Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Criminal Minds: Copyrighted transcript held on Sunday, April 17, 2011 with Thomas Gibson and the Criminal Minds Fanatic website.

Thomas_Gibson has joined.

Thomas_Gibson: Hi everybody. done

Thomas_Gibson: see I remember the rules. done

jill: Hi and welcome!

Thomas_Gibson: helloooo! and before I start, I forgot Lauren's birthday yesterday and I wanted to send best birthday wishes...!

jill: Lets start by addressing the BIG PINK ELEPHANT in the room....your contract:
Some fans believe this is a ploy by CBS to gain publicity, some fans think you may not want to come back, and some fans believe that CBS is screwing around with you and want to mobilize an army to save your character. Can you clarify what is happening?

Thomas_Gibson: ok, to address these points: I don't know what CBS is doing or not doing vis a vis publicity, I DEFINITELY want to come back to CM, and to clarify: these negotiations are always a long process and this one is no different. I want to come back, and intend to come back, and I would like the negotiations to go well too. We'll see! done

Hardkorr: We want you back to Thomas. The fandom is hoping this is resolved soon. We want to get a happy tweet that you are back for Season 7 and beyond.

Hardkorr: Sorry Thomas, Jill is having technical difficulties and will be logging back on soon.

Thomas_Gibson: I would also like to say something before we go forward. We as a cast and a family on CM would like to ask our fans to please be more supportive of Rachel Nichols. She is a great person and a terrific actress who has tackled a very challenging situation with professionalism and talent and while we understand the fans being very protective of this show, we also ask that you extend her your support...thank you!

jill: I am back

Thomas_Gibson: shhh everybody, Jill's back! done

jill: LOL

Hardkorr: welcome back jill! LOL Thomas

jill: I am sure Rachel is a nice person but she unfortunately collided with heavy emotions re AJ and Paget.

jill: Fiona: Would u like to see Hotch remarry? If so, any actresses you would like to see cast in the role?

Thomas_Gibson: I think a date would be a good first step! done

jill: Hotch on a date. Would he smile?

Thomas_Gibson: I don't know, Elizabeth Taylor? done. Why would he smile on a date? It's serious business! done

jill: Caroline: What are your plans for hiatus? Books to read? Travel? PS Elizabeth Taylor DIED

Thomas_Gibson: I don't want to see any airports for the hiatus, but my family and I are going to the international TV Festival in Monaco in June...should be fun! And I have a stack of books to read...done And we have to catch that serial killer on Long Island...done

jill: Evelyn R: I won and framed for my den one of your signed 100 scripts. My fav episode. Is it one of yours as well?

Thomas_Gibson: the 100 ep was a great episode to get to work on...challenging and
rewarding as an actor...done

jill: CK: Love your tweets but why shoes?

Thomas_Gibson: somebody asked! and now it's taken on a life of its own! done

jill: Loriana: Do you speak any other languages? Second fav sport after golf?

Thomas_Gibson: my french is mauvais, but that's all I got...still trying to learn italian...and my daughter and I are playing baseball in the backyard these days...and my boys are english premier league fanatics!

jill: Elaine: How many miles did you bike last weekend?

Thomas_Gibson: I only did the 40 mile. I rode with my sister in law, her husband, their 7 year old son, and some friends...and it was windy (especially the last half)...done

jill: Izzy: Why has there been less Hotch this season then any other season? Was that at your request? It has been really disappointing to have less and not more Hotch

Thomas_Gibson: Good question! I've been a little surprised myself... done

jill: BL: Have any of your children expressed an interest in acting and if so would you encourage them or try to talk them out of it?

Thomas_Gibson: Each of my children has had a little taste of performing live...and maybe it's in their wiring, but they each seem to love it...I read a great interview with the Bridges Brothers and they both said that their dad used to take them on sets and let them do little jobs in different departments so they knew what people did and how hard everyone worked...I liked that. My wife and I want them to do whatever makes them happy and fulfilled, and if it's going into this business, they'll know everything I know so that their decision will at least be an informed one... done

jill: When you started in season one did you expect the show would become a top ten show and last this long?

Thomas_Gibson: no idea whatsoever...we just hoped to get a season out of it...! done

jill: Thomas, I am being bombarded with ims asking me what the fans can do to help with your contract negotiations. Is there anything you can think of so we can get involved....writing, CBS, calling, anything? The fans don't feel CBS understands how impt Hotch is to the show.

Thomas_Gibson: I so completely appreciate the support, and all I can ask is that the fans continue to support the show...the show is nothing without that! done

jill: What do watch in what little spare time you have?

Thomas_Gibson: I can't speak for what CBS understands, but they have been very supportive of the show...done

Thomas_Gibson: I watch Colbert, Daily Show, a little golf, and, with my kids, a little Alton Brown and Iron Chef...done

jill: What is the craziest fan experience you have had? And if you say meeting me.......I will sick Morgan on ya

Thomas_Gibson: It didn't happen to me, but Michael J. Fox once told me that a fan ran up to him, threw her arm around him and yelled "Honey, take my pitcher side it!"

jill: From Shirley: Hotch writes with his left hand but shoots with his right hand? Are you right or left handed?

Thomas_Gibson: it...lovely...done

Thomas_Gibson: that's a complicated question...write, eat, tennis, pool, fencing left
handed...everything else, pretty much right...confused I am...done

jill: Erica Messer is chatting tomorrow as the new showrunner of CM. She plans to talk about this season's challenges and the upcoming season. Any ideas for Hotch?

Thomas_Gibson: Hotch needs to deal with a lot of issues, both internally and externally...she and I have plenty to do...done

jill: What is the funniest thing that has happened behind the scenes this season?
Thomas_Gibson: I can't say...but trust me it was funny! done

jill: Famous asks: You recently did publicity tour in NY. Was it fun? We loved watching and reading it and all the blog pics.

Thomas_Gibson: I lived in NY for a long time and I miss it, so I love going back...! It was a great trip, just too short! Saw a great play, had a couple of great meals, and these two Secret Service agents told me that they were fans of the show...that's cool! done

jill: What plays did you see?

Thomas_Gibson: All I had time to see was the Importance of Being Earnest with Brian Bedford and Dana Ivey...it was unbelievable! I was an intern at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival as a young pup and Dana's mother was playing Lady Bracknell in Earnest that summer, so it was especially great to bookend that experience with seeing this production...and ran into Nina Tassler and her husband Jerry there and had a great time! done

jill: Khalid asks: Do you ever speak to the actors who are no longer on the show? Do you think they will ever be guests on the show? Would you like that to happen?

Thomas_Gibson: Haven't really spoken to anyone, but sure it'd be great to have everybody back...Dharma and hector elizondo, and adam arkin...done

jill: Sherry asks: Can you tell us if this season ends in another cliffhanger while we wait to see if you get a new contract like the other season did with the reaper?
Thomas_Gibson: If I tell you I have to kill you...and then myself...done

jill: And if it happens I am personally delivering the zillion emails I will get to Nina's office

jill: Jamie asks: Are you ever surprised by how popular and loved by so many CM fans? You have a huge fan base?

Thomas_Gibson: security is tight on the CBS lot...they won't let me in without a second syndication sale and Charlie Sheen...done

jill: Without Sheen they should have money to spare

Thomas_Gibson: I am surprised. And it's great. The show seems to have all kinds of different fans, and that's great too...done

jill: Well, how many more ?s do you have time for?

Thomas_Gibson: there was a map on the set with pins showing all the places that CM runs, and it was impressive...like the Strangelove map...done

Thomas_Gibson: a few more would be great! I've got a pot roast in the oven...done

jill: When do you stop shooting for the season? You're cooking it?

Thomas_Gibson: my last day is Monday after Easter...done

Thomas_Gibson: and yes I am cooking...don't sound so surprised...! done

jill: Okay some personal reminders then

Thomas_Gibson: it's a REALLY easy recipe btw...done

jill: When you clean out your trailor......it all goes into a box to send to me for the ACS

Thomas_Gibson: i'm gonna need a bigger box...but yes, this week! done

jill: Some imms asking me to ask you what you will do if you don't get a new contract?

Thomas_Gibson: get another job! done

jill: Duh....drama or comedy?

Thomas_Gibson: either...winning! done

jill: Lets all hope that doesn't happen because it will be the nail in CM's coffin. On that happy note, we will say thank you, enjoy the pot roast and we hope to see you soon

Thomas_Gibson: let's not jump to any conclusions...and let's not bury anything that's alive and kicking...done

jill: One more ? please.

Thomas_Gibson: And I just want to say thank you to our fantastic fans. We appreciate all your support for this whole cast, crew, writers and production staff. thanks for your love and support and putting a pot roast on my table...done

Thomas_Gibson: sure one more...

jill: dale asks: are you happy that Erica Messer is new showrunner? She has been with the show since the beginning

Thomas_Gibson: oh and Jill, I just want to say thank you for creating and running the
website. The show has a large debt of gratitude to you...done

jill: You are welcome my friend. CM without you is unthinkable. Go eat your potroast

Thomas_Gibson: Erica is a great, great person and writer, and knows and loves the show and everyone on it. She is a fantastic choice to run the show and brings great energy and expertise to the job...done

Thomas_Gibson has left.