Monday, April 30, 2007


Criminal Minds Game: Lets see how well we know the characters on Criminal Minds. The BAU team finishes a case and heads to the restaurant at their hotel before heading back to Quantico. On the breakfast buffet are tiny individual serving boxes of cereal. Which cereal does Jason Gideon, Aaron Hotchner, Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, JJ, Garcia (she is with them in the field for this case)and Emily Prentiss reach for? :) What's Gideon's key to getting a good start to the day?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am the first!

Reid - Rice Krispies - the snap, crackle and pop are like physics magic

Garcia - Fruit Loops because of all the crazy colors or Count Chokula or Frankenberry because they are fun

JJ - Special K - a girl's got to keep that fabulous figure

Emily - this one is hard. I am thinking Lucky Charms because she needs to get lucky in love and because it isn't sensible.

Morgan - Frosted Flakes, 'cause they're GRRRREEEEAATT!

Hotch - Cheerios and he would probably share some with Jack if he were there; and they are heart healthy

Gideon - Kashi - a little more exotic than Cheerios but still heart healthy

slashgirl said...

Reid is easy: Whatever has the most sugar on it (fruit loops/corn pops). *heh*

Hotch: Probably bran flakes.

Garcia: Rice krispies (she likes listening to her cereal...)

JJ: Frosted flakes as a treat, just a little bit of extra sweetness...

Morgan: something plain, like cornflakes or branflakes

Prentiss: would want the sugared cereal but would probably take something that was good for her, like Special K.

Gideon: Um. I really don't know. Whole Grain cheerios?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Gideon: Raisin Bran

Hotch: Bran Flakes

Garcia: Lucky Charms

Reid: Coco Puffs

Morgan: Cheerios

A.J.: Fruit Loops

Prentiss: ????

Anonymous said...

Reid - Cookie Crisp, because it combines cookies with breakfast and when you're a sugarholic it's tough to beat that.

Garcia - She would totally go after something REALLY colorful like Fruit Loops or Trix. Probably Trix because it has different shapes too.

JJ - Honey Nut Cheerios. Combine the healthy with something to sate the sweet tooth.

Morgan - Regular Cheerios but he'd be eyeing Reid's Cookie Crisp. He just won't admit he wants sugar for breakfast.

Gideon - Special K. He eats boring stuff, possibly because he doesn't care.

Emily - Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She strikes me as being a sugar fiend to rival Reid.

Hotch - Whatever's left over. He probably waits until the entire team has grabbed what they wanted and then takes whatever the last box is. He's not choosy and he'd rather the team be happy.

Anonymous said...

Garcia: Apple Jacks
Gideon: Crispix
Hotchner: Special K
Reid: Shrek
Morgan: Corn Flakes
Prentiss: Cocoa Krispies

Anonymous said...

Reid: Fruit Loops

Hotch: Corn Flakes

Gideon: Would skip it

Garcia: Fruit Loops and she may have to fight Reid for it if there is only one box

Morgan: Bran Flakes

Prentiss: Cheerios

Anonymous said...

They all are going to have OATMEAL, because they know it is good for them!!!

Toppings for oatmeal...

GIDEON: With raisins for predicted regularity.

HOTCH: With Omega-3 apples for brainpower to plan next move.

GARCIA: With variety of bright berries for color and fun tossing into mouth.

JJ: With cinnimon for spicing her boring life.

REID: With chinese noodles to practice chopsticks.

PRENTISS: With sugar to energize, ready for combat.

MORGAN: With steak for energy, and hot sauce to season boring cereal.

From Joyce,
BAU (Breakfast Aide Unit) Chief Dietician

Anonymous said...

Oatmeal??? Joyce why would you do that to our team?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...YES, THEY MUST SUFFER THE RIGORS OF A "GOOD BREAKFAST" LIKE THE REST OF US...!!! Discipline...discipline...can't cut them any slack!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention...I had coffee and a piece of pumpkin pie today. Did you know that one piece of pumpkin pie has 80% of RDA for Vitamin A?? THAT'S WHY I ATE IT!

Elizabeth said...

There's nothing wrong with oatmeal! Except that it is really called porridge.

And I don't know what kind of cereals Americans eat, but I'm going to guess as follows:

Reid: Coffee. And then a second coffee. Spends breakfast time constructing a working robot out of the empty cereal boxes. Another coffee. Grabs take out coffee when they leave

Gideon: Eats whatever Hotch puts in front of him. Doesn't notice what it is. Ponders a lot.

Garcia: Gets excited about the choices, chooses whatever matches her outfit.

Morgan: Eats 3 boxes of the most manly looking cereal. Followed by 100 sit ups.

Prentiss: Something sensible, but definitely not Nestle, for ethical reasons.

JJ: Nothing sugary, but she has her eye on the pastries.

Hotch: Makes sure everybody has their cereal and takes whatever is left. Grimaces his way through coco pops or something similar. Clears all the plates and bowls away afterwards and makes sure the waitress gets a tip. Has to be restrained from offering to wash up.

Anonymous said...

This is a fun one, Jill!

Gideon - Life - because it's good for you, and he likes to stay focused on the upside of Life.

Hotch - Wheaties - because it's the Breakfast of Champions

Morgan - Granola - keeping those washboard abs *sigh*

Prentiss - Weetabix - she's very continental

Reid - Honey Nut Cheerios- sugary, nutty and a little nerdy, just like him.

JJ - Cinnamon Toast Crunch - she's a little spicy - but she doesn't eat it, just pours it into her bowl and pretends (just kidding!).

Garcia - Dino Pebbles - the more colorful the better!

Anonymous said...

Reid - something sugary...
Garcia - Froot Loops, very colourful
Hotch - Raisin Bran, healthy!
J.J - Special K
Gideon - ??? maybe just coffee...
Morgan - Frosted Flakes, just because
Prentiss - Lucky Charms

Anonymous said...

These are all pricelss breakfast menus!! Elizabeth, I'm "snapping, cracking, and popping" at your KNOWLEDGE of out Team's Tastes. RIGHT ON!!!

lisaw918 said...

Gideon: Cocoa puffs. Because the guy's gotta have a weakness besides killer PTSD.

Hotch: All-Bran. How else does he hang on to that body? Can't be the gym; his arms are too skinny.

Morgan: He'd wait until everyone got their cereal, and then he'd start swiping a spoonful from each bowl. Morgan has a problem with the concept of mine/yours when it comes to personal space. And food.

Reid: He'd skip the cereal and go for the donuts.

J.J.: Frosted Mini-Wheats. She'd delude herself into thinking the shredded wheat cancels out the frosting calories.

Garcia: Fruit Loops. No explanation needed, I think.

Prentiss: Cheerios. Plain, healthy, won't draw any attention to her likes or dislikes, and expresses none of the personality I know is in there somewhere. The woman has perfected the art of flying under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Reid used to eat Rice Krispies but since it was his last meal( an RK bar) before being kidnapped he now chooses to avoid all cereal. Phobic you know.

Garcia would eat Cap'n Crunch Berry flavor.

Morgan would have a granola-muesli.

Gideon would have Shredded Wheat.

Hotch would eat the Wheaties.

JJ would have Special K.

Prentiss would have the Count Chocula, since she loooooves chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Reid has, he would need to use "chopsticks" (though oatmeal may be difficult!). He will not give up until he can outsmart those so-called "pencil forks". The challenge of his lifetime!!!

Anonymous said...

Garcia and Reid would both have Lucky Charms and they would trade their marshmallows with each other.

Hotch and Gideon would both have a sensible cereal. I am thinking All Bran.

Prentiss and JJ would both go for something like Corn Flakes.

MORGAN: Would wait until everyone else had theirs and then take all the boxes that were left because he is a big beautiful man and one little box of cereal is not going to keep that Adonis moving throughout his day.

Anonymous said...

I think Reid would actually pick a sensible cereal. He would have all the facts about cereal that anyone could need or want to know in an entire lifetime. He would go for the Bran.

No doubt Garcia wants something jazzy and she wants something fruity. Maybe some Fruity Pebbles.

Anonymous said...

Reid: Granola Crunch

Prentiss: Kashi

Morgan: Special K

Gideon: He would grab the first box his hand touched.

Hotchner: Cheerios

Garcia: Chocolate Pebbles

Anonymous said...

Neutra Grain Bars all around:

Gideon: Apple Cinnamon

Hotchner: Blueberry

JJ: Strawberry

Morgan: Strawberry Yogurt Bar

Garcia: Dutch Chocolate

Prentiss: Whole Wheat

Reid: Smores Bar

Anonymous said...

Reid is a Captain Crunch guy. I just know it.

Garcia: Count Dracula

Prentiss: Honey O's

Morgan: Kix

Hotchner: Cheerios- always dependable like him.

Gideon: Special K- bland

Anonymous said...

I know we are talking about cereal but I am picturing the breakfast buffet at the last Courtyard of the Marriott that my family stayed at. If the team was there then here is how breakfast would go:

Morgan: A plate of scrambled eggs, toast, a pack of yogurt and two bananas. Lots of milk.

Gideon: A yogurt and some juice.

Hotch: Yogurt and dry toast and coffee.

Reid: Toast and coffee and coffee and coffee.

Prentiss: Eggs, sausage, pancakes and juice. I have a feeling the girl can eat.

Garcia: Yogurt and coffee

AJ: coffee only

shemarsgirl said...

Reid: Lucky Charms (magically delicious)
Hotch: Frosted Mini Wheats
Gideon: Bran (for the fiber)
Garcia: Fruity Pebbles
JJ: Shredded Wheat
Morgan: Life
Emily: Honey Nut Cheerios

Anonymous said...

I can picture Garcia picking out the marshmallow treats from Reid's bowl of cereal. You are so right about that. I can also see her tasting Morgan's eggs. As for Hotch and Reid....bran.

Anonymous said...

I think Gideon would reach for a donut.

Anonymous said...

Reid: Choco Krispies

Garcia: Choco Krispies

Morgan: Chco Krispies

Prentiss: Granola Bites

Hotchner: Cheerios

Gideon: Special K

J.J.: Choco Krispies

Anonymous said...

Garcia: Coco Puffs

Reid: Chex

Morgan: Special K

Gideon: Cheerios

JJ: Apple Jacks

Hotchner: All-Bran

Prentiss: Frosted Flakes

Anonymous said...

Gideon: Shredded Wheat

Hotchner: Grape Nuts

Morgan: Bran Flakes

Reid: Honey Bunches of Oats

AJ: Toasties

Prentiss: Raisin Bran

Garcia: Captain Crunch

Anonymous said...

Poor Derek is going to need more than one small box of cereal. I am thinking at least two or three boxes of Cheerios.

dearlydead said...

Gideon...shredded wheat, because he is at that age
Hotch...Cheerios, because it is as bland as he seems to be (until you get to know it/him)
Reid...Fruit Loops, for obvious reasons
Morgan...Cocoa Puffs, because he loves chocolate and works out so he can have what he wants
JJ...oatmeal, because she is very health conscious
Emily...kashi, a taste developed on her foreign travels
Garcia...Count Chokula because she loves the chocolate Count

Anonymous said...

I can soooo not see Gideon eating a pop-tart or a granola bar. He is defiantely a bran flakes with some fruit on it kind of person. Especially since we have been led to believe he has cancer in his background.

Anonymous said...

Cocoa Puffs for Garcia

Honey Grahams for JJ

Fruit Loops for Reid

Frosted Flakes for Prentiss

Special K for Special Gideon

Yogurt Covered Cheerios for Hotch

and my man Morgan gets Grape Nuts

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to be the server at the table they are eating at.

Anonymous said...

Gideon-Shredded Wheat

Hotch-Raisin Bran

Reid-Lucky Charms

JJ-Special K with Berries

Garcia-Fruit Loops

Prentiss-Cocoa Puff

Morgan-Frosted Flakes

Anonymous said...

Reid - Fruit Loops
Garcia - Trix
JJ - Special K
Emily - Corn Flakes
Morgan - Raisan Bran
Hotch - Shreddies
Gideon - Shreaded Wheat

Anonymous said...

Cream of wheat all the way around the table. lol.

Anonymous said...

Garcia would like Honey Oats with Peaches. It is sweet like her.

Anonymous said...

Gideon: Special K and lots of fruit.

Hotchner: Special K and lots of coffee.

Reid: Grape Nuts and tons of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'll start with Reid (<3)

Reid- wow... Special K, because he's special, and he's simple with a little (more like a ton) of nonsimplisity mixed in

Garcia- Fruit Loops, because their so colorful and spunky (how can cereal be spunky you might be wondering. Honestly I don't know either, but they are)

JJ- oh I dunno, Lucky Charms, their so colorful, yet have a simple side, like JJ

Emily- hmmm.... I'd have to say Rice Krispies because their simple and bad to the crackly bone

Morgan- oh I'd have to say Coco Puffs... because most girls like him.... (not me ladies, I am a Reid fan) and most girls like chocolate.

Hotch- Cheerio's, simple. Hotch is a pretty simple, no surprises type guy.

Gideon- ohh tough call... I'd have to say.... *metally strolls down the cereal isle at the closest Meijer* Frosted Flakes... because... well he's kinda the inversed verion of frosted flakes, tough on the outside and sweet on the inside... as for frosted flakes they are sweet on the outside and tough on the inside

Anonymous said...

MGG would want Count Chocola.

Anonymous said...

no one would choose their own cereal, because gideon would choose for them, and he would choose each of their favorites exactly right. he would give:

hotchner: corn flakes with dryed blueberries, because blueberries boost brain activity.

garcia: cookie crisp, because she likes what the kids like.

jj: honey nutt cherios, or chocolate specail k, because she needs to be healthy to have like a full time job, then go and take care of her kid.

emily: uh... she wont like cereal, she doesnt like anything...i guess she would get corn pops because they are sweet, but not too sweet.

spencer reid: are there such things as sexy-O's? just kidding. he would get lucky charms because he would like the marshmellows, or rice crispeys (haha, physics magic! nice one lori) he would also give reid a cup of coffee with five billion spoonfulls of sugar.

if ell was there, she would get reeses puffs. i dont know why, they just seem to suit her XD

he himself would get something else from the buffet, like waffles, or eggs and bacon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am the first!

Reid - Rice Krispies - the snap, crackle and pop are like physics magic

Garcia - Fruit Loops because of all the crazy colors or Count Chokula or Frankenberry because they are fun

JJ - Special K - a girl's got to keep that fabulous figure

Emily - this one is hard. I am thinking Lucky Charms because she needs to get lucky in love and because it isn't sensible.

Morgan - Frosted Flakes, 'cause they're GRRRREEEEAATT!

Hotch - Cheerios and he would probably share some with Jack if he were there; and they are heart healthy

Gideon - Kashi - a little more exotic than Cheerios but still heart healthy