Friday, May 21, 2010


Criminal Minds: EW picks this week's episode of Criminal Minds as the best procedural show of the week.

-Centuries from now, when Google Maps is beamed straight into your contact lenses and Apple makes special iBrain implants to give you easy telepathic access to the internet, this week’s episode of Criminal Minds will become the subject of the most popular drinking game at space universities all across the solar system. The rules? Every time someone onscreen acts like the Internet is rape dungeon for pedophile Nazis, take a shot!

The Behavioral Analysis Unit was investigating a string of murder-rapes, and they could only find one link between the victims: They all loved social networks. Everyone in the BAU expressed moral outrage at the bare idea of social networking. “Whose life is so important?” asked Joe Mantegna, sounding just like my grandmother would sound if she were totally lame. more here.....