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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "The Eyes Have It" written by Oanh Ly and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

** Beware of spoilers in the comments **

* Quote info will be posted immediately after the episode airs on the east coast *


Sofie said...

An unsub who removes is victims eyes, this is going to be an episode that will keep us on the edge of are seat.

Vali said...

Yes, sounds like your typical, standard, sicko sociopathic serial killer bastard ... No matter how much we learn about them we'll never be able to understand what drives them to do what they do.
I am curious how the team will react to the change in leadership and having Hotch among them as their equal in rank. That will be so weird. As good as an agent Morgan is he's just not leadership material to me. He's more the hands on type who works the field than the leader with political sensitivity. It would have made more sense to take Hotch out of the game for a while and let Rossi run the show.

Sofie said...

This episode will keep us on the edge of are seat. He removes the eyes of his victims and keeps them as souvenirs or maybe to be used on other humans that he killes and mounte like animals.

There is also the change of leader that will be interesting to see. I'm sure the team will welcomed the it easily since it's temporary.

Sofie said...

To add to the team change of leader, I was a little deceive taught to see that Rossi wasn't approached by Hotch about it. Or maybe Rossi is the one who suggest Morgan to Hotch. We know from a prior episode that Rossi didn't seem to be tempted by the job, the politics and what comes with it. He delt with it before in the past. But I agree with Vali, Morgan is more an action man, the politics and administrative aspect of the job doesn't fit with him.

Marsha S. Haneiph said...

I don't think that Rossi wants to be leader and his relationship with Strauss in "About Face" showed his utter contempt for her. She insulted Hotch on many occasions and he took it out of respect for her post. Rossi would never do that. It will be excellent fun to see how the team is going to handle having Morgan in the office and Hotch outside sharing workspace with them. Physics Magic, anyone?

morti_addams said...

can't wait to see the epi!

Sonja/BlueCurl said...

Can't wait to see the episode! The desc. sonds very gruesome!

And Morgan as unit chief perhaps... I am wondering how that will turn out!

Walburga Benker said...

I agree with Vali, Rossi is the best choice, makes more sence to run the show a while. What ever, Hotch decided Morgan not Rossi, maybe we can hear about it, why he does it in an episode?
But, i´m excited to see how Morgan will handle it and yes, he deserves a chance now he is the leader, he can prove it. I´m sure the team will support him as best they can.
The episode sounds creepy, looking forward to see it.

Can´t wait that "my eyes have it" :)

Hope this makes sense, english is not my native language.

Anonymous said...

Well, English is my native language, and I never make sense! You're doing fine Blümchen.


I'm hoping it will be a more human and honourable episode than the last one (murder, incarceration, rape, enforced pregnancy, abduction etc etc). In contrast, I'm much less wary of the eye thing (the number of times I seen King Lear, I am immune to eye heeby jeebies).

I think Rossi (the lovely and the wise Rossi) would have made more sense than Morgan, though Morgan has fine qualities too. But probably Jazzysofie and Marsha S. are right, he might not have been willing to take on the job. Though who was in command in the time Hotch was recuperating?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Rossi sees himself as a 'backup' for the leader and not the leader himself" (Mnemosphere).

Now that is an intriguing thought. Being 'backup' or support for the leader represents a definite position in the group that probably is too subtle to be given a job title in a large organisation. I remember seeing a programme about wolves, where the alpha wolf was able to lead efficiently because his brother was an emotionally-talented goof ball. OK, not an exact match for Rossi! But the brother wolf went round and cajoled the disgruntled betas, defused arguments, offered sympathy and warmth to the lowly. It was skillful! Wolves are SUCH good people.

It will be interesting any way to see how it works out with Morgan. I wonder if he'll feel the need to impose himself on the group...

I hope Hotch is still around to be in charge after whatever it is that's supposed to happen in the hundredth episode.

Sofie said...

If I may add, Rossi is Senior SSA so it means when Hotch is not there, like when he was absent after Foyet attack, he will take over but only for a short period. Right now we are dealing with more time, so Hotch got Morgan on the horse until he gets better. Has I always said, Rossi doesn't need to proove anything anymore and it's a job he probably had done in the old time. He nows what it is. Or maybe something his preventing him from getting a leader job...

This unsub tonight looks pretty creepy and I'm sure that what he does with his "souvenirs" is something far more important to him then just admiring those eyes in some bottles.

Anonymous said...

so can't wait! want to see the teams reaction with Morgan as the leader ( for now )


( I am on a computer at work and I don't remember my google password to sign in and have it post as my name! )

Deirdre said...

I'm not sure what to make of the description/promo of this episode. For one thing anything to do with eyes and touching eyes completely freaks me out so not sure if I'll be able to properly watch this episode. And this coming from someone who has been creeped out at all by any other CM episode!!! all the same I'll give it a go, it is CM after all and they never disappoint!!

Vali said...

Whatever the reasons are for appointing Morgan to the job of SSA in charge ... I doubt it was because Rossi said no. I agree that Rossi wouldn't want the job but he's the man who would always answer the call for duty when for a higher cause, especially knowing it is only temporary and help Hotchner.
But I guess that's just TV. For entertainment "value" we don't always get to see what would make sense. Personally I would have liked to see Garcia in charge! One of her first orders would have probably been to change everyone into Hawaiian shirts ;D
Oh well, Morgan will probably get the whole team a membership in a top notch fitness center and put Reid on some kind of high fat/high protein supplement diet. Perhaps we'll see the gang in some tight t-shirts and combat pants a la Morgan style. Give them all a nice assault rifle and we'll have the terminator profiler gang!
Bring on the next episodes! I'm ready!!!

Anonymous said...

(Ha ha lovely, Vali! Everyone is so funny!! Love the Hawaiian shirts idea.)

- that's all...

CheetoBreath said...

LOL @ Vali. I wonder if real FBI agents ever get to have Hawaiian shirt days at work. LOL.

It'll be interesting to see how Morgan being in charge will affect the Morgan/Garcia flirtations which were already under stress from the developments in a previous eppy! I ♥ this show. I'm down for the ride. (as long as they eventually put my Hotchy-pooh back where he belongs LOL). Wheee!!! :)

Brigitte said...

This one sound very creepy, unsub taking people's eyes is scary and yucky!

On another note, how will the team react to Hotch stepping down? Will Hotch be assign a desk in the bullpen? How weird will that be? and that better BE temporally!

The real question is; how long can Hotch work near the geek twins aka Reid and Prentiss, before he ask Morgan to give him back his job?

4h54 minutes before we get some answers!


Anonymous said...

ugh... too much of the Morgan and Tamara already .... and eye stuff freaks me out!!


SweetThang said...

This unsub is removing the victims eyes. This is a bit much for me. I am squirming in my seat. This is almost in the "Lucky" category of grusomeness.

However, I am looking forward to Morgan leading the team.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!! A Hotchner take down AND a smile! It's all good... probably have nightmares about eyes though blech

DianeDJ said...

Ah. I very good episode. I liked it very much so!

But errr, I got seriously nauseous while watching this episode.

Lemony said...

One word.....creeeppppyyy

Anonymous said...

man hotch looked determined and mad as can be while working on the foyett file

BB said...

Okay, for the first time this season, I actually felt a bit naseuous/creeped out/uneasy. This unsub was ridiculously mental..
And the way he tried to creep out JJ near the end wanted me to knock his lights out! I loved how she kept a calm composure throughout that little scene though, unphased, as expected of our favorite liason. :)

Morgan actually did pretty well as temporary unit chief in my opinion. Of course, he made the little 'no no' mistake of sleeping in the office overnight, in which Rossi steps in to say that's a bad idea...And plus Morgan would avoid Strauss' calls...(well, who wouldn't?)..But other than that, I felt he did a fine job. Hotch quietly becoming one with the rest of the team was a smooth transition. And I LOVE how he single-handedly brought down the unsub!

Prentiss' little snicker/laugh when Hotch goes 'What?' at the end made me giggle. :D
Not alot of Reid, but he provided intelligent insight, as always.

Garcia making up Morgan's office, with the help of JJ, was brilliantly cute and adorable! Awww!!

All in all, good, but creepy episode.

Candy said...

I don't think I will ever look into anyone's eyes quite the same way again! Very creepy episode with a creepier unsub. Tablespoons/ice cream scoops will have a new meaning for me now too!

Morgan in charge went better than I thought it would. I love me some Derek but he is no Hotch. But I think I see the reason behind the shake-up now. Hotch has a certain Reaper to go catch.

Rossi was rather cryptic tonight. Just who's side is he on anyway? He always seemed to have Hotch's back, but tonight he seemed to be doubting the situation with Morgan. Does he predict a power struggle coming...? Should be very interesting. I can't wait for epi #100! May Foyet get what's coming to him.

And was anyone else as happy as me to see Hotch crack a teenie tiny smile and a joke???

Anonymous said...

ewwww, creepy, freaky, but good!

Morgan looked HOT at the beginning, but then what else is knew! Glad he doesn't want to kick Hotch out of his office. Be to weird if Hotch was in the bullpen. The end where Garcia made him his office and got it ready for him was so sweet. The question that Rossi asked though was so perfect, can Morgan step down when the time comes? Can he??? It's a good question to ponder! ( Make it should be the question of the day on the blog! )

This eppy was very freaky and creepy! Seems to get more freaky and creepy every week! ( Or is that just my imagination? )

They way that he attacked people and cut out their eyes, and they when they asked what he did with them and then you saw him eating something white and round! When he attacked the couple at the end and he was wearing the night vision goggles, and that girls eyes were glowing..... creepy.

I liked at the end how Hotch rescued the girl and pulled that thing off her eyes. It was kind of funny when Morgan reprimanded Hotch for going in alone, and then Hotch turned around and said he would have done the same thing. The look that the unsub gave both Prentiss and especially JJ at the end, and when he said he liked her eyes. ( shudders )

At the end when Morgan and Garcia were wondering what Hotch was still doing there and they showed him in his office looking at the folder with the picture of Foyet on it. That look he had on his face was one of pure hatred. I don't think I have ever seen Hotch look that way. The thing I read on the blog about the 100th episode, about what it says about going back to what was said in season 1, about becoming one of them, I hope Hotch doesn't do something he will regret!

Candy said...
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Anonymous said...

Tonight was one of the only times I've not enjoyed an episode of the show. The whole dynamic of the team felt 'off' to me. I REALLY don't like Morgan as acting chief. He's a good agent, don't get me wrong, but IMO he just isn't bossman material. Him hooking up with Tamara being an example of that(and I seriously don't like her at all!! LOL)

Also, for the first time EVER on this show, the crimes grossed me out. I don't feel it was necessary to show those eyeballs in the jars so many times. We knew he was keeping them in jars at the beginning, why torture the audience with those scenes more than once or twice? It was, excuse the phrase, overkill to me.

The one thing I did enjoy was the little exchange between Hotch and Prentiss toward the end when Morgan had reprimanded him for taking the unsub down alone. The little "What?" that Hotch threw over his shoulder at her and the look on his face cracked me up!

All in all, not an episode I'll be watching again anytime soon, but a necessary evil to get us to the 100th and hopefully the end of Morgan's reign as chief.

Sofie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sofie said...

I have to say that tonight' episode was very special. I like the way Oahn wrote the story. It set the emphasis on Morgan’ new role as a leader throughout a case. The real storyline was Derek’ new job and the case just a complement.

The team seemed to have accepted the change pretty well. JJ even had made some phone calls to have an office for him and I thought it was kind of her. Rossi’s expressing is concern to the fact that he should have left the police station instead of sleeping there was a sign of support and it showed he was there to help Morgan.

Rossi brought an interesting point when he told Hotch what would happen when Morgan would return to a role of agent. Dave knows Derek is a good leader but also he knows that he might start to like the job to much and will have a difficult time to step down once Hotch will be better. Somehow, I believe it is something Rossi experienced himself before he left the FBI the first time.

Strauss is trying to get rid of Hotch and with Derek taking his place temporarily she will make everything she can to make sure he gets all the help he can so he will look good to the FBI brass and have him permanently take the job. But Morgan is a man with honour and maybe he won’t have any problems in stepping down once it is over.

But I still believe that Rossi was a better choice. He has a lot more experience and has I mention before, since he knows what the job is for having done it before, he wouldn’t’ have any problem in giving Hotch is job has a leader again. Also, I would of like a little more of Rossi in the field. We didn’t see much in tonight. episode.

We also saw a whole new dynamic in the team. I felt like it was awkward at some point but I believe it will get better once everyone his settle with the changes

Brigitte said...

Let me say first that being a CM fans we know we will be crep out and many episodes did but this one was way up there among the most creepy, yucky one. Removing of the eyes was major yuck! That said I really like the episode!

What the unsub did with the eyes was scary, the fact that he was hunting victims was interesting but ultimately I just didn't feel anything for the guy except revulsion. Usually CM does a better job at making us feel some pity for the unsub but not here, I almost wish Hotch had shot the guy!

Poor victims, that woman at the end, the one the unsub was preparing to get her eyes out, I was happy that Hotch got to her before the unsub could take her eyes. Oh and how creepy when the unsub told JJ she had beautiful eyes!

I have to say that I really could feel tension when the unsub was hunting, very unsettling atmosphere, very well done.

Speaking of bad person, how about Strauss? That woman is evil! She is up to her old games. it didn,t work with Emily, trying to get her to hand Strauss the tools to get Hotch of the BAU and now she is playing the same game with Morgan! I hope Morgan will not let the TEMPORARY position of Unit Chief go to his head and be Strauss puppet. I would be very dissapointed in Derek if he didn't step down at some point and give back the unit chief position to Hotch.

I like how Morgan was torn by the case, him sleeping in the office, the weight of the job is settling on Morgan in a brutal way.

Like that Hotch got to work with Reid, they do work well together.

Why wasn't it JJ who choose the case? She is always the one who does this and now Morgan did choose the case? I know in the pass Morgan did often question JJ's decissions but this was not what I would have expected, I thought Morgan would have more confidence in JJ's habilities than that.

I so love Garcia, she is such a nice person and a good friend who can tell Morgan when he is wrong, his involvement with Tamara and she can show support too like getting him an office. Nice gesture. If only temporary.

Love the scene with hotch catching the unsub and then Morgan telling him he should have waited for backup and Hotch said ' would you have?' No way, Morgan would never had! Love the smile Hotch gave an understanding Prentiss.

All and all, a very good episode despite the 'ewwwwwwwww' factor, good writing, great acting from Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness.

and gotta say the previews for next week episode on CTV were great, can't wait to see that episode!


Emily said...

I think the Episode was awesome!!! I can see Morgan pulling off the "Boss" routine even Rossi said it, he's a born leader. I do wonder though how it's going to feel when he has to step down. Plus that comment Rossi made makes me wonder if they aren't setting something up with Morgan. Strauss is way too "accomodating" with him. Her statement about people watching makes me think she's trying to turn the tables on Hotch's mini coupe.... If Morgan succeeds, and after getting a taste of what it's like to run a unit, she can affectivly break up the team by giving Morgan his own. Because it's a show we know they won't break up but some pretty tense moments could come out of it.

I absolutely loved the scene with Morgan/Garcia. The love those two have for eachother is so beautiful! Note to writers... keep the M/G connection going. Loving that it's back this season. Also note to writers... get rid of victims sister!!!

CM... you neve disappoint!

Sofie said...

To some it might have been gross, but I don't think it was because the scenes were presented with respect and prudence.

Anonymous said...

I am never going to look at boiled eggs the same. I first thought he ate an eye.

DoctaJ said...

It was a pretty good episode to transition Morgan into the leadership role. It will be interesting to see if this all goes to his head or if he can truly give it up once they catch Foyette.

-I love when JJ does press conferences at the podium.
-Cute Hotch/Prentiss scene at the end, along with the great Morgan/Garcia scene.

I know that this early storyline is very much centered around Hotch and now Morgan, so hopefully later episodes will give us more focus on other team members *(cough) Emily (cough)* (JJ,Garcia, and Reid too :) )

Overall enjoyable episode!

DaboGirl said...

Great episode but so very creeeeeeepy!

Can I say I just don't like Morgan as unit chief? There I don't! I want Hotch back and the sooner the better!

and Garcia is love!


Anonymous said...

What's with CM and the gruesome stuff? that episode was almost up there with Lucky when it comes how gruesome the episode was.

The team felt 'off' with Morgan as boss, for me Hotch will always be the boss, still despite some ackward moments the team did work well together.

not lots of reid but MGG was still on crutches by the time this episode was made.

The ending with the unsub talking about JJ's eyes was very disturbing.

not my fav of the season but it was pretty decent episode.


Stella said...

damn Hotch been out of the unit chief position for s short period and I want him back as the bossman so badly! CM doesn't feel like CM without him as unit chief!

Can someone tell MGG to cut his hair? Thanks!

I learn something from that episode, never go out running alone on a deserted path when a serial killer is out there killing people and taking out their eyes!
Seriously, too much shots of those eyes! it did gross me out! Kuddos to the props department those eyes looked real! Oh the unsub eating what looks like eyes was beyond creepy!

What is the matter with Dave? why isn't he showing more support to Hotch?

So love that little smile Hotch gave Prentiss at the end! Hope we will see Hotch have reasons to smile more on the 100th episode!

Anonymous said...

Love the amount of Hotch/Prentiss movements we are getting!! :D
Hate Morgan as the boss... hate hate hate hate
But well, I hope it isn't forever

Emma said...

My show is back this week and it is as creepy as before if not more!

That guy was seriously wrong in the head!

Morgan need to ditch Tamara, really man what are you thinking???? SWhe is the sister of a victim in one of your cases! That is so unprofessional.

Oh Strauss will give Morgan all the backup he need. Lets hope Morgan is alot smarter than Strauss think he is and he will give Hotch his job back!

Ah JJ and Garcia setting up Morgan's office was nice.

Amy said...

I really loved this episode. I actually think it's one of the better ones so far. Everything blended and transitioned perfectly.

I must be in the small category that likes Morgan as the unit chief. Granted, he's not Hotch. But it was sort of like Hotch and Morgan had switched roles. Morgan is the leader, and now Hotch is taking down the bad guys by himself.

Loved the morgan/Garcia moment. It actually made me cry. And yey for some Hotch/Prentiss interaction. I thought when Hotch was paired with Reid we might get some cool interaction but they just kept their minds on the case which was okay. Maybe next time?

And I think I'm also in the small category of liking Morgan's romantic interest. I didn't like her the first time I saw her in "Hopeless". But she's growing on me. And I like that she handed Morgan the cross that was her brother's. That was really sweet.

The eyes completely creeped me out. When the unsub was fixing the eyes on the animal I figured out what he was doing with the people's eyes. Gross!

A+ in my book.

snowbelle said...

so far this has been my favorite of the season,especialy the ending with morgan and garcia they are so darn cute with a capital C, as to the whole eye thing GROSS!!,i swear i will never go in to a parking garage again!!

Vali said...

Not my favorite episode. It's ridiculous not having Hotch as unit chief. Strauss belongs in a mental facility. She obviously has some personal issues with Hotch and can't control them. The way Hotch has acted shows that he IS the true chief of the team. He has no problem being in the background, he does his job beautifully and doesn't let personal things get in the way. It's not about the title or being the leader but about solving the case. Rossi made a good point and I too doubt that Morgan's ego will ever allow him to step down again. Morgan will be the real liability for the team. I don't like how his character has been written lately. I used to like Morgan a lot in the beginning. He's a great guy and a great agent but from now on it will be all about power and prestige for him. Who knows the writers may be setting him up to run his own team in a spin-off series. Sorry guys, don't like spin-offs.
So what was so wrong with Hotch that he couldn't remain unit chief? Geez, he's FINE! The threat that the team would have been dissolved if Hotch would not have stepped down doesn't make sense. It's not like Strauss could pull another team out of the sleeve and last time I checked the FBI director has a say in that as well. Look how incompetent Strauss was when in charge of the team. So who writes her evaluation? Someone high on drugs or someone who has the hots for her? I do feel bad for the actress who plays Strauss. She's great just her character sucks!
Morgan criticizing Hotch for taking down the unsub. Now there's "leadership" or was he just jealous? Wasn't that Morgan's specialty? Tackling the unsub? What should Hotch have done? Sit down, get the lint out of between his toes and wait for backup? Let the unsub escape and gauge out someone else's eyes out? Hotch did what any good cop/agent would have done in this situation. Go after the perp.
Regarding the case ... well, honestly the whole Morgan as new unit chief distracted from it. Yes, Morgan is a good agent and can lead a team but he's no Hotch! At least he finally dresses more professionally again.
As always Garcia is the bomb. She just a sweetie and I'd love for her to give my office a make over anytime! Morgan, you better be good to her!

Anonymous said...

It was again a really great episode! Even if I love Morgan so much, I have to say I don't like him as a Unit Chief. Don't get me wrong, he's a good leader, but he's just not that kind of man. I felt sorry for him cuz he was stressed and disturbed by Strauss. She's a real bitch, man! I loved how he faced Strauss and didn't take Hotch's office. It's sweet how he respect Hotch. Morgan is a real good man with a big heart even if he's so stubborn a lot of times. He will step down after Hotch gets Foyet. There's no doubt, at least I sure hope for it! Hotch is the man for that job, he's still looks like the one who's in charge. :) And God, when he took down the Unsub was a great moment! It went to my all time favourite Hotch-moments list. (Anyway, I have a lot, cuz Hotch is great!) :) That innocent 'would you have?' just make me giggle. And that hint of smile he gave to Prentiss! That was sweet! :) It looks like Morgan took Hotch's job, and Hotch took Morgan's job. :)) I'm so happy that Hotch finally started to go after Foyet.
I loved the scene between Morgan and Garcia at the end. It was really beautiful scene! Made my eyes wet. It was sweet from JJ and Garcia to take care of Morgan. He needed it, and deserved it.
I loved the whole episode! Great work from everybody again. Congratulation! Especially to the sweet Kirsten Vangsness, Shemar Moore and the dearest Thomas Gibson!


CheetoBreath said...

Whoooaaa, very creepy episode! The part in the beginning when the 2 girls run into some random guy when you're expecting the unsub any second made me jump outta my seat! haha. And when he was diggin into the egg with a fork right after Reid just said that some unsubs eat the eyeballs . . . . at first I thought the egg was an EYEBALL and I had to look away and almost HURLED. LOL. Man that guy had issues. Putting human eyes in animals? And taxidermy is just gross in general. Why do that to a poor dead animal? As a trophy to flaunt on your wall? That's sick. To preserve a beloved pet? Ew. Just EW. I would have to agree with comments that this ep had more than the usual gruesome pics/shots for CM. That was kind of why I switched from CSI to CM - I liked that CM was much more tasteful and not as prone to showing so much gross stuff. Blech. I agree that the instrument he was using totally looked like a measuring spoon. I will never ever bake without thinking of that now. Thanks a lot Oanh Ly!! LOL. And what a creepazoid, telling JJ she has pretty eyes in the end (although in truth, AJ/JJ really does have the biggest, beautiful eyes. She's so pretty. *is jealous* LOL)

So Morgan isn't so bad as Unit Chief. I can agree that he does have natural leadership abilities, but to stay true to his character, his emotionality should get him in hot water. LOL. And definitely into some head-butting with Strauss. Speaking of which, did I miss the episode somehow that explains why Strauss has it in so bad for Hotch??? That sneaky Strauss-ella De Vil trying to get Morgan to turn on Hotch, to oust him permanently ..... ooooh she makes me mad!! LOL. I loved the scene when Morgan had the gall to reprimand Hotch on going in by himself - umm, hello remind you of anyone?? Pot meet Kettle? And then Hotch with the little suppressed grin and the "What?" ahahaha. So nice to see Hotch lighten up a little. He was starting to get way too serious. Too bad Hotch will never lighten up to the point that TG gets to give his full grin (GUH!! *drops dead from cuteness*) which would be totally un-Hotchlike. haha. And a big WOO HOO for Hotch's turn to take down the bad guy instead of Morgan. Hmm, maybe Morgan as Unit Chief really ain't so bad. *wink* I can't wait for the 100th eppy to see The Hotchness take down Foyet. That man has a lot of bottled up anger and woe to the bad guy who gets the brunt of it!! Get him, Hotch, get him!! LOL.

I would have to agree with previous comments about letting JM go salt-and-pepper. I think the dark is too harsh for him. I also agree with either de-foof or cut MGG's hair please. Reid fans there's not much for him right now because of where the storylines are going, but I hope there will be a Reid-centric epi soon for you guys. :) Yay for Hotch and Reid interaction though! And I am still of the camp that votes NO on inter-team dating. The show is so much better than that. It doesn't need it, and it would only make it like all the other shows out there. Blech.

mellysmelba said...

AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!! It totally creeped me out...taking people's eyes out and keeping them as trophies...YUCK!!!!! Morgan as boss...can you say awkward???? Poor JJ...once I heard this episode dealt with eyes, I knew JJ's eyes would be referenced since she has such beautiful eyes. I also loved the end when Hotch and Emily have a funny moment...nice to see Hotch smile...and Emily as well.

mellysmelba said...

I also love how EMILY broke the glass with her elbow!!!! She's taking over Morgan's job....

mellysmelba said...

Shemar and Thomas are looking a bit frail...did they loose weight???? Put those pounds back on...especially Shemar :)

Anonymous said...

I love Morgan as unit chief. It shows there is life after Hotch and that's good for the future of the show. He was great as team leader and I thought beautifully nuanced, except for the opening scene with Tamara. Oh, until she handed him the necklace. His look on accepting it was searching. Must have reminded him of the tags between brother and sister in the Pig Episode. He's nothing if not loyal to the demands made upon him, and I like how he knows his limits too. The nervousness at having to go and talk to the family of the Buddhist girl was palpable.

I'm looking forward to possible battles between him and Hotchner later.

Missed Rossi -- that's my only grumble about this episode (this season really). He's been pretty quiet in these five or six episodes really. Apart from the Irish mob story of course. It is a big big shame and a waste of JM. You've got him: use him.

But it was lovely to see Reid looking a bit more perky and keen. The actor must have been in a lot of pain in the early epis and very restricted.

The case was great. I love Oanh Ly's episodes and this was no exception. So much better than the last episode's superficial treatment of serious matters.

connie said...

I really enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the scene with JJ talking to the press while the guys gave the profile to the police. I thought that was well done. Morgan gets his own office thanks to JJ and Garcia. Gotta love that Garcia.

VanessaRossi said...

This was one of the most disgusting episodes ever, I had to look away partially... But, nevertheless, I really liked it. Interesting case, but actually I was more looking at how the changes on leadership effected the team.
And I think it was well done.
I kinda had to laugh at the scene when they were at the Unsubs house and Hotch automatically took lead, telling Morgan that he's taking the back and walks up front. The thing with JJ and Garcia providing Morgan with an office was very cute, but I really didn't like it that he lied to her about the necklace. I'm sure she'll find out eventually and then she'll be extremely disappointed, and rightfully so.
I loved to see Strauss again, and now I really wonder what she is up to. I was surprised at how nice and friendly she was with Morgan in the scene when they were on the phone, and my first thoughts were: You must be really happy to score off Hotch. I'm pretty sure that now Morgan has the lead, she wants him to keep it, even after they catch the reaper. So she plays nice with Morgan, tells him how much she wants the team functioning, only to get him on her side and thus being able to get rid of Hotch for good.
And I really think that Rossi's right: What happens when Morgan's asked to step down?
I mean, I really have a high opinion of Morgan, but you can observe these things everywhere: once you've had a taste of being in charge, of having power, it will be hard for you to give it up again. And as much as I think that Morgan is an honorable person, he's also still having a career in front of him.
This whole scenario has a lot of potential for conflict, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it continues.

Anonymous said...

This ep was creepy but I still enjoyed it however I will never see eggs the same again. It's only been one ep with Morgan as unit chief and already I'm ready for Hotch to be in charge again. I don't like this plot not in the least. :(

Please someone tell MGG that he is in desperate need of a haircut, it's time seriously it's time. There is no way that would fly in the FBI!

Celine said...

The episode is so creepy. I will think twice or more when I eat hard boiled egg. There was some instances that I cringed.

I like the way Morgan led the case. At the end of it, he felt the immense pressure and knew how Hotch had been dealing with it all these years. It is apparent that Hotch is still very consumed with getting Foyet.

Although the team was not formally informed of the transfer of responsibility from Hotch to Morgan, they showed utmost respect to Morgan. Like the way the camera focussed on their faces after Morgan gave out instructions.

Strauss was on my nerves the whole time she was on the episode. Great work from Jayne Atkinson for playing the role so well.

Hotch was impeccable, he adjusted well on the field. I enjoyed the time he talked with Rossi about Morgan's ability and great job, and also giving advice to Morgan about handling Strauss.

Loads of good interaction, Morgan-Hotch-Strauss, Emily-JJ-Garcia, JJ-Reid-Garcia, Garcia-Morgan and also scenes from the plane.

CrystalWitch said...

Not ready to comment on the episode yet - need to think about it some more.

Quick thought on the unit chief position, though. I agree with the many comments that Rossi would have been a more obvious choice, but story-wise I can see Rossi refusing the role because there would be a danger that the FBI higher-ups might want to keep him permanently in the role due to his reputation. I don't think he would have a problem stepping down from it, I think his reputation is such that if he'd really wanted to, he could have come back in a higher position than the one he took.

Story-wise again, Morgan makes sense because he is supposedly ready for the role, he's already refused one promotion, but that means that either Morgan has to be reasonably successful, but realise he's not ready for a full-time unit chief role, or he has to get it very badly wrong, and be demoted. Hopefully, the writers will go for the first option, as the second would compromise the character too much, the Tamara thing is as unprofessional as he should go, I think.

It would be nice if Morgan's time as chief led to him and Hotch sorting out their remaining trust issues and Morgan growing up a little. But it does leave the question of finding a way for Morgan to be successful as unit leader and step down from it without damaging his career, as we all assume/expect if things back to normal once Foyet is dealt with...

Well, (letting th real world interfere) things will be back to normal once Shemar gets a full OK from the doctor after his accident. Morgan as unit chief is Shemar's equivalent of Reid's shooting, a way to justify having the main action character not doing so much action. Another injury wouldn't have worked. Hopefully he's healing well, and that will get the OK to become the action hero again at about the same time as the Foyet story arc is tied up.

reidfanatic said...

I found this episode rather creepy as well. I thought the taking of the eyes for taxidermy was a bit much.

I think Morgan did all right as Unit Chief but can't wait for Hotch to get back to that position. The line about Hotch not waiting for backup made me chuckle, that's definitely the pot calling the kettle black. It looks like it's all going to be about Morgan and Hotch from here on out.

I was hoping Morgan was not going to go down that road with Tamara but it looks like I was wrong. I so don't like where this is going.

Still hardly any Reid. I agree that Reid needs a haircut but then I say to myself, what's the point, he's not getting any air time anyway. As a Reid fan I miss him terribly and the show has not been the same for me this season. There's no excitement before each episode because it seems that Reidcentric episodes are a thing of the past. Now I console myself with my DVDs and reruns on A&E when we actually got to see Reid.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the way they took up immediately after Hotch and Morgan talked. Everyone was in turmoil and it worked very well, because I also felt unsure of what was going to happen. So, for me, it felt as if I was in real time with the team and their concerns.

I loved that Hotch still has his office and Morgan showed his loyalty to the group. Garcia and JJ were so sweet in getting Morgan the office. Reid cracked me up with his seeming unconcern. Emily maximized her reactions and they were terrific.

Shemar was amazing, as always. Morgan is usually so cynical and so sure of himself. Shemar gave Morgan the adjusting period with tentative steps in making decisions. They were precise but unsure with the huge realization of the responsibility of catching the unsub and seeing what Hotch has had to shoulder. The entire show gave Morgan a chance to grow and it was very, very interesting seeing the progression and the team’s reactions. I still prefer Hotch as unit chief though.
Strauss is always going to be Strauss. In her phone call to Morgan, her unspoken extremely obvious implication that Hotch would cause problems in this was disgusting. Also, if according to her all her colleagues feel that Hotch is so ineffectual and horrific as a unit chief, why hasn’t he been removed. I really hope that Morgan and Hotch have words with her after this. Morgan is loyal to the team. Hotch needs to let her know that he is going to start pushing back instead of playing by the rules, because she certainly manipulates them to her own selfish advantage and throws the team under the bus every chance she gets. It has to tick her off that the unit pulls together and she can’t get to Hotch.

For the first time in five years, though, I am mad at a character (lol, only for a short time). Rossi!!! I know the episode was to show the stress, the job and Morgan adjusting. Rossi’s comment to Hotch about Morgan possibly not wanting to step down was realistic along with all the ramifications. However, someone stepping in during as an acting happens all the time. This, though, was presented in a way that Rossi sounded as if he felt Hotch was being selfish and should just resign. I know that isn’t what was meant but it tipped the scale to overkill in this particular spot. Unless I am reading the signs wrong, this is a set up for after Foyet. Hotch has kept his office and now Morgan has one. Hotch in charge, Morgan as the second. Sounds ok to me since is works that way – sort of – now . All guesses on my part.

My best parts of the show were at the end. First was Morgan, Emily and Hotch. Hotch is more than just unit chief and it came out he can actually do what he wants now – to a certain extent – and be actively involved in the action. Morgan had a chance to see his own actions from a perspective on the opposite side as boss. Emily and Hotch – I love these two together and Hotch’s “what” and her smile were perfect. The other was Garcia and Morgan at the end. Morgan kept from Garcia that he is seeing the sister and then of office.

On the whole, not my favorite episode . Dynamics pushed a bit too far. However, what I do enjoy most is the actors and they are able to move outside of the box with their characters right now. The more I see of their abilities and talent makes me smile. CM maintained their amazing standards and style. But, again, the scales were tipped off kilter for me in this one.

jackie said...

I just got a chance to view this
episode, and may i say, well done
and well written. Another awesome;
rocking episode by our Criminal
Minds writers. I have to say it
really creeped me out, the unsub
removing the victims eyes after he
killed them. It makes me not to
want to walk anywhere in the dark.
Now i'll be looking over my
shoulder wondering who is going
to jump out at me. It did leave
me sitting on the edge of my
seat. Couldn't leave my couch
the entire time i was viewing
it, that is how engrossed in the
episode i was. My favorite parts
of the episode, were Morgan and
Hotch. Morgan:"Hotch, you know
you should have waited for
backup; right"? Hotch:"Would
you have waited"? Then the smile Emily gave to Hotch, and Hotch
looked at Emily and smiled and said "What"? and she just looked
at him and said "Nothing". That
was great. And Morgan knew
Hotch was right with that saying. Morgan would not have waited.
Strauss is still her mean old
self. I am glad Hotch still has his office, and that Morgan
did not want to take it from
him. Very sweet of Garcia and
JJ to fix up an office for
Morgan. I think Morgan is liking this new position of temporary unit chief. I think he will have a hard time handing it back to
Hotch when the Reaper is caught. Rossi even mentioned that to
Hotch as well. The way Rossi
presented it to Hotch, i got
the feeling he wants Morgan to
be the Unit Chief and not Hotch. I hope that isn't how it goes. I thought maybe Rossi would have been more supportive of Hotch
stepping down temporarily until the Reaper is caught, but i
didn't get that feeling last
night. I thought this episode
flowed really well, and all
the characters were used
equally. I thought Morgan
did a great job on his first
case, and will continue to do
so. Maybe now, he'll want to
move up and run his own office some day. I liked the ending.
Typical Hotch still staying
late, even though now he
doesn't have to, but considering what he's up against, finding the Reaper before he gets to his
family, i can see why he is still at the office. And the file on Foyet sitting on his desk right in front of him. He is determined and motivated to get this guy, so his family can come home again.
Thanks Criminal Minds for
another awesome episode. Looking forward to next weeks, with
great anticipation.

Ele said...

I liked the case, the unsub was really really disturbed. Very creepy guy, good casting.
Morgan as team leader was ok, I guess. He is just too emotional but Rossi warned him about that (that was nice of Rossi). It was also nice that Morgan now realizes why Hotch usually stayed so late at the office, now he gets to do all the horrible paperwork.
The best part of the episode for me was when Hotch caught the unsub and when he looks at Emily and asks "what?" and they both share a tiny smile! Love when TG smiles!!!!!!!
What I did not like: Garcia and Morgan wondering what Hotch is doing so late in his office...for God´s sake what else can he be doing besides searching for something that helps him catch Foyet! The other thing I did not enjoy was Rossi wondering what will happen with Morgan when all the Foyet case is done...my heart froze for a few seconds wondering if Morgan and Hotch were going to have problems about the position of Unit Chief...I do not want that at all.

Winka said...

Wow!! What a great episode! I thought everyone on the team did a wonderful job. I too was VERY happy to see Hotch make a sort of smile. He needs more of those.

Judging by some of the comments you would think Morgan STOLE Hotch's job. Hotch fanatics; try to remember that Morgan being the Acting Unit Chief was your beloved Hotch's idea, not his! Also try to remember this is temporary, and he didn't want the job, but is doing it for the team. I mean really!

I actually think Morgan did a great job tonight; especially considering it was his FIRST time as the boss. He was not acting like an egomaniac, he was simply doing his job the best he could. And what is all this comparing him to Hotch? Hotch is a GREAT Unit Chief, and I would hope so. How long was he Unit Chief? I'm guessing at least 8 years. This is the 5th season and they did an episode a few seasons ago where they went back in time about 4 years. He was Chief then I believe. So he is a seasoned Supervisor. Morgan is a seasoned agent, but a new Supervisor. How on earth can you compare the two?? Your simply can't. We don't know how Hotch was when he first started as Chief, but I'm sure he wasn't perfect. We shouldn't expect Morgan to be either. That's just ridiculous.

As far as the case goes, I have watch almost every episode since it premiered. I have been grossed out before, but not like this. There were times I actually had to turn my head, and I NEVER did that before. Lucky was bad, but this was waaaay worse! I still really enjoyed the show. But man they know how to push it!!

I truly don't think I will be eating boiled eggs ever again. EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope, nope, nope, not liking Morgan as team leader at all, but WOW! did you see the brown suit-dress Garcia had on at the end? Fabulous outfit.

Didn't enjoy Morgan being in charge, because I do not buy him as 'humble" enough to do it for a short time and then let it go (Rossi's worry was right) and the end with his "own" office sure showed that. There will be unrest when Hotch is reinstated.

The unsub and his crimes were pretty terrible, I had an uncle who did taxidermy and was never ever allowed in his cold room where he did the animals.

All in all, not a fave episode at all.


Kirsten said...

Not my fav episode. Vali, you hit it right on the head.

Yes, I'm a Hotch fan but I do like Morgan, just not as Unit Chief. (this is regardless of experience btw) Of course it will take time for him to settle in but I still maintain he is not leadership material. Cudos to Derek for standing up to Strauss (great actress, despise the character... waiting for the Director to step in) and not forcing Hotch to have to go to the bullpen. Assuming this change IS only temporary, Hotch needs to maintain a little distance; he cannot become 'one of the gang'.

Loved the Hotch/Emily moment but was wondering where Rossi's support was... and JJ's for that matter.

Case-wise: creepy but I liked it; something different.

Can't wait for things to get back to normal and on the upswing for Hotch. Great job Thomas and Shemar.

Stephanie said...

Can someone throw Hotch a bone, please?!! Geez! The team all keep telling him "we'll get Foyet" but I see no evidence of anyone but Aaron actually doing anything about it. And Strauss needs to take a pill. The FBI Director obviously supports Hotch (he sent him a personal referral in PIMB) so enough already.
Morgan did well to refuse Hotch's office but I am concerned (as others) that his ego will grow too large and he'll be trouble later. I hope I'm wrong... I'd really like to see this whole thing bring Hotch & Morgan closer together, with Derek having a better understanding of where Hotch comes from being a 'drill sergeant'.

Good job TG, as always, and I loved Kirsten too this week.

HardKOrr said...

This episode was solid, not one of my favorites but solid nonetheless.

I'm not finding it hard to accept Morgan as acting Unit Chief - as long as it's temporary. Hotch seems to have no issue with it and it gives him more time to focus on finding Foyet since he can pour through the Foyet files and leave all the paperwork for their current cases to Morgan.

I'm glad Morgan mentioned to Strauss that he reviewed the cases with JJ and chose the one they did. Shows that he's still following protocol. I would hate to think he ran ramshod over part of her duties. I did feel bad that JJ seemed to be the only one one on the team that didn't know what an enucleator was.

I thought it was right for Morgan to stand up to Strauss and refuse Hotch's office. And how great was it that JJ and Garcia conspired to set Morgan up with an office of his own.

The case itself was creepy with all kinds of ick factor. I think this is the first CM ep that ever made me jump when the first girls were surprised by the guy going out the door. I know that wasn't the unsub but it made me jump. The way the unsub hunted his victims was scary. The eggs and the eyes in the jars were gross but when he poked that one eyeball...major ick!

I liked the scene with Hotch, Morgan, and Prentiss at the end. Hotch was right...Morgan would have done the same thing. I loved that Em couldn't help but smile but didn't say a word.

I also loved that Morgan got that dreadful unsub out of the room after that comment he made to JJ about her eyes. You could tell he disturbed her but I loved that she didn't let it show. I'm actually glad that Oanh Ly didn't let this one slip by. In a case about eyes, you have to mention JJ's.

Always great when our team is in Kevlar and this was no different. Emily breaking the glass with her elbow and Hotch kicking in a door...awesome.

JJ did a press conference...makes me happy when that happens!

And we finally got a little Morgan/Garcia banter so yay!! Her comment to him about the "secret fun zone" was so cute! I'm not sure she would have so happily taken care of setting up his new office, however, if she knew he called Tamara ten seconds after she left him alone.

Can't wait for next week...Gavin Rossdale, Joy Division cover, and pistol whippin JJ. Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode, Emily breaking the glass with her elbow and Hotch being all badass! *yay*
Hate Morgan as boss though

Anyway, does anyone know how many episodes this season is going to have?

Anonymous said...

A decent episode, not great but not bad either. Nice to see a bit of role reversal with Hotch and Morgan. Nice to see a Hotch tackle. Maybe he won't want to go back to being leader after all this is over. Gets to spend more time with Jack and gets to do more tackling. I'm a little tired of the Foyet story line though. While I like when a story lasts more than one ep. I find this story is lasting too long.
I love The Hair. Please don't touch The Hair.


JennyRaff said...

I just feel so bad for Hotch at the moment! Especially in this episode!

For a start, not one member of the team asked him why he had stepped down, and how he felt about stepping down. In fact, Rossi seemed to 'have a go' at him about having Morgan stand in for him... I'm starting to get the impression they are building up to have Hotch leave!! It seems to always be Rossi hinting at it!!

Also, I hate the way the team are showing no concern for Hotch! When Reid was attacked, everyone was concerned, and spoke to him about it, and tried to help him through it... especially Hotch, and no-one has asked Hotch how he is, or what happened to him! It's like it's TABOO!
I know Hotch has a position of authority... but at least Rossi could check in on him now and again!!!

At the end of the episode when Hotch was staying late, and Garcia asked "Why is he staying late?" and Morgan said, " I have no idea!" - I HAVE NO IDEA??
As a viewer, I knew straight away that when the camera panned in to his office, we would see him working away on the Foyet case.... he seems to be the only one who is!!!
I just don't feel like the team is being there for Hotch at the moment.... I hope they redeem themselves in the 100th episode!!!!

Anonymous said...

good episode, creepy unsub who did VERY creepy things!

Morgan as the boss feel weird. Hope to get Hotchner back as unit chief soon.

Love that Hotch was the one that went after the unsub!

Nice gesture from Garcia and JJ, nice office, they did a good job.

Message to Morgan 'Lose Tamara, that is so not right'

Message to Reid 'Please Spencer get an hair cut'

Some mention how cool it was that Emily got to break that window, it sure was!

Gotta love when Hotch smile even if it is a tiny smile :)

Good writing from Oanh Ly, great acting from TG,SM and PB!


Anonymous said...

Hey just found this cool blog on my favorite tv show! Yay!

I had to close my eyes when the guy started eating what I thought was an eye! Yuck! CM sure knows how to scare us!

What is wrong with Strauss? Why does she hate Hotch so much? If someone had to be fired from the FBI it is her! Leave Hotch alone, he's a great boss!

Morgan look gooood tonight! Wish he didn't hide things from Penelope.

How disgusting when the unsub told JJ she had beautiful eyes, ewwwww!


Sofie said...

Some of you might have perceived that Rossi was against Hotch decision to put Morgan as acting unit chief but somehow to me it was only a way for Rossi to show is concern about what might happen in the future. As humble Morgan can be, he could get use to the office and be a leader... and Dave knows that might be a difficult situation for both, Hotch and Morgan when the time will come to have everyone back at their right places. Hotch and Dave have been good friend for a long time, don’t forget that and he always supported him. Also, when you look at Dave face when he shares his concerns with Hotch, he is not angry, arrogant or defensive, he is CONCERN.

Rossi is the voice of reason of this team. He doesn't talk much but when he talks it's not for nothing and when it’s time to back up his teammate HE ALWAYS DO IT!

I won’t be surprise if he will be the one keeping this team from crashing down. His ego is well under control now and no he is not upset about Hotch not asking him. With his experience he can see where things are going and he makes sure no one gets hurt in the end. If Morgan cracks under pressure before Hotch is ok, who do you think will have to step in?

Mahële said...

What a wonderful episode.

Morgan did a great job as Unit Chief.
I also loved the fact that he let Hotch kept his office, it was a very respectful gesture.
Morgan didn't want the job but he's doing his best, he's very dedicated.
I'm waiting to see how Strauss will react when Hotch regains his former position as leader.

The case was very interesting, and the Unsub was creepy and believable.
I loved how the team managed to connect the dots and find him. Nicely done.
And thank you for the Hotch/Reid interaction. They work well together.

I actually think that the relationship between Morgan and Tamara is interesting. I wonder where the writers will take this.

Nice touch between Morgan and Garcia at the end. It was a funny and sweet moment, and I enjoyed it very much.
And Morgan does need to have his own office for the time being.

So far, this is easily my favorite episode of the season.

Thank you Oanh Ly.

Amanda said...

Missing the only Unit Chief, Hotch, already although not Morgan's fault.

Also missing the girls. I know the story arc is Hotch/Morgan but with Reid on the sidelines due to MGG's injury, I was hoping for some more Prentiss & JJ.

Agree with previous comments... I'm not seeing much concern (with the surprising exception of Morgan) for Hotch. A simple 'how are you' or volunteering to help with Foyet's case file would be nice.

Can't wait until our team back to 'normal'.

Walburga Benker said...

This episode creeped me out. Great acting of the unsub. A few times i closed my eyes.
Morgan tryed his best to do nothing wrong, but it must be hard under the eyes from Hotch and Strauss. Looking forward to watch this Leader situation.
Love the Reid and Hotch
Good question from Rossi: What happens when Morgan´s asked to step down?
Nice guesture from Garcia to Morgan. A cute scene at the end, Garcia always bring a light
into the dark.
Wish to see more from Rossi soon!!

Thanks for this episode Oanh!!

Leanne said...

Meh, I'm indifferent about this one. Case-wise, it was okay although I find it hard to believe a group of runners would leave a slower female all by herself in pitch darkness.

My heart goes out to Hotch. The man deserves a break; I hope he gets it after the end of the Reaper. Great acting by TG otherwise I wouldn't be so upset.

Also feelin' for Morgan, who is doing the best he can in trying circumstances. I just hope he is as graceful stepping down as he was in stepping up.

JJ: nice to see ya girl!

Roll on 100th, we want our Unit Chief back and with reason to smile, both for Hotch & his fans!

Anonymous said...

Thomas & Shemar for People's Choice Awards!!!


Theresa said...

The team isn't going to fall apart. Neither Hotch nor Morgan would allow it. Yes, it is hard to watch Hotch going through so much but I have faith he'll come through it in the end. If not... well, hockey season has started...

Scott said...

Just a couple observations:

-- Not a real strong episode in my opinion. It didn't keep me on the edge of my seat like some episodes have.

-- I don't understand why Rossi isn't being utilized more? It seems like he only had a couple lines in last nights episode.

-- Something about Morgan as the leader just doesn't seem right. He doesn't carry the leadership persona that Hotch does.

-- As previous posters have mentioned...lose the victim's sister. This adds nothing to the show IMO.

That's all I got.

Have a great day!!

RMF said...

That was curiously flat as a followup to an episode that left us with such dramatic potential. The case was fine, it brought the creep, but they seem to have gotten stuck in the concept of a role reversal at the expense of character consistency, and it serves the Morgan character particularly badly.

There seems to be the idea that if Morgan took on Hotch's role, he'd almost become Hotch himself, as if the job defines the character. It's true that he would have to become more like him by being more serious about his responsibilities and working longer hours, but these are two very different men by nature, and Morgan would be a different kind of leader. Now Hotch may be repressed and business-like, but we actually love that in him, and because of his intensity and intellect, he's never dull with it. But here Morgan is a very dull fellow. When placing him in the lead position, the episode all but erases everything we enjoy about Morgan -- the cockiness, the humor, and the heart. He's stiff even in the emotional scenes with the one victim's mourning family. The one overriding characteristic that you'd think would threaten his leadership, his hotheadedness, never materializes, and let's face it, the danger -- and the fun -- of putting Morgan in charge would be the tendency to tell people like Strauss where to get off. The role reversal works better for Hotch, who appears to deal with his new situation with equanimity, except for a brief flash of pain when Rossi raises the possibility of trouble when Morgan is asked to step down (thanks, Rossi). It's fun to see Hotch smack down a suspect, because it's really not that much of a stretch, and it reminds us of his interactions with Blackwolf, which were all win.

It's not all bad with respect to Morgan. He should feel awkward on his first case, particularly with his former boss hanging around, and they do convey that. He stumbles here and there, although his fundamental decision-making is solid, and beats himself up over not identifying an unsub more quickly. Despite Rossi's concern over Morgan potentially hanging on to the position, he seems downright unhappy at times, especially when dealing with Strauss' smothering supervision. His priorities with respect to the case are in line, but he doesn't see the need to placate the bureaucrat, because office politics is indeed completely petty, and he just doesn't think like that. Hotch has to warn him that it's a bigger deal than he thinks, and he finally takes the call as if it's radioactive.

Strauss herself is amusing, chiseling away again, trying to pit one alpha male against the other to neutralize them all. She tried this with Hotch and Rossi when Rossi came on board, but it failed because they genuinely like each other and are too wise to her ways. She is no doubt counting on Morgan's comparative lack of experience with the food chain to allow her to manipulate him. If there is trouble over his stepping down, it probably won't come from his corner, because he's an honorable man, but from hers. She unctuously assures him that people are pulling for him, and they'll provide anything he needs to succeed. His chief virtue for her is doubtless the fact that he's not Hotch, and this is her new attack against Hotch's counter move last episode.

There are some good moments from Prentiss and JJ. Prentiss is clearly chafing at the change ("We're just supposed to go along with this?"), and she makes little snarky faces over Morgan's mistake with assignments on the plane. When JJ confers with Morgan over the press release to counter the media furor, her professionalism is intact, but her doubt is eloquent, as Morgan's strength is really not diplomacy. She also has a nice bit later, as her blood freezes when the unsub compliments her eyes. Reid's become a bit puzzling, however, as he's awfully blase -- I'd expect someone who's also been held hostage and tortured to have very definite feelings about the upheavals around him and Hotch's behavior.

Anonymous said...

ITA, I was surprised about the non concern for Hotch after his initial return. Even though this was an episode for Morgan (which was great), there wasn’t even a hint of concern for how Hotch was dealing. He not only had to step down from his job but it almost gave the appearance that Hotch was in the way. Hotch's resignation isn't an isolated incident because it is a continuing escalation (that is probably the wrong word) of how his life is falling apart since the stabbing. Reid recognized the Foyet fallout but it was only an aside comment. Emily was the only one at the end (with her smile) that even acknowledged that his life had changed too with this transfer of power – even if only temporarily. Th end gave a bit of reprive for Hotch as he silently dealt with the changes and took down the unsub. There is only an hour for the show so not everything can be covered but, yet, it did surprise me a bit, too.

I am interested in seeing where this story is going with Morgan and his new girlfriend. Although, bad times seem to be ahead with Garcia's warnings.

I, too, can't wait to see more of Emily and JJ and Reid.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow … creepy episode, aside from the whole gruesome removal of eyes and keeping them as trophies, the eating of boiled eggs right after Reid’s comment certainly had full effect, topped off with the whole look of the unsub tipped the all time creepy balance for me …and all this pushed a bit further by the looks the unsub gave Prentiss and the mention of how beautiful JJ’s eyes were at the end just added to the whole effect…. Creepy+++ but well done …

I’m sorry to say this because I do think Morgan is special and a great agent, but I hated him as the head of the team, I want the feisty Morgan back … and so so want Hotch back as unit chief, no one pulls this off as well as he does … the whole team dynamic didn’t work for me I’m afraid. I agree on the whole ego trip and the fact that it will likely be hard for Morgan to step down, this said the whole connection with the victims sister could turn ugly for him which may just make the step down part easier … well my thinking anyway.

I wish Strauss would just go to hell, don’t like her one single bit, instead of being supportive of Hotch after all that he has gone through and respecting and applauding the job he’s done to bring the team to what it is, she’s hell bent on pulling him down, the buttering up of Morgan certainly said it all, hope he sees through it like Prentiss did … they are all leaps and bounds ahead of her as profilers so there’s some hope … the Morgan push back on Hotch’s office was special and a nice touch and points to the respect he has for Hotch. Garcia/JJ setting up the office for Morgan was very sweet & a nice gesture of team acceptance of him, hope this doesn’t add to the whole ego trip and go to his head though!!!

Absolutely loved … loved … loved Hotch taking down the unsub, and helping the victim, the exchange between Morgan/Hotch (I agree the pot calling the kettle black! LOL) and Hotch/Prentiss was absolutely priceless the little exchange of smiles between Prentiss & Hotch as he walked off was awesome…stand out moment & for me the highlight of the entire episode.

Garcia as always was the spark and the gel in the disjointed team this week, as nice as it was to have Hotch & Reid working together, Hotch supporting Morgan, the whole team thing was a little off …will be interesting to see how Morgan’s liaison with Tamara is going to go down with Garcia, he’s already lying/hiding stuff from her with the whole necklace thing. The end Garcia/Morgan exchange was so sweet and put some light & shade into a heavy episode …
All in all as creepy as I was a great episode ….

CheetoBreath said...

Oh, did Shemar Moore hurt his leg too?? What was this, the summer of injuries for the CM cast? LOL. Well, knowing that, it now totally makes sense why they did the temporary role reversal between Hotch and Morgan, seeing as how SM can't get around on his leg as much. I think Hotch SHOULD be the Unit Chief, but I do have to admit I am immensely enjoying (and from reading the comments, many of the other fans are too) the scenes of Hotch taking down bad guys. Now I'm torn between wanting Hotch returned as Unit Chief and badass Hotch. But the 2 roles don't have to be exclusive of each other - he can be both! Can't we have a badass Unit Chief? I want to have my pie and eat it too. LOL.

And yeah, ITA, where is the team's support re: the Foyet case? You'd think they'd all spend a little bit of overtime to help out Hotch. Poor Hotchy. :( I know some people might be getting mad that Hotch and Morgan are getting all the attention right now but it really can't be helped because of the current storyline!

RMF: Oooh, "unctuously". Me likey. That shall be my word of the day. LOL

I forgot that I use a tablespoon measure to make my coffee for the french press and it reminded me of the episode. ewwww. Not a pleasant thought to have but the yummy coffee made up for it. LOL

I still snort over that little "you shouldn't have gone by yourself" exchange. Especially considering the episode when Morgan dove into the driver's side of a van, sticking half in and half out of the window and made the van crash (it was the episode where the homeless people were being tortured). Talk about reckless!! LOL!!!

gubegirl said...

Too many comments (87) for me to read to know if anyone else noticed this: how the beginning of the epi channelled "Dexter" right down to the eggs, altho' on Dexter, they are fried! Hah! I agree, this epi was very disturbing and I needed to look away sev times and having worked in a Dr's office for years, I have a strong stomach.

I thought Morgan did a very adequate job. Morgan-style. From being conscientious and working long hours to visiting the vic's family at the end. Very Morgan. And Hotch assuming Morgan-style tactics to subdue the unsub - well, didn't we always know he had it in him? Hotch is one tough dude, and never hesitates to get involved and do whatever to get the job done. He is prob'ly relishing his new subordinate role for a change, don't you bet? Not enuf of MGG, but that's OK, he will catch up when he is more able-bodied; his gorgeous gray matter is still invaluable. Still needs a haircut, we won't go off on that, now:)

Stauss is indeed a b---- and you must wonder what she has up her sleeve-def an agenda going on here. Too nice to Morgan, too. Hmmm. Garcia was her wonderful, loveable self esp at the end with the office for Morgan. Prentiss and JJ were both in character and did pretty well under Morgan for the first time out. Rossi was the ultimate professional being very supportive of Morgan in his boss role. I thought all was done well and was very plausible, given the situation. CM never disappoints. Oahn - you write one very sick puppy of an un-sub, girl. Kudos to you! I heard music, didn't I? No names of songs, tho? Maybe just stuff orchestrated for background - will go back and listen. And watch again...as usual!

Elle said...

Well Oanh Ly certainly added another gem to her collection of awesome episodes!

This was one creepy unsub! Seriously the whole eye thing had me on the edge of my seat yet completely grossed out at the same time. Of course some of the best CM episodes have done just that!

Morgan as team leader has in my opinion added a new and interesting dynamic to the show. He never seemed like the kind of guy who likes politics and could mix well with politics but as Rossi said in this ep: "Morgan is a natural leader." To me it makes sense to use Morgan instead of Rossi because Rossi and politics would be asking for trouble! Morgan may hate politics but he is still more diplomatic than Rossi is ever likely to be not to mention the fact that in thier first meeting in About Face (3x06) Strauss and Rossi seem to have a bit of a tense relationship.

Loved the JJ and Garcia working together to get Morgan an office and Garcia fixing it up for him. Loved his reaction: "Woman you are crazy but you're still the best" and then he hugs her.

Debbie said...

I've been trying to figure out how I feel about this episode.

I liked it, but the eye thing was way too gross.

I think Morgan did a great job, despite the "missteps" of sleeping in the office and getting personally involved with a victim's family member. He seemed to be controlling his temper - seemed to take charge very easily and everyone seemed willing to follow him. It was weird seeing Hotch in the new role - but I thought it was great seeing him get more "hands on" with the unsub...even with the customary wardrobe. I am worried about Hotch.

I thought Garcia was so cute - as always.

I don't know why, but I felt like the solution just seemed to present itself too easily in this one. But maybe I just missed the subtleties.

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL episode! Can't handle eye stuff so it was particularly creepy!
Don't get all freaked out about Morgan and Hotch... it isn't permanent, and the change back will cause a whole new shift in team dynamics.
LOVE Hotch and his little grin.
YAY Garcia and JJ for making Morgan an office and a fun zone

Good to see MGG getting around ok. Hope he continues to heal and doesn't require anymore surgeries, poor guy.

Morgan - hot, smart and feeling the burden of everything ultimately falling on his own broad shoulders. Will he develop appreciation for all Hotch does or will he become addicted to the challenge and control?

I watched on the VCR after work, then had to go out to feed at the barn - definitely took my dog with me on that trip!!!!

Shadow said...

Morgan was great in this episode! Of course, he’s a new leader and it hit him unprepared, so he’s bound to make some mistakes and show some insecurities, but all in all he did pretty well. In my opinion this episode just showed how underused the Morgan character has been for a long time, he’s more than just kicking down doors and tackling unsubs.

For me it would make sense that in the future Morgan gets to lead his own team, maybe in a spin-off, but as that’s unlikely to happen I hope the writers won’t damage Morgan’s character by having him cling to power. The transition of BAU leadership back to Hotch should be a smooth one, but for the time being I enjoy seeing Morgan in his new role. I hope he succeeds and learns a lot from it.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with Morgan and Tamara, and I really liked their scene together where he told her that she helped him to reconnect to his job and come to terms with himself. I also think a steady relationship would suit him, whether it be with Tamara or some other woman.

The case was creepy and a bit disgusting, but it didn’t gross me out like others did before. I had to interrupt my dinner I was eating while watching the show for a minute or so but other than that, it wasn’t too bad for me. Taxidermy is freaky, though.

As usual I liked the little team moments and the various interactions between different team members. Oanh always writes them great.

Prentiss was wonderful with her facial expressions this episode. She didn’t say much with words, but her face said it all. Garcia = love + win.

All in all, a solid episode. Not one of the greatest, but not low on my scale, either. And definitely a long overdue Morgan episode, and just for that I love it.

Anonymous said...

RMF said...
Reid's become a bit puzzling, however, as he's become awfully blase--I'd expect someone who's also been held hostage and tortured to have definite feelings about the upheavals around him and Hotch's behavior.

Couldn't agree more but that's probably because the writers haven't given Reid (MGG) a significant scene in all of season 5 unless you count tackling the doctor to save his life and we all know that was his stunt man. To the writers it seems Reid has suddenly become a nonentity within the team this season. He says a few words in each episode so we know he's still alive and that's sad because I enjoy his character so much. I understand his limitations physically, he obviously can't be going out on raids, I get that, but his brain still works.

You'd think Hotch and Reid would speak about their similar experiences at the hands of an unsub. It's not something that would be physically taxing to MGG and would give us all some Reid time and better yet the Hotch/Reid interactions many of us love.

Anonymous said...

Love, love Morgan as unit chief cause he's so pretty and hot and sexy. I am not a Hotch or Rossi fan by any stretch of the imagination. And Morgan and Garcia was so awesome - just so awesome. Okay sista girl is beautiful but Morgan BELONG to Garcia. I cannot wait until Garcia finds out abotu Tamara.

Anonymous said...

Great episode although gruesome. Please no relationship between Prentiss and Hotch, don't do it!

Anonymous said...

Oanh - Thank you for chatting with us this evening! I love your episodes!


HardKOrr said...

There is no place to comment yet on the blog regarding the 100th episode yet so I will post this here.

The 100th episode shows it's written by: Bo Crese

Friends and I were discussing because we were worried a new writer was at the helm for this very important episode.

Never fear...it's actually our writers having a little fun.

Bo Crese is:

B - Breen Frazier
O - Oahn Ly

C - Chris Mundy
R - Rick Dunkle
E - Erica Messer
S - Simon Mirren
E - Ed Bernero


I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I do want Hotch and Prentiss to get together, fat chance, I know, but one can dream :D
And I'm not alone ;)

babruin said...

The funniest thing on this episode was the role reversal of Hotch taking on Morgan's usual role of unsub tackler and kicker of doors.
Way to go, Hotch!!! Not having to deal with all those pesky reports frees him for more time to focus on his nemesis and work on his "hear me roar" power.
The episode was OK. Genius Reid should have been able to tell them that it doesn't take an expert eye surgeon to enucleate neatly and moved on with their search. Anyone with a sharp scoop can slip it behind the eyeball and easily sever all the connections. In fact, poor Reid along with his lame leg seemed to have gotten lame-brained,too. In the past episodes, he missed diagnosing the tardive dyskinesia in the Haunted unsub when he had caught it on tape in Derailed,missed the all-girls connection while perusing files when he can process words at like 10,000 words/min, and he hasn't given an in depth exposition in a loooong time.
While I appreciate that at least some screen time was given to accommodate his injury, I really miss him being brilliant in the few nanoseconds we have of him.
At least, we get some follicular compensation since his hair looks spectacular. :) It gives new meaning to the term, sitting pretty.

Marsha S. Haneiph said...

I'd like to give kudos to Jayne Atkinson for her portrayal of Strauss. What a fantastic job she's doing for being able to send up the blood pressure of CM fans with her brief appearances on the last episode. Good job, Jayne!

Marsha S. Haneiph said...

Regarding Mr. Gubler's hair, poofy as it may be, if the people who make the show wanted it gone, it would be gone. Now, I'm not a rabid fan of MGG; buuut, I did notice that when on hiatus he tends to "let himself go" so don't blame him if the locks are long...they're just trying a look for Dr. Reid.
Could you imagine the hysteria if the guy did something drastic like shave his head? ROFL
The ladies would be horrified!

Vali said...

Hey RMF, loved your post!! Right on target about Morgan :) I miss the Morgan from the first seasons. There was something special about him. I've never doubted Morgan's ability to lead, he's a type-A personality and not your typical follower. He's also very head-strong but just not a politician or known for diplomacy. All higher jobs in law enforcement require you to be that though. I also found Morgan a bit boring in his new role. That he has time to think and pursue a lady-friend while taking over just a difficult new assignment doesn't make him believable in this position. Sorry, you can't just have it both. Unlike Hotch he also walked away from the paperwork that night. So it definitely will be interesting. At least he has Strauss' support (and that only because she has alterior motives and not because she cares about Morgan). So Morgan better watches out for Strauss or he will be a pawn in her nasty game.

Anonymous said...

this episode airs tonight cannot wait

Disjointed ramblings said...

Just a FYI....the seal used in the episode for the Oklahoma City Seal is NOT our city seal.....just being anal.....

CheetoBreath said...

That really was a suspenseful episode. One of the better ones this season. Props to Ms. Oanh Ly! :) And I still can't believe she actually watched an entire taxidermy video. Ew, gross. Talk about dedication!! *bows repeatedly* "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!" LOL.

I have to say that IMO Season 4 had the most consistently good episodes. Season 5 has had some dazzlingly brilliant episodes but also quite a few fizzlers. I can't believe they're making us wait until April for a new episode. *grumbles and sighs* While I probably won't be watching the actual spin-off series, the promo pics from the "spin-off birth??" (LOL) episode look fantastic!! Two actors of such high caliber as TG and FW sharing the same screen? That is going to be SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. OMG..... is that? ...... oh my....... yep...... I just peed in my pants. (j/k) LOL!!!! =P