Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Criminal Minds: We closed the fourth season of CRIMINAL MINDS with a fade to black and the sound of a gun going off. They are in the middle of shooting the second episode of CRIMINAL MINDS season five. We have one actor on crutches, one actor banged up and a new actor joining the mix for a six episode gig. So what happens? Any guesses???


Anonymous said...

besides lots of stuff that will drive me crazy?

I think the team will get even closer than they already are, especially with so many wounded. I think more secrets from each of their pasts will come out, and that the UnSubs are going to be a little more vicious and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I think they are bringing in the new actor to help in the capture of Foyett. Or perhaps the rescue of Hotch.

Anonymous said...

I think Sweeney's character's role would depend on whether they have resolved the Reaper storyline before he joins. If they conclude the Reaper/Hotchner story in the premiere then Sweeney's character would be tied to some new case.

CM hasn't done a long story arc like this before. Should be interesting to see how they pull it off.

celeste said...

Multi-episode arcs can be tricky to make work. My hope is that they write Reid's injury in a way that isn't too dramatic. That character has been through enough and it has gotten really old. They could use the new character as simply an agent that comes to help out while Reid is unable to be fully mobile. I think the easier they make the intro the better.

I can't imagine them dragging out the Foyett storyline for 6 episodes but who knows.

madeline said...

Reid's injury really shouldn't upstage Hotch's situation. They have invested our summer in waiting to see the outcome of the gunshot.

Love to think that the ladies could fill some airtime while the men are recuperating. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Do we know how many episodes the actor who played Foyett has signed up to do?

That would tell us how long they are going to pursue that storyline.

They tried many new things in s-4 so I guess this new arc is the new thing they are trying for s-5. The actor is certainly eye candy. What if we end up really liking him on the show? Do we get to keep him?

Prentiss could use a boyfriend!! They would look perfect on screen together. I am voting for that.

izzy said...

Logically the Foyett/Hotchner story should be finished by the time the new guy joins the mix. If they are well into the second episode then probably we won't see him until episode three.

And the inference on the web that Reid gets shot has me going ballistic!!

mona said...


When they say 6 episode arc it can mean anything. It doesn't nec mean that one case lasts for 6 episodes. It can mean that he is brought in as a replacement or for training as an agent for 6 episodes. I would get bored with one case taking 6 weeks to resolve. The BAU is better than that. lol

candace said...

They've said that Joe will pickup some of Shemar's scenes. And if Shemar comes back right away and his injuries don't need to be written in then it leaves the new dude to fill in for Matthew.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about The Reaper story ending quickly. I can totally see them carrying the story for several episodes. If Hotch is not killed (which we know he isn't) then he is either badly hurt or taken hostage. Then they have to search for The Reaper and possibly Hotch.

Ele said...

Here is what I think:

Hotch got shot by the Reaper and although he survived , he was badly wounded and has to recover both physically and psychologically. Meanwhile the reaper has escaped so this new guy comes to help the team catch the reaper. The BAU still is working on new cases but they always are looking for new leads to find Foyett. Also this guy is about Hotch's age (although not even close as good looking!) so my guess is they know each other well( Rossi too I guess) and his friendship is going to help Hotch recover. Reid will get hurt but in a new case, so he will probably by working a lot of victimology.
Hopefully the producers of the show will remember that although we like guest stars, the ones we love to watch are all our team members!

Judiebuk said...

I think that the 'teaser' or 'red herring' about Reid being shot is a plausible explanation for Reid's injury (and something I have thought for a long time). I think they have maybe gone down that road. I bet when news of Shemar Moore's accident came through, the writers were all on oxygen!!! DEEP BREATH!!!

As for the new guy....hmmm I'll stay open minded on that one. Would be nice to see some different recurring characters within the BAU but not to the point of altering the team dynamics.

I'm trying not to second guess what the writers have done with the dramas that have been thrown into the mix....just so I don't guess right and spoil the surprise for myself!!!! Can't wait though!

Anonymous said...

Well if it's true that Reid gets shot then would it just be a hot to his leg? If so then that won't be too dramatic. Now, if they shoot him a few times one happens to cripple him as well, then obviously that will be more dramatic. Now, I certainly don't mind Reid getting a lot of attention and getting hurt because he's my favorite, but for the show's sake and the feelings of the rest of you, I guess it will be best if it's just one shot to the leg.

As for Sweeney it will probably be him helping out while the team is down.

Question: are we even certain that Hotch is going to get shot? I mean they led us to believe that, yes, but it's not certain. My guess is that he will, but maybe it won't be too serious? Whether Reid gets shot or not, it a definite that he will end up in the hospital so I'm not sure whether they'll have two cast memebers in the hospital. It would certainly make for a new twist on the usual team member hurt scenario but on the other hand, that will be two members of the team out. Perhaps Hotch will manage to either avoid the bullet enough that it isn't to serious...

I'm just rambling now but I'm not sure that Hotch will be borderlining on death given at least one more character going down as well...

Hermione said...

I'm really curious to see how Reid will get hurt.
And I respectfully disagree with the whole 'Reid gets too much hurt' complain. In the fourth season Reid was only injured in 'Amplification' and this episode wasn't even focused on him. Hotch got the worst of it in season four, and Morgan went through some pretty rough and difficult moments too.

I really don't think that they are going to draw the Hotch/Foyet storyline for 6 episodes.
I'm curious to see how the U.S. Marshal will be involved. A story arc could be interesting, but it doesn't mean that they will only focus on one case for those episodes.
I'm most interested in seeing him interact with the rest of the team.

Doc. said...

"Question: are we even certain that Hotch is going to get shot? I mean they led us to believe that, yes, but it's not certain."

I thought about that too. I doubted that Hotch got shot from the moment I saw the cliffhanger. Since the scene turned black before the shot was fired maybe Hotch didn't even get shot.

Since Reid is hurt on the first episode I'm eager to see how they will incorporate it. But it won't change the end of the cliffhanger, it was probably already filmed before MGG's accident.

I hope to see some good interactions between Hotch and Reid.

Anonymous said...

I think hotch dies. anyone with me?

Anonymous said...

I never believed that Hotch got shot. I always thought that someone else was in the room and they shot Foyett. Matthew was operated on BEFORE they started shooting the first episode which would have given the writers plenty of time to write in an injury for Reid. Plus we know from J. Cassar that Hotch is alive in the second episode.

I think Reid saves Hotch and is hurt doing it or that in the pursuit of Foyett he is hurt. Shooting Reid would be a terrible way of ending the two-parter. The Reaper's two main targets were Hotch and Morgan. Reid getting into the mix would be out of line imho.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I think at this stage, anything could happen. Hotch will be injured, or at the very least, rattled, everyone will rally around (Reid will hobble), and then, who knows? I just hope it won't be too predictable...

meaghan said...


I thought the same thing as you did. Ed and the writers must have had trouble breathing when Shemar told them he was in the accident. Besides really liking him as a person it sure does present a kink in an already kinky new season.

I think ztivoreb called it when she said that this season is going to be more 'vicious and disturbing.'

Anonymous said...

Sweeney probably is being brought in to assist the BAU while Reid is recovering. I agree with this guess.

I never trusted the ending to the finale. When the screen went blank I thought it was just a classic misdirect. Or maybe TG's contract was being renegotiated. Endings like that are usually just ways to get people to tune into the next premiere. Added drama. They took the most popular character on the show and they showed him in mortal peril.

I am thankful that Shemar wasn't hurt worse than he was. An accident with a bike and a car don't usually end so well. Thankfully this one did. He is a treasure.

celina said...

They closed a lot of storylines in season four which rocked! The only open one I can think of is the Reaper. They are coming into the new season with a much cleaner slate than in previous seasons.

Hotchner has been burning out since his divorce. This battle with Foyet could be a great catalyst for the writers to explore Hotch's mental health.

Anonymous said...

Gideon was sidelined at the office in Blood Hungry so maybe Reid is sidelined for a few episodes and they bring in a new agent to travel with the team. This would be great because we would still get to see Reid with Garcia. Gideon drove Garcia crazy but I think she'd like having Reid around.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read from John Cassar that Hotch is alive ? And if he's alive, are you really sure that he participates to the team's activity ? We have got absolutely no news from Hotch (and from TG) since the cliffie, the only thing we know is that he is very very bearded and (hopefully) Hotch is what ?

lesley r. said...

AJ, Kirsten and Paget are under used. I was hoping that with MGG and Shemar bumped about that we'd see the actresses step in and do more.

Anonymous said...


Jon Cassar posted several times that he was working on the second episode and that he was working with Thomas. If Thomas is working with Cassar than Hotch is alive.

Brigitte said...

What will happen:

Considering last season ender some fear for Hotch health, a lot more team interraction, nothing like something bad happening to one of them to bring them all much closer to each other. Hopefully the team will give Foyet what he deserve!

If the pig farm case was any indication we will get more disturbing cases.


Anonymous said...

Karen & Anonymous: I unfortunately read the posts by Mr. Cassar and I wish somebody would have told him that NOT all CM fans like being spoiled. He doesn't use a spoiler tag on his posts. Lets piece together what we know from what he has posted-

Hotch is alive and moving around in the second episode.

There is a junkyard involved in the second case.

Joe is going to handle some of Shemar's load.

Oh and the best part! Mr. Cassar thinks CM is too violent. I already sent an email to Jill asking her to speak to Mr. Cassar on behalf of fans like myself. I hope others have done so as well! I hope she does let Ed know that some of us are non too pleased.

I think one of the team members gets to Hotch before Foyett can kill him. Or Hotch talks him down and the shot sound was a ruse.

philly said...

D.B.Sweeney is an awesome actor. I can't wait to see him on the show. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Good news that D B Sweeney coming in -- the show can always use talented actors. But wonder if this means Hotch is incapacitated more than we thought?

jules said...

A car crash while chasing the Reaper would also be a good explanation for Reids injury.
No matter what, Reids definitly deserves to be the Hero this time! The last two seasons he was more like the punshing bag...

Anonymous said...

The casting news talks about doctors and hospital staff. That could be for either Reid or Hotch. I am excited for the season to start. It has been a long time without a new episode.

justine said...

Best wishes to Shemar and Matthew on speedy recoveries. Hopefully they will both be up and tackling suvs real soon!

Do we know yet how many episodes we are getting this season? If it is only 22 then Sweeney being in 6 of them is pretty substantial. I remember his work and he is very good. I'm excited to see how they use this new character. I do agree with those who have said that he is a temp agent filling in for Reid.

Anonymous said...

I think Reid gets shot by Foyet at the end of the first episode.
And Foyet escapes one more time and disappears some time. That is the reason we have a new actor who plays an US Marshall.
He will be there to help the team to catch Foyet or to protect Hotch from Foyet, or someone else of the team.

We will learn more about the past of our team (i hope so, especialy for Hotch) ^^

Anonymous said...

One person presumably shot and other on crutches and yet other injured at the very least. Shemar has a walking cast so it supposedly is not going to effect his role. Bottom line the team needs some serious help this season. No wonder they are calling in for back up. My theory... Hotch has been shot and wounded, NOT DEAD, and some kind of explosion while going after the Reaper resulted in Morgan and Reid ending up with bum legs. That or there was a three legged race that went horribly wrong. In either case Shemar ends up landing on Reid's leg dislocating it, while he injures his own. By the way it is Joe/Rossi's turn to have either an on air or off air injury. All the other guys do.

Cait said...

While you never can be sure what the writers are gunna do i just hope Reid's storyline isn't too major as i personally (not to upset reid fans) have had enough of reid in danger and being the main focus. Hotch was the main person involved in the foyet storyline so he should be the focus in the premiere and the girls - JJ in particular - need more screen time!

However i can't wait for the fifth season to start especially if they keep raising the standard of the show like they usually do this show keeps getting better and better in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember the poll Ed asked Jill to put up? We are suppose to get the back story of Hotch in the first 7 epi. He had the most votes.

janice said...

'He'll play a U.S. Marshall who is brought in to help out with a major case'

This sounds like a new case or the case of the Reaper. I just find it implausible that one case would take six episodes. Maybe he comes for one case and sticks around.

Anonymous said...

It should be interesting but I wouldn't put too much faith in the spoilers we've been fed. They could just be given to us to get us off the trail of what really is going to happen. Lets just pray that everyone stays healthy. Hugs to Shemar!

Loren said...

I'm really questioning whether or not Hotch gets shot. At least, I don't think the gun shot we heard was him because the gun is aimed right at his head. Now, I realize that the gun could've moved but it wouldn't have been by Foyett. The only thing that would make sense is if Hotch tried to fight him off and got shot in a different area but they're not going to shoot Hotch in the head.

The more I think about it the more I think Hotch will be relatively unscathed. Maybe some wounds but nothing too serious. The implications so far is that Reid will be getting shot, that being said, I don't think they'll shoot both of them. Not to mention the fact that Reid will definitely be out of the game for a while so I highly doubt the writers will also want to take down the lead of the show with something serious. That's a bit too much to deal with and I don't see the writers doing it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... maybe Foyett takes Hotch as hostage, hurts Reid, leaving him on the crime scene... and the new agent takes Hotch´s place for the time of investigation...

gubegiirl said...

Oh, my, so much to ponder...Does anyone know if Matthew's knee surgery was of an emergency-last minute nature or a planned one? I have to wonder it if was planned and his role on CM and his other activities all worked around it. Didn't we hear that he stated in an interview that he would be in a wheelchair for the first 4 epis? He said that ( I think) the first wk or so of filming, which would have you believe his possible on-air one was more serious an injury than the real-life hobbling about he has been doing. His other activities included being down here in SD week before last for the better part of Comic-Con and also for the premiere of his "How to be a Serial Killer" just a mile or so away from the convention center. Makes one wonder if his role is minimal during the first sev epis to allow him to 1) recup, 2) participate in his other ventures.

As far as Hotch: he can't be dead but I kinda like the idea of Sweeney stepping in to sub for him while he recups from his supposed gunshot wound(s.) 6 epis sounds about right. OR he could be in an arc as was Keith Carradine was a couple seasons back - even more so, and maybe not all in a row, which could make it really interesting.

As for Shemar: you poor kid! I'll bet you are worried about the condition you will be in for the big fundraiser-bike-ride coming up (Sept?)that you are prob'ly training for. Let me join the list of those ardent and faithful fans offering to provide loving nursing care for you, my sweet, fine man, you deserve it! (Girls, we can all share...maybe Matthew still could use some TLC, too - he's prob'ly very fatigued at the end of his hobblng around days of recent...anyway, count me in as a caregiver! Can't wait for the new season!

adeline said...

I too wonder if the new character is going to replace Reid for a while. MGG is having another surgery tomorrow and will need time to recuperate. If that is so, I will miss Reid.

Through the Viewfinder said...

First off, I don't think that Hotch was killed. I never did. Now he might be shot, but Foyet would want to torment Hotch - to make him suffer. Killing him is not going to do that - it is not going to give him the release he needs.

That said, Hotch could be shot, seriously injured and still walking around in episode two sometimes there a great of time passes between episode one and episode two of a CM season. For example, The Fisher King - P911, and some time passed between Mayham and The Angel Maker) They could go that route again.

And yeah, Reid could be hurt in the season opener and still be recovering in the next episode - but they could say that his recovery will take say four to six months rather then the two to three for MMG.

Regarding the other news

D B Sweeney is going to playing a US Marshal - not a FBI agent. So I don't think he is going to be replacing one of the team, even on a temporary basis. US Marshals perform very different duties then FBI agents.

Given that one of the Marshals main duties is in tracking down and capturing fugitives I am thinking that part it could be about Foyet or some other criminal who has escaped custody and is on a killing spree. Or the team needs the help of some criminal and Sweeny is there to make sure they guy doesn't run for it.

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooooooo!! glad the producer confirmed Shemar Moore's injuries will not sideline him this season because there is no way I would watch this show without lots of Derek Morgan. I love Reid and Garcia and Prentiss too but they could never substitute for totally gorgeous DEREK MORGAN. I love, love the fact they're adding Sweeney to the cast. I watch for the eyecandy and Moore and Sweeney are definitely eyecandy. I am so excited. Can't wait for the season to start :)

Nichöle Jude said...

If Matthew Grey Gubler (Reid) is not in the show due to his injury I'd be incredibly upset. Reid is my favourite character!

I don't think Hotch will be killed off because that would totally ruin the whole show. It NEEDS Hotch!

Lanna said...

I think Sweeney's character will be brough in to help with a very difficult case, maybe even catch Foyet. I also think he already knows Hotch and Rossi since he has a connection with "several" members of the team, so maybe they've worked together before. A 6 episode arc is a pretty big span so it should be a very interesting case.

I have a feeling that on the whole the show will be darker and the cases will be a little more violent in S5. I think some of the members of the team might start to struggle with that viciousness, and start to really question their work and purpose. I hope we'll get more background information on all of them. I think the team will gow evern closer together and their bond stronger, as it's always the case after they barely avoided tragedy.


Anonymous said...

A couple of observations:

The announcement that DB Sweeney had signed to do a 6 episode arc came so quickly after Shemar's accident, it makes me think that this was in the works before Shemar's accident.

DB Sweeney is playing a U.S. Marshall. U.S. Marshall's are the officers that protect those people in the federal witness protection program. Could we be seeing a return of the family from 3rd Life from Season 3? I acutally don't think that, but they were in the witness protection program.

I think that the Reaper hurts Reid in the first episode, and I hope that they don't string out the Reaper business. Let's have a clean break with him. He is too evil. Reid will still be effective in a wheel chair, his brain power is immense.

I am hoping that since Morgan will be out of the action, that all the action doesn't surround DB Sweeney - let's have our female cast members kick some UNSUB butt! Garcia, JJ, and Prentiss are a force to be reckoned with and can be used as such.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see the need to bring in DB Sweeney, not that I have anything against the man or his acting but the show has a hard enough time giving decent air time to the seven characters that it already has. Many complain that Reid gets too much air time (I'm not one of them. He's my favorite and I'll be broken hearted to not see much of him this season) But to me it seems a perfect opportunity to highlight the others. Maybe not Morgan, as Shemar is injured too, but the other five are definitely fair game. I see no need to add another character to take more time away from those we already know and love.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what will happen with hotch or reid. I think it would be funny if reid just tripped on something or fell down a couple steps and hurt himself instead of getting shot haha

I definitely think that the ladies should get more centerd eps and kick some ass!!!!

Prentiss does need a man in her life, i think we need more development between the characters. Especially JJ and Prentiss, they barely ever talk.
Poor shemar!!! Be well soon!

Sierra said...

I think they may be looking at another angle. What, I'm not sure. I hope he won't be a regular as I like the team as they are presently.

Nadiah said...

It can be that Hotch got shot and Sweeney's replacing him while he was gone.

Debbie said...

Hummm, thought provoking...

I think we will see more of Rossi taking the lead (Hotch -fictionally - is out for a couple of eps and MGG/Shemar are partially disabled for real).

We'll see more action/activity from the girls. YES!

I think the D.B. Sweeney character will be a hindrance to the team in some way - maybe he's protecting a suspected unsub?

As the team members contemplate what could have happened to Hotch, I think that they will come to love and value each other even more - become even tighter.

Reid will continue to mature.

A.J. will become more conflicted about her role as an FBI agent and mother.

Garcia will wake up and and realize that she can do much better than what's - his - name and she'll tell him to hit the road.

I think (hope)we'll see more of Emily's personal side - her humor, her intelligence and kindness.

HardKOrr said...

I'm not sure but I know I'm going to hang on for the ride.

I agree with Lori, it does seem that the US Marshal was planned before Shemar's injury. They are involved with the Witness Protection program but they also hunt fugitives so maybe it has to do with Foyet. I do hope that with a six episode arc, it is only part of the story and we don't focus solely on one case.

I can see the show having him flirt with one of the girls and, since only one is "available", I guess that would mean Emily.

But what I'm really hoping for is that the show will highlight the abilities of our female team members. This is a great opportunity for a litle Girl Power...Emily, JJ, and Garcia are more than up for the task.

All I really know is...I can't wait for September 23rd!

jackie said...

We can't rule out the
possibility that Hotch
got shot in the season 4
cliff hanger.
I am going to say, that the
new agent that is being brought
in for the 6 episode arc, which
Hotch knows from when he
started with the BAU, is to
help fill in while Hotch and
Reid are recuperating from
the injuries sustained to
them from the Reaper.
I think Reid arrived at Hotch's
apartment just after he shot
Hotch, and in pursuit of Foyet
he tripped; fell, thus hurting
his knee. I know the Foyet/Reaper
story line will probably be
rapped by the 3rd episode,
but if you have 2 agents out,
you need some one to fill in
in their absence. That's what
i think, but i could be totally
off base. Will just have to
waite like every one else to
see how this truly plays out.

Andrea said...

I cannot wait any more for the start of season 5! But the thought that Aaron Hotchner was hurt seriously, or killed, drives me crazy! He is my absolute favourite, an excellent actor. CM without Hotch is completely unthinkable for me!! The attack on Hotch and Morgan (Omnivore) was an attack on the complete team. After all these terrible occurrences the team will move up still more closer now. It is like a family. For Aaron Hotchner I wish that his so rare smile can be seen again once in a while. I would like to see him as a loving father with his little son.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see hotch using his swat or negotiating background he was supposed to have and also would love to see if jj worked anywhere else beforehand or maybe even had another team she primarily worked with however i think whatever happens in the season opener is going to have major impact for the rest of the season isn't it the 100th episode this season? There shoukld definately be some kick ass case for that episode!


Anonymous said...

I really love the character of Reid (my fav.), but in this case I really hope that they will just make him unable to leave the office. It would be funny the see him with Garcia during the first episodes... This could explain the arrival of the new guy, Hotch is seriously injurged (poor Hotch again by the beginning of the season), and this means two guys missing to on the road.
I am impatient...
Best whished to Shemar (take care during the first shoot...)
MGGFan / Carine

Mark said...

I dont think hotch is dead, it will kill the show. Same thing they did with gibson, they writer made people believe he was about to kill himself, and he didnt.
he will live :)

Iheartspenc said...

I really think that something happens to bring the team closer and gives away some more info on the characters' personal lives. I really hope that Prentiss gets a love life because the show really has gone into everyone's personal life except hers other then in "Demonology".

Iheartspenc said...

If Hotchner dies I believe the show dies with the character.

iheartspenc said...

Make it a good sason, Criminal Minds writers!!