Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Devils' Night" written by Randy Huggins and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.


Ele said...

As always happy that wednesday is almost here and it brings another new epi of the great show CM! This one I am eagerly awaiting for because someone special is going to be in it....JACK! Nothing cuter than seeing Hotch interact with his son!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jack is back? Great! I want to see how he's doing since his mother's death.

AG said...

Since Jack is coming back for this episode, I really hope that means a little more Hotch. Too little of him this episode, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow night! I get to be here when it's on. I'll still tivo it to give them more ratings :)

I agree, episodes have been Hotch-lite and I hope we see more of him tomorrow! <3 Thomas Gibson!

E.Rt said...

I'm very excited to see this episode.
But then again, I'm often excited when there is a new Criminal Minds episode.
It'll be nice to see Jack with his father for Halloween, and it'll be nice for the fans to see Hotch having a happy moment (well, I sure hope that it'll be a happy moment...).
I also hope we get to learn soon some of the 'secrets', or at least get a hint about them (and I'm particularly interested in Reid's secret - is he sick and hiding it ?).

gubegirl said...

Since I am still two epi's behind after being on a cruise with no prime-time shows on, I am wistful about watching tonite's show: do I DVR it and try to watch the prev two first or OK to watch tonite? I S-o-o need a good CM fix - may have a hard time resisting. Love that there may be a little Halloween fun/costume/trick-or-treat with sweetie Jack. Love the real-life personal upon occasion - makes the show more credible to me and endears it to me even more.

Had to laugh at reading next wk's TV guide where MGG explains his latest haircut: that he was being "mistaken for Emily Deshanel too frequently" (hah!) and altho' he was not bothered by that, he thought his character, Reid, might be. Matthew is such a funny guy and there is also a letter in the same guide congratulating him on the shorter cut so that now "we can all see his handsome face." Right on! We will take him however we can get him, huh, ladies?

Enjoy tonite, everyone, talk tomorrow!

(...Unjustly-Exiled...) said...

Looks to be fairly Hotch centered tonight.

Not excited this week. The premier and the last two episodes were AWESOME.

We'll see if this week's will be too. Case looks thrilling. More interested in the team tho.

Anonymous said...

F***ing CBS and NYC broadcasting the first fifteen minutes didn't have sound!!!!!!! They better play it again soon. I am sooo pissed off. I thought it was my tv, but they where bombarded with calls at the cable company.

Unknown said...

Geez, if your gonna mention Samhain, try looking it up even on Where it has a audio to inform you HOW to pronounce it. Here's a guess, it isn't as was spoken on tonight's show -as it looks- "sam-hain". It pronounced "sow-win". And BTW samhain has NOTHING to do with the so-called Devil's night" Samhain is a Harvest festivalend of summer celebration.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm crying. Great episode.

coadygirl said...

Thank you Glory! Once again I have to hear Samhain mispronounced.Sowen Sowen Sowen!!! The first time was in XFiles and I nearly fell off my chair hearing Mulder say it wrong. Perhaps I'm a purest but Dr. Spencer Reid would NOT have pronounced Samhain wrong. It is just so distracting to me when I should be more in tuned to the whole story line and not *one line* Thank you to Charles Haid for not making my city look like a third world Blade Runner scene like it was the last time the BAU came to town. Nice ending with unsub and son like Hotch and Jack. Very nice

rachel said...

The last scene with Jack dressed as Hotch because he is a super hero was precious. It was a good episode. Not stellar but good.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stunt and pyro work in this episode. The flaming man running in and flying over the truck was pretty wicked.

The opening with Reid boring them all with talk of Halloween was fun.

It was great to see two scenes with Hotch and his son. They seem to be doing really well with each other.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


(...Unjustly-Exiled...) said...

Episode was so bleh. The case was decent, but nothing in it kept my attention.

I actually took a bathroom break, and it wasn't during a commercial.

Big let down after last week.

Anonymous said...

Rossi to Reid: "Say that three times fast." Hilarious line!

Anonymous said...

It was an ok episode. I liked the opening scene of them panning the streets of Detroit. The team each had nice parts of the case. I liked the Jack scenes and I thought the Halloween part was fun. Not my fav episode of this season.

LaShawna said...

I enjoyed this episode for the most part, though I wouldn't have minded if it was scarier. It was definitely a Criminal Minds episode, but there were some differences to mix it up from normal.

I must admit the opening scene was rather shocking and disturbing, but definitely a mood setter for the rest of the episode. Thankfully more unsubs don't burn their victims alive, which definitely makes this unsub unique. He wasn't an arsonist, but rather a serial killer who used fire as a weapon. I don't think the show has had an unsub quite like that before.
The unsub definitely fit in for the Halloween-themed episode, with his burned face, lumbering gait and quest for revenge. He was remniscent of many horror films, and even the LT made a reference to him as "Freddy Kruger."

If I understand correctly, the BAU was working closely with the Detroit Fire Department this case, which is different, because they usually pair with the police department.

I admit I was surprised when the unsub was identified halfway through the episode, but I figured I would just go with it and see where the episode took the story. I need to go rewatch that scene again, where Penelope worked her magic of information cross referencing to determine the unsub, because that part sort of flew by me. I thought it was a different and interesting twist that instead of profiling to find the unsub, the team was profiling to find the last victim and save her.

This was a fairly teamy episode to me, with something for everyone to do. There wasn't much Rossi in this one, though I very much liked the cognitive interview he conducted. I do very much like to see Morgan and Emily paired together on a case since they have an excellent rapport, but I would also love to see Morgan and Reid paired together more in future episodes. Everybody works well together, so I like the show to mix it up a bit just so the viewers can see all the different relationships on the show.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention how utterly adorable Reid was during his Halloween monologue. I do love it when Reid is super passionate about a subject. Poor Emily should learn asking an innocent question can get her more information than she bargained for. Though to her credit, at least she didn't cut him off like many people do when they tire of his tangents.

It was super sweet to see Hotch and Jack in the opening and closing scenes. It's always good to see Hotch in a more relaxed mood, with a smile and his guard let down. He doesn't do it at work, so these glimpses into his personal life are a real treat for the viewers who like to see a different side of Hotch. I "awwed" at Jack's costume. He's Daddy, a real life superhero. Which is funny, because that is the word I kept thinking of Hotch for this episode- heroic. First he storms into the diner to save Jay, and then he effectively controlled the scene at the final house and managed to talk down the unsub peacefully. It was nice to see Hotch in full on action mode, though he was very different than last season's episodes. He often charged in then as well, but I always felt like he was walking an emotional tightrope, like he was about to unhinge, particularly when he was too emotionally tied to the case. However, his actions in this episode seemed calm, professional and coolly controlled. I like the fact that Morgan made a very small protest at Hotch's order for a single shooter, but it seemed like the team was more supportive of his unilateral actions than last season. As Rossi put it, "this isn't Hotch's first dance."

Anonymous said...

Like Prentiss comforting the victim's wife and prepping her to speak to Rossi. Rossi having her close her eyes to catch the details of the night before with her husband was kinda cool. Garcia was wonderful cross referencing all those names and all that info and coming up with Camen Scott's name. I thought it was weird that the team seemed to be fractured going off by themselves a lot in this episode. Hotch in the diner again and Prentiss and Morgan going alone into the unsub's house. Seems pretty dangerous to me.

Anonymous said...

Hotch going into the fire to pull out the uncle moments before the restaurant blew up was a bit unbelievable. Other than that I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Better than last week although of course I must have my nitpicks.

Emily's dismissive attitude toward Reid and his Halloween obsession was out of character. She's always been the one person on the team who doesn't roll her eyes at him when he goes off on his tangents - she *loved* the physics magic trick he did a couple season ago, and she has already heard Reid go on about how much he adores Halloween back in Season 3 (About Face) so she shouldn't be surprised now.

What was the deal with the "Detroit's Finest" posters. They made a big deal of it in the beginning - the unsub even carried around the posters - and then the whole plot point disappeared.

What reason would Tracy possibly have had for denying the unsub any knowledge of his son? She still cared enough about him when the boy was born to give him his father's middle name, why not tell him the kid existed?

I also thought the awesome Ernie Hudson was underused and that Hotch - being Jack's sole parent now - would have had more sense than to run into a burning building.

wren said...

Why did they let the guy touch and close to a child when he was a major mass murder??? Not understand the end of the case at all.

sammy said...

Pretty good episode. Nice solid writing from first time CM writer.

The case was disturbing, a man using fire to kill. Great stun work in this episode.

I like that the team did work with the fire department. Lots of team work and Prentiss did good work with the woman.

Someone mention that Hotch was heroic, yes he was. That IS Hotch, that is what I love about him.

Such great scene between Jack and his dad. So cute when Jack did dress as his dad! totally went awww!

Best episode of the season and nice that the writer did focus on Hotch this week. He, Reid and Prentiss are way too underuse. Hope to see More of Hotch in upcoming episodes!


SSA_Carpenter said...

Prentiss was really good in this episode and this is why she should be a PERMANENT member of the BAU. If you ask pretty much anyone who watches the show they'll tell you how awesome she is.
Also, I LOVED Jack in the episode as well. He was adorable! Poor Hotch has some bad luck with explosions.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Prentiss' reaction to Reid wasn't in character. I expect Rossi to dismiss him, and for Morgan to be disinterested, but it seems like they used to regard his eccentricities with more brotherly or sisterly affection than they do now. In this scene there was a lot of irritated glancing and eye-rolling. It's a lost family dynamic, and everyone working on the show always emphasizes how the team is supposed to be a family.

karen hall said...

thank's again for a gr8 episode 2nite. Cast & Crew did (as usual) fantastic. oh, and writer's rock!
untill next Wednesday.

LaShawna said...

You can still be a loving family and occasionally be annoyed with them and not want to listen to them. Emily could have been having a bad day or maybe she just wasn't in the mood for a Reid monologue. Or maybe Reid started talking to Emily before she had her daily dose of Splenda. :)

Vali said...

Awwwwwwww America said tonight. What an ending. Very cute. Jack dressing up as Hotch. Looked a bit like used car-salesman ;) But sweet.
Very gruesome killing scene at the end, especially knowing how painful it was. Hard to stomach. Don't quite get how a person would turn sociopath like that and kill several people for years at Devil's Night. One had to have at least a bit empathy for the serial murderer.
A bit weak, Hotch running into the burning diner. Just opening a door (why wasn't that one locked?) in and out with the victim in seconds, explosion following right after. So TV ... But I like happy endings :)
Reid didn't just annoy Prentiss & Rossi ...
Can't wait for next week! Keep them coming :)

ele said...

Love it! Good team work. Funny moments with Reid and Rossi. Love all the Hotch moments of him saving the guy and at the end making the unsub give up...great. Do not really understand why Morgan still questions Hotch´s actions?

Favorite parts Hotch and Jack together....:) Thanks for that, it is great to see how they interact!!! Love to see Hotch smile!

Silvinha said...

I don't think Prentiss dismiss him...she just said 'all that she asked.' Rossi dismissed him, he didn't even want to know while Prentiss listened to Reid. But it doesn't really matter because the whole scene was awesome!

Hotch and Jack...the cutest thing ever!

And Prentiss definitely needs to STAY! This show can't lose a female profiler.

Great work, everyone...cast and crew!

coadygirl said...

After decades of mass arson Detroiters took back their city. There are still fires but not the crazy arson we had. Days leading up to Devil's Night, Detroit's *Angels* walk the street in huge groups to patrol abandoned homes and building to deter works.The show was a little disjointed but to someone from Texas perhaps the history of Detroit's Devil's Night is not important. The Detroit's finest angle was not expanded & it could've been valuable to the story if played right. Future writers need to know that we CM fans know our characters inside out & have every past episode burned into our memories. The BAU team is family & have gone thru 5 season's of tremendous heartbreak together. Reid would not be mocked..humoured but not mocked.Morgan will always question Hotch but he understands him better now, & Prentiss MUST keep her humour. Garcia is not the only witty person on this show. I love her but she doesn't carry Criminal Minds..the team does.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit dissapointed with this episode. Jack and Hotch scenes were awesome, but the whole diner thing and was just a bit too "Superman" unrealistic for me, and it is the anchor in realism that I love about CM. Bit cheesy in general this episode.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Reid and Prentiss thing - Prentiss proclaimed herself a nerd when she first started, and loved Reid's physics magic. The two shows he was talking about should've been at least interesting to her - the Phamtasmagoria (sp?) even had "science magic."
I get that she could've just been in a mood or Splenda-less, but it still felt off to me - their intentions felt mean-spirited. Substituting a few genuine smiles for the eye rolls would've been enough to fix it. You humor people in your family because you know they mean well.

uhmlyeah said...

I love that INFO-loving Reid is back without disregarding the fact that he's no longer a complete innocent. Like the team interaction and the Hotch stuff too! Yeah Character Development!

Anonymous said...

This episode bored the crap outta me.

Too much Hotch.

Not enough Garcia, Prentiss, and Morgan.

More of them plz

I also want more Ellie/Morgan

Last week's put tonights episode to shame. Last week's was just excellent.

Disappointed I waited all day for this. =/

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode. Not great, but still pretty good. Loved the Jack/Hotch scenes. I didn't feel like Emily dismissed Reid at all. That scene felt in character for everyone (to me.)

The story did have some plotholes. I was waiting for the "Detroit's Finest" thing to be tied in, but it never was. Why was the sign given so much signifigance?

And Hotch in the end...I get the hero thing, but when Hotch stood in the sniper's line of fire during "Haunted" in season 5, everyone was pissed and said that he was taking uneccesary risks. So what's different now?

Excited for next week, although I didn't see the promo. I really want to know what Reid's secret is!!

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode but I liked it here and there.Loved the opening with Hotch and Jack and the one with Reid as well though I do agree that Prentiss wouldn't have looked as bored as she did, I think the nerd in her might have nabbed that extra ticket Reid had, at least privately.

The unsub was completely demented. yet at the end he becomes all soft and caring and rational. This did not ring true. Making the man sympathetic seemed like a mistake after the horific murders he had committed.Same thing with the Tim Curry character. Should we feel sorry for Foyet too?

As much as I love Jack and Hotch. I found the scene at the end a little too cloying.

Please give Reid and Prentiss a little more air time. They are wonderful characters, use them new writers and research them as well.

Unknown said...

Overall, I found this episode to be rather impressive, an amazing action-packed episode from start to finish; I especially liked Hotch running from the burning diner, and the bit at the end with the UnSub and the little boy.

I loved the whole Hotch/Jack father/son bonding, and the cute way that Jack went out on Halloween as his dad. Awwwww!

There's no one else who can go all-out on Halloween like Reid can! I loved the mask, and his little Halloween monologue... Cute!

BTW, I would totally take Reid up on his offer of an extra ticket to one of those spook-tactular events he mentioned; afterward we'd probably conviene at a coffee shop and throw together our overall impressions of whichever one we went to. I can totally see that happening! :D

Can't wait for next week!

MKT said...

Yay! Hotch epi! And more 'awww' Hotch/Jack moments! I liked the fact that it was pretty team-based once the case got going, with everyone contributing. Emily seemed ooc for some reason (?) but the rest was good. Some AU moments but hey, its TV. :)

Morgan, Garcia, Rossi & Hotch have had turns. Emily and Reid now, please. (then Hotch...) ;)

Still don't see how CM can work without a woman... we need Paget!

Stephanie said...

Love the rare "Squishy" Hotch! Hope to see more of him over the course of the season. :)

And Reid is so funny at Halloween. Wonder what he'd be like at Easter?! lol!

Bonkers4Reid said...

This episode was so/so. I loved it because, Hello! It's CM! But I was hoping for more, I was excited for a Halloween-themed episode but I was a bit disappointed.
I LOVED the Hotch/Jack scenes. So cute! I love that Jack thinks his dad is a superhero. Plus, Hotch actually smiled! Yay!
I really wish they would have gone back to Reid's weekend plans at the end... Garcia seemed kinda interested.
I was really shocked at the explosion, it scared me and I was really worried over the commercial. But thinking back on it, it was kinda cheesy and too "TV".
One major problem... why did Emily only comfort the wife. She could have done the cognative interview herself. She did it during "Bloodline" in season 4. Sure we needed to give Rossi some screen-time, but I wanted to see some girl-profiling-power! When the wife was crying and it looked like Prentiss was about to cry, I too almost started crying.
Anyone else notice how similar this was to "The Fisher King"?!? Both unsubs were burn victims and the name Garner was used in both episodes... Randal Garner shot Elle and tonight's episode had Lt. Al Garner. Too much coincidence for my taste.
I felt like there wasn't enough Garcia, or Morgan, or Reid, or Prentiss, or even Rossi for that matter. This was really Hotch-centric. Which is just fine, except sometimes when they do that, they cheat the other characters out of screen-time!
Ok, I'm done now. I can't wait to find out the team's secrets, especially Reid's!

CB said...

The case material/unsub plotline was a little blah and predictable. The redeeming parts of this episode were the Hotch/Jack moments, and the scene with Hotch, Unsub, and Unsub's son. "Don't you want to know his name?" Good work, Hotch. You truly are a hero. Cheers to the real people of the BAU, for they are the real-life superheroes. It was great to see Hotch underneath his stoic armor. Daddy Hotch and Hero Hotch in one episode = epic.

LaShawna said...

I can speak to my own opinion why Hotch's heroics were different in this episode. In Haunted, I felt that Hotch was at the end of his emotional rope and he wasn't thinking clearly. When he walked into that house to talk down the unsub, it felt like he was completely apathetic to his own safety and he was definitely un-Hotch like. His actions to me in this episode, while can be construed as hasty, felt much more controlled. It felt like he knew what he was doing, but made a judgment call that made him act quickly. It didn't feel desperate or irrational.

As for Reid, I would TOTALLY grab that extra ticket to Reid's Halloween fun night. Though I would also drag his butt to the scariest haunted house in the area. Preferably something that is all dark and will scare the hell out of him. He might be so scared, he would grab me for comfort. :)

And for the comment about Reid and Easter, that just brought to mind Reid is soft, adorable bunny ears. Too cute.

Unknown said...

Most definitely a WOW episode for me, I absolutely loved it from start to finish, edge of your seat, thriller stuff, absolutely awesome, the start certainly set the scene and did the job the CM I know does, and that is put you on edge, I had chills running down my spine through most of the episode and apprehension of what was going to happen next.

The unsub and crimes were intense, unsettling and everything that CM is. Profiling was great and the family tie in excellent, very well written and delivered episode I thought. The connection with the unsub/Kaman’s girlfriend and son at the end I thought was brilliantly done and I loved the little boy.

I understand why her family wanted to protect her and her little boy, but made me wondered if the unsub would ever have gone down the road of his killing spree if he had known the truth about his girlfriend and son & so you had to empathise with him on some level.

Oh my god … Hotch and Jack words cannot describe how adorable the beginning and end scenes were, team work … absolutely gorgeous, I adored that Jack had his tie all askew trying to be his Dad and I loved that he identified with his dad over any superhero, their connection was simply brilliant and the first time since Slave of Duty that we see how they are coping with life and this was a nice insight, and nice to see Hotch’s softer side and guard down as we saw him in this episode.

We saw Hotch as this tightly wound bomb ready to explode anytime in the early episodes of season 5 which took us to 100, and although there were some intense moments his whole approach of dealing with this situation I thought came across as calm & controlled, and yes Morgan questioned his actions but that’s their thing, they will both always question the others actions, that’s who they are and how they work and we’ve seen this trough the earlier seasons, although they have come a long way since Mayhem.

I think it’s nice that the writers explore the characters more, it certainly gives the characters more depth and shows the layers and dimensions to the characters which to me as a viewer is rewarding, and also so we see them as ‘people’ and not just ‘hero’s on the job’

Reid was in his element and it was nice to see him sprouting facts, I read comments above of the dismissiveness and rolling of eyes, I must admit I didn’t notice this, didn’t stand out to me, I was more intent on the facts of the case and the unsub, or maybe I’m used to the wide range of responses Reid gets to his monologues depending on the audience and the teams mood at any given time.

I do enjoy the pairing of Morgan and Prentiss, I think they work really well together and I enjoyed the scenes of them working their way through the unsub’s home if you could call it that.

Interaction between Emily and Rossi and the victim’s wife was well done as was the cognitive interview, again I thought it humanised her situation & gave us in insight not only to the victim & the unsub but also to Rossi and his experience & expertise in profiling the situation.

I have to watch it again, I always pick up more the second time around, but overall I really enjoyed this episode … thanks everyone ;o)

AG said...

Show was off to a great start, the opening scene, Hotch/Jack and then Reid being, well, Reid, seemed spot on. But the rest of the show as alright.

Still no wow factor.

More Hotch, more character development, less meritocracy.

Diane said...

Great episode. Very intense. Fely awful for the poor guys who were burned alive.

Loved all the Hotch and Jack scenes. So cute!

About time we had some good Hotch, he is the most interesting character on CM, CM is much better when we have lots of Hotch.

This episode was definately the best of the season so far!

next weel also look intense!


Sonia said...

Yay for More Hotch! Missed him this season :(

The scene with the unsub and his son was sad.

This episode was about being a dad and how your kid perceive you. For the unsub boy even if his dad face was look bad, for the little boy it didn't matter, it was his dad and not a monster. The contrast with Hotch with his son Jack was evident. For Jack his dad is a hero, someone who save people's life. I wonder if the unsub girlfriend had told him he had a son earlier if that would be enough for him, make him have something to live for and not destroy people's life.

Good work from the new writer, Thomas Gibson and Cade Owens.

Hope to see more of Hotch this season!

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode especiall all the Hotch and Jack moments, those were such 'awwww' moments! very cute! Thomas Gibson and Cade Owens were just so good! I want to see more of Hotch!

It was horrific to see those people get burned alive. The unsub made me almost feel sorry for him but burning people alive is just too awful.


sdwally said...

I loved the beginning and the end of this episode with Hotch and Jack. The rest of the story was seriously lacking in energy, sequencing, sense, something.

Halloween should have been the perfect setup for a Criminal Minds episode and should have provided the writers with an intriguing backdrop for a chilling story. Instead, it was a more roll-your-eyes episode in disbelief that they wasted another opportunity to tell a riveting story and went for the shorts-shrift, redundant characterizations they’ve employed more often than not.

For example:

Why did Prentiss have to warm-up the victim’s wife for Rossi; why didn’t she conduct the interview herself? She did an excellent job in Bloodline when she interviewed the little girl who had been kidnapped by the gypsy family.

Why did Hotch go alone with the Fire Chief to look for the unsub; and he did this twice? The fire chief’s weapon of choice was a cell phone; so Hotch was the only armed authority, and he had no back-up.

Why were the remaining team members sitting around the conference table trying to look busy while Hotch left to pursue the unsub with an unarmed fire chief?

Morgan and Prentiss again and again; do the actors ever ask during the read-through for these episodes, can we change things up a little bit? It has to be monotonous for them as it is for the audience? Does Matthew ever say when are you guys going to let me handle a gun again? Does Joe say why don’t you let Prentiss handle the entire interview with the victim’s wife and let me go to the crime scene with Morgan? Sometimes I feel as if I’m watching the previous week’s episode, the scenarios are so predictable.

If this is the third year the unsub has committed these crimes, why did he suddenly have a meltdown and have to seek out the girlfriend? Was she supposed to be his last victim?

Again, this week, the writers leave the viewers hanging. Last week you left the mother in the car after being stabbed by the unsub, never returning to her character. This week you leave the little girl after the father was kidnapped. I know there is a throwaway line somewhere to let you know what happened to them; but these scenes are so clumsily written, you have to pay really close attention or you’ll miss them. Thank goodness for DVR.

Why did Hotch run into a smoke-infested, burning building and pull out the only man he found (in one minute, no less)? He could have been pulling out the unsub. He had no way of knowing who the guy was with the intensity of the fire and the excitement of the event.

And how did Hotch and the fire chief get so far ahead of the rest of the team going to the girlfriend’s parents home, when they were all at the restaurant at the same time? And again, he was alone with the unarmed fire chief. And where was Detroit police? All of these scenes were just dumb.

And who is Morgan to question Hotch’s actions? After his exploits with the Tim Curry character in the premiere, and the Ellie character last week, his comment about Hotch’s behavior seemed illogical, like the “pot calling the kettle black.”

It’s obvious the writers are trying to set something up with Hotch and his behavior; but the writing and storytelling are lazy, clumsy, and uneven and leaves much to be desired. This week’s episode, as well as last, seem to fall flat during most of the center. The writers appear to not know what to do with the rest of the BAU team while they’re setting up the staging for the character they’re focusing on. And with one less character to now write for, this unsteadiness is almost inexcusable. Last week Hotch, Reid, and Rossi were left sitting on their hands; this week Rossi, Prentiss, Morgan and Reid were left sitting on their hands while Hotch maneuvered with an unarmed fire chief. This was all so unreal.

sdwally said...


I’ve been really disappointed in the writing, especially these last two weeks. You want to blame the characters; but they are only performing what’s scripted. It a shame too because I’ve seen some really cleverly written episodes this season; but they weren’t for Criminal Minds. And Criminal Minds writers have given us riveting episodes in the past.

Please don’t drive your viewers to start sampling Modern Family, which would really be a shame. Now is the time to step it up, not let up on the quality.

I’ve waited for a good Hotch episode and some coveted Hotch/Prentiss scenes; obviously this wasn’t what I was expecting. I'm still waiting...

Hazel said...

The graphic violence has been over the top this season. This show has always been dark and violent, but much of the actual "act" was left up to the imaginations of the viewer. It was always suggested, but rarely shown. It feels like the show is being dumbed down in order to appeal to a less mature audience. Toss in lots of really awesome gratuitous violence, gunfire and explosions and forget about writing intelligent cases that focus on the profiling.

Hotch finally gets to leave the police station and that was refreshing to see since he's been used as little more than an over priced secretary all season who apparently isn't capable of handling interrogations or interviews or field work anymore.

Prentiss really needed Agent Rossi to step in and handle the cognitive interview? Really?

Morgan and Prentiss at the unsubs lair was so dry and so boring. Morgan sounds like he's reading from a cue card half the time while Prentiss stands there dumbly staring off into space to make it appear as though she's actually got something useful to do.

Is Morgan seriously going to start questioning Hotch's decisions again? Are they seriously going to try to pick up a storyline they let die in episode 10 of Season 5?

What has happened to this show? I don't even recognize it anymore. Is it new writers? Is it because they're trying to change up the show and appeal to a different viewing audience?

The high points of the episode were Reid's Halloween diatribe and the cuteness overload with the Hotch and Jack scenes. The rest of the episode felt disjointed and not the least bit clever. It was just packed with violence and explosions and all the typical lazy manueveurs used to draw in the ADD crowd.

kat887 said...

More bread (or cookie) crumbs, like the Garcia brothers discrepancy: Why does Hotch have such an affinity for burn victims and - as indicated from next week's promo - women who are considered to have a lower social status, in next week's case exotic dancers, in the past, prostitutes?

I agree with HollyM, if a girl's love turned the unsub around, why wouldn't the girl let the unsub know about the son to give him strength to pull through mentally? A case of Romeo and Juliet? They were I think teenagers.

And, yes, how did Hotch not succumb to smoke inhalation? The fire chief definitely knew better.

Nice to see some familiar, experienced black actors, like seeing old friends, similar to seeing Daniel J. Travanti and Mare W.

kat887 said...

On Prentiss prepping the fiance for Rossi's interview: I think this would normally have been a JJ job. Let the family member sort through her feelings and clear her mind somewhat and then allow the physical and formal transition of another interviewer to actually question them.

zagi said...

I`m not going to watch the episode again. It didn`t feel like a CM episode to me.

The burning alive victims scenes were way too graphic like in a horror movie. The Hotch diner super hero scene was too much like a cheap action movie scene .It almost seemed like they were targeting a totally different audience and not the usual CM viewers who are watching for profiling , great team interaction and intelligent story telling with that scenes.

The end scene with Jack being his father as a superhero was really cheesy and predictable.

Kristin said...

Great episode. I loved the Hotch/Jack interaction. Loved some Reid fact giving too. It is also cool that MGG also loves Halloween... really felt like he loved giving the info.

Great case. Really interesting. Enjoyed the whole thing even though our local weather cut in for a tornado warning making miss two mins. Already watched what I missed online.

Silvinha said...

You know, writers...

Prentiss knows how to do a cognitive interview. She doesn't need Rossi to do it.

Ah,I know, I remember now...this show is all about men!

Mahële said...

I think it was a pretty good episode, even if it wasn't my favorite episode of the sixth season.

The moments between Hotch and Jack were cute.
Reid being excited about Halloween and offering an extra ticket was also a nice touch.
It still looks like he'll have to go by himself.

Some scenes were difficult to watch, and I'm mostly talking about the opening scene.
I couldn't help but think about the tremendous amount of pain the victim must have felt.

I wish we could see Hotch and Reid working together and talking to each other more.

The only thing that bothered me in this episode is the way Hotch simply rushed into the building to save Tracy's father and got out just fine. He apparently didn't even protect himself from smoke inhalation, whose effects are devastating and the first cause of death when there is an indoor fire.

And the explosion right after they got out of the building... sort of pointless. It reminded me of the scene with Morgan in "Mayhem" when the ambulance exploded right after Morgan got out... Those scenes are way too much "action heroesque" for my taste.

Now, I understand that Hotch couldn't afford to waste time, but the scene wasn't realistic in my opinion. He escaped the deathtrap that was the burning building too easily.

In the beginning of the episode, when Garcia talked about the trees they are consuming, I thought about the iPads the team will be using next week...

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know where I can watch last night's episode? The switch to digital fails me from time to time here in the VA countryside - I've missed the last three episodes due to weather. Can't seem to find anything other than clips...

Mahële said...

I'm not thrilled by the idea of the team using those iPads, but it was nice to see Garcia worried about environment (even if it felt like a last minute justification to explain the change).

So, all in all a good episode.
The characters seemed 'in character', Ernie Hudson was fantastic, and last (but certainly not least) the case was really interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am torn about this episode. There were parts that I think were great and really smack on and other parts that just didn't work.

The opening scenes with Jack and Hotch were great and kept us aware that Hotch is a single parent now working through everything to make a good life for his son.

Obviously the theme of the episodes was sons but the unsub's son didn't work for me. Hotch wouldn't have allowed a child to be that close to any unsub even if the unsub was his father and the son seems attached to a father he didn't even know who was disformed. Nice in theory but not realistic. The child was used to disfuse the situation. I'm not buying it.

I also think I was supposed to feel some level of sympathy for the unsub and I didn't go there.

simone said...

The episode lost me when Hotch ran into the burning building. I don't believe he would have done that. I also agree with the commenter who noted Prentiss could have easily have done the interview with the victim's wife. Why was it necessary to have her start it and then turn it over to Rossi? Prentiss was already making a solid connection with her. Not a bad episode but not the best either. Season six has been exceptional up to now. This episode didn't rise to that level. But it is CM so yeah!

@raafaelaa_ said...

Well, the episode was good, but could be better, however it just wasn't the better because of 6x02!!

The best thing was hotch and jack scenes, so cute ^^

I think the episodes in general needs episodes focusing on prentiss, just saying...

It was good episode but comparing with criminal minds old...

Jane said...

I loved the case. It was really creepy and once again I felt empathy for an unsub I didn't think I could empathize with.

I loved Ernie Hudson, he was great.

Like the others, I could have done without the action scenes. They really weren't necessary.
I watch this show to see the team building a profile from subtle clues and cracking a case. I watch it to see the team getting a better understanding of a killer's mind.

I don't watch this show to see the characters play 'James Bond'.

But, that's really my only complaint.
The case kept me on the edge until the end, the profiling scenes were good and they were some nice team interactions. Hotch and Jack was also heartwarming.

On a lighter note, Reid had a much better hairstyle in this episode compared to the previous ones of the sixth season. I love his hair wen it's floppy and not sliced back (I still wish he would let it grow a little...).

Anonymous said...

I loved Morgan calling Hotch on his stuff, as he was right. Hotch shouldn't have ran into that burning building. Someone else should have.

Anonymous said...

Getting tired of Reid. He's sooo NOT the FBI agent, it isn't even funny. This guy wouldn't last 5 minutes on the streets and let's face it the stuff he babbles is common knowledge to ALL profilers. So what's so special? If you make him a geek/genius, make him a real one not just a hottie for some crazy teenagers. Blah. What don't you stick him in the "Big Bang Theory" instead. He would fit much better there and Sheldon would give Reid an attitude adjustment in no time. Morgan on the other hand has the brains and the looks. Don't mind seeing more of him.

Martha said...

When I first found out that this episode was set at Halloween I began hoping that we'd get some Reid geeking out over Halloween scenes and...YAYYY...we got them. I loved that scene so much. And I loved that Reid carried on geeking out even after Rossi's comment about not wanting to know. LOL! You go, Reid! Mind you, Reid, cariad, you do need a few lessons on Celtic pronounciation. Give me time to get a flight from over here in Wales and I'll be happy to teach you. :D I'll happily have that spare ticket too. LOL!

I enjoyed the rest of the episode too although once again Morgan is teamed up with Prentiss. Can't they swap around a bit? I'd love to see Reid and Morgan working together again, I love the brotherly relationship between those 2 (or the brotherly relationship that once was, it's not been in evidence much for a long time now sadly.)I miss all those awesome scenes we used to get between Reid and Morgan in S1-4. Or maybe some scenes of Reid and Hotch working together.

Loved the scenes between Hotch and Jack, they were just lovely.

But please can we get a bit more screentime and some storylines for Reid, him and Prentiss are being underused this season so far.

Pearl said...

Good episode. Yucky case. Loved the Hotch/Jack scenes. Loved Prentiss. Hope she'll stay. Reid on the other hand needs to be gagged. He is such a show off. How does the rest put up with him? Prentiss was right.

Kirsten said...

One happy Hotch fan. Have been waiting (relatively) patiently for a Hotch-centric episode and so happy to have Jack too! Of course I loved the opening and closing scenes. I know the choice of costume might have been sappy, but hey, after all that Hotch is through, a little extra mushiness is fine by me! For the most part, in spite of some holes, I enjoyed the case too.

-Hotch/Jack and choice of costume. *bring on sappy father/son moments!*
-Reid's Halloween obsession; love his excitement! Also lol at Rossi's reaction.
-having Hotch back in the field, although given the fact he's won shooting awards, a bit odd he wanted somebody else. It was also a relief to see him controlled and successfully talking down the unsub.
-we haven't had a big fire with things blowing up for awhile, so I guess we were due. :)
-Reid back to his info-spewing self.
-Hotch looking HOT!
-the cognitive interview in itself

-Prentiss not conducting the cognitive interview. If I were a new widow, I'd feel much more comfortable talking to a woman. Besides, Emily is capable. What was the point of her talking to the woman only to walk out again??? Come on, writers, give her some material, please!
-Hotch's all-too-timely rush into the burning building. Def OOC and door conveniently had no flames near it... *rolls eyes* As much as I love our Unit Chief FINALLY getting to leave the police station, this was just too unbelievable.
-Being left hanging about some of the victims: like the little girl just left in the SUV and the man pulled out of the fire... I know, I know, the show only has 42 mins but a 1-liner would have satisfied my curiosity.

A pretty decent effort for a first time writer although I respectfully request that they check continuity so our characters stay true.
Good job cast & crew!

Anonymous said...

The episode took a look at father and son relationships. Loved seeing Jack! I loved that he sees his dad as a real hero and not Spiderman. The ending with Tracy, Kamon and the son not only didn't make sense to me but I don't think it contrasts with Hotch and Jack at all. Kamon didn't know he was a father. Frankly I don't see how he went from stalking Tracy so he could kill her for abandoning him to doing the right thing because he found out he had a son. He was a horrific serial killer. Can they honestly be turned around so easily??

I liked the funny lines by Rossi, Prentiss and Reid. The cute barbs and the endless babbling about all things related to Halloween.

reggie said...

A serial killer who is not an arsonist but uses fire as a weapon. That is a new unsub for us.

Elisabeth R. said...

I enjoyed this episode very much.
The moments between Hotch and Jack were fantastic.
Good case and good unsub.
It was very difficult to watch some scenes.

Hotch and the building on fire ?
Not my favorite moment. I'm quite sure Hotch wouldn't have left one of his agents do the same thing.

I loved the (few) Reid moments.
And he's NOT a showoff, he simply gets excited when he talks.
He never does it to put someone down, he doesn't try to make people feel stupid, he just does it because he loves to share informations. It's simply something he has a difficult time controlling.

And, yes Reid can handle his own on the street. Remember that he's the one who shoot Phillip Dowd right between the eyes in LDSK (and it was very intentional despite Reid's joke). He's the one who managed to kill Hankle and get out of his clutches without the team help. He's the one who saved Elle in 'Derailed', he's the one who saved the doctor's life in 'Faceless, Nameless'...
Reid has proved his worth to the team and as an agent time and time again.
And his knowledge has been invaluable to the team in so much cases.

I love and respect all the characters so I guess I'm simply getting tired of people criticizing Reid for no reason.
I hope we get to see more of him in the sixth season and I'm excited about his secret.

Anonymous said...

Spencer is supposedly super intelligent. he should have known that the Celtic festival of Samhein is not said Sam Hayn...but Sauen.

sf81387 said...

A serial killer who is not an arsonist but uses fire as a weapon. That is a new unsub for us.

Not really. We've seen serial killers using fire as their weapon (something we've also heard from the mouths of the BAUers before) in "Compulsion", "Ashes and Dust", and "House on Fire".

Not sure what the heartburn is with Hotch going into the burning diner to save that guy. Was he supposed to stand there and listen to him burn to death? Would anyone have stood there and just listened to someone burn to death?

If they want to all of the sudden have Morgan start obsessing over Hotch's decisions again, at least have him do something that warrants the concern. Him saving someone from a burning building and using his expertise to handle a hostage situation is hardly cause for so much drama from Morgan.

Of course none of that is Morgan's fault. It's piss-poor writing and piss-poor character development. I'm guessing that Morgan is supposed to be reacting to something that's been a concern for awhile even though we've not been shown this.

I guess if we'd seen situations leading up to this episode where Hotch has been acting careless or crazy it wouldn't have seemed so out of left field, but as it stands, Hotch hasn't shown any signs of cracking since he beat Foyet to death with his bare hands so Morgan's sudden Mother Hen routine felt very weird and completely unjustified.

Emma said...

I was entertained by CM last night, which is often what I ask from the show I watch.

Good case but too much violence. I really didn't need to see the poor guys being burned alived. If CM wanted to shock value instead of creep people out, well done writer!

Yes, I agree, why not let Prentiss do the interview? yes, JJ's will not be replaced and the team does have to share her duties and one of them was her talking to victim, to show compassion. Prentiss was good at it but no reason for her to let Rossi take over.

Morgan, again, asking about Hotch action and this time Rossi had to call him on it. What is the point of the writers? to show us that Hotch is still not well after Haley's murder? Or have Morgan being the dissident in the group and be the one who will question everything all the time? really, if Morgan is not happy about the way Hotch run things, maybe a transfert is on order. Or maybe the writers just want us to get annoyed at Morgan, if that is the case, good job! I'm annoyed at Morgan.

I know CM loves to show the unsub as sympathetic but with the halloween theme, this would have been a great time to just go for the guy who kills because that is what he likes. Show someone who is a total monsters.

loved all the Hotch scenes! Missed him this season. I was getting tired of Hotch left at the police station. He should be doing field work and interviews. I so went 'awwww' at all the Jack and Hotch scenes!

As for the explosion....well it is sweep time on TV now so it is time for explosions! Don't mind them but it was all a bit more realistic in mayhem.

anyway, love the episode, definately one of the best of the season!

Emma said...

agree with Elisabeth R, Reid never show off, he loves to share information. I like when he gets all geeked out on something. The guy got enthusiam, nothing wrong with that!

Misty said...

I loved parts of this episode and I disliked others.
I Loved the case, the profiling, the moments with Hotch and Jack and Reid babbling about Halloween.

I disliked the scene where Hotch is rushing into the fire to save Tracy's father.
It didn't seem plausible to me.

And I'm right there with you Elisabeth, Reid is an awesome character.
And he isn't a "hottie for some crazy teenagers".
A lot of his fans are middle aged, just like I am. We love Reid because of his brain and his personality.
He gives everything he's got to his job, at the expense of his private life and he never puts himself above anyone.

About the pronounciation problem, did anyone think that maybe the writer/director/crew simply didn't know how "Samhein" was pronounced themselves ? It really wouldn't surprise me.

I too hope to see more of Reid in the sixth season.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know who should have been more insulted: Prentiss because the writers used her as a seat warmer for Rossi, implying she couldn't handle a cognitive interview; or Rossi who the writers implied was either too callous or too superior,putting a victim's wife at ease was beneath him.

In the end, I guess Prentiss had more to do, standing around at another crime scene with Morgan; so I guess Rossi really got the short-end.

And why the big deal about the neighborhood watch group, when no one was introduced and no parallels were drawn tying that plot line to the unsub or the story?

A bad script leads to bad acting and poor performances all around. I hope the writing gets better and soon.

Please put give us a better Hotch episode. It also would be nice to see Hotch and Prentiss together once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

First, I want to say I have always been a huge fan of CM, but I thought this was an awful episode, with absolutely NO depth. It was an insult to my intelligence, to be blunt. Seriously, the plot was so shallow-nothing but repeated violence with the unsub simply burning victims. Because nothing was left to the imagination and the murders were so graphic, there was absolutely no dramatic intensity to captivate the audience.

Even the acting was terrible in parts. I agree with the person who stated that Morgan seemed to be reading from a cue card in his interchange with Prentiss at the unsub's house. There were no interesting plot twists and no intrigue or dramatic build at all. This was like something out of a teenage horror flick. It was such a lame excuse for an episode, that I am sure the intelligent viewers who comprise the core audience of this show will most certainly abandon it if the writers can't do any better than this.

Give me the quality of the old CM back, with interesting, well developed scripts & thought provoking storylines; team profiling & intriguing cases to solve. Otherwise, I don't think I'll keep watching. I don't find an hour's worth of violent explosions interesting in the least!

Anonymous said...

I loved it!!!! It was so good. I was crying at the end when the unsub met his son, and his son reached out and touched his face and then went to the car after. I also loved how Jack told Hotch that superman wasn't a real hero, and when Hotch asked him who he was, he said "You Daddy". At that the tears started again!

Blanche said...

What a wonderful episode !
I loved it, the episode kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
It was a really difficult case, and I was horrified by the fate of the victims.

The moments between Hotch and Jack were wonderful. It was so nice to see Hotch smiling and sharing that sweet moment with his son. The poor guy needed it, and I guess his fans needed that nice little moment too.
Thank you for that.

Also, Ernie Hudson as Lt. Al Garner did a wonderful job, it was a real treat. I would love to see his character in another episode if that was possible (even though I'm not holding my breath, I know the chances are slim at best).

I loved Reid babbling about Halloween. Something tells me it was the only holiday he got to enjoy when he was a kid.

And I feel a little offended by the description of Reid as a "hottie for some crazy teenagers" by a poster.
Reid is my favorite character, does that make me a "crazy teenager" ?
Considering I'm a happily married 35 year old woman, I hope not.

Reid has never tried to show-off. If he was trying to, or if he was concerned with his looks, he wouldn't come to the BAU with a Halloween mask like he did in season three and in season six. He also wouldn't admit so casually that he isn't an alpha male.
Reid is a geek, and there are many types of geek.
His love of knowledge is only rivaled by his love of sharing that knowledge. And that's not showing off.
Reid is actually humble. He doesn't flaunt his diplomas, he doesn't act in an obnoxious way and he's always appreciative when someone tells him he/she likes his work. He choose to do this job when he could have had an easy life as a scientist (and he would probably be rich by now given his astounding skills).

So, wonderful episode. I love this season and I have the impression that Criminal Minds keeps getting better and better.

I'm excited to see the other episodes (and to see what is in store for Reid with his secret).

gubegirl said...

This was a difficult epi to watch, given the graphic horror of the victim's deaths - how terrible to be burned alive?! Aside from that, the case itself was very interesting in that it was not actually the work of an arsonist. That said, I agree with those who have commented about things such as when can't Prentiss conduct a solid cognitive interview? Why the mother did not tell the unsub about the birth of his son? Crazy, given the circumstances. Hotch running into the burning home, nah, that's Morgan's job... who did seem abit off tonite somehow, but still looked wonderful (:) and yes, the last scene with Hotch and Jack was a little cheesy altho' I liked the earlier ones; I love seeing Hotch in the softer, parenting role. Just as I love seeing Reid be the true and loveable geek he is, and yes, he is truly a Halloween freak, and we all know that, and that is quite accurate and why Prentiss wasn't abit more indulgent of his ramblings I don't know. Even Rossi and Garcia could have been amused by Reid's child-like excitement - that's Reid and he doesn't get to show this aspect of himself often. Cut our boy some slack - this show is dark enuf.

Not my favorite and not a horrible show, just not the best. Totally acceptable and understandable. Everything is not always "stellar" but certainly not bad enough to make me think for one second about giving up on my beloved CM. No way, no how.

LaShawna said...

Just curious, but why is the character of Reid such a punching bag for some people? I get that not everybody likes Reid, but it seems like almost every week some like to claim that they hate him, he is useless, boring, arrogant, etc. Of course we all have our favorite characters we love, but I don't see that much vitriol directly targeted at others. Maybe characters' individual actions, but not the entire character.

Elisabeth R. said...

Yes LaShawna, I'm wondering the same thing.
Reid is often the punching bag of some angry fans. And I don't even know what he has done wrong.
He had a small part in this episode but some "fans" keep dissing him anyway for no reason whatsoever.
What has he done in this episode to generate their anger ? He babbled about Halloween, wow, what a horrific crime !
So he should be sent to 'The Big Bang Theory' where he would get an 'attitude adjustment' as that poster put it...What attitude adjustment does he need ?
He's doing his best to help the team.
He knows his strength and he's putting them to good use, and that's what Hotch wants him to do anyway. That's what is expected of him.
And Reid is someone extremely nice. I didn't see anyone commenting on it but the joy on his face when he offered the extra ticket to his teammates was quite telling. He wanted to share that moment of joy with his friends.

Like you said we all have our favorite characters, and I have always respected all the characters and the fans. Everyone should do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, really like the Reid character. His has been the most unique character throughout the series. He is my favorite, but I do not like his hairstyle this season. I definitely prefer it longer and floppy. I don't why he is not on screen this season very much & I wish they gave him more material, but I also agree with others that it seems like a lot of the team in the episodes this season don't do that much except for the one the writers pick out to be the focus. That's very strange since this is an ensemble show and alot of its appeal is the interaction of the team.

Pam said...

Horrific crimes but great episode! Loved it all. Reid was gloriously geeky. Hotch was great with Jack and at working this case. We had some really cool stunts.

I love that Hotch was able to talk down th unsub even and not put 9 rounds in him even if the guy told Hotch he had nothing to live for.

As for why some seems to need to bash Reid. I have no idea why. Reid been a geek since day one, nothing new there. I'm not a Reid fan, my fav are (in order) Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Reid, Morgan and Garcia but Reid is a great character. I like that Reid decided to help people instead of going into the private business and make money. Reid is a good guy who has a love of knowledge and not a love to show off. I have no idea why someone could think otherwise.

Anyway, loved this week epsiode, was nice to have the focus on Hotch. I just wish in upcoming episodes the writers will team up everyone with someone else. Been ages since Hotch worked with either Prentiss or Reid. Or even better paired up Hotch with Morgan so when Morgan want to complain about Hotch he can tell the man in person instead of doing it to the team. Loved that Rossi did tell Morgan to trust Hotch that Hotchner was NOT a rookie and knew what he was doing!


Jess said...

Hotch has a new sweater! So HOT!
That alone was worth watching the episode for, although I found it pretty entertaining. Not necessarily the best written, but kept my attention.

Loved seeing more Hotch, have missed him this season!

Anonymous said...

I thought there was so much wrong with this episode. It did not feel like Criminal Minds at all. The intrigue was traded for tacky explosions or horrific scenes of pain and suffering. (I hope this isn't a trend; the episode with the women handcuffed and tortured was horrible as well). So disjointed and not smart. The kid touching a total stranger who is about to murder his mom and grandparents in a tender, loving way? Prentiss cracking at an emotional family member? Morgan looking disinterested, Hotch being shoddy and careless, team not even acting like they liked eachother, Rossi miraculously pulling the story out of the wife like some creepy voodoo, etc.

The script was just dismal. I'm sorry, but even for a first try. There were so many things that just irked me. I think the actors also realized the weakness of the script... and it showed. None of them seemed in character, really.

babruin said...

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts".
Apparently, someone also ain't afraid of no smoke inhalations or being able to outrun an explosion.
Sorry, it was an OK first script from a new writer but there were too many cliches to make it a strong episodes. The Detroit police and fire dept. must be sooo undermanned that the BAU had to do all the heavy lifting. Why would Hotch be so reckless entering a burning building full of smoke when he really didn't know if there was anyone to rescue inside??
That was too "action movie" unbelievable.
There were too much grisly scenes of horrific deaths by being burned alive and the charred remains.
Ugh! Some things are better left to our imagination rather than to become desensitized to such horrors.
I didn't understand why the girlfriend didn't come back with the baby during the window of time when the unsub woke up from his coma and before he became angry from the injustices. If she really loved him, she would have kept in touch with his condition and been supportive even if he did end up looking kinda like Hellboy. That part was not fully explained and was confusing. Plus to have the child melt the heart of a cold-hearted killer was a bit much.
The best part was Reid being so enthused about Halloween(which is MGG in real life)and that rattling of Halloween lore was cute. I liked the team rolling their eyes in good humor. We need more light moments like that. I miss the team interactions like the Physics Magic scene, etc. More, please!!!!

Jane said...

A wee bit lame for my tastes.

Someone made an excellent point earlier in the thread about the lack of character-related continuity with the unsubs lately: hardened sociopaths appear to switch from ruthless, remorseless, and bloodthirsty one minute, to subdued, weepy, and emo the next. Seems like CM may have discovered a solution to a problem that has plagued society and puzzled law enforcement for years: when faced with a nut, throw a child in his/her path, and he/she will suddenly transform into a simpering puddle of sadness and regret. Give those writers a darn Nobel prize, I say!

Jack/Hotch = fabulous. But. If my child dressed up as me for Halloween (particularly if my occupation entailed very unsavory aspects) - I'd be concerned. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with those who think that this Reid bashing is uncalled for. It's the Reid we've always known, it's not like he's started a new trend and, to some of us, it'a a very endearing part of him. Also, Reid is very socially inept, probably due to his mother and always being with people not his own age. In 52 Pickup Morgan asked him what made him feel comfortabel and he said statistics. For him it's something solid he knows and not the normal social interaction most of us grow up with. He never tries to prove he's arrogant or a know it all. I think he's just happy to share what he knows. In Compromising Positions he was quite willing to admit he was not an alpha male.

As far a Prentiss being put off with his ramble in the beginning of the episode. Let's face it, she knows Reid. She knows he loves Halloween. She knows he loves to ramble statistics and she knows the weekend coming up is Halloween weekend. If she didn't want to hear him spout statistics, she shouldn't have asked him what he was doing for the weekend.

I thought the case was very poorly written. None of the characters, except for Reid actually, seemed on point. Maybe the new writers should take a weekend and watch some episodes and acquaint themselves to the characters.

Hotch running into the burning building suprised me especially after what happened in Lo-Fi/Mayhem. With the problems he's had with his ears, an explosion could have put an end to his career completely. And he's Jack's only remaining parent.

The moments between him and Jack were touching, especially at the end with Jack and his poorly knotted tie which Hotch made no attempt to fix. I loved those parts.

gubegirl said...

I have gone back and read the comments referring to Reid as being a show-off and that he makes for a lousy FBI man.

I totally disagree. You need to go back and watch CM from the beginning. Reid is self-less albeit abit child-like in his presentation of his intellect and is quick to share any knowledge of a subject but never in an arrogant way.

And no, he is not an "alpha" male, he is too busy using his big brain to be bothered by such things. He is good at what he does just as Morgan and Hotch and the rest have their own specific skills. Together they make a very well-rounded team.

Reid is a breath of fresh air on a very dark show and any humor or quirky mannerisms that we see him demonstrate only endear him to us all the more.

No more Reid bashing, please. Or show-bashing, either. This blog is for CM Fanatics. You needn't watch or comment if you don't like it. The rest of us do, and that's what all this sharing is about. Just MHO.

heyya said...

I must admit it wasn't one of my favuorite episodes, although it had its moments. The Hotch/Jack scenes were priceless, Jack is such a cutie, he's the most adorable kid ever and him dressed as Hotch really made me feel all warm inside :)! And Hotch smiled <3! However, my fav part of the eppy was definitely when Reid started rambling about Halloween...I was like laughing so loud! I would've totally accepted his extra ticket if he asked me...the case itself I was not a big fan of, I've seen way better CM episodes, I don't know if it's the new writers or AJ's departure or what but something felt lacking in this episode...I've loved all season 6 episodes, this one was me was the weakest...I still love CM though! Can't wait for the next episode...I just hope we see more Reid...he deserves some storylines and screen time...we've been Reid deprived for over a year now!
And I don't understand the Reid bashing either, he's such a sweetheart, definitely my favourite character, how can anyone hate on him? He's so lovable<3! I mean he's definitely not a character for "crazy teenagers" lol! I may be a crazy teenager, but I know others who aern't teenagers who love Reid too! He's brilliant and I hope we see more Reid centric episodes soon.

Marie said...

Even though Hotch is my favorite character, I still like Reid and think he brings skills to the team. Would like to see a rekindling of that pairing.

Never enough Hotch. :)

Anonymous said...

This episode was definitely weak, with not much to recommend it other than some touching scenes with Hotch & Jack and Reid's Halloween antics. The script was generally poor and not well developed with no follow through, so the audience was left hanging in some respects. It looks like the series is headed in a different direction this year, with much more unnecessary graphic violence. With this episode, the vibe is completely different and it seems the network is catering to a different audience. There seems to be a lack of team interaction and as others have mentioned, a lot of the cast seems to disappear halfway through the episodes.

I preferred the approach of previous seasons with the emphasis on profiling, the subtlety of the clues that left us guessing, the intelligent scriptwriting and character development. And, although there was violence & bloody crime scenes, I particularly liked that it left a lot to the imagination. It just created a much creepier, sinister atmosphere. After all, the show is about criminal minds and profiling an unsubs behavior to crack a case. It doesn't need to have excessive, mindless violence.

To comment on the many references to the criticism of Reid's character, I don't believe his character is arrogant or obnoxious, but I can understand how some may feel he comes across that way. He definitely has a much different look this season, and that lends to the perception that he is stuck up. His haircut is certainly a contributing factor. The short style makes his facial features appear very angular and much harsher than before, which is in direct contrast to the gentle, innocent & geeky personality with the longer hair that we all found so adorable in previous seasons. I think that when viewers see him onscreen now reciting all his statistics, he probably reminds them of all the stereotypical intellectual, conceited academics people love to hate. I prefer the softer, gentler side of Reid's character and I hope he returns to a longer hairstyle as I find it a lot more attractive on him. But having said that, I don't think that look should undermine either his confidence or competency at his job.

Kitty said...

Gotta say, I thought Reid mispronouncing Samhain was completely in character. I reared two gifted kids and both of them have always known and been able to spell many words that they've never heard said. Even now, as adults, from time to time one of them will pronounce something the way it looks.

Yay for the Hotchiness of the episode. He's been wasted except for *official warm moments* the past few weeks, But I do believe the man is an explosion magnet, jeez louise.

C.T. said...

Great episode in my opinion.
It wasn't flawless, but I still enjoyed it.
I found the case interesting and I loved the parts with Hotch and Jack.
Reid the Halloween Geek was wonderful too.

Hotch rushing into the burning building and outrunning the explosion by mere seconds was way over the top.

The rest of the episode was interesting.
It was great to see Hotch and Tracey Anderson giving Kaman a reason to live.
I would have still appreciated a better explanation as to why Kaman was completely deserted after his accident.

The team working on the profile at the police station was a treat. I love those scenes and it was very well done in this episode.

I missed Reid and I would like to see more of him.
I would also love to see Hotch and Reid interacting more (and not just on a professional level), they had such a great relationship I would love to see more of it.

And I'm wondering when we are going to learn more about the secrets. I guess we are soon going to learn some of them.
I'm particularly interested by Reid's (as long as his secret has nothing to do with a girlfriend, Criminal Minds is NOT a soap opera).

Agathon said...

I finally managed to see the episode and I thought it was a good one.
Being burned alive has always struck me as one of the most horrible way to die and this episode certainly didn't change my mind (and I'm sure it wasn't supposed to).

As a new writer for Criminal Minds Randy Huggins did a really good job.
There were good profiling moments (the team sitting around the table figuring things out : excellent) and a solid case.
It was a little strange to see Prentiss preparing the victim for the cognitive interview, but it wasn't far-fetched either.

The two scenes with Hotch and Jack were wonderful (and Hotch not attempting to fix his son's tie made me smile like an idiot).
Reid and his love of Halloween was a precious moment too.

Reid is simply awesome and we should all ignore the very few comments of some really close minded people who think it's alright to not only bash the character but also its fans.

I can't believe we have already watched the sixth episode of the new season...Like all the good things it's flying way too fast.

And I'm wondering about something else. In 'JJ' we saw Reid take antacids and he vomited. Now, when Ernie Hudson's character (Al Garner) said 'I hope you have a strong stomach' Reid made a face and Hotch looked at him quite intently (while Rossi followed Garner). The scene went really fast so I might be grasping at straws, but is there something going on ? It could make for a good Reid storyline.

luckyduckdesigner said...

Not nearly as good as season 3's Halloween episode About Face.

I was glad to finally see Jack though, I hope we get to see more of him this season. He's rarely even mentioned!

Anonymous said...

There better be more Morgan episodes. I'm sick of all the Hotchner and Spence episodes.

Derek's had a handful compared to the armful of Reid and Hotch storylines.

Come on guise! Use Shemar to his full potential!!!

Agathon said...

I think Morgan got a good storyline in the fifth season and good moments in the sixth season. We did see his character evolve during that time and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more Morgan centric episodes (and we still have to learn his secret).

The writers are trying to do their best in my opinion to develop the characters.
But they also didn't give Reid a storyline in a very, very long while and he really drew the short end of the stick in the fifth season (and we all understand why it had to be this way).
So you can't blame his fans for wanting to see a good Reid storyline in the sixth season (and that doesn't mean it would overshadow the other characters).

Ed. Bernero said that they wouldn't focus more on a specific team member this season (even if the 'secrets' won't have the same impact). It's fine with me, I think it means all the characters will have some interesting material to work with this season.