Monday, September 08, 2008


Criminal Minds: Happy Monday to all my Criminal Minds friends. The Criminal Minds chat yesterday was lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who attended. Just a few notes for this week:

1. 9/10/08 - Wednesday - "Tabula Rasa" written by Jay Beattie & Dan Dworkin. Awesome episode and I'm looking forward to watching it again.

2. We've done a great job helping to raise money for Kim Harrison's Aids Marathon. As of this past friday, here is where we stand: The CSI runner has already raised $6.950.00 and our Criminal Minds runner, Kim, has raised $5,132.00.

The initial deadline is September 22nd. If you are financially able to make an additional contribution to this worthy cause it would be appreciated. If you look at Kim's Aids Marathon page you will see that this has truly been a Criminal Minds family project. Writers, actors and fans working together to make a difference. Whether or not we beat CSI is up to all of us. Kim's birthday is on September 10th. A donation would be a great birthday present for her.

3. As we talked about in the chat room yesterday, I will be doing Criminal Minds podcasts in the very near future and am lining up fans who don't live in the US or Canada to help give us updates on how the show is being received in their country and what is happening within their country's fandom. If you are interested in joining me in one of these podcasts, please email me with your name and the country you live in.

4. "Mayhem" is coming to a tv set near you very shortly. Now is the time to start grabbing new recruits for the show. You have two promos that are awesome and should certainly get their attention. Email everyone you know the links and ask them to give the show a chance.

5. Best wishes and cyber hugs to AJ Cook who is ready to have her baby at any moment now. We all wish her well and look forward to her return to the show.

Have a great week everyone!