Monday, November 23, 2009


Criminal Minds: Here is an excerpt and link to a great interview with Paget Brewster, Emily Preniss on Criminal Minds.

-When actors say that they love the TV show they’re on, they really mean that they love it — until a chance at silver screen success comes along.

Talking with Paget Brewster though, it’s obvious that she truly loves working on “Criminal Minds,” CBS’ hit drama about catching serial killers. She plays FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit profiler Emily Prentiss.

“I thank God that I’m a part of it, because I really don’t want anything else,” says Brewster from the show’s Los Angeles set, where she’s sporting a fake black eye, the result of a future episode’s tussle with a spree killer and a car crash.

“I don’t want to do movies. I don’t want to do another show. I just want to be here,” says Brewster, 40.

And why not? Where else could she fuel her passion for learning about serial killers and, like, breaking windows and stuff? - Rest of article: