Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Compromising Positions" written by Breen Frazier and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.


Anonymous said...

Promo looks very promising. Hotch and Prentiss undercover sounds like a good idea. Can't wait till Wednesday

gubegirl said...

Cannot wait. Does anyone know if cruise ships have any TV or will I need to wait until the first port we arrive at and run to the nearest Starbucks and "hulu" it?!

Hate to miss and am DVRing it...just so hard to go two weeks without CM - a real drag but I musn't complain when I am getting to see New England and Canada and eat great food that I don't have to cook myself!

Let's cross our fingers that Hotch and Prentiss get our imaginations going even if nothing materializes - so fun to fantasize, huh?

Kristin said...

gubegirl- most cruise ships have a tv somewhere. If not in your room usual a lounge.

Can't wait for another CM. This time of the year the weeks fly by so the waiting does not seem very long.

Silvinha said...

Hotch and Prentiss! Yay!!

Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Silvinhah. I hope they finally give us a great Hotch/Prentiss episode. If they miss the opportunity, I'll be really, really disappointed.

gubegirl said...

Thanks, Kristin! I wonder if I will be the only one on the ship hunting down a TV for my CM fix! Hah!

Ann @ The Scrapbooking Housewife said...

Can't wait! :-)

Anonymous said...

I will be in play rehearsals from 6-9 for the next month so I will have to speed home on Wednesdays so I dont miss a second!
You know youre an addict when missing the opening credits makes you sad. I don't even like missing the reruns on ion!
I need to buy the season 1-5 boxset soon.
Paget is going to kick so much arse. Femme power!

AMZ said...

If something remotely romantic happens between Hotch and Prentiss I will NEVER watch the show again.

kat887 said...

I think the promo is just the team trying to isolate the unsub from the rest of the crowd. Hotch and Prentiss are not undercover as a couple.

This looks like an intense episode.

christyzachman said...

I have a job training seminar that was set up for to be a election judge. It is set for 6-9 pm. I am so grateful that it is on Thursday and not today.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I hope something romantic does begin to happen with Hotch and Prentiss; they're due. I would love to see a romance develop between them; and it doesn't have to be the central focus of any story. Sometimes you lose a bee or two from the sting; but you may capture thousands more with the honey.

Heyla said...

I'm very excited for this new episode.
But, personally, I hope that nothing will happen between Hotch and Prentiss. I just can't see them as a romantic couple.

And I can't wait to see if we have more insight on what Reid's secret might be.
I just fervently hope that it's not schizophrenia. I have no problem with a physically sick Reid. But a mentally sick Reid would be one of the very few things that would make me stop watching the show.

Alison said...

Nah romance for Hotch and Prentiss is the sort that should stay in fanfiction

Anonymous said...

Amazing - loved Garcia's offering to tone down the outfit and Hotch's smile when she got on the plane! I'm especially thankful for no Hotch Pretiss stuff... defo no to a H/P romance on the show!!


Anonymous said...


This was so good. Starts out with a married couple handcuffed together having sex in a car and ends with Hotch reminding Garcia that she had applied for her job on homemade pink stationary.

Great acting and writing. This was a winner.

Anonymous said...

When the wife got up and turned around and was pregnant I was speechless. This was a really well written episode.

Prentiss in the swingers bar with James was scary. I really thought he was going to kill her.

Morgan and Garcia = A+++++

Anonymous said...

When Garcia said she missed JJ I was sad but even though you can tell this episode is the leadin to replacing JJ I didn't mind it. There was so much profiling and I was really engrossed. Kevin Lynch had about 60 seconds screentime. Gideon was mentioned. The writer really brought it on tonight and did a fab job!

celeste said...

I think this is the first time an unsub has used handcuffs and viagra. It was all really interesting. Watching Garcia try to juggle both jobs and OMG Morgan trowing away her contacts and telling her to be herself was a scene of beauty. Great case! Great episode!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode. I am glad they are not radically changing Garcia's role. She is great doing what she does. With Reid playing the non-alpha role you can see him being wonderful with some of the families and witnesses.

christyzachman said...

That was so great. It was interesting how Garcia was trying to do JJ's job. Her yelling at Hotch was priceless and yet he took it in stride. It is one of the reasons why he is a good leader. He gives his people room to grow and to express themselves and yet knows their strengths and weaknesses. Morgan going in to help her become herself again was good. You should never try to be what you are not. I remember when Rossi first started and met her and he said "She's different." Hotch's response of "You have no idea." shows that he appreciates her uniqueness and values it immensely. His solution at the end was great.
Good job to Prentiss on facing the unsub and getting him in the end. It is a shame that he was in that lifestyle and just couldn't deal with the fact that his wife was pregnant because of it.
This was a very good episode and I quite enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that laughed when Garcia told Hotch she would tone down her wardrobe choices if he gave her chance to fill in for JJ?

When she walked onto the plane dressed so plainly I was in shock.

"How often do I tell you that I love you?" Great line by Garcia to Morgan.

Loved it.

karen said...

everyone deserves Big Hugs, performances were Brillant 2nite! Still stinks that JJ is gone. I can only imagine how you all feel. Put pat yourselves on the back. you did gr8 tonite. =)

DoctaJ said...

Great interactions with the whole team, just wish we could have more closure with Prentiss.

Hopefully in future eps we may get some reaction from this, but it always seems that she gets some action...then team reaction, no emotional impact, just another team members story getting the finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

I liked Hotch telling Garcia that when Gideon left he tried to hard to fill in and then realized he had to stick to what he did best. All the references to JJ tonight and watching Garcia desperately try to fill in for her and not be able to do it were really great ways of giving the fans the continuity we've been begging for. The cast was great. Poor Reid. He isn't an alpha male. I loved how he dealt with the pregnant wife. Very smart. I really thought Emily had been shot. Season six is just great so far.

karen said...

everyone deserves Big Hugs, performances were Brillant 2nite! Still stings that JJ is gone. I can only imagine how you all feel. pat yourselves on the back. you did gr8 tonite. =)
u'all rock

SSA_Carpenter said...

All I can say is how amazing it was.I LOVED the Morgan/Garica moments and Prentiss putting Morgan`s hand to her chest :P And Prentiss and Garcia just overall stood out in their performane tonight for their stellar job. I`m still catching my breath from that last scene with Prentiss and the unsub!! I`m glad Hotch said he`ll split the work with Garcia. I thought Garcia was going to explode with all that work!

khalid said...

1 of the best CM episodes ever. Top ten for sure. They got back heavy into teamwork and exploring psychological motives and total profiling. I can't think of one thing I would change about the episode.

Anonymous said...

Only Garcia would have a pink resume. Love her. Totally agree with everything that has been said so far. They showed us a great first scene of the couple in the car. We watched Garcia realize someone had to replace JJ. They bantered profiles around. Followed the evidence. Worked together. And Prentiss walking into the back reminding them that they better have her back was so Prentiss. Ending with Hotch and Garcia saying they will split JJ's job made sense. The whole episode flowed really well.

Anonymous said...

It was a great show. Hotch showed his human side. Morgan had his thing with Garcia going. Garcia tried her hardest to step up and be what she thought the team needed. It was just amazing.

reggie said...

We all got a lesson in Swinging. lol

I am sure all the CM shippers had hopes in for a hookup but I liked the episode just like it was. This reminded me of a season two episode. Perfect in every way.

jericholuva said...

So basically he liked swinging to prove he was a top alpha male but when he had his prostate surgery he couldn't perform anymore. Then his wife becomes pregnant by an alpha male they used to swing with and he loses his mind. Kills the father of the unborn child, shot I think 7 people at the swingers club and was stalking when he was caught.

So Rossi was right when he said that he would repeat scenarios that had worked for him in the past until he realized none of them worked for him. Cool

I am wondering why he didn't kill his wife? Is it because she was a submissive?

ele said...

I just have to congratulate the cast, crew and writer for this great episode of my favorite show! Three great episodes in a row...season 6 rocks. Super episode, nice that they showed how much JJ's job took on, lots of Garcia, Morgan and Garcia moment was so sweet, Prentiss and Reid were involved...a lot of profiling on a very interesting case...good job. My favorite part was how Hotch handled Garcia by giving her a chance, not blowing up at her when she kind of lost it and the best part, telling her how unique she was....awesome!!!CM gets better and better...JJ/AJ was so present on this one! Thanks a lot for your hard work!

PS. Mr. Gibson was looking so handsome on that last scene with!

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this episode? It was totally fascinating and my only complaint was that it was way too short. Thought Prentiss was shot and I almost stopped breathing. Poor Garcia. She tried so hard and she even tried to dress the part. So glad Morgan got her back to her normal gorgeous self. Teamwork was tight. Congrats to all involved with the episode!

jackson said...

Loved it!!!!!

aimee said...

Emily pretend flirting with him in the bar was scary. He really didn't seem to believe her at all and he wasn't interested in anything she had to say. When he saw the pregnant woman with her husband/boyfriend outside the club I thought he would pick her to kill. Looking forward to watching it again.

simone said...

Gilandsararule, Breen Frazier wrote this one. I read the press release on the blog. He is a great writer. Has written some of my favorite episodes.

Yeah we do now know about swinging. Prentiss and Morgan got an earful from that swinging couple.

The husband that put up the big fight with his legs was great. I really thought he was going to be able to kill the unsub. That poor woman taking off her robe and trying to get James to be sexually interested in her so she could live. It just reinforced his feeling that woman can't be trusted. It was a rivoting scene.

Anonymous said...

I hate that AJ is gone but I think season six is fantastic. I can't even believe I think it but I do. These episodes have been just great.

Anonymous said...

Much, much happier with this episode than any of the previous ones this season. LOVED! Reid's non-alpha approach to the wife, LOVED! Garcia trying so hard and losing her temper. LOVED! Prentiss being freaked out by the unsub, but having her gun aimed at his heart the whole time, you go girl!!!

Ahh... Hotch easing the way with Garica at the end in a compromise.

Happy this week!


Anonymous said...

Isn't he the writer who wrote the episode about the sympathetic hooker? He likes edgy and I like his writing. Great episode this evening. High praise to the cast and especially Kirsten.

kevin said...

I agree......nothing not to love about this episode. It hooked me.

Anonymous said...

I think what I liked most about the episode was that even though Garcia had a large role it really didn't leave anyone out. All the characters were doing their assigned roles and they really worked as a team. And they supported each other like a team. Wonderful episode and HELL YA it is one of the best in a long long time!

tina lambert said...

Percect in every way. Still miss JJ but that won't ever change for me.

rose stern said...

I am a happy Criminal Minds fan tonight and my husband even watched it tonight. He saw the opening and stayed for the whole episode. So cool.

Anonymous said...

My sweetie (who turned me onto the show) and I were really rooting for Garcia this ep, and we're so impressed by how well @vangsness plays Garcia so natural & sweet - kudos!
Kudos to Thomas Gibson as one of the best bosses ever - challenging yet supportive, steady & consistent.
Meanwhile, my sweetie is still drooling over Shemar. [sigh]

patricia said...

"Original Garcia"

She really is one of a kind. I loved Hotch for telling her that she didn't let them down.

Anonymous said...

I always like it when Garcia goes with them into the field but this was so different with her trying to not only be their techie but also their communications liaison. Of course we all knew it wouldn't work but it was in character for Garcia to want to fill the void JJ's abscence left within the team. Alas she wasn't very good at it and it also dragged down her performance on her usual job. I am glad they are going to divide the job between Hotch and Garcia.

Unknown said...

I am in awe of this episode! Great job by all the cast, crew and writers; it was amazing!

I was especially proud of Garcia, for trying to do two jobs at one (not many people can do that and do so well for such a long time); Morgan, for making that beautiful Tech Goddess see reason and come back to us in all her flair, throwing out those contacts, returning her glasses and reminding her to be herself; Reid, for calmly talking to victim's family members and keeping a cool head while questioning a lead (and magically pulling it from her stubborn mouth with ease...). I hope to see more of him giving comfort to victims, their families and being very non-alpha male for leads in the future; Prentiss, for confronting the UnSub at the end and then taking him down like 'that!'; and Hotch for coming to Garcia at the end and reminding her of the homemade pink stationary she wrote her resume on, and how he knew that she was perfect for the job just because of that.

While I still miss JJ, I think of how this show, and the team themselves, have grown (I'm watching an old episode on ION right now), and the people that we have gained (Prentiss, Rossi) and lost (Elle, Gideon, JJ). And even if they're no longer part of the team, they are still a part of us, and will never be forgotten.

amelia said...

Kudos to all. Great episode.

Anonymous said...

The episode totally surprised me. The promo for it was misleading and I am glad it was because this was so much better. Really happy at how CM is getting back to the basics. Profiling, profiling and profiling. Major teamwork and fantastic writing.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode. There was a nice balance to it with everybody doing what they do best.Nice to see a little more of Reid lately and the moment between Morgan and Garcia was great.

I was annoyed with the wife who just sat there and cringed while her husband was fighting for their lives. What a dope.

I still miss JJ. They should really bring her back.

CheetoBreath said...

From the promo clip, I was afraid they were going to have Hotch go undercover as a swinger couple with Prentiss... so relieved to find that was not the case. Firstly, because Hotch as a swinger would have been ridiculous. Morgan and Prentiss would have made a much more believable undercover couple. And secondly, a Hotch and Prentiss hookup would make me vomit. It just doesn't make any sense. Thank you for not making Criminal Minds ridiculous. LOL. (no offense to any H/P shippers, this is not personal towards you, just my opinion on the H/P topic).

Dear Breen Frazier,

I'm a bit grumpy and tired (from real life, not b/c of the show) so please forgive me for not writing a more detailed or helpful review of your episode. But the summary is that I loved it. So much psychological stuff in there and just great episode all around. This and Uncanny Valley are terrific episodes. And although you have fierce competition (all the CM writers are great), I would have to say you're my favorite. LOL.


P.S. Good job PageyPage!! I really wish you and CBS could work things out so you stay for next season...

P.P.S. Y'all didn't think I would write a post without one last thing did you? OK here it comes... wait for it... wait for iiittt... Hotch/TG rocks. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO HOTCH.

K said...

I have finally Reid enough! Now I missed a little bit of Rossi;) After watching promo I was not prepared for such as amazing episode. So many team interactions, so much profiling. COMPROMISING POSITIONS was really well written and made. Hope that next week epi will be like that!

Anonymous said...

Ver very very good episode. Would have been nice to get a comment from Hotch when they talk about stabbing, as he would knwo better than anyone, but maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode a lot. Very well written with the focus well balanced between all the characters. I've been loving that we've been seeing more of Reid this season and I lovedlovedloved the Reid we got in this weeks episode. I'm a huge Reid fan and I really, really struggled with the lack of Reid in S5. Although as much as I adore his scenes with Rossi, and I honestly do, Reid and Rossi make a great team, I do miss all the awesome funny and emotional scenes between Morgan and Reid that we got in seasons 1-4. I'd love to see some of those scenes this season.

Loved Reid acknowledging that he's not an alpha male (awww...Reid...that's exactly why I love you, There's enough alpha males on the show as it is. :-) ) and the way he dealt with the witness.

Loved Morgan's scene with Garcia. It was sweet but not cringeworthy like some of their scenes last year.

Loved Garcia, it was interesting watching her try to juggle both jobs. I'm so glad she's back to her usual, crazy fantastic self though. Reid looking her up and down when she got on the plane was so funny.

Really good episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jane said...

Excellent episode.
I loved every minute of it, it was one of the best episode of the show in my opinion.

It was well balanced between all the characters. Their interactions were wonderful.

I loved how Garcia tried to take over JJ's job. And I loved how Morgan helped her realize that she needed to stay herself.
It was such a nice moment between the two.
The interactions between Hotch and Garcia were great too (especially- at the end of the episode).

I loved the Reid moments we got !
And I loved the fact that he described himself (implicitly) as a non-alpha. He's comfortable with that, which is good.
Reid is an amazing character (my favorite) who doesn't need to be an alpha to shine.
Seeing him getting the woman to open up was such a great moment.

There were good Prentiss moments too. And I'm glad that Breen Frazier didn't use the plot to force some Hotch/Prentiss moments. I don't really want to see those two together.

I'm also extremely excited to learn what Reid's secret is.
I just hope with all I've got that it's not schizophrenia.
I don't have the slightest problem with Reid being seriously sick (it could be a very good plot) but NOT a mental illness, please. That would destroy the character.

Emma said...

I didn't think Garcia applied for the job, I thought they offered it to her. If this is correct then why would she had given them a resume in the first place?

Other then that I loved the episode.

sf81387 said...

I didn't think Garcia applied for the job, I thought they offered it to her. If this is correct then why would she had given them a resume in the first place?

Garcia was recruited by the FBI, but I would imagine she had to work her way into the BAU.

Great episode! With the exception of the premiere, I'm loving this season so far and on a completely shallow note.......Is Hotch smokin hot so far this season or what?

sdwally said...

Speaking for the Hotch/Prentiss shipper everywhere( and there are a lot of us, perhaps more than Morgan/Garcia), I was extremely disappointed that we didn’t get any knowing/tender moments comparable to the ones we always seem to get between Morgan/Garcia. I like the Morgan/Garcia moments; but it seems to me that the writers allow Morgan to be the pass-around-pack for the ladies; while those of us wanting to see Hotch/Prentiss moments; are left frustrated, and maybe a little envious. It reminds me of the scene from Damaged, when Hotch was telling Reid that Haley wanted him to not contest the divorce, to sign the divorce papers without the intervention of lawyers. When Reid asked him what he wanted, Hotch replied, “What I want, I’m not going to get.” Boy did I feel that way last night. There really is no payoff for H/P supporters, ever; while M/G shippers get it in spades. There doesn’t have to be a romance, but something would be nice for a change.

That being said, I still really enjoyed the episode. The story was compelling and lent itself to all kinds of possibilities. The direction Breen Frazier chose to take was the least expected; and I guess as a writer, you want to give your audience as much misdirection as possible. I thought it was a great episode for Garcia and Morgan, showcasing Garcia’s commitment to the team; and her willingness to sacrifice her persona to benefit the team. I also liked seeing her tone it down for the team. She really looked smart and professional; but she was obviously not Garcia. I loved Morgan telling her she needed to return to the “OG,” the original Garcia.

I enjoyed Reid’s contribution, especially when he acknowledged that the unsub’s wife was surrounded by all the Alpha personalities; and he as the smart, sensitive profiler, would probably have a better chance of breaking through. I like the fact that Reid is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t try to compete with all the testosterone in room (Hotch, Morgan, Rossi and sometimes Prentiss).

I don’t know if I liked the ending, the fact that it ended in a bar, rather than a swingers’ club meant there was no opportunity for… (Well, I’ve said that already). I believe Prentiss shot the gun through her purse to subdue the unsub; however, that scene with the unsub ended so abruptly, I thought I may have missed something. The promo made it seem like this would be more of a Prentiss-focused episode; and I guess Prentiss, Morgan and Garcia benefitted more from the script. But it was definitely Garcia’s show, then Morgan’s.

Hotch looked especially yummy this episode; and I loved his supporting Garcia’s desire to prove herself worthy of filling JJ’s shoes. I also thought it was a nice touch that Frazier showed that AJ/JJ’s contribution to the team is not easily replicated.

Connie said...

Excellant job by the cast, writer and director on this one. Really enjoyed the team feeling on this. I liked how they are feeling JJ's loss and dealing with that. I like the interaction of Prentiss with Morgan and with taking initiative to distract the unsub. I like how Reid understood his strengths as far as interviewing the wife and played to that to get answers. This is a solid team! As a fan, that's what I enjoy most about watching the show - the team working together. If the tptb keep trying to switch out cast members, it's going to be hard to keep that solid team feeling. Just my honest opinion folks.

Unknown said...

Interesting case and great episode all around, gotta love Garcia “I’ll tone down my wardrobe choices” classic … love the bit about the contact lenses when she boards the plane & she looks fabulous, not the Garcia we are used too but we get her back in the end, which was nice and great Morgan / Garcia interaction.

Her interaction with Hotch and how the whole JJ role plays out I thought was well done and good solution by Hotch in the end. But then again Hotch is the ultimately leader, you would expect nothing less. Hotch/TG as always awesome.

Morgan and Emily worked well together through the entire case, and although there was a lot of Garcia over the episode I thought it was a very well balanced episode.

Reid in interrogations/interviews is always nice to see, so used to seeing Reid do his thing with is ‘genius’, so it’s always nice to see this side of him, brought back memories of some of his interesting interrogation techniques the ‘Fox’ comes to mind when he interrogated the ex husband of one of the victims families.

I too am with the non-shippers, and don’t want to see any of these brilliant characters paired up, they bring so much more as individuals and moreover it would kill the amazing dynamic that totally makes this show. I’d much rather see the writers delve into the characters backgrounds and give us more on what makes them tick. I’m still waiting to see how Hotch & Jack are dealing with & coping after Haley’s death & the impact of the Reaper attack, which has not seen the light of day as yet.

Loving season six so far, thanks to Breen Frazier & crew for another brilliant episode and to our amazing CM Cast, awesome work

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since an episode has been this big a hit within this fandom. Good on Frazier for doing it.

To clarify a question posted earlier: I think she did shoot him through her purse.

Anonymous said...

Loved last night's episode "Compromising Positions". Kirsten was phenomenal again! She never ceases to amaze me. Shemar is electrifying in scenes with her. Now, did anyone count the number of times Dr. Reid said the words "sex" or "condom"...yeah, i'm so immature. But such a Gubler fan, that I hang on every word he says! Can't wait to see more from these amazing characters/actors!

Anonymous said...

They keep talking about how they aren't going to replace JJ but even with Hotch and Penelope splitting her job they are still going to have to have help. I am guessing that that is where the new reoccuring female comes in. I am appreciative that they are waiting a few episodes from when AJ left to do it. Very respectful and gives us all a chance to take a breath.

Simply put, last night's episode was terrific. I am not as familar with the various writers as some of you seem to be but I did look at Breen Frazier's IMDB after the episode and turns out he has written some of my favorite episodes. Compromising Positions was great. The teamwork I have craved was back and the case itself was the focus and not the guest star. It was a great 44 minutes.

kat887 said...

Good shooting, Emily!

Kirsten said...

Happy CM gal, thanks to a fabulous script from Breen and great job from cast & crew! It was just what the doctor ordered: balanced team effort, Hotch at his most Hotchly sexy leading best (*squee*) and the case was really interesting. Breen is certainly the best at creating a puzzle with lots of little details and allowing all the characters to shine. It was fun to see some light-heartedness on the plane as well as the supportive scenes of Hotch/Garcia and Morgan/Garcia.

Only nit-pick was Emily giving herself away by saying 'boyfriend' instead of 'husband'. She is just too smart for that but at least she got herself out of it without needing help from one of the boys. Nice shot!

But otherwise, a really solid episode; one of my faves which, as a Hotch lover, is saying something! :0) Thanks Breen and CM!!!

kat887 said...

Re: Emily saying "boyfriend" instead of "husband."
I've decided she did that on purpose to keep the unsub distracted from the crowd and focused on her.

Nathalie said...

Simply awesome. I really, really liked the team interaction in this one, as well as the case. Morgan and Garcia moments always make my day, and this one was spectacular!

Kelsey said...

Emma, the second Hotch said that I was like WTF she was recruited! She hacked! But I guess what sf81387 said makes sense. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who that that! My roommates thought I was crazy.

Loved this episode, superb writing

Vali said...

Another great episode! Interesting story line. Don't think we have had a real life serial killer like that. Very plausible profile.
Loved Garcia in this episode. What a sweetie trying to fill JJ's shoes. Glad she's herself again :)
Don't buy that she applied to the BAU though. Someone like her, a hacker, doesn't apply to a place like the FBI. Would have rather liked to hear that someone in the FBI approached her. Would have made more sense to me.
Like the looks of Reid but he's not that believable anymore. A genius geek just doesn't feature the boy-band look (as Hotch put it). Reid is too much concerned with his looks now. Not very authentic genius. Miss the old Reid. He didn't use to be so arrogant ... Most of the stuff that he rattles off is common knowledge to profilers anyway.
One other thing that bothers me a bit is how the team presents the profile. Why do all of them participate? Wouldn't it make more sense to have 1-2 of them brief the PD and the rest of the team keeps working on it? Also, it's such a well choreographed presentation (never an interruption, an overlap, or hesitation) that it isn't believable. So where's the conductor of this "concert?"
Sorry for the critical mood. I did like the episode though :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing Reid being too concerned with his looks. Yes, he cut his hair, but its still the same old uncombed mess its always been - and does being a genius mean your hair has to be long? - it wasn't in the first two seasons. He's not been shown primping, he's still wearing the same old clothes and the same purple scarf - nothing to indicate concern for his looks but a haircut.

What we're seeing now is a more self-assured Reid. He knows who he is, he knows what his strengths are, and he knows how to contribute to the team's efforts. I'm thrilled he's more sure of himself now, it doesn't seem arrogant to me at all.

Elisabeth said...

To Vali,

Reid is certainly not arrogant,
unless of course you consider his rants of facts or his new haircut an act of arrogance, which would be so wrong.
Reid doesn't think of himself as 'superior' to anyone and he doesn't want people to feel stupid, he just can't stop himself for sharing informations (to the point where he sometimes doesn't know when to shut up).

And I don't like Reid's new hairstyle either, but I would never associate it with Reid being too concerned with his looks.

I think Reid just styles his hair the way he likes it, he's not trying to impress anyone.
(And when Hotch told him about the 'boy's band hair' did you see Reid's face ? He didn't understand at all what Hotch was talking about.) Anyway, in the pictures of the future episodes (6x06 and 6x07) his hair has gone back to a much more normal hairstyle, and I'm glad.

In this very episode, did you notice how comfortable he was with the fact that he's not an alpha male ?
What happened over the years to Reid is fairly simple : he became more comfortable in his own skin.
And since he was very young when he started at the BAU that change was bound to happen. I think it was a necessity, he couldn't have realistically stayed the same after all this years of working with the team.
(but, he's still the geek who sometimes lacks social grace even if he has gotten a bit better).

And even if what he's talking about in episodes is sometimes 'common knowledge' between profilers, it certainly helps the audience's understanding and he's always more specific and precise about data than the rest of the team. And he often give informations that his colleagues completely ignored.

Sorry, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Please give us some Hotch/Prentiss interaction. It's time now don't you think. We get plenty of Morgan/Garcia. How about spreading the joy around?

Lucille said...

Enjoyed this episode very much. I love all the characters and find the mix works very well. Although, I must admit I'm a huge Reid fan and would be perfectly happy if every episode centered on him. (What was with the antacids last week? Never considered them dairy candy...very strange. Makes me wonder if Reid will have an ulcer as his medical mystery.)

The story line of this episode was very different from any other CM episodes. I liked that there was a little more mystery than usual as to why the unsub was killing. Personally I didn't find the unsub actor very alpha but I can overlook that.

Garcia changing her look, down to the contacts, and then changing back to her old self was priceless. Hodge is a great leader and showed that again at the end of this eposide when talking with her about the job role.

Also appreciated that the swinging angle was not sensationalized which a lot of shows would have done given that topic.

Great job CM extended team!

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent episode, with great writing. The storyline was solid with twists that were unexpected, and there was a high level of intensity. I liked that the focus was back on the profiling and the psychological aspects of the case. There was also a lot of emphasis on the teamwork so that all the characters got a chance to shine. I thought it was great.

There were some nice interactions between the team members as well which was great to see, also. Oeverall, I found this to be a well balanced, captivating episode.

Other comments on the show: I don't want to see a Prentiss/Hotch hookup and I don't want to see Reid seriously ill or schizophrenic either.

I do not think Reid is being arrogant and I don't think his new hairstyle has anything to do with that per se. I personally do not like his new hairstyle at all, I think it is simply way too short, and really makes him unattractive. Some of the camera angles and shots are seriously unbecoming to him now because of the short hair. I for one, hopes he lets it grow longer again because he is much more appealing with longer locks.

Luca said...

Wonderful episode, I loved it to no end.
It was really a 'team centric' episode with no one getting more attention, they all had great parts which was extremely enjoyable.

The only part that bothered me was Garcia instantly changing back into her old style.
Now, don't get me wrong I love the 'Original Garcia'. But I find it hard to believe that she took the time to change her clothes, to do her hair, to apply her usual make up and to put on her usual jeweleries while she was working and in the middle of the case.

I don't mind the profilers all participating when they give the profile.
It only bothered me when JJ (who I loved) participated in that activity.
I didn't mind her working and giving her own insight on the profile when she was with the team, but since she's not a profiler it felt strange to see her presenting it at the police station.

Reid, arrogant ? No, he's not.
He's more confident in his own abilities as a profiler but he's in no way arrogant.
He can get extremely excited when he talks about a subject that fascinates him, but he never tries to put down someone.

He was actually suffering from low self-esteem at the beginning, I think he just learned to get past it (for the most part) and he gained confidence with the help of the team (and I don't see anyone criticizing Hotch, Prentiss, Morgan or Rossi for being really confident in their own abilities).

I don't like his new hairstyle, but there's no way Reid is getting too concerned with his looks.
He probably just like to try different things.
And he probably chooses clothes in which he feels comfortable, for me his clothes just seem professional and practical (even more so when he wears his sweaters).

As for his secret, even if he's extremely sick I don't mind as long as it's not schizophrenia or another mental illness.
So I hope that what we saw in 'JJ', him taking antacids and being sick later, is linked to his secret.

Rochelle Jackson said...

I may have loved Xander, but Kevin is no Xander; and the only emotion he continues to provoke in me is "why?". I think its telling that Kevin only intensified Garcia's panic, if anything, and Morgan was able to calm her down and center her again like that. Penelope and Kevin have supposedly been dating for what, 3 years now? If that connection is not there by then, its not going to be. Stop bringing back Kevin, he's one dimensional, and I don't believe Penelope loves him. Think about it: Which man have we actually heard her say those words too? Wake up, Derek and Penelope, and have your relationship, post an off-screen dumping of kevin be the "secret" we are treated to this season.

LaShawna said...

This was a really well-written and acted episode for me. The case was different than the standard serial killer and the unsub was different as well. The idea that many serial killers are impotent is almost cliche, but it was used well in this case, and highlighted the more sexual aspect of the crime as opposed to the purely violent side of the crime.

The team interaction was great. Penelope was fantastic in this episode, and I admired her spunk and can-do attitude about trying to tackle two jobs at once in the best attempt to replace JJ. But JJ made the job look easy, because she wasn't also simultaneously searching for info on the Net. She had many tasks to do, but they fell under one basic job description banner. What Penelope does is vastly different in many cases. Believe me, if anyone tried to do Penelope's job (with the exception of Reid I think) they would crack under the pressure as well, because Penelope is so skilled at her job, most people probably don't realize how difficult it actually is.

Reid was simply awesome in this episode, and I am always happy when his role is highlighted more. He and Rossi do make a great professional team, and they have seemed to establish a really nice working rapport. I do love to see Reid play to his strengths, which are his intelligence and his sensitive, compassionate nature. He's not in there with the rest of the alphas duking it out in a sword fight. He knows what he can do, and he does it well. His interrogation technique is much gentler than the other guys, but his quiet nature can disarm witnesses/suspects, because he makes them feel safer, and then they underestimate him and the power of his mind.

I also liked seeing Emily and Morgan working the case together. There was much more analysis of the actual crime scenes with discussions on how the crimes occurred and why they occurred as they did. They are great friends, and it shows. Morgan and Penelope are such a close friendship as well, and my heart always melts with those scenes. It seems that most of the team members have a really great friend they can confide in and trust. Penelope has Morgan, Emily has Morgan, and Hotch and Rossi have each other. I know in the past Reid and Morgan have been really close friends, and it would be nice to see that friendship again during the episodes. While Reid and Rossi work well together, I don't really get a "close friend" vibe from the two of them. Reid needs someone to be close to and connect with.

Penelope and Hotch were really good as well, because Hotch is a confident enough boss to allow his subordinates to rant at him and he doesn't take it personally. He knows his team's strengths and uses them accordingly. To me that is the mark of a great boss and leader. I would love to work for a guy like that, because for the most part he is calm, steady, professional and he trusts his subordinates to do the job well. He is the type of boss that gets results, because his team is motivated to do well, accomplish the mission, and please him. He doesn't control through fear, but rather inspires by example.

Anonymous said...

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