for getting so caught up in it.

That's because we feel these characters are "family" to us; we spend every Wed. nite (and sev others in many ion & A&E cases) with them right there sharing our glass of wine and popcorn with us, you know?

I think if was just a hook, to rein us in, before things started to plummet at an alarmingly rapid pace and we have done everything to pacify ourselves, talking mainly to each other about what we think, what may happen, what needs to happen, yada, yada, yada.

Anyway, just wanted to discuss something other than PB leaving and cadet crap and wondering what your thoughts are re: the infamous and mysterious "SECRETS."

Carole said...

Ok, here is my take with the whole Secrets thing. I think when a show gets to the point that there has to be some sort of "hook," "gimmick," whatever, then that there is a sign. I don't recall, and please correct me if I am wrong, that this show has ever used some sort of gimmick like that to lure viewers back for another season. Someone asked it earlier and I can't help but to think of it myself, "what will be the lure that they use to get people to come back for season 7?"

There are 6 episodes left after Prentiss leaves and from what it seems there are 3 team members for which a Secret hasn't been explored, Hotch, Rossi, and Morgan. I am not counting Garcia because it seems like that theater thing was her Secret. Anyway, I don't know how, with any real depth, they are going to delve into these supposed Secrets. I think a couple of people mentioned it here and that is that this Secrets thing, if not already dumped as a "hook," is something that is purely being created on the fly. The possibility also exists as gubegirl said that this idea is something Ed B. took with him on his way to the spin-off, or was something purely to pacify viewers. Whatever it is I think it is lame and I for one am not amused, nor is it something that will keep me tuned in once Prentiss leaves. I will probably watch the episode immediately following Prentiss' departure and then I am done with CM.

I too have invested a lot of time in this series but have gotten to the point that I no longer care to be jerked around and have my time wasted by CBS and CM by what I think has been continued bad writing, elimination of great characters to turn around and add a lame one. No thank you CBS and CM.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to discussing episodes on these threads. How did we get here? They did say all along that not all secrets were a big deal and maybe they have decided to let it go. I know I was creeped out with the discussions on this site about the secrets considering the number of ideas that were centered on Hotch being raped and Reid's sexual preference. I can understand why some people are upset and if my favourite character had been dropped I probably still wouldn't watch but I think I would just want move on and let the people who still look forward to watching
could enjoy the show. I am not saying you don't have the right to say whatever you want and I am not trying to make trouble but I am just asking you to think about the impact of what you say may have on those working hard every week to entertain us. I really hope none of those people read this stuff. I would be discouraging to all of them.

sf81387 said...

I'm all about continuity

Then you are certainly watching the wrong show because CM "sucks" when it comes to continuity. ; )

I don't think EB ever left CM for the spinoff. The last I heard he was running both shows.

As for the secrets, I don't think that not panning out has anything to do with EB being too busy or whatever, it's just typical. The showrunners are always hyping things the never come to pass. With the exception of Prentiss, I think the secrets have been pretty lame. I don't care for the Prentiss Super Sekret spy saga, but I have to admit it's a hell of a secret.

I don't care much about Reid's headaches. I mean, I hope he's not deathly ill or anything, but it's just not something that is keeping me on the edge of my seat dying to know the answers. Unless it's because someone is poisoning him or something I can't imagine I'd find that the reason behind them is all that interesting or how was it described.....a doozy. Maybe they'll surprise me.

Samantha said...

Anonymous, how would CBS or CM know the possible issues that people are having with the show if not for these types of forums? Of course, this is just a snapshot of the viewers (don't know if it is a big or small snapshot).

I completely understand what you are saying, believe me I do, and just because there are criticisms being laid out doesn't mean that there can not also be praise. Some here have said that they have enjoyed season 6 immensely. But I think Criminal Minds Fan even said that Ed B., assuming he still reads the comments left here, is not averse to receiving feedback of any sort. I saw this same declaration from him on another forum where he asked that people please not hold back because it is all of the comments and feedback that he and those at the show take in to improve the show. Of course, this feedback should be done in a respectful manner and constructive manner. Also, just because people have criticisms doesn't mean that they don't appreciate the hard work by the cast and crew. One doesn't take away from another.

This is but one area where comments and feedback are being left, but I must say, what is being left here is tame, very tame, in comparison to what I have seen at other forums.

heyya said...

Optika and Coadygirl, as it happens, I just saw "Empty Planet" for the umpteeth time 2 days back, I think JJ said I'm beating the genius doctor Reid, to which Reid replied genius doctor Reid let you win :D! It was such a cute scene and then JJ laughed. And Reid cheated when she looked at Hotch's cards after Hotch specifically told him not to cheat. Oh man...I miss these old episodes and these little scenes. These little family moments made the show so special for me. We've hardly had any this season, and that for me is a downer.
gubegirl, I actually found that photo quite hilarious. MGG and Shemar part. MGG is such a cartoon, I absolutely love him. But people using pictures, and telling us MGG and Rachel Nichols make a "handsome" couple, and telling us that there are already some Seaver fanvids on youtube really rubs me the wrong way. Are we supposed to forget the total lack of credibility the character has because of the above? Just because she has a few "fanvids" doesn't make her character any more credible. That is such a bogus argument and has become beyond annoying.
I think the secrets will be created on the fly. I think they'll even wrap the Reid headaches storyline in one episode and that will be his secret. There will be 6 episodes left I believe 4 of which will be devoted to Reid, Rossi, Morgan and Hotch's secrets. They'll give Seaver one episode and I'm sure they will try to big her up as this bad ass female agent cum prodigy profiler without whose assistance the BAU will fall apart. No matter how much they try to big up her character, I just won't be able to buy it. If she were a qualified agent with actual experience I would have accepted her but the way they introduced her and then wrote her in the subsequent way. I'm never going to accept her. She's a JJ look a like and soon to be Emily wannabe except that she can never in a million years reach Emily's level of awesomeness.
the 6th episode will be the season finale of course by which time I don't know if I'll be watching the show any longer.

heyya said...

Again sorry for the typos:P I made Reid a she !

Samantha said...

How do most people think Prentiss will depart from the show? I'm thinking that she is going to flee so as not to taint the BAU with whatever things she may have done in the past that will be looked upon unfavorably. In the TV Guide article, MGG said that Prentiss has done things that may be looked upon unfavorably. If that is the case, I am hoping that it is not something that will cast her as some sort of "dirty agent." That would not at all, in my opinion, be a fitting way for this character to leave the show.

Have to add that I am heartbroken that it has gotten to the point where Paget is leaving the show. Like others, I think that the episode after Lauren will be the last CM episode I watch, not solely because of Paget leaving, but a combination of may different things already discussed here.

Unknown said...

The Prentiss 'Lauren' arc is exciting, Paget is my fave so I am happy to see some good storylines for her - ironically it comes at her final epi of season 6 and a culmination in my opinion of the whole AJ/Paget cut mess. I will not watch CM without Paget. End of story. If she comes back I will watch again. I love the show and the other characters and have watched since 1.01 aired but this is my tipping point. I am not alone in that. I have boycotted cbs, too, since this AJ/Paget mess started. CBS: see if the cuts made to AJ/Paget save enough money to make up for the loss of viewership due to the AJ/Paget cuts. When Paget leaves a lot of viewers will leave, not all, but a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think they should kill of Seaver, she's a boring character who looks way too much like JJ. Bring back the original

Optika said...


ok just checking. But i hold firm to my belief that JJ and Spence belong together. As for those pics, RN may be a great person and there is no reason the cast should be hostile towards her so of course there will be some cast pics of people still enjoying themselves. However, Seaver will never be a badass character, she's been written to poorly from the beginning and she will never be a profiler.
Lauren will be a great episode! I really loved Mosley Lane and think MGG handled that subject very deleicately and respectfully and I think he is a great, young director. He seems to be a renaisannce man/jack of all trades as does Paget seem sort of like a reneassinace woman and jill of all trades. She is so unbeleivably talented.

Gianna said...

blueboixl, I am right there with you!

Do I think that Paget leaving will kill off the show? No, I don't believe so. Only time will tell how many viewers actually defect, if at all, because of Prentiss' exit, but for me that is not important. The show can continue on with the ratings it has now for all I care. Personally, I am done with the show's shenanigans and am no longer willing to invest time in a show that, to me, doesn't invest in its female cast. I'm also through with anything CBS related.

heyya said...

I agree with everything you said Optika. I don't know about Reid and JJ, I guess they'd be cute together. They're both incredibly beautiful although I think as the show developed their relationship was more brother/sister as opposed to anything romantic, and I really like JJ and Will as a couple :) I hope when she comes back in "Lauren" the BAU handcuff her and don't let her leave ever, we need her :(
I'm sure Rachel may be amazing as a person, so I agree about the cast pics. But when people try to post those pics in order to justify the character I just find it a bit absurd and preposterous as it has no connection to us disliking the Seaver character and stating again and again why she is a bad fit for the show.
MGG and Paget are such talented individuals. I admire them on so many levels. In losing Paget, CBS and CM are losing a gem.

Optika said...

as the show progressed, JJ and Reid did develop more of a brother/sister thing too, I agree with you there, but it was ambiguous enough. However, i do like Will and his southern gentlemen.
ANd yes, please dont try to use cast pics to get us to like Seaver. Its just another pity play and that will probably cause people to dislike the actress in addition to the character and its the Seaver character that most have an issue with. SO RN fans, please dont do that. Like Criminal Minds Fan said, we need to agree to disagree at times like these, not rev people up unnecessarily.

Optika said...

Has anyone heard about any new shows AJ may be in? I read on one of her fansites that she was being considered. Maybe she could join Paget in her new show. I loved the sisterly chemistry between them.
I have to say that the one thing I didnt like about the episode "JJ" aside from AJ leaving, was that Garcia had the final scene with her. It should have been Reid. I guess you cant chnage that now but hopefully Reid has the final scene with JJ in Lauren.

Laura said...

I don't think Paget leaving will kill off the show, the ratings may oscillate a bit, but not so much.

Honestly, they only care for those with Nielsen boxes in their homes, and I don't think I ever heard of anyone who has one. Anyone here?

Plus, some people (believe it or not) don't even know what CBS did to the ladies this season.

Of course, every time I find someone like that, I tell them everything.

The things is, Criminal Minds is going strong, and for MGG, TG, SM and JM, and all the writers and crew who still work hard on this show, unlike some producers who seems to think they can do better, I hope it stays strong.

And I wish Paget would stay, but she belongs in comedy. And I can't wait for her to be treated as a lead actress, not support for the big strong man in this show.

And I guess now I know why Seaver was created as a cadet, who can go to normal to crying in 3.2s, so that she can be forever supporting cast to the male cast.

And CBS will not ever again have to put up with strong female character on a show on their network.

You know, I start the post ok, but I can't help myself and can't avoid the bitterness. Forgive me, I'll try harder next post.

Julia said...


I think there have been a couple who have said that they are Nielsen homes, other than that, I don't know. But yes, I believe your right in that the network only cares about the coveted Nielsen viewer, the rest of us are most likely like flies on the wall to them. I also think your right in that Paget's exit from the show won't kill it. There may be some tremors in the ratings force, but I don't believe anything to where they are hitting 1 or 2.0's in the ratings. That of course takes nothing away from Paget who is a wonderful actress. I think it is just the nature of TV land. I would like her to come back to CM, but will support whatever project she sees fit to move onto.

As for Seaver, I think you may have hit it on the head in that this character is nowhere near the strength and experience level of Prentiss and JJ. Because of that she will not be able to hold her own and will need the men to shoulder her. Thus, solving the CBS issue of not having any strong female leads on this show. I think that was a good observation, not bitter at all.

I am not sure how much longer I will watch CM after Prentiss leaves. I am leaning heavily on stopping after the episode when Prentiss leaves as I too want to see the team's immediate reaction to her being gone. But hey, I am not a Nielsen viewer so CBS and CM could give a rat's behind if I continue to watch or not.

Diane J. said...

I am not a Nielsen viewer and I don't give a rat's behind if CBS and CM don't give a rat's behind if I continue to watch the show or not. Right when Prentiss leaves (and JJ leaves again), I will stop watching CM.

All the best to MGG, KV, TG, SM, and JM. I am sure that they will continue to find success on the show. My not watching the show anymore has nothing at all to do with any of them. I adore all of the characters that they play on the show, characters that they each play extremely well.

BAU1919 said...

I think people are misunderstanding the 'secrets' premiss of this show.

Ed Bernero said that not everyone's secret was a big, serious one. Some were surprising, some humorous, etc.


Garcia in her play.

Rossi knowing something about Grand Theft Auto which was revisited in the a couple episodes back when he was playing video games with Seaver...Rossi doesn't seem like the type of guy that would play video games, hence the reason it's a funny secret.

Not earth-shattering secrets; just light and surpising tidbits about Garcia and Rossi.

The 'doozy' secrets obviously belong to Prentiss and Morgan.

Diane J. said...

BAU1919, Morgan, or Reid?

BAU1919 said...

oops i must have Morgan on the brain ;) I meant Reid.

Pat said...

I, too, an looking forward to Lauren and dreading it at the same time. I'm glad MGG will be directing Paget's final episode, the last time we'll see our beloved strong ladies of the BAU.

I know CBS is leaving an opening for Paget to return but who could blame her for looking for greener pastures.

I know it wouldn't happen considering CM's time slot, but it would be poetic justice if Paget's pilot was picked up and it was scheduled opposite CM.

Mike said...

What the hell is up with you people the picture i posted was a CAST photo. Not a characters photo. it was the cast having fun after a long shoot. Geez take a chill pill man

Vanessa said...

Pat, that would be poetic justice indeed.....

I can't believe that in 2 days from now Paget will no longer be on CM. The nightmare I thought I would be waking up from seems like it will never end. CBS and CM have looped me into a horrific Inception- like movie scene, the bad dream being that the team still does not have JJ back on a permanent basis, Prentiss will be leaving, most likely never to return, and the viewer is left with a ridiculously unqualified, completely inexperienced, and nonsensical female character who will be roaming the halls of the BAU seemingly being able to profile, despite no background or experience to be able to do so, and/or bogging down the team with trainee questions that this elite and specialized team should not have to deal with. What's worse is that Leo DiCaprio is nowhere to be found, if he was to be found at least this dream would be interesting and probably better written.

With a sense of doom, I too will be watching the Lauren episode, in one hand sipping on a martini, in the other clinging onto one of my past season CM DVD's. For it is my collection of past season CM DVD's that will have to fortify my desire to see the team at its finest. A time when the writing was sharp, witty and clever, a time when all the team members experience and expertise moved seamlessly from one to another, a time when integrating cadet's and rookie agents into the team would have been unthinkable and laughable. Yes, that is all that will be left for me after Wednesday night and for that I have only CBS and CM to "thank."

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to see this episode even though it will be desperately sad also. I hate what was done to AJ and Paget and I wont watch the spin off because I believe it deflected energy and resources from the Mother Ship. BUT I'm staying loyal to the boys till the last unsub. it is an ensemble show and the rest of the cast and crew deserve our support. And let's face it, however good or bad the episode, watching MGG is always worth it!

Anonymous said...

hey what about killing the entire team? it would allow you to spare some money. Oh no it's true. Nobody will watch it anymore.!!!!

What the hell is happening to this great show???

Kiera said...

Tomorrow, CBS will have effectively placed the last nail in the CM coffin I believe they created through network meddling. A brilliantly scripted and casted show has been diminished to one where two of its most vital members have been cut off (AJ/JJ being fired, Paget/Prentiss being shoved out), one member hardly gets any sort of memorable screen time (Hotch), and the rest are written out of character most of the time when they appear on screen (Rossi, Reid, Morgan and Garcia). And let's not forget the addition of the most terrifically ridiculous and horrendus type of character this type of show (show about profiling) could have added.

I don't know what has happened to Criminal Minds but I am no longer holding out any hope that it will find its way back to its magnificent roots. This ensemble cast has all but been shredded to bits, and hand in hand with that, have been given shredded scripts and a shredded new character to swirl around.

I am positive that TG, MGG, KV, JM, and SM will continue to put all they have into what they are given, as well as I am positive that the crew will work as hard as they always have to help put what the audience sees on screen. I sincerely wish them all continued success, but after Wednesday, that is when I will be getting off the Criminal Minds ship.

Tamara said...

Last night on ion, they showed the first episodes that Paget Brewster (Prentiss) appeared in. As I watched those episodes, I couldn't help but to feel an overwhelmingly sense of grief and anger over what CBS and CM have done to this once great show. It was watching those episodes that confirmed my decision to stop watching Criminal Minds after Wednesday.

For months and months now, I have held out hope that CBS and CM would get their collective acts together and get this show back on track. But, month after month, all I felt I was receiving was a slap in the face from them, the final slap coming with the addition of the Seaver character. Personally, I can no longer stand around, or I guess it would be better to say sit around in front of my TV, hoping that someone over at CBS and CM will turn on the lights and come back home. I am speaking only for myself in this post as I know there are others who feel the opposite way I do, and as I and the others who have posted that said will stop watching the show after, or shortly after, Wednesday are not Nielsen viewers, our ending our viewership will not effect the ratings (I think only Phyllis mentioned that she was a Nielsen viewer- I'm assuming the others aren't because they haven't said that they are). Hence, ending viewership has nothing to do with ratings, but for me, a sense of betrayl from CBS and CM, two entitites I believe are forging ahead with what I think is the wholesale destruction of this show.

I know that this show will continue to be successful and that MGG, JM, SM, KV, and TG will put 100% into what they are doing as they always have. These are a talented group of actors that any network would be, and should be, proud to call one of their own. The same was true of AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, along with the original writers, but unfortunately, CBS did not value these individuals.

The Lauren episode will be a bittersweet one for me as I will get to see a familiar face again (AJ Cook) but at the same time will be saying goodbye to her again, as well as Paget Brewster and the rest of the BAU team, TG, MGG, KV, JM, and SM.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bad CM viewer, I haven' seen any new episodes since AJ left, but I'll watch it tomorrow, just to see AJ return and be pissed that she's gone again and this time with Padget.

I hope we have some JJ/Hotch scenes, I miss them.

I hope Prentiss's send off isn't lame or too OTT, especally if they want her to return.

And I hope there isn't too much emphasis on the new girl, got nothing against the actress but this could be the last time either JJ and Prentiss are on the show :(

Probably all of this is too much to hope for but I just want CM to be like how I remember it and not some ampt up, overacted, poorly written flop without any profiling.

Lin from Ohio said...

Okay, seriously -- how can it only be Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

Paget, please come back to CM and please bring AJ with yuo!! I want to keep watching CM but I don't know how many episodes I will be able to watch once the team is left the way it will be left and I don't mean Hotch, Garcia, Reid, Morgan, or Rossi.

Anyway, here is an Interview by MGG regarding the Lauren episode:

Prentiss, please come back. Doyle, please take Seaver with you come season 7. CBS and CM, please help us get our team back for season 7.

cmwinner said...

I was checking out the blog this morning and saw the spoiler thread opened for this eppy. I looked at the comments already posted, and at that time, it said 107! 107!!! and the eppisode doesn't air until tomorrow??? For a second there I thought maybe I missed it! While I am looking forward to this eppisode, as it looks like it will be a great one, it's going to be sad to see Prentiss go. I really like her. I didn't like her at first, which I think is a consenses for a lot of people, but I've learned to like her. The show won't be the same without her. :(

Anya said...

It wasn't the consenus for me cmwinner. I loved Prentiss from day one! Will miss her as well as the rest of the team, Hotch, Reid, Morgan, Rossi, and Garcia as Wednesday will be the last CM episode I'll watch for reasons already shared by others here.

Best of luck and continued success to MGG, TG, KV, SM, and JM. Also, thanks to the crew for all the hard work you guys put in behind the scenes. All of you guys put in some long hours and it is greatly appreciated.

gubegirl said...

Anonymous, thanx for posting the EW interview with MGG-how great is that and I love that his pic front and center in addition to looking handsome as all get out!

You can tell from the "flavor" of the interview, that they know that this is a BIG DEAL on CM, and that MGG is more than just an actor and that CM has a very strong following.

So, we know that we will see some more auto-shoot-out stuff but that is to be expected given what we know about Ian Doyle. And now I have to wonder at what MGG hints at, that Prentiss and Doyle were lovers at one point? Loved MGG's take on how ea team member felt and handled this news about Prentiss (sorry you Hotch & Prentiss shippers!)but I could totally understand Morgan's emotions given all the partnering he has done with Prentiss in the past couple seasons,.

I can't wait for tomorrow nite, but have decided, despite losing AJ and PB and having to put up with Seaver, I'm with the other anonymous: I'm hanging with the boys until the last unsub. They are all too good and I love them all too much to desert them.

But if/when MGG, TG or SM leaves, I will have to throw in the towel. Love you, too, JM, but I've been with the others too long to withstand having any of them leave.

I am going to count on the remaining cast members to not put up with women in weak roles given their past history and that this must be remedied for season 7. There is no doubt in my mind that they could/would/will/must find a great actress that will be well-rec'd if PB does not return. I can only hope she can give them an answer soon so that next fall doesn't get off on the wrong foot, with seat-of-the-pants decisions being made without considering long term effects. Like us. The Fanatics. The future of the best show I have ever watched. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

MGG makes this episode sound terrific in that interview. Really keen to see it now. He seems full of enthusiasm for the tension and the emotional impact of the story. Good to hear that JM has some good stuff too. Personally I'm also looking forward to the remaining episodes of Season 6, and Season 7, and beyond.

I'll miss Prentiss but she's been part of the show for a good long haul and those old episodes don't vapourise just because it's possible PB may be going on to a new project.

Here's my soap box
Change happens. Things Change. (I may as well cosy up to Joe while I'm at it.) Some of it is good, some is unsettling, but you can't stop it happening. And it's not really our part to stop it either, IMO. If you look back at literature, how would you feel learning that there are versions of the old things where Lear, say, didn't die of a broken heart, or Kurtz wasn't a maddened racist murderer, just because the audience didn't like it? I know CM is not Shakespeare or Conrad, but it is still art and it's got its own processes to go through. It belongs to the guys who make it.

And it tugs at me a little that the writers and actors and producers who at one time must have enjoyed the fans, now can only be feeling bruised by the reaction.

UK viewer

Adrienne said...

gubegirl, I don't think the remaining cast will have any say as to what type of femaile character is added in place of the Seaver character, or in addition to the Seaver character. You see, the network depends on viewers such as yourself not to jump ship when strong female characters get kicked off the boat so that they may insert weak female characters. Now, I am not saying that you are wrong to continue watching the show, or for that matter, that you should stop watching the show. That is not at all what I am saying so please, please, please do not take it that way. It is up to each individual to decide whether or not they will continue watching the show. It is just that the newtork can, in their minds, justify getting rid of characters like JJ and Prentiss because they know that people will stick around for the male leads despite the absence of a strong female character presence on the show.

I will personally cease from watching CM after Wednesday because like others I am at my wits end over what I believe has become of CM (my personal opinion). I love the male leads whom I have watched since they all first arrived on the CM scene and it hurts me to see the drivel that they are being handed to act out on a weekly basis. And make no bones about it, in my opinion, if you think that the addition of this latest character will not at all effect the quality of the show, well, then I don't know what to say becasue this character just naturally lends itself to a dumbing down of the show. A dumbing down of the show is not something I can bear to watch any longer (again, my personal opinion).

I love and appreciate the work that MGG, AJ, PB, JM, SM, KV nd TG have given the viewers over the years, work that I am thankful I will be able to revisit via DVD's and ion and A&E. Like others, I wish them all nothing but the best and I am sure that the show will continue to be a success. The crew, thank you for all of your work in supporting what gets on air.

CBS and CM, all I have to say is that for me you have destroyed one of the best shows that has ever aired on television. Greed and hubris were the motivators for you to destroy this show, and it will be greed and hubris that will come, one day, hit you where it will collectively hurts.

Maura said...

Yes UK viewer, but who are they making this work for, themselves, or the viewers? I'm not saying that they should never change things on a show, things change. And I am not saying that everyone, or even the majority of the people have an issue with the changes that have occurred in the show, but for those like me who do I think that is important to voice. I don't voice these things to bruise or denigrate anyone, I don't. But if I personally feel that something is amiss, I have to sayy something as a viewer whom the work is being targeted towards. Again, saying these things not to hurt but to share my concern, a concern that maybe many people don't share but nonethless I feel that I need to put out there.

I too have come to a point, however, where I have run out of steam and hope that what I say is making any connection. It is my opinion that CM is being made for a different type of audience and I am not part of that audience, so, with that I have decided to move on after Wednesday and like others wish the original cast and crew all the best.

Anonymous said...

What is 'a weak female character'? Is this a woman who doesn't carry a big BIG gun and act like a man? That sounds to me like a weak idea of what a woman is, if you'll forgive me.

Seaver is a different kind of character to Prentiss, that's true. She's softer, more recognisably female. Arguably she is more representative of the women who are vulnerable to the bad guys the BAU are hunting, and more representative of the women who watch the show. I know I find more of myself in her than I do in Prentiss who is so fiesty and kickass tough. Her presence on the show might offer a different strand of profiling ultimately, based as much on the prediction of how hostages/victims react under stress as how the unsub will behave. She's situated to give good insights there, when she has had chance to grow into the team a whole lot more.

Seaver is closer to the truth of women and that, I believe, is good for story telling. It's good for the future of the show. At least it's a new direction.

UK viewer
aka devil's advocate

Adrienne said...

A weak female character for me, in this show, is one who doen't have what it takes to be on the team. Sorry, but a cadet straight from the Academy simply does not have the experience or background to be there; and she certainly does not get a pass to be theer like Reid because the guy is basically as smart or smarter than Einstein. Prentiss and JJ did and have what it takes and it was that experience and background, coupled with their demeanors that made them strong represenatations of a strong female characters to me. Not one that was all wimpy and teary-eyed her first episode (Mary Sue) or one that hasn't a damn clue in comparison to the male characters. JJ and Prentiss could hold their own against the men, and in many respects surpassed them, no, not because they had a gun, but because they had the experience and expertise to do so in their own respective ways.

Being given a spot on a team that you clearly have no merit to be on, and are basically being there because you felt bad about, and others felt bad about your first performance, a represenation of most women. Sorry, I like to see women coming in who can hold their own and their is absolutely no reason CM couldn't have written such a female character for the show, no reason at all. This character in my opinion is just pathetic.

Adrienne said...

Sorry for the typos.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I'm sorry for my typos too!

I get that people like Prentiss and JJ. I like them too. Particularly Prentiss. But the new girl doesn't seem to me pathetic or weak. She just seems new. Why is she pathetic? Just because of her route into the team? It's unique for sure -- not a standard route. Someone must have his reasons. I don't think we have fully seen why she has come to be part of the team yet, So, yes, it's an undeveloped role at this stage but that's not the same as saying the character has no credibility. Gaps in plots are places where plots grow. (Sometimes!)

UK viewer

Hilda said...

Being that this character is female, and that a they way she was allowed back on the team (remedial training) was through some pity or sympathy based on the fact that she felt bad about her first time out with the team is terrible for women. It demonstrates that enough people feel sorry for you, your in, instead of if enough people think you are qualified your in. Seaver is not qualified to be there. End of story. And because she is not qualified to be there, and will be pitied against 4 men that are, that is not a good showing for women.

When Prentiss first arrived on the scene, in the short scene at the end of her first episode, she briefly demonstrated to Hotch that she wasn't just giving it a whirl, no, she deserved to be there becasue she knew what was going on and knew that what she had was something that the team needed and could benefit from. From that point on, Prentiss proved herself over and over, not because of sympathy or pity, but because she always had what it took to be there. A trainee agent just simply cannot come close to the type of experience that Prentiss had coming in, no way. I don't see how being completely unqualified as being a strength, and certianly not something representative of women. If this were a show about trainee agents, no problem, but it is not.

Anonymous said...

Who says it's pity though or even sympathy that brings Seaver onto the team? I get the impression more that if there is a 'weak' reason for her inclusion, it's one of fascination with her past (Prentiss's silent 'wow' in the bullpen). But there she is. The absence of justification in itself is intriguing. Makes me think the real reason for her presence is going to be a big one.

UK viewer

Adrienne said...

How does she have credibility when she doesn't have the experience to be there? It has been shown through several episodes already that she is asking basic freaking questions and in the Coda epsiode, yikes, even she surpassed herself in the inexperienced department.

Look, if this character were written with an ounce of experience and the wherewithal to be there, I wouldn't have an issue, but she wasn't and she isn't. Although, I am sure they are going to try and transform her into some prodigy profiler in the episodes after Lauren. I won't be watching those episodes, so I wouldn't know that for sure.

Lastly, if this character is so credible why did the same type of Seaver like character for the spin-off get a complete transformation to SSA prior to its airing? There was no reason to do that, other than I am sure Bernero and crew saw all of the comments regarding Seaver and went back in and gave the LaSalle character a make-over. It is just way too coincidental that she changes from rookie like Seaver to Supervisory Special Agent came only after all of the comments here and elsewhere about Seaver. Seaver is a farce. But I am done talking about that character as that character will no longer be a problem for me after tomorrow.

gubegirl said...

To better explain myself re: the existing cast tolerating a weak female:

In reading what MGG has said in his interview, I am #1) thinking as a director, he has more control than being just an actor.;
2.) more importantly, the team has included 3 VERY strong women within their existing roles: totally different than ea other, but nonetheless, very strong at what they do: AJ., Garcia and Prentiss. I DO NOT feel carrying a big gun makes anyone "strong", it is their expertise and skill that makes them strong. I have never seen Garcia with a gun and yet she is very strong in both her role and her presence on the team.

That being said, I think, given the past 6 seasons of working with such fine actresses, that TG or SM will want to renew their roles on a show that has partially succeeded BECAUSE of having such strong female role models (thus all the rants when AJ and PB were let go/cut back.) Which is why I think it is necessary for CM to hire a great actress who can excel in another leadership or role model spot as both cast and fans are accustomed to.

I am sure that MGG would not care to particpate either w/o strong female co-workers unless they dangled full time directing at him which I guess is always a poss. They are accustomed to working with QUALITY people doing sigificant work, and I don't think they would want to be a part of something less. It never mattered that there were more men than women to me because the women were so special and played such great characters.

Anyway, that's my take. Sorry if this is a bit disjointed-have stopped and started sev times with interruptions. Isn't it tough to have a life and be a CM Fanatic at the same time?!:)

Hilda said...

I am no longer going to be watching the show after tomorrow either so wahtever with that character. What's been said has been said.

Best wishes to MGG, KV, TG, SM, and JM and the crew on continued success. Paget, I hope all goes well in your future endeavors. I am looking forward to watching AJ's movie on Lifetime and will make a point of checking in to see if she has landed any additional work.

CBS and CM there are no words that would adequately express my disgust towards you. Please note that I am a Nielsen viewer, although, my Nielsen point will probably not effect much and that is okay. I will never in my life, ever, watch anything aired on CBS and I will make sure that I check to see that what I am watching is in anyway affiliated with your network. If it is, I will drop watching that as well.

Hilda said...

My apologies, "whatever" is what I meant to type.

Also, I wanted to thank the Anonymous who posted the MGG article about the Lauren episode.

Lynn said...

Why isn't it Wednesday yet? I cannot wait for this episode. PB is amazing and while I am sad that this is her last episode I know she, and the rest of the cast, are going to be fantastic.

BAU1919 said...

I will give CM a try after Prentiss is gone, but to be honest, the only thing that his kept me coming back every week this season has been my interest in how they are going to write Prentiss out.

Other than "Coda" (thank GOD for Rick Dunkle), all of the episodes have been B or C level writing imho

I still cringe when I think of Morgan's slow clap in whatever that dumn episode was a month or so back.

Diedra said...

Oh God, BAU1919, the slow clap, that was horrible!!! That was the 25 to life episode, otherwise known as the "Hotch-less" episode.

I think I will watch the episode that comes after Lauren, but after that, I don't know. I'm guessing I won't continue watching.

Diedra said...

P.S. How do you think Prentiss is going to go out BAU1919?

I can't believe Paget is no longer going to be on CM.

Damn you CBS, damn you!

Ben said...

Man i am really getting sick to my stomach reading these comments from some horrible people here. Yeah you say those who hate seaver only hate the character and not the actress. Then how how come i see support only for the other actors on the show. Kind of disgusting to not wish support for RN as well. Wouldn't you agree and it kind of shoots the whole "only hate seaver thing" to the ground.
Wow i am amazed how hateful you can be to an actress just because she took a job on a show.
Is this really this kind of people this showe has as fans.
No matter what you say to wish support on the cast except RN is disgusting and every lead cast member on the show would think that as well.

Jessica said...

I love Criminal Minds, I will not see. I will miss Emily, but i want to suport the BAU's team. Tomorrow, will be very sad, but the support of Criminal Minds's fans should feel, even after 6.19

Diedra said...

Ben, Seaver is a fictional character and people not wishing RN good luck is their choice. They are saying goodbye to people they have seen on the show for years, not someone who has just showed up there and if they want to do that so be it. Some people don't like the Seaver character, end of story. Move on.

Plus, I don't want this to become about RN, Seaver or anything to do with that. This is Paget's last episode and the spotlight should go on her and her character not this whole freaking stupid nonsense about hating or whatever.

Diedra said...

JessJe, I don't agree with that. If a fan no longer agrees with the direction of the show, and no longer cares to view the show after Lauren, that is their choice. It doesn't make them any less of a fan, it is just that they feel it is time to move on for different reasons.

Jessica said...

I'm agree with Diedra. Is time of stop charging the bill to Seaver's not forget the rest of the cast: Matthew, Thomas, Shemar, Joe and Kristen are in the show. Both venom is sick. Enjoy the episode tomorrow and give him a warm and loving Paget "hasta siempre", as we say in my country.

hotchfan said...

I like Seaver. And i see Seaver as being green.

Nobody starts off in a career of that caliber as kick-ass.
Everyone starts somewhere and needs guidance and instruction and is unsure of themselves and make colossal, embarrassing mistakes until they gain the experience to be confident, fluent, and "kick-ass".

And as competent and smart as Prentiss is now, she started off just as green once upon a time.

Would it have been great to get another woman who was in her late '30s, early '40s who's already an accomplished and decorated agent and knows what she's doing? Sure.

But I think it'll be interesting to see Seaver grow into what Prentiss already had a chance to grow into before joining the BAU.

Fast-forward a few years and if we still see a hesitant, timid rookie after being case-hardened all that time...then I'll be angry.

Until then I'm willing to give the student a chance to see what kind of agent she can grow into

Give her a chance shhe hasn't even developed yet

Stacy said...

Thank you Diedra!!!! This is about Paget and the wonderful character that she played on Criminal Minds. Who gives a flying bleep if people hate a fictional character? It is a fictional character for crying out loud and people have every right to like, dislike, hate, or love whatever character they choose to. As for people not wishing RN good luck or whatever because they are saying that they will no longer watch the show and have only addressed the original cast, so what! That doesn't make them any less fans of the show, they are just expressing their love for characters they have seen on their screen for probably years and they are under no obligation to say bye to, or wish luck to someone they don't care to do so and who has just basically appeared on the scene that they are not invested in. Bottom line, it is their choice, their business. They don't need to explain anything to you, to me, to CBS, to CM, to the cast, or to anyone here with regard to that. Whatever. Like Diedra said, get over it and move on because it is what they think and feel. Just as you like the character and no one can change your view about that, so it is with other people on the opposite end. Live and let think for oneself.

I'm not sure if I will continue to watch the show simply because I don't like the direction the show is in my belief heading, and also believe that the writing as of late is not as strong as it used to be. Despite that, I think that MGG, PB, KV, JM, SM, and TG have given it all they got as they always have and for that I say thank you. It has been a pleasure to watch these character throughout the years and I suspect that the show will have continued success moving forward.

Paget, I will miss you greatly as Emily Prentiss! Wherever you end up next, know that you will have my support and that I will be front and center to watch you shine as always. I can't wait to see your performance tomorrow although I will be very sad when it ends. If you should ever come back to CM, I will tune back in to see you.

I am excited to see AJ again, but am trying to temper that excitement as I know it will only be for this episode. Also, I am looking forward to seeing MGG's directing skills again, been too long since we've seen an MGG directed episode.

Hoping that this will be an excellent episode!

Jean Marie said...

BAU is not a training camp, character has been on for 6 episodes and is a total waste of space and effort. Characters show what they will bring when they first arrive and that is what is then developed, not the other way around. But whatever with that character. THIS IS ABOUT PAGET!

Lauren is going to be very sad for me because I love the character of Emily Prentiss. Paget Brewster was the best person they could have casted to play this wonderful character and due to a series of events pushed forward by the network and also by CM, this show is losing a wonderful, wonderful character. I will watch the episode after Lauren and see how it goes, but I can already feel in my heart that I will probbaly not continue watching CM. If so, then I will say goodbye then.

I will for sure be crying tomorrow as I watch the Lauren episode, but it will be good to see AJ if only for one last time. Will cry about that too :(

reidforever said...

Jean marie,
Every character needs time to grow it is of course the same with Ashley Seaver.

I got a feeling she will become a great character on this show once she has fully developed.

Jean Marie said...

Sorry, disagree, the character is way too flawed for the premise of the show to be repaired. Like I said before, characters come in showing what they will bring, not after 6, 7, or 8 episodes.

Do you care to say something about Prentiss? We are losing Prentiss, not Seaver. You will have plenty of time to sing whatever praises you think the Seaver character has once Prentiss is off the show, but can we just make this about Prentiss for now, please.

Oscar said...

YES, this is about Prentiss, not freaking Seaver, I could care less about that damn stupid character. I am upset that we are losing Prentiss after losing JJ.

This show is going to hell!!!

I don't know what CBS and CM were thinking when they decided to let go of AJ, then, they basically pushed Paget straight off the set because they treated her like garbage and then tried to crawl back. Paget is a top notch actress so it didn't surprise when I heard she got a pilot offer shortly after leaving CM. Hell, she had 3 pilot offers from Fox, then the one she took from NBC. CBS and CM, what a waste that you didn't know what you had all along.

I'm out after Paget leaves because I don't want to stick around to witness the next dumb CBS and CM Criminal Minds TV show move.

Optika said...

Emily, JJ and Garcia are all relateable, strong and reaslitic characters. I have met women similar to all of them. Seaver is somewhat of a reaslistic character but howver much she is realistic only proves that much more that she does not belong on the BAU.
I loved MGG's take on the episode. I love that JJ will return and that despite everything, all the true BAU members will be there for EMily.
Emily is like the type of character that a girl actually is and wants to be. Its too bad that she wasnt in the foreground up til now becuase this latest storyline with her shows how great and interesting she is. Everytime I picture Emily, I picture her as a strong, independant woman. SHe rocks girl power!
I also agree that we need more focus on Emily. Paget deserves this so much! All my support is for Paget. I am very angry that she is leaving becuase this is unfortuantely, likey the last we may see of Emily and JJ on Criminal Minds and I think their departures has almost everyone else thinking about moving on. I think if TG and SM do come back then season 7 will likely be the last season with the BAU boys club. I would rather not have a replacement for EMily at this point. unless it turned out to be Lena Headey(loved her as Sarach Connor on T:TSCC) but fat chance of that bc she has a new show anyway. The real women of CM are Emily, JJ, garcia and Elle. Never Seaver, not for me.
GO Emily Go!

mima said...


most of people say they don´t like Seaver, not the actress. I can say for myself that I don´t like the Seaver character as well as the actress that plays her. Cause if showrunners decided create such as bad character for CM, they should cast someone else, at least. Nichol´s lines are so robotic with no sign of emotion in her face. It´s really annoying to me.

I think Lauren episode will be one of the best, with JJ and Prentiss in it but I can´t imagine CM after Lauren episode

Anonymous said...

If Nichols can't handle her character not being liked, I suggest she pursue a different profession.

mikey said...

mima. I disagree with you.
Nichols has shown in shows and movies that she is a good actress

BAU1919 said...

OK my PREDICTION for tomorow's episode, purely my thoughts based on twitter photos and interviews about "Lauren"

Emily goes and confronts Doyle (obviously like we see in the preview) She manages to kill him, but he's obviously not working alone. Which is why she did not kill him in the park, she knew they were surrounded, most likely by snipers. i think that Easter guy may be on Doyle's side. Someone tipped the Doyle off about that lady when she was shot in the head. So there are still people out to get her.

Emily is severely injured and her death/funeral is faked while she recovers and is sent to witness protection.

Season finale will be the team out searching for the other guys involved with Doyle (maybe Easter?) And it will end in a cliffhanger. That way the premier will either allow for Prentiss' return.

my BOLD prediction haha. ahh can't wait for tomorrow!

Optika said...

To mikey and Ben,

I have seen Rachel Nichols on The Inside, Alias, P2, and GI Joe. She was terrible on The Inside and she was ok on everything else. She does have a flat qualtiy in her acting and many actresses get hired simply becuase they are pretty. RN is very pretty but a below mediocre to mediocre actress who has zero chemistry with the cast and her character does not fit either. This is not the first time a character has been a bad fit for the show. Seaver just doesnt cut it. Not that it matters in particular but it isnt just the fans who dislike Seaver, I have read MANY reviews from critics who also dislike her the Seaver character.

On to Emily and Lauren, I agree that Clyde Easter is involved somehow and hopefully he is killed off. I dont know what the funeral pics were about but I really wish they werent posted up becuase its driving me insane! I think Emily will manage to kill Doyle but he looks like he's going to torture her. I really want to know what that claddagh ring necklace meant and I am dying to find out how the team reacts. I also cant wait to see how wveryone reacts to JJ coming back. This episode looks to be the best of the season and it will definietly rock Wednesday night!

Diedra said...

But what about the MGG interview posted by an Anonymous. That interview made it seemed like Doyle was going to come out alive.

Optika said...

Ok maybe Doyle lives. I hope that Emily and JJ come back as recurring characters at least and that its only a male cast plus Garcia for the regulars. I think that messing with the family dynamic of the show seriously tampered its flow. I feel like going through the screen and helping Emily kick Doyle's ass! I really want to see Hotch get prominent screen time in this ep as well.

Diedra said...

True, I don't know what in the world CBS was thinking about. It was such a poor move.

Ha ha, I'll join in the butt kicking with you and Prentiss against Doyle :)

BAU1919 said...

maybe Doyle does live. I guess that interview did sort of make it sound that way.

But it would be kind of ridiculous to have this whole episode based on them confronting each other 'once and for all' only for Emily and Doyle to both end up getting away, and nothing be solved. lol.

We shall see, I suppose.

it's safe to say they both get a buttkicking though, judging by the pics posted by MGG. I just hope Doyle got the worst of it.

Diedra said...

That is a good point BAU1919 because they have built it up as a once and for all showdown. Let's see, and yes, Doyle needs to get the worst of the butt kicking for sure!.

Silvinha said...

Tomorrow is time to trend #Prentiss again!!

And I want to kick Doyle too!!

mikey said...

That is YOUR opinion she is a mediocre actress. And MY opinion she is good. can we leave it at that.

Lin from Ohio said...

UK Viewer wrote:

"Change happens. Things Change. (I may as well cosy up to Joe while I'm at it.) Some of it is good, some is unsettling, but you can't stop it happening."

Here's my problem with all this change -- it's mostly unnecessary. At our house we also watch NCIS pretty regularly, and the contrast is dramatic. Same type of show, same ensemble cast, same long run, same decent ratings, same network. But TPTB don't seem to screw around with NCIS. They've turned over a couple characters -- that happens, I get it -- but for the most part they leave the team alone. Characters grow and develop and change, but they do so in ways consistent with the characters they started with. The writers (and the network) seem to rely on the fact that they've got good characters, good actors, and good stories to tell. There doesn't seem to be constant angst and outright drama-farming that always seems to plague CM. I don't know what the difference is, exactly, except perhaps that Mark Harmon is an executive producer. But I wish they'd show the same trust in CM that they do in NCIS, and stop screwing around with a good thing.

Anonymous said...

i Cant wait to watch this episode, i be excited anmd scared all at once. i hope they dont kill off Paget. i love her in the show nad i hope for this episode that emily shines and shows cbs up and that they regret getting rid off her. i'd love for her to comes back to criminal minds.I be interesting to see matthews directing. Emily is one of the female characters in CM and she should not leave. :( :(

Roberta said...

Amen Lin from Ohio, amen!

Mark Harmon is official! I've read in several places, and absolutely do not doubt, that he calls the shots over there. He does not let people come in and flub around with the show. He and others on that show have taken the lead in making sure that things on that show are done in a way where, like you said, the characters grow and develop and change, but they do so in ways consistent with the characters the show has started with.

When Caitlin died and they replaced her with Ziva, PERFECTION! That was a tough situation, but Ziva was the perfect solution for that tough situation. She was consistent in keeping with the type of strength and skill level of Kate. It wasn't some "umm, what" type replacement. Ziva is similiar to the Prentiss situation when she came in to replace Elle, a replacement that was in line with the character being replaced, which is critical when making these sorts of changes.

From time to time, NCIS has had cast changes, but the writers and producers over at NCIS have kept the integrity of the show intact through these sorts of changes by sticking to and growing from the base. This is the type of thing I believe that has kept NCIS strong; it is going on its 9th season. NCIS is awesome!

I can't say enough about Mark Harmon. NCIS is certainly fortunate to have him on board as a producer, and now Executive Producer, and of course in the role of Gibbs. Perhaps if CM had one of the actors, provided they wanted that position, as producer or Executive producer, we wouldn't be seeing all of these cast and writing changes plus all of the angst and drama that seems to always be circling CM.

Tiffany said...

NCIS is the perfect example of how a show remains intact by keeping to its core. The writing is kept solid, to its core, critical cast are not fired and pushed out (AJ and Paget), and when cast members decide to leave (i.e. Sasha Alexander- Caitlin) their characters are replaced with solid character replacements (Ziva) not nonsensical ones (Seaver).

Maybe CM should take a road trip to NCIS. Although they don't visit and interfere there much, I'm sure CBS could give CM the directions on how to get to NCIS HQ.

Raven said...

Optika - that is MY opinion as well. I said this from her 1st episode on. And because I want to make this all about Paget I will say again what I said after the Seaver first episode...Seaver/RN is bland and boring whereas Paget just blows her character Prentiss out of the water every time! She is the most believable female character I have seen. I would take a strong, intelligent, kick ass older actress over a young, blonde, Mary Sue actress any day. But then again I am not a male between the ages of 18 - 49!!!!

Olivia said...

Raven, but to attract more of the 18 to 23 (usually the subset within 18 to 49 of males that they aim to hit) there are going to have to be more violence, car chases, gratuitous sexual content, cars exploding, more guns blasting and Seaver is going to have to start wearing more skimpy clothing as she faux profiles at the BAU. This subset will not be entertained for long by the ramblings of some clueless cadet soon to be clueless rookie.

But how funny that without specifically heading for that subset, the show has done remarkably well. There was no need to change anything, and to jump on the NCIS bandwagon for a minute, there are no characters even in the stratosphere of inexperience and cluelessness like Seaver and that show is a ratings monster. Ziva, hell yes, she was the perfect replacement for Kate and let me tell you that was not an easy spot to come into but because her character was just as strong and experienced as Kate, it made for a smoother transition over time, much like Prentiss for Elle. Furthermore, NCIS was never gutted in terms of writers and cast like CM was to create its spin-off.

Anonymous said...


You're looking for a stronger and more intelligent actress than RN? Don't be fooled by her youth and blonde hair. She has a double degree from Columbia, and a ridiculous amount of physical combat training from GI Joe and Conan.

She's a better physical actress than both Paget and AJ. From what we saw in "What Happens At Home" I think she is a better emotional actress than AJ, and on a similar level as Paget.

I think the Seaver character is fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing her grow once the episodes are no longer completely focused on Prentiss. I really like having the idea of a "green" agent on the team, because every other new character was an expert and I was getting really bored with that. I'm willing to put aside any inconsistencies about having a rookie on the team, because the show is totally bogus in terms of reality and all the viewers ever do anyway is suspend belief.

Milo Samson said...

As much as i am dreading Pagets last episode. I am still one of those guys that can't wait to see Rachel Nichols step up to the plate.

I think she will do great on this show, when her character is in full gear.

LunaM said...

I feel so stupid, because I'm kind of scared of watching "Lauren". I'll need a huge box of tissues, especially after what MGG has said about there being very emotional moments and Paget getting to play a very touching side of Prentiss.

I hope Doyle will be killed. Thus at least one part of the story-arc will have a resolution after tonight's episode and not be a cliff-hanger. To have Emily chase Doyle once and for all and him getting away would feel gratuitous. I'm not sure Clyde is on Doyle's side. It felt a bit odd when Emily suddenly distrusted him, but he didn't hear where Emily told Tsia to go, so he couldn't have tipped off Doyle. Unless Clyde made sure Doyle was able to listen in to their phonecalls.

I also don't think they'll fake Emily's death. That would be a repetition of the "Lauren Reynolds died in a car crash" scenario which didn't work the first time around either. I guess Doyle will be killed and Emily - likely due to what the team has found out about her past - is in a situation where it is difficult for her to just rejoin the BAU. Or she gets severely injured as some others have suggested and we're left on the cliffhanger on whether she will survive and fully recover. Those are my speculations at the moment anyway.

Liza said...

I can virtually guarantee you if someone like Mark Harmon were at CM none of this foolishness with the writing, the firings, the pushing out, and the crazy cast addition would be happening. Mark Harmon is a fierce protector of his show. If only CM had someone like Mark Harmon we wouldn't all be here today waiting for what will most likely be Paget Brewster's final appearance on CM.

It both sickens and saddens me that it has all boiled down to this over at CM. I wish the original cast and crew all the best in the future, thank you for all of the years of such wonderful character portrayls. However, I will simply no longer be able to watch CM as yet another vital female cast member is slashed from its show. After tonight, CM will be erased from my DVR schedule.

CBS and CM should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I have no doubt that this show will continue to do well in the ratings, too bad it came at the cost of its writing crew and two of the greatest female characters on television to date.

Susan said...

Anonymous, RN is a better actress than AJ and Paget.... to steal the comment that someone made regarding RN's acting on CM, "It is like watching cement set." Sorry, but everything I've ever seen her in is the same, the same flat delivery, and that hasn't changed with CM. If there are some acting chops there, then they had better hop and skip to it because I haven't seen them on CM or in anything else she's ever been in. As to youth, she's only, what, two years younger than AJ I think. Not much younger.

Plus, having degress from Columbia means nothing as this is not a contest of degress but rather characters on a show, and to date, Seaver has been a total yawn. And again, sorry, I see nothing fascinating about this character. To me, it is quite boring to have to sit through her lines and to me it brings down the tempo of the show. The reason I watch the show is to see the experts at play, not some clueless rookie.

The character is a total fail in my book. I will try and stick around as much as possible after Prentiss, but I don't know how long that will be.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, but I think you are one of the very few viewers who watch the show to see "experts at play."

I watch the show to see interesting stories and drama. The experts played for 6 seasons, and it got so boring for me that I stopped watching regularly.

I'm watching now because things are getting interesting again.

RN had a great acting scene in "What Happens at Home," but the reason Seaver has been boring in the episodes since then is because they haven't focused on her character at all given Prentiss' exit. I think "Lauren" will be a good episode for Seaver.

Anonymous said...

Also, Susan, the reason I brought up the Columbia degree is because Raven implied that RN is a dumb blonde who is not strong or intelligent, and I was just saying that's simply not true. I agree that it doesn't really pertain to the character, but I just don't like when people think that because an actress is pretty and blonde that means she's not smart.

Susan said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but I didn't see anything so fantastic in RN's acting in What Happens At Home. It was Mary Sue to the core and again as flat as what I have seen her in before. Of course, that is just my opinion, but I serioulsy don't view her as the type of actress that you are painting her out to be. But to each his/her own.

Plus, as this is a show about an elite and specialized unit coming together to hunt down serial killers and predators and whatever other type of psycho, if you are bored seeing that expertise at play and would much rather see a clueless new addition, then, I don't know what to say. I find the characters presence on the show annoyning and grating on my nerves. I don't like how they have to stop and explain things to this character or how we have to sit through her dumb deductions. Sorry, but that is just me. I want to see people getting it together and in action, not someone on training wheels.

Susan said...

Anyway, a question. Does anyone remember what pictures Reid told Prentiss he was waiting for that freaked her out in the Valhalla episode? I think it had to do with pictures of her and possibly Doyle, right?

Anonymous said...


I believe they were surveillance photos of Doyle that would show Prentiss when she was undercover.

Also, we will have to agree to disagree about RN. I thought her character on The Inside was one of the most well-written and acted characters I have ever seen on a TV show. I wouldn't mind if glimmers of that character started showing through on CM. It would certainly add some depth.

Susan said...

Thanks for tha answer and yes we will have to agree to disagree because I thought The Inside was horrible, sorry :(

Cristina said...

Okay, sorry for this, but whenever I see Mark Harmom's name I have to give a shout of praise. Not only do I think that he is a great actor, but the way he goes to bat for NCIS is something to be admired. I respect him both as an actor and as a producer. Am beyond thrilled that he is now an Executive Producer over there, although in reality, he has been wearing that hat for a long time over there. No doubt about it, he most definitely forms part of the people that calls the shots over there to the total benefit of the show.

lauren j. said...

Really great article and interview with MGG about directing "Lauren." Looks like Paget pretty much demanded that he be the one to direct her last episode.

lauren j. said...

Also a great "Top 8 Prentiss Moments" article:

Cristina said...

Since I put my plug for Mark Harmon, now let's get to the star of the day Paget Brewster. I am terribly sad that this will be her last episode. The Prentiss character is one of the best female characters I have ever been fortunate enough to see on TV and waht a crying shame that CBS and CM never recognized this talent. I am just terribly sad and angry, that is all I really can say about this situation.

I wish Paget nothing but the best in the future. I hope that she comes back to CM as then I will watch the show again, but if not, I will follow and support whatever project she has in progress. CM has been one of my favorite shows for years, but like some others, I too feel like it has gone off the rails to a place that I cannot follow. I will treasure all of the wonderful CM moments I have dancing around in my head and on my DVD's. I love you MGG, JM, KV, TG, PB, and SM! Thank you for bringing the characters you have played for all of these years to life into my home and my heart. I hope you smash all ratings records for the show tonight!

MrHotchMan said...

agree with anonymous
RN has shown from time to time she is a fantastic actress. P2 is another strong performance from her.

gubegirl said...

Amen, Susan. CM has ALWAYS been about highly experienced and skilled profilers and if they wanted to change that premise to include a trainee, then they needed to explain that HUGE switch in gears, which is why we devout followers of 6 yrs are complaining.

If seeing a rookie is what you're looking for, then I'm sure that there are other shows out there, just not this one,

Totally apart from RN's acting which I cannot judge except from CM (I had never heard of her prior to this) despite not having a super meaty role on CM, she does come across flat and not appropriately expressive as do all the others who have been aptly sad, concerned, angry, anxious, intense whenever called for. Not being critical, I am just saying, nothing close to any other "newbies" to the show that we have seen: no such discussion about Kevin, Jordan, Hayley or anyone in a lesser role than our regular cast members on every week.

Thanks, lauren for the link for the other MGG interview - as soon as my next chore is complete and I get another computer break, I will be checking it out!

Cannot wait for tonite. I will have my win poured & my popcorn ready to go prior to yoga in order to ret right to it (must-haves to enhance my viewing experience:) ahh-h-h, the small pleasures of life. I will be sure to have my kleenex handy and hope that no family members walk in me bawling into my wine glass or bowl of popcorn like I did for "100" or "JJ."

Prentiss, GF, we love you, we will miss you but I refuse to say goodbye. So, go do your thing and come back soon! We don't care to go it without you and neither do any of your fellow actors, believe me!

sf81387 said...

Mmmm....Mark Harmon. Loved the Coors Beer commercial and would've given anything to be that log he was straddling....ahem, err, uh anyway....NCIS went through a couple of years span there where things got kind of shaky. That probably would've been around the time Mark Harmon's belly aching eventually got Donald Bellisario to step down as show runner and head writer. I don't believe any of CM's actors have that kind of pull. All long running series go through peaks and valleys and periods of staleness. I don't know that I agree that Criminal Minds is experiencing this problem, but I think it's different for everyone. I lost interest in NCIS for a couple of years, especially when they had that woman in charge and Tony was falling in love with that doctor, but I found my way back to it. However, I haven't seen many of the new episodes this year. Uber Skinny McGee kind for freaks me out. : \

lauren j. said...

Here's another one, with video interview of MGG that includes a short scene from "Lauren!"

There seems to be a bunch of MGG interviews cropping up on the Interwebs today, but with this one I will stop posting because they're all pretty much the same :)

Pat said...

I know that many of us have strong feelings, pro and con, about the Seaver CHARACTER, myself included. But, do you think perhaps we could have a truce for one week. We are losing a much valued member of the CM family and I think this thread should be dedicated to her. Those eight moments were a wonderful reminder of how great the character of Emily Prentiss is and I know, for myself anyway, she will be greatly missed.

She could kick criminal ass as well as the men, was an expert in languages and customs, but she also had a very caring side as she showed us in Children of the Dark.

I can't tell you how sad I am to see her go, particularly since it was not her choice. I think the fact that she asked that Matthew direct her final episode shows how much of a family they are.

So, perhaps we could lay our arms down for one week and concentrate on this woman who is, not only a fantastic performer, but also, a class act.

Optika said...

I did leave it at that, agreeing to disagree. i merely pointed out that it is not my sole opinion about RN's acting.

Anyhow, I just read the Prentiss top moments. I loved open Season's moment with Jj and Garcia. i loved how JJ winkied at Prentiss, had her back and all. So classy and feisty and awesome. That is a pure family momnet.
Also, if you didnt love MGG to death before, you will love him beyond fandom once you read this article I found on him. I read between the lines but i wont say what i've interpreted becease I dont want to cause any hostilities but here are a few quotes from it.

Was it easier this time?
Slightly. The one thing that was easier was that the first time around, I was so overly prepared, I was not prepared to act in my own episode. I was like, “What the hell?” So this time I was braced more for double duty of directing and acting. So that made it a bit easier.

How was it being behind the camera with A.J. Cook back?
It was an absolute pleasure. The family — the band was reunited. It was also that selfishly, I knew that the moment she steps on screen, every Criminal Minds fan is going to smile and cheer. I almost felt like it was hard to go wrong. [Laughs] It was great writing and great returns. It made my job as a director so much easier.

How was it being behind the camera with A.J. Cook back?
It was an absolute pleasure. The family — the band was reunited. It was also that selfishly, I knew that the moment she steps on screen, every Criminal Minds fan is going to smile and cheer. I almost felt like it was hard to go wrong. [Laughs] It was great writing and great returns. It made my job as a director so much easier.

o for the non-spoiler folk (a.k.a.: not me), what can you say about this episode?
All we cared about for this episode was making it fan-friendly, hence the return of A.J. You can expect a very unique hour of our show that hasn’t really been done in six years. A lot of adventure and action and espionage — sort of a new world. A lot of craziness and drama. “Epic” is the world that comes to mind. I can’t believe I’m selling my own episode with “epic.”

So on set, did you all do anything special to mark Paget’s big exit?
Luckily, Paget is one of my best friends, so it’s not like I’m never going to see her again. But we stuck around after, and a few of us had a toast of fine wine — Paget’s favorite. Paget and I were in denial it was happening. As they called cut on her character’s last scene on the show and her last scene, I was like, “Holy smokes, that’s picture wrap and series wrap on Paget Brewster.” It hit us all by surprise.

Optika said...

is the link to the article.
THis definitely looks like a spectacularly special episodes and its great that AJ is back and that MGG is directing. I am all for Prentiss and i love how genuine almost the whole cast seems and this is just a sad moment... sorry. Love TG, AJ, PB, MGG, SM, JM, KV all.

Gloria said...

I think Doyle should have someone infiltrated the FBI, he knows in detail the team.
Perhaps there is the return of prenttiss

Diedra said...

Thank you Pat, yes, this is about Paget Brewster and the lovely character she played on CM for all of these years! I could care less about RN and even less, way less, about the Seaver character. I want to talk about and focus on Paget and the Prentiss character. After today, she won't be on CM anymore thanks to the moronic powers that be at CBS and CM.

heyya said...

Oh my god those top 8 Prentiss moments literally brought tears to my eyes :( This just isn't fair. I'm going to be such a mess once I see the episode. This is just sad.
I think AJ Cook is better than Rachel Nichols in all aspects, especially, a better EMOTIONAL actress. The person cited "What Happens At Home" as an example to prove Rachel's superiority over AJ, well to me it looked like her eyes were teary all through, it looked unnatural. And after a point looking at her sad, cranky face got annoying, at least for me. AJ Cook had some emotional stuff over the course of her 5seasons. But she never came across as weepy and whiny. There was a quiet strength and dignity about her, she didn't even need to say anything, she emoted with her eyes and the audience felt a connection, at least I could.
Please keep in mind that my comment isn't a personal attack on Rachel Nichols, only on her acting skills. I've seen her in "G.I.Joe" and "Amityville Horror" prior to CM and she does seem wooden and expressionless. AJ is far more versatile and her choice of roles are also more diverse.
Again RN fans don't take this personally, I respect your opinion even though I may disagree. I just cited my side of the argument as to why I prefer AJ.
And I'm glad she'll be back for "Lauren". Can't wait to see my favourite cast together for one last time. It's definitely going to be bittersweet. Trust MGG to make it one hell of a ride. I love that guy.

Anonymous said...

Diedra, I think you totally missed the point of what Pat was trying to say: celebrating Prentiss WITHOUT taking shots at RN/Seaver.

Diedra said...

I don't care Anonymous, let's s just scrap that talk all together at least for today, God! I'm just sick to death of it and it has really turned me off to coming here and I suspect to watching the show any longer.

sf81387 said...

Diedra, I think you totally missed the point of what Pat was trying to say: celebrating Prentiss WITHOUT taking shots at RN/Seaver.

They've been polluting episode threads for weeks with their Seaver groans and not caring that they might be spoiling the experience for other CM fans who just wanted to discuss the episode. They wouldn't even stop when the owner of this blog asked them to stop and keep the conversation on topic so what makes you think they would stop now?

Optika said...

Screw Seaver! No one is attacking RN, only the character and RN's acting ability. Its called "contradistinguishing". RN is a sweet person or whatever but so are AJ and Paget.

heyya, I agree with you. AJ has the ability to act without saying much at all, its all in her eyes and her silence and her diversity of roles. Remember at the end of Risky Business, the scene with Hotch? Same wiht Paget. Paget is amazing!
I love how in season 2, Reid was going through his battles and taking it on on Prentiss (not the part I love btw) and in the episdoe, Ashes and Dust, Prentiss says "its not working" to Reid when he tries to be more conversational. LOL, and she was sarcastic about it. It was the ONLY time she took a dig back at Reid, he did deserve it (still love Reid) but it was also Emily's way of telling him to just be himself. She also gave him a sort of pep talk about it too at the end of Sense Memory. I am about to watch Valhalla again. So excited for tonight, but sick to my stomache at the circumstances. I am sure that paget will give an oscar worthy performance, they should have oscars for tv but then again, CM is so underrated and i love it for being underrated.

Meredith said...

Optika, thanks for cutting and pasting portions of that article for us. For me, that article spoke volumes, I think probably the way it did for you.

I cannot believe that there will be no more Emily Prentiss on CM. I am sad, but there is a rage that is building up inside of me that I know will prevent me from watching the show any longer. In my opinion what has been done to this show, writing and character wise is just a filthy shame. Again, in my opinion, this show has been degraded to push forward the agenda of greedy, opportunistic individuals who care little about the cast and even less about the viewing audience. I don't care for what is being in left in the demise of this character, but that doesn't matter now because these foolish decisions, I know, will not be remedied but only multiplied moving forward. I for one do not believe that Paget Brewster will return. I think the CM sun has set for her and if it has then I would just like her to know that I will watch whatever production should be so fortunate to have her on board.

Thank you Paget for such a wonderful portrayl of such a wonderful character.

Optika said...

Yes, I know that some of my examples do not relate to my previous but I just had to get it out becuase I love paget and that was one of my favoirte momnets from paget!

Anyone else have a favorite Paget/Emily moment?

List you fave Emily moments!If you want....

Fedra said...

sf81837, excuse me but if you look at that thread and what was the cause of it closing down it was because the blog owner was being accused of not putting enough RN stuff up here. She was highly ticked about that and asked that everyone just agree to disagree about the Seaver character.

LaShawna said...

Below is a Matthew interview he did today for "Lauren." Yeah, there's some personal stuff, but he does talk about the episode. There's also an interesting answer to one of the questions toward the end of the interview. I'll leave it to you to figure out which one that is. ;)

Fedra said...

When she was approached again, she closed down the thread.

Plus, I have heard you comment about things repeatedly like you think this show is just all about the psycho of the week, or that this is what you primarily tune into see when someone says how important the characters are to the show. Should I classify that as groaning because you have mentioned that more than once?

Don't get me worng, you can totally have that opinion and share it here. I'm sure there are many that agree with your opinion. Likewise, so can people share their feelings however many times they'd like about any aspect of the show including a character as the character is part of the show and effects it, in my opinion, episode wise. If you want to classify that as groaning go right head.

Cindy said...

LaShawna, your killing me :) Going to check it out now Thanks for the link!

Raven said...

Optika -- one of my favorite Prentiss moments was the "science magic" scene but after the episode two weeks ago it has to be when she was "saying" goodbye with her eyes to her BAU family. Certainly had me crying....

heyya said...

I have a couple of favourite Emily moments!
In "Sex, Birth, Death" when she told Hotch about how she despised politics, and how it rips family apart and that entire scene was a class apart. Emily Prentiss appealed to me right away. She is the epitome of strength, grace, and dignity.
I agree Optika the scenes between Reid and Emily for a short duration after "Revelations" were intense and I enjoyed it. I also liked how she was the only one who somewhat confronted him about his issues. Those two have come such a long way since then. The last few episodes are testament to the sweet and wonderful bond Reid and Emily share.
I loved her in "Seven Seconds" when she interrogated the aunt. She was simply superb and so kickass I was a loss for words. I could actually feel the disgust she was feeling and that can only be attributed to Paget's great acting ability.
"Memoriam" when she was hungover was hilarious and Rossi did that action to Morgan, it was a fun scene.
I loved the entire episode "Demonology" especially the ending with the song playing, the snow and Emily ending up in front of the church. It was spectacularly done, and a very poignant moment. I could feel her angst and grief.
I loved her in "Outfoxed" too. Her interactions will Karl Arnold, the dilemmas she faced as a woman in that episode, and how she was able to extract information out of him despite her reservations speak volumes of her skills.
Most recently, she shined in "Sense Memory" and "Valhalla" and I suspect the best is yet to come in "Lauren."
I probably have more favourites but for the time being nothing is coming to mind.

LaShawna said...

Hmm, let's see, my favorite Emily moments.

1. The entire episode of "Minimal Loss." She rocked so hard in that episode, and it is absolutely my favorite one of her. She was strong, tender, caring, resilient- everything I love about Emily.

2. The club scene with Viper and Jordan in "52 Pickup." She and Jordan toyed so hard with Viper the entire time. It is about the only time Emily has ever used her sexuality in the line of her job, but she was so strong and funny.

3. Her big sister moments with Reid. She was one of the very few who would confront Reid about his feelings or his behavior over the years (e.g. Distress, Jones, Scared to Death)

4. Emily confronting the aunt in "Seven Seconds." She was FIERCE and intelligent.

There are a myriad of other smaller scenes, but Emily is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I fear the loss of her presence in subsequent episodes.

Cindy said...

Yay!!! LaShawna, I just heard it!!! People listen to it!!! Thank you LaShawna!!!

CheetoBreath said...

*waves* Hi everyone!!! Hey, we are all fans of the same show here. So let's just try to be nice to one another, ok? Anyway, I think this spot is supposed to be for discussing the episode only so please stay on topic is my only request of my fellow fans. There is a complete message board broken down by topic if you would like to discuss other things there. Thanks!! :) *passes out cookies and chill pills* lol

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