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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for Criminal Minds episode "The Crossing" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Kirsten Vangsness. Written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer. Directed by Guy Norman Bee. Erica and Deb are pictured here on the set of Criminal Minds with guest stars Victor Z. Isaac and Aviva.

***Beware- Comments on this thread will contain spoilers***

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Anonymous said...

Counting down the moments.

Anonymous said...

Just finished up watching it here.

Fabulous episode. I can't believe how creeped out I was by it. Guy follows her 600 miles, and becomes fascinated by her after working on her computer. Sending her images of his biceps growing and getting more tanned. Ew.

Loved how Morgan was concerned about JJ throughout the ep. Asking if she was okay, the looks he gave her.

Morgan asking about where *mom and dad* were. LOVE it. Total cookie if I say so myself. Hotchmom and Rossidad. Teehee.

JJ announcing her pregnancy, to be expected, but I liked how it was done. Emily knew something was up, but JJ didn't pursue it. So it's out there now at least.

I loved that Kirsten was back to just being good ole Penelope again, and it gave us a mini-break from the b/f. The *baby girl* from Morgan, reminded me of old times.

I thought the conversation between Rossi and Hotch was interesting. Four failed marriages between them., and here they are analyzing another failed one, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Poor wife, undergoing such psychological abuse, and nobody knew. Even the children treated her like garbage. I'm surprised she didn't shoot them all, to be honest. Or to do it a lot sooner.

LOVED the dog. What a cutie. But I'm always drawn to the four-legged ones on the screen. :-)

Overall, great ep. Wonderful plots, wonderful balance between their outside lives and the cases, great does of *creepy*. Everything you expect from your favorite episode.

Anonymous said...

So now JJ's pregnancy is out there. I think Emily definately knew and I agree with Kim that Morgan was really keeping an eye on her.

I really liked the balance in this episode. A great case and some personal things.

My only thing is that I am not a big JJ fan and while I understand the need to highlight her right now since AJ is preggers, I would like to see her fall back into the background like she usually is.

slashgirl said...

I enjoyed the Hotch/Rossi case much more than the main case.

Honestly, I didn't find it (the main case) that creepy. *shrugs* It was all pretty predictable. But my creep meter is set pretty high--even the stew/chili in Lucky only made me go "ew"--and didn't put me off my food like it did other people.

I really liked seeing the conversation between Hotch and Rossi--so Rossi's been married/divorced thrice--I hope someone at CM makes note of that fact. *ahem*

And Hotch getting defensive about it all...still hurting him. He needs a hug from Reid.

I liked how they showed that DA woman how the wife HAD been psychologically abused--she didn't clean up to hide the crime. She cleaned up because she couldn't have a sad. Oh, yeah, like the DA's comment about following Hotch's career as a Fed. Prosecutor--of course she would. He was what, all of 19 or something when he did that? (*I will not rant about Hotch's timeline....*)

I will say that I liked that stalked woman was smart and fought to get the protection she needed. I love when CM gives us smart "victims".

I thought JJ and Prentiss were both kinda...flat effect tonight. They bored me. What little we had of Reid and Morgan was good, though.

Garcia was her usual sweet self and it was SO nice to not have that growth, er, boyfriend of hers tagging along.

Of course, my biggest complaint? Hotch and Reid aren't even in the same CITY, let alone the same frame. Almost seems pointless to do the caps.... *pout*

Morgan asking where Mom and Dad were was obviously a cookie. HotchMom and RossiDad. Cute.

This is an okay ep--but certainly not as enjoyable to me as NBK or the Perfect Storm. I'm sure I'm in the minority, though. And hey, CM was a HELL of a lot better than CSI:NY was tonight. :D (See, always a bright side).

And can I just say: two JJ eps in a row is more than enough. Can we please to be getting back to the team, now? kthnx

Anonymous said...

Creepy is too mild a word. How do you live with being afraid all the time? The case was really different. No dead bodies. That has to be a first for CM. So are we sure it was Will she was on the phone with? Kidding. JJ is no tramp.

Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

Cookie crumbs all over the place in this episode. MOM and DAD was one and I think Morgan going back to calling Garcia "Baby Girl" was another. It feels like we have had Lynch longer than the common cold.

Strong women. Love it and Deb and Erica write the best strong women episodes. Hands down.

Tired of JJ and her pregnancy already. This doesn't bode well for what we are going to have to go through for several months. No offense meant to AJ Cook. I wish her all the best and a wonderful pregnancy but it doesn't work on the show.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Loved it! Very intense moments!

And looks like a start of a baby bell y on JJ!

I think the best part was the last two words... "I'm pregnant."

Would have LOVED to see Will's face when he heard that!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of two case episodes and I liked this episode because of that and because there was no Kevin Lynch, Garcia was back to acting normal and the cases were interesting.

Anonymous said...

Morgan calling Hotch and Rossi, Mom and Dad was cool. Nice touch there. Liked the episode. Nicely done.

lizzymmcf said...

loved the episode!!! Nice change from serial killers. I liked the way JJ's pregnancy came out too...and that she told will before anyone on the team. I would've liked to see his reaction, but can't have everything. Definitely one of my favourite episodes though and a great chat afterwards!

Anonymous said...

Great episode!

The tension was high...but for different reasons.

I really like the two story line idea for a change of pace. It kept me more on my toes. The stalker story line was creepy.

The moments between Hotch and Rossi were great - and that's what the two story line enabled. I don't think they would have shared that deeply if they'd been with everyone else.

Loved the mom and dad reference.

And can you imagine calling a man you've just broken up with to tell him that you're pregnant? THAT's frightening!

Can't wait to see where this leads...

Great job Deb and Erica, and thank you for joining us in the chat. It is always great fun to have you with us!

Anonymous said...

When we found out about Carrie's abortion I wondered if that is the direction JJ was going to take.

If AJ's baby isn't due until Sept and they don't start shooting again for several months then perhaps they can just not have a baby. I like Will so if she has the baby I guess it will be interesting to see.

I was so frightened for that woman. I can't imagine having a stalker.

Anonymous said...

Hotch and Rossi's case was my favorite. That father was a pscho creep and those kids are so screwed up.They really freaked me out.

I'll be more careful of my surroundings after this episode.

Anonymous said...

I love Deb and Erica's episodes.

The two cases melded nicely, and I liked that the kids could go out and solve a case on their own.

The stalker part might not be overtly creepy, but the whole idea of stalkers is creepy and makes you think about it a long while afterwards.

It made sense that JJ was "off" being that she knew she was pregnant and had to deal with that along with a woman being stalked--such very personal things, especially when they had to dig into every aspect of the poor woman's life.

You could tell she really paid attention to what JJ and Emily told her to do if the unsub got to her and she did it beautifully--especially the look of disgust and fear on her face when he kissed her and stroked her hands. She really shone when she told him that they could go back to Atlanta and get a little house and that allowed her to get away from him and the team and local police to apprehend him. She did an amazing job with that.

In the other case--this was a really interesting take into battered woman's syndrome. Psychological abuse as opposed to the more common and visible physical abuse. And the children were so disdainful of their mother! Their father really twisted their view of their mother.

I absolutely LOVED the use of the ruler she had to use to measure the distance between the hangers--that was really funny! And, really sad, that she was so afraid to do anything even minutely wrong.

The scene between Hotch and Rossi having dinner at the precinct was very poignant--Hotch is still reeling from his divorce and being separated from Jack. Poor Hotch needs some loving compassion.

Anonymous said...

What a great ep, definitely one of my favorites. I loved the ‘Mom and Dad’ line, and Emily’s concern for JJ, and the strong, smart victim. I’m a big fan of this baby story for JJ and I really like the way it was introduced tonight, and I really hope we see more episodes like this scattered over the next nine months. (I also hope Emily can be the center of the drama for an episode or two, though!)

Thanks, Deb and Erica, for a wonderful episode and for coming to chat with us tonight.

Anonymous said...

Loved the ep! And thanks so much for coming to the chat Deb and Erica! Sorry the chatroom was possessed today...Keep up the great work and we'll see you soon!!!


Phoenix said...

Great episode overall with some great individual scenes too. Starting "without Mom and Dad" was a quick hit (did I hear Morgan just say that?)but that's part of what made it great.

I like the development of the relationship between Hotch and Rossi--the two leaders sort of bonding over their mutual 'issues'.

I also like Morgan & Garcia going 'back to normal'. Missed the banter. (Okay, I'll admit it: I'm in the vote Kevin off the island group...dorky jerk)

Just wanted to say thanks to Erica and Deb for another great episode and for coming by to chat.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say this ep was kind of bland, IMO.

I also liked the abused wife case better, just goes to show how down-trodden someone can become when they start off without any self esteem and become a pawn to a boss bastard type. I would have liked to kick the kids around the block a few times too, although they were just as brain washed.

I thought Emily/JJ were very off tonight, they were flat, like someone else comented, but they also looked uncomfortable. Maybe it was hot when they were shoting or something and Emily's bangs have gotten impossibly thicker and longer already. I like the bangs okay, but not tonight's heavy fringe.

Hotch's determination to stay in his son's life is good and the Rossi comment that Hailey reached her breaking point was good as well, I just hope there is no surprise about a lover or cheating on Hotch or anything.

Other than a slight emphasis on JJ, the rest of the team only got a little air time as the stalked woman got more.

I like the actor who was the stalker, although, at the moment, I cannot figure out where I have seen him before.


Anonymous said...

Another great episode from CM.
I like the two cases. The stalking case was interesting if a little bit scary. Bonnie Root and Scott Lowell were very good.

I really liked the second case,the one of the poor abused wife. Not every victims have physical scars, hers were all hidden but they hurt as much as a fist in the face.

Love the talk between Hotch and Rossi about their failed marriages.

Happy there was no Kevin Lynch in that episode! Hope we won't see him again. Nothing against NB but I'm really not warming up to Kevin.

Thanks to Erica and Debbie for another excellent CM episode!


slashgirl said...

lociloco said:

I like the actor who was the stalker, although, at the moment, I cannot figure out where I have seen him before.

Scott Lowell was the stalker, he played Ted on the US version of Queer as Folk (which is why I kinda giggled when I saw who the stalker was.)

Anonymous said...

I got a question if that okay here.
I was reading another site and someone mention that Morgan should have had more input on the type of crime. Morgan is a obsessional crime expert. Does this qualify as a obsessional crime? Does anyone think he should have had more input?

I thought this show was okay. I like Damaged and Elephant's Memory, In Heat was pretty good but tonight's show had some very slow/boring moments.

I like the most was Hotch and Rossi and there personal conversation. I like the two part storylines but both (in my opinion) need to be interesting. the best part of the stalking case was the victim ability to deal with her situation.

Anonymous said...


Am I losing my mind or was the agent who told JJ that Keri was there Agent Anderson from the Fisher King?

We finally got another Morgan tackle. That has been a long time coming. Loved Hotch and Rossi talking about marriages.

Anonymous said...

This is Criminal Minds at its best!! A wonderful, exiquiste blend of creepiness, originality and the BAU demonstrating what they can do!

Other things I loved:
* Strong victim - being proactive about her situation and remaining calm and trusting the advice of JJ and Prentiss when she was with the unsub.
* The subtle Reid moment - "It was a Tuesday"
* Threads of JJ's pregnancy and Hotch's divorce (and Rossi's experience and attitude toward marriage).

Thank you so much, gruesome twosome!

Anonymous said...

Lots of thoughts about this one. I really like dual story episodes if both stories are strong which was the case with this episode. I liked the Rossi and Hotch story the best. My only real concern is that we have now had two completely JJ centric episodes back to back and it seems as if the whole show is centered around JJ. I hope this trend ends soon. I loved that the victim was strong and smart and could think on her feet. It is what kept her alive when he got her. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great Episode!

Sure, another JJ-centric episode, but hey, it had to be done. I mean if they didn't have the subtle focus on JJ in this episode, having her call Will in the end and say that she's pregnant would not be justified. At least this way, the show seemed flawless.

I'm glad though that JJ's pregnancy is finally established. The show can finally focus less on her character --- although I truly enjoy JJ-centric episodes.

I loved Hotch/Rossi conversation.

I must say, this stalking case creeped me out. I jumped out of my couch when the lady (gosh I already forgot her name) looked back and saw the stalker in her house. I had my speakers up and wow... I don't think I have been that creeped out since 'Lucky'.

I loved Reid's 'Tuesday' comment and Morgan's concern for JJ -- It's very Morgan-like.

Ztivokreb said...

I felt for Kari, but wasn't creeped out too much.

I liked how the kids played while mom and dad were away (nice cookie). And it was interesting to see how Hotch and Rossi dealt with a DA who had made up her mind about a case before actually hearing out the witness.

Those kids made me angry, it was obvious the words pouring out of their mouths was repetition from the father.

Prentiss shined here, being strong and comforting to both JJ and Kari.

JJ explaining more of her job was cool, and her frustration at parts of it. The entire team noticing JJ was off her game was cute.

However, that's enough focus on JJ, she's great, but I like seeing more of the other characters as well.

and hey TED was the stalker, holy crap! I laughed out loud, which I doubt is the effect wanted there.

Morgan and Garcia are finally back to normal. I missed their vibe for a while there. While Kevin was fun and geeky at first, he kind of ruins the mojo Morgan and Garcia have going on.

Overall, a good ep.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was freakin awesome that they made the victim's law firm work in the Bernero Brothers Building!!

Great cookie!


Very good episode! Everyone of the team seemed to have an equal amount of time... almost enough Reid to make me happy (I had to tell that. I know... I'm obsessed.) The cases were both intresting and Rossi is really a sweet guy!
Let me count on my fingers...we had profilings, Garcia on the computer, Morgan calling her with sweet names...Morgan tackling down the guy, Prentiss being lovely with J.J., J.J. pregnant, Hotchie almost crying,Rossi listening to him AND, last but certainly not least Reid with an FBI jacket...(rrr!)Nothing was missing!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Hey, Hotch, what the hell do I know? The only people I've ever made happy were divorce lawyers!" -Rossi to Hotch.

Loved that line. Poor Rossi can't keep a wife, poor Hotch just lost one and in a twist of fate these two are discussing marriages and analyzing them. Too good for words.

Really well thought out episode. Too much JJ but that can't be helped now. No Kevin and that was a really good thing.

I did see the sign and laughed. Great idea.

I like having two stories and in some ways the two women were in parallel situations. Terrorized!

Can you imagine answering your phone and having your girlfriend tell you that she is pregnant. NIGHTMARE!

Deirdre said...

I just watched this episode and thought it was great. I liked that they showed the team getting to understand how hard it is for JJ to refuse cases and how it gets to her. I loved the 'kids' working together. I thought it was really nice to see a case without any victims. I say it was nice for the team to save someone without anyone getting hurt.
The Rossi/Hotch case was also really interesting and I think it worked well having the 2 cases as I don't think either case would fill a whole episode but they both were very interesting

Anonymous said...

I likely find it a lot creepier due to the fact that as a teenager I had a real stalker, who was utterly terrifying.

It was a boyfriend broken up, who didn't agree about the break-up. He stalked me for a year. He wasn't even legal to drive (he was age-wise, but did not even have his learning permit) and he would steal his parent's cars and come to my home when nobody was home, banging on the doors. He came to my school - at lunch, after school. He would show up at strange places where I was. He left letters in my mailbox. When he showed up one day with a pistol on his body, it was time to become serious.

He was a very disturbed individual, so I think that makes this episode more potent for me, as I could relate to a lot of what that woman was going through. I spent a year surrounded with male friends who looked out for me. My parents were crazed about it, they couldn't believe this boy. Thankfully it didn't with CM-style drama, but it really hits home and changes your perspective on life.

Anyhow, back to CM-related things.....

I've seen a number of people complaining of JJ-centric episodes. You know, I liked them. We've had half a season practically of Reid-centricit, with a number of eps dedicated to him alone. We've had Morgan-centric eps, a couple of Hotch-centric eps, basically everyone but Prentiss has had eps that you would call *centric*. It's been two episodes, and two much needed episodes to get the storyline on track with reality, and that is a pregnancy. I think we can have faith in our writers that it will not become *The story of JJ*, and that it will return to normal pretty soon. I actually hope it gets a little more dramatic before it calms. I personally want to see the time she tells the team she is pregnant. I want to see them become *protective* and worry about her, perhaps it's because I like a little angst. I want to see her reassure them that she can still do her job, until the time when obviously she WILL have to go back to being the media girl, where at 7 months she cannot be chasing down criminals. *G*

slashgirl said...

kim m. said:

I've seen a number of people complaining of JJ-centric episodes. You know, I liked them. We've had half a season practically of Reid-centricit, with a number of eps dedicated to him alone. We've had Morgan-centric eps, a couple of Hotch-centric eps, basically everyone but Prentiss has had eps that you would call *centric*. It's been two episodes, and two much needed episodes to get the storyline on track with reality, and that is a pregnancy.

I think Children of the Dark was fairly Prentiss-centric.

The biggest difference with the other characters is that they can carry the ep. JJ can't; she's not a strong enough character/actress. I don't like Prentiss, but at least when it's Prentiss centric it keeps my attention. JJ doesn't.

And I still think hiding the pregnancy would've been the better route to go. There really doesn't need to be much more focus on the pregnancy--telling the team could be an ep opening or end tag. I hope there is no more pregnancy drama, at least until JJ gives birth. It's not needed and it's NOT what the show is about. I can understand the people who feel it's turning into a soap opera.

Anonymous said...

this one was ok not my favorit.the guy was very creepy not enough of reid or morgan in this one.

Shawn said...

Great ep. Which is par for the course for our lovely ladies.

Love the JJ focus, but then she's my favorite and I can't really get enough. I'm completely intrigued by what it is that has caused her such huge trust issues.

Very creepy story for the A one and the B with the screwed up family was sad.

I love seeing the kids "play" while mom and dad are away.

Phenomenal job to all.

Anonymous said...

Overall, I really liked this episode. Mostly because there was no Kevin and Garcia and Morgan were back to their usual flirtatous selfs! ^_^

I'm curious to see everyone's reaction to JJ's pregnancy!!! (Including Detective Whats-His-Face!)

Anonymous said...

The stalker story was really scary. Seeing him hiding in the bushes smiling was so creepy. I think I realized that she would be eventually face to face with him. I was glad that they wrote her smart. She new what to do to survive. Playing along with his fantasy was so smart. Kept her alive. Nicely acted and wonderfully written.

Anonymous said...

JJ is a character that we don't know alot about so I am glad that we are getting some insight into who she is and I look forward to finding out why she is so distrustful and what her baggage is. She sure shocked Will on the phone. Way to find out you are going to be a daddy. Face to face would have been better. I like Will. Dislike Kevin with a passion but thankfully he wasn't in this episode.

Anonymous said...

I like the parallel storylines, both focusing on women who have to deal with the manipulations of men. Interweaving the three sets of BAU members working on their different angles was an interesting touch. I especially was touched by the Hotch/Rossi scene where they opened up their feelings about the vagaries of relationships thus proving once again that there's nothing like a failed marriage to bring two people closer together.
I didn't really care for JJ getting as moody as a teenager on vacation with the parents. If she had a reason to be moody, she should be moody over the lack of security provided for Ryan and Keri after they knew both were in grave danger. I hope the cops involved don't ever work for Homeland Security. Everyone and their grandmother would have had an easy time entering Keri's home. They must have been the same efficient and fast-moving cops that was guarding Lila Archer's home in Somebody's Watching!!!
And a big thank you to Debra and Erica for a fun chat last night.
You guys are the best!!!!!!!

respectanimals said...

I had a really hard time deciding what to rate this one. I couldn’t really say that I LOVED it, as the personal/character stuff wasn’t all that interesting to me, yet I more than just LIKED it. I wanted an option somewhere in between. I thought the cases were two of the best written ones so far. Both the stalker and the abused wife stories kept me interested the entire time. And on a personal level, I liked the JJ story much better this week, as everything she did actually made sense to me.

The case scenes with Rossi and Hotch were great, but I didn’t really find the personal scene, where they discussed their divorces, as interesting as everybody else seems to have. I liked the scene up until Rossi made the comment about maybe trying harder if he had had children. After that it went downhill for me. I just felt like comparing their two different situations was like comparing apples and oranges. Hotch was married to the love of his life and it was his dedication to his job at the BAU that ended his marriage, whereas Rossi has been married three times, has no children, and while his career may have played a part in his divorces, I’m guessing his ex-wives had a few other problems with him as well. LOL!

I’m completely torn on the Mom and Dad reference, as that was the *exact* same phrase used to describe Hotch and Gideon. On one side the more Rossi takes on Gideon’s role within the group (not on a personal level though), the better I like him. But on the other side, I’m still loyal to Gideon and I don’t want them just having Rossi do and say what the character of Gideon would have said and done. And I guess I was expecting there to be a little more friction between Rossi and Hotch. I like seeing that Rossi has a softer side and cares about his coworkers, but I just don’t want them softening him up too much. He is the sexist and the playful antagonist afterall (ie – The comments “I hope she was worth it.” and “Oh really, why don’t you tell us what it was about.” to Reid in the episode Elephant’s Memory and of course there was the “I was just giving you a chance for personal growth.” jab at Morgan in the episode Lucky. LOL!). As long as they don’t make Rossi out to be a total jerk, I kind of like his quirks.

I think it’s great that they wrote the female stalker victim as a strong female character and I was especially glad that JJ and Emily prepared her in advance for what might happen and what to do if the stalker ever got his hands on her. JJ and Emily teaming up on this one was great. I loved how they worked together as the two female agents, dealing with a female victim.

I was fascinated by the psychological abuse that the Rossi/Hotch case covered. I’ve seen shows that have covered both physical and psychological abuse to spouses before, but this came at the subject from an entirely different angle than I have ever seen done before. And as awful as those kids were to their mother, I sure hope somebody gets them some therapy as well, as there father did a major number on them too, whether they know it or not.

I know I said it before, but I have to say it again, Paget Brewster is getting really good at reading those quotes.

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad
Bernero Building
Morgan Tackle
Did I miss any cookies?

I usually don't like episodes that have two different storylines but while they were two different cases there was a common theme and the writers showed it to us masterfully. While showing it to us from opposite points of views both stories were still about female power within relationships and that was wonderful. One so strong and brave and the other so abused and weak that she is still under the control of a dead man.

Hotch and which one is really mom and which one is dad? I'm not sure?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the episode. If I send $50 to Los Angeles would somebody please take the Gube for a haircut. It is time our chap has a trim on his locks.

Stalking is such a frightening crime. It is so hard to believe that you have to be attacked before you can even get an order of protection in most places. I do wonderful if an order of protection is even a deterant to a pscyho. Scary business.

Anonymous said...

It was really creepy that the stalker didn't have horns or look evil. He looked like your average middle age man. I think that makes stalking an even freakier danger.

Nobody died in this episode. That was a nice change of pace but the episode was definately freaky and also hopeful at the same time.

JJ's pregnancy is going to be interesting. We've been JJ heavy the past few episodes but I think that will fade itself away. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when she has the baby.

Uncle Derek, Aunt Garcia, Aunt Emily, Uncle Reid, Uncle Aaron and Uncle David! That could be so cool.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Another cookie was "Brodie" as the name of the dog. Deb's dog is named "Brodie". :)

Anonymous said...

And I still think hiding the pregnancy would've been the better route to go. There really doesn't need to be much more focus on the pregnancy--telling the team could be an ep opening or end tag. I hope there is no more pregnancy drama, at least until JJ gives birth. It's not needed and it's NOT what the show is about. I can understand the people who feel it's turning into a soap opera.

But there IS no hiding the pregnancy. She's not due in RL until September, correct? And they will be shooting all summer for the fall season. She is going to BE pregnant while they are filming. She can't hide a very obvious belly while shooting, and even though time passes really quickly, it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. But you can't hide something as obvious as a baby belly when June, and July come along. So IMO there is no use in trying to hide it, or it will make CM look less realistic. They can't even make it so that she had the baby over the summer, because she's filming while she's pregnant, and only getting bigger from here on out. And unless she well, leaves the show, there won't be any hiding it. I say we might as well get used to it and take it as it comes.

Anonymous said...

hats off to the gruesome twosome yet again. Loved this ep, with the two different stories. I was totally freaked out when the stalker was hiding in the bushes after damaging the b/f's car....just seeing parts of the face was really freaky

another one in the bag for CM

Anonymous said...

I liked this ep. not necessarily a top ten but good. I liked the story lines, both of them, but I do prefer all of our team working together on one case. A two case episode once in a while is okay. I thought it was creepy how the unsub followed Kerri all the way to MD and when he was trying to kiss her and stuff. I think it would take everything in me not to puck on the guy. I felt sorry for the wife in the second story line. I know some families where there is sever emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse. The families members don't seam to recognize it as abuse because there is little to no hitting involved. What they don't realize is that the next generation takes it into their marriages and it escalates. They never deal with the anger and the hurt and they end up taking it out on their families. I liked how JJ pregnancy announcement was handled but I think it would have been nice to see Will's response. I guess that's it. I give it an A.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Deb and Erica for the visit to the chat and for the good story!

I liked the red herring (dog thieves) and I liked not knowing the unsub’s identity until later in the story. I know people get tired of me saying it but…what can I say I like suspense. I was very glad Lynch was among the missing!!!! Hope he stays that way.

From a law enforcement perspective, I agree that agencies don’t get involved in situations until someone actually causes injury. However laws on stalking are pretty weak in most states. Arresting someone who does not stay in jail makes it more dangerous for the person being stalked.

Nice of you to provide a little public service information. People should really be careful with the types of information they give out for the convenience of retailers. Phone numbers addresses and dates of birth are often used by the stores to verify identity. They might as well announce your information over an intercom.

Anonymous said...

kim m said:

"We've had a half season practically of Reid centric, with a number dedicated to him alone"

I can only think of one episode this season that was Reid centric and that is Elephant's Memory. We barely saw him in In Heat. I don't know where you get half the season has been dedicated to Reid.

I don't mind episodes being character centric once in a while. It builds on character development. And I'm all for character development when it's in the context of the cases. That being said, too much focus in the last two episodes is being placed on JJ to the detriment of the rest of the cast. This is Criminal Minds, not the JJ show.

Anonymous said...

You know what? This was not a JJ
"centric" episode. This was a JJ DRIVEN episode. She fought for the case of a fellow female who was being stalked. She had an opinion. She spoke up. She wanted to help this woman.

Thirty seconds was dedicated to personal story in which she said several words. Two of which were... "I'm pregnant."

The writers' chose to deal with AJ's pregnancy by writing it into the show. I don't believe to the detriment of other character this episode was JJ centric.

I commend JJ for fighting for all women out there who are violated.

Anonymous said...

Off the topic of JJ so I can say that I really liked this episode. I think it was a great episode for all teenager age girls and older to watch. It is a scary world we live in and the better prepared we all are for it the better our chances of being caught less off guard.

I have learned so much about personal safety from the series. It isn't why I watch it but it is a bonus. I notice that I am more aware on campus and I make better safety choices. The show isn't preachy but it does teach. I wonder if Mr. Bernero does that intentionally since he was a police officer for so many years.

I've known a few people who have been stalked and the episode was 100% perfect in showing the fear and frustration that a woman goes through when it is happening to her.

Kudos to our twosome! It was a great and valuable episode.

Anonymous said...

"That was a Tuesday"

Reid is so adorable and dorky. I second the call for a haircut.

The two story episode was very good. Story A was my favorite. I love strong women that fight back.

Story B was also good but the highlight of it was the Hotch and Rossi conversation. Our Hotch was sure projecting. I think the divorce is still a raw nerve.

Anonymous said...

LOVE having two separate stories in one episode. Two women who both needed urgent protection but for totally different reasons. Audrey was such a sorry woman. So beatten down and she had totally given up. Her kids were SCARY. Keri was being stalked but was resolved and strong and it was great to see the absolute commitment and compassion that JJ showed her. Great episode.


kim m said:

"We've had a half season practically of Reid centric, with a number dedicated to him alone"

OMG...I thought I saw all the eps....but apparently I'm missing something. a part Elephant man what are the other Reid centric episodes?
Maybe I'm not watching the same show....

Anonymous said...

i watch this episode a few more times and i really like it alot. the stocker was very creepy. morgan was worry about jj. there was only one big story done on reid this season i beleave. i felt sorry for the lady who killed her husband. i have really enjoy this season so far very much.

slashgirl said...

anon said:

You know what? This was not a JJ
"centric" episode. This was a JJ DRIVEN episode.

Same difference. If the character is the focus of the ep--whether driven or centric? It's the same thing--we see too much of the character and not enough of the team. We had to two JJ centric/driven/focussed eps in a row. Which, for me is two too many--one was more than enough. They could've done the relationship thing and her telling Will she was preggers in In Heat.

I'd like the focus to shift back to the team--JJ's pregnancy can now be a background issue until she gives birth. And after the baby is born? We'd better not see more of her/him than we saw of Jack. I don't mind bits of personal stuff...but if CM isn't careful, they'll turn into a soap opera. And that's not why I watch the show.

slashgirl said...

patinkinbabe wrote:

Hotch and which one is really mom and which one is dad? I'm not sure?

Hotch is definitely the mom...Rossi really isn't the dad yet. More like an uncle. Or step-dad, but Morgan isn't going to say "Mom and Uncle Dave". *lol*

Hotch is the mom, cus as Bear has said: "Mom gets all the crappy jobs." Hotch is the one who washed the blood off of Elle's walls, he's the one who had to deal with Elle, he's the one who was concerned with how Reid dealt with things on an emotional level in Revelations--and he's the one who cleans up their messes. Oh, and apologises for them. He cares about how they're feeling--that's what moms do.

Gideon was definitely the distant father figure that the "kids" were always trying to please. They wanted to earn his praise--and while he cared for them...he never really opened up to any of them beyond Hotch.

Rossi, as I said, is more of an uncle or brand new step who's never had kids of his own.

And in the chat, Deb and Erica said that Hotch is the mom. *G*

respectanimals said...

OMG! Thanks slashgirl! I've been wondering about the Mom and Dad role thing too. You pointed out a LOT of things that I hadn't even thought about before.

Anonymous said...

I like JJ so I am fine with a few episodes being JJ heavy. Honestly, I didn't think it was that heavy. She is an under used character that had a few extra scenes over the course of two episodes. Not a big deal. I don't think we are going to "see playpens at the BAU" and I don't think she will be nursing on the plane. lol

I really like Will. I remember the actor from 3rd Watch. He could marry her and stay home and watch the baby while she works. I like the idea.

It was wonderful having an episode without Kevin. He grates on my last nerve. Garcia was back to being Garcia and the banter between her and Morgan was great.

Both cases were equally interesting. I wish the show was longer so both stories could be explored in more detail.

I like Rossi. Not sure when that happened but it did. I honestly don't miss Gideon anymore and I thought that would never happen. Joe Mantegna deserves a lot of credit for turning me around. I was going to drop the show when Mandy left and now I barely even remember Gideon. I am glad that I stuck with the show.

Anonymous said...

Rewatched the episode last night and caught a lot of what I missed the first time. I have a hard time with two stories because my english is not that great. I liked the episode!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part was when Rossi and Hotch were talking about failed marriages. When Rossi said he prob would have tried harder if kids had been involved it sure did hit a nerve with Hotch. Hotch replied that he had tried but that leaves me to wonder if he really believes that. His job was time consuming and he was never home. How hard did he try? That scene was beautifully written. I think they captured the guilt that divorced parents feel and frankly listening to Rossi talk about 3 failed marriages was great. THREE!! Just how bad a husband is Rossi? *g*

Anonymous said...

Prentiss & Kerry working together to get the stalker's gun away from him and to release her was amazing. Two smart women vs. one fruit loop. I loved that part the best. Touching his hand and playing on his delusion was brilliant. Loved it!

Also, I loved the ending and how JJ just blurted out over the phone to Will that she's pregnant. You knew it was coming but I figured she would tell him in person. It was a great 20 seconds.

Morgan tackle=love!

Elizabeth said...

The mom and dad reference made me laugh and it was good to see Morgan tackling.

Hotch and Rossi were great together

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this is probably my favorite episode for the season.

Considering I flip flop back and forth between Rossi and Hotch as my favorites, this epi was right up my alley! Whoever's idea it was to split the team up, I loved it--got to see my two favs together, and see the rest of the team work without being "babysat". (Sorry, but that's how I feel when MY boss is in the room with me.)

Favorite part...when Rossi said the only people he made happy were the divorce lawyers. Good line.

Tracy said...

Well, I guess I am in the minority, I just got to watch the show today. It wasn't really my favorite.

I, unlike so many, don't like two case episodes, I like it when the team ALL works together. I thought both cases were kinda bland.

The stalker case was certainly scary for the woman it involved considering all she went thru to get away from him, but I never really felt she was in danger. I always expected her to be ok.

The other case was kinda interesting, but again, never really sparked anything for me.

It seemed the whole episode was a little overshadowed by personal issues and I don't want this show to come to that.

JJ and Hotch's personal lives seemed to overshadow it too much for me.

Of course, I love CM and all the characters every week, but this one didn't get saved on the DVR.

Looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode. One woman being terrorized by an unknown man and the other woman being terrorized by her own husband. Only, the woman who killed her husband didn't have any proof that she was being abused. Psychological abuse is the invisible abuse that nobody seems to believe - the family that lookds "well adjusted", father with a good job and active in the community, etc. What was she supposed to do, go to the police? They would have been even less likely to help her than they were to help Kerri. Should she have gone and gotten a lawyer and a job? - Not possible since she basically didn't exist - nothing was in her name, etc.
Unfortunately, been there, done that. I walked - but it is often very difficult to find your backbone in those situations. While watching it, I thought, "good for her!" And, good for CM to touch on a very common, difficult to prove problem that is probably a lot more prevalent than anyone would like to admit.