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Criminal Minds question of the day: Which Criminal Minds character has changed the most since we were first introduced to the character? How well do you know the characters on Criminal Minds!!! :)


Sofie said...

I have to say Rossi. He went from loner to a man you works with his team mates. Reaid also has ''grewup''. More out of his shell.

Irene said...

I'd say Reid. He's not a scared kid anymore.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that it is David Rossi. He came in as an arrogant, know it all, loner and now he is the mastered working and caring about the team. The shell around him is almost totally gone. He's transformed the most imho.

Anonymous said...

I think they've all changed but Morgan. Morgan's character has stayed pretty constant. No big personality changes with him.

Reid gets my vote too. I think he was a immature kid when the show started and now he has experienced so many horrible things and seen so many horrible things and it has matured him.

Anonymous said...

I say Rossi. He was sort of an arrogant jerk at first and now he has seriously mellowed. He finally got the idea that it is a team effort not a one man show. I think epi. like "Lime Light" and "Damaged" proofed to be reality checks for him in these areas. Reid comes a close second. He's growing up and seriously coming into his own. He actually knew the names of some of the Bulls players "Elephants Memory." Big jump for a kid who didn't know the Redskins was a football team. He also took a lead position in "Mayhem" when chasing down freaky bomber dude. It almost ridiculous when the writers attempt to maintain his naivety. He knows an obscure rock band but he's never heard a common children's taunt? Hmmm... Somehow that just doesn't fit.

TimothyTeo (Singapore) said...

i will say Reid, indeed he has grown up. Everyone plays an important role in this show. 5.0/5.0 for this show

Misses Gideon and Elle the most, hope they will be back.

It's Dead, Jim said...

I'd say Hotch, actually. In the first season, he's confident and more open with the team about his life (e.g., he brings Jack and Haley in to meet the team, he tells Elle about how Haley is on bed rest and he's worried she might go crazy, etc.), and in the second season, even though he's visibly getting to be more about the job, less about his home life, he's still involved in it and he lets it affect him during cases (like in "Lessons Learned," when he was worried about Jack and Haley possibly ending up at the mall opening that Jind Allah had planned to hit with anthrax).

Now, he still cares about Jack and Haley, but he admits to Megan in "Pleasure is My Business" that he doesn't get to see Jack as often as he'd like to, and during "Amplification," when JJ gets worried and upset about the possibility that Henry could go for his walk near the park that got hit with anthrax, Hotch basically tells her to just focus on the job and keeping to the rules; he does call Jack later, which makes it clear that he was thinking about Jack, but he didn't let Jack cloud his judgment or affect how he handled the case. He's also less open about his life outside of the office: he only told Morgan about Haley leaving because Morgan pushed, and then Morgan and Rossi were the only ones who knew until Hotch got served with divorce papers (and Hotch didn't even tell Rossi; Rossi just put it together from what he observed and how well he knows Hotch).

(continued in next comment)

It's Dead, Jim said...

Then there's his sense of humor, which has taken a huge hit as a part of the team's work. During the first part of "The Fisher King," he's clearly having fun with Haley and the pirate hat. In the restaurant scene in "A Real Rain" and the beginning of "The Big Game," he's out enjoying himself with the team, and in "No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank," he jokes with Gideon about the flowers he was buying to go see Sarah. Since getting suspended and then walked out on by Haley, Hotch has been a lot less prone to smiling and good humor. He does smile at the end of "Normal" when JJ brings baby Henry to the office, and he's clearly still sensitive to the team's various problems, since he helps look up Reid's father and get JJ to the hospital in "In Memoriam," tries to make Morgan feel better after having his credentials stolen in "Omnivore," and tries to get Emily to take care of herself and not let her grief cloud her decision making in "Demonology," but overall, his demeanor's gotten more rigid and less open to levity. Personally, I'd be surprised to see him on another "team night out" like in "A Real Rain" or "The Big Game" any time soon.

Finally, the big one for me is that he used to defer more to other people's judgment (like all the times he took direct guidance from Gideon, or put someone else in charge of profiling a case because it was their specialty, e.g. making Morgan the lead in "Broken Mirror" because Morgan's specialty is obsessional crimes). He made Rossi the lead negotiator with Cyrus in "Minimal Loss," but it could be argued that this is a special case, because he and Rossi worked together for so long before Rossi originally retired; what we see, mostly, is Hotch handing out tasks and telling people what to do. We see a good glimpse of his hardening here in "House on Fire" when he makes Garcia act as a profiler, even though she's not trained as one; even though he says thank you at the end of the episode, he still makes her do it. But where we see it the most is with the Reaper in "Omnivore": Hotch goes to see the original detective without telling anyone; he readies the team to go to Boston before they've been invited and just assumes they will be; he tells Garcia to look up the Reaper files without telling her why; he spends most of the episode dispensing and acting on wisdom from a profile that he's been working on by himself for years since the original case, and he tries to blame himself for what goes wrong in the case before Rossi pulls him aside and warns him about the danger of taking full responsibility for things that aren't his fault. Hotch in earlier seasons would have been less of a lone wolf on this case -- he even warned Rossi about the dangers of being too much of a loner in "About Face" -- which is a huge change from how he was when we first met him.

Kathryn said...

I would have to agree on what most folks are saying here. Rossi has finally become a team player, while Reid has transformed into a shy geeky nerd, to a confident, sensitive, thoughtful profiler.

I notice something different about Hotch, though. He smiles less and less. Of course we have to understand that he was divorced, a leader of the team that sees the dark side of humanity everyday and all, but I would love to see him smile again on future episodes...

Jen said...

I think Rossi, and I have to give props to the writers for how organically it's been done. I only saw episodes sporadically until season four, and then I went back and rented the previous seasons and I did not recognize that arrogant narcissist that was introduced in season three. My heart really ached for him when he realized that those kids he had been obsessed over had become exactly the sort of ill-adjusted adult that one would expect, and that his annual calls had helped to keep the wounds fresh. I felt for him when he overheard Hotch berating that detective for glorifying the killers over the victims and saw himself in her. Those were character jewels, and I think Mantegna did a spectacular job with making an initially unlikable character grow more sympathetic.

In general, I don't see the characters 'growing' all that much on the show. They're very rich, very well developed, very rounded, but largely static. I can honestly say I like all the characters, and I do feel like I know them fairly well. As an audience member, I feel more or less like another member of the team in terms of what I know about the characters. We've seen glimpses of their personal lives, but little that I can't imagine coworkers talking to one another about (with the possible exception of Reid in front of the Clean Cops group, which, incidentally, is one arc I'd either like to see picked back up or wrapped up properly).

I'd like to see some growth in Morgan. I'd like to see him develop some true trust in the team over the course of a few episodes. I think it would be a great loss to the show if he ever completely stopped being a bit of a maverick, but I do think I'd like to see him start to lean on the team a bit more often.

I'd also like to see some development for Prentiss. She's the character I feel least like I know, which is significant in that she's been there for 75% of the show's run so far. She's in a great position for growth and development.

HardKOrr said...

While they have all changed to some degree or another, Rossi is the one that has changed the most since his introduction.

As many have said before, he was a loner. Didn't participate with the rest of the team at first when they would review cases, he would just sit and write notes in his own notebook. He didn't want their help at all in Damaged but JJ, Emily, and Morgan (with Garcia's help) pushed the issue and made him see what it's like to be part of a team. They cared because he cared. Rossi was very old school. Now he's bought into the team dynamic and has even become a mentor and confidant. He's had personal conversations with all of them. And that's why I think he's changed the most.

The others have changed and evolved too. Hotch seems to have lost his balance when his wife and son left him. While never "easy going", he did seem to have a little more humor in him. Now you have to cheer for him when he actually smiles.

Reid was a skinny kid that seems to have come into his own. He's more sure of himself and his ideas now and I think that happened when Gideon left.

Emily seems more comfortable with the team. I don't think she feels like she has to prove herself anymore. And as her comfort levels increased, it has allowed her humor and snark to shine through.

JJ, well becoming a mother is a big change, but she's become sort of the team's sixth profiler without being an actual one. She now pipes in sometimes during the profile presentations. Something I'd like to see them carry over into the next season.

I think Morgan and Garcia are probably the two that have changed the least. Morgan is still the action hero and Garcia is still our sweet, funny, wacky tech goddess. With Garcia, somethings are just too good to change.

celeste said...

I agree about it being Hotch because he is so more intense now than in the beginning. It is almost impossible to remember the last time that he smiles. In the beginning of the series he was a workaholic but he was also very well rounded and fun loving with his family.

Catarina (Portugal) said...

I would say JJ. She grew up a lot. In the begining she was just a liason - seh presented the cases and dealt with the press. Now she is actually helping the others build the profiles and getting envolved with the victims. Adding that to became a mother and be promoted to an SSA, I think she is the character that changed the most.

Anonymous said...

Reid has lost his sense of wonder and innocence since Gideo left him,

JJ has an ongoing relationship, which has added to her character

Hotch has become super sever and crabby since is wife left

Rossi is learning to share

Morgan, sigh! I want bad ass Morgan back and preachy feel my pain Morgan gone.

Emily is more confident and communicative with the other women.

Garcia has changed the most. She has been exposed to so much more than what is on her computer screen and has had to deal in the field and on site for some terrible things and as much as she wants to believe good things about people, she has had her eyes opened. She still has the happy persona of the team, but she has also expressed many deeper feelings about them too.


Sierra said...

I would say Reid since Gideon left and Rossi is now more of a team player.

UK Viewer said...

Good question and really interesting discussion!

Seems to me that Rossi grew into being the man he really was to start with -- a sensitive guy with a serious amount of confidence and nous -- so arguably the change there is more with CM watchers, and also the members of the team (eg Morgan) who learned to understand him. Though there is of course a reciprocal softening; Rossi had to trust the group in order to let them see him minus (some of) his defences. I like the fact that he retains some edge though. Wouldn't want him to be peaches and cream. Would like to see more of his priest pal and learn what's behind Rossi's strongly pragmatic relationship to faith matters.

Both the Rs have changed really. Reid's more obviously growing, learning how to be comfortable in his own skin. His sense of other people is a little one-size fits all, probably because his own personality is so gawky and hard to deal with. It'll be interesting to see that shift. Eg It's often him who says, 'It's not your fault; you couldn't have known etc', as if he can't bear someone to bear a weight of responsibility. Would be interested to learn what is behind that humane instinct.

Morgan I think is not nearly so easy going as he seems to be, and that is an interesting point for character development. Look at his expressions when Garcia says something a little flippant on the phone. Especially when there are others around, He seems embarrassed for/about her and even occasionally intolerant, perhaps because he feels connected to her? Wonder how much the abuse in his past has led him to put up a front where he can make everything seem perfect.

Probably Gideon is the one to change the most. The cowardly custard.

UK Viewer said...

PS Nice pic. Is JM taking up bass again???

morti_addams said...

ok, i'll try to keep it short :-P

well reid changed a lot. he seems to have got trust to himself, he is more grown up, outgoing .....

Anonymous said...

After reading other comments I happen to agree with them. Hotch is still my favorite character but he has become more of the boss and placing the team before home, in the beginning he shared the boss title with Gideon, but when he left Aaron had to become harder to be the boss, it affected his home. Since Hayley left I don't think he has a good night sleep and it shows.
Reid has matured and will continue to do so.
Rossi has changed in that he is no longer that lone profiler but knows how to merge his talents with others. He has become a good mentor for the others,especially Hotch, to balance their uncertainties.
Morgan does trust better and is more than just muscle, although he is still fairly reckless at times.
The ladies I just love

MySentimentExactLee said...

Hands down Rossi. That was the actual point to his character, to change. He came in as a "holier than thou" "shovinistic" "hard to work with" type of guy. Now he is not that way at all.


Anonymous said...

i say reid

Ann said...

I'm in agreement to those that say Rossi. I didn't like him at first because he had no desire to really be part of the in his mind his way of doing things was better than the teams & didn't even take anything else into consideration. When the team worked to break Rossi's self-made "wall" & helped him solve the case that had haunted him for years he began to accept the team's talents & generosity. Rossi's been a team player ever since.

Faith said...

I would say that Spencer Reid because he's seemed to have matured quite a bit from the first season.
Not only does he look older, but he seems more confident as well.

Anonymous said...

An argument could be made that it is Emily who has changed the most. She was really uppity and uptight when she joined the unit. Not a very likable person and now she has loosened up and is very endearing.

izzy said...

Hard one.

They've all aged and matured over the past four seasons. If I had to pick it would be Rossi.

Debbie said...

Reid, without a doubt.
He has grown up. He's more confident in his work - he is frequently in on the raids, takes the lead at times, and doesn't nervously spout off all those facts. He also seems more comfortable socially. He's reconciled the situation with his dad, seems to have become more comfortable with his mother. Is more comfortable around women. Even his wardrobe and hair have changed. Those are just a few ways I see him changed from season 1.

Anonymous said...

its a tie betw Rossi & Reid!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Reid. He's not a scared kid anymore.222

jackie said...

I have to agree as well. I think
Rossi has changed the most since
coming on the show. When he first
came on in About Face, he kept
to himself, and didn't want to
share with anyone. He pretty
much did what he wanted.
Now, since Damaged, he trusts
in the team, and is a team player. He has truly become
a good friend/father figure
to every one, especially Hotch,
and the team really trusts him,
and he trusts them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion thread -
Rossi - not sure if character changed or if I just grew to like him more. Objectively, the character had to change how he worked to incorporate being a team player. This was pointed out in his first three episodes. I'm a JM fan, so I was going to like Rossi either way.

Reid - has maintained his energy without being over the top. Kudos to wonderful acting by MGG. He is young, so he is still excited, scared ,emotional about the job. That takes skill to get all that across on screen.

Hotch - weight of the world on his shoulders more every season. TG does great at portraying this. I'd love to see lighter moments though with this character, even if it's just dry humor.

Morgan - SM is just wonderful to look at for me. I know, that's not the point. I have a feeling based on last season's ending, we'll see more conflict with this character in season 5. The writers were indicating that Morgan's in crisis mode about being able to continue with the BAU. Could be interesting.

Garcia - just glad to see more screen time with this character. Having a boyfriend didn't changer her nature, just gave me more to watch with her. I love any scenes with KV. She always brings her a game. I don't think the charater's changed much which is wonderful. Garcia is a steady positive to the team and I'd hate to see that change.

JJ - hard to say with her since she was off having a little one most of the season. I did see some incorporation of her being a new mom in season 4. AJ had to also be torn with work and being a new mom. It came across well.

Prentiss - She seemed steady this season in personality and with the team. Although there were moments thrown in that indicated she had much more of a rough past than the writers revealed. I don't know if this was intended or just PB's interpretation of character. I do like that PB gets the more sarcastic lines. She plays them well and comes across as good quips instead of mean spirited. I love how she always remembers to thank/acknowledge Garcia when on phone conferencing.

B said...

I'd have to go with Reid. He's changed in a few ways IMO. His outlook on things has changed, the way he thinks and see's things plus he's not just "that super smart geeky kid" anymore.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say Rossi when he first showed up he was a real loner and and a little stad offish. Now he seems to really care about his teaammates. Also Reid has changed quite a bit he's grown up alot.

Anonymous said...

I don't personally think any of them have changed too much. Because even though they sort of change sometimes it usally blows over by the next new episodes. Like the time when Reid was kidnapped and tortured by Raphael/Tobias/Tobias' Dad he became a drug addict and started to zone out and give the cold shoulder to Prentiss but that then blew over and is now ancient history. By the sounds of it Rossi probably has changed alot I just wouldn't know due to the fact that i've only really seen 2ish episodes with Rossi in and he was really quiet and didn't talk much so there wasn't much change to go on..... No, wait, I just remembered Elle, she really changed after getting shot. (Italic)Really. She went from good agent to vigilante killer.

Anonymous said...

I think that Emily has changed the most, not only her own character but in the way that the other characters react/relate to her. She started off basically with Hotch not wanting her on the team and with nobody really including her - now Hotch respects her, shown especially in 3x02 when he basically tells her to get back to the BAU. Also he, and the audience, really got to see the integrity of her character. Also within season 3 and especially 4, Paget has sort of became more of an influence on Emily - the humour and sarcasm - shes not just an uptight FBI agent, shes a friend to them and a really valuable part of the team. I think its always been hinted that she had a tough upbringing and heartache where her family are concerned and I think that its really only beginning to become obvious how tough and heartbreaking it really was. I'd like to see her character develop even more in the friendship between the three women - Garcia, JJ and Emily - the bar scene with Brad the FBI agent was one of the funniest ever. Her friendship with Morgan I think has always been obvious and as long as it continues I'll be happy!!!!! OH YEAH and I forgot the most obvious.....HOTCH 4 EMILY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Rossi has changed a lot since he joined because he didn't know how to work as a team but I would have to say that Reid changed the most. He was extremely socially awkward, and although he is still slightly he has blossomed a lot. He learned how to slow down some and not just profile someone but understand emotions a little better. He also learned about his own personal emotions... fear, happiness... And he learned how to shoot a gun. Two thumbs up for Spencer Reid!