Thursday, September 03, 2009


Criminal Minds: The first thing you learn when watching them shoot Criminal Minds is that patience is key. The 30 second scene you watch on Criminal Minds can take hours to finish shooting. Watching them shoot on location presents more challenges than watching them in the studio. Where do you sit or stand, etc. We scouted a group of young people (everyone is young compared to me) sitting in chairs in a location that seemed to be out of everyone's way so we bee lined it over to where they were. Great choice on our part. We got to spend time with 'the kids' as I now affectionately refer to them. The 'kids' are Calvin Harrison, Patty Malcolm, Angie Kibiloski, Donnell Turner, and Stephen Gillikin (from left to right in the group picture above with Lori & Kris). They are young, bright, ambitious and very very sweet. I totally adopted all of them. I explained to Donnell that if you are going to stand-in for Shemar than you better own the abs and he does as evidenced by the above pic. But on a more serious note, these are very talented young actors at the beginning of their careers and I will be posting more about their current, past and upcoming projects soon. I always share. So 'my kids' just became 'our kids' and together maybe we can call in some favors with TPTB to get them roles on Criminal Minds.