Thursday, November 26, 2009


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "100" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness with some special guest appearances from guest stars from the past 100 episodes.

** Spoiler Alert. There will be spoilers in the comments of this thread ***

***Quote and song info will be posted after the episode airs on the east coast ***

*** Ed Bernero will be in the chat room after the episode airs at 10pm est. **


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marcia said...

Counting the hours until I get to see this episode!

Lanna said...

Woo hoo! The 100th episode is almost here. Congratulations Criminal Minds cast and crew! I'm sure it will be a wonderful episode and I can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

One more day! This is worse tahn waiting for Santa!

gubegirl said...

I will be away for Thanksgiving and have CM set to be DVR'd. But I know I will be finding excuses to go back to the hotel room in order to watch it since I will not be able to wait to see what happens. I am afraid we may be seeing the end of Hailey but I am praying that little Jack will be spared - that Hotch will get there in time. This should be the epi of all epis and I cannot wait to watch our guys put this evil monster, the Reaper away once and for all!

**Still wondering if Reid made it to the barber...:)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

HardKOrr said...

I have been waiting for this episode all season. I can't wait to see what happens between Hotch and the Reaper. It is sure to be exciting and I'm sure I will not take a breath for the entire hour. The promos break my heart so I can only imagine that the actual episode will be a very emotional ride.

I'm also hoping for some great team moments and I will be looking out for lots of cookies.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Criminal Minds on reaching this special milestone. Here's to at least 100 more!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

HardKOrr said...

This was originally posted on the comment thread for The Eyes Have It and on the board. I'm carrying it over here where it truly belongs.

The 100th episode shows it's written by: Bo Crese

Friends and I were discussing because we were worried a new writer was at the helm for this very important episode.

Never's actually our writers having a little fun.

Bo Crese is:

B - Breen Frazier
O - Oahn Ly

C - Chris Mundy
R - Rick Dunkle
E - Erica Messer
S - Simon Mirren
E - Ed Bernero



Anonymous said...

did anyone else tear up in the promo for "100"? I cant wait any longer!!

Sofie said...

This episode will be a rollercoaster of emotions! It is the final encounter between good and evil. The tortures impose by the Reaper on Hotch will finally end and Hotch will be free of Foyet‘s claws and be able to slowly rebuilt is life. A new era is coming for him, a good one...

Congratulations to the Criminal Minds cast and crew! May there be more 100th...

Brigitte said...

ah still too many hours to go before we can see the episode!


B said...

I really can't wait! I've been counting down since last week! and someone asked if anyone else has been tearing up at the commercials...I have!

Marsha S. Haneiph said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting....

Kirsten said...

Two words: GO HOTCH!!!!

(and congrats to all the cast, crew and writers for 4+ solid years. May there be many more)

BB said...

Huge kudos to the cast and crew of Criminal Minds!

Deirdre said...

i can't believe there's been 100 episodes!! Its amazing. I'm soooo excited about this episode. Wed can't come soon enough.

Candy said...

I can't wait anymore!!! "Make time go faster" as Veruca Salt would say. The entire series has been building up to this showdown. I REALLY hope that Hotch prevails. Too much sadness for our man already so this one needs a happy ending. Haley hurt Hotch but he still loves her, so for his sake I hope she survives. And cutie-pie Jack BETTER survive!

Too many possibilities to contemplate for his it Wednesday yet???

Anonymous said...

I work tonight so thank god time will go by fast at work and then tomorrow will come. I always cry when I watch the preview. I am counting the hours. I hope that Haley and Jack are ok.

Anonymous said...


for all of you who are worried about the fate of a certain lil' cutie (aka Jack Hotchner)... fret not. It's been comfirmed that little Jack will indeed survive the Reaper... Paget Brewster was quoted in the TV Guide article saying that the scene in which Hotch is reunited with his son was heartbreaking and great.

Which poses another interesting question... are we finally gonna get some proof that Gibson's tear ducts actually do work? We've seen him upset, even a little misty eyed, bit I've never seen the man actually cry in earnest. Oooh, now I've just gotten myself even more excited!!


M said...

I'm very excited about it, I hope The Reaper doesn't die. aaaaaaaaugh.

Kay said...

My theory:

Elle is working with the Reaper and Hotch shoots her. Something along those lines.

I always had a bad feeling about Elle and how abruptly she left.

Chooky said...

Great episode in prospect... what I say... ENOOOORMOUS!!! Can't wait o-O

BlueCurl said...

Tehee 100th! Congrats to the cast & crew and hopefully many more to come! 200? 250?

Can't wait to see the Hotch-Reaper showdown! Bring it on!

Thanksgiving comes a day early this year!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for this episode!! i really hope nothing bad happens, i have a feeling that maybe everyone will survive except maybe the reaper ?? they always make promos look worse than they are sometimes, but i really hope no one dies cuz that'll destroy hotch. the info for the next episode after "100" does say that he takes a leave of absence, anyone care to comment about that?? :S he better not leave, the team is perfect the way it is they better not change anything!!!!

Anonymous said...

In one respect I can't wait and in another I dread it. I wanna see it...but I don't.

So basically I've been on an emotional rollercoaster since last Wed night. LOL

Eleo said...

Congratulations to all involved in making this great show and reaching the 100th episode which I am sure is going to be pretty fantastic.

CM and Hotch rock!!!

mellysmelba said...

SOOOOOOOOO much anticipation!!! I wish we could still get the episodes early in Canada like last year...I cannot wait!!!!! Season 5 has been the best season by far...and #100 looks like it's gonna ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw where they have Hailey listed in the credits for the episode after "100", "Slave to Duty". It states that Hoch takes a leave of absence and the rest of the team has to solve a case without him. YEAH!! BTW Reid Rocks!

orangge said...

can't wait to watch this episode. Hotch VS Reaper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think haley may dies and just becaues she has been named in the casting call for next week doasn't mean any things because willam reid was listed in the cast on ep 4x6 and he was only in flashbacks so she could die and be in flash backs next week

CheetoBreath said...

From the articles and the pics, I have a feeling the Thomas Gibson/Hotch/Hailey/Jack scenes are going to have me crying like a baby. LOL.

My 100th episode checklist:

Fresh popped kettle corn? ...... Check!

Warm snuggly blankie? ...... Check!

Box of Kleenex? ...... Check!

I'm ready ...... BRING IT ON!!! LOL.

Celine said...

Congrats to the cast and crew on the 100th episode of Criminal Minds!! Well done and keep up the good work.

Counting down the hours to the episode.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone involved with Criminal Minds on your first 100 episodes, and here’s to the next 100, truly the greatest show on TV and thank you for bring us the viewers such a fabulous show each week. Like all the others I’m waiting in anticipation to see “100” not being in US time zone I have to wait until Thursday, and it can’t get here soon enough!!!

On Hailey/Meredith Monroe, I saw a clip of her at an event at The Paley Centre in which she speaks about her role in criminal minds and she says “I started with the pilot and have been sprinkled throughout the different seasons, and now I’ve been reprising my role kind of heavily this year” … makes me wonder if she does make it through the Reaper attack!

Can’t wait …..

Anonymous said...

im in aussie and can not wait to see this episode

Anonymous said...

i so want to see this episode

what i want to see i a jj episode or jj bringing her baby into a episode
im sure lots of fans would love it

Anonymous said...

Yey a 100th episode.
First of all congrats to all criminal minds actors and cast. You're the best.
And I'm so excited for tonight's episode.


Montydog said...

Well I am now at 0800 GMT and know that I cannot possibly see this for about another 36 hours (ho hum). I'm going to have to lock my PC away so I can't read any of your comments beforehand - my self discipline sucks though. What a wait. Can't believe it's nearly here. Go Hotch, go!!!!

Angie said...

I can't wait anymore! It's gonna be a great episode. Thanks to the cast and crew of CM for their great work!

Colette said...

Congratulations to the cast, the crew, the writers and everyone who worked with them, for 100 excellent episodes! I love Criminal Minds, and it will always be my number 1 show!!:)

Cant wait to see the episode tomorrow morning.:) I'm so totally excited for the Reaper showdown!!

Greenlady said...

On behalf of all your Irish fans, comhairdeas agus go raibh maith agaibh (congratualations and thank you in Irish) to all the fabulous cast and crew of Criminal Minds Without exception the finest tv programme ever. Going crazy waiting for 100, roll on 4.00am (me in GMT time). Much love

Michelle said...

Congratulations on 100 episodes! I am SO excited that I can barely stand it.

mona said...

100 episodes of greatness. Great accomplishment. Looking forward to watching the episode tonight!

celeste said...

From the promo pics on the CBS press site you can see that Hotch lives and someone dies. You see Jack standing with him and the rest of the team so it has to be Hailey and the Marshall protecting her. Can't wait to watch!

dawn said...

congratulations on episode 100! can't wait to watch tonight's episode!

Vali said...

Geez, aren't we all excited here? ;) I can't wait either :D
I hope that Foyet will once and for all be defeated and Hotch can get back to his "normal" life. Can't wait for him to be acting unit chief again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting parallel between Frank, Gideon and Sarah, back in the day, and Foyet, Hotchner and family.

I wonder if it means Hotchner's work at the BAU will become just too hard to face (as it came to be for Gideon), or if he'll sink himself more into the function (already a strong tendency with that character) and bury his other priorities.

Gary said...

Congrats to the cast and crew on 100 episodes .

Gary said...

My theory is that Foyet is trying to drive Hotch to kill him because he knows Haley will step into the path of the bullet to prevent the man she loves from tainting his soul by killing out of vengeance.
Yes I believe Foyet is trying to trick Hotch into killing Haley.
That doesnt mean Foyet will be succesful though.

Anonymous said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is going so slow at work! I think it's doing it on purpose as it knows how impatient and eager I am for tonight's eppy!

B said...

Has anyone else noticed who's listed for tonights episode? Elle!

Anonymous said...

on the behalf of all french fans: i can't wait until tomorrow morning! enjoy, enjoy, happy US citizens lol! and congrats to the cast!!

oliverandom said...

read the TV Guide article on CM's 100th episode ( and just died from wanting to watch the episode so much.

...almost... there!!!... almost!!!!!!

in any case, congratulations and happy 100th to CM cast and crew! we love you guys for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I know who is one of the people who dies. I just watched it. Do you guys want to know who it is and how he/she dies?

Anonymous said...

Only 3 more hours!!!!! I am so excited. I'm glad they're airing it the day before Thanksgiving. No work tomorrow. I can tell you that Criminal Minds is HUGE in my family. It will be the talk of the dinner table.

Mom to 2

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to know!!! It's a spoiler thread so all bets are off! Do tell!

Anonymous said...

is it this episode that AJ Cook's baby is playing "Henry" ??

Alison said...

I'm soo excited for this ep! 100 episodes is such a great achievement! congrats to all the cast and crew! being in the uk will have to wait until tomorrow to be able to find it online but I can never stop myself from looking at the spoilers beforehand!

Anonymous said...

5 minutes to go...

*bites nails*

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is the best episode EVER! Since it isn't over my GUESS is Jack killed the Reaper!

Anonymous said...

40 minutes into it and it's great so far. As of right now it seems pretty probable that Hailey will die, but I reaaally hope not. I feel like if she dies it will ruin Hotch which will just be the downfall of the show. But i'll see soon :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, what is happening right now? I still have about 3 more hours to go before the show airs.

Anonymous said...

How sad! Not that I was a fan of Hailey but poor Jack is now without his mother!

Vali said...

Truly amazing! The whole CM team has outdone itself. Wow! Incredible! What drama. Hotch has been AMAZING!!! When is TG finally getting an Emmy for playing Hotch?!

Thank you for an outstanding episode!

Brigitte said...

god I am crying now, what freaking good episode!

will have more later!


Anonymous said...

omgomgomg Jack & Hailey died.

Anonymous said...

OMG, this was the best TV show of all time...i was on the edge of my seat and crying all the way through the last 5 minutes. i thought he shot his son at first behind the curtains. BRAVO writers for one great series.

BB said...

What a powerful, powerful episode. I was literally crying at the end. Major kudos to Hotch...totally kicked that damn Reaper's ass. I feel so sad that Haley is gone...Oh my goodness.

I'm trying to find the right words to describe this episode, but I can't. Sent me on an emotional roller coaster! The whole team coming in with their special skills to bring down The Reaper...

Have to add a little comment about my favorite team member...Mekhai (or..Henry..) was sooo adorable! Loved JJ.



Thomas Gibson did such an amazing job. Was totally crying along with him...He did great..

Great job, Bo Crese. ;)

Ali said...

OMG from beginning to end the episode was amazing. The emotions ran from laughing at bacon donuts, to awwwwwwing at JJ and her son and Hotch's code to his son to crying when the team cried when Hotch and Haley had their final conversation that ended with Haley getting shot.

The 100th exceeded my expectations!

Anonymous said...

The episode was well worth the wait and truly a great piece of dramatic televsion that hasn't been on the tube for years. Bravo to the writers and here is to hoping we get 100 more!!

Vali said...

Still can't get over the fact that Foyet murdered Hailey. Hotch just doesn't get a break does he? I guess it takes Hailey's death for Strauss to finally show a human side. Now that was unexpected. Strauss in tears? Perhaps allergies ...
Really, really good episode! Now I'm waiting for episode 200! With that kind of quality TV I think we can look forward to that :)

Unknown said...

OMG I'm speechless AMAZING job How can a group of people be soooo talent to do something like this episode

I'm shocked it was the best ever
TG is The BEST

Thanks for that
(geniusloci32 on the CM Message board)

Bina said...

Congrats to 100th episode!!! Can't remember when I have been on the edge of my seat like that the last time. OMG, no nails left. Incredible!!! Thank you!

Lauryn said...

that was one of the most moving things i have ever seen! The bit with Hotch telling Jack to work the case with him was.. amazing. Haley knew. too sad

Mallie said...

Oh My GOD! AMazing episode ... I was in tears by the end!

basketsnprims said...

Congrats to everyone who is a part of this awesome show. I just watched & was sorry to see it end, as I always am. Wish it lasted two hours.

Jargon said...

My Mind is Blasted!

Candy said...

Omg that was too much to take in. In terms of characters...I am sad and angry for Hotch and Jack. How do you explain this to your child?

In terms of story...WOW!!!!! That was an awesome ride! 100 down and hopefully at least 100 more!

The story had me hiding my face in fear for our favorite characters. Thank you to the excellent writing team and all the crew for every twist and turn on the roller coaster tonight. To the cast...words do not express my thanks for drawing me into the world you create every week for us. Its a privelege to watch you perform. To Meridith Monroe, thank you for making Haley real to all of us. Like her or hate her, Haley was the face of real life in the BAU world.

Lastly, to Mr. Thomas Gibson. If ever there was an actor that deserved an Emmy for his heartbreaking performance its you! I cringed in fear with you as if it was my family in peril. I cried in pain with you like it was my true love lost. I am still shaking! Thank you for the excellence you show us every week. I am a forever fan. But could you smile again soon? We miss that from you!

Do we really have to wait for two weeks to see where this all leads? Arrggghhh!!!

Sarah said...

WOW! Where to start...

By far my favourite episode in the enitre series. I bawled my eyes out at the end it was so heartbreaking. I can not believe Hayley was killed! Although I'm glad she didn't suffer much and that Jack never witnesses anything; that would have been to cruel.

This episode was so tense it was great to watch and TG's acting was so completely awesome and excellent. If that's not emmy material then nothing is.

I'm still reeling over this episode but Foyet certainly got what he deserved. It's just terrible that Hotch has to be a single parent now.

I can't to see how this all palys out!!!!

Love Criminal Minds


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. What an amazing yet painfully heartbreaking episode!

The conversation between Haley/Hotch just broke my heart and even more so when he told Jack to work the case. To see what that really meant, oh gosh. I bawled. I also reacted right along with the team, what a horrible thing for all of them to have to hear.

SO glad Strauss FINALLY got a clue. I was afraid she'd punish him or something ridiculous. (Who knows, she still may.) Everyone's testimonies were brilliant, they all defended Hotch in their own personal way. Especially Reid.

Even though I wasn't a big fan of Haley, my heart still breaks that this is what it had to come to.

Anonymous said...

Does A&E show episodes from this season? I was watching and recording at the same time tonight and all of the sudden all of the power in my block went out and didn't come back on until about 10:15.

SweetThang said...

It seems as though most enjoyed the 100th episode, I have mixed feelings. The ending just left me feeling sad. Foyet killing Hailey left me with a bunch of sad feelings. I usually don't get that emotional over TV shows but this was just sad.

However, I did enjoy watching Hotch beat Foyet to death with his bare hands. I was also relieved that Jack was spared. At first I was scared when Hotch busted into the room where Foyet was hiding behind the curtains and Hotch immediately started spraying him with bullets. I was afraid that Foyet was going to use Jack as a human shield. But thank God Jack was hiding and Foyet didn't find him.

I know this show is a dark show but Hailey's death is a little bit too dark for me. This episode also leaves me apprehensive about how future episodes are going to go. Because the Hotch we all know is gone. It's going to be a different Hotch now. I wonder how this will affect the rest of the team.

reidfanatic said...

Wow, what an amazing episode. So sad for Hotch and Jack. Although I wasn't a big fan of Haley's character, I didn't wish to see her dead. Thomas Gibson's performance was unequalled.

The team was amazing as well. To finally get a hint of compassion from Strauss, something I thought was impossible.

I think the quote at the end, "So much of what is best in us is bound up with love of family, that remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty," says as much about the relationship of the team as it does for blood relatives. They all showed their loyalty to Hotch like any family would.

mollu said...

as someone from the outer DC area - do they check with locals about pronunciation on the city and town names? there is frequent mistakes made when the town names are being called off. not complaining or anything. also sometimes there are mountains and such in the background when there should not be. it's easy to catch when you live here!

Vali said...

Thank you, Ed, for joining us for the chat and 100 great episodes!!! You have a very loyal fanbase and I am looking forward to the next 100 episodes!
@ TG: Great idea having Hotch kill Foyet with his bare hands. The madness really came out well and it was a very believable scene.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

DianeDJ said...

OMG! Thank you Ed for this episode. It was INTENSE from the getgo. It was the saddest thing EVER! I LOVED how the team stood together and stood up to Strauss. I wanted to hug Hotch. Thomas Gibson deserves an EMMY for this episode, and NO ONE can say that Hotch shows NO emotion!


Anonymous said...

i have a hour tell it comes on. every thing i read so far i no i will be crying just like everyone ealse.

Megan said...

Absolutely. Flawless.

The emotion in this episode was just...overwhelming. Everyone was at the top of their game. Fantastic, all around.

But Thomas Gibson...oh man. What can I even say? No words. No. Words.

You know you're watching quality television when it leaves you completely in tears.

Thank you, to everyone, for 100 amazing episodes. Thank you. Here's to 100 more.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to for a coherent thought. Part of the episode made me EXTREMELY angry as a mother, but I'm going to try and not dwell on that.

Thomas was just...phenomenal. There's simply no other word for it. He's taken Hotch beyond what many people thought he ever could or would be given the chance to. The episode was heartbreaking but very real. I don't care how 'nice' she was at the end Strauss needs to be slapped a few hundred times. Crazy witch!

Can we please give Hotch a break now? Geez! The man has been through hell! It's time to allow him time to heal and give him back his smile.

connie said...

Thanks Ed for the chat following the episode. I know everyone appreciated you taking the time. The episode was fantastic. It was so full of emotion and intensity from start to finish. I loved all of the reactions to what was happening. TG was amazing. The scene in the car when he was driving to the house was incredibly moving. It made me cry. The scene where TG (Hotch) kills Foyet was hard to watch as it should be. I'm proud to be a fan of such a wonderful show. Kudos to all the cast and crew on number 100!!

Debbie said...

Ed, thank you for being with us tonight. We always enjoy having you in the room.

Wow, what an episode! It was heartbreaking. I still can't believe what I saw. OMG, Haley dead, Hotch killing Foyet with his bare hands - INTENSE.

I can't imagine anything better than this for the 100th episode. You all just hit it out of the ballpark tonight.

Thanks to every one of you for bringing us such a great program. Nothing else on TV even gets close to the quality you guys put out week after week.

Anonymous said...

I loved that they had a safety plan for Jack incase there was ever a problem. "Helping Daddy" with a case was brilliant. And seeing Jack hiding in his safe place was wonderful. Hayley died a brave death. Hotch killed the Reaper. Great episode. Happy 100th!

Anonymous said...

Ed, congrats on the best eppy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was totally spectucalr, awesome, stupendous, faboulous, tremdous, and every other synomon i can think of for how great it was from beginning to end! Thanks for joining us in the chat room as well!

WOW! I don't even know where to start. The beginning definitely drew you in and wondering what or who they were all looking at.
Hated Strauss at the start ( then again that's nothing new ) I like how she was interview each member of the team and then the told their part of the story.

When Hotch realized that Foyet had his wife and son and that conversation he held with her, I was in tears the whole time ( and was very glad my sleeping kitty Reid allowed me to hold him and cuddle him when I needed him, when's he's asleep, he doesn't let me do that! ) It was so emotional! Thomas did such a faboulus job on that! At the end where he gathered his dead wife in his arms and held her! I just wanted to gather him in my arms and hold him! When Hotch told Jack to help him with his case, and Jack went off, I figured he was hiding and was praying Foyet never found him. Also is it my imigination or did the flashlight Hotch had disappear half way up the stairs??? When Hotch shot at the curtains, only to realize that Foyet had a bullet proof vest on! And then he killed him with his bare hands. I think the most surprising at the end though. Strauss in tears??? Agreeing with Hotch that he did the right thing?????

WOW!! I want to see this eppy again and again and again.

It was nice seeing all the people that were involved in this week's eppy.

Writers, congrats on the best eppy ever written by any writing team on any eppy on any show ever!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chat Ed and way to go with the episode. It was suspenseful all the way through. Loved it. Strauss' investigation was great. Every character got to help narrate the action.

Sofie said...

The 100th episode was a masterpiece! An emotional rollercoaster all the way. It was awesome to see the team working their way up to Foyet. Seeing Hotch rushing to save is family was so intense, it was a keep us on the edge of our seat the whole time.

Congratulations to the Criminal Minds cast and crew! May there be more 100th...

rose said...

The episode kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Lots of emotion!

Spymama said...

I'm still stunned at tonight's episode - Haley, wow, I just didn't see it coming. I don't know when I have ever been so emotionally involved in a television program. Thank you to everyone associated with the show. You are all amazing!

Ed, thank you for chatting with us tonight. It was a real pleasure to hear about how this episode came together.

Anonymous said...

First of all Thanks to Ed for chatting with us tonight. Also thanks to Jill and the Mods. I loved this episode and I hated it. If that makes sense. I like Hotch as the married family man and was hoping that through the adversity of the whole thing with Foyet that some how Haley and Hotch might work out their battered marriage. I know that, that idea makes some fans cringe but oh well. My hopes for such a reconciliation were obviously dashed in a brutal stabby bloodbath no less.

TG range of acting is always a beautiful thing to behold but tonight was off the charts. I cried from the sound of the gun shot clear to the end (and them some). If the goal was emotional roller coaster, bravo. You succeeded. It is not an epi. that I will watch over and over. I hate to cry. But it was superbly written and acted.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Zella said...

Congratulations to everyone on 100 great episodes! Tonight was a great example of why we love this show.

Thomas Gibson is such a talented actor. Watching him cry just broke my heart. So powerful.

And eveyone talking with Strauss- wow- I love the strength of each of these characters. You've all done a magnificant job of bringing these characters to life.


SuzAnne said...

Tonight proved why CM is the best show on TV. Congratulations to everyone for a very powerful 100 th episode. It couldn't have been more perfectly CM!

Ed, thanks so much for coming to chat tonight. I really enjoyed hearing some of the behind the scenes details.

Amy said...

Wow. I don't even know where to start. You know you're watching one amazing hour of TV when at the end you are literally shaking. I just want to say thank you to all the cast and crew. You guys do such an amazing job. But there is one actor I really want to point out and that is Thomas Gibson. He definitely deserves an emmy for his performance!

Anonymous said...

The conversation between Hayley and Hotch broke my heart. She was so brave. A mother's love! I can't even express how emotional I felt when Hotch was hitting Foyet. It was such an emotionally charged scene. Hotch so totally lost control. Great epi!

Brigitte said...

wow I am amazed at this episode. Haley is dead, so is the Marshall and Foyet!

Loved it all! The writing, acting action, everything!

The scene with hotch talking to Haley was heart wrenching! I never cried watching TV before but I did tonight! That was such a sad scene. Haley knowing that she would die. The gun shots, Hotch having to listen to Haley being murdered. So hard to watch.

Love the scene with hotch going from room to room, just the sound of hotch breathing was setting me on the edge of my seat! That was very suspenfull!

I so love how the team did rally around hotch while Strauss was interviewing them! Rossi's reaction and reid was my fav!

Last, for now, will post more once i watch it again, Meredith Moore was so good! Sorry to see her go.

Finally Thomas Gibson is an amazing actor! He got me crying then afraid for hotch when he was overcome by rage and crying again when Hotch found Jack. If that man doesn't get an emmy nommination then there is something wrong with the Emmy's!

Congrants again on the 100th episode, you guys made us all happy fans tonight!


jackie said...

First of all, thank you Ed for
joining us tonight on the chat!
It was great having you there!
Thank you also to all the Criminal
Minds writers for creating and
writing such an amazing script
for the 100th episode! You guys
all totally rock! Thank you also
to Thomas; Joe; Shemar; Paget;
A.J.; Matthew, and Kirsten!
You guys are totally amazing,
and really rocked the house
tonight with this awesome and
amazing episode! I am still
crying, that is how awesome
an episode it was! I can't
waite to see the next one.
Now, on to the episode itself.
I don't think there are words
to describe how i feel. I mean,
I totally loved this episode.
It was very emotional, and i
didn't have a dry eye the
entire time that Hotch was
talking to Haley. Thomas is
such an amazing actor, and he
really knows just when we need
the emotional side of him to
come out. Not just Thomas
though. I don't want to take
away from the rest of them.
Everyone from Joe; Shemar; Paget;
A.J.; Matthew, and Kirsten. They
were all amazing in this episode.
The look of shock on Garcias face
when she heard the gun go off,
and knew Haley was dead. The look
on everyones faces in the suv
when they heard the gun go off.
I mean, this episode was the
icing on the cake. That is how
good it was. In the beginning i
hated how Strauss was doing
everything and anything to get
something she could use on Hotch
to get him out of the BAU, but in
the end, i found myself saying,
"Wow, she does have a heart".
It was nice to see everyone
sticking up for Hotch during
the interview scenes with Strauss.
Rossi was right when he told
Morgan back in Haunted that
they all had Hotchs back, and
those interview scenes just
proved how much they did, and
not only his, but the entire
teams as well. The part that
really broke my heart though,
was when Hotch went into the
bedroom, and picked Haley up
and held her in his arms, and started to cry, That's when i
lost it, and my flood
gates were opened. That was so
heart wrenching. The final
scene in the end with Hotchs
interview with Strauss, was
golden. She almost broke into
tears. Now she has a better
understanding of him, and cares
about him, and what happens to
him. And Hotch holding Jack
close to him with his arms
rapped so tight around him,
was another moment, where i
had to let go of the tears.
All i have to say, in closing,
because i could keep going, is
well done cast and crew and Ed
for an amazing 100th episode!
Here's to another 100 amazing
episodes! You guys really do
rock! Keep up the awesome and
amazing work! Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Thank you Ed, for joining us after the episode. It was great to chat with you and I appreciate you taking your time to spend with we fanatics!

OMG. This episode was amazing. I loved it. The CM Writers combined their efforts for a SUPERB episode.

The beginning was great and totally sucked me into the episode. It went so quickly, and I was caught up so completely in the episode.

I loved all the characters being interrogated by Director Strauss. I know that Jayne Atkinson is a lovely person, but boy does she do a good job playing such a bitch! All our characters did a great job with her - they all told her how wrong she was trying to come after Hotch for this incident. I LOVED Rossi - ignoring her, checking his blackberry, remarking about the price of gold, and asking her what she was up to! He totally dismissed her! And Prentiss - that "ma'am" was sooooo snarky. I loved it!

Meredith Monroe was amazing as Haley. She was just perfect and went bravely to her death. Thomas Gibson - there are no words to describe what a fantastic job he did in this episode.

Everyone was wonderful and I hope they all get the recognition they surely deserve for the stellar work they do.

Do we really have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode? WHINES

Elle313 said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for joining us in chat tonight. Also, please send a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the 100th episode.

The episode was amazing! It kept me leaning forward the whole time, going crazy waiting for the commercials to be over so I could see what happened next.

As the episode progressed, I found my heart literally racing with excitement and anticipation---after seeing the spoilers, what was * really* going to happen?

And seeing Hotch cry.... the whole scene in the car when he was talking to Haley...TG did a fantastic job! I’m glad I had a box of tissues next to me for the whole rest of the ep.

And it was great to see Foyett get his due! and how brutally it was done! – an understandable moment of “monster” by Hotch for all that Foyett had put him and his family through.

...and at the end, seeing the whole BAU team reinforce that even though Hotch’s “home” family may be torn apart by Haley’s death, that his “work” family will always be there for him.

Congratulations to everyone on a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting episode! It’s been a great 100 shows-I look forward to the next 100 :)

geniuskitty said...

What a payoff ! not just of the Foyet story arc , but the whole 6 seasons!! . It was absolutely superlative . I swear I only breathed during the commercials .
Haley's death was a speeding trainwreck that could be seen but not avoided . The intensity of those scenes between Hotch & Haley saying goodbye on the phone for some reason had me thinking about the planes going down on 911 and people calling their loved ones .Unbelievably tragic . The helpless pain on Hotch's face .TG surpassed his usually brilliant self completely . Didn't think that was possible
His rage was so believable and raw , and so well written & played .I've been waiting since "Natural Born Killer" to see Hotch like that ! I also loved how the background music dropped out when Hotch entered the house - what an inspired editing choice ! It brought the tension up so many notches , as all we could hear was Hotch's breathing . My heart was pounding right along with his !
Also loved how the team backed him up during their interviews , each one dealing with the pressure in their own individual way , but all there for their "leader" , not one of them willing to let Strauss use this against him . The essence of each team members personality was caught in those scenes , each one making me want to smile and cry at the same time as they dealt with the tragedy .
I know that all the writers worked on this episode , and I have to say that it worked so beautifully I have to hope there will be "team" episodes like this again . Everyone brought their strengths to the table this time , the whole CM family .
Thank you again so much ,CM writers, actors , crew , producers ... everyone , for showing how much you truly want to give us fans the best show possible . We really appreciate it .
Thank you Ed , also , for visiting us in the chat room . It was wonderful hearing about the process of making this show .

Anonymous said...

The look on Morgan's face when Hotch admitted that he had stepped down because he wanted Foyett to think that he was crumbling was intense. I guess Morgan must have thought that Hotch thought Morgan could handle the case better than he could do at the time and then it turned out that Hotch was always incharge. Great work by all the actors. A+ episode.

Kirsten said...

90 minutes post-epi and I'm still numb... and in awe.

Firstly, thanks for coming to chat Ed. Everyone appreciated it and fantastic to hear the inside scoop on the best CM epi ever.

Next: to Mr. Thomas Gibson. Thomas, you owe me one very large box of kleenex, please. You gave an absolutely amazing performance. Thank you. I wish I could truly articulate my depth of angst for Hotch and that's all due to the actor. You certainly have the 'FANS' EMMY'.

As much as this was Hotch/Foyet, it was the team. I loved the way you used Strauss (am I really saying that??!) to get ALL of the team involved. And I adored the way they ALL stood by their Unit Chief. I actually had to laugh at Rossi's apparent boredom... it came just in time.

Congratulations to all of the cast and crew. You didn't disappoint one little bit. This was an epic!

Carol said...

This one was so intense and so sad. I liked Haley and Hotch when they were together - they had so many cute scenes in the earlier seasons. Obviously, no chance for them to get back together now. Why did she have to die? Really, why? It is just so sad that Jack lost his mother. She was a good mom.

TG was amazing as always. He has been my favorite for a long time now. Emmy, Emmy, Emmy.

This season does seem darker than previous ones. Can't Hotch ever get a break?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson ......... you are phenomenal!!!! Ed Bernero...I think this was an amazing episode. I hate that Haley is dead...I always hoped that Aaron and Haley would find their way back to each other! Thank heavens Jack is okay. The BAU family has never been more prominent and poignant than tonight....they certainly came together and stood up for Aaron and each other! I LOVE this show! It was thrilling, scary, tense, emotional, and so much more. Keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

The car scene was my favorite. Hotch on the phone with Foyet knowing he had his family. Howell deserves an award for playing the Reaper.

The shooting of the Marshall was unreal. And that the Marshall never gave up the info on Haley and Jack's location was great.

Foyet figuring out that he could use the Marshall's phone to call Hayley was so smart.

So glad the bast-rd is dead.

stern said...

I don't watch the show often and I am so glad that I watched it tonight. It was so full of twists and turns and raw emotion. I really loved the episode and I am not going to miss any more of them.

Tracy said...

I'm trying to find the words.

First and foremost, Thomas Gibson deserves an Emmy for his performance. Fantastic.

The team dynamic in the episode was perfect, when giving their statements it was so evident that they weren't trying to cover for anyone, they were just telling the truth which is exactly what Hotch would want them to do.

I liked Reid's interview the best when he reminded Strauss that his eidetic memory could provide her with exactly what happened. I snickered.

It was good to see some missed faces in the scenes and again, more people chipping in not just Hotch on some personal vendetta.

I felt Hotch and Haley would be better apart and was satisfied when they split but never wished her dead, although it certainly did have a dramatic effect on tonights episode. Her realization that she was about to die and her words to Aaron were very well delivered and meaningful.

Overall, it is now my favorite episode to date. I hope for a 100 more and then some.

BRAVO to everyone for a job well done and story well told.

Keegan said...

This episode was uber awesome! Everything about it was above and beyond anything yet on Criminal Minds. Everyone who hasn't seen it yet, it is worth every miserable second of waiting, honestly!
It was such a 'real' episode, everything was perfect. The writing was solid, and the acting was powerful. No one can beat the talented Criminal Minds crew, after this episode, I'm sure of it! Thank you so much for such a powerful, heart-wrenching, UTTERLY AWESOME 45 minutes! Barely noticed all the commercials, that's how great it was.

And of course, thanks to all the mods and to Ed for the chat tonight!

Walburga Benker said...

Congrats on the 100 th episode to the cast and crew. Can´t wait to see it.
Thanks so much, Ed for taking the time to chat with us tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

It was an enthralling episode; all the acting was excellent and TG as Hotch was wonderful. Strauss was very real at the end, not that she should be trusted after what was a moment of pity, she'll be after Hotch again asap. I'm sure.

Absolutely loved the plot point and payoff that Hotch had a secret with Jack, that was wonderful!!! Hayley knowing she was going to be killed was touching, along with the entire team's defense of Hotch.

This was a special episode in deed, thanks!


Lanna said...

Thank you very much Ed for coming to chat with us tonight.

I'm not sure I can find the words right now, but I will try. It was exactly what a 100th episode should be. It was emotionally charged, it was fast paced, we had everybody involved from cast to crew and it was awesome. It was good to see old friendly faces coming back and have closure to the Reaper story.

All the team delievered a brilliant piece of acting tonight as usual. Thomas Gibson, especially, was fantastic and his performance amazing. Your heart broke so many times for Hotch in this episode.

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew for the wonderful 100 episodes they have given us. May there be many many more.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Stephanie said...

Fabulous. Superlative. Words can't describe how solid this episode was and the fact it screamed "team" was just so fitting. Team effort throughout the story, but more than that, team of writers, team of crew, team of cast. You were ALL brilliant! Many congratulations!

And please, somebody hand Thomas an Emmy???!!!

Celine said...

Congrats on the 100th episode. Thank you Ed for joining us at the chat. Thanks to the cast and crew for an incredible episode. This is really a first time that I cried in a top crime show! I'm dumbfounded right now, right after watching the episode. Great job everyone. Will write more later.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely amazing episode. I cannot wait to watch it again. I cried, watching Hotch cry, and I, too, think I only breathed during the commercials. Did anyone else notice that the Nietzsche abyss quote was also used (by Gideon) in Extreme Aggressor? I thought that was a poignant touch.

Anonymous said...

I cried. Greeeat Episode. Thomas Gibson deserves an Emmy for his performance tonight. The writers all deserve an Emmy for writing such a great episode. Hotch in the car........still makes me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

i am still shakeing it was so good one of the best i am so sorry she was killed. it was so good jack work the case with his dad, smart kid.
i am so glad they all stood up to struss.i tape this every week so i will watch it again. two weeks tell another comes on. can,t waite for another 100 show.

Anonymous said...

I kept wondering why Hotch kept telling Haley and Jack that he needed Jack to work on a case with him. I couldn't see where that was going. How smart they were to teach Jack to hide if he was told to help with a case. Totally saved his life. Of course I think Foyett could easily have found him and killed him but I guess he wanted to kill Jack infront of Hotch.

There were no flaws in this episode at all. It was totally a gripping 45 minutes and my only regret is that it wasn't a two hour special because is was CM at its best.

Anonymous said...

I just can't find words. Especially in english, so please forgive me the mistakes.

That was an episode which worth the waiting. Such an amazing, emotional, excellent job! I'm still crying, I'm still down. It was heartbreaking. I wasn't a Haley fan, but God, she was so brave, so amazing! She did it for her son, and her death totally break my heart. The last conversation between her and Hotch on the phone made me literally cry. As a Hotch fan it was almost too much to see Hotch's face covered with tears and being so helpless and despairing. I wanted Hotch to kill Foyet. I've waited for this since the season premiere, and when they started to fight, I actually cried out: "Kill him! Kill him!" But when he finally did it, well, this scene just broke my heart completely. That was such a unsettling scene.

I loved the whole cast in this episode. Kirsten, A.J., Shemar! You all did a great job! My hat off to you all! I loved how the team stood by Hotch without a doubt.

And Thomas Gibson! I can't find the right words to tell you how much I admire your talent! Such an excellent, wonderful, amazing, heartbreaking, real acting you did in this episode. You'd definitely deserve an Emmy. I look forward to watch your amazing acting through another 100 episodes !

Thanks the whole cast for this wonderful 100th episode!


P.S: I hope that means Hotch can get a break now. I think it's more than enough of torturing him. I'd really like to see him happy again. And of course: BEING THE UNIT CHIEF AGAIN! :))

Anonymous said...

I am actually speechless... I really don't know what to say.

First of all: Thanks, Ed, for being in the chatroom tonight, and thanks to the CM moderators and Jill for all their work.

Second: Thanks to Ed, the writers, producers, and to Joe, Thomas, Paget, A.J., Kirsten, Matthew, and Shemar, and everyone involved, for an amazing 100th episode!

I'm still processing everything I just saw... so here are just a few unsystematic remarks from me:

- Thomas Gibson's performance was outstanding, he really deserves an Emmy for it.
- Loved how the team stood behind Hotch during Strauss's interrogation.
- I have mixed feelings about Hotch killing the Reaper, esp. about how he did it. While I can totally understand his behavior, and realize that he reached his breaking point after everything that happened, I'm not exactly sure if it was actually the right thing to do. But then, of course, it was Hotch's son, whose life was at stake, too, so it is for the best, I think.
- C. Thomas Howell did an amazing job again as the Reaper. Great performance!
- I loved the team! You guys all did a great job.
- I cried so much when Foyet shot Haley, I'm so sorry for Jack that he has to grow up without a mother now...
- Rossi was simply wonderful, as usual. He made me laugh so hard in his scene with Strauss, it was so typically Rossi, playing with his phone, acting bored to piss her off. Kinda reminded me of his first epi in season three, when he was sitting opposite to her in her office.

I'm really looking forward to the next episode, can't wait to see how everything and everyone procedes from now on.

Greetings from Germany and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!


mellysmelba said...

The BEST episode yet...and the best piece of episodic television perhaps EVER!!!!! WOW...the CM team deserves Emmy nods, especially Thomas Gibson for his moving performance. I haven't cried this much while watching TV since the final episode of former favorite show...CM is the BEST show on TV and my all-time favorite show!!!!! Until next week...

Alexa said...

I cried right along with Hotch and I loved every minute of it!! Truly an amazing episode, I LOVE the CM writers and I cannot wait for the rest of the season!!

Anonymous said...

When Hotch started shooting at the curtain I was scared that it was really Jack behind it or Foyet holding Jack and making Hotch kill his own son. I was so relieved to see Jack alive. Outstanding episode. Perfectly written and acted. The 100th episode was the best present they could have given us for sticking with the show for all these years. Letter perfect. Congrats to Ed and all for shining bright.

criminalmindsaddict1985 said...

I was just amazed by the ep! From beginning to end, I TOTALLY loved every second of it! I cried so much at the end, though. Even though Haley wasn't my favorite character (because of what she has done to Hotch (Leaving him and basically keeping Jack away from him)) But, she was amazing in this ep, and it totally broke my heart to see what happened to her :(
The cast was amazing! They all did an amazing job. It was nice to see J.J and Will with little Henry; actual 'family' time between the three. This ep was everythig I expected the 100th ep to be, and so much more, but, like someone else mentioned...the only downfall was that it wasn't 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the cast and crew of criminal minds on their 100th episode and kudos on doing such a fantastic job. That was jam packed with emotion and the intensity of each scene palpable. Really surpassed all expectations.!

meaghan said...

Strauss started the episode as the witch we have come to know her as but I think she was very sincere at the end when she offered Hotch her help and acknowledged his lose. Maybe she isn't all bad.

I love how they told this story. Starting at the end and working back through what happened until the final scene when it is all over. I loved how defensive the team was when talking about Hotch's actions to Strauss. Reid was especially fierce. Garcia talking about what is and isn't fair is sooooo Garcia.

I'm not a Hotch sister but tonight I was. I am utterly amazed at the performance of Thomas Gibson and the whole cast. They brought their A game in tonight's episode.

How are they going to beat this episode????

janice said...

A.J.'s son Mekhai is adorable and Ed said in the chat tonight that he would be permanately playing the part of Henry. How great is that!

Anyone besides me wish they were with Hotch beating the life out of the reaper?

Can't wait to watch the episode again tomorrow.

elle said...

First of all congratulations to all the cast and crew for reaching this milestone!100!

Wow!This one took me through a gamut of emotions everything from laughing at Kevin's bacon donut to crying when Hayley became Foyett's final victim. Meridith Monroe has done an amazing job of protraying Haley, who has added the human and family side to CM for the last five years. love her or hate her she has still been an important part of it.

Unfortunately it took a tradgedy to make it happen but Strauss finally got a human side. Jayne Atkinson has done a wonderful job playing her. Perhaps this is the beginning of the human Strauss as opposed to the cold-hearted b***h. Loved how when she was trying to get the story in her old way Rossi just ignored her.

Having JJ's family was awesome, her baby Henry is so cute.

Hotch beating the Reaper was so intense. Morgan making him stop and comforting him was also intense.

The final scene with the team looking on while Hotch and Jack were hugging was so poignant and the perfect ending. Hotch will never be the same again and all i hope is that he does not meet the same end as Gideon.

An amazing job by Ed,the writers, the cast and crew! You guys are the best! Congrats on 100!

Kasey said...

This was so sad. I felt so bad for everybody. I only thought there would be 2 deaths so after poor Sam died I had a feeling Foyett was going to also. Poor Sam. He was so brave.I didn't expect Haley to die too. The last conversation between Hotch and Haley was so heartbreaking. How can people say that Hotch is unemotional? He was fantastic. The tears coming down his face and the desperation in his voice was gut wrenching. Haley also was tragic and brave knowing that she was going to die ,but her son was safe. When those gunshots rang out,I jumped. Everyone's reactions were dead on.(Wish they would have shown Reid's reaction though.) It got even sadder when Hotch found Haley's body. When Foyett threatened Jack and Hotch started pounding on him,I cheered. I didn't think that Hotch would actually killed him. Foyett must have been really messed up if Morgan knew he was dead the instant he saw him. At least Jack was safe.

I loved the interviews also. Strauss was being such a bitch but I liked how Rossi,Emily,and esp. Reid put her down. I love how Reid talked about how his eidetic memory helped him remember everything and later that memory was put to use during the conversation between Hotch and Foyett. I'm glad that Strauss did develop a heart. She reminds me of CSI's Ecklie. A pure seemingly unfeeling bureaucrat but reveals a heart in time of tragedy(like how Ecklie wanted to pay Nick's ransom when he was buried alive).

The last scene was the best when Hotch saw his team surrounding and protecting Jack. He knows he has a family there.

I think the critics are total idiots for ignoring or demolishing one of the best shows on tv. Their loss.

babruin said...

Wow, that was extremely intense and for the first time, I actually cried during CM when Haley said her good-byes.
Excellent acting by everyone but especially for TG to do all that crying, trying to control himself as he goes thru his house, and the final rage in killing Foyet. Now that deserves an Emmy nom.
Cameos by Anderson, Gina Sharp as the evidence lady,plus the Captain America reference from the Tribe, use of a quote by Nietzsche that was used before were nice cookies to fans.
MGG was great, behaving like a recalcitrant teen having to put up with a lecturing principal.
Yay for the appearance of Herbert!!! :)
The episode was gripping and well-written by a great team of writers who show us how a group of diverse people can pull together loose ends and tie it all up in a concise package that delivers the goods. I'd vote for them to fix the national health care system!!! Thumbs up!
Congrats on a very moving 100th episode and may there be at least another 100!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Irene said...

A phenomenal 100th episode. The acting was outstanding. I love you all, you're amazing.

Anonymous said...


Loved the episode and I love our cast and writers!

C.Thomas Howell really did an outstanding job as "The Reaper" and I think he is the best unsub we've ever had. He even beats out Frank in my book.

rayna said...

I loved that Strauss and Hotch had planned his stepping down as unit chief together and I am surprised that Morgan didn't suspect the reason why all along. I was surprised that he was surprised. He looked like he felt like he had been used. Even with his life spinning out of control Hotch manages to think clearly. Even though it was pure emotion that had him punching Foyet at the end it still served to make sure that Jack would always be save from any danger from him in the future. Two thumbs up for this great episode.

Anonymous said...

Reid and his wonderful eidetic memory! Reid has evolved from a naive young guy in season one to a sharp man in season five.

I enjoyed the protective and defensive way they all dealt with Strauss and yes I cried during the episode.

CheetoBreath said...

yep.... cried like a baby.

wow. WOW. Yep. Definitely my favorite show. Wow. Did I already say Wow?? Wow.

First of all, thank you to Ed Bernero for taking the time to attend the chat with us measly fans. LOL. Big fat thank you to all the moderators who organized and ran the chat. My big fat huge apologies for leaving and re-entering; hopefully it wasn't too disruptive. I thought I could handle the spoilers but then somebody mentioned that Hotch kills Foyet with his bare hands and I went "CRAP, do I really want the whole episode spoiled so much before I even see it???" LOL. But then I couldn't stand not knowing what other interesting things Mr. Bernero was going to say and went back in. LOL!!!

I really wish I had DVR or TiVo so I could re-watch the episode. Man, it was really good. I loved everything. EVERYTHING. From the beginning sequence, with Rossi beckoning the Emergency Response team in to the house, to the end with the whole team gathered around Jack and Hotch. Wow. Beautifully written and beautifully acted. Kudos to the entire CM team and, obviously, Thomas Gibson who was really good. Really frickin good. If that doesn't deserve an Emmy, I don't know what does. I loved how each member of the team's response to Strauss were so true to their characters and how loyal they were to Hotch. JJ - still backing Hotch but also too nice to be confrontational with Strauss. Garcia - super emotional and not always tactful LOL. Rossi - "I couldn't care less what you think, you're a crazy beeyotch, Strauss". LOL!!! Reid - very analytical, facts based, and emotionally "cool" on the surface, and very direct with Strauss though not in a hot-headed way. Prentiss - pissed off and in-your-face. LOL. Morgan - very empathetic, he really looked drained and sad. I also loved seeing JJ's hubby and son and if that is AJ's real son, man he is a cutie!!! Took the bottle on cue from his momma. Awwwww!!! Heehee ♥

So many sad parts. I started crying long before the car/gunshot scene. I started when the poor Marshall was, helloooo, laying on the floor DYING and yet he was trying to apologize to Hotch!! OMG!!! And Hotch having to interrogate a man who so valiantly gave his life trying to protect his family? *tears* So sad. Obviously, the car/gunshot scene was very sad. Haley referencing the story of how they met - that was such a super sweet story. It was in the Fisher King episode - Hotch had accidentally walked into the theater class room and saw Haley and knew he just had to meet her. So the next day he signed up for theater club and he was 4th Pirate and that's how he got the ugly pirate hat. So Romantical!! But what hit me the hardest was when Hotch was beating Foyet to a pulp. The look on his face and the flashes of what is going through Hotch's head as he is doing it - oh man. I should have been happy that Foyet was finally getting what he deserved but instead I was bawling my eyes out for poor Hotch. If TG doesn't get an Emmy nod for this I am seriously going to recruit my friends to a letter-writing campaign. (lol)

It was really cool how Hotch knew the shoes in the mirror were a decoy and he shot into the curtains but at first I was afraid he had shot Jack accidentally. And then that knock-down drag out fight complete with falling down the stairs- MAN THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. And the "working the case" thing with Jack - one of my friends I was watching with thought maybe it was code for Jack to defend himself somehow, but I guessed it was code for HIDE!!! I finally guessed something right, woohoo! LOL. I know that Hotch has never been the silly goofy laugh-a-minute guy but that flashback scene explaining the "working the case" thing was so heartbreaking because that was HAPPY Hotch and it's now going to be a loooong time before we get to see him happy again. :( :( :( :( Poor Hotchy!! :(

Cynthia Tan said...

OMG! This is definitely my favorite episode! 100! Congratulations Criminal Minds casts and crew. You guys did a phenomenal job! Thank you so much for making a great show!I think Thomas Gibson deserves an Emmy! This show deserves an Emmy!

I totally teared up during the Hotch/Haley scene. Great acting! Jack and his 'case'... Thank goodness Foyet isn't smart enough to find Jack.

JJ, Will and Henry scene... Awwww... Mekhai is sooooo cute!

I loved how the team stand by Hotch and answered Strauss.

And it's great to see the recurring guest stars again. C. Thomas Howell and Meredith Monroe did a fantastic job! :D

Once again, a million thank you to Ed Benero, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and the crew for making a great episode and most importantly, a great show.


I hope to have another 100 or maybe 200 more episodes!


Cynthia Tan

PS: Looking forward for ep 101!

CheetoBreath said...

And oh yeah, when Hotch first found Haley's body but had to force himself to hold it in and couldn't even mourn because he was still looking for Foyet and trying to save his son? OMG!! How awful!!!

Brilliant show, congratulations to you all on a wonderful 100 episodes and may there be 5,000 more!!!! LOL.

CheetoBreath said...

Judyeting: totally agree on everything RE: C. Thomas Howell/The Reaper. He's got that "leer" thing down pat!!!

Shawn said...

That was simply breathtaking.

The team stuff was great - from JJ taking more and more of an active leadership role(love it) to Em again telling off Strauss to Reid's continued growth into manhood by not flinching or showing nervousness and holding his ground - it was fantastic.

Hotch and Haley- wow. Just wow.

The ep was heartbreaking and beautiful. To the writers, cast and crew, thank you, thank you, thank you.

laurel raymond said...

I guess we kinda have to like Strauss now and take back every bad word we've ever written about Haley. She loved him and she took the bullet so he wouldn't kill Jack first and hopefully give Hotch time to get there and save him. Goosebumps thinking about that scene.

abbey said...

Loved it. What a great pre-Thanksgiving present for the fans. It was like a trip down memory lane with all the references to previous episodes and guest stars we haven't seen in awhile. The episode was tense and scary from beginning to end and I am so happy that the 100th of Criminal Minds was such a smashing success.

Jen said...

I think the sound team did an amazing job. The lack of score while Hotch was searching the house was absolutely chilling.

Anonymous said...

Hotch picking up Jack with the Reaper's blood on his shirt and face was when I lost it and started crying.

andrea said...

I've hated Strauss for so long that I didn't think I could ever change my opinion of her.

"What do you think would've happened if you hadn't killed Foyet?"

Okay. I have changed my opinion about her now. She showed a level of compassion that I didn't think she was capable of and she is okay in my book now.

The team was smoking tonight. They really rallied to defend Hotch with Strauss an I think they are all going to be affected by Haley's death. This was a very personal loss for all of them and they are truly a family.

Thomas Gibson's performance tonight is as good as it can get. He OWNED Hotch tonight. I hope the entire cast and crew know how great they are in our eyes.

Chooky said...

WOW!! Horrible... Heartbreaking... Breathtaking... or wathever you want but... AWESOME!!! And WOW Thomas o-O amasing!!

Chooky said...

Already that I don't know how to say what I'm feeling in French... then in English XD

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the writers decided to have Foyet kill Hayley with a bullet through the neck and not have it been some torturous murder. Her and Hotch talking on the phone about showing Jack his good side was one of the best pieces of CM writing ever imho

steven said...

Strauss looked like she was going to cry.

Hayley was brave and kind.

Hotch saved his son.

AJ's son played Henry.

Great episode.

Wonderful acting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed for coming to chat with us last night, and also thanks Jill and the mods for your hard work!

I have finally been able to watch the 100th ep, but I'm still shaking so I'll have to come back later to write more... The only thing I want to say right now: could someone finally hand the Emmy he deserves to Thomas Gibson, please?

Chooky said...

I agree with that!! He really really deserves him! An Emmy for Mr Gibson... even two or three!! GREAT JOB!! Best actor of the show!! <3

Shadow said...

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Criminal Minds on 100 episodes of amazing TV entertainment!

With this episode, you outdid yourselves. It doesn’t happen often, but this episode had me crying along with Hotch and Haley during their final conversation over the phone. It’s just a little solace that Jack didn’t have to witness the worst parts. Haley was incredibly strong and very likeable in her final moments. My heart went out to her and Hotch.

Also loved how each one of our team members got to show what they’re best at and how every single one of them had Hotch’s back 100% and didn’t hesitate to defend him to the board. The little moments of team and family love with Will, little Henry and Kevin were desperately needed to make this episode bearable, and who would have thought that even Erin Strauss has a heart. The best line of this week, however, goes to Agent Anderson: “I’m more than just a pretty face.” I laughed so hard at that one!

Kudos to the whole CM family, I’m looking forward to many, many more episodes! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

BlueCurl said...

1. TG can't act
2. They are not a team nor a family
3. The writers did a poor job
4. The music/sound effects where louzy!
5. It was so boring to look at
6. No emotions shown at all!
7. Poor choice of guest cast! Haley, Jack, Foyet, Will, Kevin, Strauss, Sam, all of them
8. Not worthy of any emmy at all!

Okay okay.. who am I kidding!? ME! What an episode! Amazing!

Happy 100th.. Thanks all the cast and crew for getting to this point!

BuddhaJEF said...

... definitely a manly wetness in the eye area after this episode ...

... damn.

Michaela said..., I don't even think wow is enough to cover it! I am SPEECHLESS! That was AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered this might be the end for Hotch? Is Thomas Gibson preparing to exit?..I can't imagine Hotch's going back to work after this...

sindee said...

OMG, all those comment make me so *aaaah* that I cannot watch the epi in quite a time.
Sounds like a great one (again).
Congrats for the whole team and crew on the 1 - 0 - 0 !!!
Thanks for breaking the secret of Bo Crese. ;-)
CU sindee

Colette said...

I'm still thinking about the episode, also hours after I watched it. I must say, I never cried so much than on this episode.
That was so heartbreaking, intense, emotional have no more words.....
Loved the episode very much, although it broke my heart for Hotch. The whole Team was so great, I loved their interactions. Best Team ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas C. Howell is just an amazing actor, wow, he scared me all the time.;)

But also the whole cast did a fantastic job, especially Thomas Gibson was amazing!!

Thanks again to the whole cast, crew and writers for this absolutley fantastic 100th episode, for me one of the best ever!:)

Colette, Switzerland

oliverandom said...

that was AMAZING. thank you "Bo Crese" for that fantastic episode. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Unknown said...

OMG.....It's the morning after and I am still utterly speechless`ans saddened.

Thomas Gibson is a truly gifted actor....because I am still teary eyed.

I'll have to comment more later.



Anonymous said...

I’m still sitting here in tears having just watched this episode … I haven’t read any of the comments, and didn’t want too until I had seen the episode and at this point I have no words to express how I feel .. The intensity of the entire episode was phenomenal… I for one bawled my eyes out from the phone call to the end of the episode & after, and currently emotionally drained, so will have to revisit for my thoughts …

I have to say though Thomas Gibson, you are truly phenomenal, I’ve always loved Hotch and the character, and you pull it off so amazingly, I’m speechless on this one, and if this is not an Emmy winning performance then I’m not sure what is … absolutely FANTASTIC

At this point all I can say is – truly phenomenal episode, everyone involved completely out did themselves, with all the guessing & speculation beforehand I’m not sure what I expected to be very honest, but from the sheer impact this episode has had on me emotionally, I’d say I got way more than I bargained for ..

Left me moved … thank you everyone at Criminal Minds, thank you Ed Bernero & all the writers for this truly superb, amazing, phenomenal …(there are many more superlatives I’m sure I could use!) 100th episode, special thanks to a truly amazing cast … and Thomas Gibson what can I say … you are my Hero.
Michelle R.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the strongest of the Foyet arc. Beautifully shaped and beautifully directed. All the guest starts were excellent. Still unpersuaded by TG himself, but the episode itself was well done. Though it was a little over long in some sequences it managed to work the tension back when it mattered.

Comment on the season so far: how successful has this arc been, all told? I would have described myself as a fan of the show until this season, now I'm just hanging on, waiting to be re-persuaded, I guess.

Oh, Strauss! As a character she along with Haley has been especially chosen for dislike by the strong Hotch brigade, but didn't she come through? She pursued her investigation with rigour and with humanity. Well done that lady. I'd like to see more of her. In character terms Strauss adds a great deal. She's not an insipid presence, nor a bogey figure, she's complex and layered. Credit to the writers and the actor.

Mahële said...

Wonderful episode, it goes without saying.
I loved every minute of it.

The whole team was amazing, all supporting Hotch as best as they could.
I absolutely loved the team interactions and the 'family feel' in this episode.

Haley is the one who got me the most, especially when she was on the phone.
She knew she was going to die but she stayed strong for her son. When Hotch told Jack to 'work the case' she knew that was it.
She was absolutely beautiful and amazing in her strength, determination and love. Meredith Monroe gave a magnificent portray of her character.
Since last week we pretty much guessed it would happen. Still, I couldn't help but hope against all odds that she would make it out alive.

Hotch was heartbreaking. I really hope that the writers won't put him through more drama.
Dealing with Haley's death and having to raise his son will be difficult enough as it is.
The whole team was really worried about him.
Seeing him kill Foyet with his bare hands was ...well, 'intense' doesn't even come close to describe it. I really wasn't expecting that but anyone could see that he had reached his breaking point.
Poor Hotch, raising Jack and staying in the BAU will be more than difficult (even if he doesn't get back his position of Unit Chief right away).

I'm eager to see the new dynamic in the BAU. Hotch and his team might become even closer after this.
The last scene with the team members and Jack was especially touching.

The other "little" things I enjoyed :

- Morgan feeling a little betrayed when Hotch explained that part of the reason he stepped down was to let Foyet think that he was falling apart. The look on Morgan's face was quite telling and for me it gave a sense of realism to the situation.

- I loved the mention of Reid's eidetic memory,and I loved even more the use they made of it in this episode (even if he said himself in 'The Fisher King I' that it mostly applied to things he read, I suppose that his memory is extraordinary in just about every area - Rossi even hinted at it in 'Masterpiece' with he told Reid 'don't forget a word he says').

- I loved Reid's strong determination against Strauss.

- I loved the fact that Kevin helped Garcia - great moment between the two. Kevin was efficient and driven.

- JJ and Will at the beginning with Henry - sweet moment.

- I absolutely loved the scene where Reid managed to find Foyet's alias, fantastic scene.

So, thank you everyone : Ed., all the other writers, the actors,...everyone. Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gibson...your performance almost wrenched my heart from me. You are beyond incredible. Kudos to you - it must have been physically and emotionally painful to go through some of those scenes.

Daisy said...

Congratulations to Ed, the cast, the writers, crew and all those involved in bringing us CM for the past 5 seasons on your 100th episode! What can I say other than it was extremely well done and simply awesome from start to finish! Here is to another 100 episodes at least!

Also, Ed, thanks for taking the time to join us in the chat room last night. It was a pleasure to have you as always. :)


Eleo said...

OMG it is the day after (BTW Happy Thanksgiving) and I am still in shock....WOW. I have to thank everyone involved in some way or another in making this show because it is just fantastic, it never fails to amaze me. It was a shocking end of the Reaper arc and the great performances from all the actors but mainly TG made me cry...I do not cry easily. To tell you the truth I was not looking forward to watching this one because I was afraid I was not going to enjoy it because I had so high expectations but you clearly exceeded them. You all (writers, producers, actors, crew) should be very proud of your work. CM rocks.
A very happy and still kind of shocky Costa Rican fan!

Anonymous said...

I think once Foyet realized that Hotch had him that he hoped Hotch would kill him. What a waste of life. There was no way Hotch was going to let Foyet live. Too much of a threat to Jack.

Anonymous said...

I would say that having the ex-husband there on the phone to hear Haley killed was gratuitous, and it kind of spoiled the ending by going for the overplay.

Also, it was fortuitous (and divertingly cliched) the way that the Marshal died the instant he delivered his last bit of info. How many cop shows, cowboy flicks, war films, soap operas, etc etc use that exact same device? You knew it was coming. It came. I could have timed an egg by it. Having said that, D. B. Sweeney was terrific and I wish that he'd been used more over this long storyline.

But those, and a few other moments besides, well-done to all concerned! 100 already!

Anonymous said...

The theme of the episode was family and I love my Criminal Minds family. JJ with her family, Hotch with his family and the BAU family. What will you NOT do to help your family? Hayley's death is liable to change all of them forever. Strauss is now cool in my eyes. She can be the grandmother figure in the family.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Congrats to the actors and writers of Criminal Minds for their 100th episode.

Anonymous said...

Hayley killed me last night emotionally. I was okay till she told Hotch to tell Jack how they met. Then I just lost it. I was reaching for the tissues.

Anonymous, they only have 44 minutes to tell an entire story and tie up the loose ends. The Marshal was going to die. I think they did it the way they did to get rid of that character and move on as quickly as they reasonably could and then they kept moving through the story. I agree with you that D.B. Sweeney did a great job. They all did a great job last night. "100" is a keeper!

lauren kahn said...

I was trying to cook for thanksgiving while watching the episode. If my stuffing is aweful it will be because I was a wreck when the show was over and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. This episode wrecked me!! I was emotionally dead by the time it was over.

So glad Foyet is dead. Meredith Monroe did great. They all did.

shawna said...

Garcia putting Kevin to work. Will telling JJ that she was doing everything she could to help. We had all the characters out working and they all deserve Emmy awards.

amelialor said...

This episode was everything a 100th episode should be. It made me nervous, it made me cry, and finally, it made me proud.
I really am, proud to be a fan of a show with such talent and brilliant people.
Congratulations for the team of writers, I'm glad you all got to write a piece of this, talk about team work. And congratulations to those 7 amazing actors who bring these characters to life so honestly, humanly and lovely.

About the episode:
What a heart break it was to lose Haley like that, to see a broken and desperate Hotch like that.
I must say, I’m glad this is over, I’m glad Jack is fine, and I’m hoping Hotch can live past this, and finally, I’m glad, proven by the last scene, that he has those six people to support him from now on.

It was really a terrific episode.
And it made me curious as to how things are going to be from now on.
That’s right, this show is 5 years in and it’s making me want 5 more.

And thank you Mr Bernero for coming and chatting with us, if I was too quiet, it was because I was busy drying my tears.


Anonymous said...

The Nietzsche quote that discusses fighting with monsters heard in the beginning of this episode was nearly identical to the quote used in the pilot episode, "Extreme Aggressor."

Anonymous said...

At the conclusion of this devastating episode, I found myself looking at a blank tv screen while trying to regain some equilibrium. This has to be the most dramatic, heart stopping, gut wrenching episode I have ever seen on tv.

First, CM congratulations on your 100th episode. This show has always been masterful in its creation each and every week. CM has been going above and beyond this season and, of course, the 100th episode expectation was eagerly awaited. What I hadn’t expected – and should have because we were experiencing the heightened build up for this episode since last season – was the powerhouse, explosive force which it came through the screen last night.

I was torn between watching Hotch’s devastation knowing he couldn’t save Hayley but that he had a chance in protecting Jack and witnessing Thomas Gibson pouring his heart and soul into Hotch. Paget’s interview had said these scenes were brutal for Thomas to play. I may not be an actor but I could gain a slight vision of the huge emotional essence needed for this from an actor. After such a performance, how does an actor come down or recover from it. Using Kevin’s phrasing – OOO MMM GGGG. Thomas was brilliant in pure portrayal. I cannot imagine facing a story like this and being able to connect with such absolute expression of life’s complicated emotion, psychological factors and physical being and the toll it would take. Thomas Gibson, you are the personification of acting perfection and, I have to say it again, brilliance. You GIFTED us with performance after performance that literally took my breath away last night (and in all of the previous episodes).

Complex writing and production packed every scene from the huge to what would appear insignificant. Nothing was left out or given to chance and it was presented to us with full and complete precision. To mention only a few instances - Foyet told Hotch that Hotch’s wife was calling – he knew Hotch still considered her this even though they were divorced and that the two still loved each other. The interrogation of each team member was awesome as each characterization brought forth more. Rossi and his demeanor with Strauss – wow! Emily’s sarcastically drawled “Ma’am” to Strauss was superb. Each performance was outstanding, even to Foyet thinking he could still control Hotch by saying I’m done (or whatever it was). Hotch’s mouthing of “Jack” before he opened the chest was born of hope and pleading for his son to be there unharmed. I love watching Reid think . And, Hayley giving Hotch a future knowing his guilt would override his life and showing him the path with her love for him and acknowledging their shared love for Jack. I felt bad for Morgan with Hotch keeping one of the reasons to himself as to why he stepped down. However, if Hotch had told any of the team members, there would have been a slight change in team dynamic as opposed to Foyet thinking Hotch was crumbling. While Hotch was definitely falling apart, he presented what he needed everyone to believe and even for the team sake. He needed them where they were, and in a way, objective and separate. Even having worked with them for years and the fact that they do profile each other daily – while not crossing the full profile line as team members – no one ever saw this cunning in him. Master profiler – yep – Hotch is.

At the end, they thankfully gave us the actress (please excuse me not remembering her name - which is unforgiveable) giving Strauss humanity and portrayed magnificently with wonderful artistic class which pulled together the entire story and gave some relief for us with Hotch, his son and the team. And, now with this ending, I didn’t even mind the similarities in the sound of their names – Erin and Aaron.

Angie said...

OMG! I'm just speechless... This episode was so heartbreaking! Cast and Crew of CM: Thank you soooo much! This is the best TV show ever. The Hotch scenes made me cry! (And I don't cry easily)

Thanks TG for your wonderful performance! You're the best! Of course the rest of the cast was amazing too!

Keep up the terrific work!
To the next 100 episodes (well, I hope there are gonna be more episodes than just another 100.. maybe 300 or 400 ;))

Angie, Switzerland

paula f. said...

Can't wait for Rick's episode in two weeks. Loved 100. Couldn't 100. Gibson deserves an Emmy!!!

Anonymous said...

I know I left out a few actors/characters from my initial post. And, while I mentioned Foyet, I forgot C. Thomas Howell - OMG, how could I have done that. I am now a full fledged fan of this actor.

Thomas Gibson and C. Thomas Howell were outstandingly dynamic together. What a pairing with Foyet and Hotch and TG and CTH!

Anonymous said...

Paula, C. Thomas Howell deserves an Emmy as well. His performance as the Reaper for all these episodes has been flawless. He really is good at the less is more and the facial expressions that tell you what he is thinking.

I must have missed the episode where they figured out that Foyet had killed his parents and his adopted parents. That caught me off guard. I was watching the episode thinking that there would be something Hotch could say to Foyet to get through to him but I know that was wishful thinking. Thank God Jack is alive.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrte it and Congratulations to CM for their 100th!

Anonymous said...

I need to watch it again, but I think I can say amazing work. Really speechless. TG did an amazing job. Great writing, telling Jack to go work the case. Hotch and Haley on the phone... heartbreaking. I would not like to be the next episode trying to follow this one... it will be hard to top.

Anonymous said...

Ed - First, thank you for taking the time on Thanksgiving Eve to chat with us!

The 100th episode was simply amazing. It was an emotional roller coaster, and despite being "spoiled", I was still on the edge of my seat the whole time and I couldn't stop crying.

Everyone did an extraordinary job in this episode - actors, writers and crew. Thomas Gibson, Meredith Monroe, and C. Thomas Howell deserve special mention for their gripping and heartbreaking performances.

Ed and all - Thank you for 100 wonderful episodes! I'm looking forward to the next 100! :-)


Sarah said...

I re-watched '100' this morning and it still had me in tears!

But a HUGE thank you to the cast for putting all their hard work into this, and to the crew&writers and anyone else involved. It was truley amazing.

Thanks to ED Berno as well for chatting with us last night! I lvoe your chats!

Michelle said...

An amazing episode!! We loved it so much. My husband actually said it was his favorite CM episode so far (although that is hard to settle on!)

My family was on the edge of our seats throughout the episode. We even groaned when a commercial came on.

Amazing writing and acting! Great job to all involved.

jaison said...

Last night was a great night to be a Criminal Minds fan. Fantastic episode.

And the Emmy goes to.....Criminal Minds!

morti_addams said...

can´t wait to see the epi

Mahële said...

I Just wanted to thank Ed. Bernero for joining the chat last night.
It was an extremely thoughtful and nice gesture.
Thank you very much Mister Bernero.

Anonymous said...

that was one of the most heartbreaking episodes i have ever seen. That being said it was also one of the best. Thank you to cast and crew for an amazing job and for the last four and a half seasons. May there be many more in the future for this wonderful show. Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

The cell phone conversation with Hotchner and Haley was intense. I honestly didn't believe that Haley would be killed even though it was obvious that Hotch and Haley were saying goodbye to each other and knew that she would die.

100 episodes is a major accomplishment for any show and I really am proud of Criminal Minds for maintaining a high level of excellence for all these years.

jenna coleman said...

It was a fabulous episode. Great writing & wonderful acting. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time and I actually did cry at one point which is not usual for me at all. Emmy time for the cast and the writers should be in the bag. It doesn't get any better than this and even the guest stars are deserving.

jojo said...

C. Thomas Howell’s portrayal of George Foyet was flawless. Kudos!

RMF said...

Aw, Hotch. This is why superheroes have secret identities.

Usually in these big hero-confronts-uebervillain stories, there's quite a bit of contrivance in bring the two adversaries face to face, but here events flow pretty logically. Hotch becomes separated from his team not by the cliche of going off to play cowboy, but because he is trying to get information from the marshall in the ambulance. Neither does he keep his team in the dark. So it's not hard to accept that he arrives first on the scene and rushes inside as any man would do when his family is threatened. A clever man like Foyet figuring out that the marshall has Haley on speed dial is believable too. She is a bit stupid to fall for Foyet's BS, but he shakes her up with the bogus news of Hotch's death, so she isn't thinking straight. I do question why Haley and Jack are ever left alone, though.

The opening is brilliantly spooky, but even more so is Hotch searching his silent house. There is no incidental music to tell us how to feel, and no sound but Hotch's harsh breathing. Gibson is, as usual, awesome, only more so. The fight is raw and desperate. They told us we'd end up seeing Hotch in a different light, but I'm not sure that I do. Perhaps they believed we thought Hotch walked on water, but that wasn't ever exactly it. It was the conscious exercise of self control over the darker impulses of human nature, not than their complete absence that convinced us of his integrity. To be sure, Hotch kills Foyet in rage and horror, and it's terrible and ugly, but also very easily identifiable. Ask a guy at random what he would do if a killer broke in, killed his wife, and went after his kid, and many would say, I'd kill the bastard with my bare hands. He and Foyet were clearly locked in a struggle to the death. Foyet may have affected a surrender by saying, "okay, you got me", but I didn't detect any sincerity. Hotch had tried earlier to talk Foyet down by arguing he'd already made his splash, but Foyet was interested this time only in completing his masterpiece of humiliating and then killing the agent who'd defied him. If Hotch had taken his eye off him for a split second, he'd probably have been at his throat again. So whereas it is a departure for Hotch, the shattering of his self control is neither unbelievable nor offensive (two words for the same thing in fiction), just heartbreaking. Oh, I'd rather he hadn't killed Foyet, but I'd say it's more an issue for the character than the audience, because judging by his decision to walk away from a brutal shootout a few episodes ago, he doesn't want to be taken over by such atavistic impulses, even if the investigative panel lets him off the hook.

Speaking of the investigative panel, the real surprise there is Reid. Everyone else reacts as we'd expect, from Rossi's insolence and Prentiss' sour "ma'am" to Garcia's emotional protest on the victims' behalf. But our perennial victim Reid is suddenly quietly fierce in his protectiveness, and finally there is some continuity in his words about the mindset of a torture victim. The potential dynamic between Reid and Hotch just got interesting again.

There's an intriguing scene along the way. Hotch reveals that part of the reason that he stepped down was to make Foyet think he was losing it. The camera shot is past Hotch, over his shoulder at Morgan, who fidgets in surprise. I don't think the implication is that Hotch lied to Morgan, since we had the confirmation from Rossi that his judgment was being questioned. Rather, he probably saw the writing on the wall and decided to make it work for him. But on the other hand, he had no real justification to hide this part of his reasoning from Morgan. It does fit with his reluctance to talk about Foyet, however.

Megan said...

I must admit that with the spoilers, I was very concerned at Hotch killing Foyet without due cause. However, as others have said, I don't believe Foyet's surrender was sincere, and the threat against Jack remained very real. Excessive force? Probably. Justified? Absolutely. We know that in the same situation, most of us would have done the same thing.

I too, do not see Hotch in a new light. I truly believe he will (eventually) be stronger than ever before. His team is firmly behind him and if ever he needed that to be shown to him, it was in this episode. Maybe by releasing some of that control temporarily, he'll learn to gain more strength from external sources as well as from within. One can only hope as we go forward, hopefully with Hotch back as Unit Chief.

Great writing, superb acting, and a special mention to Thomas Gibson, who has firmly demonstrated range and realism.

CanuckGirl1013 said...

I could not sleep for hours after watching this episode. It was dark, tragic, intense and sad in the most beautiful way. After it was over, I was disturbed and I know that the images of this show will haunt me for days. The writing, acting, directing, and editing were all fabulously done. It was, by far, the best hour of television I have watched in years. I am humbled by the talent of those involed in making this episode.

Anonymous said...

wow last night's episode was AMAZING!! i have never cried for a criminal minds episode before lol i hope everything works out and hotch doesnt leave the show, the team is perfect and they need to keep it that way!!! way to go,awesome episode, cant wait for the next 100 :) i loveeee criminal minds!!

Anonymous said...

The telephone beetwin Haley and Hotch was so moving, I was almost to cry. Great performance of Gibson. Gibson for Emmy!!


amanda r. said...

Watched the episode after our dinner tonight. We all loved it. Great episode.

Nagi said...

All I can say is that was so, so intense. I'm sure I've seen the 100th episode for other shows before, but heavens if I can remember what they were like. I knew this would be a winner from the opening shots. I loved the cinematography in the opening moments.

The phone conversation between Haley, Hotch, and Jack made me want to cry.

It was good to see everyone back - Kevin and Will and baby Henry and the whole family, and the final quote, about family, overlaid with a shot of the team, was poignant.

This was seriously the best episode ever.

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