Friday, July 23, 2010


Criminal Minds: Eh? What’s this? It’s not Susan Boyle’s Harajuku loving daughter, it’s Kirsten Vangsness – she attended Comic-Con Fandemonium with EW and CBS, dressed up as her own special comic character. Ah, where do I start with this – those pink ears are so in vogue, and that t-shirt is totally hawwt, it really just makes her body look like one of a goddess don’t you think? Especially because it’s all tight and figure hugging.

As someone who’s personally read a comic at least once before, even I know you don’t have to dress up like a deranged Geri Halliwell meets Gwen Stefani’s background Japanese girls to be comic nerd – most of the time all is needed is a nurse’s uniform or a Limp Bizbit Chocolate Starfish hoody. Although, how likely is it that Lady Gaga would wear this? I think she probably might..