Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Nameless, Faceless" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness. The Reaper is back and this time it's personal!

** Quotes and Song info will be posted in a separate post immediately after the episode airs on the east coast**



Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the premiere! I'm so excited! It will surely make better the fact that I can't participate to the chat because of time difference, as usual... it will be 3.00am in my country!

Brigitte said...

Tomorrow is the night CM comes back! Can't wait to see what will happen to Hotch!


pimpinbartimus said...

I'm totally jacked for the premiere!

HardKOrr said...

I am so excited for tomorrow night's premier. The promos have been awesome and have definitely left me on the edge of my seat.

Chat with Ed Bernero tonight and then tomorrow will kick off Season 5 of my favorite show. Woo Hoo!!

Awesome posters on the blog by Lea. Great job!!

Go Criminal Minds! Go Hotch!! Go Team!!!!

Vali said...

Finally! I can't wait and am so excited. I know Hotch will take "care" of the Reaper ;)

Unknown said...

GOd, I can't wait for the premiere!!!!

I'm so happyyyy

M@rK1ll said...

Oh I am so nervous now!

morti_addams said...

curious to see the new season!

Ele said...

At last we are almost there!!!!

Sofie said...

Rossi getting angry...!!!

Just saw it on the Bonnie Hunt Show. They showed a scene! Tomorrow night is TOO FAR! The torture is at it's maximum!

Caitlin said...


Kirsten said...

The long summer of waiting is finally over! YAY! Can't wait to see what happens to my fav man Hotch and how the team respond. Rossi getting angry sounds awesome!

Chooky said...

Can't wait! In France the Season Premiere will be aired at 3:00 am on the 24! Sure I will stay in front of my PC to watch it in live on the Internet!! I'm really looking forward to seeing that!! What goes it happen to Hotch exactly?? I can't wait anymore!! I think it will be a great episode!!!!! So so pressed to be tomorrow at night!!!

A CMFrench Fan...
... and Hotchaddict above all ^^

Anonymous said...

@Chooky Where do you watch it live?! It will be 3am where I live too, but if I had a chance to watch it alive I wouldn't miss it!

Blair said...

Can the preimere come any sooner? PLEASE? :P

Penny said...

Finally!!! It was a loooong summer! But we'll soon find out what happened to Hotch!!!!

French GibsonHotch Fan!

Faith said...

I am so looking forward to tomorrow's episode! It should ba an exciting start to Season 5!

Xiada said...

I'm anxious,I can't believe I have to wait to watch the season five until April in Spain. I'm jealous of you :(

Amanda said...

I am counting down the seconds until this premiere. This is the second year in a row where they've left us anticipating what happens for the whole summer and the day of the premiere is always my favorite.

cannot wait and see what happens in the brand new season! :D

sockie said...

can't believe it is tomorrow!! what a looooong summer. so excited to see what happens.

Ripley said...

OMG...I have been looking forward to this for SO long! I can't wait to see it! I'm reminding all my family and friends to watch it too. 23 hours to go and I'm super excited!

Memoh said...

Thanks for the chat, Ed! I can't wait for the episode and another great season! :)

Anonymous said...

It has been a very loooong summer. The chat this evening with Ed was great. Thank you to everyone for making that happen. Cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to season 5!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

cant' believe we are almost there...wait time is almost over

Tks for the great chat guys Ed was awesome as usual...I'm sure season 5 will be full of surprises

jackie said...

I can't waite any longer for
this to come on! I have been
waiting with anticipation for
16 weeks and now we're down to
the last 24 hours.
I just can't waite any longer
to find out what happened to
our beloved Hotch!
I am totally excited!

BlueCurl/Sonja said...

Wednesday... the day of.... yeah! Cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!!! I hope the day goes by super fast!

Adeline said...

hey Chookie (since we are both is french) : comment fais tu pour regarder en direct?????

Debbie said...


the first thought in my head this morning when I woke's CM day!!!!!! Yay!

Only 14 hours and 54 minutes to go...

Debbie said...

And one more thing - thank you, Ed, for a wonderful chat last night. It was awesome to have you with us!

HardKOrr said...

Woo Hooo...the day has finally arrived!! I can't wait until tonight.

A big thanks to Ed for chatting with us last night. It is always appreciated.


amelialor said...

It's finally here!
Wow, time flies when you are watching reruns and searching online for spoilers.

I want to say thank you to Ed Bernero for coming and chatting with us last night, even though he was so busy making our favorite show. Thank you for your time and for this amazing show.


Megan said...

Less than 12 hours for those of us on the east coast! Ahh, hurry up, 9pm!

Amy said...

I have been waiting since May. It's finally here!
And thank you to Ed for chatting with us last night!!

Elle said...

Not long now till the season premiere - YAY!

And THANK YOU Ed for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us last night!

Gary said...

I Was Typing my thanks to Ed as He left last night.
So, thank you Ed for dropping by !
I will be watching tonight!
But I will be skipping the chat,
Because I dont want to learn What happens to Hotch beforehand .
Pacific Coast fan!

Deirdre said...

I'm so excited about this premiere!!! And the new season!!!
Bring it on!!

Chooky said...

Gosh we made a mistake... In fact it will be aired at 6:00pm in France! well I'm going to try to sleep a little bit and I will wake up tomorrow at dawn :-)) Cannot wait!! The night will be soooo long!!

Anonymous said...

2 hours and 27 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RickyBarbie said...

I really can't wait! I need new CM now!

Anonymous said...

seriously can't wait!! in the uk though so hopefully will be able to find it somewhere online tomorrow!!

caitlin said...

OMG! Hotch and Reid! :(

Caitlin said...

AWEEEEEEEE! Hotch and Jack! *sobs hysterically!*

Caitlin said...

AH! JJ said SPENCE! :P That totally made my DAY!

Anonymous said...

so? are hotch and reid ok? I'm stuck in england.

Nolatulip said...

OMG!!! Loved the amount of JJ. And Poor Reid getting shot. Funny comment about leaving Morgan to break down the doors, I think this was before Shemar got injured. We'll see soon how that plays out.

Sofie said...
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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! Best premiere EVER!!!!!!!!

It was action packed from beginning to the end!
You could tell when Reid was sitting and his knee was off to the side they were hiding the injury. I loved how he was more concerned about the unsub and wanting them to take of him them himself. Then he was more concerned about Hotch. The message he gave JJ for the team, was funny. "Kicking down doors is Morgan's job anyway!" Well, not for the next couple of eppys!

Like when Prentiss was walking down the hall to Hotch's apt and her heels were clicking. That was creepy!

It was so emotional when Hotch was saying goodbye to his son. ( The little boy that played him is so cute! ) It was so sad to see that's what the reaper took from him. His son. The worse thing to possibly take from him.

Sofie said...


The team was incridebal and they showed once more that they are the best!

Congrats to Ed, the writers, actors and the whole team behind for this SUPERB episode! You guys did a WONDERFUL JOB!

Criminal Minds IS THE BEST TV SHOW!


DoctaJ said...

Great way to start the season! Great dynamic with Emily holding it down on one end and the team still doing what they needed to do. No doubt that Foyett will be caught by the amazing BAU team!

Spencer said...

I'm not sure there's enough words to say just how much I enjoyed that...

JJ saying Spence made my night. <3 For the obvious reasons and some personal ones involving my "JJ".

Loved it.

Laura_G said...

Wow, what a great episode. Here we are at the start of another season with Hotch in the hospital yet again. And when he asked for his clothes, I was thinking, you have got to be kidding me, there is no way you can leave your bed this time! The bloody fingerprints on the pic of Haley and Jack really creeped me out for some reason. Hope you all enjoyed the ep!

Unknown said...

Awesome Premiere!!!!!!!!! OMG I can believe it

Best showtime ever. The tension was always there.What a great job: actors, producers,writers, everyone

We waited for 3 months but it was absolutly worthy

Unknown said...

Like everyone else, I obsessively thought about this ep all day! And it was wonderful that it did not disappoint. It was very action packed and interesting. but i did find the conclusion to the Foyet vs Hotch cage match very unexpected. Foyet was right in that the team was always one step behind him and still is. And I never would have guessed Foyet making sure Hotch lived. Having this hanging over at least the first several eps of the season with be interesting. And now Hotch will likely have PTSD what with being so significantly traumatized not once but twice in the past year. I look forward to seeing how it manifests itself differently from Reid, esp since Hotch won't have his little boy around to brighten his days. A great start to a great season!!

Nagi said...

Ooooh. I'm glad Hotch survived. Watching him and Jack together was poignant. I was seriously, seriously disturbed by Foyet. Only a few of the criminals on the show have seriously risked given me nightmares, and now he's totally one of them.

I was really surprised at how well Reid took being shot in the knee.

Criminal Macros said...

I thought the episode was great, although I'm not too crazy about the new cinematographic style. It looked grainy and color desaturated. I like CM sharp and bright as it's always been.

Also it's a little distracting for those of us who know the real reason that Reid got shot to see Amazing!Sitting!Reid for the first half, but they did a great job covering it and it felt natural.

Everyone put in great performances and this is a great setup for an arc. But why no quote at the end?

abydosorphan said...

Absolutely LOVED the premiere!

Was royally surprised that they found Hotch so fast. I expected it to be drawn out more, but as soon as that was resolved there was something else going on.

The fast pace was a nice change and kept me glued to my seat afraid that the second I got up I would miss something vital.

Adored the team involvement and how it was all divided up and going on at once. Can't wait for more.

Now I'm going to re-watch it on the DVR and see what else I can find and love.

Kirsten said...

Great start to Season 5! We got to see once again why CM is the best show on TV! Great performances from all the cast but TG's emotional scene with Jack was especially heartbreaking. Hope Emily continues to look out for Hotch. Can't wait until he and the team bring down Foyet. Fab job everyone!

Ann said...

The premiere didn't disappoint! When Hotch was in the hospital & the nurse told him he had been stabbed, it took me a sec to wrap my head around that! I needed to see what happened in Hotch's apartment!!! Foyet's one crazy guy...knowing how to torture Hotch & taking him to the ER. We haven't seen the last of him.

Anonymous said...

This was a really great episode! WOW!!

I need to watch it again, but some impressions:

They did a nice job writing in MGG's injury, saving the doctor. Poor Reid doesn't have good luck in talking down UNSUB's; but on the bright side, his marksmanship is improving. Funny comment on leaving the breaking down of doors to Morgan, given that Shemar broke his leg the week after they filmed this episode.

Emily was GREAT as usual. Her finding Hotch's apartment empty, calling Garcia and trying to find out where he was. And poor Garcia, she was so distracted, trying to work both cases at once and not letting the rest of the team know about Hotch.

JJ rocked. I love how she saw that Andrew (was that the son's name?) was starting to freak out while walking in the school hallway between classes and she stopped him and asked him where the principal's office was. She completely saved him from a meltdown.

Haley - well, I liked her haircut. She is still a biatch, and still biatchy with Hotch, even when he was trying to save her ducking life. I was kinda hoping that the Reaper would kill her and then Hotch would have Jack full time. There is still hope! Now we know what DB Sweeney will be doing - protecting Haley and Jack.

And finally, Hotch. Hotch. Hotch. WOW. The flashbacks were great with Hotch and the Reaper. He is so stoic, he really needs someone to talk to about what happened and he lied to Emily when she asked him what happened. He remembered every detail and will probably take it to the grave with him.

Smarmy Dave, trying to get Hotch in a better mood and convince him that the WILL catch the Reaper.

The rest of the team, watching Haley drive away from the hospital - was very touching. They looked so determined and able. You just know they will prevail.

MKT said...

Love you Chris Mundy, despite the fact you made me wait almost 30mins to see Hotch! Really well done epi; congrats to all the cast & crew. Thought Paget & Thomas on top of their games and enjoyed seeing some more AJ. S5 should be rockin'!

Meaghapedia said...

Oh my gosh, EXCELLENT episode tonight!

Fast-paced and suspenseful, you know it's a good episode when my roommate walks in halfway through and finds me the fetal position on the couch, rocking back and forth.

Oh, how I wish I was exaggerating that.

I can't wait to see how the writers are going to take Hotch through this, and if they'll be able to build him back up.

Ripley said... all I can say after watching the CM Season 5 premiere. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does! GREAT, GREAT episode. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Kudos to Ed and all the writers and crew for a memorable episode. You guys ALL rock!

A loyal CM watcher,
HotchFan (On the CMF Boards)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to everyone in the CM family, a wonderful opener! Fast-paced and full of emotion from everyone. Great team epi; they'll have to stay together to help Hotchner and catch Foyet. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the feeling that Hotch is contemplating quitting the BAU, with Rossi's talk & all. And seeing what his actions are causing for Haley & Jack right now...I'm so afraid that Hotch will go the way of Gideon :(.

Please someone tell me I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Great episode!!! Great to have the show back and I can't wait for more!

I was kind of disappointed with how there was a separate case woven into all the Hotch angst. I wish more time would've been given to Hotch, Foyet, & the team.

Cindy said...

OMG, stabbing Hotch wasn't bad enough, now Foyet's got into his head. I'm going to enjoy seeing how the writer's heal both the physical & psychological scars... Hotch is strong, we know he'll recover but I hope he lets the team help him.

And poor Reid. What a truper!

Well done Ed and everyone, you didn't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Some things never change: Hotch blaming himself and Haley being less than sympathetic. Poor man. Let's hope the team take down Foyet quickly and Jack can spend some time with his dad. Great job TG!

Blair B said...

It seemed as if they had incorporated ALL of the team members very well in this beautiful episode! Everyone had a part to play, and had some significant time individually. Love that. I'm glad Hotch is alright...well, sorta...and that he got to see his son before he left...Oh goodness, how sad.

LOVED the Morgan, Prentiss and JJ interaction at the end, LOL.

Katie said...

Okay, so the reaper is one seriously twisted UNSUB, talking to Hotch about how to stab someone without killing them and telling him to relax, it will make stabbing him much easier. CREEEEEPY!

Deadra said...

Welcome back, BAU!!!

I thought the case was really well done, despite not having the time provided for it like other episodes. Is it just me, or did anyone else think the kid was up to something?? Red herring, I suppose.

I wanted to reach out and give Hotch a hug. I know he doesn't like to not have any control. Sending Haley and Jack away without being able to protect him must've been really hard for him.

I really hope the team catches (aka kills) Foyet once & for all. He's all kinds of evil.

Hotchner08 said...

Wow my fav TV show is back and in great form!

Loved every minute of it, the hour seems to go away too fast! Powerful episode. Fathers and what they would do for their sons, Barton wanting to protect his son, the unsub who wanted to get revenge for his son and Hotch who in order to keep his son safe as to let him go. Never saw that twist coming, Foyet taking away Jack from Hotch, that was heartbreaking. Thomas Gibson did great in that scene and young Cade Owens was so cute there!

The stabbing scene was difficult to watch, seeing Hotch lying like that on the floor and Foyet over him stabbing him over and over was disturbing. C. Thomas Howell was at his most evil.

Reid was awesome, all worried about the Doctor, his son and Hotch even if he was shot!

Such a great episode, very good writing and acting from everyone involved!

It was a long wait to have CM back but the wait was worth it!


Josie said...

Really, really great episode. Seeing Hotch lying in his hospital bed was so sad and even sadder was his scene with Jack. He really is going to need some help to get through this emotionally, but he probably will try to tough it out on his own, being that he is a macho man, and all.

Sofie said...

I'm glad Hotch is ok! Seeing him at the hospital was a relief.

The team was awsome as usual working this Doctor case and Emily working on finding out what happen to Hotch!

I loved the pace, the action! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Congrats to Joe, Thomas, AJ, Matthew, Paget and Shemar for their Awsome work! Ed and his team pulled a great episode!

charlaine said...

OMG!!!!!!!! What a great eppy! I thought I was gonna die when they showed the reaper stabbing Hotch! *faint* And poor Hotch, promising Haley he was going to catch that man and knowing just how hard that's gonna be. Just an awesome start to the season!

MiracleGirl said...

wow awesome episode! Reid was so heroic! Poor Hotch, The Reaper got him good :( Can wait for the BAU to get him!

So happy to have you back guys! Missed you all!


Skye said...

I loved seeing our team in action tonight! They were all represented beautifully. Poor Hotch, though! When I was watching him get stabbed I was holding my own side & wincing in pain for him.

I loved the interaction between Garcia and Prentiss when they were trying to figure out what had happened to Hotch. And we got to see JJ a lot which was a great bonus.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Dana said...

way to start the fifth season! Reid gets shot, Hotch gets stabbed and the Reaper is up to no good!

Can't wait for next week!


Nikki said...

All that grief over one gunshot, and it was a shot to the WALL!!!! I'm so glad Hotch is alright. I can sleep easy tonight knowing for sure that Foyet did not kill Hotch.

smartysmart said...

OMG what a great episode! I loved it so much that I'm going to watch it again NOW!

Jacqueline said...

I hate the wait from May 'til September, but the wait is always worth it. I was so worried for Hotch and so relieved when Garcia called Prentiss and said that he was in the hospital. I do have to admit, I was a little worried during the flashbacks that he was gonna crash, but it looks like he will recover from his injuries. And Haley, she just needs to go away. So self-centered. Unbelievable. Thanks CM team for a great ep!

Jennie said...

This episode didn't disappoint! It was exciting and the hour went by so quickly. What a great way to start the season!

What I am wondering is, does the Reaper still have Morgan's credentials? He checked Hotch into the hospital using Morgan's credentials, but I guess we have to assume that he still must have them. Will he try to screw with Morgan's mind some more?

Kenna said...

Thank goodness Hotch survived, I wonder how long they are going to draw out the Reaper thing though? I hope it's not the main focus of the entire season. TG did a great job and certainly deserves an Emmy for his performance. Of course, he deserved one for 'Omnivore' too. Thanks for the great ep, can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the season!

charlaine said...

Why didn't anyone, like Rossi, tell Hotch about Reid's injury??? Don't you think the team leader should be informed? I know he's in the hospital and all, but he's Hotch, he would want to know.

MaryD said...

You CM writers love to torture not just the characters but us too! I wanted to cry while Hotch was talking to his son and watching Hotch gets stabbed was the worse part of the episode.

Anyway loved the episode! Congrats to Chris Mundy who wrote such a good episode. Congrats to the cast and crew for again making another amazing episode!

Margaret said...

I loved the flashbacks of Hotch and Foyet about what exactly that sick f*ck did to Hotch and then back to Hotch laying in his hospital bed, eyes open, no expression. Every time they did that, I thought that maybe he was "gone". Whew, very powerful.

Anonymous said...

I was really excited about the new season but all the leaks about Hotch living and even CBS's promo kind of ruined it for me. Reid looked a little awkward just sitting there at the opening crime scene but knowing what was going on behind the scene understandable. None the less the episode was really great and I'm looking forward to what's in store for the new season. P.S. I loved seeing Haley and Jack again.

darko said...

okay I'm not good at writing but I wanted to say 'wow!' and 'Well done!'

allen said...

Was there a case the BAU was on? I was so focused on the Hotch storyline, I have already forgotten the other one! I think this ep could have been totally Hotch focused and still filled the 42 minutes. There was almost too much going on to pay attention to it.

Megan said...

This show is the epitome of perfection.
Best. Premiere. Ever.

The acting? Beyond words.
The storyline? I was glued to the television for every second of that hour.
Everything about it was AWESOME.

Foyett was beyond creepy. C. Thomas Howell plays evil very well. Emily was fantastic with her slight take-charge attitude. Reid was adorable making sure that everyone else was taken care of while he's lying there with a gunshot wound. Rossi's words to Hotch at the end were very poignant. Loved it.

Hotch? What can I say. Mr. Gibson is an amazing actor. Fantastic. Heartbreaking at the end with Jack.

Four months builds up a lot of anticipation. A LOT. And this premiere absolutely, 100% lived up to it. No doubt about it.

Congrats to everyone: cast, crew, every single person involved. You've got an amazing thing going on here.

It's so good to have our CM back. We're all looking forward to what is sure to be a fantastic season.

catlady said...

Love it all, just have one complain, it was way too short!

Hermione said...

What a wonderful episode.
I'm glad to see that Hotch is okay.

I suppose that Foyet will be caught for the 100th episode. At least, Hotch will breath easier when he's caught, if only because Hayley and Jack will be safe.

Reid was wonderful, as usual. He was driven to catch the unsub and he was more concerned about Hotch than he was about himself.

Since Reid is the only one on the team with first hand experience of torture, I hope that Hotch will confide in him.

I hope that we'll still see Reid for more than a few seconds on the other episodes, despite Matthew's injury.

I'm eager to see the rest of this season, extremely good start.


Debbie said...

Yes!! CM is back!

Tonight's episode was soooooo good. Foyet really knows how to inflict the psychological torture. Poor Hotch. And the stabbing, oh my gosh, that was so creepy.

I loved it! Can't wait for next week.

Amy said...

Did anyone feel that the doctor story-line was added in to get Reid shot so they could explain why MGG was on crutches?

It wasn't related to the Hotch/Reaper story and as someone previously posted, was kind of forgetable.

emilyfan said...

Tonight's episode went by so fast! Paget did such a great job in her role as Emily. Figuring out a way to check on Hotch, keeping calm, telling Garcia not to let the rest of the team know so they could focus on their case. She was just great, but Emily always is! What a great way to kick off the season! Woo hoo! CM is back!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I what I do like: Reid look good, Emily was so worried about Hotch, Garcia all so worried about the team, Rossi talk to Hotch at the end, DB Sweeney!

What I absolutely loved: Hotch, Hotch , Hotch! The Reaper, Seeing Jack with his dad.

What I didn't like: Haley's attitude or lack of care for Hotch, the doctor case (wasn't that interesting).

I'll give that episode a 8.5/10!


Spymama said...

Great episode. I really liked how it was structured - the attack being shown through Hotch's memory. Very effective. It was so hard to see him there in the hospital bed. I also liked that what was going on with Hotch was intersperced with the other case.

This was a good start for the season - it's so nice to have CM back.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the episode a second time and loved it even more!

Mundy is a good writer and so glad he is still on CM!

Gotta love when Criminal Minds has lots of Hotch but geez the Unit Chief had it tough! I hope he will get his revenge on the reaper soon!

Beth said...

Garcia didn't have a huge part tonight, but when she was on, she was golden. Her distraction trying to find Hotch and help the others with the doctor's case was so believable and her phone call with Morgan reminded me of FK2, when she almost told Morgan that Bennington, the place where fisher king spent time after the fire was the same place that Reid's mother was in, but caught herself in time.

On a girly note, I loved Garcia's hair in this episode!

Doc. said...

Awesome episode.

It's a relief to know that Hotch is alright.

I loved the two different story-lines.
It added a great dynamic to this episode and the case of the doctor and his son was wonderful.

Reid was fantastic, I really hope to see more of him this season.
By the way, I would have loved to see someone telling Hotch about Reid's injury.

Thank you.

Sue said...

Bravo on a excellent start for Season 5! I liked seeing all of the team doing their thing. I especially liked that Reid was so intrumental in solving the case with the father. He has really come into his own. Really managed the man well and kept him on task.

Emily is cool as a cucumber under pressure - and so is Rossi. Poor Garcia - I just wanted to hug her...and Morgan is so tuned in to her. And didn't AJ look great tonight? And Hotch - OMG - he is such a rock. Don't you wonder what goes on under the mask?

I can't wait for next week...the summer's been way too long!

Eliza said...

I was just thinking about the DB Sweeney role as a US Marshall guarding Haley and Jack. Does anyone think that Foyet will make a try for Haley?

We are reaching our 100th episode this season, and that would be a great time to catch the Reaper, but I wonder if he will be a busy little bee in the meantime?

jackie said...

OMG!!! What an awesome episode!
Great job Chris Mundy! I loved
every minute of it, and couldn't
get enough of it. I was glued
literally to my tv set the entire
time the episode was on.
Waiting for the new season
to start was definately worth
Poor Hotch! The Reaper really
put him through hell, and he
will continue to do so until
he is caught.
Going after Hotchs family
really puts Hotch in a
vulnerable state.
I really felt Hotchs pain every
time the Reaper stuck the
knife into him.
Thomas Gibson really knows
how to give us an outstanding
performance as Hotch.
Seeing him in the hospital
for the 1st time when he was
flashing back to his attack
with the Reaper, he showed us
just how vulnerable he was/is.
The scene in the end with Rossi
telling Hotch "We will get him"
and seeing the tears welling
up in Hotchs eyes, just broke
my heart.
The scene in the hospital with
Haley and Jack, was beautiful
and brought a tear to my eye
just thinking like Hotch did
that he might not see his son
The entire episode was great,
from start to finish, and i
would just like to congratulate
everyone involved in this episode
for starting the season off with
a bang!
Great and awesome job Chris;
producers; directors;our entire
wonderful Criminal Minds cast
who i have come to call family,
and Ed who has started us off
with the first of many Hotch
centric episodes.
Yeah Criminal Minds! You guys
really rock!!
Thanks again.

Zella said...

Welcome back CM team - we missed you!

Tonight's episode did not disappoint!

Thank you to everyone associated with the show - it was a GREAT episode.

Keith said...

I thought the episode was disjointed. The Reaper/Hotch storyline was good, but the rest just didn't seem to fit in.

Robbie Ann said...

OMG Reid got shot...I just knew it was going to happen - but he sure handled it well.

I'm really excited about this season. CM just keeps getting better and better.

Becky said...

Loved. The. Show. Totally.

Oh man, the reaper is such a sicko, gloating to Hotch about how he is an expert in stabbing someone without killing them, and that evil voice and grin. All I can say is WOW!

Anonymous said...

Of all the ideas we wondered about after the season fnale, the Reaper stabbing Hotch was never one of them.

Lots of tragic/crazy people around on CM. I loved the Reaper's speech about stabbing and what Hotch and the BAU think it represents and then the one more "very" meaningful stab, cool!

Want to see all of episodes right away, every night would be good.


Through the Viewfinder said...

Wonderful episode. Very tightly written. I was amazed at everything that happened in just one hour.

I loved all the team work. I loved seeing Rossi, Morgan and JJ working at the school to keep the kid safe. I loved how Reid and Emily worked together even when they weren't together.

A reply to another post

Regarding adding the ER doctor story - I think they would have had a second case - a sudden case that the team would work given that no matter what Foyet would have been finished with Hotch no matter what - and that story would have included a father and son, but what happened to MGG shaped it a bit.

Addison said...

Okay. Breathe. That was a seriously awesome episode. Everyone did such a great job. Everyone was in character: Hotch was earnest; JJ was and caring; Emily was empathetic; Rossi had his snarky/smarmy moment; Morgan was questioning; Garcia was made of awesome; and Reid is truly growing, interviewing the doctor, helping him figure out who the unsub could be and then saving the doctor and shooting the unsub. TOTALL GREAT EPISODE!

SuzAnne said...

Haley is such a pill. So self-centered. Poor Hotch injured and going through torture and she barely shows concern for him. He deserves better.

Oh - other than having to watch Haley, I really liked the episode. No offense intended to the actress, she does a good job creating an unlikeable character. Everyone else did a great job.

Elisabeth Rousset said...

What a wonderful episode.

I enjoyed it very much.
I was so happy to see the whole team back.

At least, we know that Hotch is going to be alright. I hope that they catch Foyet soon so that Hotch can see his son again (in the 100th episode I suppose). I hope that the writers won't overdo Hotch's angst - he had so much of it already in the last season, I would like to see him happy.

Reid was remarkable, so selfless, kind and brave - (not that he usually isn't - he's always fantastic). I hope that he won't be too sidelined by Matthew's injury and that we'll get to see him interact with the team and be is usual awesome self. I'm a big fan of his character.

Great start for the fifth season, and thanks.

E. Rousset

Kathy said...

What a relief! Hotch is safe....for now. Muahahaha. Thanks everyone at CM for a great season opener!

amy said...

now i understand ed's comment in the chat about d.b. sweeney's character being off doing something else and not really working as part of the team.

Debi said...

TG gave such a touching performance. Wow, the man just never ceases to amaze me. And who knew that Ponyboy was going to turn into such an evil character later in his life? Do you think Ed cast it that way on purpose? He did say the other night that he liked to shock you with the people he picked to portray Unsub's. That it would be someone you didn't expect. The whole scene with Foyet stabbing Hotch? OMG, totally insane! Can't wait for more! Great ep!

Elizabeth said...

Such a fantastic episode! Congratulations to the cast, crew, writers, and everyone else involved in producing yet another jaw-dropping season premiere!

bellsong20 said...

what is there to say that has not allready been said,my only comment is that who ever does the emmy nominations needs to have their eyes opened up to this show,it is one of the greatest crime drama's of all time and it just gets better and better.congrats to everyone on the show you have done it again.

Ele said...

Superb! Congratulations to all the actors and people involved in the production of this excellent show. It was a great start for season 5. The episode kept me guessing and on edge the whole the way, you are all evil letting us see Hotch about 30 minutes into the show!
I loved that JJ was present! I was really touched by the concern they all displayed for Hotch but mainly Emily's.
Great flashbacks with Hotch and the Reaper...very scary. Great job at the end by Thomas Gibson and by C. Thomas Howell.
Very intersting that Hotch lies to Emily when he tells her that he does not remember what happened after he was stabbed the first time, I wonder how this is going to haunt him later...
Great job! Must watch it again tomorrow!!!!
CM Rocks!

geniuskitty said...

What an intense ride ! If this is any indication of what the rest of the season is going to be like we are going to be crazy weekly !
I was afraid for a moment that when Hotch showed up alive at the hospital that I was going to be disappointed , but the slow revealing of what the Reapers actual plan was could not have been more chilling . And then topped off with the brutal intimacy of his attack on Hotch that we saw in the flashbacks .. Yikes .
Love that Hotch denied remembering most of it, that will certainly come back to bite him later .
I had hoped that Reid might have more to do with his rescue , but I understand the constraints MGGs injury put on the writers . His voice and expression when Em told him the news about Hotch made up for it somewhat . Plus .. he was just so Fierce !! :)
Can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out, with all this unfinished business . Bravo yet again , CM Team !!

Anonymous said...

Great start to a new season! I look forward to Wednesdays now as much as I anticipate playing catch-up on the old episodes aired on A&E. (However, I wish I could view current episodes via Concast's OnDemand.)

I couldn't help but notice and love Spencer's attire in Nameless, Faceless. Definitely a sharp dressed man!


Elle said...

What a great first episode - I can't wait for the rest of the season! The episode just zipped by, leaving me wanting more.

After all of the "guesses" all summer long as to how they would fit MGG's injury into the show, it was interesting to see how they actually worked Reid into the script by just sitting, and how Reid was injured. Also, Reid seems to have "grown up" (for lack of a better term right now) over the summer, being so concerned about the doctor and his son, and ignoring his own injury entirely. And, as someone mentioned, his marksmanship has improved.

Also all the summer angst about Hotch getting shot and come down to continuous mental torment as well as immediate physical torment. Wow! I feel so bad for him! (And I wondered how DB Sweeney would fit in.)

Nice job also with Emily seeming to just take over things when it was needed.

The team really all worked together as a single unit tonight even though two unrelated events were occurring simultaneously, while still being concerned about each other's feelings.

All in all a fantastic ep! Congrats to all involved!

Pat said...

Really thought it was a great show. I liked the idea of two things going on at once. Everyone was sooo good. My daughter and grandkids were here and she never watches cm. She stayed until it was over - got too involved to leave. Can't wait until next week.


Lanna said...

Great premiere episode tonight. Wonderful job on the writing Chris Mundy and awesome job on the acting part from our amazing cast. It was great all around. Loved to see Jack again, he was so sweet. I liked how the attention was divided between Hotch and the case at hand. It just showed our awesome team at work and the great things they can accomplish. I liked it that Emily was the one to find Hotch and look out for him. Very happy to have CM back.

Thank you all for a wonderful episode.


Sophie said...

I liked this episode. I was wondering what would happen to Hotch, and I'm glad he survived. And it was interesting to see how they incorporated Reid's injury into the script.

Tina said...

Fantastic!!! What a great start to the season. Keep it up!

Hailey C. said...

I have fallen madly in love with this show the same way I fell in love with the west wing and lost. I have a crush on the cast. The whole cast. Everyone is incredibly talented, and the writing is incredible. I only recently started watching it- on A&E and subsequently went out and bought the last few seasons on dvd so I could catch up. Incredible show. I LOVES IT! And MGG- wow. If only dr. spencer reid existed in real life. :) Loved the season premier. Also, I am guessing the fact that MGG was sitting the entire time then got shot in the leg was the answer to the knee blowout he had?

Gary said...

Great Episode.
Lets give Haley a little credit though.
She did insist that Hotch say goodbye to Jack because they BOTH needed it .
I think this is just the first phase of an arc that will end with Hotch being back with his family .

HardKOrr said...

OMG!! So worth the long summer wait. What a great episode to begin Season 5. I love that the team was spread out but all very involved.

Poor Hotch, watching him get stabbed was hard. Great episode for Emily. I loved the way she protected the team from finding out what happeded to Hotch knowing that they needed to remain focused on the case at hand. Loved how they incorporated MGG's injury into the show.

Great effort team, congrats on a great episode.

Anonymous said...

The episode was okay. Not enough Morgan. Too much Prentiss. Not at all moved by or interested in the Hotch story. Very happy to see my boy D. B. Sweeney. The Reid sitting thing was weird.

Elle said...

An awesome season priemere! The only semi-complaint i have is that we didn't see Hotch til halfway through but then again that added to the suspense!

Foyett is the one unsub that has managed to completely freak me out! He really is a sick scary man! The psychological torture that he has and is putting Hotch and Morgan through only proves it!

The scene between Hotch and Jack was really poignant and as he goes through the aftermath poor Hotch won't even be able to seek comfort from his son which will be another form of torture in itself.

I have a feeling that we will see Rossi stepping up to the plate more as a leader while Hotch recovers.

Emily was awesome in this one (another amazing performance by Paget) and hopefully she will continue to be there for Hotch during his recovery!

An excellent job by Chris to start off season 5! Bring on the rest of season 5!

Joannie said...

Wow, what a cool season opener! It was horrible to see the Reaper do all those things to Hotch. I had shivers down my spine the whole time. I hope they get him soon. It was cool to see Prentiss work on her own and stick by Hotch in the hospital. And JJ working great in the field and stopping that kid from leaving. Poor Garcia was so worried about Hotch and then managed to track him down. Very good episode for the ladies.

Thea said...

I LOVED IT!!! I was expecting Foyet to shoot Hotch and he got stabbed instead!!!

What a great twist to the story. Kudos to the writer for that.

This episode was simply brilliant and it just kept me guessing from start to finish.

Lori said...

I am kind of torn... overall I really liked it. I missed in depth profiling, but with 2 story arcs they may not have had time for it. LOVED more Hotch!! And OMG Thomas Gibson is THE MAN.... the scene with Jack was heartwrenching!!!
Good team involvement -everybody there and working.......


Anonymous said...

It wasn't the greatest episode. They shoved too much in an hour filming (it could be my bias of wanting a 2hr Season Premiere). I gotta give them props to executing and covering that the actor for Reid is/was injured. So having him spend majority of the time sitting and then getting shot its a nice cover up. It could have been handled a bit more carefully... They kind of made Reid disappear toward the end. It was like Amplification all over again without the Morgan/Reid undertones (*woes*). Which made the situation amusing when you think about it. Two episode prior he had Anthrax and now he got shot. Funny stuff.

Though one can never have enough Reid, the episode belongs to Hotch and Foyet.

Hotch, wow man. Wow. Dude didn't flinch at the gunshot and I am so happy I am not the only one who picked up the rape scenario happening. I did a brief scan over google and what not to see if I was the only one but yeah... He was great on scene and gave a different depth to his character. He was finally vulnerable. His interaction with his son was sad. Poor boy.

And throwing out a Qs: Did Hotch made a deal with Foyet? I am only asking that Qs because they brought up the fact Foyet disappeared for 10yrs because of a deal with the cop. So I was uncertain why they brought it up and why Hotch seemed so certain that he isn't about to kill again. (I could be jumping the gun but yeah..)

Then Foyet... Oh man he is such a great bad guy. The actor was amazing and convincing mind fucking. I applause despite the fact a wanna hit him with the butt of a gun for being so cruel to Hotch. I do wonder when he is going to reappear and that I cannot wait for that showdown. Also, I wondered how Hotch is going to handle the fact of what happened to him. I also am curious if he is going to open up to Rossi or Rossi knows...(I'm focus on Rossi over the others cuz they seemed close... and so maybe I am a Hotch/Rossi fan... Rossi and Hotch just seemed to have a longer history happening that whats really surface)

Fangirl comment... I found Morgan strangely hotter than normal. Maybe its because he was playing with Jack that made him adorable.

Storyline... As mentioned it was too much in a short amount of time. I was dumbstruck when they opening it with a case that had nothing to do with Hotch. Yes, they tie up the reasoning with Rossi's comment but... seemed rushed to be believable. My attention been focus soley on Hotch though. So... yeah had a hard time paying attention unless Reid is on screen (the man's outfit. 'nuff said)

Anonymous said...

With the mystery of what exactly happened between Hotch and The Foyet last season in the mix of a new case, which the team has to solve w/ an extremely minimal amount of sleep, the series 5 opener keeps you alert and on your toes. Originally I was annoyed with the B story altogether, and yes, it was the B story, but after Rossi's comments at the end it made sense why they'd put a case into the mix. Hotch, the team, and we as the audience needed to see how strong they can be w/o him... not that we'd ever want that. The case was pretty basic and the un-sub was caught and delt with, Reid having to shoot him after being shot in the leg. (To, of course cover for MGG's real life injury.)

Thomas Gibson was amazing as usual and It was at times hard to watch him being so weak and... un-Hotch-like in the hospital and being assaulted by Foyet through flash-backs. Though, I LOVE the way Hotch didn't flinch when Foyet but a bullet hole in the wall next to his head... hope Hotch's ears are fully recovered, but they must be seeing as it was never addressed and it didn't seem to phase him. Although Haley was technically cooperative, she couldn't've made Hotch feel worse and that's what really made me angry. It's understandable to be upset about leaving your friends and family behind for who knows how long, but ripping on Hotch because he apparently chose to be stocked, stabbed, and torched was cold even for the "high and might Haley EX-Hotchner". Rossi's right, they will catch him; Jack will not grow up w/o his father.

scooter said...

Wow. That was definitely an intense episode. I also loved the doctor's storyline, and it's almost a shame that they wasted such a good one on this episode. I think it would have been even better with the extra time, and I was having difficulty concentrating on it anyway because of my concern over the Hotch storyline which took forever to appear. How adorable was Hotch and his son, by the way?

I've got to say that Foyett has gotten decidedly more sadistic/evil/creepy in this episode. How scary was it listening to him describe to Hotch what he was doing to him as he stabbed him? Especially with the point of view of the camera which produced the image of Foyett staring right at me with a bloody knife informing me that I should relax as the knife went in. Haha! Never sleeping again! I was a little surprised that it didn't turn out to be a kidnapping storyline after all and a little disappointed that the team didn't end up rescuing Hotch. But it was a great set-up for the 100th episode spectacular which is sure to be amazing with this storyline arc that is going to produce what I imagine what will be the final showdown between those two. I'd be a little worried for the rest of the team if Foyett is going after people Hotch cares about.

Things do not bode well for Hotch, as I think the next episode 'Haunted' is going to refer to both the unsub and Hotch. He lied to Prentiss about not being able to remember anything after the first time he got stabbed (when he clearly did) and didn't want to talk about it. Also, I'll agree with what other people seemed to have picked up on to- Foyett's comments about impotence. I won't presume to run off on a wild speculation tangent as we are sometimes known to do over small details, but I feel like the line "maybe this will change the way you profile" was leading into something else.

I'm still deciding what I thought, but overall very creepy and I was definitely on the edge of my seat for the last 20 minutes or so. I will point out the valid medical question though, of "How come in the preview for next week, Mr."9 stab wounds" is running around with the team while Reid is still presumably going to be on crutches. Doesn't 9 stab wounds beat out Reid's through and though which didn't seem to concern him all that much in terms of taking a long time to recover?

Oh well. No one ended up addicted to anything by the end of the episode which I'm counting as a win!

Anonymous said...

"Were they implying that Hotch was raped by the reaper?"

Shadow said...

Very powerful season opener, congrats to the whole CM team! It took me three hours to be coherent enough again for a little comment here.

The episode was great though I think they should have focused solely on the Hotch-Foyet-storyline and left out the other case. The first half hour had so much Reid and so little Hotch in it that I was already afraid of disappointed and furious Hotch sisters, but the second half of the episode surely made up for this. As a Reid fan I was pleasantly surprised by how much we actually got to see of him despite MGG’s injury, though the sitting around, especially at the first crime scene, was a bit strange. I would have liked it better if that had been integrated into a full-time Reaper case though.

The second half of the episode which focused on Hotch was less suspenseful than I had expected but very intense and emotional nevertheless. I guess the Reaper story being told in hindsight through flashbacks took some of the suspense as we already knew Hotch survived but I guess it was as much as Hotch fans could take; wouldn’t want to risk any heart-attacks amongst the sisterhood, LOL. Instead there was more focus on the emotional aspects through Hotch’s reflections, which was an unexpected turn and made things even more interesting for me. I really liked how they focused on Hotch’s emotional pain.

The stabbing scene with Foyet talking about the impotence profile really felt like emotional rape; I don’t remember any other stabbing scene that had so much rape allusions ever and I just wonder where that last stab with the knife hit. No wonder Hotch denied any memory about that to Emily, but I really hope he will talk about it to somebody, maybe Rossi or a shrink in later episodes.

In my opinion the episode had a lot of subtext and subtlety, kudos to the writer! Another little bit of that was when Reid told the doctor not to worry about the days to come but just make it through this day and then cleared his throat afterwards - nice little greeting from the 12 steps if I’m not mistaken.

Hotch telling the Reaper that he’ll kill him was less subtle but stunning in its bluntness. I’m not sure why exactly that surprised me, but it did nevertheless.

Other parts I especially liked where the raid at Haley’s which was part funny and part heart-breaking, especially when that SWAT member stepped on Jack’s little toy. Haley was really looking good and I liked her today. Hotch’s promise of making up to her for this situation for the rest of his life was extremely touching as was his scene with Jack and his fear and despair of maybe not seeing Jack for the next 10 years. Foyet really knows how to torture, not only with a knife.

Garcia’s parts were also great. It showed how much pressure is put on her when she has all this information she can’t share, like when she couldn’t tell Morgan about Hotch so he could focus on the other case. There was so much tension in this one phone call and I really felt sorry for her not being able to share her pain.

JJ was wonderful, too, and her being the one to look after ‘Spence’ at the hospital made up for the lack of concern for him some fans said she showed in ‘Amplification’. The message she relayed from him was funny.

The opening quote doesn’t reflect my opinion, but that’s just a matter of personal taste. I did miss the closing quote, though, please don’t let leaving them out become a habit.

All in all it was a very strong episode and a good way to end the summer’s CM withdrawal, even if it won’t make its way to my all-time favorites.

PS: Sorry for the long post

Anonymous said...

I think he was psychologically raped by the Reaper. Not sexually raped. The Reaper used the knife to show his potence. I hope that Foyet dies a painful death by the hands of Hotchner at some point during this season.

khalid said...

Intense episode. I spent the first-half hour tense that they couldn't find Hotch, and even more tense about the poor kid at his school. This was a full episode. It needed to be a two hour episode or a two-parter.

Loved the line about it being Derek's job to kick down doors. Poor Reid. There is just nothing they haven't done to him! Poor Matthew and his leg.

Great job by the Reaper and TG.

jazz said...

The long summer is over and our show is back. Hotch and Foyet! Wow. It was like he did rape Hotch. I totally expected Hotch to simply kick his ass but that just didn't happen. I hope they keep what happened to Hotch and his mental stability as a storyline throughout the season. Too many times things happen to the characters and they are never followed up on in any more episodes.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode! I'm glad to read the I'm not the only one who noticed the implied rape! The reaper said something like "I hear you profilers think that stabbing is a substitute for sex and means the unsub is impotent.... I hope this will change the way you profile." That does lead you to believe he was either sexually or psychologically raped. Either way at least Hotch is still alive and hopefully we'll see him dealing with the fallout from his time with the Reaper.

chicky said...

I waited all summer for this episode and I wasn't disappointed!

Put me down on the side that thinks there was no sexual assault. I think Foyet substituted the act of sex with the stabbing. As for Hotch's physical reaction when remembering, I think it was just a natural reaction, maybe a panic attack. I can also see Rossi forcing Hotch to get counseling.

How much will it suck for Reid to have been shot and then not be able to use narcotics for the pain. Even if it was a relatively minor gunshot wound I would guess it would still be pretty painful.

Did anyone else think there might be something going on between Emily and Hotch? Out of everyone, she was the most concerned about why Hotch wasn't at the house, she knew right where his apartment was, she told him that "nothing seemed out of place" at his apartment, and at the house when she asks JJ where Hotch is, JJ gives her a look. I don't know, maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

So glad Haley is not a huge part of the show anymore. I guess if someone I know was stabbed nine times, I wouldn't bitch at him. Maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I thought Haley's concern for Hotch was genuine. I liked her more in this episode than any of the old ones.

Overall I thought this was a good start to the season.

The Reaper said...

I loved the parts with Foyet vs Hotch. Though I expected more Foyet. But the episode was good. I need more!

Anonymous said...

Hotch doesn't get killed he just gets stabbed. The Reaper is all about power and control. He's a junky addicted to the power and control and manipulation of the people he stalks. He knows that by keeping Hotch alive it will force his ex wife and son into protective custody making Hotch's life miserable. I'm looking forard to seeing how Hotch catches the Reaper.

shelby said...

OMG!! This episode was awesome!!

bev said...

I think Foyet castrated Hotch and that is why he said it would change the way he profiles. Anyone else think that is what happened?

Anonymous said...

Season 5 definitely started with a bang! Though my favorite part was definitely the whole Foyet thing in general. Especially, finding out the motives of why he didn't kill Hotch. The other storyline, in my opinion, was just a way to explain MGG's injury aka Reid needed an injury.

sheria said...

I'm not as sure that I loved this episode as much as I loved seeing Hotch alive and CM back on Wed nights. I liked it but they had so much to deal with in this first episode. Next week will really show me what the pace is going to be this season. Glad it is Wed!

Judiebuk said...

Excellent! Nice work writers....a bit lame (pardon the pun) on Reid's knee injury....and it didn't look to me like getting shot in the knee was a possibility given the angle etc...but hey ho! Nicely done though

morti_addams said...

i can't wait to see it!
all curious....can't wait
the us people have seen it and i have to wait...whaaaaaa
want to see it!


Kate said...

Welcome back, CM! Its been a long summer but once again, you delivered!
My favorite parts: The structure of the episode with the case first and then the flashbacks to the reaper. Thomas Gibson's incredible performance throughout the entire episode was amazing. C. Thomas Howell, you are the creepiest unsub of EVER (Stay Gold, Ponyboy!). The editing was just perfect, and I rarely notice things like that but it added so much to the suspense of the episode. And how can I forget the part that made me squeal like a little girl....Action Hero Reid!

Despite all the speculation with fellow CM fans through the loooong summer, you really got me with having to put Haley and Jack into Witness Protection. Bravo! I love it when you stump us! Do it again. Do it again!

But, I do have to add, on behalf of the medical community...and I know this is TV where you can do anything you want...not even Hotch (unless he is a mutant like Wolverine) could recover from such a brutal attack so quickly. And people who get shot anywhere are never 'just fine'. I hope you will do some justice on their recovery. I happily volunteer to be your medical consultant.

Also, some Hotch/Reid moments wouldn't kill you, would it? I mean they were both held captive and tortured...I think they have some bonding to do. We didn't get any of that last season...please?

That being said...THANK YOU for an exciting ride last night. Looking forward to 23 more!

Anonymous said...

I must say I really enjoyed the show last night! Great work to all. It flowed very well and handled two cases nice and neatly. Well... as neatly as the Reaper can be handled. It seems he will be coming and going during this season...

Again, great job and cheers to another great season. :o)
A Graham

Jenn said...

I had the privilege to watch last night's premier, and being a HUGE fan of the show, I absolutely loved it! I am very impressed with how the writers incorporated MGG's real injury, as well as giving Paget, A.J. & Kirsten some much deserved time! I'm a teensy bit sad they didn't catch the reaper, but I have no doubt that this means another few phenomenal episodes with C. Thomas Howell, as well as the writers having time to expand the depth of what really happened between Hotch & Foyet.

Mad Kudos to the writers, staff, cast, and crew for an awesome season 5 premier! I CANNOT WAIT for the rest of the season!!!!!! Yay!!!

Claire said...

I've been looking forward to this episode for a long time now and I was afraid that too much expectation would lead to certain dissapointment. I wasn't dissapointed, quite the contrary, I thought it was excellent. I was impressed with Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster yet again. This show has a fantastic cast indeed. The highlight of the episode for me has to be the scene with Hotch and his son. My heart was breaking for the poor man.

Tom Bryant said...

I hate to interfere with the love fest. Although I thot the episode was fast paced and had great acting, the ending left me flat. I just hope this isn't prolonged into a long siege for the characters. The FBI usually takes it personally when an agent is targeted and it's an all hand on deck, "this is our only case" until it is solved.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody!
I'm still speechless and I can't find the right words for what I'm feeling now. But for sure it was a great episode! It got me really, and the end... wow... just ruined me down. I have to confess I didn't expect anything like this, it was really really shocking! I love Hotch, he is my favourite character in the show. Anyway, he is my all time favourite character ever in the history of Tv-shows. :) And what happened to him in this epi just made me cry and totally broke my heart. In the deep of my heart I hoped everything will be ok, and we can see him smiling again soon. But now it doesn't seem to turn real for a long time. I can't wait for the next episodes! I just need to know what will happen to Hotch and Foyet! :)
This episode was excellent! I have to say thanks for everybody's great work on this show!
And finally... Thomas Gibson! You are the heart of the show! You are brilliant, you are just absolutely wonderful! Thanks for your perfect work! I'm just amazed by your acting!

Once more, congratulations!


Michelle said...

The episode was alright. It did what it needed to do.
It was really great seeing the cast again and the excitement of seeing a new episode was wonderful!

Unknown said...

Awesome! The best Season Premiere ever!
I was nervous all the time!

Fantastic work from everyone! Thomas and Paget are outstanding actors!!

Oh, my Emily! I was afraid when she went to find Hotch all by herself. What if the Reaper was still there?
My girl was excellent as always taking care of Hotch and helping Reid. Bt the way, she is made of steel! much of a pain a man can support? I felt terrible for him...the stabs, Jack and everything else.

I'm very happy that my show is back!!

Anonymous said...

What a great episode and so happy that my favorite show is back.

Nice work by all our actors.

Hotch: wow so calm while staring down the business end of a gun. Felt awful for him while he was getting stabbed and then realizing his family was in danger.

Emily: Nice to see her work to solve the mystery of what happened at Hotch's apartment. And her staying by his side was just something that she would do.

Reid: Weird to see him sitting down all the time but they worked in MGG's r/l injury well. Great work between him and the doctor.

JJ: Lots of JJ in this episode. She is always so calm and collected. Love the way she recognized that Jeffrey was panicking in the hallway and she went to him. Nice to see her in the field again.

Morgan: Nice work with Jeffrey too. You can tell he was struggling with his credentials being used by Foyet.

Garcia: First of all, love her outfit. She looked so beautiful. Love her work with Emily and the search for Hotch. Love her first conversation with Reid.

Rossi: Forever keeping Hotch grounded. Nice work with the case and the last conversation with Hotch was just what Hotch needed. this ep! Great job CM...welcome back and hope you have a great 5th season!


Danna said...

It was an extremely good episode.

Reid was simply awesome.
I can never get enough of his character. The way you incorporated Matthew's injury was clever. Reid is strong, vulnerable, tough and kind at the same time. I loved how he was more concerned about everyone else than his own physical state.

I enjoyed the parts with Haley and Jack, it was very well done.
Haley still cares about Hotch, and it's natural. They have history and he's the father of her child.
She was right when she insisted that Hotch should see his son. It was very moving. They probably will never get back together, and that's for the best - but it was nice to see them concerned about each other.

The two cases blended well together in this episode. I think that it was better than having the whole episode focusing on Hotch's situation : we were kept in the dark about Hotch's condition and we were left guessing. The way the flashbacks were later incorporated was very effective. Good job.

My wish : I would love to see some scenes between Hotch and Reid.
Since they have both been through torture, they could bond.
Hotch will need to talk to someone, and I would love to see him confide in Reid. Reid's the one who would understand the best what he has gone through.

Extremely great start for the fifth season.


Megan said...

Thomas Gibson is THE man. I couldn't sleep at all last night after that performance, so devastatingly sad. Incredibly tough to see Hotch so helpless. I truly hope it is he who gets the final word w/ Foyet and we get to see some Hotch/Jack; there'd be no better medicine. Love the Hotch/Prentiss & Hotch/Rossi moments too; please keep them coming!

gubegirl said...

OMG, I am in heaven! Our guys (and gals!) are back and better than ever! Hotch, poor Hotch -the stabbing was torture to watch - I cannot get that image out of my head. What a sicko the Reaper is.
And how they incorporated MGG's knee surg into the story by having him get shot in that leg was expected but done so naturally, and he was Reid being Reid - so compassionate,selfless and very loveable as always. Luv u, Reid!
Both Emily and JJ were incredible and had meaty roles and shone so brightly - love those ladies!
Morgan and Rossi played themselves so honestly and turned in strong performances and the entire epi was so balanced and well-written. I have not read the other comments so excuse me if I am duplicating but am rambling in my excitement to have our beloved show and BAU team back - together if not totally intact:) It's going to be a FABULOUS season!

gubegirl said...

Forgot to say how AMAZING Garcia was at working both cases at once and trying so very hard to keep them separate under duress was quite a feat - I don't know how she does it! Working all alone at her desk while the remainder of the team have each other physically present to lean on when in the field - well, when you think about it, she is really remarkable. Great acting - Kudos to you, Kristen!

And I agree, JJ looked beautiful and was so polished in her role as the caregiver of the group and I love Rossi's insight into their work and the psychological effects and how he spoke to Hotch. Voice of experience, I would say.

Love them all - love this show!

babruin said...

Wow,the premiere was an incredible juggling act to tie up so many loose ends while still having a case to work on. Chris Mundy did a good job of weaving the theme of loss into the lives of different sets of father/sons. The unsub didn't want his son to be Nameless/Faceless and forgotten. The doctor feared for the loss of his son while Hotch really does face the future loss of contact with his son and he himself will become Nameless/Faceless to Jack.
All that while giving us an unexpected scenario with what the Reaper did to Hotch that was chilling. It'll be interesting to see how the Reaper will haunt our team.
I was distracted from the case by how hilarious it was to hide MGG's injury with some "pregnant actress behind the couch tricks" by having him beat the team to the scene and already be sitting down,taking notes. :) As a Reid-girl, I was disappointed by the lack of concern at the end but the pathos truly did belong to Hotch's story of loss. It probably is best to not turn Reid's injury into an ongoing soap opera of "As the Knee Turns" with implications of reopening the drug addiction story but just quietly have him return to life as normal albeit on crutches.
BTW, Emily must have used Miracle-Gro on her hair to have her bangs grow out so fast in the four hours since the Canadian Bacon case. :)
Great acting by all in this transitional episode and looking forward to more challenging cases in the new season!!

M@rK1ll said...

wow, that's all I can say

harriett franks said...

It was jammed packed hour. I liked the episode and loved that Hotch lived.

vamp2puppy said...

Poor Hotch. So happy he survived, but I think this is going to be a hard season for him, especially not being able to see Jack for a while.

Loved seeing Reid being heroic and thinking of everybody else before himself.

A great start to the series, can't wait for the next episode.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a season opener! I was holding my breath and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

I loved the team interaction and how the team works so well together even when they're not physically together. I also loved the fact that team members could function effectively on their own when they need to (Garcia, Reid, Prentiss).

Never in a million years did I see that end coming. Poor Hotch and poor Jack - it was nice to see them together again, but the scene just broke my heart.

There were wonderful performances all around, but especially amazing were TG and C. Thomas Howell.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew for an outstanding episode!

And to Ed B. - A belated, but very heartfelt THANK YOU for taking the time to come chat with us despite how extremely busy you were that day.


RMF said...

Thanks for that brilliant...half episode.

I guess I really don't understand the writing choice here. They take a dramatic situation like a team member going down, then suck all the energy out of it by making us sit through a conventional plot for the first half hour. Most of the characters remain ignorant of Hotch's plight, so they don't even exploit the golden opportunity to show the impact on the team of his absense. We need another pair of hands to sort through all these files? That's it? They made more fuss over JJ going on pregnancy leave.

Paget Brewster does some really nice work when Prentiss enters Hotch's unlocked apartment and realizes the worst. She surveys the scene like a professional, noting everything that's out of place, but her alarm is evident. Prentiss then makes the decision to tell only Garcia, who is allowed to react, and Reid, who isn't. The reason is logical enough, I guess, but given that Rossi makes the speech at the end about how the professionalism of the team is a credit to Hotch, wouldn't the payoff be bigger if they had known and had had to push through their fear while leaving the hunt for Hotch in the hands of Prentiss and Garcia?

Once Hotch wakes up, though, it's golden. It feels a little too convenient that Hotch survives, both because Morgan already conveniently survived, and because Foyet has not treated his other victims this way, but none of his other victims issued him such a direct and uncompromising challenge, so I can live with the idea. Thomas Gibson's performance is terrific here. The repressed horror as he processes the flashbacks to the gruesome attack are simply quintessentially Hotch. The heart monitor betrays him, but he won't let anyone but Rossi see his vulnerability. As for the confrontation with Foyet itself, major points for Hotch having a .44 fired past his head without flinching. He goes down way too easy, though. I would've expected something more like Peter Griffin versus the Chicken. The torture that follows is the most intense I've seen on network television. We've certainly seen bloodier scenes, but none more excruciating. It works, though, without being too much, because it and the creepy sexual overtones Foyet introduces are what it would take to unnerve someone of Hotch's strength.

IvyB said...

Is it ok to say that I'm slightly disappointed regarding the Hotch-Foyet showdown? Don't get me wrong, it was awesome, but I was so hoping for a kidnapping! Or at least toying with him more/torturing him. Or delaying the finding of Hotch so the team could angst over their fearless leader Oh well.

The first half that focused on the Doctor I kept thinking "what about Hotch, damnit? I don't care about this guy!" But I guess it gave the team something to work on, gave them all a chance to shine. Reid was awesome (sitting all the time, lol) with the Doctor and later making sure the Unsub lives. And his message about kicking doors being more Morgan's thing- hah! Not any time soon. * snickers*

Poor Hotch! It's interesting that he lied about remembering- it reinforces the whole "rape victim" vibe I'm getting. I don't think they meant that Foyet raped Hotch literally, though with being half naked and talking about impotence, my mind definitely went there. Maybe he did try and making Hotch impotent, or he was making sure Hotch knows that it's not about sex. I don't know. But I do know that Hotch remembers and he's hurting and it certainly feels (to me at least) like he was violated. And now he won't be able to see his son, gah.

It was great seeing Haley again and seeing her and Hotch being very civil and caring about each other. Seeing Hotch with Jack was so heartbreaking and I'm glad Rossi went to talk to Hotch in the end, make sure he knows they'll get the guy. I guess Emily/Hotch shippers and anyone who likes JJ/Reid (friendship or otherwise) got their fill of 'watching over in a hospital room' kink. Plus we got a "Spence" out of JJ- I love that nickname.

So considering D.B. Sweeney is a recurring character- is he gonna call Hotch every few days or so? Give him updates?

All and all not bad for a season premiere and I can't wait to see where they take it from here!

morticia_addams said...

ok....i saw the ep.
i made notes for the chat on saturday, just to kinda prepare it....and the moste used words are:

omg omg omg

that's summing it up pretty well ;)

great...i just want to see the next episode...right now!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm finally coherent enough again to write down a few words. ;)

I really liked the second half of the ep. I understand the choice of combining a normal case with the Reaper's, but honestly, I was just sitting there, waiting for Hotch to appear. And as someone else has already mentioned.: they needed another pair of eyes and that's why they finally went to Hotch's apartment? Oh, please...

The torture scenes were very hard to watch, and I think when rewatching the ep I will just skip them. I'm not squeamish, but seeing Hotch like this was too much. By the way, why did Hotch go down so quickly? Sure, he had a hard day and was hit in the head, but he's an FBI agent, well trained, younger and faster than his opponent... and he should have learned at least some moves for hand-to-hand fighting since his fight with the guy in the dark who tried to strangle him... Oh, and what happened to his second gun he always carries?

Anyway, the scenes with Haley and Jack were heartbreaking. All the moments in the hospital were fabulous. Hotch like we have never seen him before. Thank you, Thomas Gibson!

The ending really made me cry, and now I can't wait to see how Hotch continues his life and how they'll catch Foyet - I'm sure they will. ;)

Daria said...

This was exactly as a premiere should be very intense, high paced and with a lot of emotion. I thought last year's season premiere would be difficult to top, but they managed to do that. Kudos to the entire team.

It was a smart choice to combine a case and Hotch's story, so it wouldn't be overwhelming. There are those who think that the doctors case ended too fast, but I agree with what Rossi said in the end, this team is one of a kind and they can certainly do it.

It was funny to see Reid sitting all the time, but given the circumstances they hid his injury very well. It was a great episode for JJ and Prentiss. Great to see the underused characters come more to life.

Helen said...

5x01 Recap Part 1

The episode starts off with a “previously on Criminal Minds”, which flashes past the major parts of “Omnivore”, in which Hotch refuses to make a deal with the Boston Reaper, George Foyet, and the team catches him only to have him escape, and the final scene of the season four finale, in which Hotch returns home to find the Reaper waiting for him. “You should have made a deal”, the Reaper tells him, and the screen goes blank.
The episode begins with Morgan striding very quickly past several police vehicles as a woman’s voice reports “shots fired at 751 North Hardy, repeat, all units, shots fired.” Rossi is already there, and neither he nor Morgan is sure why they have been called in by JJ, as they aren’t working a case. Emily arrives seconds later. “JJ said the police told her it was urgent,” she says. Morgan says that it better be urgent, since they’ve only had four hours of sleep since their return from Canada.
Inside, Reid is already seated next to the body, examining the scene. Detective Walker is introduced and gets right into it, explaining that the victim, a middle-aged Hispanic male, is the second. An ER doctor, Tom Barton, had been sent a threatening note at his work stating that his son, Jeffrey, would be killed. If Barton kept his son hidden and protected, the man would kill another person each day. The note was signed LC., initials which were present at a crime scene from the previous day, another middle-aged Hispanic male, and also present at the most recent scene.
JJ tells them that Barton is at home, and is unaware of the most recent victim. He has been keeping his son at home. Emily then asks where Hotch is, and JJ replies that he is not answering his cell at all. She assumes it’s on vibrate and he’ll get her message when he wakes up. At Rossi’s request, she tries him again, in the hopes that he can meet them at Dr. Barton’s home.
JJ does as asked, and the audience sees Hotch’s phone lying on the carpet in his apartment, ringing loudly. “You’ve reached Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner”, the message says, “please leave a detailed message. Thank you.” JJ requests that he call her when he gets the message, and meet them at Barton’s address in MacLean, Virginia as the team head out the door.
At the Barton residence, they find that Barton hasn’t told his son, Jeffrey, what is really going on. Jeffrey knows there has been a threat, but thinks it has been made against his father’s life. He believes the threat isn’t serious, but that his father needs to stay home for a few days, and Barton wants his son with him.
As the team tells Barton that the man who sent the note is serious, as shown by the two men he has already killed, Jeffrey sneaks to the top of the stairs. He can’t help but hear what is really going on, as Morgan confirms that if Jeffrey is kept safe, there will be more deaths.
They begin to discuss how to catch the unsub. They will need to go through Barton’s patient records, and once again try to get him to remember someone connected to him with the initials L. C., though he doesn’t believe that there is anyone. This is personal, and the unsub wants Barton to know who is doing this to him. Has he felt that he has been watched recently, they ask, at the hospital or at home; has he had any patients that fit the description of middle-aged Hispanic men? Barton reminds them with frustration that he’s a trauma surgeon in DC and he has endless patients of all demographics. JJ goes to call Garcia to get patient records; Emily follows to ask if there has been any contact from Hotch. There hasn’t.
At that point Barton’s phone rings. It’s Jeffrey. He has climbed out his bedroom window and walked to school without telling anyone. Barton is frightened and the team dismayed, but the fifteen-year-old tells his father he loves him, and wants him to inform the police that he is ok. He doesn’t want his father to be mad at him. He hangs up, and walks into the school with the other students.

Helen said...

Recap Part 2

“Karl Kraus said, ‘a weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.’”
Jeffrey stands in the hallway at school looking afraid as he watches all the other people around them, wondering if one of them is going to kill him.
Back at the Barton household the team is rushing out the door to get to Jeffrey before the unsub can. Barton tries to come with them, demanding that he be allowed to go get his son, but the team push him back. Rossi urges him to let them do their jobs, and Morgan points out that though Jeffrey isn’t normally reckless, right now he just wants to be like his father and do his best to save the lives of innocent people. JJ reminds Barton that even if the unsub is at the school, they will be too. They will close down the school and stop mass panic in order to keep the rest of the students, and Jeffrey safe. Reluctantly, Barton allows them to leave, asking them to tell Jeffrey that he isn’t mad, that he loves him, and that he’s proud. Morgan, JJ and Rossi head to the school while Emily and Reid stay behind to explain what they are doing to Barton and try to wade through the huge stack of patient records before them.
Garcia tells Reid that she can get the full medical charts of all the patients from the last six months (“Can you get the full medical charts?”; “You know for a smart boy you still ask a lot of dumb questions”), and that he will have them within seconds. He asks if Hotch has checked in with her, at which point she immediately becomes alert. “He’s not with you?” Reid brushes it off, saying “he’s probably on his way,” and hangs up as Emily enters the room and they get down to business. They’ll look at recent cases first because something has set this guy off and the odds are good it will be in the files.
At the school, Morgan, Rossi and JJ are prepping the principal for the lockdown that will be in effect until school is let out at 3:00. She wants to notify the parents, but they dissuade her from that idea, telling her it will be safer to keep the children here and keep things calm and orderly. The shooter is sloppy, so if he panics he will probably take down a lot of children and teachers in the crossfire. They explain why they can’t just take Jeffrey home, and she finally agrees to let them implement their plan. Rossi goes to lock all the doors and create a single entrance: the front door. No one will be allowed into the school, the excuse being “school policy”. Morgan goes with the principal to pull Jeffrey from class and explain the plan to them.
Jeffrey is apologetic and nervous, but mostly calm as Morgan introduces himself. Jeffrey says he hasn’t told anyone about what is going on, and Morgan says that that’s a good thing. It needs to stay that way. He tells Jeffrey he will be outside in the hall with the principal all day, and at class change. “I’ve got your back,” he says. Jeffrey asks if his dad is ok, and Morgan nods. “He knows you were trying to do the right thing.”
At the Barton residence Reid and Emily narrow the search to males due to the writing style of the letter; they also note he is most likely a grieving father, and is either unemployed or has a flexible job due to his surveillance of the Bartons. Barton wants to know if they’ve had many cases where the unsub taunts them with what he or she is going to do, and they nod. “A few,” Emily says. When pressed, Reid admits that suicide by cop is often the way these cases end.
They quickly realize, however, that there are far too many files. Emily says she can get to Hotch’s and back in half an hour; they desperately need another set of eyes. Reid assents, and as Emily leaves he and Barton go back to their work.
In class, Jeffrey sits watching the clock, anxious, as security guards close and lock all outer doors. Rossi is briefing them, while Morgan and JJ stand at their posts in the hallway outside Jeffrey’s classroom. The class change is quick, as Jeffrey and Morgan search each other out in the crowd and make eye contact as Jeffrey passes into his next classroom. JJ nods to Morgan.

Helen said...

Recap Part 3

Emily has arrived at Hotch’s apartment building and strides quickly to the end of the hall. She knocks, calling his name, and when she receives no response she calls his cell phone. Hearing it ringing inside, she tries the door. It’s unlocked. She draws her gun and enters, noting his keys on the table; briefcase on the sofa; bullet hole in the wall; gun on the table. She finally looks down and her eyes widen at the pool of blood on the floor, the shards of glass, and his gun, holstered on the table.
Returning to her office, Garcia is just in time to answer Emily’ call, and she is immediately horrified to hear what Emily has found. She needs Garcia to send police and FBI techs immediately. They don’t need an APB except on Hotch, because Hotch’s car is in the lot. “Someone took him?” Garcia says, scared. “I don’t know. There’s blood but I don’t know whose it is.” She tells Garcia that none of the other team members can know because they must focus on their case. She will have to tell Reid.
Reid is shocked and upset at the phone call, and though Barton thinks initially it is about his son, he is soon distressed that Reid is not focusing on the case at hand. Reid urgently tells him that it is unrelated and it will only take a minute, but is very important.
When Barton learns that Agent Emily has been “called away on an emergency” he is incredulous, but Reid assures him they will be fine on their own. He begins to look at nights when Barton operated on two people, one a Hispanic male. He reads the summary of the case and the date and asks Barton to think about everything that happened on those nights.
“This is no use,” Barton says, “I would remember if I was threatened.”
At the school, JJ briefs the rest of the team and the principal that there will be a SWAT team at the school ready to escort all students out of the building by 3:00, when school ends. The students will be gathered at 2:45, but they will not be able to evacuate early in case the unsub sees and kills another random person. They need to keep Jeffrey isolated and stop the other students from panicking. Garcia is busy cross-checking employees in the building with Dr. Barton. When Morgan calls her, she answers the phone with a breathless, “Emily?” Morgan is suspicious, but moves on to business. There are no red flags or felony warrants on any employees. “Be safe,” she tells him. He pauses, and asks if everything is all right. Sounding strained, she tells him she’s fine, she’s just tired. “I hear you. Let’s just get this kid home safe and then we can all sleep.”
“Right,” Garcia says, knowing that they will do no such thing.
Another class change and Jeffrey starts to panic, he heads for the door. JJ steps into his path, smiling and friendly. “Excuse me. I’m supposed to meet with Principal Findley, can you tell me where her office is?” He takes a deep breath and tries to relax, turning to find Morgan in the crowd.
Garcia is meanwhile phoning hospitals in the area, trying to find out whether or not Hotch has been checked in. She finally finds him. It is not “Aaron Hotchner” checked in, but “Derek Morgan”. Emily is at Hotch’s apartment and she quickly realizes that the Reaper has resurfaced, leaving Morgan’s stolen credentials on Hotch’s body. Emily leaves immediately to go to the hospital.
On Reid’s suggestion, Barton is rereading the letter from the unsub, trying to recognize the wording. He is hit with an epiphany. Just after New Years Eve he had operated on a man who had been in a car crash. He was successful in saving that man, but after he had told the patient’s family the good news he was approached by another man whose son had also been in the crash. This man demanded to know why Barton had not operated; he refused to listen as Barton explained that there was nothing he could do for the man’s son. The boy was on a ventilator, and had no brain function. “Do you have children?” the man asks. Barton nods, and says he has a son. “What would you say to a doctor who wouldn’t even try to save him?” the man says.

Helen said...

Part 4

Reid immediately phones Garcia looking for patient Jason Myers. Admitted January 3rd, the boy had been taken off life support only three days previous. Garcia quickly sends a picture of the boy’s father, Patrick Meyers, to the school.
At the hospital, the doctor explains to Emily that Hotch was stabbed nine times, though no major arteries were hit. “It’s a miracle he’s alive,” she says. Hotch is lying unconscious on the hospital bed, bandages on his arms and chest under the hospital gown. The doctor tells Emily that the anesthesia should wear off within the hour, and the he will be out of it when he regains consciousness. Emily asks and receives permission to stay with him. She takes a seat next to his bed and settles in to wait, eyes sad as she watches Hotch breath slowly.
At the school, SWAT has arrived and deployed. Students wait to be evacuated, and JJ sits next to Jeffrey on the stairs inside, reassuring him that it will be all right. Rossi and Morgan supervise as students file onto waiting school busses, as in the hospital Emily is going over Hotch’s chart. She finds a notation: ‘Aaron Hotchner, L.C.’. “This abbreviation,” she asks, “what does it stand for?”
At the Barton home, Barton is preparing to pick up Jeffrey from school, as per his usual routine. Reid agrees to go with him, but pauses as he receives a call from Emily. “It stands for ‘living children’”, she tells him, “it’s administrative, it’s when they’re afraid a patient’s going to go on life support and they don’t have a DNR order.” Reid suddenly realizes that the unsub isn’t targeting Jeffrey, but Barton: he will leave Jeffrey without a father. Barton is already exiting the front door, and Patrick Meyers calls out, “doctor!” from where he stands on the street holding a gun. He raises it and fires as Reid comes running out the front door and pushes Barton to the ground. Emily, still on the line, hears the gunshot. She immediately hangs up and calls 911, requesting police and an ambulance to Barton’s residence, “shots fired, federal agent possibly down”.
Reid has been shot in the leg, and he pushes himself up on one hand as Barton hands him his gun. He holds it steady, aimed at Meyers as the man advances, yelling that Barton killed his son. Reid tells him that no, Barton did not kill Meyers’s son, a car did. Barton did not even operate on his son. “I do not want to shoot you, please drop the gun”. “Doctor Barton did not kill your son, your son was killed by a car.” For a moment, it looks as though Meyers will listen, but as sirens begin to wail in the background, he lifts the gun and once again points it at Reid and Barton. Reid fires, and Meyers falls to the ground. Immediately, Reid sends Barton to help Meyers, telling him to kick away Meyers’s gun as he tries to keep pressure on his own knee, which is bleeding. The paramedics take over from Barton, and he rushes back to Reid just as the rest of the team drive up with Jeffrey. Reid’s injury is a through and through, and Barton tells him to keep pressure on it. Reid nods towards Jeffrey. “I’m good, I’m fine, go to your son.” JJ, Morgan and Rossi are worried about their team member but he brushes off their concern, telling them they need to “call Emily, find Emily.”
“Where is she?” Rossi asks.
“Something’s happened to Hotch,” Reid says.
At the hospital, Emily stands and meets the team just outside of Hotch’s room. He’s still unconscious. Rossi wants to know how she’s sure it was Foyet, and she tells them about Morgan’s credentials. The security camera only picked up Foyet dropping Hotch off. Rossi reminds them that Foyet gets off on power and control, and he wants Hotch to know that his life was in Foyet’s hands. The doctor comes and tells them that Hotch is waking up, though he is weak and they shouldn’t push him. After learning that he’s in the hospital, Hotch immediately wants to know how he got there (“Foyet drove you,” Morgan says grimly), and then to know what was left on him, and what was taken from him, ignoring Emily’ question, “do you remember what happened?”

Helen said...

Part 5

Emily tells him that there was a page missing from his day planner, the ‘Bs’ of the address section. She doesn’t know if anything was left at his apartment. He asks for his clothing. Emily pulls his shirt from the bag. It’s bloody. He takes the envelope containing Morgan’s credentials, which are wrapped around a blood-stained picture of Hayley and Jack. He falls back to his pillow, trying to breathe evenly as he tells the team, “Hayley’s maiden name is ‘Brooks’.” She was listed in the Bs in case his information fell into the wrong hands. “He knows where they live.”
The team rush out as Garcia calls SWAT and backup to meet them at Hotch’s old address. Rossi reminds them to be prepared for what they might find, because Foyet had a reason for keeping Hotch alive.
At the hospital, Hotch stares at the picture of his family. He is remembering the moment he realized that Foyet was in his house, and turned around to face him. Foyet shoots the wall next to Hotch’s head, and they stare at each other. “Is this part of my profile,” Foyet asks, “you can’t show me fear?” Hotch responds that if Foyet doesn’t see fear, it’s probably because Hotch isn’t afraid of him. Foyet mocks him, noting that, “you said that like you actually meant it.” Foyet then asks how his friend Agent Morgan is. “Are you here to kill me, or are you here to play games?” Hotch asks. “You tell me. Enlighten me about my behavior.” Hotch lunges, throwing his drink glass as Foyet lifts his mask, and is struck across the face. Dazed, Hotch tries to reach for his holstered weapon on the table, but Foyet strikes him again. Hotch falls backwards to the floor, and as he once again tries to get up Foyet hits him one last time across the temple with the gun. Hotch collapses, blood on his head, stunned and unable to defend himself. “So tell me,” the Reaper says, drawing a knife, “would I use this?” He leans down and stabs Hotch twice in the torso. Hotch’s body shudders as he tries to curl in on himself and protect his stomach.
In the hospital, he is drawn out of his memory as the heart monitor beside his bed beginning to race. The doctor rushes into the room. Emily is forced to leave as the doctor begins to assess Hotch’s condition. “I’m ok,” he says, but weakly, and another nurse comes to look at him. He can barely keep his eyes open. It is obviously a challenge for him to breathe deeply. Emily hovers at the door of his room, anxiously watching.
SWAT and the rest of the team reach Hayley and Jack’s home and enter quickly. They kick aside toys which are scattered haphazardly move to the upstairs. They scare Hayley, who has her headphones in and is doing laundry. Jack is at another house for a play-date. Morgan is dispatched to fetch him, leaving the others to explain what’s going on. “Tell me what happened to Aaron,” she demands.
Hotch stares at the ceiling, once again remembering Foyet leaning over him. Weakly, he looks at Foyet and says, “I will kill you.” Foyet shushes him, telling him he lost a lot of blood and he shouldn’t speak. He brags that he is something of an expert on the human body, to be able to stab himself repeatedly and not die. He stabs Hotch again. He stands up then, taking off his gloves and his jacket, removing his shirt, in order to show Hotch his scars. He holds out his arms and turns from side to side, displaying all nine scars so Hotch will know exactly what he himself will look like afterwards. “My team,” Hotch says, and Foyet leans in close, angrily saying, “your team didn’t catch me until I wanted them to. You’re not in charge so don’t be foolish! Now try to relax. Your body will go numb.” He stabs Hotch again. “And it goes in so much easier. The hard part is not passing out from the pain.”
He says that he understands that in a profile, if someone is stabbed, it is generally considered to be a substitute for the act of sex. If someone is impotent, they will use a knife instead. “Is that what you think Agent Hotchner? Maybe this will change the way that you profile,” he says. He slides the knife in one more time.

Helen said...

Part 6

Emily’s phone draws Hotch back to the present. “They’re safe,” she tells him.
Hayley is upset at the idea that she will have to go into hiding for an unspecified length of time. Rossi assures her that it is necessary as Morgan returns with Jack. He is ecstatic, because Morgan let him run the sirens on the SUV. Hayley puts up a good front, asking questions and letting her son talk excitedly.
Hotch is sitting up in bed and wants to know how Foyet got into his home. Emily doesn’t know. She asks if he wants to talk it, and he is silent for a moment. She waits patiently, but all he says is, “I don’t know. After he stabbed me the first time it all goes blank.” He looks her in the eye as though daring her to question him, but they are interrupted as Hayley appears, anxious and upset. Emily leaves the room, patting Hayley on the shoulder as she goes. Hayley wants to know how Hotch feels, and he replies that he’s going to be ok. He apologizes to her. He tells her he won’t know where she is, and that’s the point. If she has any contact with anyone Foyet can track them. Hayley tells him Jack has school and friends, she has a job now, and he assures her that they will catch Foyet and bring them back, and Hotch will spend the rest of his life making it up to them. “Are you sure that we’re in danger?” Hayley asks.
Hotch nods. “Yes.” She asks if he is going to be safe, and he tells her quietly that, “He wants to see me suffer. Knowing that my son is out there and I can’t see him is better than killing me.” Hayley is anxious and upset, unsure of how she will take care of Jack, and how she will explain to him what is going on. Hotch tells her she will be fine. “Hayley, you’re strong. You’ve lived with me and this job and you practically raised Jack all by yourself. You’re a great mother.” She has given up fighting her tears, and she sniffs as she wipes them away. Hotch looks to the side. “Can you catch this man?” she says. “I will catch this man.”
Jack wants to see Hotch, and Hotch wants to see Jack, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He finally relents when Hayley tells him that they both need it. Jack sits sadly on his father’s hospital bed as Hotch explains that it’s like when daddy has to go away for work, but this time it will be Hayley and Jack who get to go someplace. “What do I tell you every time I go away?” Hotch says. “You love me,” Jack says. “More than anything in the world,” Hotch responds. “I’m very proud of you, every single day.” He stares at Jack for a long moment, and then leans forward and kisses him on the forward. “I’ll see you soon, okay? Take care of mom.”
Outside, the US Marshall tells the team, “I know Aaron’s worried. Tell him I’ll protect them like they’re my own.” JJ, Emily and Morgan watch as Jack and Hayley walk out to the waiting car with the US Marshall. JJ tells them that “Spence” will be fine, though he will be on crutches for a while. “He said kicking down doors is Morgan’s job, anyway,” JJ says, smiling.
Morgan is silent, and Emily tells him that the fact that Foyet used his credentials has nothing to do with anything that happened. It was just Foyet’s way of getting to him. Morgan agrees, and says quietly, “He was hoping to watch me fall apart and now he wants to destroy Hotch.”“Exactly,” Emily says, “that’s his plan, and now we fight it.” Hayley looks up and waves a small goodbye as she climbs into the car.
Hotch is once again staring blankly at the ceiling in his hospital room as Rossi comes to stand in the open doorway. He tells Hotch about the case they just worked, about how there was a happy ending, because they worked the profile and caught the guy. “Do you know why I’m telling you?” he asks. Hotch does. But it doesn’t help. He reminds Rossi that though he told Hayley they would catch him, he’s not sure they will. If Foyet doesn’t kill, they can’t track him, and Foyet stopped killing for ten years to watch Shaunessy’s life fall apart. He asks, fighting tears, “what’s Jack going to remember about me in ten years?”
“We will get him,” Rossi says.

sherlockette said...

Overall I liked the episode and I think it was a good balance of case and team. I am one of many people I know that like the "case" part of CM and miss it terribly when it is not there. It’s interesting to learn about a character through his/her reactions and interactions through the case. It’s what made the show different from all the others out there and it's why we started to watch. I don’t need a different team member to be maimed once a week to like the show.

Just some random thoughts…I liked the flashback method of story telling. It imparted the feeling that Hotch is already erecting the barriers against his feelings that make him the man of stone that he is, but will make it tougher to recover from what happened.. Yes, Hotch was maimed, which will prevent him from having any more kids to replace Jack, and making Jack more valuable as a target. Haley showed some selfishness but she had the right. She can’t contact her family either.

It is because the FBI would throw everyone they had into a case involving one of their own that it was a good move to have Prentiss keep the information quiet. Agent involved situations would be very chaotic and getting any profiling done (which requires thought and reflection) would be difficult. What wasn’t quite right was when Hotch turned up at the hospital. Any John Doe would result in a call to the cops and if they had FBI credentials, even Morgan’s, the FBI would be called.

It was a good decision to have Chris Mundy write the first episode. Hopefully the rest of the stories will be as compelling.

Unknown said...

I really loved the part were Reid was explaining to the ER doctor that this whole thing with the unsub was about choices (and then the camera went to Hotch's apartment -establishing a link between the stories)and Reid says something like: "he is forcing you to play God with your son because the last time you had a choice your decition devastated him" (the parallel with Hotch's choices was brilliant

(geniusloci32 at CMF board)

Celine said...

Awesome episode, it's great to finally see the team again. The teamwork in the episode is marvellous, even JJ was in action. The focus is more on Hotch than on the case at hand. Both Thomas Gibson and Thomas Howell were great and acted their parts very well. There were some bits/parts in the episode that didn't make sense though.

Unknown said...

Absolutely loved the first episode, was everything i have been waiting for and more.
Thanks to the cast and writers

Deirdre said...

That was an amazing premiere. I loved every minute!!. While it was torture not seeing Hotch for so long I loved the suspense and tension it caused. I loved that Prentiss and JJ had lots of screentime. I thought it was great Prentiss being worried about HOtch but not sharing it with most of the team. She really is great at compartmentalising. And poor Garcia all worried but not being able to tell Morgan. And I loved that Morgan knew something was wrong.
And finally, poor Hotch. What an ordeal to go through and then th=o face not seeing his family for who knows how long!!!!
Anyway, that was one great episode lets hope the whole season is that amazing!

Anonymous said...

Well, we knew in advance there would be a lot of Hotch in the episode so I was ready to exercise patience, but as it turned out he wasn't the only focus - the rest of the team were involved, and I loved the interweaving of the doctor story. The father's tension was striking.

Gruesome set of injuries to Hotch. I don't like him but still HORRIBLE.

Hope that over the next weeks the writers don't rush Hotch's recovery unrealistically but have him sidelined for some time to come. He could recuperate tetchily somewhere. Interesting to see how the team would rearrange itself in his absence. Just like when Gideon left, it would make a big change happen and freshen up the show. Then when healed physically and emotionally, to whatever extent that is possible, Hotch would have to force his way back into a team that has learned to do without him. Good for tension. Good for keeping interest.

That would be good to see. Some proper difficulties in place of hurt and harm and rapid healing.

SweetThang said...

"Hope that over the next weeks the writers don't rush Hotch's recovery unrealistically but have him sidelined for some time to come."

I don't know. As we have seen in "Mayhem". Hotch is not a sit on the sidelines type of guy. I think he's going to hurry up and get well. Hotch wants to hurry up and get well so he can get out there and hunt Foyet down.

Hotch is going through a bunch of emotional turmoil because he had to send Haylee and Jack away. But that was the the only way he could keep them safe. So I feel that Hotch is going to see to it that Foyet is taken care of once and for all.

But I did like the two stories in one episode. I like to get two unsubs for the price of one.


Please make sure that the posts you make are your own words. If you are quoting someone please do so with their permission and cite your source. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i really like this first of the season.thomas gibson was great.i am a very big fan of c tomas howell from way back. i can not waite to see how this pans out. great start for season five,

Pet said...

Great start for the new season. Loved that we had to wait a while before we found out what happened to Hotch. Thomas Gibson and Paged Brewster rocked. Seeing Hotch say good bye to his son, was heart breaking. Emily was wonderful in this episodes. She was the one to ensure everyone, that everything will be okay, that they will get Foyet. Totally loved her scenes with Hotch. They seemed really close. I like the special bound between them and hope to see more of it.
And injured Reid worried about everything but, his wound, how great was that!

Traci said...

I hope this finally demonstrates that Hotch is most definitely NOT emotionless and his usual serious demeanour is simply a front. Great job Thomas, great job CM!

Connie said...

I really enjoyed the episode. I liked the team interaction. I liked how they had Prentiss (PB) work the 'hotch missing' angle with Garcia (KV - excellant acting as always) as a go between. Everyone contributed. Wonderful writing and directing on this episode.

Anonymous said...

I agree I loved the premiere! I dont think Hotch was sexually assualted I just think Foyet stabbed him 9 times-Foyet wouldnt have castrated himself and he said Hotch would have scars just like his. He said Hotch would change the way he profiles because he didnt us a knife in exchange for sexual assualt but instead to show his power and control over Hotch> I also agree that there is something between Emily and Hotch, but she had to look at the doors for the numbers which makes me think that if she had been there before it wasnt too often yet, but she did say "its me, Emily" Hotch has been calling her Emily in a few of the season 4 episodes instead of Prentiss. I dont know, but in the hospital there just seemed to be a connection, and the way that she look at him. I dont know, maybe I', just reading to much into it. Also, I've noticed that Emily and Hotch have matched in a lot of the episodes. if you look at the color of his tie, then she is probably wearing that color shirt. at first I just thought it was the fact that the prodominately wear black/ blue suits with red or white shirt or tie. but they are both in purple once? once again i could just be reading to much into it, and it could just be conisidence, I notice small details and then read way to much into it sometimes. I would like to see and Hotch/Emily connection tho that would be awesome. Cant wait for the next epiosde!

Anonymous said...

It just came to mind that as some speculated in the episode where Holly leaves Hotch that she had another man calling her on the phone, well if she is now in protected custody and cannot tell a soul were she is that IF there was another guy, he is out in the cold for now and maybe for good.