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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Remembrance of Things Past" written by Janine Sherman Barrois and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)


gubegirl said...

I'm sorry - maybe you are all reading things somewhere else than this blog - but where is the "doozy" that is expected to be learned about Reid and his genetic past?

You are scraing me because he is my favorite, too, and as much as I love this show, I am not looking forward to losing our handsome geek to an illness or his mom's schizoid condition. Damn! That would really s---!

I am also concerned that Ed may be spreading himself too thin. Can Mundy come back and help on CM? He was always good, in my book. Hate to lose good talent when we already went thru that a couple years ago with the firing of several great writers like A. Wilder.

Plus, I agree, we have had enuf Rossi-flash-back stories; been there, done that.

Please, someone, clue me in.

Kristin said...

I am gonna wait and see what comes of some of the upcoming episodes before making any choices about my future connections with CM as a true fan. I love all of the cast and I am so glad we have a new season.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I deleted several comments from this thread. This thread is for the discussion of this episode and nothing else. Thanks!

Jane said...

Well, I'm glad to have a Rossi episode. We don't know that much about him so I don't mind and I also don't think it'll be overdone.
We need to see what they have in store for us.

I can't wait to see this episode. I wonder if Reid will display in this episode (or in others) symptoms of being sick.
A storyline where Reid gets really sick is something that I would really enjoy, as long as it's not schizophrenia (and as long as he survives in the end).

Anonymous said...

I started sulking when they showed JJ's name on the door and her empty office.

Ele said...

Just started ....JJ´s name on the door :( sad reminder....AJ Cook not on the credits is just not right! Really depressing....

Story looks promising....

Anonymous said...

So Ellie texts Morgan every morning and she sounds like she is doing really well considering what she's been through.

The killer, The Butcher, kills blond girls after making them call and leave messages for their families.

The episode starts with Rossi trying to write another book and later it is mentioned that the reason Rossi never wrote about The Butcher was because he already had too much power and he wanted to wait until he was caught.

meaghan said...

Rossi had a box in his house closet of this case.

Garcia removing JJ's nameplate from the door was cold.

Did you all notice how much Morgan was smiling reading Ellie's text and talking about her to the team! He is really touched by that kid.

petra said...

So the son helped even when he was a kid. They stalk and keep a list of potential victims. What a sick team.

jamie said...

I love that Rossi and Hotch disagree on whether this is the butcher or a copycat. This is a really great episode but too many commercials.

Anonymous said...

He groomed his son to be a serial killer and the son is trying to get his father's approval by picking woman to kill that his father will approve of. This old man is twisted. Great episode so far.

Ele said...

OMG This was really an amazing episode. It was an extremely interesting case, time flew by. Great. That is two excellent episodes on a row...Congrats to the writer. Actors were great.
Hotch giving Rossi the go ahead to keep investigating the Butcher case was so accurate, showing great support towards his team members as usual.
Promo for next epi looks great too...can´t wait. CM rocks!!!!

christyzachman said...

It was a great episode. I enjoyed the beginning where Rossi had writers block and it was tied well at the end when he wrote about the Butcher.
Seeing JJ's office empty of its files was sad but unavoidable in this case. Reminds me a little of when Rossi arrived and removed Gideon's name plate from the door of his empty office. It is a poignant reminder of change and continuation of life.
The case was interesting about the Butcher and his focus on blonde women and that his son had to help him now as he was doing it. It is a shame that people have to get this condition and put so much on those that love them and in most cases will do anything possible for them. Even help them relive past kills with fresh new ones.
Another cold case solved by our intrepid profilers.
Enjoyed the show and it will be interesting how Morgan's relationship with the young girl will play out as she continues to bond with him.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. I really missed JJ but it was a really interesting case. The kid actually helped kill his mom and then watched her die. No wonder he ended up so screwed up.

I liked the end when the old guy told Rossi that he was the reason he had stopped killing years ago.

I also liked Prentiss warning Morgan that Ellie Spicer is leaning on him too much. That conversation was very good.

wren said...

I didn't think it would possible for me to enjoy an episode with AJ Cook missing but this episode kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved it.

andrea capps said...

Was it a new theme song tonight? Sounded different but really close to the same? Confused.

Liked the episode. Miss JJ.

Anonymous said...

Daniel J. Travanti was GREAT. If I didn't know it was him from his name in the credits I would never have recognized him. He was just great.

I always like it when they don't agree at first on a profile.

I guess this episode was written by one of the new writers. I liked it. The case was solid and interesting and held my attention.

kara krasner said...

It's gonna take me awhile to get back into the show. I spent the whole episode thinking that JJ was gone. Sorry! I watched it but that was what held my attention. I do think the unsub and son twist was good and I did like that they showed JJ's empty office. They acknowledged his being gone.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this. Just as an side, I wish they would have a little longer previews. Our previews always seem a little short and sometimes even a bit hard to follow.

Anonymous said...

This episode sucked! Naw, just kidding, I love the show - a great episode, as always!

Anonymous said...

The relationship between Colby and his dad was scary as hell. Mullens' memory was fixated on a different time line than Colby's.

Great catch by Reid that only one victim didn't call and leave a message. Turns out that that is what cracks the case. The only woman was Colby's mom. Colby had blocked out the murder of his mom.

Really good episode.

Anonymous said...

A serial killer with Alzheimers was different. Colby's need to please his dad confuses me. He saw his own mom butchered and yet he is loyal to his dad. Going hunting to get his dad prizes to make him happy is beyond sick. Now we know what Rossi's next book will be about. Since neither of the unsubs died in this episode I wonder if we'll see them again.

sdwally said...

I'll be back with a more extensive review after I've watched a second time. But after the first run, I really enjoyed it.

I have to comment on what I thought I saw in next week's promo: Are Emily and Hotch going undercover in a swingers' club? That was my first impression; and I'm happily/anxiously holding my breath until next week, unless someone else saw something different.

sindee said...

Another great episode - will have to catch up with the ones I missed soon.
Thanks for your great work cast and crew !!
CU sindee

Anonymous said...

confused... why do ppl think reid is sick? that would suck :(

CheetoBreath said...

The opening was funny - I knew right away that it was writer's block for Rossi. LOL. JJ's empty office = waaah *sadface* Loved the new individual shots in the new credits (especially Hotch's... so badass!! =P). But the new team pic sans AJ/JJ is sooooo weird-looking and incomplete without her. :(

Great episode, I liked it. Loved all the TG/Hotch screen time. I guess this was supposed to be a Rossi ep but we didn't really learn anything new about him... he writes... it's one of his old cases... been there, done that. But overall a good case/story and well written. Loved Rossi sticking up for his hunch and Hotch letting him pursue it on his own. And then they busted down the unsubs' door together. The Rotch buddyship is so awesome. :) And Hotch without his shirt jacket on? *drool*

Anonymous said...

Travanti was really great. What a screwed up case. Very good epi.

The Spicer kid and Morgan and PTSD are definately going to be another great storyline. Looking forward to it.

simone said...

I agree that it was a strong case. Other than the Ellie bits it was all about the case tonight and I like that type of episode the best. I guess the taking down of the name plate on JJ's down was necessary but I could have lived without it.

This wasn't a wow episode but it was strong. I guess after the emotion of the past two episodes it was time to just have a case and leave the personal dramas for another time.

jackie r. said...

A- episode. Strong performances. A vital character missing.

jazz said...

Funny watching Emily get in Derek's face about his relationship with Ellie Spicer since she connected with a kid a few seasons ago. They are really leading us up to a big Derek/Spicer story. Looking forward to it and to whatever they are going to do to Reid.

The season is shaping up nicely other than the torture of losing our gals.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it - but I really enjoyed the ep tonight.

One criticism, When Hotch and Rossi / Reid were interviewing the family members in the first quarter I thought: "Gee, it would have been good to have JJ's compassion around right about now."

Poor Emily didn't do too much either tonight. You can just see how CBS are retooling this show to be all about the boys. And if the amount of screen/voice time for Garcia tonight is an indication of how much she'll appear in every episode this season, this show is going to go down faster than a led balloon.

You need women in this show CBS - wake up!

Martha said...

I really enjoyed this episode although I would have liked to see some reaction from Reid to J.J's departure. We saw Garcia at the beginning but nothing from Reid. I liked Emily's conversation to Morgan about Ellie too. It was nice to see a Rossi episode, the character has really begun to grow on me and I love his scenes with Reid. That makes two good episodes in a row now, I didn't enjoy the premiere quite so much.
I am SO excited to see where they are going with Reid's secret/storyline. I would love for it to be about his fears over his mental illness. I've hoped that the writers would pick up on this aspect of his characterisation since...oh...seasons back now. As far as I can remember S2 was the last time his fears over developing schizophrenia were mentioned. I would give the writers my last Rolo if we got this storyline for Reid.

Anita said...

Very good episode. I always love Rossi centric episodes; because he rocks !

Other than that, I didn't like Ellie texting to Morgan at all. Just as Emily said, she needs a professional to get through, not him. Morgan's the first one to criticize the others whenever they get too involved, Reid for instance with Nathan in "Sex, Birth, Death" and Adam in "Conflicted". And now he's like 'this kid needs someone who knows what she's been through.'
Please... don't make him adopt her. That would be like the worst decision ever and a very bad Morgan storyline.

I missed JJ. I admit I could have lived without seeing Garcia taking her plate off and she was really missing at the briefing and later when it came to comforting the victims' families.

Anyway, good episode, I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the season and to discovering everyone's secret.

Anonymous said...

Daniel J Travanti gave an impressive performance but I don't like the big name guest star unsub episodes, mainly because it means we have to spend more time watching the unsub with his victims.

I thought this episode was more gratuitously violent than CM usually is. (Actually I thought this trend started last season).

CM has always managed to be scary and spooky without being graphic. We are veering into CSI territory with the lingering shots of bloody bodies .

Unknown said...

Although it was extremely disturbing, the case was excellent, and a case the team worked really well I thought, Rossi’s doubts on the profile and Hotch sticking to his guns while supporting Rossi was nice, they are a good match working together and Hotch’s support of his team is always paramount and I think what makes the team work so well together.

Good profiling of the material on Reid’s part which was pivotal in cracking the case.

Was so sad to see JJ’s empty office and Garcia taking down her name plaque, Hotch doing notifications and distributing the files …& was strange to see the new intro and line up, the old one was etched in my brain and so this felt really odd, nice to see some new pictures though especially Reid’s new look.

Rossi’s comment of we need a room with a whiteboard, a window and five chairs hit home too … and later him not wanting to make a statement to the press, although this was for totally different reasons

Granted this was a Rossi centric case, but Garcia was a little scarce I thought, and I missed Hotch at the end, we didn’t see him at all after he helped the girl off the table.

So we take from this that Morgan is suffering/suffered PTSD and therefore relates to Ellie as a result, will be interesting to see how this pans out in future episodes. I’m not sure I was completely comfortable with the texting, but will let this go.

I’m not trying to pick holes here, I really enjoyed this episode, most definitely reminiscent of the CM I love but …

I got that Jenny’s parents missed her call but I didn’t get the beginning, with all the doors and window opened & power going out at Jenny’s parents house, was this just creepy effect, didn’t seem to relate to the case in any way other than that the unsub was an electrician, but he didn’t abduct Jenny from her home or anywhere near her home so I didn’t get that, and I thought it was odd that Rossi had the box containing files of the ‘Butcher’ case at home, should this not have been the property of the FBI even if he worked the case, I can understand that they take files home when they are work in progress and to do reports and what have you when they are working a cases, but surely they wouldn’t keep boxes of files at home, especially from cases that are as old as this one … and we know he wasn’t using it for research for his writing either.

Also struck me as odd that if this was a case that Rossi lived with and obsessed over for 17 years, (he talks about hearing the voice of the butcher before he goes to sleep at night and wakes up with his voice every morning), that he didn’t recognise the scripted call of the last victim & Jenny were the same, and odd that Rossi didn’t want the profile given out, isn’t that the critical part of the case, they always give out the profile complete or incomplete as a starting point of tracking the unsub so I though that was odd too.

I have to watch this again, but all in all I really enjoyed this episode.

Alison said...

First off I don't appreciate my first comment being removed as it was on topic on the episode! What's the point of having a comments section if you're not allowed to give a comment using your opinion?! Secondly not my favourite CM episode but still a good watch (even without JJ)

sdwally said...

Remembrance of Things Past was entertaining throughout. Daniel J. Travanti still looks strong for an older man; and his performance was engaging as he drifted between confusion and senility; to belligerence and wickedness. I felt sorry for the son who seemed trapped and manipulated by a father he loved, but one did not know how to handle; so he helped him kill in order to maintain some sense of control. Barrois wrote a very intriguing script that tugged at varying emotions, from sympathy, to viciousness, to betrayal; when the son betrayed his friend because he knew making her a victim would make his dad happy; and later realizing that his dad had killed his mom and lied to him about it. Rossi was really good this episode in his quest to capture an old nemesis.

On the other hand, I truly despise the route CM is going as it relates to Morgan’s relationship with Ellie. I find it unbelievable and an outright affront to women and the women on CM, especially Prentiss. I truly don’t understand how Ellie can be so attached to Morgan, even with PTSD; and how the writers are contriving this attachment in order to drive a ridiculous storyline. I agree with Prentiss telling Morgan that Ellie needs professional help not him; but I’m wondering how it became him in the first place.

In Children of the Dark, both Prentiss and Morgan became more attached to the kids and had more interaction than Morgan had with Ellie. As a matter of fact, the girl Prentiss became attached to had witnessed her entire family being killed; and Prentiss spent much more time with her when she offered to take her in; to which, Hotch said that she had to remain objective and “this is the job.” Now the writers contrive this relationship between Morgan and Ellie out of whole cloth. She only saw him once, not knowing who he was when her father was killed. To me, it simply makes no sense that there would be this kind of attachment. Morgan may have witnessed his father being killed; but I think he was around 15, about the age of the girl in Children of the Dark who Prentiss became attached to.

And now Ellie, who to me was a little weird, is going to fly the coop to hook up with Morgan. I swear CM appears to be doing its own version of the Game Plan, which starred the Rock; but the difference is Morgan is not the Rock; and that little girl is not his biological daughter. There was a reason for the girl in the Game Plan to seek the Rock out to have a relationship with him. There is none with Ellie and Morgan. I really hope the writers don’t shove this down our throats. There are so many more interesting things that can be done with Morgan than to drive the theme on CM that we can do all things with men, even make them the maternal showpieces; and we no longer have a need for nurturing women anymore. If Prentiss couldn’t do it in Children of the Dark, Morgan should not be allowed to either.

And lastly, I sure hope next week’s promo is about Hotch/Prentiss going undercover at a swingers’ club. Any opportunity to see these two together is a real treat for me. I hope the writers keep Paget in the forefront this season; especially if this is her last season (which I’m still hoping it’s not); the more Hotch/Prentiss scenes the better. And is it me, or does Hotch/TG look especially handsome this season?

sf81387 said...

Morgan may have witnessed his father being killed; but I think he was around 15

Morgan was 9 or 10, depending on which episode you go by. I don't have a problem with the way he is keeping in touch with Ellie nor do I find the idea that the child would have latched onto him to be contrived. When people suffer a severe trauma, especially when they go through it together, they bond and it doesn't take more than a few minutes for that bond to develop. It's a nice, sweet little side story IMO.

I too loved the episode and had they not given us the shot of Garcia with the nameplate I wouldn't even have noticed JJ was missing so good job keeping the focus on the case of the week and on giving us such a good episode you don't really notice who is or isn't in the scenes. : )

I also wondered if they were going to have Hotch and Emily going undercover at a swingers club, but then I thought that maybe they were just sending Emily in and the rest of them were keeping an eye on her from various spots in the club. Hotch as part of a swinging couple would be too funny. LOL

K said...

Didn't like much this episode. I mean, it was pretty good written and the Butcher was well played but his son didn't convince me at all. Something was missing there, and I'm not talking about JJ.
Only Rossi believed that it's Butchers playground, but none of the team members did really try to defend their profile - as a this is a work of copycat. They were like "Yep. Father & son. Eureka. Rossie, you are truly an oracle . We can pack our go-bags and fly back now. Thank you for your attention, see ya". And where the hell was Reid? Besides presenting really general profile, phone call lead and having disturbing haircut he didn't do much. He's absent from, well pretty much the whole season 5, but come on CBS, let the genius work some magic!

Anonymous said...

This was a better episode than last week, IMO. I liked the case work, which is why I loved the show from the beginning. It ended kind of flat and quickly, but it was a good ride. Not enough Reid or Prentiss and Morgan can LEAVE the little girl from last week to professionals, as he was advised.

The son was totally brainwashed, it was sad and scary and the father deserves to suffer as he loses what's left of his mind.


Anonymous said...

"...I thought that maybe they were just sending Emily in and the rest of them were keeping an eye on her from various spots in the club. Hotch as part of a swinging couple would be too funny. LOL"

Can a single person hang out at a swingers' club? I thought the nature of swingers' club is that they are for couples, not singles. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

sf81387 said...

Can a single person hang out at a swingers' club? I thought the nature of swingers' club is that they are for couples, not singles. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

Well yeah a swingers club would be intended for couples who are into that sort of thing, but Emily could make any number of excuses for why her imaginary husband isn't with her at the moment.

sdwally said...

Whether Morgan was 9 or 10 or 15, doesn't matter; the whole storyline is absurd. It's like she latched on the the first available man in the room because she witnessed her dad dying. I would think she would gravitate to a neighbor, teacher, or a family member she has known, rather than the person in the room. It could have been the mailman, a plumber, or a pizza delivery guy. She would have had the same amount of contact with them as she had with Morgan, maybe even more with the mailman since he comes to the house everyday. Would she latch on them if Morgan hadn't been there. Again the girl from Children in the Dark witnessed her entire family being slaughtered; and Prentiss wanted to reach out to her and take her in; and Hotch basically told her to get over it. He needs to be saying that an more to Morgan.

Why send Emily into a swingers' club as a single? That would be an obvious giveaway that she's a cop, reporter or somebody there who doesn't belong. It would also draw attention to her. It would seem more realistic for them to pretend to be a couple; but then again, CM has had lapses in judgment and credibility before; as they are currently with this Morgan/Ellie debacle.

sf81387 said...

It doesn't appear that Morgan is ever going to obtain custody of this child and it could be that Morgan needs to be connected with her as much as she needs the connection with him. Have you ever personally experienced something so god awful traumatic that it's all you see every time you close your eyes? It's emotionally crippling and what a person will latch onto to get through it can't be predicted by anyone, not even a professional. For Ellie it could be as simple as her connecting Morgan to the last person her daddy knew, to the last person her daddy trusted and it could be that Ellie heard her father asking Morgan to promise him that he'd take care of her and she feels a connection to Morgan because she believed her father did. Most young children are naturally loving and trusting and it doesn't take much at all to become their new best friend. Now, whether or not Morgan's involvment is doing more harm than good is something the head shrinkers would have to argue about.

Honestly though, I don't get what the big deal is or why some find this little side story to be so ridiculous. This will probably be a situation of Morgan dealing with his guilt and his grief and his own PTSD by making himself available to that little girl and it will be something that Hotch will understand, not criticize. Had Morgan suggested they take Ellie home with them on the jet then he probably would've gotten the same reaction from Hotch that Prentiss got when she was ready to take a victim home with her. What Morgan does in his own private time isn't Hotch's business any more than it was Garcia's business when he was seeing Tamara. Now if it starts to affect Morgan's performance it can become Hotch's business or if Hotch feels like he can offer some advice he can make it his busniess. Hotch knew Reid was in a 12-step program and only mentioned it in a random enough way to let Reid know he had his support, but wasn't going to put him on the spot and actually suggest they talk about it and I don't see why he should be expected to delve any deeper into the personal lives of his agents unless they come to him on their own.

I have no idea how they will use Emily next week, but the Hotch/Prentiss undercover swinging couple would be interesting to watch, while also being secretly amused by the idea that Mr. buttoned-up FBI guy is secretly a swinger. LOL

Anonymous said...

It really made me sad using the Alzheimer's for the unsub. The son, even though knowing it was wrong, was trying to keep his father from slipping away by doing whatever he wanted him to. Alzheimer's (or dementia) is such a horrible disease and anyone that has been close to someone that has or has had it, could only feel sorry for them.

Great episode! Keep up the great storylines!

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode was strong, with good performances and an interesting storyline. However, I thought there was too much time spent on the unsub and not enough on the team. I would have liked more screen time for Reid, he didn't seem to have much to do, but I will say also I seriously dislike his new look, especially the hairstyle. I don't think the Ellie storyline so far with Ellie and Morgan is realistic for an 8yr old. Someone mentioned the theme song, and yes, it has been redone, although still similar. I liked the old theme better, as it was much darker and captures the essence of the series better...intense, dramatic and downright scary.

babruin said...

Hmmmmmmmm, this one is similiar to Unfinished Business with an elderly uncaught unsub recreating the final kill. Then the father/son connection reminds me of Birthright. So it was OK but not innovative or exciting for me. There was no humor and hardly any team interaction so it felt formulaic to me. Yikes, Ellie the creepy girl is going to be around.
The problem with episode involving a long ago unsolved case is that they seem to solve it with an easy clue that would have been obvious 20 years ago. Like in Damaged, if Rossi had only talked to the kids deeper and sooner, he would have found the clue about the toys. It seemed like Rossi should have picked up on the sole exception of the one non-phone caller 20 years ago.

gubegirl said...

Since it is now Thurs., I am reading all your comments and have to agree with several:

HollyM:I thought the very same thing about the spooky/scary setting and Jenny's parents-it seemed to have nothing to do with the actual abduction of Jenny. Just setting the stage to creep us out but kinda insulting to those of us on the lookout for details.

And why would Rossi have these old files at home? His own set of copies? I think not. But I must go with sdwally re: Ellie:

This whole Morgan/Ellie thing is more than wierd - it's just not realistic. She was so detached during the entire epi we saw her in, thus her attachment to Morgan does not fit her personality at all, PTSD or no. She is abit messed up in the head (and seems WAY older than her stated age) and Morgan is getting caught up without realizing she has issues he does not see. Don't like this storyline at all.

I agree that to see Prentiss and Hotch in a singles club together would be too cool: they are very good together, albeit personally or professionally and I cannot wait. But I will have to since I will be on vacation the next 2 wks - damn!

sf81387: I thought tptb did a great job on the epi w/o making us miss JJ terribly. We KNOW she is gone but did not FEEL the loss so much in this show. Good work. We were able to concentrate on the story and not reaching for a kleenex every two minutes.

K: and I totally agree with you: absolutely NOT enuf Reid and I think he could have been utilized more here. Def a Rossi-centric epi and not a fresh storyline either. Abit of a spin of Damaged for sure. Jump back in there, Reid-boy, we miss you!

That all being said, Daniel Travanti was incredible - what a talent and prob'y very cool for him to play such an insidious character. Altho' the son seemed off to me: way too child-like and yet not abnormal enuf to be doing such awful things with OR for his sicko dad. Strange situation.

And because my mo-in-law is currently suffering from Alzheimer's, I hope that no one out there gets the idea that this is even close to reality; they get crochety, very irritable and even downright angry but "The Butcher" should have been retired as soon as Alzheimer's set in (and he already had been - remember what he told Rossi?) For him to be suffering physical symptoms such as incontinence, etc., I don't think he could have managed these kills even with the son's help. Just not realistic to me. But, hey it is JUST TV. But very entertaining, nonetheless - I'm still a CM fanatic!

And for you, Alison: I think my orig post questioning things about Reid, etc. pre-empted the deletion of your post and I wondered about it because you made comments about the upcoming show as well. Sorry that happened but I am still wondering: is there posting/blogging elsewhere about the reality that Reid will indeed be sick and what is the "doozy?" Hate to miss anything...:)

Hugs to you all CM freeqs.

sf81387 said...

is there posting/blogging elsewhere about the reality that Reid will indeed be sick and what is the "doozy?" Hate to miss anything...

From MegaBuzz:

So what can you tell us about any of the BAU members' secrets on Criminal Minds? — Wanda

ADAM: Executive producer Simon Mirren tells us that Reid's secret will be a doozy and that it's connected to his "genetic past."

Anonymous said...

There are other characters besides Spencer Reid on the show, people. GET OVER IT. CBS won't write off Reid unless he is a woman, which we all are aware is not correct. AJ and Paget are the ones you should be concerned about. They are sexist, remember?

K said...

@twobq23: Yep, but the cuties - Prentiss and Garcia - do have some lines, longer that 15 words for the whole episode and they appear on the screen to do something else that just look surprised in right, open mouth and look surprised in the left. I agree that CBS seems like bunch of sexist jerks and that without JJ and Prentiss this series will loose a lot, but we can't focus just on them because they future in CM sucks - there are other characters that have been constantly ignored and forgotten from long time. Like 26 episodes. And a lot of people brought this in commentaries for previous episodes.

Elisabeth said...

I really enjoyed this episode.

I liked how they dealt with the killer having Alzheimer and 'grooming' his son to become his accomplice.

I also loved how Rossi dealt with the father and the son. He was understanding and compassionate with the son and I loved that scene.

I would have liked to see Reid using his skills a little more (and by the way he needs to stop putting glue in his hair and he needs to let his hair grow...this hairstyle certainly didn't fit him).

I enjoyed the Morgan/Ellie storyline. It's nice to see Morgan's caring side and I think he was right when he said that Ellie might need someone who had been through the same kind of trauma.
That doesn't mean he's going to adopt her, but he's willing to listen to her which can only be good for Ellie.

And I'm really impatient to see what they have planed for Reid in the future.

Julie said...

I have never seen a Reid fan satisfied with the amount of screen time he has had. Ever. It's only natural that people want to see their character in an episode as much as possible but let's not forget that there are other characters too. Please don't turn this into a debate about Reid's screen time. This is not the place nor the time to discuss it; it takes away from the episode and the great work the cast and crew have done. And at the end of the day you should reflect that maybe you're luckier than JJ fans now and Prentiss fans in a few months. You still have him on CM.

But I digress. This was a solid episode considering it was a new writer. I must admit I was wary after reading the synopsis because it sounded a lot like Damaged. However, it didn't turn out to be too much like the previous episode where Rossi was haunted by a case, so good work on that part. The Alzheimer twist to the story was very interesting.

Welcome to the CM world Janine Sherman Barrois and congrats on a good episode. Hope to see much more of your work!

Jane said...

What a good episode,

I loved it and it was great to see a more personal side of Rossi (his house, writer block, him being tormented by the case...).

The father/son duo was a good plot, and the poor son was completely "brainwashed".
He could hardly discern what was right from what was wrong, he only lived for his father.

I really felt sorry for him, it must have been so hard to finally accept what happened to his mother.
Rossi was great when he talked to him.

I too would have liked to see Reid a little more. Since he's (among many other things) the linguistic expert of the team they could have used his competences more.
But I know that he'll get his turn so I'm not really complaining.

And can I say that I'm really excited to learn what Reid's big secret is ? I just can't wait and I'm delighted.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the episode. The son/father killing team made my blood run cold. Scary to think what people are capable of. I too was sad at the sight of JJ's name on the door and the lack of her in the credits. Not having her on the show just isn't right.

kat887 said...

Re: the Ellie and Morgan storyline. Of course they connected. Ellie is a hero - she saved a family and alerted an entire neighborhood to the unsub's presence. Would anyone be denigrating her if she were a boy?

Re: this episode. Really bothersome, well done.

Lenne said...

I loved this episode.
Good Rossi moments, and it was nice to see him not agreeing with the team and being able to work on his own profile.

I also liked the fact that we got to see Rossi's house again.

I thought Lee Mullens would be more messed up because of his disease. Alzheimer causes more devastating effects usually. But maybe he was still in the early stage of the disease.

I liked the way Morgan smiled when he read Ellie's messages. It was truthfully heartwarming. But then I suppose Ellie's attachment could also become an issue. I wonder where the writers will go with this.

And like the others I'm also excited about Reid's secret.
I would love a storyline where Reid gets really, really sick (but not mentally sick).
I would find that storyline extremely compelling and it could make for fantastic scenes.

Damned Fallacy said...

Can a single person hang out at a swingers' club? I thought the nature of swingers' club is that they are for couples, not singles. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

"Swingers" clubs will generally accept either couples or single women, but not single men. Otherwise, they would be overwhelmed with young men and there would not be enough females.
By the way, I swear I only know this because of a child custody case I was an attorney on. No personal experience here. ;)

I really liked this episode, though I dearly miss JJ and always want more Garcia time.