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Criminal Minds: Please use this thread to discuss the sixth season of Criminal Minds. Please be respectful to each other. Remember we are all Criminal Minds fans. :)


sf81387 said...

I wonder why there hasn't been any promotional photos for 6.22. Looking forward to seeing Jack and Hotch so hopefully it's not another messed up press release.

I thought the spoilers for the finale sounded fairly predictable and I agree it doesn't make sense for them to bring JJ back while facing a budget crisis that may cause the team to be split up, but I'll wait until I see it before I judge.

Erin Lee said...

Everyone knows this season has been a bit challenging behind the scenes, but I loved that, because of this, we got to see just how much this family loves each other. And we, as fans, got to show this family how much we love them. There have been some great stories, but I think the greatest story was the article announcing AJ Cook was coming back. The only thing better would be if Paget came with her. We need our big sister back. But, even if she decides to do comedy with NBC, these millions of fans who grew to love her as Emily Prentiss will support her wherever she goes. I hope Paget knows she is loved. I hope she knows she will always be loved. And more than anything, I hope she is happy.

Jessica said...

It's been a strange year for Criminal Minds. However, despite the ups and downs, ended satisfied with the final episodes and the return of AJ. I hope the Thomas and Shemar's contract situation is resolved and Paget see again. If you keep Seaver in CM, that does not captures my attention.
Fingers crossed that everything works as the fans want.

Eleven said...

I was thinking about the alleged OOC writing that seems to have plagued this season. However, i think it's not people behaving OOC that's the problem. In reality, human behaviour is hardly uniform consistently. We have had OOC before, but they have tended to be self-reflective via introspection and commentary. Eg, S5 - Morgan was the voice of reason and the choric reflection on an OOC Hotch. It didn't happen in isolation -- indeed we were drawn in to mull over these instances to get a better grasp of the character/s. That's why i feel this season has felt disjointed and slightly discomforting to me. Looking forward to S7, but hope the behind-the-scenes stuff doesn't overwhelm what made this show so compelling (a tad tired of panicking about contracts, i think).

Anonymous said...

This season's been slightly odd, but it's still awesome! Paget's story was gripping, and i'm sure they'll come up with some awesome plots for season 7, however, it wouldn't be the same without Mr Moore and Mr Gibson if their contracts aren't renewed! Looking forward to the final episode to see what cliffhanger will leave us longing for season 7!

CMJunkie said...

After I read the chat with Erica Messer, it made me feel better that the writers and everyone involved with the show are trying their hardest to get it back on track. At least they are hearing the fans and trying to support it. I am also glad that JJ will be coming back “home” to us because the way she was written out really made me feel like she was being cast out and the decision wasn’t hers. Emily, on the other hand, at least had a story-line that leaves open the possibility of her coming back. Once they catch Doyle, she still has a chance of coming back (even though we know that is totally up to Paget herself). I do hope they get back into exploring Reid’s headaches and what is causing them, but I also don’t want him to start presenting more symptoms of schizophrenia (had to look that one up in order to spell it ;)). I also hope to see TG & SM back, plus I would rather see the writers, etc. close out the show on their own terms than the network canceling it. At least we could see some closure with some creativity rather than just leaving us hanging. (I have some ideas for what happens to them if they would just ask.) Happy CM Day!

Kitty said...

It's been a most unsatisfactory season, and I blame the writers, although I know that they had to do a lot of scrambling to work a bunch of real life stuff into the story line.

I wish all the success in the world to Paget Brewster and I'm prepared to love Rachel Nichols, who seems like a really sweet kid. Thank you for bringing back AJ Cook. Now for Pete's sake nail contracts with Moore and Gibson.

Let's see a Season Seven that's all about tracking down the Bad Guys!

Anonymous said...

I hope that Emily Prentiss returns soon, anyway I like everything she does, I still remember her on her little but great character on Friends ( she was joey and then chandler girlfriend) but I hope they can bring her back it would't be the same without her. Lind Mexico :)twitter @lind_1212

Nanci said...

I appreciate Erica's comments alluding to getting things back to the way they were.

The only two things that would make it perfect are getting Paget back (although I do wish her well with her pilot) and getting rid of Seaver. She might be a 'really sweet kid' but she's a grown woman of 31...! (Not to start another debate - this is just my opinion of Season Six.)....

niteanjl said...

I think that they (writers/cast/crew) have done remarkably well after all of the curve balls they were thrown this year. The last half of the season really shaped up, although I've enjoyed the season as a whole. I hope the story lines concerning Reid's headaches and Hotch/Jack problems in season 7.

And if another actor(s) leave the show, let's have it under happier circumstances. Killing someone off, or them quitting is just too cliche for TV shows. Let our favorite characters go riding off happily into the sunset: a great job, happily married/kids, retirement . . . something on an up note for a change.

And . . . if MGG doesn't renew his contract next year, let's not have Reid lose his precious mind. That would also be sort of a cheat in my mind, since they've worn that scenerio out for years! I want something nice to happen to him as opposed to all the nasty they've done to him!

Jerri George said...

This has been a difficult season to embrace. Erica's interview did make me feel better tho.

I do hope the writers return to more interaction between the main characters. Love seeing them sit down to dinner or have more extended chats on the plane. We love them all and feel closer to the team when this takes place!

Just could not fathom watching without Hotch and/or Morgan! It's time the producers gave the fans the ensemble that sold the show in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Despite the behind the scenes drama that occurred I have to say that I enjoyed season 6 more than I did season 5. I wouldn't call that high praise though. Like last season this season has focused way too much IMO on the guest cast and not enough on the regular cast. "CBS's number one suspense" show has not been all that suspenseful the past 2 years. I find it rather dull when episode after episode we the audience knows who the unsub is before the opening credits. While I kind of wish that they hadn't gone the super spy route for Emily's exit arc I did like it in a way as it did gives us some suspense. I'm surprised to find out that I miss J.J more than I miss Prentiss. Prentiss is one of the characters that drew me to continue watching CM when I first came upon it in 2008 and it took me awhile to warm up to J.J so I'm very surprised that I've missed J.J more than Prentiss. J.J's departure also resulted in me losing some love for Garcia. I really have not enjoyed the admittedly squeamish Garcia giving the briefing. I would have preferred it if she went along with the team to help set up, bringing her computer with her, and stayed at the station. But I guess they can't do that as she has the CM:SB team to help as well. It's great news that A.J will be back next season though I'm a bit wary after reading somewhere that J.J is suppose to come back leaner and meaner. I hope she won't be too out of character when she comes back. As for PB, it would be nice if she comes back but I heard that she really wants her sitcom pilot to be picked up so for her sake I hope it is. If it is picked up I do hope she will get to make a few guest appearances on CM, or at least have the team eventually find out that Prentiss is indeed still alive.
I know Seaver is not a well liked character and that her introduction storyline could have been better but I do like her and I hope that she returns next season, even if it is just on a recurring basis.
I would be really ticked off if what Rick Dunkle tweeted is true, that Reid's headaches are resolved. He did later add a "for now". Seriously, all that build up and all it took to get rid of the headaches was a 2 minute chat with Morgan?
We were promised to learn more about one of Rossi's ex-wives earlier this year. I hope we do in these last few eps and that it was not that Rossi feels closer to the team than he ever was with one of his ex's.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone's polite season six has been a little odd statements.

But I am looking foward to season seven basially just to see AJ back and I hope TG stays on, from what I've read, he wants too so hopefully whoever 'they' are stop screwing around and get him a good contract to sign.

I'm curious about season six finale if I'm honest I have zoned out a lot of season six and can't really remember much about it other than the loss of JJ and Prentiss.

Hope next season comes back stronger than ever and we get some proper profiling goodness.

I agree I would love to see the orginal team all back together, Prentiss included, I just have a hard time wondering how they can bring her back after the superspy fake death exit, the same way I'm curious as to how JJ's going to return from Pentagon/State/wherever else she's ventured too.

I really hope it makes sense :S

Anyway, season six hasn't been my favourite season but looking forward to season 7, especially with Erica Messer running ship, hopefully she brings CM back to its high standards!

sf81387 said...

I really hope it makes sense

As long as you're willing to ignore anything that may have occured in the previous six seasons, season 7 will make perfect sense. ; )

I wondered about Erica M's comment how difficult it is for a new writer to come in to the sixth year of a series. Why does that have to be so difficult? The day the writer signs on you hand them the boxsets of the first five seasons and tell them to go home and get familiar with the characters. If I landed a writing job on a popular long running television show I'm pretty sure I'd do everything possible to get up to speed and to get to know the characters I'm writing about. Sometimes I think Criminal Minds has some of the laziest writers/producers in the business. I don't say that to be mean or overly critical, but it really isn't that difficult to pay attention to the details, it just requires a little effort and lot of caring.

zagi said...

I was mostly very happy with season six. The season has been really strong compared with the weak season 5. The cases have been interesting, only the Prentiss spy story line was a little over the top and it makes me wonder how they can bring her back, if Paget should return (which I hope). Even though I was not too happy with Garcia presenting the cases, I hardly missed JJ. I got used to Seaver and hope they bring her back in season 7. But more important , I hope Thomas and Shemar will be back. I`m looking forward to another CM season and after the strong season 6 , I have no doubt 7 will be great.

Anonymous said...

sf81387 - Maybe making sense was too much to ask far!

I'd go for vaugely believable ;)

Hell if it's in character I'd be over the moon, the Prentiss superspy, Garcia as liaison, newbie profiler business has left much to be answered for :P

Dori said...

The picture that is being used for this discussion thread is what I would have liked to see all season 6 and what I hope to see come season 7.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

It's been a hard year to watch. I haven't agreed with casting decisions and thought some of the scripts were a little "out there" for the show. I'm thrilled that Jj is coming back and I'm optimistic about next season but would be much more relieved if I knew that TG and SM had signed contracts.

Kitty said...

Recalling the Erica Messer chat, the words that keep coming back to smack me upside the head were new writers with "fresh voices."

Ladies and gentlemen, we don't need "fresh" voices. We need competent, compelling, coherent voices. We need plots that hold together and keep us focused on the team we've tuned in to watch.

We need writers that know how to engage our sense of urgency without cheating by focusing on the horrors of the victims. We need writers who can sketch an UnSub without going bad-guy-centric on us all the time.

Save the graphic novels approach to story-telling for graphic novels, please!

I'm A CMer said...

For the most part, I've enjoyed Season 6 (save for a no Hotch ep). Considering what everyone had to deal with going into the season, I've been satified with how they coped. Some of the writing could have been better (i.e. Seaver - whom I like). My bottom line is: will I purchase the DVDs when they become available. My answer: Yes.

Teresa H. said...

I have mixed feelings after reading Erica Messer's interview. On the one hand I feel she really gets it about how beloved these charecters are and the quality of writing we want to see; on the other hand what does she mean by "fresh"? I hope it's fresh in contrast to S6. Fresh with a new sense of committment to good,compelling writing that gives us characters who are "in character", a strong team under strong leadership, good profiling and unsubs who while being interesting characters don't take over the show.
While the whole Emily arc in S6 was dramatic and it was good to see her through her strength, I found the whole BAU as an antiterrorist squad hard to take. I like them when they profile psychos, much more fun.
It will be interesting to see what the last 3 episodes bring. I will be so pissed if it's all tease and no substance, as the whole "secret" idea has been.

Joanna said...

Goodness, what can I say about season 6. Unforuntaely, for me, sesaon 6 had much to be left desired. My lowlights were the firing of AJ (so glad she is coming back!!!), the writing, the unsub centric feel of the season, and the adding on to the team of Seaver.

With AJ coming back, and some sign that the writing will be strengthened for season 7 (according to the chat with Erica Meser), I am hopeful that TPTB will recognize what they took away from the show (which was not necessary) and what they added in its place that for me is sub par and lacking in every regard. Signing back AJ to the show, I think, is an acknowledgement by the network that things were not handled or done well. An acknowledgment, hopefully, that you can't skimp on writing, nor can you swap two actresses out who played fitting roles in the show, with a character that does not fit no matter how many times they have tried to make it fit. Paget coming back would make everything complete, but I am wishing her the best wherever she lands. Needless to say, that having TG and SM back for season 7 is a must! If anything, I hope that TPTB realize that the loss of one or both of these mean will further degrade what I think they have degraded sufficiently thus far.

Kate said...

omg!!! matthew gray gubler ( Reid) is soooogorgeous i love him!!!! but im so happy that the show is bringing JJ back.... i love the show no matter what but itt was a lot better with a stronger female side.... seaver fine but i rlly hope they figure a way to get Emily back

Pamela said...

Looking at the cast picture makes me really sad, as season 6 has made me really sad. Whey would anyone think that it was a good idea to rip apart such a wonderful ensemble cast, and for what? I don't see one positive thing that has come out of these asinine network decisions. It all started with the eliminating of the writers at the end of season four, but like many, I held on because the team that I hold close to my heart was still together.

The firing of the writers wasn't enough for the network brain trust because they went back in with their network sledgehammer and thumped AJ out and pretty much escorted Paget off of the set. As if that wasn't enough, they move forward with one of the most ridiculous characters for this type of show I've seen in years. WTH!!! I don't get any of this and am praying that this will be cleared up season 7.

The news of AJ is great, still hoping for Paget to come back, but this TG and SM contract business is another bitter pill being served up by the network. Are any of the lights on at CBS and ABC Studios? What are they planning to do next, get rid of TG and replace his character with some fresh out of the Academy clone and say that the character should be there because of its "unique perspective." What about Morgan? Are they going to replace his character with some similar clone and call it a day? Why can't these execs just stay in their air conditioned offices and leave all that is well alone. I want the team back and I hope to God that TPTB are doing all that they can to make that happen.

If Paget doesn't come back, I will be crushed, but I can live with a cast of 6. I will support Paget in any and every project that she is a part of.

Nanci said...

Pamela, well said. For (almost) six years we had this show the way it was supposed to be, strong, intelligent and dynamic. Then along came some higher-up who decided that it would be better a different way and proceeded to tear it apart with both hands!

Put the show back the way it was and leave it alone! It didn't need 'freshening', it didn't need anything but to be left alone! The cast and crew (and earlier writers) were doing just fine without executive interference.

AJ is coming back, hopefully Paget as well (but I wish her well), get rid of Seaver and make SURE you sign TG and SM before it's too late.

And LEAVE OUR SHOW ALONE! Hopefully Season 7 will bring good news on all fronts and we can get back to business as usual.

Pat said...

IMO Season six has been the weakest season so far and I agree totally with sf81387 that new writers need to watch the old episodes to find out who the characters are and what's normal behavior for them. This has been severely lacking in the last two seasons from Garcia suddenly being an only child to JJ and Prentiss who went to college in Pennsylvania and Yale, both suddenly winding up in Georgetown. And don't get me started on how Reid's eidedtic memory has changed.

The profiling has been almost non existant this season as well. Yes they give a profile each episode but most times it almost seems like conclusions they've jumped to rather than something built on the behavior itself.

I think having Garcia present the cases was a huge folly. When she's down in her office she seems so concerned for the awful things that are happening to these people but when she's presenting the cases she's making jokes. Yes Garcia is the most light hearted but I don't see her making jokes at a time like this, it's just outside her character as well as how squeamish she is with the pictures of what the victims endured.

I, too, agree that the season was far too unsub oriented. I used to like to kind of figure it out along with the team but now we're presented with the unsub before the opening credits. That's fine once in a while but this season it's been almost every episode.

If money is a problem, I'd much prefer to see less big name actors portray the unsubs as opposed to the more well known ones. I think they do the job just as well and there's better focus on the case than on, "look who the guest star is."

The Seaver character has been such a contentious issue this season that sometimes it takes away from the episode itself. We used to comment and disagree on issues pertaining to the episode and now it has become this emotional battle, no matter which side you're on, about Seaver. I don't exactly know how they can deal with it. It was a poorly written character and, if she stays, they'll have to do something, somehow to make her more generally acceptable to the mainstream audience and at this point I have no idea what that is. What they've been doing so far, for many of us, just hasn't worked.

Lastly, the total shake up of the team with the loss of both Prentiss and JJ in one season along with the introduction of a controversial new character has made this season rather chaotic IMO, requiring some characters to be OOC and also less time to concentrate on the team itself. I hope Erica can get it all together next season and we can get back to the show and the characters we all love.

Mimi said...

Season 6 was a great and also a difficult season for everyone with the changes that were made but i am looking forward to seeing everyone back for next season 7 of CM!! I love this show and the actors and crew alike!! I am very happy to see AJ Cook back and i am also keeping my fingers crossed that TG and SM will get their new contract signed soon for next season and seasons to come in the future. Keep up the good work you all do.

BellaRN said...

I think this season left a lot to be desired for me. I'm not saying the season as a whole was bad, just that in lacked some of the "punch" of past seasons. There have been some great episodes, some great storylines... JJ, Prentiss. I think loose ends are still hanging around that I hope get tied up or atleast given the attention they deserve.. ie Reid's headaches/possible mental illness/whatever that situation is and Hotch relating to Jack now. As for Seaver, I think Rachel Nichols is a great actress but I don't think the timing was right. It seems that she got thrown in randomly, and the character hasn't really gone anywhere. I am elated that AJ is coming back, and possibly Paget.. I'm looking forward to seeing how they wrap up Season 6 and hopefully contract negotiations will be over soon.

Michael said...

Season 6 has been a mixed bag. The worst episode had to be 13th step. Absolutely horrible.

But i really like the addition of seaver she is no doubt in my mind gonna become a great asset to the team and puts a very new and yet interesting and intriguing aspect to the show. Like her really much and the developing character developments is coming along nicely. And now she is also showing great chemistry with Reid,Rossi and the whole team. The theater scene was really great.
She is now a part of the CM family like TG has said and she should stay also because there is in fact many of us eho wants to see her develpo into the strong character i know she will do.

definintely hope the unsub stories are gonna be better then this year. But i am sure you got great ideas with the writing staff for this great team to take on. Would really like to see the ruturn of The Fox character again he is creepy as hell and both the episodes he has been in has been stellar.
Good luck for season 7

Meg said...

I've really struggled with S6. I hated seeing JJ leave (SO happy that she's coming back)and I hated seeing Prentiss leave. Also, I mainly watch for the team and I've not enjoyed the more unsub-centric focus this season. Also I share the feeling that the writing hasn't been as good this year as in previous years; I switched off through a few episodes this year (25 To Life, the horrendous and gratuitous Thirteenth Step and the last one, sorry, can't remember it's name now). I've only ever done that with S5's The Fight before. Plus I haven't taken to the Seaver character at all. Sorry, but I really do not like her.

Anonymous said...
"I would be really ticked off if what Rick Dunkle tweeted is true, that Reid's headaches are resolved. He did later add a "for now". Seriously, all that build up and all it took to get rid of the headaches was a 2 minute chat with Morgan? "

I'll be really ticked off if this is true too. Reid's storyline was the only thing that kept me watching this year and for it to just fizzle out as it did was extremely frustrating. In S7 I am hoping that there'll be some proper, well written, detailed resolution to this storyline. I'd aslo like to see more profiling and less of Garcia magically finding the answers with a couple of clicks of her mouse. Plus I would love to see the old team - Reid, Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, Rossi, JJ and Prentiss back again.

Peggy said...

I would like to get into a time machine and forget that season 6 ever happened. I hate to say that because I know how hard the cast and the crew have worked given all of the curve balls they have been thrown this season, the first pitch thrown out at the end of season 4 with the loss of such talent as Andrew Wilder. Till his day, I believe that the loss of Andrew Wilder has been the biggest blow to CM. Season 5 was wobbly, but the team was together and seeing that got me through some of those rough patches. Season 6, God, it is like someone threw a gernade into the BAU and out of the ashes arose a cadet from he pits of the Academy inferno who is now roaming about crime scenes and sitting at the profiling table with no freaking credentials to do so (how stupid!), no JJ, Hotch here and there, Rossi one liners and occasional disapperaing acts, Morgan a bit too angry at times. Garcia presenting cases (God almighty, I hope that stops season 7), Reid with mysterious and crazy headaches that should have been dealt with two aspirin and a good night's sleep, Interpol Prentiss whom got "killed" off and may never come back, and an unsub here, and unsub there, an unsub everywhere.

It is very hard to write for a show like CM, not just because of the subject matter, but because of the diverse set of characters. I miss that writing and I miss those characters. Watching earlier episodes, it seemed so deceptively simple to write for CM. Now I know that is not true. It takes skill and a good character foundation. I took that for granted in CM. I hope that CM can find its way back to that simple formula that made it so good. Little bits of the ingredients are coming back, AJ, but there are still some that are not in place. TG and SM, I can't even believe we are back at this drawing board again. Please give these men the respect that they deserve for all they have done to make this show a success. Stop clowing around and get busy in coming to contract terms!!!! Paget, it makes me sick to think that she may never come back to CM, but thanks to the freaking imbeciles at CBS, that is exactly what may happen. She may go off and shine at another network, there is no doubt that she will shine because she is that talented! I love Paget to pieces and will watch whatever she is on. Still hoping she will come back. The Seaver character, dear Lord, I am hoping not to see that character come season 7. They have tried everything but have that character do cartwheels and handstands and it is just not clicking for me and I pray I do not have to sit through another season of newly minted ploys.

I know I sounded harsh, but I really do appreciate all of the long hours and dedication from the cast and crew. They deserve the absolute best come season 7 and I hope to God they get it!

CM fan said...


why are you always putting words in TG and Erica Messer's mouths? They never said that Seaver is part of the BAU family. That would rile up most fans. They only said they like her as a character and want to see her develop and asked us to respect Rachel Nichols. No one said we have to like the character. I dont hate Seaver but I dont like her just yet. For her to be considered BAU family, it would take a lot more eps. She's still a half assed written character, no offense to RN.

Pat said...


How was Seaver showing chemistry with Reid when she practically told him to shut up on the plane when she was just a cadet and he an SSA, in front of the team and his superiors no less? That was total disrespect, not chemistry.

Anonymous said...

How was Seaver showing chemistry with Reid when she practically told him to shut up on the plane when she was just a cadet and he an SSA, in front of the team and his superiors no less? That was total disrespect, not chemistry.

You guys all blew that scene way out of proportion. It was supposed to portray how Reid might seem to an outsider as opposed to someone who's used to his ramblings after six years. It was more a comment on Reid's social ineptness than anything. Nobody on the plane was offended by Seaver's response. They all found it amusing.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate EM's outreach to the fans and her personal commitment to this show, cast and crew.

I have recently been watching older episodes and feeling like the quality of S1-4, and about 2/3rds of S5, far far far exceeded that of S6. S6 had too many episodes with unimaginative and not very credible plot lines and flat, forced dialog. Even some of the veteran writers seemed to be struggling, especially as they juggled case stories with the Prentiss arc.

Very grateful for, and very much looking forward to, JJ's return. Hoping for more sophisticated plot lines and dialog, better guest starts (most in S6 were subpar to me, except for Tim Curry) and a more interesting resolution to the Reid headache arc. That last point said, Reid has actually passed the age window where schizophrenia normally manifests in men, so that resolution would not be credible.

The same wonderful balance of fascinating unsubs and character-centric episodes that we enjoyed during S1-4 and some of S5 would be nirvana, and I believe that EM, with her talented and intrepid cast and crew, can pull it off!