Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Criminal Minds: What a season this has been for Criminal Minds. Lost an actor, got a new and better actor, went on strike for what seemed like an eternity and the cast, writers and crew still managed to turn out their best season of Criminal Minds to date.

Thanks to A.J. Cook and her husband we are expecting our first Criminal Minds baby this year. Ed shared with us that we have two new Criminal Minds writers that are replacing two writers that have left to pursue other projects. Lets all pray for a peaceful season four. 26 episodes of magic sound great to me!

We all know that someone gets blown up tomorrow. That is all over the web and in the tabloids. Ed Bernero told us in the chat room that we will be wondering about the cliffhanger all summer. Anyone needing Criminal Minds therapy after the episode is welcome in the Criminal Minds chat room. The current password is finale. See everyone after the episode.

You have less than 24 hours to spread the word to everyone you meet on the street that Criminal Minds is the show to watch this week! :)