Friday, May 30, 2008


Criminal Minds: Reminder that the current password for the Criminal Minds chat room is finale. The chat room is open to members 24/7 so enjoy talking about the show. The Criminal Minds website message board is busy trying to figure out the big finale ? so hop over there when you have time and see what clues you can add to their list.

Donations have started to be made to Kim Harrison's Aids Marathon Fund from Criminal Minds fans all over the globe. Thank you if you have already made your donation and if not then please consider helping with this very worthy cause. There is a link on the top of the blog's front page that will take you to the donation page.

The Criminal Minds convention is almost finished being planned. The dates will be announced next week and we look forward to meeting everyone in LA.

Did I mention that I have a surprise for everyone????? I think I will save that for my next Criminal Minds update! *g*