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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for Criminal Minds episode "In Heat" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Kirsten Vangsness. Written by Andi Bushell.

***Beware- Comments on this thread will contain spoilers***

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Deirdre said...

I'm really excited about this episode. I can't wait to see how it unfolds!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the blog pic a clue??

Anonymous said...

I cant wait! For once, as Canada has it early, I'm off and can see it earlier! :)

lizzymmcf said...

I'm so excited! Less than two hours :)

Anonymous said...

... it's on right now in alberta..

Anonymous said...

Watching it now!

Anonymous said...

OH! Shes been seeing him on weekends!

Love the opening with Garcia and Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Josh Stewart and Tia Texada are both from Third Watch. That's cool. I am tired of Kevin. I am ready for that storyline to run its course and go away.

The case is very interesting. So far so good!

Anonymous said...


They already knew. I LOVE it!

Will post more later.

Anonymous said...

Yet another person from Third Watch. That makes 4 people that they have used from that!

Love the scene with Morgan and Stephen! He did so awesome!

They way Stephen could mimic everyones accent and become them was kinda of scary, but really good.

That ending was so wonderful and fantastic! I screamed when they kissed! The reaction of Elle, Reid and Morgan, prove you cant hide anything from profilers!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, one more thing, totally romantic opening with Garcia and Kevin!

Anonymous said...

watching it right now and omg I LOVE Garcia's hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly. I will never, ever, get tired of the Third Watch characters. Seeing Tia (Cruz) and Josh (Finney) reawakens many happy years of Third Watch. Before CM, it was my all-time favorite show on television. It still is one of my faves, long after it has ended. I still miss it.

Loved the way they incorporated the relationship of JJ's. Immediate and to the point. Honestly, it felt as though we knew it already (okay, after that first initial teenaged "Squee" that came from somewhere within), and it was....normal.

I loved the awkwardness in her, it's a whole other side to JJ we've never seen. And, now knowing the father of her baby. Wow, they will make Bee-YOO-tee-ful CM babies. *G*

The unsub. Totally creepy, but totally cool at the same time. Poor guy, conflicted with his sexuality, torn, broken. I actually really felt for him, despite the whole...murderer thing and all.

Morgan and Lopez? Hawt. Nuff said.

Such a neat relationship episode. All the little nitty gritties. Not sure what I think of the Garcia/Kevin scenes. It's kinda cute, but I'm not really used to it yet. You always imagine Garcia as the whipped cream and strawberry gal, but actually seeing it is still They are cute together though. Although I have to say, the whole lights-out-in the beginning of the show thing? Totally NOT COOL Kevin! Way to give someone a panic or heart attack.

Loved Morgan's work with the unsub. Boy that guy can turn on compassion when he wants to. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Lopez - "Skinny guy". Wow, that and *pipe cleaner*. Poor Reid doesn't get the hottest pet names.

Greap ep, was thoroughly impressed throughout. I even cut short a mom phone call (Gah, she knows better than to call at that time! Thankfully she hung up to go watch it herself) for it.

Anonymous said...

The reaction of Elle, Reid and Morgan, prove you cant hide anything from profilers!

Tsk tsk.


Anonymous said...

"It's been what a year now?"

Great ending. You can't pull anything over on the BAU even if you are one of them. I loved the ending.

I liked the episode. I am totally over Nick Brendon though and he needs to go back to Buffyworld.

Anonymous said...

Daddy dearest is very cute and it is going to be interesting to see how they move forward with this. When do we find out that JJ is pregnant? I agree that it was cute how they all knew about the relationship already before she fessed up.

Anonymous said...

I love JJ and I don't dislike the story arc being that they have been having a relationship going on for a year but why are they dragging out the pregnancy announcement? AJ is pregnant and we all know it. I kept waiting tonight for an announcement.

Also, and I am sorry for being critical, I didn't like her kissing him infront of her co-workers. It was not something that you would ever expect JJ to do. She has always been very professional and that seemed very candy cane to me.

slashgirl said...

Overall, I enjoyed this ep. It won't be a favourite but it wasn't that bad either.

A few quibbles:

Garcia (shot only episodes ago) walks into her darkened apartment? Normally CM you do not let me down like this in continuity....*sighs*

Too much Kevin and Garcia. Am I the only one who doesn't like Kevin? I mean, really how fucking insensitive to cut the breaker to your girlfriend's apparent months after she's been shot, then proceed to tell her she's too stressed out which is why she's jumpy? Oy. *glower*

If I actually liked Kevin, it might be cute.

I felt they spent too much time on JJ/Will but I know why they had to do it, so I can let it pass. And my sympathies to the JJ/Prentiss to write a committed character, but hell. I did it for almost three years. *G* At least they're not married. Yet.

Garcia being late for work. Alarm clock indeed. Loved Hotch's "Everyone can be late. Once." Hee. Stealth humour.

Liked when the team first got to Miami, and they get out of the cars and Reid asks if it's always this hot. BOTH Rossi and Morgan are checking out the female flesh and making sexist comments (oh, wait, maybe it's only sexist if ROSSI says it? but it's okay for Morgan, I'm sure. Not that anyone has double standards or anything....) and Reid sasy "That's not what I'm talking about." To which Hotch replies: "They know." GOd. I love Hotch.

Okay, was it just me or did they kinda dumb down the female COTW? Probably just me. Did like her "Morgan and the skinny guy". And the Prentiss/Rossi exchange about what she thinks of them.

I didn't care about her and Morgan flirting anymore than I cared about JJ/Will.

I LOVED Hotch's response to Will's talking about his cop friend, when Will said, "He had to come hundreds of miles to be someone else." Hotch said: "He flew hundreds of miles to be himself." The Hotch? He is The Love. (Actually, I liked that none of the team was homophobic. Yay CM).

Garcia reading Texas guy's arrest record. "Lewd behaviour: code for homosexual in Texas."

Great scene with Hotch, Rossi and the unsub's dad as they realise that his son, is indeed, the unsub. Hotch's "Save him from what?" when the dad said he was trying to save his son. Love my Hotch.

Female COTW charging in...*sigh* Loved Morgan's scene with Stephen--that was just...great. And Morgan covering for the COTW. Yeah, whatevah. Stupid if you ask me. But no one did.

And the end tag, after JJ has told Will that she didn't want the team to know, etc, etc...and then she kisses him, after Prentiss hints she should go after him. Morgan and Reid come in and I can't remember all the dialogue, basically they're glad she's admitted it, finally, and Reid says something like "It's been what, a year?" Can't hide nothin' from those profilers.

Although I do have one question: if she was spending her weekends in NO? WHat the hell happens when they're called in on a weekend? Of course, maybe it just worked out that all the weekends they got called in, Will happened to be with JJ? I know, I know, picky, picky.

As I said, overall a good ep, but not destined to be one of my faves. Not enough Hotch/Reid--and I do believe I said after all the H/R goodness in EM, that that would probably be it for the season...*sigh* Looks like I might be right. Damn it. For next season, I demand more H/R...*G*

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I didn't care for this episode at all.

I understand that there will be mention of gay couples on tv now. It's often times considered to be part of our culture. What I do hate is that I had to watch the gay "moments". If I wanted to watch this sort of behavior I would tune into LOGO. For those of you not in the US, that is the Lesbian and Gay network offered by Direct TV.

There have been some episodes I have missed, so maybe this has happened before, but with this episode my favorite show left me disinterested. I got up without watching the end, which is something I never do. I don't read the slash fan fic. If you do, fine. I don't read it, and I don't want to be made to read it. I don't want to watch it, and I don't want to be made to watch it.

I am a die hard Criminal Minds fan. My dad even suggests that I am obsessed with it. *grin* This is one episode I have no desire to ever see again, and too many more like this could really turn me against the show. And I hope that everyone hears me out, and doesn't jump all over me. It's just that having had this happen with other shows, I'm a little disappointed that this has happened with Criminal Minds.

Anonymous said...

"Eh, Finally"
"I thought she was never going to admit it"
"It been like what, a year?"

LOL - of COURSE they knew.


Sad unsub :(

Great ep!

lizzymmcf said...

My favourite episode yet! I loved the kiss and the team;s reaction was priceless. A real lol moment! does anyone know the chatroom password?

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode. I loved the JJ/Will moments and seeing a different side to JJ was nice. I hope we see more of Will in the future.

Unknown said...

Oh we were so right about La Fontane. And she was so wrong thinking that should could hide it from the rest of the team!!!!

All in all I like it. Maybe not the most intenst episode of the season, but not bad.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That was an awesome episode! I loved how Reid, Emily and Morgan knew and that JJ had no Idea that they knew! :) Awesome episode! I can't wait until Will shows up again!

Anonymous said...

Lets keep Will and dump Kevin. Too much personal stuff going on. It is starting to feel like a soap opera. The case was interesting but there was too much personal stuff happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see that JJ has a life!! They are so cute together and I'm glad that she went after him. And the team's reaction...priceless.

The bit with Kevin and Garcia...I agree with slashgirl.

"insensitive to cut the breaker to your girlfriend's apparent months after she's been shot, then proceed to tell her she's too stressed out which is why she's jumpy?" my thoughts exactly... I was expecting Garcia to pop him...

And of course...not enough Reid, although there was one cute Reid moment.

I thought the quotes were great.

The title...In Heat...lots of meanings there, especially with all of the flirting, romancing, and oggling that was going on.

Overall, I liked it, but it won't be one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

They handled the gay-themed case very well and Stephen was an interesting unsub. I like the JJ and Will relationship but he is a little bit hard to understand sometimes. His accent needs to be toned down a notch.

Anonymous said...

Lets keep Will and dump Kevin. Too much personal stuff going on. It is starting to feel like a soap opera. The case was interesting but there was too much personal stuff happening.

Well, they do need to have a life ya know. It can't ALWAYS be unsub, case, unsub case.

I loved it.

I also thought they handled the gay theme well.

JJ + Will= Cute.

Unsub= sad =(

Anonymous said...

Whoops I quoted that fromhotchnerprentiss said...


Anonymous said...

It was great!
God i have to take a moment to love Reid here!
*something about hot weather*
*sexist comments from derek and rossi*
*Thats not what i meant* reid
hotch:they know
haha, priceless...

i wish we'd have something with Reid and a girl, haven't seen anything since Somebody's watching... unless you wanna count the hookers in legacy;P

anyway, i love will and jj!!!
i still don't know about kevin..i don't dislike him, it's just that Garcia turns into a little puppy around him(in a bad way)...

Episode was great, can't wait to find out how they're gonna announce JJ's Pregnancy...

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of cute lines in this episode but it wasn't my favorite episode. I DIDN'T like Kevin turning the lights off and scaring Garcia. She could have had heart problems from being shot and it seemed like a totally jerky thing to do. Also, they are dummying her down around him. That is annoying.

Not my favorite episode but it was far from the worst.

Anonymous said...

Too much focus on relationships/ love interests and not enough case. If I wanted to watch drama of that sort, I would turn on Young & the Restless. I hope they stop with the whole Garcia fling as it was cute for maybe an episode or two but not anymore. I like the episodes that minimize this type of stuff and accentuate the case/unsub/important backstory of a character.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Too much focus on relationships/ love interests and not enough case. If I wanted to watch drama of that sort, I would turn on Young & the Restless. I hope they stop with the whole Garcia fling as it was cute for maybe an episode or two but not anymore. I like the episodes that minimize this type of stuff and accentuate the case/unsub/important backstory of a character.

Errr. Were you watching the same ep?? There was an equal amount.

Obviously, you don't want character development.

Anonymous said...

I think CM is getting too relationship focused. The episode was okay, but I thought JJ kissing Will was way out of character, and Emily's reaction to it in the end was rather odd.

Anonymous said...

I liked the cute candle light dinner thing with Kevin and Garcia. That was cute. But dude cutting the lights on your girlfriend when you already know she's on edge, not cool. I also like the end where everyone knew about JJ and Will. Other than that I was not impressed with this episode. I'm sick of the implication that just because your from a red state that you are homophobic or that because you are a Christian that you think that all gays should be beaten and or killed. Just because you do not agree with someones life style does not mean that you are afraid of them, as the term homophobic directly implies, or that you want them strung up from a tree. Kudos for the political and religious stereotyping. I know a lot of people aren't going to agree with me but well I don't agree with the stereotype.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun one. I loved that Emily kept trying to push JJ into admitting that she was with Will. The kiss at the end was kind of surprising, but the reaction of the others was worth it.

I really wish they would write in the pregnancy already. Maybe next week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think J.J kissing him was out of character. Emily was the only one standing there to begin with, it was a spur of the moment decision, and the case was over...

Anyway, I am glad we got to see a different side to her, and the ending really cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Stephen was the gay unsub. I liked how the BAU handled the situation with the father but why do we only see gay people portrayed as criminals or psychopaths on the show. It would be nice to see the show have a gay officer or detective. Positive role models and not reinforcing horribly outdated sterotypes of mental instability.

JJ and Will are very mismatched. I realize they had to reach into her immediate past to find someone to be her baby's dad but Will doesn't suit her.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode. It was written by Deb and Erica so we know it is going to be more CMish and less Young & Restless, part two.

Kudos though to AJ for a very nice performance. Nice to see her have some nice large scenes. She is usually very under used.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Lori / redwingsgirl514. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

about tried of people complaining about this show maybe turning into a soap opera!

First of all, the main character need to have developed personalities. Who wouldn't wonder who these people are? And what actor would want to be on this show just to feel like background noise all the time?

Second, it can't be all unsub all the time. If that's the case, we might as well watch a documentary or the twilight zone. Where there are no main characters.

Last, soap opera have been on the air for some 20, 30, 40 years now. can't be all that bad. I mean, somebody watching them, right. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought the way they tied in the whole secrets with the unsub and jj was really clever. Love the whole jj/will thing, too cute. It's nice to see character development without being too soapy. Plus it had to be done and it was handled well - kind of like Without a Trace!

Anonymous said...

The episode was flat imho. Really just didn't click for me. I think we need a petition to get rid of Kevin. He was cute at first and now he is annoying as hell. Time to vote him off our island. He has stayed too long. Did one of our normal writers write this or was this a newbie? Not impressed at all.

Anonymous said...

this episode was pretty boring to me. i love the science of criminology, the biology of it and actual factual tidbits that make their way into the show. so i guess it's no surprise that reid's my favorite character, as he's either the one explaining those tidbits or spouting them off.

isn't kind of obvious most people, for creepy scientific or other reasons like him best? can't we just have him and science, but without making this bill bye? just a thought.

in other news, and this is just going to sound mean, but i genuinely am curious (and this has nothing to do with the admittedly politely written quasi-anti-gayness others mentioned) didn't anyone else think that girl morgan flirted with looks like a tranny?

Anonymous said...

I like episodes with strong cases and character development. I think we got both of those in this episode but not in even doses. It was okay for one episode. Not something I would want every week.

I thought Garcia and Kevin and the Italian lesson scene was going to turn out to mean something but it ended up just being randomness. If they were going for cute then they didn't quite get there.

Kevin cutting off the lights was wrong in more ways than I have time to post. I think this had to have been a deliberate act on the part of the writers to get us to dislike Kevin because he is leaving. It had to be deliberate because if not then it was just really bad.

Anonymous said...

Totally loved Morgan and Rossi checking out the hot women while Reid commented on the weather. We need to find Reid a woman!

The episode was ok!

Anonymous said...

We need to get back to the art of profiling and away from the art of dating. Not thrilled with this one.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the pic of the 4 victims in the beginning of the show? When the team was looking on the computer screen and the box with 4 pictures opened up, The blond guy on the bottom right was on a reality show a while back and I just cannot remember what show it was for the life of me!! Does anyone recognize him and remember from what show?

Anonymous said...

"Which I'm guessing is code for Gay in Texas." Loved the line. I liked the episode.

Anonymous said...

JJ and Will
Garcia and Kevin
Morgan and Lopez

Poor Hotch, Prentiss, Reid and Rossi. Loveless at the moment.

Looking forward to watching next week.

Anonymous said...

The dad was such a jerk. He really thought he could just wish away his son's homosexuality and what he got was a murderer. Not sure how I feel about this episode. I will rewatch it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This would have been a dreadful first episode for a newbie to watch. A seasoned watcher gets the need for the JJ setup but I think it would totally turn a first timer off of the show. I think Andi Bushell wrote this one. She usually does a better job. Kinda surprised.

Anonymous said...

I like JJ so this was a treat for me. She is the most under used character on the show. I like the friendship between the women on the show. Prentiss teasing JJ was hilarious. Great ending. I really enjoyed the episode. I really have started appreciating Rossi more as the season has progressed. He can be really funny to watch. Funny expressions.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anna..

This would have been a dreadful first episode for a newbie to watch. A seasoned watcher gets the need for the JJ setup but I think it would totally turn a first timer off of the show...

I liked this episode because it gave us an insight of how they're going to play out JJ's pregnancy and how the team feels about JJ/Will relationship... My dad sure found this episode boring (first timer)...

I too am sick of Kevin and found that opening scene (lights out) to be inconsiderate. I mean of course Garcia would be jumpy. Besides the fact that she probably consumesmany cups of coffee a day, she was shot not so long ago. Emotional trauma from that kind of incident doesn't go away. I'm tired of Kevin. I can't even stand little doses of him.

Will's cute. JJ and Will together is cute. It actually felt like they've been together for that long and that we weren't cheated by CM writers :)...

JJ feeling awkward about the relationship, to me, was very JJ-like. AJ did a good job playing JJ.

And the last scene, with Reid, Prentiss, and Morgan commenting on JJ/Will was hilarious! I thought that was very BAUish...

Anonymous said...

I thought that JJ was going to announce her pregnancy on this show. But she didn't. Come on now. She's really showing now. Did you see that loose fitting blouse she was wearing?

I also see that Morgan and Lopez have a flirtation going. I see that Lopez invited Morgan to come back to Miami to see her again. Oh! Oh! Don't tell me we are going to be expecting another baby again next year!

What is with these profilers who want to talk down unsubs without their weapons. Reid talked down the unsub a couple of weeks ago in "Elephants Memory". Now Morgan does it in this episode and no telling what the unsub had in that bag.

Now I know a lot of people are saying that they don't want CM to become a soap opera. I don't want it to become a soap opera either. However, I don't think that the all work and no play scenario is realistic either. I don't think that it's realistic to have seven adults working together and none of them date or have any type of romantic life. I do hope they still keep the main focus on profiling. But it is nice to know that these people do have lives outside of their work. But only time will tell as we see how future episodes are played out.


Shawn said...

Pretty good ep. Wasn't sure what to expect, but AJ knocked it out of the park. I'm honestly not sold on JJ/LaMontagne - he's a tad too vanilla for me.

Does make me really want to know what it was in JJ's past that gave her such fears and makes her "always run" because that seems at direct odds with her bright sunny personality.

Nice to see another Third Watch star- and to see a vintage Cruz moment from Tia near the end of the ep.

Oh and Shemar's muscles...good God.

All said, loving the JJ stuff, solid writing and acting.

Deirdre said...

I really loved this episode. I can see why people are afraid of it becoming a soap opera but an episode every no and then which shows more of the team's personal lives doesn't hurt and I think its needed. I do think they slightly over did it in this episode. Were the Garcia/Kevin scenes really necessary. We know they're dating and I don't feel the need for it to be kept being shown.On the other hand it was great seeing JJ/Will. I think they make a great couple and I don't think any of JJ's behaviour was out of character!!

Unknown said...

Okay, first of all, I agree that some character development is great and, of course, all of them have the right to have a private life. I think it's just the way the writers dealt with it so far. Usually, when it's mentioned in an episode it's not like 'by the way...' but they focus on that too much.

As for the Kevin/Garcia thing I just don't like the way it is written. For me it seems like the writers think that everyone on the show deserves a nice, cute, hot and/or serious relationship with a nice, cute, handsome/beautiful guy/girl EXCEPT FOR GARCIA. I don't like the way they treated her and the whole love story recently. I agree, she behaves like a little puppy around Kevin which is so not her anymore. And that's what annoys me.

'Plus, plus, also, and' (just to quote my favorite character) I'm still pissed at what they did with Nick Brendon's character. While I really, really like him I don't like the fact that the writers obviously think because he is GARCIA's love interest he can't be normal and handsome as he is but has to be the idiot-looking and most of the time idiot-like behaving uber-geek. I'd love to see her in a very serious relationship with someone nice and handsome. She is beautiful, bright and good-hearted. She can do better than a Kevin Lynch. AND I totally agree with all of you about the trauma she's been through. What she needs and deserves is someone who can help her get over it - not someone who makes it worse!

As for JJ and LaMontagne, I liked his character and the chemistry they had in Jones. Although I agree that the kiss in the end was a little... weird. It would have been better - just my humble opinion, of course - if they kissed in private and the others stepped in. But I really loved the reactions and I think they're a cute couple.

I also agree that we have to find someone for Reid. He deserves it! :) And after what happened to him he really needs it too.

As for the homosexuality on TV shows. Boy, I hope I'm not the only one who disagrees with you, Lori. Your comment sounded like 'ban all homosexuals'. You said that you don't want to be forced to read slash. I guess, no one forces you to do so. At least no one ever forced me (and by the way, I'm not a fan of that either - well, it depends on the pairing, I guess).

The point is, no one forced you to watch this week's episode. I'm glad they dared show homosexuality on the show. Even though I agree that I don't like the fact that the gay guy was the bad guy. On the other hand, his victims were gay too. So not every gay guy was the bad guy.

Did you know that fourty years ago the TV refused to air a StarTrek episode because Kirk kissed Uhura? They felt like they couldn't show a white guy kissing a black girl on TV. I'm glad that TV's more open-minded nowadays and therefore I appreciate the fact that they show all kinds of couples on TV - including homosexuality.

Sorry to say that but given the fact that - as far as I know - Kirsten is lesbian herself I don't know if you should watch CM at all if that bothers you so much. I myself would honestly much rather like to see her with a hot girl than geekazoid Lynch.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be Debbie Downer but can I just say how annoyed I am that they had to bring back this LoMontagne character just because AJ Cook got pregnant in real life. I can't stand him. Basically thats all I took away from the episode because I can't concentrate on anything else when he is on. But I will say that it was awesome to see JJ with more lines and that she did a bang up job.

There wasn't enough Reid. I know that non Reid fans probably will say that every episode can't be about him, but I beg to differ. LOL.

Garcia and Kevin is cute but I agree with Slashgirl, what an IDIOT to do that to her.

Good episode. I loved the actual content and the message it delivered about homosexuality. There was nothing wrong with that man but close minded people tortured him into believing there was. Yuck.

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Good, solid episode. The case was interesting.

Best moments, Morgan talking the unsub into surrendering and Hotch
and Rossi interviewing the father of the unsub.

I like JJ/Bill, they do make a cute couple.

My only complain is the Kevin character, I'm just not warming up to him.


Anonymous said...

The episode wasn’t boring or too long, it was just good, and there’s nothing wrong with that, once in awhile. The case was fairly interesting and had some minor twists. They showed one man's blaming of faith for his prejudice without condemning an entire religion. That walked a fine line but they seemed to have pulled it off.

JJ kissing William Montagne wasn't a warm and fuzzy moment for me but I guess they have to do something with the pregnancy.

Xander was great until last night and now I think he has overstayed his welcome. Don't mess with Texas and don't mess with Penelope Garcia. Turning the breakers off in her apartment may just have been the stupidest thing we have ever seen on the show.

Anonymous said...

Since we came back from the strike I feel like we are in a new pattern of episodes. Damaged was great. The next episode was not good. Then Elephant's Memory was great and now last night's episode was not so good. Good, bad, good and bad. I didn't dislike all of last night's episode but it wasn't one I will watch again. It certainly wasn't HAT but it wasn't great either.

Anonymous said...

"it's alright to be late..once." -great Hotch line. *g*

Liked the episode. I loved the ending and of course everyone already knew. I think it was cute that J.J. thought she could keep a secret from the whole team.

Next week's episode looks great.

Anonymous said...

CM just doesn't have a handle on accents. We really need to stay away from them. I couldn't understand half of what was being said last night.

Anonymous said...

LOL, most of the people who couldn't understand his accent must be from the north. I'm from South Carolina and I could understand him just fine, better than some of the other characters at times hehe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the opening between Garcia/Kevin very cute. I think she should get a little sweet revenge on him though, for cutting the breakers on her. I think it would be interesting to see how they write her doing that. (:

JJ and Will, I liked Will pretty good. And that is definately a different side of JJ. Good to see her character being explored more. And I can't wait to see how they will announce that she's pregnant.

The unsub was very sad. All and all I thought this was a pretty solid episode. I know that quite a few people thought that there was to much personal lives of the characters going on but I kinda of liked that.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm interesting ep.

So not warming to Kevin...sorry. thought I would but no need to run that storyline on any more. NB is a great actor, but the character just isn't sitting well with me. and if that was my fella plunging my apartment into darkness, when I was in recovery from a shooting, and attempted murder....he would pretty soon be my EX. Whipped cream or not!

The JJ storyline....well it had to be written in really...or something did... will wait and see how it all works out.

As for the ep itself, I really liked it. I like the way the writers handled the gay issues. I didn't think it was too 'in ya face' as some other people commented, but I think that is a matter of personal opinion, and down to individual views.

Not quite as exciting or intense, case wise, as some of the other eps have been, but the writers had to get in the JJ/Bill relationship for the future storylines.

...and not enough Reid!


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a good episode. The unsub was a tragic figure, crying at the end begging Morgan to tell his father that he didn't do anything bad--which I took to mean that he didn't have sex with any of the men he killed. That was just to sad, he was so repressed.

The other Lori stated that she didn't like watching "gay moments" on TV. Honestly, they didn't even blip for me--there was maybe a caress and suggestive language, but that was about it! When I think about it, and if you are going to get really technical about it, there actually was as much exploitation of women walking around in tiny bikini's for Morgan and Rossi to ogle them as there were gay moments.

I thought that the whole episode handled homosexuality very nicely and was especially glad that none of the team were homophobic, and were shocked at the father's efforts to beat the homosexuality out of his son. Even Will expressed sadness that his friend felt that he couldn't tell Will that he was gay, because it didn't make any difference to Will about how he felt about him.

The Garcia and Kevin relationship is cute, but I agree with everyone who said that he was stupid to scare Garcia in the dark after what she had been through. It wouldn't bother me if we didn't see any more of this relationship.

About the COTW, I don't know if she was dumbed down or she was extremely aggressive where Morgan was concerned. Her statement about not remembering names and then calling Derek by his name I thought was kind of a slap to the rest of them that they were beneath her notice. She did seem to be acting on her hormones and emotions rather than as a cop should be acting, especially at the end when she didn't wait for the rest of the BAU team to get to the youth hostel, and then suggestively flirting with Morgan immediately afterward (which I found much more offensive then the more subtle homosexual theme) seemed awfully brazen.

Morgan did a really nice job talking to the unsub and getting him to surrender without anymore bloodshed.

I did have a moment of comparison between last week with Reid facing Owen alone and without a weapon, and Morgan putting his away to try to talk the unsub down. Similar tactics, different situations, same result.

There were some lighter moments to this episode as well--when the COTW said she was going out in the field with the skinny guy and Morgan, and Rossi and Prentiss' reaction to that--what do you think she calls us when we aren't around? That was cute.

And of course at the end when JJ and Will are kissing and Prentiss, Morgan and Reid are making their pithy comments about it being time JJ came out with her romance--too cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was ok. I loved the ending - it was very funny.

Not enough Hotch for me though. Don't you think he should have taken off his jacket? - pretty hot in Miami (and we like to see him that way).

I am waiting for an unsub that we can really hate. All of the recent ones have been very sympathetic - not really "bad" guys - you know. We need one of the sick ones that everyone really hates.

Anonymous said...

i like this one i felt sorry for the unsub.the miami detective on the case is not good remembering names but sure had morgan name down good,i like how jj wanted to hide her relationship at first she was right in away it is no one,s bussnes. but i was glad at the end she went after him and they kiss.i like emily,morgan and reid comments at the end.

Anonymous said...

Good things: CM meets the gay issue heads on and is open about it and no one on the team is homophobic, thank goodness. JJ and Will relationship is nice, he is a good man and she got over some of her issues. Garcia/Kevin is over the top, but kinda fun. K+LIke many others have said, I do not care very much about love stories, I prefer the profiling eps more.

BAD things, While so many other comments praise Morgan's end game with Steven, I am really tired of his "empathy" thing, really really really tired. I started being tired during Empty Planet. If someone were yelling at me, that I was ok or I was not ok, I would shoot them just to make them shut up!

The rate at which the BAU team oputs away their guns when confronting people WITH guns, is absurd. Law Enforcement personel do not put down their guns when another gun is pointing at them, they DO NOT.

Not a fave ep, liked that they discover the unsub thru his father and Hotch's lines are perfect. Go Hotch!


Anonymous said...

I think they are setting up the season cliffhanger. We simply have too much testesterone on the show right now. I think we lose either Kevin or Will in the cliffhanger. Kevin needs to go. He has overstayed his welcome. Jerk with the lights. Will was necessary to setup JJ's pregnancy but he is expendable as well. Mark my words that one of them, if not both, bites it at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Michael Graziadei is a phenomenal actor. What a great actor!

Anonymous said...

give me Criminal minds season 1 and 2 episodes any day over this episode last weeks episode was better because it focused more on the case and on the side was the personal stuff this was to me jumping the shark when it comes to criminal minds where the cases always has been the center and that is how it should be why would the viewers else stick with this for 3 years now

My worst fear for this show has indeed come true. This show is quickly and surely turning into a soap drama. What the hell are the creator and the writers thinking. They really need to get back on track and concentrate on the cases they are investigating or the viewers will tune away. get back to the serial crimes.

Anonymous said...

I have to say i really liked this episode - i know a few have said too much JJ/Will focus but i think other than North Mammon this is the first episode where we have seen an insight to her as a character. Her admission that she runs from things were very honest and revealing things for her to say, not something she normally does.

Have to say i loved the :
"Eh, Finally"
"I thought she was never going to admit it"
"It been like what, a year?"

Totally made me laugh! and i love the Will/JJ thing. They could have made it something not true to the show but i think the way he happened to be there and they discussed crossing career paths made it seem more natural. And it wasn't full on either it was nice short moments :D

*round of applause for the writers :)* an all round great episode - i even felt sorry for the Unsub, something only criminal minds can make me do is feel sorry for the offender! Id definatly watch this again and again :P

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Lopez - SMOKIN! I always knew Morgan would like Miami ...

I loved the whole theme of the face we show the world versus who we truly are inside.

Anonymous said...

They can't hide AJ's belly till her baby is born because that is always cheesy when shows do that crap. I like Will. He is simple but sweet. I don't see them co-parenting but maybe that would be okay if he didn't have a lot of screentime.

I really have enjoyed the Penelope and Kevin relationship until he shut off her lights and scared her. I am sooooo totally over him now. I voted him "off the island" before coming to comment here.

Maybe Ed will let us broker a deal with him. We keep Will and kill Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I guess the cookie from this episode was the throw back to season one with the mention last night of JJ and Reid going to the football game. That was a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

The show was alright. It was like this is relationship episode, so we can put them all in at one time. I did like the final scene that showed everyone was on to JJ already.

re the gay issue... I thought they were trying to send a message about being gay. And that for me was the problem. I don't mind being told that to be anti-gay is wrong - and it is - but I don't want it to be the message of the show. I watch because I like the drama, the team work and the character development not because they're trying to "teach" people.

not even worth .02 cents

Anonymous said...

Well, last night had something for everyone, but I am not sure if that is good or bad. I'm not sure that the show needed this kind of episode but I am sure tptb know what they are doing.

Lets recap:

Garcia has lowered her IQ and standards to continue a relationship with a man that has the sensitivity of an eggplant.

JJ is in a relationship with a man that seems totally beneath her and has tried to hide it for a year. It is also almost impossible to understand any sentence he speaks. Good eye candy though!

The father of the unsub was a homophobic, religious zealot which someone should have realized was going to piss off religous fans. As a Catholic I was deeply offended. I am not homophobic and in this day and age most religous people are enlightened and accepting.

We can now add Cajun to the languages and accents the show just can't get right.

I guess I am not too happy with last night. Major disappointment.

Never enough Reid.

Hotch needs a haircut.

Prentiss was cute teasing JJ.

Morgan got a case of the flirties last night and was his normal fab self.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel that they were lumping all religous people in one pile. I think they went to great lengths to show that the dad was a zealot and that what he did to his son was very wrong. It was his personal cruelty that created all the problems and not the fact that Stephen was gay. I thought it was masterfully executed.

respectanimals said...

My reaction to this episode was kind of middle of the road. There were parts that I liked and parts that I didn’t like. It’s certainly not a favorite, but it wasn’t awful either.

The worst part of the show for me was JJ. I kept wondering what the heck her problem was. It wasn’t like Will was asking her to make out with him in front of the others or make a general announcement about their relationship over the loudspeaker. And it might have been nice of her to be there for him emotionally while he was hurting, instead of worrying about how it was going to look. I kept thinking that he should just dump her. I wanted our sweet JJ, with the sunny disposition back. And in the end, when we finally find out why she’s acting that way, I couldn’t help disagreeing with the writer’s decision to make it all come down to JJ being afraid of getting hurt. That just didn’t fit the picture I have of JJ in my head at all. And did they do something to Will’s hair? It looked awful. I love his accent though and the shirts he wears with the rolled up sleeves and I like that JJ and Will are involved. I think they make a very cute couple. It would have been rather appalling if their relationship had been going on for this long without the team having any idea, so their response to the kiss was fitting, although it might have been nice if the writers had dropped a few hints in the last few episodes.

The scene where they first arrive in Miami, where Rossi and Morgan are eyeing the ladies walking by was great! And I liked the flirtation between the lead cop and Morgan. Rossi and Emily's reaction to her forgetting Reid's name was funny too.

The romantic scene between Kevin and Garcia (strawberry and whip cream, yummy and sexy too) was fun to watch, although given what happened in her apartment recently, I thought his turning the lights out was incredibly insensitive. I also didn’t care for her hair in this episode. I didn’t think the dark streaks mixed in with the blonde was very attractive on her. And I could have done without the Italian language scene. That was just taking up space. And with regard to her turning puppyish around Kevin, a lot of people (both male and female) react that way to a new relationship. Feeling giddy is fun! They could make him a little less nerdy looking though. Just because she expresses herself through her clothes and accessories and is a computer expert, doesn’t mean she has to date a bad dressing computer geek. Garcia has style, Kevin on the otherhand dresses like some clothes monster barfed up his wardrobe.

The scene where Hotchner and Rossi talk to the father was very nicely done. I think what they were saying to the father, is something that television needs to be saying these days. Both Hotch and Rossi were great in this scene and I'm glad the writers decided to deal with these types of issues head on.

With regard to Texas though, I can’t help but wonder what these writers really think of Texans. Being from Texas myself, I sure hope they are just overstating a stereotype and that they do understand that there are a lot of liberal Texans that actually do support gay marriage and have no problem with homosexuality, nor are we all religious fanatics. And not all fathers here expect their boys to play football either.

The scene where Morgan talks with the unsub was wonderful. It was sort of déjàvuish, since Reid had just done the same thing recently, but at least this time Morgan had the female cop standing right there ready to shoot the unsub if necessary. I didn’t like him taking the blame for not waiting for the others to arrive though. I thought that was unnecessary and rather dumb and unprofessional on his part.

I thought the actor Michael Graziadei (from The Young and the Restless) did a fantastic acting job playing the unsub. He was great throughout the entire episode, but he really shined in the scene with Morgan. From his taking on the different accents to his final breakdown, he just held nothing back. Kudos to him!

As far as the show getting a little soap operish, I’m enjoying the character development myself. It’s what I like most about the show these days. It could get to be a problem in the future, even for me, if it goes too overboard, but so far I think they have mixed the personal stuff in with the cases pretty well.

Elizabeth said...

I liked this and thought it was well done. I especially liked that Stephen was an understandable and realistic character with whom the viewers could empathise.

The coupley stuff was cute for one episode and picked up the theme of finding a lover nicely. I don't think we'll be seeing lots of it in future eps.

What I am disappointed about is comments from fans about "too much gay stuff". As a recent Stonewall campaign pointed out - "Some people are gay - get over it."

Anonymous said...

Parents create monsters for all different reasons. Bad parents can be the stresser over grades, sexual preferences, revenge on an ex-spouse, etc. Then there is also sexual and physical abuse as well. I think people are reading way too much into the fact that Stephen was gay. I think they just used that particular stresser this time. I don't think that there was any hidden message or agenda.

I thought the epi was ok. Too much loving for my taste but ok for one episode.

Anonymous said...

When does Reid get the girl, come on! I like this one. It's nice to have a break with all the unsubs and get some personial life in, people watch this show for the characters, we have fallen for all of them. If people don't like the character plots, they should go watch some of the " 100 other crime drama's on". Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I just realized that I totally forgot about the whole flirtation thing with Ms silicone 2008. Sorry, but what exactly was the message the writers wanted to deliver with that? That no matter how ugly and/or artificial your face looks as long as you're skinny and shake your ass the hot guy will fall for you? Great! Why doesn't every curvy girl just go and hang herself up in the next best tree?

Anonymous said...

I've always liked Tia Texada but I hope that Lopez isn't going to be Morgan's new love interest. She wasn't exactly nice in this episode. Great acting job by all the guest stars yesterday.

slashgirl said...

Just a comment re: the JJ/Will thing.

I was giving my principal a drive into work this a.m. (her daughter needed the car) and she loves CM, too. However, she's not online. (Heck, she didn't even know the real life reason why Gideon was written out of the show!)

So, she's an avid fan, watches every week--and she was confused by the sudden emphasis on JJ and her personal life. She didn't know that AJ was preggers but once I told her, of course the JJ/Will thing made sense.

The EA I work with who also loves the show, but again, isn't online, didn't like it a lot--the case wasn't bad, it was all the personal crap. She too, thought Kevin was an idiot for what he did to Garcia!

I always think it's interesting to get the impressions of non-online fans.

Anonymous said...

Liked it very much. Love when the teams personal relationships and background info. is incorporated into the episodes.
The ending 1 minute was laugh out loud funny.....


Good ending. Profilers...
It was not bad, but a little bit slow. Morgan talking down the killer gave me a little air of "deja vu"... Is he having a competition with Reid or what?
Spring is was an ep full of love...A LOT of love.

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode. I liked how the gay issues were handled and I liked watching the gay "moments". They were beautifully written and acted. Michael Graziadei was fantastic .

Hotch and Rossi were great and I really loved Morgan.
J.J. and Will are cute together. So lets keep Will and dump Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I agree with claire, I don't think the writers were trying to send a message or "teach" us anything about gay men or homophobics or Texas, or Religion, or anything, I think they were doing, what they've alwayas done: Show us why the unsubs do what they do (hence the title of the show).

Anonymous said...

This had to be the worst episode ever. Writers hide the pregnancy. You still have that chance, it would play better.

Having the profilers "know" that they were together for a year - completely unbuyable since they can't get a clue about anything else happening on the team. You know I might have bought the comment, if they had pointed out other little things about others instead of always sticking their heads in the sands.

Also not buying "every" weekend commute. Who the heck has that kind of money for commuting.

Find a new love interest - well either that or get someone that doesn't constantly mumble his damn lines and looks down all the time.

Completely unbelievable how Hotch jumps Morgan for not waiting but says nothing to Reid when he did it how many times again (plane doesn't count, because that was after the fact not immediate like this ep) I don't mind Hotch being all leaderly but at least be consistent.

Kevin needs to go. You know I kind of liked him at first. But the whole cutting the breaker and ragging on Garcia for being Jumpy. Well damn it she was shot how little ago.

The case was so so interesting. But I wish they'd go back to when we didn't know who the unsub was.

Honestly not liking any of the showing of the characters lifes outside the BAU. I want my show back.

Anonymous said...

I think the episode probably had a great script but somewhere in the translation some things fell through the cracks.

In the past Garcia has not be the type of person who would put up with being scared the way Kevin scared her and if this 'new weak in love thing' is the new version of Garcia then I think that is the biggest shame of all. The writer probably meant for it to be romantic and sweet but that did not come across my tv screen.

I agree that there was no intent to preach or question anyone's beliefs in this episode. A sorry fact is that hate crimes involving gay people is higher than heteros. If the show has to worry every time they pick an unsub that someone is going to object to any subset being "singled out" in the fans' minds then it will stop them from being able to write about anyone. Lets just move past this episode and look forward to the ones we have coming up.

Heather Benza said...

hooray! I've been saying I just loved WIll LaMontagne and wish he and AJ would date!! So glad he's back!

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode. I have been really interested to see the Will/JJ relationship. I thought it was cute the way it ended, but I still don't like him for JJ. She can do so much better. And I don't get the "every" weekend commute, either. But I do get that they had to come up with a love interest for JJ, FAST, and I think they did the best they could with the time they had.

From the first scene that Will showed up, I knew that at least Emily was on to them. Was surprised by the ending, though, when it turned out that they all knew. That was, indeed, laugh out loud funny. I liked they way Emily kept egging her on about Will, my favorite being when JJ brought Emily the water and Emily started talking out how hot Will was, and then we got this little gem:

JJ: I guess he's... he has a thing.
Em: Heh, there's definitely a thing.

(Emphasis on the "thing")

And then JJ's face as she turned to face the camera was priceless.

Anonymous said...

So the BAU proves they are the coolest FBI team by never even breaking out in a sweat in hot,steamy Miami. No one looks like a wet mop so they must have built-in AC units inside their clothes. Is the title referring to the hot topic, hot tropics, or is the explanation for the "Dating Game" behavior of the team?
I too, feel that there is too much relationships going on at one time. Morgan is ending up like a Captain Kirk-leaving a girl behind at every port to pine for him.It would be nice to just keep the JJ/William thing going and drop the rest off to get a room.
It was also nice to see that CM is into equal opportunity so that all minority groups will get a chance to be an unsub. Yay, team! But for the topnotch profiling team to take half the episode to figure out the commonality among those cute victims,someone needs to fix their gaydar!
Not one of my favorite episode but at least, it's different!


Uh, I forgot something VERY important. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that the team is not homophobic. I LOVED how Hotch talked to the father of the unsub.
I think this is is the most positive part of the ep.

slashgirl said...

Anon (one of many who won't up to their comments) said:

Completely unbelievable how Hotch jumps Morgan for not waiting but says nothing to Reid when he did it how many times again (plane doesn't count, because that was after the fact not immediate like this ep) I don't mind Hotch being all leaderly but at least be consistent.

Stephen was still stalking his last victim (and had a revolver. Hidden in his bag). He wasn't walking down mainstreet carrying an automatic weapon. The imminent threat was not the same in the two situations. Stephen's weapon wasn't drawn, in fact, had the COTW not charged in, there would've been no imminent threat--Morgan and the COTW could've watched for him--and waited for the team.

So Hotch is being consistent. He responded to two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT situations appropriately.

Walburga Benker said...

Not my fav ep but it was ok. The unsub creepy but also cool at the same time. Great acting.
I don´t like the love story Garcia/Kevin.
Lopez said:"Skinny guy". Wow
Hotch said: "He flew hundreds of miles to be himself." Love this.
Totally loved Morgan and Rossi checking out the hot women while Reid commented on the weather
And the end with JJ and Will.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are saying that we had character development in this episode but I just don't see where that was. We learned that Kevin is a jerk and that JJ has a boyfriend which was a last minute thing since AJ surprised them with her pregnancy.

I felt the whole episode was taking the long route to tell us that JJ has hooked up with the dude from Jones.

I love Nick Brendon but he needs a swift exit. I agree with the commenter who said that this is the lead up to the season finale. I also agree that if that isn't the reason that this episode was so bad then it was just an aweful waste of an hour.

Anonymous said...

keven needs to go i agree,i like how they did the jj and will thing a lot. and i like in heat a alot. i was not disapointed at all. can,t waite to the season final.

Anonymous said...

This episode, for me, ranks up there with HAT as one of the worst episodes. The JJ/Will relationship, manufactured as a vehicle for AJ's pregnancy, doesn't ring true to me. Other shows have successfully hidden pregnancies, why not Criminal Minds. I've also totally had enough of Garcia/Kevin.

The case was okay but could have been better presented without all the other extraneous stuff thrown in. I think this is a case of instead of the writers controlling the situation, they are allowing the situation to control them. That can never be good.

Anonymous said...

too much sugar, not enough chilly pepper. CM must remain a crime focused show. If we want freaky love stories we go for Desperate Housewives.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is not consistent on how he treats Reid versus Morgan. What I didn't get is Morgan was with the COTW and other Cops. There was no reason to wait for the other units to show, there were cops there already. Yes the gun was hidden and could have been used, but if Hotch is going to get on Morgan then he needs to also get on Reid. In Reid's case's he has confronted the unsub's or killer of unsubs alone and nothing is said to him or if it is its way after the fact. And in those instances the guns were in play not in a backpack hidden. And in the second instance Reid intentionally put others in danger. So yeah I think Hotch is completely biased and his jumping Morgan just didn't ring true because he never jumped Reid who is clearly the more inexperience field agent.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is completely biased and his jumping Morgan just didn't ring true because he never jumped Reid who is clearly the more inexperience field agent.

Like you said, Morgan's more experienced; therefore, he should know better. So I obviously think that Hotch is consistent.

And I still think they should've waited for the BAU team before they barged in. In any team, no one likes a member who 'risks' anything without consulting with the team as a whole.

I'm totally just blabbing here --

Anonymous said...

Too much Kevin and Garcia. Am I the only one who doesn't like Kevin? I mean, really how fucking insensitive to cut the breaker to your girlfriend's apparent months after she's been shot, then proceed to tell her she's too stressed out which is why she's jumpy? Oy. *glower* ---Slashgirl

I agree with you 100%! Seriously! I can not stand his character! I want him gone!