Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Cradle to Grave" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness. Episode written by Breen Frazier who will be in the Criminal Minds Fanatic chat room at 10pm est to discuss the episode.

**Beware of spoilers! ***

**** Quotes and Song info will be posted as soon as the episode airs on the east coast***


jenna said...

Looking forward to the episode!!

HardKOrr said...

I can't wait for another new episode of my favorite show! Season 5 has been great so far...keep up the good work.

Congratulations on reaching your 100th episode!! We love our team!!


gubegirl said...

How cool is that - already 100 episodes! I only wish we could look forward to as many more...we can only hope...this season is certainly off to a great start!

As far as tomorrow's epi: who was it that once said many of these are based on true stories?? Anyone know? Scares me to death sometimes that these things are really going on out there...

Brigitte said...

Just saw the promo on CTV and it look great and creepy! Can't wait to see the episode then chat with Breen!


CheetoBreath said...

Yay! Can't wait! Congrats to everyone working the show on your 100th episode! Here's to many many more! :)

Anonymous said...

This story is very unsettling. What kind of mind can that killer have?

Last episode's unsubs were terrible, but even so mindless violence or violence for the fun of it is a social problem so that it makes good sense to think about it and to wonder about its roots. Rape and murder with a nine-month cooling off period inbetween is chillingly calculated and weird.

What does the guy do with the babies? How does he not come to care for the mothers during their pregnancy, or does he let them go back to their lives until the time of birth? Scary stuff.

Ghislaine H. B. said...

I can't wait to watch it.
Let's just hope that this evening's episode will let more place to emotion than violence (like last week)...

Sofie said...

Tonight episode will bring a lot of emotion I'm sure since we are dealing with woman and babies. Making woman pregnant so he, the unsub, can take the babies away after they are born could be because he wants revenge on something of is childhood or for experimentation... anyway it will be very poignant.

Congratulation to Criminal Minds for the 100th episode! You Guys are the best, the actors, the crew and everyone else working on this WONDERFUL tv show. You are #1 to me! May it go on FOREVER!

Kirsten said...

Episode 5... Ed had promised some backstory to the poll winner in the first 5 epi's so looking forward to learning more about Hotch.

jackie said...

Looking forward to another
awesome episode tonight of my
favorite show! Can't waite for it to air!
Congratulations as well on
reaching your 100th episode!
All of us here on the Criminal
Minds Fanatic site really love
our team!! You guys really

Anonymous said...

Jazzysofie, thanks for your thoughts. You just made me even more nervous about the story! The idea he's doing it either for revenge or for experimentation is gruesome. Either the involuntary extreme of childhood damage or the conscious extreme of scientific experiment.

I wonder if he hates babies or mothers. Could he possibly be enacting hatred of the father too -- in an Oedipal-type usurpation of the father combined with hatred of the co-sinner (mother)?

gubegirl, I hope it's not true, though wasn't there supposed to be an episode based on that German (or Austrian?) case where a father kept his daughter in the cellar for decades and had many many children with her? Could this be that episode? If this unsub were the child of an arrangement like that, perhaps that would explain the creepiness of the case.

I forgot to say before -- Many Congrats on the 100th Episode!

Deirdre said...

I can't wait for this episode, just like every episode. Tonights really sounds disturbing though!!

morti_addams said...

i can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone in thinking the episode sounds disturbing. Like someone else said, there's something chillingly calculated about the whole thing that really gives me a creepy feeling like no other episode has -- and this is before it's aired!

No doubt there will be a lot of emotional reaction to this particular episode, and I look forward to seeing other people's opinions.

Anonymous said...

I've been tracking season 5 episodes here and online, thanks everyone for your comments, Season 5 premier is being aired here in Australia next Monday, finally!!- can't wait

We lag behind which is quite frustrating, I'm still waiting to get season 4 on DVD which hasn't been released in this region as yet

Love your blog and all the tit bits of information and photos posted

To the CM team, cast, writers & crew you are the best, love your work and congratulations on your 100th episode – absolutely the best show on TV 

Season 5 episodes so far have been awesome, some ‘serious’ storylines but awesome all the same, love the storyline developing on Hotch & family

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the episode made it seem like Morgan is being groomed to take over for Hotch.

Creepy episode but really good.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Hotch stepping down? at least he is still on the show- definately wouldnt be the same without him! Personally I would love that since he stepped down he could have a relationship with Emily cuz he is no longer her supervisor. Probably not if Strauss is so set on distroying the team, but a girl can hope cant she? I started watching mid episode but that shocked me that Hotch stepped down, never thought that would happen. but Hotch SMILED! haven't seen that in a little while. Good episode, very creepy, gonna have to watch the whole thing tomorrow to get the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Got a phone call at 8:50 - the little boy, was he the couple's grandson? So he was a twin?

Anonymous said...


MORGAN IS ACTING CHIEF?????????????????????

HOLY COW!!!!!!!

Really awesome eppy! Really creepy at parts, but really awesome! I want to see it again!

( Though I am sure my neighbors don't as I know they heard me shriek and scream over the ending tonight! )

DianeDJ said...

Awesome episode! Ay darn you Strauss!

Candy said...

OMG what an awesome episode! Hotch is going through so much turmoil and still his love of his team shows in everything he does. What would the BAU be without him??? My respect for Hotch's personal integrity grows with each episode. But when are they gonna give the poor guy a break??? I want to see him get (ie murder!) Foyet, play with his son again, and flash that million dollar smile!

Anonymous said...

I have to say i can understand why though. He has a lot of things going on in his life right now, stepping down for a bit might be good for him. Its one last stress for him and it gives him time to heal. I don't think its going to be permanent though. I also think he don't think he trusts himself at this moment in time either, too much pain and anger and it could turn out to be a disaster.

But at lest he smiles!

SweetThang said...



Ali (nolatulip) said...

Morgan with a baby in a vest was totally faint worthy. COuldn't stop swooning.

JJ going in the door first was also amazing.

All in all great episode, super creepy, but loved the more JJ.

BB said...

HOLY. CRAP. This was a very good episode! The reappearance of Strauss was...well...okay...LOL! The way Hotch was bearing Morgan down on all of the extra stuff throughout was a good way to lead towards the ending scene between them. I CANT BELIEVE IT. Morgan, temporary unit chief...Huh. I hope Hotch will come back soon though. It'll be interesting to see how Morgan decides with his new position though.

LOVED LOVED LOVED all the JJ in this episode. :D Her knowledge of the children, and the fact that we got to learn that she helps new moms, was real intriguing. And the badass part at the end with her and Prentiss was pretty amazing. Loved it. They both looked so intense. JJ's been involved a whole lot more, and that's exactly what I was hoping for this season.

Breen Frazier did an amazing writing job.

The case itself was highly disturbing. I got chills when Morgan was speaking to the mother, and having to take the baby away. Oh, and the old couple that would speak to JJ, the grandparents, did amazing...especially the mom. I love how they got to adopt Michael at the end. He was a cute boy.

I thought this was a great episode. This has been an amazing season so far.

Anonymous said...

I never want to see another wire hanger as long as I live. I am shocked that Hotch stepped down. I think he needs the break but I don't think Morgan is going to really like the job. Fantastically twisted episode. The hour flew by!

Anonymous said...

I totally hated the ending. There's no way Morgan can be expected to 'take over' for Hotch. He's far too much of a hothead to be Chief, IMO. But it will be interesting to see if Morgan lets all the power go to his head or not.

The story itself was very good I thought. I had a feeling early on that the unsub was someone who either couldn't have children or had a child to die. I didn't expect him to have a wife though. While a bit creepy, I still couldn't help but feel sympathetic to the cancer stricken woman a bit. I do have one we know if she participated in the murders or was it just the husband?

All in all another excellent episode. Still not happy about ending but hopefully in a few weeks that will all be resolved.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say how great it was to see Max Gail as the grandfather! I loved him on Barney Miller!!

Anonymous said...

I am confused as to why Rossi didn't take over. He has more experience than Morgan. I thought the scenes with Morgan and Hotch were great.

Did this remind anyone else of the Fritzl story. I agree that this was a creepy episode but I really enjoyed it.

I do want Hotch back on top though. Morgan doesn't have the grit to pull it off.

jackie said...

I haven't had a chance yet
to watch the entire episode,
but the last 10 minutes i saw
left me saying "what the heck"?
How can Strauss do this to
poor Hotch? I know he's been
throught a lot, and has a lot
on his mind, but he can still
run this team and be in charge.
As someone said earlier, when
is this poor guy going to catch
a break? When he told Morgan he
was stepping down, i just went
no Hotch, you can't do that.
As Morgan said, "this will only
be until Foyet is caught, and
then things go back to normal,
just like they were". I sure
hope he's right. I don't want
anyone running this team except
Hotch. He is their true leader.
Talk about putting someone in
shock. At least it's Morgan, and
not someone from outside the
office. Any way, great episode
from what i saw, and i will be
back to post again, after i
have watched this episode in
its entirety. Thanks Criminal
Minds for yet another awesome
episode. Can't waite to see the
next new one in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

hopefully hotch is back after they catch foyett, but still morgan in charge should allow for some interesting new episode next week?

Anonymous said...

No new one for two weeks is going to kill me.

Hailee Hirsch was great! The A story was great. We haven't had this kind of unsub before or a crime so true to recent headlines.

Story B.....I want Hotch back really quick.

A++ for the episode.

Gaby said...

Great creepy case...interesting ending. It was a nice focus on JJ, hopefully we will get some more Emily in future episodes, thats my only complaint (not enough Prentiss). :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. I hope that Hotch will get his job back once they catch Foyet. I loved every minute. It was creepy and what people would do for babies oh my god. I loved it at the end where Prentiss and JJ went in together. We need more Prentiss episodes.

Candy said...

Would anyone else besides me like to see strauss have a little one on one time alone with Foyet? That would take care of least one of Hotch's problems! And something tells me Morgan will NOT like working for that woman!

meaghan said...

Imprisoning women for the sake of impregnating them was a really new twist. And Morgan as the boss....nay...doesn't work for me at all. Great episode saddled down with a predictable Hotch storyline.

Sofie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

This week's episode was great... until the last scene. WTF?! Hotch stepping down? Come on, seriously? Hotch sitting in the bullpen is absurd. If this isn't just temporary, then TG is getting really ripped off, as is his character.

Anonymous said...

I too was glad that the girls were put up for adoption and not killed. I think that would have ruined the episode for me and I really liked it. You could tell that Hotch was grooming Morgan from the beginning but it was still shocking.

Vicky said...

Interesting. Hotchner kicks butt in the backstory poll yet no backstory. And now they demote him? Is my favourite show trying to implode? Good epi tonight until the end...

Unknown said...

WTF!!!! Morgan as Unit Chief????


Stephanie said...

Candy, LOVE your suggestion! Would hope Strauss and Foyet kill each other.

Amy said...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Like Hotch hasn't been through enough already?! Come on writers, give the guy a break. I hope that he goes off and tracks Foyet full time. And he'd better be reinstated (with appropriate grovelling from Strauss) really soon. Hotch is the ONLY Unit Chief for the BAU... even Morgan knows that.

Kirsten said...

It's a real shame that a good A-story (and thank you Breen for coming to chat) was overshadowed and unfortunately for me, ruined by a crappy conclusion to the B-story.

For 50mins I was happy. I liked the storyline, the team input, etc. It was great to see more JJ and both AJ and Thomas were really on their games. :)

But then you stab the Hotch sisters when they're already down. HATED the ending. The move really had better be temporary. Hotch is no good at pushing paper; he's a natural leader. Put him back where he belongs.

Oh, and backstory for him? As others have said, it was a promise to the fans...

Totally ticked.

Brigitte said...

Morgan as unit chief???? No way! I hope Hotch will be back as unit chief once they have catch Foyet.

Good story with the unsub and the babies, very creepy, poor woman, to be so desperated to have a child that she would do something like this.

Great to have JJ do more in this episode.

Oh I hate Strauss, what an evil woman!

Great acting work from Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.

oh and hell, we have to wait two weeks for a new CM....


Unknown said...

A BIG Thank You to Breen Frazier for joining us after the episode tonight. Breen is a delightful person, so sweet and innocent looking and writes such CREEPY stuff!

And this was one creepy episode. Those poor young women, abducted and impregnated and given pitosin to put them into labor. And, if they gave birth to girls, the moms were killed! At least the baby girls were left at churches so they could be adopted.

Strauss raised her nasty head and ripped Hotch a new one - well actually we don't know exactly what she said to him, but it wasn't good since it caused Hotch to voluntarily step down and promote Morgan to unit chief - even if it is temporary, it will be a huge adjustment for the team.

I wonder what kind of leader Morgan will make. We got a tiny taste of it tonight when he snapped at JJ, but then he realized what he had said and apologized. He is going to HATE the paperwork.

We did learn that JJ volunteers and counsels new mother which is a really lovely thing. YAY and Garcia was adorable as usual.

There was no promo, so I guess no episode until November :(.

Anonymous said...

The end was a great twist and should prove to be quite a test on the team (kind of like the quote by Hotch at the end of Season 4 indicated was coming). Will they willing follow Morgan? Or will they question his every move like he did Hotch (adn Gideon)? Will he question himself? What kind of trouble is this going to get them into?

Our writers have not let us down thus far, so I am buckling in for an exciting ride... can't wait to see what the 100th episode holds.

Darcy said...

no, no, no, no , no! Morgan cannot be the unit chief, no way.

Until this twist happen, Hotch stepping down, I was happy with what I was seeing, great case, some good JJ, btw AJ Cook did well!
but the ending felt like a punch!

The BAU team is a great team with Hotch as their leader, I hope he will be back in that position soon!


Michelle said...

Hotch is the man. I don't care what rank he has, that was an incredibly unselfish move he made. I truly hope it is temporary, Hotch isn't one to be stuck in the bullpen. Fabulous acting, TG!

geniuskitty said...

Once again Hotch sacrifices himself .. stepping down so the team can stay together . Wow .. the combination of sadness and almost relief that crossed his face ( dead on , once again TG ) and finally the payoff for the tension between he and Morgan . I'm going to love watching Morgan try to fill those shoes . And everyone else cope with not having Hotch in charge to smooth over all the rough spots .. has Strauss learned nothing from the last time ??? I wanted to smack that smug expression off her face .. LOL
I did think the case was interesting and a nice change from the complete brutality & sadism of last week . But the case took a back seat to the intensity of the continuing saga of Hotch , and how the team is handling it .
Best of luck , Morgan ..

Brigitte said...

btw where is the backstory on Hotch that we were promised in the first five episodes?


Ripley said...

A big thank you to Breen Frazier for attending our chat tonight! It was wonderful and very informative. You wrote another great episode of CM. Now I can't wait to watch it the second time around. ☺ Congrats on 100 episodes! CM is the best show on TV! This is all due to great writers, directors, cast and crew. Looking forward to 100 more.

\m/ o(*_*)o \m/


Anonymous said...

Hotch's behavior has been irratic since Foyett so I wasn't really surprised. I actually thought he would resign so I am glad that he is still going to be on the team. Does this mean that Hotch does the tackling now?

mellysmelba said...

Morgan really is the only choice to lead right now. Rossi wouldn't want the headaches, Prentiss is too new to the BAU, JJ is Liason, way, and Garcia can't either! It's either a current member of the BAU or someone from outside...

mellysmelba said...

Damn!!!! Another fantastic episode with a TWIST! I love this show...

shawna said...

I don`t get all the Morgan hate. Hotch handed over the leadership to Morgan. And Morgan made clear that it is only temporary . And Hotch even smiled.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is Morgan hate necessarily... just people freaking out over a twist they don't like.... but that's what makes it a twist.
I think it is going to be a great opportunity for Morgan to see what true leadership is... picture definition = Aaron Hotchner

Brenda said...

Don't hate Morgan, just don't see him as the team leader. Hotch is the team leader, will not accept anyone else.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone hates Morgan. Personally I don't think he has the self control or experience that Hotch has. We've seen Morgan get too attached and emotional during cases before and it has clouded his judgement. In a few years he would probably make a great Chief but he isn't ready now. I do think it is going to be very interesting watching the internal dynamics of the team change. Nice to see JJ have some screen time.

shawna said...

But Hotch wants Morgan to be the temporary team leader!

Clara Taylor said...

The episode was great, the storyline was interesting and the unsubs very disturbing.
I liked everything about it except the last 2 minutes.
I have a huge problem with that, and I just can't see it happening, sorry.
Leaving aside the fact that Hotch was forced to step down, him asking Morgan to be unit chief is like a bad joke. He is best friends with Rossi and he knows Rossi would be better for the job.He certainly is more diplomatic and more skilled in politics. And i would assume that if you had to ask someone for a favor you would turn to your old friend first. Morgan doesn't care for the lead of the team. He's not about paperwork and politics, so the choice is very much forced. And Hotch didn't believe him capable to lead a team in New York, why would he now? Morgan hasn't changed that much.
I'm not saying that Morgan can't do it. I'm just saying that Hotch asking him is not really believable.
I hope this won't backfire.

Anonymous said...

I dislike that a really great episode was overshadowed by the Hotch steps down story. I would like to see us get back to having the drama be because of the crime and unsub and not a crisis with one of the BAU members. I really enjoyed the crime part of the episode. Disliked the Hotch part.

jazz said...

Loved it. Fav of the season.

Shawn said...

Great job on this one, Breen.

Loved all the JJ material in this one. From the opening profile, to her going to check on Hotch, to her questioning Morgan to the lovely dual profile shot with Em. Not a JJ ep per say, but great material. And of course, AJ was fantastic.

Which brings it to Shemar and Thomas. Way to knock it out of the park all episode long, fellas.

I love my show.

Sofie said...
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Anonymous said...

PHENOM!!! Woo hoo to TG and company - this season is not for the meek

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? what kind of ending is that?!? Morgan as Unit Chief, please... that's a laugh! And I like the man, I do, but he would have been the last one on my list. He just can't focus and he gets too attached most of the times. Rossi or Prentiss would have been way better options, especially Rossi! the man built the BAU for crying out loud.
Ok, I hope my back didn't hurt the writers' knives.

It was an excellent episode, until the bloody end!

Hotch better be back in charge SOON.

Anonymous said...

Oh, God! That episode was something amazing! That's what I've been waited for a long time! The case was creepy, disturbing but so touching and made many thoughts to come to my mind. And the Hotch part. God! I know as a massive Hotch-fan I'd be in a kind of panic, but I'm not. :) I love Morgan so much, but I can't see him as a team leader for a long time. It's just temporary I think, as he said that too. It's just a step what Hotch had to take to save the team and himself too. I think Hotch wants to be in charge and he found the best way to save a chance to be Unit Cheif again. And I really think he needs some rest, and if he's not the team leader for a while, but he can work, it would be enough for him. Being a Unit Chief is a really hard thing, I guess and Hotch needs some calm. You know what I mean? And what's the most important to me: I saw his smile in this episode! That's the only thing I've wanted since the premiere. :)
So thanks for the whole cast work and everybody's work on the show! You do it great, guys! I love all of you! :)
And again congratulations to Thomas Gibson. He is just professional and so amazing actor! :)
P.S: Anyway, go to hell, Srauss! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that A.J. Cook was great in that episode! She was totally on top! :) Congratulations!

Gabriella again... :)

CheetoBreath said...

OMG! OMG!!!! I kinda got the feeling from the beginning of this episode that they were gonna lead up to something like that but . . . Hotch stepping down . . . wow. Albeit, it's temporary, but still!! No wonder people are freaking out. hahahaha. But why Morgan? I ♥ Morgan but IMHO he is the most emotional of the crew LOL. Remember when Elle got shot and he wanted to turn right back around and JJ had to talk him into searching for more clues so they could catch the guy who did it? And how he got emotionally attached to the sister of a victim of a case that's going to go on trial soon? Oh boy.... no bueno!! LOL. In the real world, I think Rossi would have made more sense but since this is a drama show, they need the drama and boy did they deliver!! Although I do have to say that I was impressed with the way Morgan handled the cancer lady. He did it with compassion, which was really nice to see.

Fellow Hotch fans, worry not. They made it clear it was temporary, right? Right? And just because he's not unit chief doesn't mean he'll get less screen time, right? Right? *freaks out a little LOL* Maybe now they can work on his backstory or have him pursue the Reaper now that he'll have more time on his hands. Did you see the little amused, teasing look he gave Morgan when he handed him all those files and said, "this is the job, unless you have other things to do." hehe. But yeah, it's gonna be sooo weird to not have Hotch as unit chief. If they ever took Hotch out of CM, it would be like taking Grissom out of CSI (aka NO BUENO. Es muy mal. Me no likey.) LOL.

I loved all the JJ in this episode, especially JJ being first in the door. And the shot of JJ and Prentiss entering the living room simultaneously was so cool. And the scene where the male unsub comes out of the bathroom into a hallway packed full of FBI agents - haha. Awesome! Also nice to see Reid getting screen time again. And Morgan holding a baby? So cute. :)

I hope Hotch catches Foyet and puts the smack down on him. I found the way that Foyet was able to beat up Hotch so quickly quite unrealistic. Hotch is bad-ass, dude! Like in the episode with the Indians, he put the beat down with his baton LOL. And the scene in Damaged when he almost beat up that guy in prison (after deliberately taking off his jacket and tie)??? OMG, I almost peed in my pants. Can we have more scenes like that please? LOL.

So there's no new episode next week? Gaaaah, I need my weekly Hotch/Thomas Gibson fix!! LOL.

Also, bummed I didn't make it to the chat. But Dodgers > Criminal Minds. Although apparently Phillies > Dodgers. LOL. Hope to make it to the next one! :)

Anonymous said...

One of these days, on one of the many occasions the writers flirt with the possibility that Hotchner will leave the BAU -- he will do. In the mean time, please, it's getting old! He's been bombed, stabbed, divorced, abandoned, Straussed-out and now self-demoted.

All strength to Morgan. I hope they don't make him look bad simply to make the other guy look good. Sorry to grumble but I'm tired of Hotchner taking the attention.

The case was pretty unrealistic. Not a favourite.

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG, another amazing episode, everyone above have covered all my thoughts on the episode, loved it …kept me at the edge of my seat!! except ofcourse Strauss bearing down on Hotch!

I have to agree I didn't like the end, for selfish reasons ofcourse, I love Morgan but have to agree that he is not Unit Chief material, say anything Hotch/TG is the only man for this job and the 'God Father' of this team, but maybe this is a good twist to get everyone else on the team to appreciate Hotch for what he truly is … one hell of a great leader!!, pity Strauss doesn’t see it though, yeah bring it on Strauss in a room with the Reaper, now that would be something to see!!

I can see why they might want to pass on the reigns temporarily to Morgan though, and I do hope it's truly temporary and will give Hotch a chance to sort out his life and more time to pursue the Reaper, hopefully we will still get that back story, I can see how it may not have fit with this particular episode.

So good to see Hotch/TG smile again though …absolutely loved the Hotch / JJ scene in the beginning, they work so well together…

Season 5 so far has been absolutely amazing, the ‘CM team’ have not let us down so far so I’m in for the ride, but here’s hoping that Hotch is back on top real soon and leading his amazing team.

Michaela said...

The episode started as a black screen. The screams of pain of a woman that hadn’t yet been identified until the cries of a newborn baby filled the air. As the baby cries, and the new mother gets to see her child, you hear a door open and close. As you see the footsteps, it is finally revealed that the mother is locked in a cell. As the mother protests, the man who entered the cell takes the baby and reveals that it is a girl.

Next, the scene cuts to JJ and Hotch in JJ’s office. They are reviewing cases after hours. Whilst reviewing the cases, Hotch asks JJ for her opinion, At first she looks slightly taken aback by this. But when he tells her that he would like to hear it, she readily puts forward a great analysis for that file. To which Hotch agrees. When JJ looks at her watch, she reveals that Henry is being clingy, and only her putting him down to sleep can stop a 3am diaper change. Hotch tells, or rather asks her to go home. She agrees, but tells him she has one more distribution of files she needs to do first.

After Hotch leaves JJ’s office, he heads straight up the stairs to his office where someone is waiting for him. At first, because of the look that was on his face, I thought that maybe it could be Foyet…no! In a word it was worse. Strauss! The door is closed, but JJ is in the bullpen. Although she can’t hear what is being said, it is obvious that she can read the tension from how she looks, and acts when the Section Chief leaves and addresses here.

JJ heads straight up to Hotch’s office. He is staring straight ahead and at first he barely acknowledge that JJ was talking to him at all.

It cuts to the day and you see the FBI building. Next, you have Morgan in the lift. He gets repeated e-mail messages from Hotch, but when he talks to Reid about them, he finds out that he is the only one who is getting them. Reid doesn’t know what he was talking about. Heading up to Hotch’s office, he tells Hotch that he hadn’t had a chance to look over the file and when he asks Hotch why he didn’t send it to the rest of the team, he said he just needed a second pair of eyes. He offers to review it immediately, but Hotch tells him it isn’t necessary. JJ enters the office at that moment. Telling them that they are ready for the briefing.

JJ explains how Christie Taylor had been found in New Mexico three years after she had been taken. She explained how each of the woman had been connected by chain marks. Because there was only three victims, Rossi throws out that there is a chance that it wasn’t the same unsub. However, JJ reveals that the autopsies revealed that the woman were connected in other ways. Each had been pregnant and recently given birth before they were murdered. Hotch then tells them that this was not their typical sexual sadist. The captivity and torture they had seen before, but not the role he forces these woman to play.

After the opening credits, the team is on the plane. They are talking about the case and throwing out possible ideas that could be acceptable. After discussing why blonde are being taking, and their significance, Rossi said that it isn’t possible that he could be the same age as the girls because he is too controlled and skilled. Hotch then admits that not

Michaela said...

finding the infants troubles him. Prentiss then throws out the idea that it could actually be the babies that he is interested. Hotch asks JJ to talk to the parents. Reid and Prentiss are sent to the dump site, and Rossi, Morgan and Hotch are assigned to victimology.

Next they are talking to the doctor who carried out the autopsy. They found out that Christie had had several miscarriages and Morgan tells them that each of the victims have a record of some sort of substance abuse. He also reveals how the unsub got the victims healthy. This leads to Rossi asking about what was found in Christie’s system. They find out that each of these are a prenatal drug. This leads them to the conclusion that the children are being looked after. Hotch asks if they think he is keeping the children and Morgan says that it could be child trafficking.

Prentiss and Reid are at the dump site. They realise that Christie was dumped 175 miles from where she was taken, and Reid deduces that the geographical profile will not work if they profile the unsub. They need to profile the babies. After this, JJ and Rossi are talking to someone about child trafficking and adoption. They find out that whilst they might not be able to get into the adoption files fast enough, they can get hold of their DNA to run it through the system. For this, they needed the babies DNA.

JJ calls the ME and then talks to the first victims parents. She asks to talk to them privately and reveals that they needed to exhume their daughter. Through this, JJ reveals that it is not the unsubs DNA. In fact, it is the child’s that she could have been pregnant with. After finding out that the baby may be alive, the first victims mother agreed to the exhumation. After the ME has the first victims body again, he finds an umbilical cord and tells Morgan that the child should be about three or four now.

Garcia tells the team that most adoptive families are nice, and she tells them that the most popular type of baby is a blonde haired and blue eyed baby. Hotch dismisses the team, but first he asks Morgan to write up a preliminary profile. After Hotch talks to Morgan, he talks to David, who asks about him ‘getting some heat’. Hotch tells Rossi that he is taking care of it. They talk about hoping they could save the kids, but they don’t think they could. Rossi then makes the connection that each of the mother’s have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Next, a man is helping an obviously drunk/drug induced woman down and alley way, when someone else puts a plastic bag over her head. The first man asks if she is good and what he wants, and after the second tells him that she is perfect, money is handed over.

The next day, JJ is talking to Garcia who decides that they need to cast a wider net for the search of children DNA. They talk about what would happen if they find the girl, and Garcia expresses her worry about the child being taken from her family. JJ asks if they would be doing more harm than good.

The scene then cuts to Morgan and Hotch. Hotch points out a number of flaws in Morgan profile, to which Morgan is not happy, stating that it is only a preliminary profile. JJ

Michaela said...

interrupts them and tells them that they have found the first victims daughter. Next the team is back together. They are talking about how he abducts the woman from New Mexico, but keeps the babies in Arizona. They find out how the babies have been dropped at churches, and how all of the searches will stop at the state line. They go through how the unsub is caring. They decide that he must be married, his wife being the caregiver looking after the girls and the babies.

Next, it cuts back to the unsubs cells. One of the girls already there is talking to the recently abducted girl. She tells her how she will soon be pregnant.

During the profile briefing, they tell the police how the wife will have been in the ER with spousal abuse, but around the time of the abductions would have stopped. After this, JJ is outside with the first victims family. She tells them how they have found their granddaughter and how she was adopted by a young family who love her very much. The mother realises, that if they want their grandchild, they are going to have to take her away from her family and all that she knows. She decides that they need to talk everything through before they can think about taking it further.

The scene then cuts to Rossi and Reid. He tells them that by profiling the babies he had found where the unsub lives. But then Rossi reveals that he has found more than he first thought. They had found that it is only the female children that are put up for adoption. All of the team then heads to Phoenix. The unsubs are keeping the boys.

After this, the scene goes back to the unsubs how. A woman is examining one of the abducted girls who announces that it is time. The girl that is now in labour says that the unsubs never stay for the birth, but she tells the newest abducted girl that she needs her help. She needs her to help her give birth because if the baby doesn’t make it, they will kill her, and then move on to the other girl.

Straight after this, it is JJ and Morgan in the bullpen. He asks JJ to call all of the fertility specialists for interviews. When JJ says there are two pages for names, he tells her that is Hotch that wants to try and get a new suspect pool. Morgan snaps at JJ and then apologises. She sits down and asks him if everything is okay. He tells her that Hotch has been on him since they got there. JJ tells him that she may know why, and that the night before they left for the case, Strauss was in the BAU and the situation was tense. Morgan says who the Bureau has been on him for a while so he should have known this was coming. But JJ says ‘But now they are making him justify every decision. For Hotch that’s hell.”

Next, David is talking to the fertility doctor, who tells him that the unsub doesn’t know what she was doing. The drugs that she was using are simply what she could get her hands on. The drugs would have been prescribed for another illness.

After this, we are back at the unsubs house, and the newest abducted girl is helping the woman give birth. She asks to be told what happened to the girl before her. She also asks

Michaela said...

if this was her first time to go through this, and the first woman reveals that she had a son that she lost. The first victim tells the second to check how far dilated she was. They found out that it was time to push.

Next we find Morgan barging into the office that Hotch is using he wants to know why he has to write up a tactical arrest case. Hotch reveals to him that he normally writes it up for him. Morgan says that he is sorry about Strauss, and starts to lay into Hotch about the reckless things he has done recently, and he tells Hotch that he is worried about him, but even though the Bureau is coming down on Hotch, it doesn’t mean that he can’t do his job. Hotch tells Morgan that he does a lot of his job for him. He does the paperwork because he tells him out in the field, not worrying about politics, but he says that he can’t do that anymore. Hotch tells Morgan that he doesn’t have to justify his orders to him, but he does have to follow them, to which Morgan replies, “I have always followed your orders when they made sense.” After asking him to tell him if he has any problems with his orders, Morgan tells him that he is the boss. This is when JJ opens the door and tells them that Garcia needs to talk to them.

Garcia tells them that the prenatal drugs also treat breast cancer. Hotch asks if she would still be able to get pregnant, and JJ tells him that she would, but it would take a lot of dedication. After narrowing down the search, they find out that the woman was pregnant, but she lost her baby at eight months. He was named Michael. This was the stressor. JJ reveals that doctors urge you to give the baby a name on it’s death certificate, and she knows this because she volunteers at a new moms counselling group.

The next scene is back at the unsubs house. The baby is born and it is a boy. The male unsub immediately comes in and takes the baby from it’s mother. He then hands it to his wife who names the baby Michael.

Back at the bullpen, Morgan is talking to the commander. They find out that the unsub had been doing work to his house, before the first girl was taken, as they have the arrest warrants Hotch asks Morgan what his plan is. Morgan then tells Hotch he plans to do a soft entry. Hotch tells Morgan that he thinks it would be better to send JJ and Prentiss in to get the children out as children are more likely to trust woman. They agree after they have spoke about the risk of someone being taken hostage if they go in hard.

The team approach the house, in Kevlar and guns drawn. After the door has been opened, JJ and Prentiss go in. They find one young boy and manage to get him out without trouble. Whilst JJ is escorting the boy out, they hear the toilet flush, and everyone moves in. The male unsub comes out of the bathroom, and reveals where his wife is without any fight. He is then taken out of the house by Rossi.

Morgan and Hotch go straight into the office where they find the female unsub holding the baby. She tells him that she always knew this would end. Whilst this is happening, Rossi and Prentiss go down to the basement. They find the two abducted girls and Rossi calls for medical help.

Michaela said...

The scene then cuts back to Morgan. He talks the unsub down and manages to get her to give him the baby. Morgan leaves with the baby, and Hotch leads the unsub out.

Back down in the basement, the mother of the child is asking for her baby. Just as Rossi tells her they are searching for the child, Morgan comes down the stairs with him in his arms. As the mother and baby are reunited, the team in the basement all have smiles on their faces.

As the team wrap up the case, we are back in the police station with the very first victims parents. JJ tells them that the adoptive parents, that while they are not willing to give up custody, they are willing to talk to them as they want the child to know her grandparents. She also tells them that their daughter had another child. A son. And that he should be with the nearest blood relative. JJ asks them if they would like to meet them. After telling them he is called Michael, she leads them into the room where he is waiting.

Back at Quantico, Hotch is in his office when Morgan knocks on the door. They have a bit of a heart to heart, and Hotch tells Morgan that for the good of the team, he will be standing down as Unit Chief. If he doesn’t, the team will be split up. He tells Morgan that this is the only way that the team can stay together. Hotch tells Morgan that he wants him to take over as Unit Chief. At first Morgan refuses to take over, but after Hotch explains why, Morgan agrees, but on one condition. It is only temporary. As soon as they find Foyet, everything will go back to normal, which means Hotch as Unit Chief. The episode ends with Morgan and Hotch smiling, as Hotch shows him the ins and outs of the job.

Connie said...

Wow - I was really suprised at the ending with Hotch and Morgan. I'm so glad that's was how it turned out. Morgan in charge is going to be fun to watch. I see lots of character interaction and building ahead for November.

Tracy said...

Great episode, the case was scary, poor women, giving birth then losing their babies a few minutes later.

The parents of one of the victims were great, loved them, they had compassion.

Some good Hotch/JJ scenes, love that!

So Hotch is stepping down, temporary, so he can save the team is a nice twist. Morgan would not have been my first or second choice. This move BETTER be temporary, the team only have one true leader and that is Hotch.

Great work from Thomas Gibson, A.J Cook and Shemar Moore.

So far I love season 5, I so want the next episode like NOW! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hated it. Manipulative and weak story-telling. It wasn't badly acted. It was morally bankrupt. It's the first CM case that I genuinely hate. Shame on the writer.

Bina said...

Morgan???? Seriously, Morgan??? Morgan the new unit chief. You gotta be kidding. I thought Hotch did fine but now I have my doubts. That's not a good judgment call. Morgan is a great agent, a great profiler. Very capable but of all BAU agents he's also the most impulsive agent. I guess we even like that about him. So Hotch went from not recommending him for the NY post to appointing him to an even greater task: leading the BAU. Geez. I wonder how many beers went into that decision. There is Rossi for goodness sake. If Hotch would have asked him to take over Rossi would have done so. I liked the episode up to that point. Now I'm slightly pissed. But hey, the writers can make Morgan raise to the occasion with a pencil stroke. No problem here. Yeah, Hotch gave him a crash course being the BAU boss. BAU unit chief 101. Yeah, Morgan sure aced that test .... :P Just doesn't make much sense but I guess it's TV. Don't have to be realistic.
On the other hand, I'm very happy with Reid. Dressed nicely and professional (not like Morgan, grrr). Strauss was Strauss and how much do I "love" her. I like the consistency here.
Gotta write more later ...

blue said...

to that person who wrote how morgan dresses, gideon never wore a suit and no body had a problem with him being in command.

I like this episode. I love the Morgan scenes but mostly I think I like how much more they showed the team with great dialog and not just the unsubs.

Anonymous said...

So much to say about this episode. The Hotch/Morgan thing is temp so I am not going to lose any sleep over it. I would like to remind everyone though that anytime one of the characters has had a trauma we are always the first to critize how fast the show glosses over the aftermath. We all ask where the PTSD is.

Enough said on that. Hotch will be back and we all know it. Morgan having a couple of episodes to stretch his wings doesn't bother me at all.

The actual episode story was strong, well written, grizzly and I think they really did a great job of showing just enough without crossing a line. Lots of passionate lines here. Rape, abortion, adoption, and murder are all hot topics. So well done on that.

Strauss is the CM lightning rod for hate. I think the entire fandom wants to see her spend ten minutes with the Reaper. I know that I do. But the BAU does a very hard job and they need to be sharp and someone has to be the head b-ch I guess.

The ending was difficult for me. Love me a happy ending but I think this one was forced. I think it had to be unless they wanted to cross that line.

Lastily I want to say that I am thankful they killed the women off screen. It was enough to use my imagination and I wouldn't have wanted to see it.

I think the writer did a very good job with this one. I will watch this episode again. The cast....they were at their best. Always amazing what terrific performances they turn in every week.

Sofie said...

Tonight's Criminal Minds, Cradle to Grave, was an episode well made. The Whole cast put out a superb performance. Thomas & Shemar were at the top of their shape on the end scene.

Seeing women giving birth and have to give the babies when they are born is so horrible. The subject was well presented and showed us how far people will go to have children. Kidnap and lock women in a room bearing children over and over again and for it to be either put out for adoption because it’s a girl and she is not wanted or kept if it’s a boy to replace a lost one is a great sign of deep psychological and emotional trauma that was added to an illness who was destroying a life.

Having Hotch stepping down is heart breaking but I will keep faith that it's for a short time, so that he comes back in top shape. It will probably help him to catch The Reaper also. Give him more time to concentrate on finding him.

Has a Rossi supporter, I wasn't surprise to see that it wasn't him who got the temporary job. He has reached another level and doesn't need to do that job anymore. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he has something to do for the choice of Morgan to replace Hotch temporarily. He is a good judge of character. Rossi could be the one who asked Strauss to have Morgan take Hotches place temporary so that he wouldn’t lose his job and stay in the team until he gets better. He is very protective of Hotch. He has become a guide, a supporting member to the rest of the team in hard moments. But mostly he showed what a VERY GOOD profiler he is. Also, Rossi is the only one who showed true support to Hotch when he came back on all the decisions he took.

The return of AD Strauss was ... strong... and she made things move in an unexpected direction. Still that woman gives you the creep and she doesn’t have any heart, The Icelady. It shows that compassion in certain moments his not a

I always love seeing JJ dealing with the delicate situations. She is so efficient and both professional and human.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Morgan as the unit chief. Hotch didn't want to give him his endorsement in New York so why now?

Hmm, does that mean Morgan will be dressed in black suits and Hotch in tee shirts and jeans?

And, will the bullpen be more somber with the hardly ever smiling Hotch and his self admitted lack of a sense of humor?

Didn't care much for the case. It seemed a little far fetched for me.

Carm said...

anyone have any idea when they are going to let the Foyette plot run out?

As great as a season finale it was and everything...this is seriously starting to get old.

Morgan as the unit chief? come on seariously. This Foyette thing I think is ruining the show... and is seriously getting OLD!!!!

sockie said...

ok, hotch sisters, deep collective breath! of course hotch stepping down is temporary. I imagine he will be back in charge by episode 11 or 12.

as to why hotch chose morgan... I do think hotch thinks morgan can do the job. he would not chose him otherwise. and by having morgan lead the team, hotch is giving morgan a chance to see that he and the team trusts him (morgan) and that morgan can trust the team to have his (morgan's) back.

morgan is also a logical choice to lead the team if hotch ever leaves, gets promoted, or, heaven forbid, killed. so, morgan taking temporary leadership of the team gives him some experience with hotch around for guidance, if he wants it.

as to why hotch did not choose rossi- well, who knows, maybe he did and rossi said no? but I don't really think hotch asked him. there is no reason for rossi to want to lead the team (other than to keep them together). rossi has been there, done that. he came back for unfinished business and to solve crimes, not for an ego boost. writing books would be far more ego gratifying than working for a gov't salary any day.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode -- very creepy, but balanced by the fact that all the mothers and grandmothers, even the unsub mom at the very end, all did the right thing for the children.

I like Morgan, but he'd be my last choice as unit chief, even temporarily. He's too much of a hothead, gets too emotional, and many times doesn't think things through before acting on them.

Contrast that with Hotch, who was stabbed 9 times and basically had his son taken away from him, and yet despite these extreme circumstances, he still manages to rise above his emotions to take the high road as he did in the last episode - "Hopeless".

As a leader, Hotch has earned my respect; Morgan hasn't.

I know that the writers just want to mix things up a bit to create some drama this season, and they've been doing a great job so far, so I'll go along with it for a little while. But please don't let it be for too long. We all know that Hotch is the true leader of the BAU team.


Ele said...

I am still a bit confused about this one. Liked the case. Nice to see JJ and Prentiss going in first. Hated Strauss (nothing new there!). Did not understand why Hotch had to hand over his unit chief status to Morgan...I like Morgan but think Rossi would have been a much better and realistic choice...It is going to be interesting how Morgan takes on this new resposability but it was nice to see how much work the unit chief has (paper work and leading). This change hopefully will last only a few episodes because Hotch is their leader, no doubt about it!

So even though I am not 100% happy with the change the end was saved by Hotch kind of smiling...loved it loved it loved it! TG should be allowed to smile more often!!!

Anonymous said...

Another "Anonymous" wrote:
One of these days, on one of the many occasions the writers flirt with the possibility that Hotchner will leave the BAU -- he will do. In the mean time, please, it's getting old! He's been bombed, stabbed, divorced, abandoned, Straussed-out and now self-demoted.

HAHA that reminds me of my posts about Reid!!! LOL
It is TV and you and I both have to accept there is going to be repetitive drama. If something works, you use it - threatening Hotch or Reid works.

Awesome Episode.... freaked me out. Glad Hotch will still be on the team but can't wait for Foyet to be shark bait and Hotch to be the lead again.

JJ and Prentiss rocked the house!
Morgan and the baby - too much for my heart
Reid out and about - looks like MGG was feeling better and able to be at the tapings / reads a little more. I am hopeful his pain eases quickly and he heals completely

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a great (CREEPY) episode. It was bad enough the unsubs made those poor women get pregnant and have babies, but they could have at least helped with the deliveries!!!

I agree with Shawna. There is a lot of Morgan hate in the comments. You would think he stole Hotch's job! I completely understand Hotch stepping down temporarily. It truly was a selfless thing to do.

I despise that 'thing' Erin Strauss. She has it in for Hotch soooo bad, and I can not figure out why. He may not be my favorite in the team, but he DOES NOT deserve this. I don't know how he deals with her.

I am happy Morgan is taking over for now. I am a little baffled that it not Rossi, but that may be explained later. And again, it is only temporarily. That was made clear last night. Morgan does not want to take over, just like he did not want to be Unit Chief in NY. But if he don't step up, some outsider will, or the team will be split up. No one wants that!! And it's only for a few episodes. We all feel sorry for Hotch, we should now feel sorry for Morgan. Why?? Two words....ERIN STRAUSS!!!

Anonymous said...

Alicew, I'm glad Hotch has earned your respect as a leader. Morgan has never been the leader, so how could he possibly earn anyone's respect as leader???

It's temporary Hotch fans, relax!! He's not going anywhere!!

Anonymous said...

This episode had huge dynamics going on throughout.

Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore absolutely ROCKED this episode! It was evident that Hotch was pushing Morgan and why. However, it still didn’t soften the blow at the end when Hotch stepped down. As long as Hotch returns as head of the unit, I am interested in seeing Morgan handling this for a few weeks. I prefer Hotch as the head and Morgan the independent, maverick profiler. Poor Hotch, how much further is he going to be able to handle his life unraveling. I am finding the extended effects of Foyet’s attack on Hotch intriguing because they are fully incorporating the rest of the team. Hotch’s attack isn’t an aside for the rest of team but front and center as each and every character deals with the new challenges the attack has imposed on them.

I love the choice of Emily and JJ front and center entering and working the house first.

CM, you are definitely the hottest on tv.

MKT said...

I'm sounding like a broken record here, after reading the other comments, but as much as I might like Morgan, he is so NOT Unit Chief material. He's too hot-headed and hasn't sorted his trust issues even remotely!

And unfortunately, I've been given no reason to trust the situation is only temporary, as much as Hotch is the ONLY Unit Chief for this viewer... We were promised Hotch backstory in the first 5 epis and instead, the character has simply been stripped of everything he values: family, job, etc... While he may arguably be the strongest, this is getting too much. Mr. Bernero, I hope you fix what you're breaking and start to keep your promise.

Cudos to Thomas & Shemar for their performances, TG especially. People's Choice to you!!!

Silvinha said...

I loved the episode and I'm glad that in the end everything was just fine. Grandmothers's scenes were touching!

Since it's only temporary, I'm ok with the replacement and Morgan was the right choice. I don't think Rossi would have accepted and Prentiss would definitely say 'no' because of the politics. Hotch needs to rest anyway and I think it will give him more time to focus a bit more on Foyet case and maybe - that's my shipper dream - hook up with Emily! YAY!

Love JJ and Emily entering the house first. We need more female scenes like that!

Great job, everyone! You all rock!

Anonymous said...

Great! As I was reading the comments, I remembered something and have a question. Someone mentioned Rossi knowing what was going on with Strauss. There was a scene where Hotch started to tell Rossi, then said to him something like "you know" and Rossi said yes, turned around and went on with what he was saying about the case. Are we to believe that Rossi instigated Hotch's demotion? Just curious.
ALSO.....PLEASE Mr. Yummy JM...let your hair go's why. I know that your character is younger than your actual age, but even people my age (20 some odd years younger than you) are salt and pepper, or even gray. I came across a CM f/ a year or so ago on the television. It was the epi where the man was helping people "commit suicide" because they had lost loved ones in a fire. When JM came on screen I thought "D*mn! As yummy as he is now, back then he was on fire!" I thought that he had been looking unwell and pale....but it's his dark hair. It's too dark for his skin tone and makes him look unwell. Even with his dark hair, though, he is still yummy/dreamy/gorgeous!!
Great twist at the end! Morgan IS too much of a hotshot to deal with politics. Emily would've been perfect. How funny if it had been Reid that was chosen???

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Rossi knew what was going on with Hotch. He had that knowing Rossi look on his lovely Rossi face. Plus it's no accident that the promotion/demotion is good for both Hotchner and Morgan, the two who got the knowing-Rossi-looks in the episode before. I think he's behind it for sure.

Agree altogether about the greying hair and beard for lovely Mantegna. Let him be grey or salt and pepper. It suits him. He looks a bit 'preserved' with that boot polish black.

Anonymous said...

ITA, to me, Hotch is the one and only head of the unit. He, and he alone, wears it so well.

Morgan is hot (and that is why I like him in the field and not as supervisor). I wonder is Strauss will be pushing his buttons. It would be funny to watch especially since Morgan has no use for politics. Strauss thinks Hotch is a problem, LOL.

Emily would have been a great choice but it probably wouldn't have created the same stress within the unit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Finally someone that agrees..I thought I was being too superficial. I live for those JM close ups! Don't men get that women don't need THEM to stay 30? (or George Clooney would be unemployed) Please let him go natural for those of us that watch CM faithfully to see him every week the way others watch TG.

Anonymous said...

Amendment to my post, LOL.

Morgan is hot, but in this specific post, I meant too hot headed for chief.

I am enjoying all of your posts.

RMF said...

Hello, Strauss.

It's pretty cold to take advantage of a vicious attack on a colleague to play workplace politics. And so we find out the other other thing that's been bothering Hotch all this time. By making some mistakes since he's come back, he's opened the door to being undermined by a hostile coworker, and rather than let it split up the team, he takes the hit to his career and resigns as unit chief in favor of Morgan.

Do I really want to watch the show with anyone but Hotch in charge? Naah. Am I dying to see what Morgan can do as unit chief? Naah. I'm sure he'll be fine. Or not. Whatever. I feel a certain sense of annoyance at the thought of several episodes with Morgan in charge, but the chess match between Hotch and Strauss makes me smile. We're set up to think that Hotch is second-guessing himself throughout the episode, and we suspect it has a lot to do with Strauss, but what we don't realize is that Hotch has turned Strauss' interference into an opportunity to audition Morgan for the job. It's clever, and it's the kind of ego-sacrificing move that Strauss won't anticipate, although she'll figure it out. The unit can't function with the AD nitpicking the bejesus out of its leader, and it's a neat way to slip Strauss' trap and maintain the integrity of the team.

Some people question the choice of Morgan for temporary unit chief. Morgan has the seniority on the team, although Rossi surely has the most years on the job overall. If Rossi wanted to have a position of authority, with his credentials, he'd already have it, but he came back to catch bad guys, not become consumed with internal political battles. Besides, he seems to enjoy his present role as a kind of double agent, keeping his ear to the ground and passing on warnings to Hotch. And although Morgan has some maturing to do as a potential leader, Hotch believes that he will be capable of the job, and this is a chance to show Morgan exactly what he would be up against while still being present to guide him. Had Morgan taken the NY job a year ago, he would have been thrown in with a group of strangers, and his brashness and temptation to go it alone might have produced a trainwreck. As others have said, Morgan is going to hate the paperwork and the politics, but once he is ready to consider a promotion for real, he will do so knowing what he is getting into. The one pitfall in the situation is that his new position could make his contact with Tamara into a far more serious problem than it would be with his remaining a rank-and-file agent.

And funnily enough, this episode reemphasizes what I noticed before in "Profiler, Profiled." Hotch can read Morgan like a book, but Morgan has little idea what makes Hotch tick, and that is the source of a lot of Morgan's doubts about him. But Hotch does elicit from Morgan that he is willing nevertheless to trust him, which is the crux of the issue they had before.

The case was creepy and probably inspired by a couple of real-life ones, although the motivation for the unsubs was markedly different. It took a lot of slogging through public records and interviewing experts to piece the evidence together, which may be closer to what crime solving is like than what we usually see on TV.

JJ and Prentiss being first in the door: made of cool. Too bad they don't find a reason besides children to do this more often.

Nice scene in the beginning with Hotch and JJ. Is he trying to draw her over to the profiler side?

We didn't get the backstory on Hotch we expected by the fifth episode, but I think we still will. The timeline has just slipped a little. That's fine with me. I'd rather they deliver a well thought out story than torque the story to fit the schedule.

Elisabeth Rousset said...

What a good episode!
The one I enjoyed the most so far this season.

I think that people are selling Morgan short.
Of course, he 's not Hotch and he'll probably experience difficulties, but I'm sure that he'll take the job very seriously and that he'll do his best.
And he just took the position of Unit Chief because he wanted to save the team, not because he wanted the position in the first place.
I'm sure that the whole team will try to help him.
They need to be united and stick together if they want to save their unit.

I'm interested in finding out how it'll play out. Both Morgan and Hotch will need to adjust.
I wonder how Hotch is going to react to his coworkers who were once his subordinates.
And how his ex-subordinates are going to react to work with him on a 'equal level'.

The case was interesting.
The unsubs were creepy, but you still felt bad for the woman.
The grandparents being reunited with their grandson was a touching moment.
The whole team did an outstanding job in figuring out the pieces of the puzzle.

Great episode !

Elisabeth Rousset.

Anonymous said...

This was anoher great episode, it really bothers me that CM is usually not on the "what to watch lists" but somehow ends up in the number one spots"

Meredith said...

Something good has to come out of Hotch's TEMPORARY (it had better be!) demotion... like Morgan actually appreciating Hotch. It must have been eye-opening to hear that your boss is doing some of your work for you... wish mine would!

Aside from the ending, good epi and deserved of the high audience.

Laura_G said...

This was such a wonderful episode - probably my favourite of the year, except for the ending. It's great to have a Breen ep again!

And Breen, thank you so very much for just an amazing, fantastic chat last night. You were AWESOME!

Danielle said...

waited before I posted because I wanted to watched the episode again so my reaction to the episode would not be tainted by the bomb Breen Fraiser drop on the fans.

The case was almost a bit too much. Women taken against their will and force to bear children is something very dark but then CM doesn't balk away at dark subject.

I did like the interaction betwen the two girls who were captive, help each other so they could survive.

The grand parents of the little boy were great people and I was happy that the BAU sometime deals with nice, decent people.

Nice exchange between Hotch and JJ at the start. JJ could so be a profiler if she choose to and she would be good at it!

Cute moments with Reid and happy he was working the case despite being limited physically. BTW Reid NEEDS a hair cut!

Funny moment with Garcia and Morgan's 'offspring' but very depressing to see there is a baby market that deal babies as if they are just goods to be sold and bought.

I have to say I hate Strauss with a passion! She wants to destroy the team and now to save the team Hotch and Morgan have to play games, Hotch in stepping down and Morgan taking over temporary. At first at I was angry at this situtation and at Morgan but then realised that Morgan would do anything to keep the team together, just like Hoch, so he isn't going against Hotch but really following him in this poilitical game that Hotch is playing with Strauss.

Love the scene at the end, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore were so good in that scene! I have watched it a few imes and I so love it! It is my second most favorite scenes from CM ever, after the alley scene in Omnivore.

So now we will see how the team will react to the shifting of positions and how can Morgan and Hotch adapt to their new and temporary roles within the team. How will Reid and Prentiss react to having Hotch among them in the bullpen? How is Hotch going to take it not being the one making decisions? Can Morgan deal with the politic that comes with the job of Unit Chief? Can wait to see how he will deal with Strauss!

I have to say that I may not embrace this shifting of power but I like that CM is trying new things, gives the writers something new to write and the actors can do something new with their characters but when Foyet is dealt with I hope Hotch will get his job back as Unit Chief. For me and reading the fans reaction, he IS the BAU unit chief.

Bravo to CM cast and crew for giving us the fans another great episode and damn I so wish we would not have rerun next week, I SO want to know what will happen next!


Anonymous said...

hotch needs a break. morgan will be a good unit chief tell hotch is back being the boss again.

Michelle said...

Great episode. Very well written. I enjoyed it.
Even though I saw the change in power coming, I can't really imagine Morgan leading the team. His character has been known to be the hot head who doesn't trust anyone but himself. I get that this could help him grow and he definitely has been there long enough to earn it...
That being said, Prentiss would be a better leader. Prentiss is level headed and all business. Aside from the fact that she is the newest on the team, her work ethic has far outshone everyone.

Eager to see how this change will help Morgan's character grow...

Bea said...

What an incredible episode! The end was, wow. I love Hotch even more now, because he cares so much about keeping the team together, that he is willing to step down. What a great guy. It just shows how much both Morgan and Hotch care for the team. Now I can't wait to find out how the rest of the team will react and how Morgan will do as Unit Chief.
Great acting by everyone, especially Thomas Gibson.

babruin said...

Thanks, Breen for a very interesting, creepy-crawly story made more horrifying by the fact that it has happened in real life. Yikes!!!
It was grueling to watch the poor Moms go through all that suffering under such unsanitary conditions.
It will be interesting to see how the team dynamics will play out in the next few weeks.

Shadow said...

What an opening! Never has childbirth been so creepy as in the first few scenes of this CM episode. There was so much about this episode to love, but unfortunately it got overshadowed by the side story.

The case was creepy and interesting. I’m glad that the children weren’t hurt and that the unsubs made sure even the unwanted girls would be fine. The victims were portrayed very impressively, special kudos to the actress who played the girl giving birth at the end of the episode, very intense performance! It was such a wonderful day for the team to finish the case with both the victims and the children saved, I just wished the episode would have ended on that hopeful note for once.

The grandparents of Lisa and Michael seemed very sensible people and I really liked them, though I had my questions if they could really be that wonderful or which role they played in their teenage daughter’s drug addiction.

As for our team, I loved the early scene with JJ profiling the cases for Hotch and the overall fact that JJ got a lot of attention this week without distracting from the case. It’s lovely that JJ counsels new mom’s in her spare time though it reminded me a bit of Garcia’s work with the victims. And I wonder how JJ coordinates it with her traveling job, that must be much easier for Garcia (whose lipstick was too dark this week).

What struck me odd and worried me, is that JJ knew the specifics of some of those breast cancer drugs. I really hope she knew that because it had come up in her research for the case off-screen and not because it runs in her family.

Garcia’s background was woven in very neatly in this episode, just a small line where it fitted with the case, totally unobtrusive. Reid got a bit more screen time this week; he was lovely if a bit inconspicuous (and he needs a haircut). Both Garcia and Reid had some funny moments which sadly didn’t take off because they were overshadowed both by the case and the side-story. Rossi and Emily didn’t get much attention, either, this week.

I totally loved Morgan and Hotch butting heads in the middle of the episode. The ending was foreseeable and for me it will be very interesting how Morgan copes with being unit chief temporarily and how everybody else reacts to the change in team dynamics.

As opposed to other opinions voiced here, giving responsibility to Morgan actually makes sense to me. In management training you learn that if one team member questions the leader too much or is discontent with the management, then you should hand over (limited) responsibility to that team member to change his/her perspective and silence the troublemaker. Doing so for a limited period of time is actually an ideal condition for such an educational tactic and I’m curious what Morgan will learn from it. I really hope they won’t make him fail, but give him the opportunity to learn some new aspects.

It would be wonderful if Hotch would help Morgan through this experience, and maybe this could be an opportunity to learn a bit about younger Hotch who once was a newbie on his job as unit chief as well. As great a leader as Hotch is today, he also was a beginner once who had to go through a learning period, nobody is perfect on a job right from the beginning. For Morgan this will be a very good experience, learning to spread his wings, and it will hopefully reinforce the trust he already has in Hotch despite all his questions.

The most important thing I got from this episode is the realization that once this whole Foyet storyline is over, I please, please don’t want another story arc that lasts over several episodes ever again (and no, not even for Reid!), because I don’t like that whole concept for CM, it distracts too much from the actual cases. As much as I like the team dynamics of our show, there’s too much drama around our characters lately for my taste and the fact that I’m longing for case centric, maybe even unsub centric episodes which I usually don’t like that much is a clear warning sign for team-drama-overdose on my part.

Doc. said...

It was a good episode, but like Shadow said, it was overshadowed by the side story.
I like Hotch's storyline but it has been dragged on for too long.

And I think that Morgan as temporary Unit Chief is an interesting idea (even if we could see it coming from the beginning of the episode).

gubegirl said...

I did not relish the creepy subject matter and was surprised and the seemingly shocking appt of Morgan to Unit Chief. BUT, as a former HR mgr, I don't think this is a bad move at all plus I think RMF made some very good pts: Morgan DOES have the seniority and he will stand a much better chance of OTJ trng/success with his own team; I have no doubt he will be looking to Hotch for some guidance during this time, which I, too, believe will be temporary. I think Rossi respects Morgan and will work well with Hotch's decision - he has the self-confidence and is not so egotistical to not see the benefits of this move - for the entire team.

On the ever-interesting subject of appearances: Rossi's hair is WAY too black - he should be allowed to go gray or at least some salt & pepper and would still look yummy. What woman over 30 would not want to snuggle up to this handsome, loveable man with that sparkle in his eye? He is def a hunk, just dif than the others. ALL the players on this show are handsome or beautiful in very different ways and when you factor in the intelligence and their winsome personalities, they cannot be beat - they are all WONDERFUL.

Matthew looked quite handsome, in his button-down and tie (no sweater, thankfully) and his hair was not as shaggy as last wk but he is WAY overdue for a haircut. Enuf reminders, MGG, get yourself to the barber, Sweetness!

And Morgan looked oh-so-nice in his button-down at the beginning of the show when Hotch kept texting him altho' still always in black. Can't say it doesn't become him, tho', he has that warm, milk chocolate skin that prob'ly looks good in anything. But he will need his usual urban dress because I can't see him stopping knocking down doors anytime soon, despite his new job: he won't be able to resist - it's in his blood.

Shame on you guys for knocking Morgan/new job and Breen's writing this script: it IS TV for God's sake and it is not at all far-fetched; if you have ever worked in mgmt, you would know this. It will also be fun to watch Hotch as an underling, and Morgan will be hard-pressed to give him direction easily: this will be the best experience for him. I am sure he will be looking at things with a totally different perspective when this temp stint is over - mark my words. Just let's not let our hunk go to NY or anywhere else with his new-found experience! Just think how interesting this little shake-up is and enjoy it for what it is; it furthers the storyline and lends REAL-LIFE exp to a show that has plenty of grit/gore/crime and THAT and the amazing acting on this show are what makes CM the BEST! Love you all...our team and fanatics alike.

Kury said...

I love this episode.
The case was very interesting with the way they profile, and very sensitive way of telling story which was very nice and good job of writer.
There are very much motherhood in this episode.
I love the kidnap girls' interaction and JJ/victim's parents' interaction.
Victim's mother cared for her granddaughter's feeling rather than her own feeling which was very motherlike and match to the theme.
I love JJ and Garcia in this a lot like everybody else said.
I'm glad to see Reid done his geographical profiling and it was very effective to solve the case. I felt that when Reid told Rossi his profile, he looked like expecting the praise word (like "good job Reid") from Rossi and I think it's funny and very cute of him.

I love very much the fist scene between Hotch and JJ. I missed their interaction and I'm very glad to see again.

I love love LOVE all Morgan and Hotch interaction in this episode which I really wanted to see.

Their interaction in the middle of the story was very nice. Morgan clearly mistook Hotch's action, but it let some true words (thoughts) out of his mouth which is very good thing for both.

And the last scene.
Oh I'm really impressed by Hotch's action.
The man is going through so much tough time and still suffering from Foyet's thing as on going matter, and, still can see himself and the situation objectively.
He didn't blame Strauss.
He understands the way Bureau works and even though he tried to do his best he failed to earn trust from Bureau. He admitted the fact and tried to find the best way for the team and himself.
What a man.
I really really love him and respect him more than ever.

I understand what some people said. Many time when the show starts to focus on character's story, it loses the interest of the show itself. But I think so far the writers did great job with balancing the case and character storyline (maybe why I feel this way is because I am Hotch fan but still...).

What will happen to the team after Foyet arc is over?

Honestly, with my straight point of view, I cannot see anything other than this whole Foyet storyline will lead us to Hotch's departure from the BAU. But I don't want that happen and I don't think that's what writers trying to do ( I hope).
I'm looking forward to see how the writers do with this without losing sense.

And finally I really wish to see some good Hotch/Reid interaction near future. I'm missing it for soooo long.

Sorry for my English. Maybe some sentences don't make sense because of my poor ability of English.

Anonymous said...

Because Strauss called Aaron?

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode cause it had lots of Morgan. Morgan is soooo!!! pretty. I can't stand Hotch or Rossi so the twist at the end made me very happy. I wonder how Morgan being the unit chief will affect his relationship with Garcia and Reid.

And the story was great!!

Anonymous said...

Gubegirl said: "Rossi's hair is WAY too black - he should be allowed to go gray or at least some salt & pepper and would still look yummy. What woman over 30 would not want to snuggle up to this handsome, loveable man with that sparkle in his eye?"

Right, so that's me, and the other Anonymous and Gubegirl too. Three votes for the salt and pepper Rossi. We're a movement.

Rossi looks so gorgeous in grey, handsome and wise and more than a little charming. Besides it doesn't suit him character-wise to have him dying his hair and beard to that jet-black. He's more honest than that.

sockie said...

lol- the great hair debate. :)

I'll vote for salt & pepper rossi as well.

and, I'll buck the trend and say I like MGG's hair right now, which is weird, because I don't really like long hair on guys. but for some reason, it looks really good to me this season, esp. in "faceless, nameless".

ok, enough hair talk. back to your regularly scheduled programming... :)

Anonymous said...

One hell of an episode!!!! Truly amazing, I loved it even more watching it the second time and had to comment on JJ’s awesome performance, amazing performances all around actually, (could have done without Strauss though, no love lost on her!) … As disturbing as it was as far as story lines go, kudos to the CM team for taking it there … amazing work. Still didn’t soften the blow at the end though … although I see the reasons behind it all, and I’m truly hoping the shift of power is tactical and temporary! I cannot see anyone else leading the BAU other than Hotch …

It was great to see the girls in action, Morgan / Garcia exchange was brilliant, and the sad truth is the fact that there truly is a thriving ‘baby’ market out there, this too is what is so amazing about this show, that they don’t shy away from what is reality, and tackle the tough story lines so well, nice to see MGG out and about. Great work all around and another fabulous episode.

Looking back at what has happened so far this season, they have me wondering if Hotch and Haley will get back together, might be a little far fetched and she didn’t seem to care all that much seeing Hotch in the hospital bed in S05E01, particularly after all he had gone through & seemed to care more about the inconvenience to her … I’m not entirely against them getting back together, from watching them in seasons 1 – 3 would point that the separation & divorce was never something Hotch wanted & likely that he would give reconciliation a go if nothing else for Jack. A lot of water under the bridge here but having just watched the pilot episode where there is a lovely scene of them picking out baby names … had me thinking what could have been if they stuck it out and managed to make it work!!

Dialogue from S05E01 stuck with me when Hotch says “I’m sorry we will catch him and you’ll come back and I promise that I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you” … will be interesting to see where this goes!!

I agree with comments on Hotch/Prentiss getting together, I think this would be very wrong & likewise Morgan/Garcia, it’s lovely to have the banter & flirtations that go on, and I think this creates some lightness to the normally serious case subject matter. It’s nice to see the interaction and ‘family’ orientation within the team, which I agree there hasn’t been much of lately, (particularly noticeable seeing as I’ve gone back to watching seasons 1 - 3 again!) but I have to agree coupling within the team I think would be very awkward.

The season four finale eluded to the impact on the team and how much they can all take (when Hotch talks about his team & in the closing comments & quote), and given the turn of events for Hotch, will be interesting to see how the story line pans out. As has been suggested in comments above I hope all of this is not gearing up to take one of the team out … IMO the show works so well because the team works so well together & complement each other, and I think one of them going out would certainly leave a fairly big hole in the team dynamic that works so well for the show.

I’m keen to see where they will take it and can’t wait for the next episode!!!

Walburga Benker said...

A really good episode but very creepy. Amazing work Breen, thank you.
I can´t believe it, Morgan as the Leader of the Team? I hope it´s not for a long time. The team needs Hotch back. But i think it will be interesting to see how Morgan will lead the team. So i´m looking forward to the next eps. It was nice to see that JJ was more involved and i loved the Hotch/Morgan conversation at the end.
Great acting!!

Wonder what comes next. CM rocks!!

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch letting Morgan take over is all part of a plan to get Foyet to make contact!

James said...

I am really having a hard time seeing Morgan as Unit Chief. This is one of my favorite show, and tonight I almost did not want to watch it because of the huge twist. Don't get me wrong, I love Morgan, but he is not fit for Unit Chief. I hope they change it back real soon.
It would also be awesome if they could somehow get Gideon back.