Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Criminal Minds: Meeting Paget Brewster, Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds, by Romy Skye

-There are certain people in a person's life who help mould the person they become. These people may knowingly or unknowingly influence a person. Paget Brewster is one of those people for me.

She taught me the most important lesson I've ever learnt - to not wait for life to happen, but to make it happen. To put yourself out there and do what you want to do. To experience life, and not just live it. Paget Brewster experiences life. She also taught me to be myself, and just have fun and not constantly worry about what people think. She's been a part of my life since Criminal Minds. I loved her as Kathy and did watch her on the Andy Richter show, but it was Criminal Minds that had me youtube-ing interviews and videos of her.

I had the most amazing opportunity to meet her on Saturday, July 10th.It was the best experience ever and meeting her has given me new drive, courage and determination to do what I want to do and live my dream. Here's exactly what happened -

My uncle and aunt dropped me off at Largo, where it was happening and went to hang out in the city. The show is called "The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour". I first heard of this when I saw an interview that Paget did with Kevin Pollack. It sounded fascinating and I always wanted to see it. When it coincided with my trip so perfectly, I booked my ticket!

The show itself is a variety show, with some singing, some jingles, some acting and a ton of laughter! It's modeled after the 1930s radio shows. I laughed almost continuously for an hour and a half! My "smile dimples" are definitely deeper! She is in the second half of the show where she plays a character called Sadie who is married to Frank. They are a rich, 1930s couple who live in the Plaza Penthouse and drink martinis. She used the word "Horse" which she demonstrated in the Kevin Pollack Chat Show. Her partner in crime is Paul F Tompkins, one of the funniest comedians around. This time, the story revolved around a Spanish love story and it involved goats, witches, a prince and a Chupacabra!

At the beginning of the show, I asked Micheal, the person who gave me my ticket and was clearly the go-to person if he could give Paget a little something I had for her. He said that he would take it to her immediately and went backstage and gave it to her. He came out about 5 minutes later and told me to meet him at the courtyard after the show, so that I could meet Paget!!! I nodded eagerly and jumped up and down when he turned around! I'm pretty sure I looked like a fool, but who cares!

I went out to the courtyard after the show, cursing myself for leaving my shawl in my uncle's car. It was slightly chilly, but not the go-blue variety (Yay!). I hung around there, with the other 200 play goers trying to catch his eye. It really helped that I was wearing bright blue cause he called me over when he saw me. I went on over and he told me to wait. he went inside and then came out and motioned to follow him through the stage door. I was entering sacred space. A part of me wanted to look around and take everything in, but the part that respected an actors space won and I looked down and walked.

I think Micheal must have sensed my klutzness, because he warned me of every step, preventing every chance that I had to fall on my face, for which I am eternally grateful. We went outside to this little area where Paget and a bunch of other people were standing around laughing and joking. I waited patiently on the side, quite intimidated to join this group.

She finally looked in my direction and went "Oh! Are you Saroma?" and at my nod, hugged me and thanked me for the stuff. I was a little shocked cause I did not expect this kind of openness! I hugged her back and told her that I was glad she liked the stuff. We hung out and chatted outside for about 20 minutes! I asked her for an autograph and a picture and was quite embarrassed by my shaking hands, partially due to the cold and partially cause I was so flipping excited.

We talked about her restroom thing where she wants to say hello to a person when they accidentally walk in on her. She laughed at that and said that she had tried it at all the airports - London, Paris, Milan, etc. She said that she was currently working on a cartoon where The Simpsons originally filmed (?) and there was one stall that does not have a lock. Three guesses to which one she said she uses :P Conan flashback anyone?

Someone saw the bling on her ring finger and asked if she was engaged to Steve! She laughed at that and said "Oh no! If it happens, you'll be the first to know!" It was the bling for the show - cause her character Sadie is married to Frank Doyle!

When we admired her dress from the show, she told us that it was from ebay, and that she got it for $12!!! The entire group was in shock cause it fit her like it was stitched for her! She said that if you knew your exact measurements, you could get awesome stuff from there.

After hanging out for a few more minutes, where she revealed that she collected handbags and actually had a showcase like thing for them (Like the showcase where people keep their fancy china), we headed back indoors (Oh finally the shivering stopped!) and she gave me another hug and kiss, still totally blown away by her down to earth-ness, and we said goodbye. She asked if I was coming again and I told her that it would be cool if they toured India!

Paget Brewster is amazingly sweet, funny, so freaking beautiful and just everything you've heard. She is so easy to talk to and you totally relax and have fun around her, no matter how shy and intimidated you may be.

Thank you so much for everything!!

PS: She also signed an autograph for me that says she adores me!!!!! I cannot get luckier!