Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Exit Wounds" written by Rick Dunkle and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments. **


gubegirl said...

What - I'm the first?

It's Wednesday - hurray! Cannot wait for another great episode of our - only - few- left CM! Last wk's was so good, I have high expectations. Where did the season go? And maybe this is the one the MGG sports his new short-er do! Whoo-hoo! Talk later....

Anonymous said...

Yay!! This Alaska girl is excited that the BAU will finally visit her state! I'll miss tonight's episode but I will download it right when it appears in iTunes.

Anonymous said...

whoop wednesday. I am sooo excited for this weeks episode. It stinks that the season is almost over. I cant wait until the internet is forever, and MGG's new look

blr1962 said...

Cannot wait to see this one! It looks like it's going to be a great episode!

Neoshia said...

I'm looking forward to seeing "Exit Wounds" because the promos look really good and I hear it's Garcia heavy.

Sofie said...
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d_luna said...

Can't wait to see this epi.!!! I´m sure it's going to be great!!! a few more epis left till the finaly but mean while Just enjoy the epis left...

d_luna said...

Can't wait to see this epi.!!! I´m sure it's going to be great!!! a few more epis left till the finaly but mean while Just enjoy the epis left...

d_luna said...

Can't wait to see this epi.!!! I´m sure it's going to be great!!! a few more epis left till the finaly but mean while Just enjoy the epis left...

Kitty said...

It'll be nice to see the team somewhere that isn't sunny and green. Excited about a bigger role tonight for Garcia, but (and this is petty, I know) that orange ball-13 necklace she's wearing is really distracting.

Mary O said...

A great still photo from the show. It's nice to see Garcia and Morgan communicating again. I missed their friendship earlier in the season! Can't wait for tonight's episode.

Caitlin said...

EW! This epi is creeping me out already and the intro just finished! I LOVE it already!

I loved Garcia's whole fairy godmother speech and JJ' whole "He's british. blahblahblah.." Even though I am NOT a very big fan of Will, I love JJ and Henry! I can't wait until the commercial is over!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Man talk about a remote area!
and Hotch in a t-shirt?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO dress shirt??? NO tie???? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin said...

Morgan: I am NOT sharing with Reid *I will, I will!!!!! :P*

Garcia: Dibs

Kevin (Who I really REALLY don't like): Your SHARING A ROOM WITH MORGAN?

HOLY CRAP! OMG! I thought Garcia was gonna get HURT!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!

Caitlin said...


AHHH! I know, I know, I sound like such a fangirl, but I can't help it!

Anonymous said...

Powerfully good eppisode! The BEST Garcia/Morgan scenes EVER! Especially the ending.

Anonymous said...

some amazing morgan/garcia scenes! love it. sometimes, you just gotta wonder what those writers are up to... :P

Stacey said...

I totally get their 'relationship' but it sure would be nice if they hooked up.... sorry Kevin!

ditto on all the men in jeans... sigh!

Anonymous said...

awww the morgan/garcia scenes were so cute!
it's nice to see the team in something other than the regular FBI wear for once.

Anonymous said...

They need to always dress like this. I agree that the Morgan/Garcia moments rocked. I liked the case. I liked it all. Great effort.

Anonymous said...

Garcia on a road trip, casual clothes, sharing hotel rooms and Hotch barking to sit down and shut up........LOVED IT!!!!!!

izzy said...

I almost screamed when Garcia was walking around at night alone. Our techie has already been shot once. I thouroughly enjoyed this episode. The hour simply flew by quickly. A+

jamie said...

Somebody please tell Ed Bernero that we will buy him the Chicago Bears team if he pairs up Penelope and Derek. Seriously.

Good episode.

BB said...

This was an amazingly awesome episode!

The beginning with the ladies was hilarious! JJ eggin' Prentiss on with some Brit dude and Garcia coming over with bags of shopping items. It's nice to see them all casual and having fun. :)

Speaking of casual, love the jeans on the team!

This was an interesting, but fairly depressing case.

Love all of the Garcia moments. Also love all the Morgan/Garcia moments as well!

Thanks for another great episode CM team!

BB said...

..I just realized...

Were JJ and Em talking about that guy from the spin-off team? He's British... I'm surprised I didn't connect the dots till now!

Megan said...

Amazing episode. Perfect combination of lighted-hearted moments, tragedy, and action.

Loved the setting, loved all of the team interaction, loved the opening, loved everything.

The ending with Morgan and Garcia? Sweet. Adorable. Perfect.

I live in a small town like Franklin. I hate to say it, but you captured the essence of it perfectly.

Rick Dunkle, I would totally hug you right now. Thank you (and the cast and the rest of the crew) for a fantastic episode.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what was the name of the song at the end of the episode when Garcia and Morgan were talking?

Anonymous said...

Another good TEAM episode.
I'm so glad it seems that the show is finding it's center again.

Anonymous said...

This episode was the best that I have seen this 2010. I loved the interaction between the women, Garcia and Kevin were great. I wonder who actually shared with each other in the rooms and who got to be single. I am assuming Hotch but they didn't tell us. Only that Morgan and Garcia in one room. I loved it

Anonymous said...

Emily and the British dude?! Did the writers actually watch the ep where she had neither chemistry nor interest in him?!? Sloppy and totally out-of-character for Prentiss. This season has been, at best, subpar. I like my characters to act within character.

d_luna said...

Great epi!!! I did enjoy it it was great!! congrats from México to the cast and the whole criminal minds team!! I have to say it super great job!!
atte. Di.

Anonymous said...

I liked the mention of Prentiss and the Brit guy... few peeps did like the idea of 'em, but more importantly, Garcia and Morgan = WHOOP WHOOP!

Anonymous said...

The ladies together was very cool. I was worried about her strolling around at night too but it made sense once she explained that she was trying to pickup a signal. I knew the first guy they suspected was not the unsub. I like it when we don't know who the unsub is in the beginning of an episode. I liked this episode alot. The cast was great. Especially KV. Nice to see her get some meaty screen time.

Anonymous said...

I think the rage Hotch gets during abuse cases stems from abuse he suffered during his childhood. My question is whether it was his father or his mother who abused him.

Mary O said...

My new favorite episode of CM. Season 5 has been lacking the team interaction that makes this show special but now they are getting back to it and it was perfect. I loved the girls shopping and the Morgan/Garcia seens were spectacular...such chemistry between those two! And I liked seeing Rossi a little more involved.

celeste said...

Great episode. Good job by all of them.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode, the second one in a row where we have all the team with equal screen time and back to their old ways.......awesome, Morgan with the " I am not sleeping with Reid" the interaction between them all and Hotch back to being the strong leader..........this is what made CM the show it became loved for by it's loyal fan base......let's hope it continues into Season 6......the Celt

Unknown said...

what was that song at the end of the episode?

gubegirl said...

Great show. Just the right mix of team interaction, humor, glimpse into their personal habits/life, their caring as deeply as they do for ea other (even tho' Morgan is refusing to sleep with Reid, we don't feel bad for our boy - many of us would be glad to sleep with him...) on top of a stellar case and well acted guest spots - new location - it was all super! Garcia and Morgan were esp. good and it was fun to see a little of Kevin again. I loved it all. I will watch it again because I'm sure I missed a few tidbits and I find that out when I read your comments and I just can't STAND missing one single thing in an episode as good as this. Wish we had several more episodes to go - I am not ready for this great season to end.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. Rick Dunkle did a superlative job.Loved the team interaction The location was beautiful and a breath of fresh air.

The beginning was nice as well, showing that the women are friends outside of work and Rossi is still workin it.

I enjoyed the mystery and having Garcia witness the murder was very scary since she is a character we all love and don't want to see her harmed in any way.

The 'I'm not sleeping with Reid'line was very funny, does he steal the covers?

Didn't feel the love with JJ encouraging Prentiss to hook up with the British guy. Prentiss is a closet geek , They truly only desire other geeks.

Hope to see more episodes like this in the future.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode because there was lots of Morgan and Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Again a wonderful episode. The whole team was amazing. I loved the beginning very much, it was funny and heartwarming to see the girls have fun together. Morgan's "I'm not going to sleep with Reid" was hilarious! :) Kevin being jealous of Morgan was priceless! :) Garcia totally rocked. I missed her in this season, and now we really needed an episode which somehow was centered around her character. Kirsten Vangsness did a great job. The end with Morgan was so touching and sweet. I love these two together. :)

Great job, everybody, I really enjoyed every minute of this episode.

Greetings from Gabriella

PS: Hotch in casual clothes was much more than attractive. :) I loved him being so strong, and somehow agressive and bossy with the UNSUB's father. This is the bossman I love so much!

Anonymous said...

No, Emily, don't get a cat, get a Hotch! *g*

Anonymous said...

Haha... It looks like it's a tradition for the ladies to have a girls' night out followed by Emily and Penelope clinking glasses (or coffee cups) while JJ looks at her phone and then kills the moment by saying "sorry ladies..."

And yay for the team in jeans!

Anonymous said...

I just love this episode!!! Love the part where JJ was trying to convince Prentiss to go out with the Brit Dude from the other BAU team! That was great! And I'm a huge Morgan/Garcia Fan!! And I was loving the scenes with them!!! A++++++++++

Pearl said...

The song they used at the end was called "I Made A Lovers Prayer"

blr1962 said...

I loved this episode.Great team interaction. Loved the Garcia/Morgan moments and Ms. Vangsness was just extremely awesome and cool. I too loved the change in wardrobe. And Hotch... (sigh) Favorite line: "Sit down and shut up". :)

sdwally said...

This was a fantastic episode in many ways. Garcia did a fantastic job! She really does remind me of a flower in bloom, so colorful and vibrant. And for the Garcia/Morgan shippers, this episode was a major treat. The warm, tender, loving interplay was incredible. The Garcia/Morgan scenes were a much needed respite from the sometimes grim, grizzly, violent scenes we get in many episodes (not that I’m complaining). Ed, I’m jealous; you now owe the Hotch/Prentiss shippers something comparable. And that pointless banter about the British guy in the beginning; although I loved the Prentiss, JJ and Garcia scene with the picturesque DC nightlife as a backdrop, JJ’s pushing Prentiss to hook up with the British guy is absurd. He had no class and no chemistry with Prentiss; but then again, to me, she should only be with Hotch.

Rick Dunkle wrote a fantastic script, complete with tragedy, warmth and creepiness. Once again, I was so captivated by the storyline and the pacing, that the episode was over before I wanted it to be over. Some episodes of CM deserve to be at least two hours, Exit Wounds is one of them, 100 was another.

The overall team interaction was great and the casual clothes were an extra treat. I know in the regular settings Hotch and Prentiss appear to have matching colors—his tie to her shirt; but it looked like their sweaters were similar, both with patches on the left shoulder (am I seeing way too much?). And of course, my favorite, Hotch was awesome, strong, forceful and ooh so handsome. Morgan was great at exuding tenderness and compassion. His love for Garcia was evident, and I loved the gentle touches of him cleaning her face and holding her hand. But more importantly, his encouraging words and protectiveness metaphorically showed his inner strength, while as Kevin noted what is evident about his outer strength. The Garcia/Morgan fans will have this episode as a keepsake. Morgan was funny when he said he wasn’t sleeping with Reid. I must admit, when Hotch said we have to double up, the next scene showed the various pairings, Hotch/Prentiss at the body, Reid/Rossi approaching, and Garcia/Morgan back at the inn. I allowed my mind to wander believing that may have been how they divided themselves up, since we know Garcia and Morgan shared a room (wishful thinking on my part).

All in all, I really loved this episode because it provided the full range of emotions fear, anger, brutality, love, compassion and warmth. Who could ask for more?

Sarah said...

I loved this epsiode! It just warmed the cockles of my fanatic heart . The opening scene with the ladies was truely awesome. I wish we had more. And JJ and Emily talking about Mick Rawson! Loved it and it was funny. If anyone could put Mick in his place, it would be Emily lol. And Garcia was so funny, Kirsten did such a great job in this episode.

Seeing the team be so casual was a real treat (they look like normal people haha!) and I loved how different this episode was. Even the cinematogrophy was a little weird but I got used to it by the end of the episode. But I gotta say, if no one is supposed to be out at night, why did Garcia go out?! I know to fix the signal but come on, go out by yourself? She should of at least had someone with her. That's my only thing with this episode.

Really liked the case, it was suspensful and we don't get that very often (IMO). I think Hotch has some issues with dead beat husbands and fathers but that could have just been an intimidation techique. And did Rossi shooting the guy in the arm remind anyone of the very first episode when that happened also?

Great team episode so wish we had more of these. Way to go Rick, you've seem to please everyone!

Vali said...

Great episode, guys! Nice teamwork and team interaction. Great police work. Enjoyed especially the tender moments between Morgan and Garcia. It was so sincere.
Rossi is just such a great guy. He has become the source of strength, common sense and support for everyone. He's the real thing!
TG plays Hotch so well and believable considering what Hotch went through. Nonetheless he is becoming a bit too bland (if I may say) for my taste. I hope that over the next season or two he can get more "bite" again and some of the dry humor back that suited him so well.
Thank you for a great episode!

Unknown said...

I absolutely loved loved loved this episode, the case had just the right mix of intensity and suspense and add our amazing cast and hey you got a winner. I loved the beginning when the girls were out shopping and caught up on the street, they were so lovely together and the lighter moment to start what was a very interesting case was excellently done. (I’m overlooking/ignoring the exchange about Mick, didn’t like the guy & yes Emily can definitely put him in his place for sure but she could also do a hell of a lot better!)

Garcia was totally amazing, they were all amazing, the team interaction the love, and dynamics in this team is awesome, this is what I absolutely love about criminal minds, they hook you up and just reel you in and this was one of those episodes, left me wanting so much more … Wow amazing job

The guest stars and the entire team did a super job on this episode, everything about it was A+, was nice to see Kevin, and the Garcia/Kevin exchange was absolutely priceless, I loved that there was a sprinkle of lighter moments throughout even with the intensity of the case, much like last week. Nice to see the team dressed down, particularly nice to see Hotch out of his suit, and boss man at his best, nothing better than seeing Hotch at the helm, love it, and he was wonderful as he always is and what’s more we even got an intimidating Hotch which is always one hell of a thing to watch. Awesome work TG.

Garcia and Morgan were gorgeous, they are so good together, I love the togetherness, the love & family dynamic with the team, you just know they will all stand by each other through thick or thin. No shipping here, I love them all just the way they are!! loved the last Garcia & Morgan scene.

Absolutely loved the location, the landscape & water were a beautiful & welcome sight, was nice to see them all working in surroundings other than the usual sterile precinct and field offices.

Thanks CM team awesome episode, Loved it, I have to go back and read all the comments to catch up on anything that I might have missed and I can’t wait to watch it again.

gubegirl said...

Oh, my, my, my. What a dilemna. I need to Watch Grey's (giving this one up at the end of this season) and the Mentalist (too damn cute & smart to miss!) tonite in order to not have to DVR them. And because of all the comments about the girls, the Brit, shopping, etc., I am dying to watch this wk's DVR'd epi again because I missed the first 5 mins because I am always getting back from yoga at 9:05. And once I start watching, I will want to see it all the way thru, you know how that goes.

The DVR is almost full of all of this season's favorites: CM (of course!), Dexter and Damages (I do like to walk on the dark side) and the DVD's for this season will not be out for months and I may need a "fix" during the summer, ya know?

Do not have time to sit in front of the tube much this wkend - like I said, what a dilemna. I so-o-o need a life, can any of you identify?!

Thanks again for going on and on about all the details of the show, tho', I love it, and enjoy my coffee or tea every AM and PM catching up with all the 'puter banter...

Hugs to you all.

Shadow said...

First things first: Prentiss should definitely get a cat if the annoying Brit dude would be the alternative!

Having that gotten off my chest, I have to say that I really, really enjoyed this week’s episode. It had a powerful storyline and lots of wonderful team moments. The beautiful countryside was an extra plus, and I loved the floatplane.

The girls’ night out was fun and I’m happy how much attention Garcia got this week. The reason they took her with them was believable and unobtrusive, though when the satellite connection broke down I totally thought it was a trap to lure Garcia out of the house. Even if it turned out that it was one big coincidence that the satellite connection broke down at the same moment when another murder occurred outside the hotel, I believe it was a rather stupid mistake from Garcia to go outside in the dark on her own. I’m willing to overlook that as well as the inconsistency of Garcia being so averse of taking part in a cognitive interview when she did one in Penelope for the greater good of the story, though.

Garcia denying the cognitive interview also made for a nice moment between JJ and Morgan when JJ stopped him and took care of Garcia herself instead. Garcia claiming dibs on Morgan for sharing rooms and the resulting phone conversation with jealous Kevin was hilarious. Another great moment was when Morgan was cleaning the blood off Garcia’s cheek and hand - that was such a sweet and tender gesture, even if the circumstances were so harsh.

I also enjoyed that Rossi got his fair share of attention tonight. I really liked it how his hunting skills were worked into the case.

As for Hotch, I especially enjoyed two scenes with him. The first one was on the plane when Rossi mentioned how they all knew what stabbing the third victim meant - that was a nice allusion to how Foyet taunted Hotch about that interpretation, though I was a little disappointed that there was no follow up to that later in the episode. But the scene with Hotch and the abusive husband/father more than made up for this. Even if it was never stated explicitly, I believe that the Hotchner family had a somewhat similar setup. It would be nice to have this tidbit of Hotch’s back story finally confirmed in season 6, though, since it was first brought up during the very first season of Criminal Minds.

Reid wasn’t on top of his game tonight, and the way he always kept his hands in his pockets, even on the plane, was a bit weird in my opinion, but at least we got to see him with his purple scarves and he was there for more than just three seconds. :P

Wings Hauser as a guest star was a real treat. He made for a great cop of the week. I liked the female cop as well.

All in all, this was one of the better episodes this season. I haven’t been too happy with my favorite show during the first half of the season, but the second half is slowly making up for it. Too bad it’s almost over. Next season I want to see more episodes that are as well-balanced and team-centric as this one.

RMF said...

I Know What You Did Last Alaska

Apparently someone thought it was time to marry CM to the worst of the slasher-movie cliches. There have already been two murders, but that's okay, leave your coworker to walk home alone in the creepy darkness. And of course, she hears a suspicious noise, asks who's there, hears it again, runs, and bumps right into the killer, who for no reason is now ahead of her, not behind her. "Oh, it's you." Stabby stab. But wait, let's also have Garcia, after three murders, walk outside alone into the creepy darkness to fix her satellite uplink, despite having half a dozen armed FBI colleagues who could accompany her. And the victims get killed in increasingly random and bizarre ways while the team stands around baffled. What is this, Harper's Island?

You notice how the Alaskans all supposedly know how to use guns and knives yet no one's ever armed when attacked by the psycho murderer?

The other big problem is that the episode insists that the this is a small town where everyone knows everyone else's habits to a tee, but no one can figure out who the nutjob is. This, because everybody is supposedly so alike. In real life, everyone would have probably fingered the weirdo loner kid right away. But once they finally do, no one tells the FBI, although they have no reason not to, just so we can have a forced dramatic confrontation. They think wacky boy is going to get off? In a state where a governor chooses turkey slaughter as the backdrop for an interview?

As bad as all that was, I could almost forgive it because of Rossi in a tux. What I can't forgive? The horror of pairing up Prentiss with edgy British special ops jackass guy from "The Fight". No, no, NO. Do not do this to us, PLEASE. Whatever happened to the engagingly dorky Prentiss who screwed up her dates by saying something intellectual? I miss her.

Prentiss with Morgan, Rossi with Reid, and Hotch with JJ. Again.

I know that Garcia and Morgan sharing a room was played for laughs, but in real life, that would have been a really tactless thing for Garcia to do to her boyfriend. What really gets me, though, is that in the team having to share rooms, they had a situation ripe with comic and dramatic potential, but absolutely nothing came of it. Phooey.

"Sit down and shut up." Way too crude for Hotch. When Hotch wants to put someone in his place, he is polite, correct, and absolutely deadly.

"I kinda love you, Derek Morgan." "I kinda love you, Penelope Garcia." I kinda wanna thwow up.

Anonymous said...

awesome episode. I loved when morgan went, "I am not sleeping with reid" and garcia got "i got dibbs" ohh it was great. I also loved when jj goes "please tell me all of those arn't for my son" and garcia goes "not this ones for kevin" Ohh it was amazing

Finola said...

Great episode. Loved Rossi in the tux, Hotch with no suit and the interaction between Penelope and Derek at the end of the episode was so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Garcia/Morgan scenes. I'm so happy we got alot of Garcia in this eppy. I've missed the Garcia/Morgan frienship.

Stephanie said...

More Hotch and regardless, give Thomas something to dig his teeth into for goodness sake! This is getting beyond funny.

Good job Kirsten V!

MKT said...

As a regular viewer of CM, I was somewhat disappointed. There were flashes of good things, like some of the Garcia/Morgan moments, although even these were overdone to the point I wanted to gag. The show is usually more subtle... and Morgan/Garcia sharing a room??! Give me a break.

I agree with Shadow that some of Hotch's backstory might have been hinted at with the abusive father, but given the total lack of continuity for my fave character, I don't hold out hope it will ever be picked up on... but Shadow, I hope that you're right! In the meantime, give the man something to do, please. Yes, it IS possible while keeping team balance.

ITA with the other comments regarding Reid & Prentiss... where have they gone? They have both been OOC lately and I don't blame their fans for being upset.

The case itself was pretty good despite some inconsistencies. It was nice to see a different location which forced the team to adapt to a new environment. Good idea.

Helen said...

Well, first off, as much as I was looking forward to this episode, I was also terrified of it. Why? Because it had extreme potential to be visually realized BAD fanfic. How man fanfiction writers (bad ones, at that) put the main characters in a small town in the wilderness where they end up sharing rooms and hijinks? What can I say, I love our cast, crew and writers but I'm bad at the faith game.

So, I was pleasantly (extremely, ecstatically pleased) surprised when this episode turned out to be way better than a bad fanfic, or even a good fanfic, because hey, it's canon! ;) I thought the character pieces did not overwhelm the case, but were just perfectly interspersed throughout. It has been so long since we got to see a girl's night out, so that was perfect! I loved seeing them now that Prentiss is 100% meshed with the team, Garcia's no longer learning to love her, she does love her, and the update on Henry ("old enough to be fun while opening presents") and Garcia's description of herself as a "fairy Godmother" was priceless. Great writing on that. And as much as I was pissed at the mention of the spin-off guy (I guess I'm still bitter), I thought about it and realized, as Emily is the one who said she's dated guys worse than Viper, I wouldn't actually be surprised if she got together with British-dude! Apparently, he's her kind of guy.

AJ was shining in that scene, delivery of lines made me sit up and take notice (though, as JJ is my second favourite character, I was) already paying attention!).

I loved all the Morgan/Garcia parts. There relationship is the warm and fuzzy that makes me smile while watching Criminal Minds, similar to the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I see Hotch playing with Jack. I loved seeing Kevin's worry, but mostly because it just showed (in my opinion) what a strong relationship Kevn and Garcia have, too: she doesn't hide the fact that she and Morgan adore each other, and that they're sleeping in the same room, and he overreacts in a resigned, "well, I guess I better trust you, damn it", way that makes me think he understands and is more ok with it than he lets on. Granted, that could just be naive wishful thinking on my part. :P

One thing that tripped me up a bit in this episode was Morgan asking JJ to look after Garcia. I just think that was maybe an unnecessary line, because JJ and Garcia are so close, there shouldn't have been any need for that line. JJ was gonna be there anyway.

Hotch, what can I say about HOTCH?! I loved his outfit (my shallow reason for loving this episode), but I also loved that once again he's back in charge. Maybe it's just me being paranoid that makes me so excited each new episode when I see him back in charge again (I mean, he always has been in the past), but it's been a long hard season, and this feeling of him getting back on the horse is still a bit new and fragile to me. When he was shouting at the Owen's abusive father I had a MAJOR flashback to "Haunted", I was glad to see that there was no indication that Hotch was going back that way, though. Granted, it wouldn't have fit into the episode at all, but still.

OK, I'll end this monster review now. Suffice it to say, I think this episode ROCKED. Just like the last two. I think this season is picking itself up and might just go out with a bang. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode (and the previous two as well)! It's CM at its best:
- an interesting case
- a whodunit
- a red herring thrown in
- creepiness without being too gory
- the team working out the profile together, and amending it when more information/insights come to them
- lots of team interaction
- lots of humor (The ladies out shopping; "Working on future ex-wife #4?"; "I am not sleeping with Reid"; Kevin being jealous of Morgan)
- some sadness (Was I the only one who felt sad for Reid when he was the one who realized the unsub had abandonment issues?)
- some genuinely touching moments (for the son when he realized his mom was killed, and of course the last scene with Garcia and Morgan - the best M/G scene ever!)

I have just a few very minor nits:
- Emily can do so much better than the annoying Brit.
- Why did Garcia go out alone (and unarmed since she's a techie, not an FBI agent) at night to check on the satellite uplink when there's a serial killer out on the loose? If Morgan were my roommate, I'd definitely find any excuse to go wake him up and take a late night stroll with him... (and I'm saying this as a Reid fan!).
- Why weren't we given a tissue alert??? (lol) The final scene between Morgan and Garcia made me cry - it was that good.

Rick, Ed, cast and crew - Thank you for yet another job well done!

Silvinha said...

I loved it!

Loved the girls night's out! They should do that more often but next time in the end of the episode when they can't get interrupted by the Unsub!

Ok, Mick is hot, I agree, but Emily deserves a better man! She would have a very hard time just trying to fix him! Besides she should get Hotch and not a cat!

Morgan and Garcia are so awesome together!!

Love Hotch getting angry and Rossi in a tuxedo. They all looked so gorgeous in casual clothes.

I didn't like the Unsub of the week but I'm ok with that because I really don't like when the writes focus too much on them. I prefer when they focus on the team.
And I wish they could give us an idea of whom shared a bedroom with whom.

Congratulations once again for one more great episode!
Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Rossi in a tux! Now if the writers can come up with some plausible reason for Reid to be all spiffed up and wearing a tux while on a case, that would be amazing!

Robin in Seattle (robinotl) said...

Great episode - a lot of suspenseful moments! I loved the Garcia-Morgan scenes as well, especially the ending (made me go "awwwwwww"....the opening scene creeped me out, especially the shot of the guy licking the bloody arrow tip. Yes, it WAS nice for a change of pace to see the BAU in some more casual-wear, so yeah, nice touch cast and crew! Who could resist TG in a t-shirt?!? And Joe always looks slick - loved him showing up to the meeting when they get called in and he's all dressed up - he looked awesome! The whole cast was great in this - nice to see a lot of team interaction throughout this entire episode. Great job CM folks!

Anonymous said...

Great episode, but I thought the Morgan/Garcia stuff at the end was a bit too much. Also, I hope they aren't seriously considering hooking Emily up with that awful character from the equally awful spinoff. It's eyeroll worthy at best.

Other than that, I loved it! : )

Robin in Seattle (robinotl) said...

I do have one comment, if you will, something that made me think about the episode today. I was thinking, "Why didn't this unsub (kid) snap sooner?" In the "showdown" at the end of the show when Owen and Joshua are shouting back and forth at each other and Owen screams, "you left me! You were gone for 8 years and I never heard from you once!" Etc... and then the exchange between them in the same scene where Josh is like, "you killed my mother!" and Owen says, "she sent you away!" Well, then why didn't Owen start killing sooner? Why didn't he off Josh's mother before now? Why did he wait until Josh came back to town to start killing? If he had abandonment issues, then I would think he would have been triggered to kill sooner than later. I don't know, I'm just sayin'...

Nicole said...

On of my top 5 fav episodes of the whole series! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the interactions between Morgan and Garcia. They SOOOO need to get together- I really thought a kis was coming there for a minute. I would love never seeing Kevin again, never have liked him and he is only making it harder for Garcia to be with Morgan.

Rest of the team was good. This is the 1st epi this season that I have felt the team really jelled.

Thanks for the episode, can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Great episode, I loved the final moments garcia /derek, they're like sister & brother. Funny moment when Morgan says he doesn't want to sleep with Reid. Very good song at the end.


K said...

I was waiting to see new haircut of MGG :/ I hope this "Reid's 5 minutes of screentime" will end soon, I'm so tired of looking forword to hear some of his almost-copy-and-sounds-like-reading-from-encyclopedia-monolog. What happened with them? Or have I missed the time, when he stopped be genius?

About the episode -I agree with @RMF. That's not the CM I love, that's not the CM which first 4 season I watched almost in one school week, that's not the CM which make me wait for Thursdays (time difference)so badly. I was so angry with the producers for making CM spin off, but now it seems like a good ide - this one is obviously falling apart

Kalas said...

A really good episode.
The interaction between the team members was great.
I really felt for Reid when he talked about the effects of social isolation on a child.

I also found the scene with Hotch and the abusive dad (and husband) well done.

I enjoyed the banter between Morgan and Garcia, and seeing Kevin was a plus, thank you !

The case was intriguing, and we were left guessing until the end.

The use of Rossi's hunting skills was perfect.

So all in all, a really good episode.

It was great to see Reid for more than a few seconds, but I still really miss this character.
It would be lovely, dear writers, if you had something planed for him : please !

babruin said...

Finally, the BAU brings out the satellite phones. It would have been nice to have them in Georgia in the Big Game episode.
Garcia should watch more teen horror movies so that she would know better than to go out in the night by herself when there's a serial killer out there.
It was kind of a cheat to cart out the unsub out of the blue in a small town, toward the end of the show who just happened to match the profile.
But not a bad episode since they put in nice team moments. The cute interaction between the girls in the beginning and between Morgan and Garcia was touching.

Cowan Incorporated: Mississippi ICF Builders said...

I thought this was an OK episode. However was troubled by a couple of things. The setup was compelling but the reveal and resolution - took was too quick.

1. They barged in - without a warrant to the families home. Being Pretty abusive to the family in the process.

2. The indictment of home schoolers. Topped by a line from Reed... "Don't you know know what isolation does to kids" (paraphrasing). Its like Garcia states that the kid is home schooled and they say to themselves... 'OH crap - its worse than we thought -- '

Did no one else get that?