Thursday, May 27, 2010


Criminal Minds article in EW --Criminal Minds finished out its season last night with a scenario that was creepy even by Criminal Minds standards, featuring guest star Tim Curry as a filthy, smelly killer bent on dragging down every life into which he came in contact.

Similarly, American Idol finished out its season with an equally grisly spectacle: the departure of Simon Cowell, with Idol bent on dragging down his life on the show by drowning his memory with mawkishness.

Tim Curry and Simon Cowell — two dead men walking, still able to inflict pain and receive it. Frankly, I wouldn’t have subjected myself to the long montages of Cowell’s greatest hits (his barbs, his lip-locks with Paula, his facial variations on repulsion when faced with yet another dreadful singer) if I hadn’t been forced to switch away from Criminal Minds at a few points in its season-ender.--

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