Saturday, August 01, 2009


Criminal Minds: Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, is being listed as being tied to the new Disney release of "Rapunzel."

On December 24, 2010 Disney is planning to release another classic fairy tale story, Rapunzel. The film will depict the well-known story about the girl, Rapunzel, who gets trapped in the tall tower by the evil witch, and the hero who must rescue her by climbing up the tower with the help of her long hair!

Below are the rumored celebrities who might be lending their voices to the characters in the film:

- Kristin Chenoweth (Rapunzel)
- Grey DeLisle (Evil Witch)
- Matthew Gray Gubler (Young Prince Flynn)
- Dan Fogler (Prince Flynn)
- David Schwimmer (Father Sam)
- Kevin Linehan (Narrator)
- Carolyn Lawrence (Mother Amy)
- Peter Sallis (Gramps Franklin)
- Pam Hyatt (Granny Claire)

The movie is set to release just in time for the holidays next year.