Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Criminal Minds: Jess Prosser has been in the movie and TV business for just about a decade now, getting his start as a production assistant on a couple indie flicks, "Super Troopers" and "L.I.E."

He moved into TV, and the 32-year-old Prosser has been a writers' assistant on CBS' "Criminal Minds," for the past few years, coming from NBC's "Third Watch."

And tonight we're watching a major step in the Marquette High School grad's career: He's got the writing credit for the latest episode of CBS' "Criminal Minds" at 9 tonight on Channel 58.

While the script is his baby, Prosser acknowledges that writing for TV is a collaborative effort. It starts with cards on a story board, turns into an outline and then finally becomes a script -- which goes through a series of revisions.

It's not a place for a big ego about your script.

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