Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Public Enemy" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness.

** Spoiler Alert. There will be spoilers in the comments of this thread ***

***Quote and song info will be posted after the episode airs on the east coast ***


Anonymous said...

Counting the hours.

K said...

I can't wait to see this episode! It sounds really good. Hope CM is getting back to form after PARASITE.

Btw., when will be shown an epi directed by MGG? So excited for this one :)

Theresa said...

This episode looks like it's going to be another good one!

K, I believe the episode that MGG directed will air March 3.

Sofie said...

Tonights episode looks a lot more "edge of our seats"... Serial killers who rules with fear in a city are always an interesting subject... :o/

Laura_G said...

I hate basketball. Hope everyone enjoys the ep.

gubegirl said...

I can hardly wait to catch another new epi of our beloved CM. And in the promo photo: do I detect a little more 5 o'clock shadow on our boy Reid than usual? Could he be going the facial hair way of our hunky Morgan?! Trying to look a little more mature while he is acting so much more mature?.....

Yes, I, too, believe the MGG- directed epi will be on March 3rd, per the TV guide; there's something to look forward to!

Kirsten said...

Fingers crossed for more team than last week and some darn continuity for Hotch. New writer, I'm def curious to see how they do.

Brigitte said...

watching cm now in canada and so far great episode! Interesting case, good way to use the team especially those we haven't seen much this season, Rossy, Prentiss, JJ.

love it so far! going back to watch the rest of the episode!


Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Unsub works at the diner across the street from the police station!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Powerfully strong eppy! Loved it! I was crying at the end when Sophie had first communion and the team sent her the card. So sad. I also wasn't the least bit surprised that he went to jail and killed his father. I think that was his plan all along. Get to jail and kill his father. So glad Meg Collins stepped up and did that press conference ( I have a cousin by that name! )

SweetThang said...

No the unsub did not cut the man's neck open right there in church. If you are not safe in God's house then where in the world can you be safe.

Brigitte said...

Just saw the episode on CTV in Canada and wow loved it!

Great case, got me interested from the first murder and until the very end. This time despite the unsub past I never did feel sorry for him because of why he killed and who he did kill.

Love the team work, we got lots of it. Great scene at the church with Rossi, profiling the scene. We had a similar scene with Prentiss at a laundromate.

We got lots of JJ tonight and how she sometime has to do things she doesn't like. She was great with the soldier's wife and her little girl. She was compasionate and did care but in the end she still did her job like the pro she is. Well done A.J!

Another one who did shine in this episode was Joe Mantegna. We had lots of him, as I said great scene at the church and later at a crime scene where cop was killed.

For those who like Garcia and Reid unfortunately they didn't have much to do.

Not much Hotch either at the start but he got to see more of him near the end. I like his conversation with JJ, he could feel JJ relunctance to do as he asked her.

I like that the wife of the soldier did at the end help the team as a way to support the last victim family.

Nice plane scene at the end and Rossi sure does have a big heart!

Not much characters development in this epsiode but since the team work, case were very good, I didn't mind much.

For a first episode Jess Prosser did pretty well, this big CM fan who was VERY dissapointed with the last epsiode, is now a happy CM fan!

Only bad thing, no CM for a few weeks!

Congrats to the cast, writer and crew for a another great episode!


Brigitte said...

oh and forgot to say, the only one who deserved to die in that epsiode was the unsub dad!


Sarah said...

It was an OK episode for me. There was nothing that got me excited about it; nothing that really caught my attention.

Although I loved how much JJ we got, I did not like how the tension between her and Hotch just disappeared. JJ did not want to force the mother to do a press conference. I think they should have dealt with it.

It was quite slow at some parts. Like when Morgan and JJ interviewed the victims. Like I said, nothing was very exciting in this episode, IMO.

Garcia's red hair really does suit her though.

DianeDJ said...

Very good episode and a REALLY good twist!! Please hire the writers' assistant FULL time next season!

Anonymous said...

Interesting episode. Much better than last week. So Reid is still trying to prove something to his dad. Nice tidbit.

BB said...

GREAT episode! I really loved it, although it was very sad.

I was ecstatic over all the JJ!! It was so cute with her interactions with the little girl, and her sympathizing for the mom. It almost led to be a problem when Hotch had called; that was interesting. Also loved the fact that Morgan and JJ worked together for a little bit. They don't really have a lot of screentime working with each other, so that was nice.

It was also nice to see a bit of Rossi!
The montage at the end with all of the victims' family/friends/coworkers was very touching.

The scene at the very end with the prisoners was.... well, weird. It was interesting though.

Not a lot of Garcia and Reid, but hey, I'm sure they'll be getting some screen time soon!
Also can't wait for the Gube's episode in March!

Lori said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Jess, you did a great job for your first CM episode!

The hour flew by so quickly, which is always a sign of a great show. The case had me interested right from the start. All the characters were good and there was pretty even time for each of the team members, except as Bri said earlier for Reid and Garcia.

JJ had a difficult time doing her job in this one, just like Emily did in Amplification, and they both worked through it. Becoming a mother has brought a new, richer dimension to JJ and I am loving seeing more of her.

I am sorry we have to wait so long to get a new episode, but this was a great one to lead into a little break.

Sofie said...

What an episode! So great! We have a great case here with an unsub who kills not for the thrill of killing but to get attention, for revenge and to end up... in jail where to object of this revenge is... dad.

Rossi was BRILLIANT! The way he lead the case was so superb. We saw a man of great experience in action. I have to say that it has been a while since we say Rossi like that. The man his back in the action! The church scene was really good. It was special seeing him "profiling" the scene in the church and from there make the deduction to end up at the Laundromat. Also, that last moment at the end when Sofia opened her card and we see what is inside... made me flip of joy! Rossi is a wonderful and generous man in all way!

The team was also awesome! JJ was so efficient has always and in this episode she showed so much strength. Emily was more in the forefront also.

This episode is one like we haven't seen in a while! Congrats to the cast and the new writer Jess Prosser. He wrote an awesome episode! Get more writers like that! Good job Jess!

Anonymous said...

This episode was great! JJ was so compassionate with the mom and daughter, and it was awesome to see more of her. It seems like she gets left out sometimes, but not in this episode :)

Anonymous said...

Great first effort by the writer.

Question. Maybe I missed something but since the check was Rossi's, did he pay for it himself? Did I miss something.

Lots of JJ lately. That suits me but I would like a more balanced showing of the characters.

I hope he rots in prison with his dad. Very unlikeable unsub. I would give the episode an A-

Neoshia said...

Loved this episode!! It was absolutely amazing. It was a very strong episode that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire hour. I always like when they show the team making a personal connection to the case. I thought what Rossi (and the team) did for the mother and daughter at the end was a nice touch. I still can't believe this unsub killed all of those innocent people for pure revenge.

Ele said...

I think it was an ok episode, not great. I did not like the following: the little girl smiled way too much after just seeing her father bleed to death, I think showing the unsub repeatedly stabbing his father was not needed because we knew that was going to happen when the team talked about them going to the same prision.You do not need to show us every horrible act, it is better and scarier to imagine it.
Did enjoy seeing a lot of AJ and Joe M on this one! Rossi´s character is very interesting. Missed Hotch!

Elle said...

Loved seeing more of JJ and Rossi in this one. JJ with the mother and daughter was great. it was interesting how her symapthy for them lead to her almost not being able to do her job. the scene at the end when the little girl was so excited when she opened the card and saw the check from Rossi was priceless. Again we see Rossi's generous side.

CheetoBreath said...

EW!!!!!!!!!!!! Ew ew ew ew!!! Did I already say EW??!! That opening scene was way, waaaaaay more graphic/gory than what CM has been currently. I was SO not prepared for that. Even though I looked away, I still saw enough to have my stomach in knots for 10-15 minutes after that and I couldn't concentrate on what was happening on the show. Very disturbing. But, from reading the comments I guess I am pretty much the only person that found that disturbing. =/

Wasn't a fan of the actress who played the mom, especially the interview part - it was kinda.... I dunno, awkward watching her?? Maybe it was because I was still disturbed from the opening scene? I dunno.

I also didn't like how the little girl was all "happy happy joy joy" little kid after the fact. In fact, it really irked me. I know young children aren't able to fully grasp the concept and permanence of death, but still. I had a friend who passed away from cancer almost a year ago and left behind her 3-year old son and he's still sad about it and even asks for her occassionally still!!! So it kind of irked me that the little girl was all happy, like "oh yay let's have tea parties - who cares if Daddy's gone." Especially after having SEEN what happened to her Dad/how he died?? UGH.

It wasn't a bad episode, it was actually a pretty good episode. But unfortunately the few things I didn't like about it bothered me so much that it overshadowed the rest of the episode. I certainly hope the ep directed by MGG won't be that gory/disturbing. I may ask a friend to record it for me and wait for all your guys' comments first. LOL. =X

Loved all the Rossi. Joe Mantegna rocks.

Maja Flaathe said...

Ah, I liked this one.
Too little Reid though.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I didn't love this one. The cast were amazing, as always, but I didn't like the turn the writers have taken with JJ's character. It's as though they've decided that now that she's a mother, it's okay for her not to do her job properly and to argue with her superiors. And the mother of the little girl who only agreed to talk to the press because the last victim was a mother? Ew. She didn't help because it was the right thing to do, or because it was her civic duty, or because a police officer told her to, it took finding out that the victim had a kid to make her do the decent thing. As if having a child makes you more worthy of justice than someone who doesn't.

Sorry for the downer, but those things really counted against the episode, in my opinion.

On the bright side, I thought it was a great storyline overall, and I loved Reid's line about PhDs at the end!

morti_addams said...

did i mention that i CAN´T wait to see that epi.

from germany

Caitlin said...

Pretty awesome episode! Rossi and JJ really shone in this episode! I was a little sad that there wasn't much of Reid (Especially in that blue thing :P Great color on him! hehehe!) or Garcia :(

Overall it was pretty creepy! I'm definitely going to watch my back more!

K, I'm really excited for the episode directed by MGG too! I'm sure he'll post it on twitter :P

I REALLY don't want to wait another 2 week for an episode! That is WAYYYYY too long.

Caitlin said...

I just saw on twitter that the episode that MGG directed is airing March 3rd and it's called "Mosley Lane"! OHMYGUBLER! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Great teamwork and great episode, story line was good, intense and interesting, overall quality episode. Everyone did a great job on this one and it was especially interesting to see JJ’s torment/turmoil, there was certainly no mistaking she didn’t want to do what was expected of her and really had to be pushed.

The profiling through the episode was really nice to see and the team work was superb all the way through.

From some of the comments above, yes have to agree the little girl’s behaviour was a little strange, she was at an age of understanding the gravity of the situation and the horrible way her father was slain, but I overlooked that for of the good parts … the plane scene wrapping up the case was great & Reid’s comment on PHD’s on son’s defying fathers, the little girls joy on receiving the team’s card & cheque was a pleasure to see and I especially loved the end montage of a town picking up the pieces, thought that was very nicely done.

I’ve come to expect the worst so the end scene in the prison didn’t surprise me, especially after Morgan’s comment, admittedly I had to look away, and it didn’t help that the rest of the prisoners’ just stood there, too much to expect anything else I guess! Although we didn’t see it the killing of the mother in the library bothered me, I think it was that he didn’t go after the father who dragged his son away, and I’m not saying he deserved it either, (or was that him seeing himself, I'll have to go back and watch that again) just the fact that he picked the easy innocent target (maybe it’s me looking at it through a mothers eyes!!)

Will miss CM for the next few weeks but we are still catching up here so I’ll still get to see my favourite team doing their marvellous work we air “100” next week.

I see from comments that MGG directed an episode can’t wait to see that one!!!

jenny0285 said...

I liked this episode. All the characters seemed to have equal time to me, and it's nice to give the victims some time!! I'm a HUGE Hotch fan, and what i loved the most about this episode was the plane scene at the end, when they were talking about fathers being bullies, and hotch said, " There are lots of ways sons defeat their fathers," i got the impression he was talking about himself!! in season 1 it hinted that hotch was a victim of abuse, and i thought that this scene was a little hint of that also. Hotch is defeating his father by fighting the bad guys..... this is why i love CM, they always give you sutble little hints every now and then!! :-)

Laura_G said...

Congrats to Jess on a very solid first ep. I enjoyed the episode a lot and thought it was much better than some we have had this season. Thanks again to the entire cast and crew. Great job!

Helen said...

Well, first of all, congratulations to Jess Prosser; I'm impressed with your first episode. :) I was captivated by the case through the whole episode, there was never a boring moment. I adored JJ doin' her thing with the press, especially at the beginning when she very pointedly let the press know, "When they're ready, and not a moment sooner, so don't bother asking". And when she was making under the table deals with reporters. Hey, she finally gets to do her job!

I didn't much like the part where her and Hotch were at odds, but they are my two favourite characters and I always want them to be best friends.

I loved Rossi in this episode; "we keep her with us and we take the bastard down." Hell yes, Rossi. :)

I do agree with the people who said the little girl, Sophia, was a bit too happy-go-lucky for what she'd just seen, I thought. And I agree, it was hard to watch her father being killed, and hard to know that the little boy's mother in the library was killed...

I think the ending was very powerful, showing the community taking back their city, being able to live without constant fear again; however, I think we didn't really need the real end scene with Connor stabbing his dad. Morgan had already hinted at what was going to happen on the plane, we didn't need to see it. For me, it just took away from the sense of peace created by the preceding scenes.

Speaking of which, was I the only one who paused my recording to see all their signatures in the card?! ;) Like another Hotch fan mentioned, I did think of him and his own father when he said, "there are lots of ways sons defeat their fathers." Whether or not he was is another matter, but that was where my mind went. At that point I also loved the way Reid smiled and said, "I get PHDs." That was priceless! :D

Funny thing, at the beginning when everyone went up for communion, all I could think was, "It's never that deathly quiet when people are going up for communion!" It was so unnatural... I mean, even if you're a good Catholic (which I am not) and you're praying afterwards, there is still the rustle of clothing as people walk up and down the aisles and settle into the pews and breath. Ah well.

So, those are some of my thoughts. All in all, I did love the episode! Much better than last week's "Parasite" I thought, more engaging, and even though my #1 character (Hotch) was not front and center I was still captivated for the whole thing. That's the thing about Criminal Minds - the writing and the stories and all the characters are brilliant, so even the story's not a Hotch or JJ story I can still love the episode.

Thanks, Jess! Brilliant job. :)


babruin said...

It was hard to figure out why this episode felt flat and unexciting.
Kudos to Jess that it was his first "baby". It delivered as a solid story about a slash and dash unsub. Everyone did their duty as expected, like JJ did her sympathetic Mom thing, Reid was the police station jockey again,Rossi was no-nonsense,Morgan is back to tackling unsubs,etc. Nothing was riveting or surprising or heavy hitting. To have Garcia just punch in a few parameters to get an instant unsub to tie up loose ends is too unbelieveable.
So it was an OK storyline of a son going to extremes to one-up his father but at a cost of so many other lives. Not a favorite episode but I look forward to what Jess can do in the future.

Shadow said...

Congrats to Jess Prosser for a great first episode! It will not go to my all-time favorites, but certainly to my favorite episodes of the season!

It was a strong case and I really loved the ending. I know it’s ten kinds of wrong, but I totally cheered when the unsub got back at his father, I always love it when grown-up children pay back their abusive parents.

I usually prefer case/team centric episodes, so this one was right up my alley, and it didn’t hurt that it reminded me a lot of A Real Rain which is one of my favorites from season 1. Some parts brought Ashes and Dust to mind as well. I didn’t even notice the lack of Reid others have mentioned. Huh? He was kept safe and warm at the station once again, though. ;)

There was a lot of JJ this time and I liked it that we got to see a new aspect of her work with the media. As far as I remember this is the first time we saw her struggling with that part of her job. Interesting new aspect. The scene I liked most with JJ was the tea party with the little girl, though. Such a nice contrast to the tea party we got in The Uncanny Valley. The card for the little girl’s First Communion was also a very sweet gesture both of JJ who initiated it and of Rossi who was once again very generous with a victim.

Rossi was very strong in this episode, too. My favorite scene with him was on the plane when he decided he will go to the church before Hotch could even think of assigning Morgan that task. Such a great contrast to the Rossi we saw in Lucky! I also liked it how he reassured the priest that if the priest couldn’t see the family, then he couldn’t have seen the unsub. I believe that was important to relieve the priest’s conscience.

The person that impressed me most this week was the soldier’s wife. I didn’t like her at first, but she really gained my respect throughout the episode. A very strong character and a job well done by the actress who played her. Kudos!

All in all, I’m a very happy Criminal Minds fan this week.

Michaela said...

The episode starts with a young family rushing to get to church, the child stops in the road, playing with her doll, her father then swoops her into his arms. They are the epitome of a normal family. Inside the church. The service is already underway so they quickly make their way to the seats. The next scene sees them taking part during communion. When the family are away from their seats, someone enters the church and takes a seat in the row behind them. From the way the scene was shot, you do not see his face. As the family make their way back to their seats, the man in the row behind them pulls on a pair of leather gloves. Once they are in their seats, the mother and daughter begin to argue about whether the daughter should be playing with her doll, when the mother is preoccupied with the little girl - Sophia, the man in the row behind stands up, and slashes the father’s throat before quickly leaving the church. While the father bleeds out and dies, the cries of his wife and daughter echo through that church.

The next scene shows the BAU gathered around the round table as JJ explains the case. During the briefing we find out that three people have been killed in total, and as the team believe these killing are completely random, they think there is a chance the unsub could go on a spree. This causes Hotch to tell the team they will be leaving ASAP!

After the credits roll in, the team are on the jet, they are discussing the case and trying to make as many links as they can. Before they land, Hotch dismisses the team, sending them to different crimes scenes and the precinct to cover as much space at once.

In the next scene Rossi goes to the church to meet with the priest, he emphasises with the priest telling him how he doesn’t like police tape in front of the church, so he knows that he cannot either.

Next, we see Hotch and Reid in the precinct. The officer in charge of the case comments how that when he knew the BAU was coming, he expected more than two agents, to which tells him that the others have gone straight to the crime scenes. Hotch asks the detective to join Emily at one of the crime scenes as soon as possible. The detective moves over to the notice board and he ask Reid what his gut is telling him. Reid tells him that from the crime scenes they can tell that he chooses his victims out of favourable circumstance, not preference. He also tells the detective that with each kill the unsub is growing bolder which tells them that he doesn’t care who sees them, and the next kill will be in a bolder place. Hotch then calls Garcia who has been compiling a list of public events, but Garcia tells him there are just too many. Big and small.

You are then back with the unsub. You see a young woman standing at the bus stop. The unsub approaches and lights a cigarette. As he makes his way into the bus stop, he pulls on his leather gloves and takes out his knife. As he moves forward, the woman’s bus arrives, and she narrowly escapes attack.

You next see Morgan and JJ sitting in the SUV outside of the church victims house. The house is currently surrounded by reporters. As they make their way into the house, JJ tells the press that the BAU are strictly there to advise the Providence police and when they are ready to make their statement they will let them know. Inside the house, JJ and Morgan question the victims wife about what happened in the church. This also cuts to Rossi and the priest as they all go through the attack. Once again inside the church, it is clear that the priest is blaming himself. Rossi asks him different questions about the attack, finally ending with asking if he could see the family, when he says no, Rossi tells him to stop blaming himself because if he couldn’t see the family, there was no way he could see the unsub.

Michaela said...

The scene then shoots back to the Collins family house. Morgan is questioning the victim’s wife. While he is doing this, Sophia, his daughter comes out of her bedroom and calls JJ over. Sophia tells JJ that she shook the unsubs hand during the sign of peace. JJ then helps Sophia back into her room, and Morgan continues to talk Meg Collin’s through Communion as Rossi acts it out. JJ decides that she is going to stay with Meg and Sophia in case she remembers something else. This is what Morgan realises that the unsub is no psychotic and he will not go on a spree but he doesn’t know what he is trying to accomplish.

We then find Prentiss in the laundrette. She is acting out the routine of the second victim when the detective enters. She realises that with all of the machines on, there is no way that the victim would have heard the unsub enter. As the detective and Prentiss as acting the crime out again and discussing the attack, and how the knife was left behind - they realise the knife was left because he can get at new one at any army navy store, Dave comes in to the laundrette and asks them to take a ride with them because he believes that the unsub is attacking the crime scenes themselves. He also believes that the unsub is not only revisiting his crimes, but reliving them as well.

Back at the police station you see someone watching the team enter.

When the scene changes you are back at the church victims house. JJ is having a tea party with Sophia. Meg asks JJ how many children she has because she is too good at it not to be a mom. JJ tells her one. A boy. JJ’s phone rings, when she answers it is Rossi who tells her he needs her to do something. JJ has to tell the victim that there is a chance that the unsub is watching them, and that there is a chance that the media could have brought him to their house.

The BAU are then giving the profile. They tell the Providence PD that it is important that they think of the unsub as an arsonist, not a slashes because they receive gratification from the panic they cause, not the murder itself. They tell them that the victims are not important to the crime/unsub, in is the places he is murdering them. During the profile, the scene cuts to a market, and you see a woman buying flowers. After a few moments, it cuts back to the profile briefing, and to JJ. Everyone then finds out another victim has been murdered. After this, Hotch calls JJ and tells her that she is needed at the newest crime scene. JJ has to fight with her conscious, but Meg tells her that it is okay. She understands that tone of voice.

At the market the BAU and Providence PD quickly step into action. They soon realise that the first responder who called for help and a ambulance was actually the unsub. Because of this they create a perimeter around the market, however as a police officer attempts to get a man he knows inside the perimeter, you see that it is the unsub, who then proceeds to murder the police office, as he knew him.

After the police officers murder, the BAU realise that as the media has been turned onto the police officer instead of the unsub, they need to create a distraction to get the attention back on him. This causes them to ask Meg Collins to hold a press conference. She refuses.

Back at the station, Hotch tells Rossi that the Major won’t sign off on a press conference at the church, and they continue to talk about the unsubs behaviour, trying to figure out why he hasn’t gone on a spree and from this, they tell the detective they need a list of places his officers go, which then takes the scene to a café where the police officers are toasting a coffee to the murdered officer. As the scene continues, you see that it is in fact the unsub who is serving them, and as they continue to talk about him as a coward, he becomes more and more agitated.

Michaela said...

Once they have a list of the places the police officers frequent, Hotch and Rossi get Garcia to run searches, tying any behaviour and juvenile records to the employees. They find one. And he works at a café across the road from the police department.

The BAU and the Providence Police department storm into the café, only to find that they are too late and the unsub is gone. They hit the unsubs address but he isn’t there either.

The agitation earlier caused by the police officers forces the unsub into a local library. He sees a young child sitting on the floor looking at books. The boys father comes along and drags the young boy off the floor despite his protests. This causes the unsub to see himself as a boy at the hands of his fathers abuse. This causes his rage to grow, you then find out that he has killed a young mother.

David deduces that they have to go to their original plan to make an event he can’t avoid. They realise that they have to pretend that the woman in the library is still alive. They then organise a candlelight vigil for her at the church. The death of the young mother also prompts Meg Collin’s to do the press confernece JJ asked her to do earlier, asking everyone to support the young woman and her family.

At the candlelight vigil, the spot the unsub and he is very quickly taken into custody. He believes that he will be treated like a God in prision, however the detectives tell him he has to see how they treat them in the police station first.

Once the unsub is caught, the BAU are back on the plane and reflecting on the case, you see JJ passing a card around for to the team, however you do not see what it is for.

After the card is signed, you see Sophia Collin’s taking part in her communion. Her mother watching proudly from the front row. You also see people once again using the laundrette, and the fallen police officers photo being placed on a wall within the precinct. After the montage of various shots, you are back in the Collin’s home. Sophia is opening the card earlier signed by the BAU. Within the card is a cheque made of to the young child, from David Rossi.

In the last scene you see the unsub waiting in line in prison. He is passed something, and then he slowly makes it up the line, taking his spot behind his father. After a quick exchange in comments when his father asks if his mother knows he is there, the unsub repeatedly stabs his father.

RMF said...

Good, creepy, suspenseful episode. I liked the how their view of the unsub evolved from a volatile individual undergoing a meltdown to someone with a calculating plan. The idea of a city under attack from someone who was not a political terrorist was interesting and different, though it did turn out to be personal in the end, directed at the unsub's father. The unsub himself was a stringy, undistinguished guy, but there was a chill in the idea of his chatting up the cops daily in the diner across the street while simultaneously turning their city upside down.

Not a lot of Hotch or Reid, but a welcome dose of Rossi, who's been underused so far this season. I guess you just mustn't mess with a church while he's around. Funny how he loves his religion while he can't conform to it. Nice turn by the priest, too, conveying just how shaken he is at the violation of his community. I also liked the return of Hotch as the hardass boss. We can understand JJ wanting to hold the hand of the widow, but catching the bad guy is even better.

Once again, father-son issues all over the place. Yes, we wonder again about Hotch. Reid's comment about PhDs. Heh. Daughters do that too.

Good newbie. Gets a cookie.

K said...

This episode was awesome! Even Reid and Garcia weren't practically on screen at all, I really enjoyed it. No idea how am I gonna survive without CM for two weeks (!), but I'm quite sure that Mosley Lane will make it up for all lunatic Criminal Minds fanatics :)

amelialor said...

I actually really liked this case. I can see this was the first episode from this writer, so congrats.
It was a strong case and I liked how they shown the murderers affecting not only the families of the victims, but the whole community too.
It's nice when they pan out and show us how serious and terrifying for everyone the possibility of a serial killer loose around town can be.
I really like Sprague Grayden, the actress who played the mother, so thank you for bringing into this show yet another one of my favorite actors.
Now about JJ. Yes, it's nice to see her caring and defending the families, since this is part of her job, and I like that we can actually see the job affecting her once in a while, but what I really like is when she gets to go out and really deal with the press and make them do what she needs them to. I enjoyed the fact that we got to see that part of her in this episode, even in glimpses, since the show rarely shows that nowadays.
Overall, not many team moments to point out. I was happy to see the scene on the plane and Hotch little hint-hint and Reid's real honest answer.

gubegirl said...


New epi on Wed., March 3rd, directed by MGG, written about on this blog and titled "Mosley Lane"