Saturday, September 05, 2009


Criminal Minds blog question of the day: Who is the man behind the camera and do you have any thoughts about his role on Criminal Minds? Many, many more pictures of this fantastic actor will be posted over the next few weeks. Watching him work is a treat!


Anonymous said...

:D Yeah!!! Hotch!!!!!!! I love him! Thanks for the great picture!

Anonymous said...

it hotch he is hot

HardKOrr said...

It was wonderful to meet Thomas Gibson recently. He was very different from the character that he plays yet you could see that Hotch runs through him.

Both seem committed to their work and only want the best out of themselves and the others they work with.

Both TG and Hotch are the core of their respective jobs. The center of the show and the center of the BAU. Both bring integrity and intensity to everything they do.

And I would be remiss in not saying he was quite handsome too. He has a great smile!

The show wouldn't be the same without Thomas Gibson/Aaron Hotchner and this fan is glad he's back.

Anonymous said...

What is it with TG taking pics of people taking pics of him?

I'm hoping we get to see more of Hotch's character. Poor guy has been through so much over the years, a kid, divorce, injuries, job issues.

I'm hoping we see him get some happiness for him, some more connections to his team.

Anonymous said...

What is he taking a picture of? I love Hotchner. He is the backbone of the BAU family and Thomas Gibson is the heart of the cast.

monica said...

That is easy. That is our Hotch! I wonder what they will do to him in season five. Between Hotch and Reid they have done everything to them: on fire, shot, blown up, drugged, kidnapped! What is left. Maybe love! A girlfriend would be a nice change. Something happy.

petra said...

Hotch rules!

Aiade Guerra said...

Oh, TG with a camera \o/

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Thomas Gibson, but seeing his face would also be nice. lol. Can't wait for the next season to begin. :)

Anonymous said...

It's Hotch of course. I have to agree with a lot of the other comments already posted. He is the "backbone" of the BAU.

Akira said...

Hotch who else! Will be directing an episode next? LOL

Lugdivine said...

It's Thomas Gibson aka Hotch mouahahahahahah xD

Michelle said...

Thomas Gibson's character is the center of the BAU team. The depth that he brings to his role is the main reason that I watch.
His strive for excellence is apparent in every scene!

Anonymous said...


Helen said...

Hmm, lemme think... oh, wait, that's HOTCH! Any thoughts? Hmm... he's AWESOME.

Ok, I couldn't resist. Come on, what am I supposed to say? He's my favourite character. Everything about him is wonderful. :P He's handsome and good at his job, dedicated and honest and loving (of his team and his son). He is just AWESOME.

Is it any surprise I'm excited for all the coming pictures?! Even if he is hiding behind a camera. :D

mona said...

That's a picture of the core of the show. Peek out from behind the camera TG....come on!

Vali said...

Yay, it's Thomas Gibson, my favorite actor, who plays my all-time favorite TV character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotch is an essential member of the CM team. The true leader of the BAU. He is Mr. FBI :)
I am so happy and thankful that he remains on the team.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's Thomas Gibson! I think that he plays Hotch perfectly. He is the glue that holds that team together. I don't know if I would have even started watching the show if it wasn't for him, because it wouldn't be the same.

VanessaRossi said...

I tried to post a comment, but obviously it didn't work, so here we go again:

Well, personally I'm a Rossi girl, but I can definitely say that without Hotch/Thomas Gibson Criminal Minds wouldn't be what it is today.
I LOVE all Rossi/Hotch interactions, and hope that we will see a lot more scenes of them together in Season 5. Oh, and I truly hope that the writers will allow Hotch some happy moments, since he suffered quite a bit in the past, especially over the last two seasons. A smiling Hotch every once in a while would be nice. I'm really admiring Thomas Gibson (and of course the rest of the cast) for his great work on CM.

M@rK1ll said...

Who else can it be then Thomas Gibson in his Hotch outfit
A very talented actor and always nice to fans and what a smile he has!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas!

We love you!

Anonymous said...

TG is so silly! Not words you associate with Hotch, who while not humorless, is a very serious man in a very serious job. He truly is the backbone, even during the first 2 seasons, it was evident that he was in charge, even if he let Gideon take the lead in the investigations. So glad to see Hotch back and hopefully in control this year.

Elle/ Steph said...

It's Thomas Gibson/Hotch!!

Hotchner is definitely the core of the BAU team. The two traits that sum him up are strength and integrity. Considering all he's been through i would love to see him smile once in a while and have a few happy moments. Thomas Gibson is the heart of the cast and it would not be the same without him. He brings a passion and integrity to Hotch that no one else could and in the process he's quite handsome.

Brigitte said...

Of course it is Thomas Gibson behind that camera!

If Reid is the mind of the BAU, Morgan its muscle then Hotch is the heart and integrity of the BAU. CM without Thomas Gibson/Hotchner would simply not be as interesting as it is now.

I hope Hotch will find some happiness in season 5. Poor guy, so far he has been beat/almost strangled in NBK, lost his wife and kid, his boss wanted him out of his job at the BAU, he was blown up in Mayhem and now The Reaper paid him a visit...

Can't wait for Sept 23!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a question! The superb Thomas Gibson (if only I could use italics to emphasize the superb aspect). A criminally underappreciated actor (though we truly appreciate him - I mean in the wider spectrum of tv/movies). I often think of the adage 'never meet your heroes because they will just disappoint' and somehow think that Mr Gibson would defy that feeble expectation, and then some. He has molded the character of Hotch into wonderful form, and it is impossible to think of another actor in that role. He has some serious acting chops, I'd love to see him really get to test that. CM has given him that opportunity, and I would simply hope to see him continue, and grow. An actor who will never become 'stale'. What more can I say - just bring on more pics guys!! :)

morti_addams said...

that is tg again takeing pictures of poeple that take pictures from him. :-D

great pic!

can't wait for season 5 to start.
i'm verry curious what is happening with hotch in the first ep

Walburga Benker said...

Difficult? Nah, it´s the heart of the BAU. Mr. FBI Hotch/TG.
Can´t wait to see my fav character in action. I hope for him that he find some happiness in season 5 and for me that i can see some Hotch smiles.
Thanks for this great pic.

Debbie said...

Why....could it be???? It is!

Thomas Gibson aka Hotch!

Through both his role in the investigations as well as his personal strength and wisdom, Hotch is the foundation of the team - like a solid rock. Even under tremendous stress he maintains his cool head and is able to bring that calming effect to the rest of his team.

And Hotch is such a strong, intense character, I can't imagine anyone who could bring him to life better than TG. Perfect casting. TG makes me believe!

Faith said...

The man behind the camera is none other than Thomas Gibson as Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner!
Great pic and I am looking forward to seeing more pics of this talented, handsome actor!
I am also looking forward to Season 5 of Criminal Minds!
I agree with Petra: Hotch Rules!

BlueCurl/Sonja said...

A very good look-a-like of Thomas Gibson perhaps?

thoughts: my fave character, backbone, etc etc :)

can't wait for s5 :)

and Hotch+cam = cool :)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson... Hotch
I am pleased to see him on the set... this means he will be save !
That's great !

Sofie said...
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Sofie said...

Well it's Hotch of course! ;o) This is a releif to see that he will survive The Reaper wrath.

Anonymous said...

Its our very own resident Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) behind the camera. I love taking pictures as well....I would love to take photos of them as well...HE IS AWESOME

Lanna said...

Oh, it's the wonderful Thomas Gibson :). What a great picture. So good to see him even if he's hiding behind the camera.

What Hotch brings to CM? He brings integrity and strength. He is the leader, the one without whom things can not function. He's the one that keeps everything together. And I'm so happy he will continue to do so in s5 as well.

I hope he will get more reasons to smile in s5. He's had a rough time lately so I'd love to see him get a few reasons to be happy as well.


Lina said...

Love, love, love Hotch! He's my #1 favorite male character! Love him to hell and hopefully, I hope that good things will happen to him soon that doesn't involves horrible things.

Thanks for the great picture of him. Need to see TG's face through.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! How did I never find this site before? I need more blog experience, that's for sure! I can't believe I stopped writing on my own blog. Shame on me! I'm definitely getting back to that (all 3 of them!), and must write more!
Oh, and it's Hotchner. He's my favorite, always so intense in his expressions, and incredibly cute when smiles and laughs. I wish I could meet a guy like that MY age. But alas, I'm stuck with men with the maturity of babies.
Wish you the best of luck, you big hunk, Thomas Gibson!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonderful Mr Thomas Gibson aka Aaron Hotchner!!!

jackie said...

The man behind the camera is
Thomas Gibson(Hotch).
I think he does such an awesome
job playing the character of
Aaron Hotchner.
He is so versatile in the role,
and he can show every emotion.
He definately was the right pic
to play Hotch, and i'm glad
Criminal Minds has him.
They didn't go wrong, when
they hired him.
Don't let him get away.
He truly is the Heart and Soul
of Criminal Minds!
He is truly an amazing man!

gubegirl said...

What a no-brainer - TG as Hotch behind (instead of in front) of the camera! That crisp white uni shirt under his FBI vest - well, he is just the epitome of the G-man, isn't he? Oh, if only he would come knocking at my door...or Morgan...or Reid...or Rossi...they are all handsome and special in their own right and I can hardly wait for S5 to begin!

Kirsten said...

Thomas Gibson! He looks great behind a camera BUT even better in front of one and on our screens.

Hotch is simply the heart and soul of CM and my fav all-time TV character. As others have said, he brings integrity and strength to the team, as well as solid leadership, dedication and despite his seriousness, a great sense of humour when given half a chance.

I've loved watching Hotch's character grow and there's so much more to explore with him. I hope the team start to figure out how integral he is for them this season and hope he gets something to smile about.

Bring on Season 5! Go Hotch!


Colette said...

Thomas Gibson is behind the camera. :)
I really, really love his character!! He's my fav male on the show.
He's loyal, handsome, strong just amazing. I'm so looking forward to see more of him in Season 5, and as others already said, I hope he will have some nice moments.

Colette, Switzerland

Celine, Malaysia said...

It's Thomas Gibson behind the camera.

Hotch is the heart, soul, core, foundation of the BAU. I hope he will find some happiness in Season 5, been through too much.

Irene said...

Aaaww I miss Hotch. Him and the whole team. Can't wait for CM to start.

sindee said...

That's our fantastic Thomas GIbson.
Thanks for portraying Aaron Hotchner that great.

CU sindee

ele said...

Handsome Thomas Gibson for sure!!!!!
Hotch rules!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE all the CM characters and great actors but the ONLY REASON I watch Criminal Minds is to see the very hot and sexy, Shemar Moore, aka Derek Morgan. I spend a lot of time replaying his scenes cause I just love looking at him and he's an awesome actor.

sandradd said...

Oh yes, please more pictures from Thomas and Hotch!

When was the photo shot?

I love Thomas' acting. He is the heart of the show!

Anonymous said...

Is it Lord Lucan at last?

MKT said...

Thomas! What a great question and photo!

TG & Hotch have a lot in common... both bring integrity, dedication and leadership and both are highly underrated. I hope that TG gets some deserved respect this year and Hotch gets some acknowledgment from the team.

And if I were ever in crisis, Hotch is the guy I'd want along... oozes confidence and calmness. He's the only one for Unit Chief.

No Hotch, no show. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so much TGibson...

Small request, and sorry to sound ungrateful. Did you get any pictures of Joe Mantegna/David Rossi while you were there on set? He's my idea of the heart and centre of the show. Great expressive actor. And how about Garcia? She's fun.

SweetThang said...

It's interesting to see Thomas Gibson in his lighter moments and having some fun because he plays the part of such a serious guy.

Anonymous said...

It was hotch.I think it was a great picture. I enjoy his character very much. meg/from mich.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson was one of the main reasons I gave Criminal Minds a chance. I loved him in Dharma & Greg and was excited to see him again. I look forward to seeing him for years to come both on Criminal Minds and any future projects.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! He's the best... Thomas I love you!
I can't wait the premiere... to see him again!!!

Andrea said...

Hey, It's Aaron Hotchner who else? Thank you Thomas Gibson, you are an excellent actor! CM without you - unthinkable! I wish for Aaron Hotchner that his wonderful smile returns and more happy moments for him - maybe with his little son? He ist my absolute favourite :)

IvyB said...

Hotch!!! He's my absolute favorite character on CM, he's the heart and soul of the team, the glue that kept the family together after (and also before) Gideon left. Hotch is the calm and stoic leader, the one who demands from others only what he'd also demand from himself. He's the perfect Unit Chief!

Anonymous said...

I would see soon others pictures of him! Damn, he's so hot! Oh god!

Anonymous said...

The handsome Thomas Gibson...Aaron (hot)chner!
I can't wait to see the new season of C.M!
Kiss from France,we love the show here!


Anonymous said...


and my thought on him... freakin' awesome!! Hotch really is like the glue that holds the team together. amazing characetr although i do wish the writers would cut him some slack.i mean, divorce, exploding SUV, getting attacked by deal-making-mask-waering-knife-weilding unsubs at home? after this they need to give him a pony just to compensate!!

as for TG, he's a fantastic actor, and ver versatile. hardly ever cracks a smile, but when you see him behind the scenes or in other stuff (coughdharmaandgregcough) he's friken hilarious!!

you rock, thomas!