Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Criminal Minds Boss Teases Episode 150, Weighs In on BAU Romance and the [Spoiler] Rumor

This Wednesday at 9/8c, CBS’ Criminal Minds uncorks a memorable 150th episode – no easy feat, given the vast array of sorid subject matter already served up in the years gone by. TVLine invited showrunner Erica Messer to reveal how she found a new twist to mark the landmark occasion, weigh in on some fans’ most fervent wish and share a taste of the Season 7 finale.

Our readers have been very much looking forward to Episode 150. What opportunity did you see here, with this landmark outing?
It’s interesting because with our 100th episode, Hotch went head-to-head with the Reaper, and we didn’t have a story like that for the 150th. One, because you’re not really going to get any better than Hotch versus his nemesis, and two, because the Prentiss version of that happened last season and culminated in the premiere this year. So by the time we get to the 150th we didn’t want to manufacture something, so we looked at what we do every week, which is use our wits to save a victim who’s been in captivity since at least the end of Act 1. We took that and put it on its head and said, “What if this time around a victim actually has an unsub [in captivity], and the victory will be if the team can get her to not kill somebody?” And whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Read the whole article on tvline.com.

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Anonymous said...

Man, if gideon came back for an episode or two, I'd be the happiest person ever!

Anonymous said...

She makes me sick. Honestly. This show has gone to hell since Ed Benero and Simon Mirren left.

Her and those writers have NO IDEA what they're doing.

Kantaraq said...

I think Erica has done a great job. I would rather they get rid of Beth and no romance between Hotch and Prentiss.

Anonymous said...

who is the gorgeous actress who played Rebecca on the Jan 25th episode?

Anonymous said...

There is definitely something "off" this season, but I think EM and the writers are doing a great job with what they were left with after all the drama and chaos of last season. I still love and support CM 100% and eagerly look forward to a new episode each week.

The only thing that's been kinda bugging me lately though is that EM (and others) keep giving us little "teasers" that I just don't see coming to fruition on the actual show or episode in question.

Like--in True Genius they made a big deal over the Reid/Prentiss scene. Yeah, it was sweet, but... after the hype over it I was expecting something more? And then in tonight's episode it was teased that the Hotch/Prentiss scene was going to really rev up the shippers... again, okay scene, but... I just don't get what the big fuss is that EM (and co) are making over these little one-on-one scenes. The scenes are great on their own, but after having your hopes built up by their little teasers, they have just been falling flat for me.

Anyway, I'll stop now.

I still love me some Criminal Minds!!! And hope it hits the landmark of 10 seasons!!

Anonymous said...

Erica is an inconsistent interviewee...she tends to want to please the interviewer, her answers over at TVline is different than her answers at EW...even when she is asked the same question. While this season is much better than last season....it still is somewhat lacking...we wanted to get to know the characters..but instead of us seeing them bond as a team in the short amount of time that's not devoted to the case...we are now introduced to a new character...when we don't even have ample screen time for the regular characters.