Friday, September 19, 2008


Criminal Minds Blog Notes: Criminal Minds promo spoiler pics are now loaded on the spoiler thread of the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board for the first three Criminal Minds episodes. WOW! If the episodes are half as good as the pics then we are in for a great ride.

The Criminal Minds MS bike team goes into action tomorrow to support MS. 75 miles. Good luck to all the bikers!

The contest for "Mayhem" should be great and I look forward to reading everyone's entries. Good luck everyone!

Kim's Aids Marathon: Anyone have an extra 2k? We need to raise some more money and quickly to get bragging rights over CSI. Remember there is a wonderful auction ending tomorrow for a "Revelations" script signed by our wonderful Chris Mundy!

Both CBS and Ed are working on individual surprises for everyone to get us pumped up for "Mayhem". We always know we can count on Ed and this new cooperation from CBS is both welcomed, surprising and appreciated (whether they come through for us or not). I will keep everyone posted.

Remember to use the word "Mayhem" when talking to anyone you meet this week! Plug the show!