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Criminal Minds: Lets remind CBS of why Paget Brewster is so important to the success of Criminal Minds. Comment about your favorite Emily Prentiss scene/line and every night I will email your comments to Nina Tassler at CBS.


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At the bar when they humiliate the 'fake' FBI Agent in STYLE!

Anonymous said...

The way that whenever they raid a suspect's house or other scene - she's always right up there @ the front with the guys - no hiding behind them

Susanne said...

One word: Demonology!

Nathalie said...

"Ladies, this is Brad, a real FBI agent" ... hands down

Daria said...

When Reid is explaining something and she touches him on the face and she sais "He is so life-like"...i love that...

tazlvr2001 said...

I love the slightly comedic scenes that Prentiss is in, like "Brad, the real FBI Agent" from season 2 episode 21 - 'Open Season', but most importantly there is the chemistry of the cast that wasn't really visible while Lola Glaudini, 'Elle', was on the show. The current cast seem to fit so well together and its a real shame that CBS is messing with a good thing that is proven to work.

Anonymous said...

i love all the Emily moments! She is my absolute favorite! I really liked Demonology the whole show, just because it was focused on Prentiss and it got to show how hard her life has been even with her parents money. Oh yeah, i loved when Emily confronted Hotch about politics and how much she hated them and that they destroy families! WTG Emily Prentiss!

tazlvr2001 said...

One more thing, I have to also agree with Susanne. Seeing the unraveling of Emily's back story during 'Demonology' was amazing. Paget Brewster did an outstanding job with, what I am sure was intense and emotional to film.

Hotch & Prentiss Brasil said...

I have many moments favorite, but I love episode 4x17. Prentiss are perfect this episode. And I like 5x01 too. Paget is characters special to Criminal Minds.

Anonymous said...

The first case of Prentiss : JJ shows a text in Arabic that nobody understands and Prentiss translates very easily. All the team has looked her with astonishment. I find it too funny ^_^

Michaela said...

One of my favourite Emily moments is when she took a beating for Reid. It showed her strength of character and just how much she loved her team mates!

Susanne said...

Also love the end scene of 5.02 when she's talking with Hotch telling him that he's not alone.

kaady said...

When she pokes Reids face and says "He's so life like." Shes great in every scene she does though!

Anonymous said...

'Oh mother of balls';) Funniest and most inspiring actress on TV at the moment...!

Unknown said...

I think my favorite Emily moment is a toss up between her reading Hotch the riot act over politics or when she was telling Rossi about her past in Demonology.

Also when she took the beating from Cyrus. There are just too many to name.

Anonymous said...

What are you wearing?


I've never thought I could be more in love with her than that moment.

tami said...

i loved the episodes demonology,seven seconds, children of the dark, honor among thieves, open season, in name and blood, penelope, lo-fi, mayhem, minimal loss and rite of passage for paget but every episode she has been brilliant in.

Montiese said...

My favorite Prentiss moment is in Sex, Birth, Death when Hotch tries to accuse of of being there because of her parents political standing and Prentiss, calmly and professionally, tells him why politics suck, how they can destroy families, and how everything she's ever gotten in the FBI or anywhere else is because of her hard work.

Colette said...

I love Emily Prentiss's character. She's my favorite. Because she's a strong woman with a lot of heart and she has great language skills! She's kind, brave, loyal, trustful, loves kids, she can also kick unsub asses!! She is a member of the BAU, because she totally belongs there. She showed it many times, why she belongs to this group! I loved Demonology, my favorite episode! She was so strong in Minimal Loss, she was kick ass in Bloodline, Retaliation, Slave of Duty, The Fight and many more.
I just love her character for how and who she is.
We really need her in the Show, she makes that Team complete, we need her in every way!!

Anna said...

When she was trying to tell Reid a "fable/romantic tale" about a star puzzle she was playing: "There's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Reid "! She is so witty, she has a kind of clever humor that is just fantastic to watch. And Paget Brewster is the perfect actress to do it, she is successful every time. And of course "Demonology", that was brilliant, Paget did a great work.

Physics_Magic said...

My favorite Emily moment is basically all of '52 Pickup'. Her 'relationship' with Viper was hilarious!! I also love 'Demonology'. That episode was so touching, getting to know Prentiss was an awesome experience in that episode!!! ]= I LOVE YOU EMILY/PAGET!!!

Bernadett said...

My favourite scene,when Emily saved Reid, then later she consoled him on the airplane. The title of episod: Minimal Loss. Emily was very brave and heroic, then she was with Reid very nice. In this scenes we could see, Emily Prentiss is how lovely.
Bernadett from Hungary

Sam said...

Oh wow...too many to choose from! I love Prentiss's nerdy moments (Vonnegut!!), the fact that she relaxes in her hot tub, is skeptical about horoscopes, loves her coffee with splenda, and is gutsy, snarky, and just...I love her, every bit of her. I adore how she argues with others but loves them fiercely all the same; how she hates politics and eschews her blue-blood background. How she's strong, but never afraid to show weakness (like when she wanted to adopt a child from a case, and Hotch tells her he needs to know she can be objective - she replies that she needs to know she can be human. Best line of the whole damn show!!). Season 4 was incredible for Prentiss - 'Minimal Loss' - WOW! Demonology, 52 Pickup ('I've dated worse than Viper'!!!) Of course, the character would be nothing without Paget Brewster - no other actress could hope to emulate what Paget brings to the show.

Aoife said...

I love Emily so much, and there's sooo many moments!
Her highschool look has to be one, LMFAO!!
With Brad the "real FBI agent" and with Viper in the bar.
When she was talking about politics
In the laundry shop when she tells Reid, she doesn't think the Unsub is luring them with prezels.
In memorium when she had the hangover.
When she took the beating for Reid.
When she tells Morgan she's a nerd
There's many many more as well, but that's just some of the reasons that Emily would be sorely missed!

Holly said...

My favorite Emily moment is the whole of Demonology! The TEAM stood up for her as a FAMILY even though they could have got in trouble!

kiddness81 said...

TWO favs. in "DEMONOLOGY" when she almost SPITS her line "and also with you" and NOT in english, at the preist. gave me CHILLS

and Two: "i have the secret ingredient, its called Splenda"

Ann said...

I love it when Prentiss interrogates people, like the rapist in Jones. The bar scene in Open Season has to be one of my all-time favorite CM moments. I also liked her very first episode, when the team came back from a case and she was @ the BAU w/ a profile for their next unsub. I also completely agree with those who mentioned how she took a beating for Reid in Open Season. We need Emily Prentiss front and center!!!

Danielle said...

Remember when she, JJ and Penelope humiliated that 'FBI Agent' at the bar? GIRL POWER, cbs, GIRL POWER ok.

MrsAaronHotchner said...

Apart from her obvious kick-ass moments, I love her chat with Rossi in 'Demonology' and she has lovely, quirky moments which make the show sparkle - love her 'Hungover in Vegas' moment - "JJ, I swear to God...!"

Anonymous said...

When Prentiss first joined the BAU she was annoying. Calling Hotch 'Sir' all the time and interjecting herself into the tight group but over time she has more than proven that she can contribute with the best of them. She is tough as nails and she proves it in every episode. Always willing to be the first one through the door with her gun drawn and taking that beating brought me to tears.

Nooshin said...

I love everything about Emily Prentiss. She has amazing chemistry with all the other characters; Reid, Rossi, Morgan, Garcia, even Hotch. Not to mention JJ, of course. I love how in "Our Darkest Hour", Emily reveals more about her social life (sin-to-win weekend). Without her on the show, how will we ever find out what it is? Even Morgan wants to know! I love all the episodes that she has a main role in; Demonology, In Birth and Death, Minimal Loss...she's a main part of the show, and both Paget and AJ are crucial to it's success. She's my favorite character, and I just think that CBS is making a mistake. If it was for budget cuts, that would be one thing, but for "creative reasons"...? I wouldn't try to fix something that isn't broken. Everyone loves both Emily and JJ and I think that Criminal Minds will lose a lot of viewers over this decision. I just wish that CBS would think twice!

Anonymous said...

well I think politics makes people distrustful, i think it makes them hate themselves, i think it tares families apart and damages people so if there’s nothing else I would like to get back on the street and find out who’s killing these women

Anonymous said...

I don’t think he’s luring them with pretzels

Anonymous said...

the guy is a fussy anal retentive neat freak

Unknown said...

My favorite Prentiss moment is in the episode where Gideon and Reid are going to Guantanamo Bay to interrogate a terrorist and Hotch tells Gideon he has to take Prentiss and Gideon questions if she even has a bag ready because it's her first day on the job and when the camera shoots to her standing in the pit she's holding a fully packed bag trying not to look too obvious. I LOVE her! I think she looks awesome out there in the field with the guys on the same level kicking butt in every situation. PLEASE keep her on CM FULL TIME!

Anonymous said...

i have the magic ingridient ... it's called spelnda !!

Anonymous said...

haha prentiss with viper lol

Finola said...

I can't pick an Emily moment. All I can say is the episode Demonology. Paget was amazing in that episode.

Anonymous said...

From her first episode in season 2:

The team comes back from a case and even after dismissing her and telling Prentiss that it must have been a mistake before they left,Hotch finds her sitting in his office...
Hotch - I hope you haven't been there the whole time.
Funniest conversations between them eva!!!

Kathryn said...

she kicks butt...and doesn't compromise her femininity. that's Prentiss for us, ladies and gentlemen.

And of course, i will agree w/ everyone here. Demonology is the greatest Emily-centric ep. Love it!

Lori said...

tons of the ones listed....
also in Lessons Learned when she was new and was translating Arabic

when she chose her integrity over Evil Erin's plot against Hotch

the way she sticks with "the boys" on every move - breaking down doors, taking down unsubs...

The biggest fave of all was in Minimal Loss.... pick a scene with Prentiss and it is a favorite of mine!!!

LaShawna said...

My favorite Emily moment is pretty much the entire episode of "Minimal Loss." That is one of the best ones where she displays her signature mixture of intelligence, compassion, and toughness. She takes an intense beating to protect Reid and the mission. Yet she still keeps it together to help coordinate the escape. My favorite scene is at the end between her and Reid where she is reassuring him about what happened and assuaging his guilt.

The scenes in Guantanomo when she is putting her knowledge of languages and culture to help Gideon question the terrorist.

The scene in the Angel Maker when she is trying to distract the female attacker by detailing how faithless her boyfriend really was.

Emily is just good in almost every scene. She has tremendous girl bonding scenes with Penelope and JJ, professional equal scenes with Hotch, sort of kinda flirty, but professionally respectful scenes with Morgan and big sister scenes with Reid.

Emily is integral to the success of the team. She bonded extraordinarily well with all of them in the wake of Elle's departure.

Anonymous said...

Mosley lane ... where JJ and Prentiss pretty much solve the case on their on while their sitting there talking ... and then Morgan just questions them !!! love Morgan but don't like him in that ep.!!

Anonymous said...

Prentiss getting an ass beating!! more then one!!

Anonymous said...

My Favorite Prentiss Scene is the one where Reid Morgan and Her were at the office getting ready to leave When JJ walks in and tells them that if shes right they'd be leaving first thing in the morning. First Morgan Complained about saying goodbye to his vacation Rental then she was all goodbye sin for win weekend. And Morgan looks at her like what the heck. My favorite second scene is at the end of the episode where Prentiss beats Reid at Poker. Then Morgan comes over and is all I have to know and she says I have a tremendous amount of respect for you but if you have to ask it means you probably couldn't handle the answer.

coadygirl said...

I liked Emily from the start. Her chemistry is superior. Sometimes I think there is more ad-libbing done than we realize. Her ribbing of Reid, standing up to Hotch's earlier distrust, finding the connection with Morgan thru Kurt Vonnegut,when she took JJ's hand into hers for comfort. All little touches that make you want to know more about what makes her tick. "Demonology" was a start but it was not nearly enough about who she is. Paget took that script and ran with it.I want to see her busted by doing something really nerdy by Reid and then "blackmailed for a season until she breaks. Those two have so much appeal that it needs to be explored more. CBS: YOU"LL DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

simone said...

Ok. Here goes.
1. Emily Prentiss is my favorite on this show. And that tells you something about how good she is, when you have a cast full of award winning, inspiring, incredibly gifted actors- Prentiss is my favorite. She is the epitome of what every actress on any procedural drama should try to emulate....she's written beautifully, and Paget Brewster delivers the character with attitude, intelligence, dedication, sexiness, and even humor. She represents the women as more than just victims on this show, which is beyond important. THAT BEING SAID...
2. I loved when Emily was running after the unsub in the San Diego episode, got hit by a car, and KEPT RUNNING! How badass is that?!
3. All of her funny moments; in the bar, with the other members of the team, with Viper, her little one-line comments...all give the show depth and lighten the heavy stuff
4. When she "resigns" from the force, but goes back for one last case, gets hit in the face with a wooden block, and says, "Is it weird I'm glad to be back?"
5. Hahaaaaa when she gave Morgan and Garcia the finger :P
6. The depth we see to her character when she is vulnerable (which doesn't happen all the time but is definitely present.) Her wanting to be a mother eventually, being insecure upon first joining the team, etc.
7. She didn't rat on Hotch. She'd rather resign.
8. "I can take it."
9. Anyone remember when she got hit by a truck and immediately rejoined the case THAT NIGHT?

Look, JJ and Garcia are obviously strong, driven women as well, and beloved characters that are essential to the show. But Prentiss represents us women as, like I said, more than just victims. CBS, don't make this a "boys club;" it isn't. Last time I checked this wasn't the 1950's. Nobody wants to watch a show with only 1 woman on it, do you know how boring that would get? Please keep JJ and Prentiss in tact. I have already lost so much respect for the higher-ups of this show....don't let me lose my desire to even watch the show altogether. Because that's next.

Nooshin said...

I love everything that we learn about her...we are just now (finally) learning more about her past and her interests, and we want to know more! I love how she's a nerd, how she doesn't bellieve in horoscopes, drinks her coffee with the magic ingredient (hahaha splenda), and I just love the sassy and sarcastic remarks that she has saved for every moment! I love how she disagrees with her political background, how she is able to stand up for herself and the team, and I love how she is like a natural-born mother and cares for everyone. She's so strong, and we need MORE characters like her, NOT LESS! I loved 52 Pickup, Minimal Loss, Demonology (EXCELLENT acting right there), the Fight, Open Season, Outfoxed (♥) and so much more. She's CRUCIAL to the success of the show, and of course she would not be as amazing as she is if it wasn't for Paget's AMAZING acting. No other actress can even attempt to fit in better than her or AJ! They make the team complete - without them both, you'd be robbing a family of their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

The "Maybe I should get a cat" in exit wounds is my fav moment!
But the moment I truly thought Paget belonged on CM, was when she and Reid were in this church with the hostaged children, and Paget got beaten up (I think it's the 42 pick-up ep). I didn't knew Paget before Criminal Minds, but that ep not only showed to me what an amazing actress she's - cause I'd already figured that out - but also how much she fits in a show like Criminal Minds!!

delicate doll. said...

"There's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Reid."
"He's so life-like!"

+JJ+Garcia+Prentiss moment: "Girls, this is Brad, a REAL FBI agent!"

waldingerz said...

There are so many...when the girls pull out their real credentials, when Emily and Reid get kidnapped by Cyrus and she gets beaten up and saves the day!, pick any episode she is in and that is a favorite!

Silke said...

the 'this is brad, a real FBI agent...' was very hilarious. and the fact that, just like JJ (A.J. Cook), she's a woman with the FBI. it shows woman around the world that woman can have higher positions and that the FBI is not just a 'guy' job. just like criminal minds shouldn't become a 'guys only' show.

Sabrina Follo said...

Totally the bar scene!!! It made me laugh hysterically!!!! What is going to happen to that humor when Prentiss isn't there all the time and JJ is gone?!?!?!?!?! CBS and the CM people made a bad choice and if this deal goes through they just lost one of their viewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McGelse said...

It's really hard to pick a favorite moment, but I think I know.

In "Minimal Loss", when Prentiss takes a beating of a lifetime and then finds a way to communicate with the rest of the team while in captivity. Until that point, I hadn't seen too much of her character. While watching this episode, I just remember thinking, "This is it. Emily Prentiss is amazing." and she's been a key character ever since.

This one episode showed how she is clever and resourceful, witty but also respectful of herself and of her team. She consoles Reid after the case ends and every word from her mouth feels so genuine. I honestly do not understand how such a spectacular character with so much potential can be set to the side when she's only just begun to shine.

Jill Oriente said...

There's so many, but I would have to say it was in the episode where she & Hotch were both "quitting" & she went into the unsub's house alone because she was "A concerned citizen."

Maria said...

She can be a badass and not be ashamed of it, as shown in "Slave of Duty".
She can be nerd and not be ashamed of it, as shown when she declared her love for Vogennaut or every time she has put her foot in her mouth and has continued forward, not allowing herself to lose her train of thought nor her dignity.
She can be a flirt and not be ashamed of it, as shown in the first scene of "Open Season" or with the ineffable Viper.
She can be a mother-hen and not be ashamed of it, as shown in the first episodes of season five, and towards Hotch no less!
She can be a strong agent and not be bothered by her injuries, as shown in "Minimal Loss", "In Name and Blood", "Retaliation" and every other time her head has got in the wrong end of something hard and unyielding.
She can be fun without trying, which makes her even funniest, as shown with her "He's so life-like" line towards Reid, with her hangover in Vegas and most of the time through the "Rite of Passage" episode.
She can be all of that and more without losing one iota of her feminity.
To think that reducing her role in the show would make anything better it's to think that pigs can fly, maybe a fancy thought but an idiotic one nonetheless.
And to think that somebody else can equal Paget Brewster in her portrayal all of those traits in the same character and make it believable it's double idiotic (every other show with a similar character has got just something similar because some of those traits got lost in the translation from script to film as the actresses were unable to equal Paget interpretative skills).
CBS, don't be idiotic enough to lose by your own hand this gem you already have.


PS. Trying to put her in the spin-off it's going to mean to lose her in the middle of all the crap. Remember she is a believable character and wonderful actress, not a miracle worker.

Anonymous said...

i have a simple gesture!!

LaShawna said...

I have a few more after thinking about it.

Most of her scenes in 52 Pickup. She gets what she wants from Viper, but she is never a bimbo about it. She is clearly in control and using her intelligence, and not her sexuality. She also shows her concern for Jordan, which is a very Emily thing.

Emily is always putting the good of the team in front. She notices when something is very wrong with a team member and does not hesitate to help. She knows something is up with Reid after Tobias and actually confronts him about it, unlike most of the other team members at this point. She notices when Rossi is screaming for help in Damage and actually does something about it. She is sensitive to the fact that Hotch is facing difficulties with his hearing at the start of the fourth season. I feel that Emily is the embodiment of a true team player, and that is another reason why she is so necessary for the sucess of the show.

I feel the show got lucky by hiring Paget after Lola left, and if the unique chemistry cannot be replicated. If her episodes are really reduced, the team will lose some of its uniqueness that makes the audience love the show so much.

Anonymous said...

After Hotch got stabbed and Emily goes with him to his apartment, so he won't have to go in alone. Since his wife was killed, Emily has become a "big sister" to Hotch, looking out for him. She's kind of a big sis to all the guys, and as such is an essential cast member. It's all about chemistry!

Angelwriter said...

I loved her griping at Morgan for blowing out her eardrums in Rites of Passage.

The Crossing, telling Keri what to do if her stalker managed to abduct her. And, convincing the stalker that they didn't want to take Keri away from him, which got his guard down long enough to save her.

Sabrina Follo said...

And the whole fact that AJ isnt going to be on the show and Paget is rarely going to be there says A LOT about CBS. Just because "the boys get most of the action" doesn't mean you should discourage the female (even some male, if you get my drift) viewers from watching by taking or reducing the parts of JJ and Prentiss. It just makes me sick that they would even think of it that way. The writers could make it so the women get to beat up the un-sub or stuff like that. BUT they took the EASY way out and forced AJ off the show and Paget to get a reduced part. YOU PEOPLE COULD HAVE TRIED HARDER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that what you did to them you hit them to shut them up and them forced them to play along with your sick delusion … ( I love them ( hehe your finally gona meet your soul mate joe in prison only your no gona be able to push him around the way you did those women and when he comes for you in the middle of the night when your least expecting it you do me a favor .. Play along !! BEST ONE EVER LOVED IT // i got chills when that happend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Episode 100..."Maam." and "Is there a question in there somewhere?"

spencey+jayje said...

That bar scene where the three girls humiliate that "FBI agent" then show him their badges was pretty good, but by far the best was when she poked Reid in the cheek and said,"Hes so life-like." Moments like those wouldn't happen without CBS please keep her!

Isabelle said...

When Lola Glaudina left, I didn't think I'd like to see her replaced but I love Paget and Emily. As far as I remember I accepted her immediately.
I don't know if my "favorite Prentiss moment" really exists. I My heart is beaten faster when I see one of the character in pain or physically hurt. It's just a show but I can't help.
For sure I felt so bad when someone punched her when she's with Reid in undercover because of a child abuse (episode guest starring Luke Perry). I also loved the fake fbi agent scene with JJ and Garcia like it has been mentionned, it was priceless. I also liked this episode where she evoked her abortion, I remember there was a scene of Emily walking under the snow. Thinking all of this makes me feel even believe I wouldn't like to see the show without them, it would be too empty :( The list could be long I guess, I forget some things, I'm sure. Emily is a strong person but everything has not been easy, like the others. I think she's a great role model for a woman, she must stays on the show.

Please, listen to the fans and reconsider !

Sarahkwin said...

My favourite Prentiss Moment is when she completely ripped down Viper! She was so awesome and savvy. It was a very funny scene, and Paget Brewster was icredibly funny.

Criminal Minds needs the female balance. What is the point in taking out old cherished characters and replacing them with new ones when no one needs them? It does not sound like sound decision making there. We love Emily Prentiss and pushing her back is only sending the majority of your audience (women) the wrong message.

Laura said...

I love when she's working with Rossi. The two of them are great together. Whether in the episode, "Demonology" when she opens up to him, or when he makes the mistake of "Emily"-ing her during the anthrax scare...fantastic.

I loved when she held J.J.'s hand while Garcia was in surgery, when they didn't know if she would be okay. I loved when she said, "Where the hell is he?" when they couldn't reach Morgan, because the way she said it just made you know that she couldn't imagine any place he could be that was more important than right there with the team.

And I loved her in "Minimal Loss," every moment of her...she was great. The ending, with her telling Reid it was not his fault, and insisting that he listen to her and understand it was her choice...I loved that. It showed you that they were family.

Add to that all the hilarious moments, the fake FBI agents the CM ladies tease at the bar, the "He's so lifelike" moment, and Emily and the horrible Viper guy with his stupid hats and eyeliner, bringing him down a peg, refusing to be "hunted" as he would put it--it just makes you love her.

And when she found Hotch's apartment, choosing to keep most of the team in the dark while she and Garcia tracked him down, sitting with him in the hospital, driving him to work and back home again--I never could figure out whether she did that to know he was safe or so that Hotch would know that he was safe and that she was there.

We cannot do without Emily Prentiss!

Barbara said...

Demonology and Minimal Loss.Those episodes show perfectly how incredibly talented Paget is.
Prentiss brings some light into the darkness of the show."Ladies,this Brad,a real FBI agent.."
And when she pokes Reid's face in The Angel Maker "He's so life-like" That's also hilarious:D

Anonymous said...

My favourite moments were when Emily protected Spencer on "Minimal Loss". That is how an FBI agent takes care of her partner. What a strong woman Emily is!!! She should get all the screen time she wants.


Anonymous said...

Prentiss saying " I can take it" in Minimal Loss and her entering Hotch's apartment and sitting next to his hospital bed in Faceless Nameless. Cutting almost all female characters is extremely sexist, and I will stop watching if this happens!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Where to start! Emily Prentiss is my favorite character and it's all because how Paget is such a good actress. Just how she delivers her lines, and how she says things with just a look...

Just some of my favorite Emily moments that make the show great:

1. In "Minimal Loss" just as she's being taken out by the hair for her beating after revealing she was the FBI agent, she gives Reid a look that said sooo much in the 1.5 seconds she gave it; it totally said stay cool, I'll be alright. She was great that whole episode!

2. The complete interrogation of the aunt in "Seven Seconds." She just rocked those scenes.

3. The whole episode "Jones." God, just the look of hurt that crossed her face when Reid was mean; or when her and JJ interrogate the guy at the end and JJ informs him that the unsub might be after him next and Emily says "Does she make an impression now" -- just how she emphasized the word "now."

4. Paget delivers comedy like nobody else! Like in "Scared to Death" her line to Reid at the laundromat when she says something like "I don't think he's luring them with pretzels." Or in "The Angel Maker" when she pokes Reid after his little speach and she says "It's so life like." Or in "52Pickup when she realizes she has to talk to Viper at the club and says (and the utter look of disgust that she says it with) "This is really going to suck!" Or in the horrible spin-off pilot, the only saving grace, when the stupid sniper guy says what are you wearing, her "A gun" line just rocked.

Really, I can go on and on. I know anyone can say those lines, but no one can say them like Paget.

Please reconsider!!!!

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds needs Prentiss, JJ and the rest of the team. I enjoy the team magic and mix that makes this such an enjoyable programme. It is also important to have strong, intelligent and nice female role models for younger girls. Please don't mess with the magic. Criminal Minds is very popular over here in the UK.

Colleen said...

There are some many amazing moments with Emily, like others have said. The one that sticks in my brain is the talk with Morgan early on about how she's a nerd and her dating woes and they bond over that. It was such a simple scene, but Paget brought so much its when I started to care for Emily.

jazzgirl88 said...

I agree whit all your comments. there are too many awesome scenes with Prentiss.
So I will add..
4x13 scene when she's giving an cognitive intrview to a little girl, and in the same episode scene where she's playing good cop/ bad cup with hotch.

Pat said...

I loved the fact she took the beating for Reid and her trying to make Reid feel better on the plane. I also like the way she is with children

Unknown said...

I LOVE Emily in "Minimal Loss". Her "I can take it" Line always sends shivers down my back! And i watched that episode countless times......

And then at the end on the plane when she talks to Reid: Seriously, Who wouldn't fall in love with EMILY PRENTISS!

Emily takes care of everyone of the team, she balances the boys out, she's strong, intelligent, smart, kickass, empathetic, i could go on and on.
It all comes down to this: EMILY PRENTISS is a rolemodel!

Because intelligent and educated women want to see intelligent and educated women on TV!

Anonymous said...

Well I can think of tons of Emily moments that I love: the star thing with Reid, her high school picture with Reid and Garcia, "he's so life-like", when she talks to Strauss about Hotch in 100 ("Is there a question in there somewhere?"), the "real FBI agent" scene with JJ and Garcia, the moment with Reid after they found out Garcia and Kevin were dating, and I'm sure there are many more I can't think of right now

Anonymous said...

EMILY'S and Hotch's Good Cop Bad Cop interview in S4E13 ! Those two can bring everybody to talk! They are a great TEAM!

And in the same Episode her cognitive interview with the young girl! NO ONE is more empathetic than EMILY! And the victims always trust her, she can connect with them!


Anonymous said...

The best Emily Prentiss/Paget Brewster scene is in Minimal Loss when she stands strong against a beating from Luke Perry. The bar scene with all three girls and the guy pretending to be a fake FBI agent is another great scene. Another great scene is in Season 5 Episode 21 with all three girls shopping.

Anonymous said...

There are soooo many favorite scenes i have!

But i also LOVE that she lightens the mood every once in a while! She's the one who can crack a joke like no other. And that's important considering the dark themes we have on the show!

Anonymous said...

Emily is the one who can Buddy-up with Morgan,
she is the one who Hotch listens to,
she's the Big Sister for Reid,
she is kind of a exemplar-agent for JJ,
she's the girl who can flirt with Garcia,
she's the daughter Rossi never had.

Favorite scene: way too many

But maybe.... the interrogation scene in Seven Seconds. In the close-up, you really think you can SEE her brain work!

Anonymous said...

On a shallow note:
I love every scene with Emily in Kevlar!
Seeing Emily with her gun drawn, being in the field with the boys, that's when i think: I WANNA BE HER! I WANNA BE EMILY PRENTISS!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't back down! Not to Strauss, not to Hotch!

When she made her little speech about why she hates politics..... We knew that this character would be different!

Jess said...

There are far too many scenes/lines to list, and a lot of them have already been mentioned (e.g. minimal loss).
Pretty much any time I get to see Prentiss go toe to toe with a suspect during an arrest or interrogation is amazing. She's so badass.

CP said...

Prentis: "I belong in this unit & all I'm asking you for a chance to show you that." She's proven she belongs in that unit... on that team... and part of Criminal Minds.

Suz said...

Prentiss has always been a strong positive female role model... She isn't a girly girl who always needs to be saved by the guys. My favorite moment would be at the end of "Rite of Passage" when she was giving Morgan a hard time.. I could go on and on with great Prentiss moments, it's not quite fair to narrow it down to one...

Anonymous said...

Ah, THE Pokergame on the plane with Reid! She can put up with Reid like no one else! She is the only person who can challenge him intelectually and Reid needs to be reminded sometimes that other people are smart too! And ONLY EMILY can do this!

And then her banter with Morgan? When he realizes that there is a whole other side to that woman? LOVE THAT!
And we still want to learn about that other side of her!
There is so much more to explore with this character! It would be a shame not to use such a great character and actress!

ria said...

all of the wonderful moments listed above, plus one of my favorites:

"Don't 'Emily' me!" - to Rossi in Amplification.

i also LUV her in 52 pickup - just her reactions to that dude who thinks he's all that, are priceless.

she's an example of a strong, honest, SMART beautiful woman in a man's world.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pick a favorite Emily moment because I pretty much have one from every episode - and I can't imagine watching an episode without her now. Her chemisty with the entire team is something you just can't replace. She's had wonderful moments with each and every one of the other team members and I'm not sure that's something that can be said about all of the other characters. Her buddy-type relationship with Morgan is quickly becoming my favorite.

I also think the producers will be hard pressed to find another actress who can look drop-dead gorgeous dressed up for a night on the town (52-Pickup) and then look just as hot rocking a kevlar vest and combat boots (in too many episodes to name). It's rare to find someone who has such wide appeal to both genders.

Why would anyone want to screw that up?!?

Anonymous said...

Her interrogation scenes are the BEST. Even better than Hotch! She's soooo good with interrogations/interviews, she is a great listener and that's what always gets her ahead in these scenes. And i think that's because it's a character trait of Paget.

But, ooohhh, she can also become badass!
The interrogation scene in Cold Comfort (4 14)! I love that scene!

Anonymous said...

Cold Comfort: "I have the magic ingredient! It's called SPLENDA!

We need some humor from time to time! The show is so dark and heavy, without some light and some smiles from time to time, it wouldn't be bearable to watch. And Emily is the character who shines a light!

Anonymous said...

Cold Comfort: "I have the magic ingredient! It's called SPLENDA!

We need some humor from time to time! The show is so dark and heavy, without some light and some smiles from time to time, it wouldn't be bearable to watch. And Emily is the character who shines a light!

babruin said...

She portrays great empathy with the victims like with the young girl in Children of the Dark.
She connects well with the team as in reassuring Reid after Gideon left.
Great character development on Paget's part.

Anonymous said...

DEMENOLOGY! All scenes in there!
We get to see the vulnerable side of Emily and her great sense of LOYALTY!

And i think that no one could have played that better than Paget Brewster!

Jen said...

When she tells Hotch she's actually dated people worse than Viper and the whole tag-team thing she and Jordan did with him. That is one of my favorite CM scenes, period.

Brad, the real FBI agent.

The scene on the plane after she and Reid were held hostage, when she tells Reid that it was her choice and she'd do it again. Actually, her role all through that episode was fantastic. I loved that she was with Reid and protecting him.

Durwen said...

I love the fact that Prentiss is a nerd, just like me. It shows that she's a lot moe than a simple token girl.

I don't want token girls in my show. Prentiss and JJ feel like real people, and that's why I love them.

I really love the portrayal of women in this show, especially Prentiss. (JJ, Garcia, many cops of the week and several victims and their relatives were awesome too). If it turns out that this was a fluke, I'll be devastated, but I'll stop watching.

Maite said...

mi favourite scene is in the episode 2x14 - the big game:
Prentiss: [watching Morgan dance between two women] Hey, Morgan, be careful. The one in the back could steal your wallet!
Morgan: That's all right; I'll be a broke, happy man!

RaĆ­ssa said...

My fav Prentiss moment is when she decides to adopt one of the victims, whose parent and brother were murdered by the unsub,and Hotch tells her "This is our job.I need to know that you can be objective" and she answers "And I need to know that I can be human". After that Prentiss is in the plane and JJ appears and say "I can see that" Pentiss: "What?" and JJ " can see that". I love that scene! #SaveTheCMLadies

Anonymous said...

One of the BEST Criminal Minds scenes EVER: The Girls night out with Brad the "REAL" FBI agent!
This scenes only works so well because of the chemistry between the three girls!

And in the opinion of many fans, the show never used that chemistry enough! There would have been so much you can write and create with these characters. This has always been a mistake from the Networks and producers side!

So, we want MORE of EMILY not less!

anthrogeek said...

My fave was when she resigned from the FBI but still came with Hotch to Wisconsin to help the team. Her telling Strauss that she could do whatever she wanted because she no longer worked for her was priceless and she really proved that to her the team came first. It was a great moment for Prentiss and an episode that really showed how each member of the team worked better when together.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of CM fans who will take offense to the show loosing two of three strong female characters. I am one of them. Replacing Lola with Paget was a great move! Why undo all that progress? Prentiss is a great part of the team with her witty banter, caring intent for her team, and who could not like the brave bad ass aspect? That part of Emily is present every time she kicks in a door, stares down an unsub, interrigates a suspect,etc. I loved Demonology and the way she responded to what was happening. Her response to the Viper in 52 Pickup was part of what I love about her. Every moment of their bar conversation was owned by Emily Prentiss. Not Viper and not JJ's temporary (but very annoying replacement). The fact that she took a beating for Reid says a lot about her and the fact that she would do it again says even more. Paget was and still is a great part of the perfect cast. Without her the show will suffer. Without any strong females the show will suffer.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is when the girls humiliate Brad the "real" FBI agent

Anonymous said...

Ok fave Emily moments are
1. Anything where her and JJ are together cos they soo should be a couple!
2. When the guy on the roof asks what are you wearing, she replies
3. 52 Pick up love that ep even tho no JJ :-(
4.When she says theres a lot to hate about you dr reid tooo funny
5.When she asks reid about stats and he tells he he's trying to be more conversational and she deadpans bk it's not working
6.Demonlogy the whole ep
7.When she's hung over in Vegas
Without Emily the humour will be gone sorry couldn't just think of one moment

Anonymous said...

Prentiss is SO important for our show, because she's the FEMALE PROFILER!
And a show with mostly female viewers needs a strong leading female character! and not only part-time but in EVERY episode!
She's the person female viewers "want to be", they identify with her and that's what keeps them tuning in every week!

Sure the boys are nice eye-candy, but we have these on other shows too.
BUT Emily Prentiss is the strongest, most intelligent, most kickass character on TV right now!
She is a great role model for every female viewer and we need more of that!

Having said that: one of my many favorite scenes......
Lo-Fi: When Cooper flirts with her and she shows him what Profilng really means and how good she is at that!

And nobody smile like EMILY PRENTISS!

She is the reason i watch the show!

Kate said...

Hard to pick just one moment. We have Demonology, which was just mind blowing; Minimal Loss, when she found Hotch... god, the list goes on and on. I love every single moment she has on the show, because she is just so amazing and she kicks criminal ass without hiding, being afraid or wanting the men to save her.

And from the stupid spin-off episode, the ONLY thing I enjoyed was Emily running like a badass and how she kept running even after she got hit by the car and never complained!

You go girl!!! You make women proud ;)

Anonymous said...

The best Prentiss moment was in the episode 'Demonology' when she confided in Rossi about her past. It was some of the best acting to ever come out of this show.

Anonymous said...

The episode that immediately comes to mind for me is Demonology. Every single Prentiss scene in that episode is amazing and Paget hit all the right notes in her performances.

Then in 52 Pick Up when she goes to bat for Jordan I was so surprised. Not many people in the workplace would do that for a co-worker. Especially one they haven't known for very long. But it hadn't been long since Emily had been the new girl and therefore she was easily able to put herself in Jordan's shoes.

In addition, I cannot say enough about her unwillingness to be Strass' mole. I know when Elle left and Emily came in many fans were reluctant to accept her at first, but THIS showed where her loyalty was and that was to her team and her leader.

Strong women like JJ and Emily are rare on television these days and we need to keep them there as role models for our young women.

JD said...

When she crashed in the car, and still kicked trough the window and chased the unsub! THIS is why Emily is kickass!

Anonymous said...

I love the car-scene with Morgan in "Rite of Passage"!

She IS one of the boys! AND! She IS one of the girls! She is the connection between the male characters and the female characters!

She's strong and kickass but also empathetic, a great listener, witty, intelligent, a care-taker and more....
And it doesn't hurt that she is damn BEAUTIFUL!


Anonymous said...

The whole Demonology episode. She was amazing

Topetine said...

I will be the first person to admit that I wasn't always an Emily fan. I was an Emily appreciator, but it didn't quite click until much later when I realized that: Oh my god, Emily Prentiss is my hero. Going back, I realized that no, she's not just a support character, she is a main character and a kick ass character at that. The chemistry between her and the team is really amazing, how it was strained at first and then more and more a part of the family. I cannot pick a single Emily moment, just as I cannot pick a favorite JJ moment, because they're all my favorite. :)
But of course "Everyone, this is brad, a real fbi agent" will be one of my fav scenes ever, though she was spectacular in 52 pickup, Demonology etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Emily Prentiss os one of the most interesting female characters on TV. She is a strong woman who fought to get the job she clearly loves. (She persvaded Hotch that she belongs in the BAU!) She is compassionate, clever, beautiful, geeky, and very, very good at what she does. She knows what she wants and how to achieve it, but also has firm mprinciples. I want to know more about her and to see more of her on screen! Actually, before these distubing news, I hoped that she'll get her own storyline - it's time to give one to the girls! (Hotch, Rossi and Reid had theirs, and it seems that Morgan is getting his, but the most the girls got was Garcia's two-parter.)

Anonymous said...

There is too many moment with Prentiss that I like to choose just one.

Andrea said...

My top 5 Prentiss moments:
1. 'Minimal Loss' the whole episode.
2. When she prefers to quit instead of dirtying Hotch.
3. When the team is in the loby in the hotel they stayed in Vegas and she arrives with a hangover. Rossi's mimic was hilarious.
4. When in a case, the parents of a teenager die and Prentiss says to Hotch that she wouldn't mind taking the girl with her back to DC, and Hotch says: "This is the job, and I need to know you can be objective", she replies: "I need to know I can be human".
5. '52 Pick Up' when she goes undercover in the bar.

Brigitte said...

I have so many, here are a few:

- Prentiss snarky "ma'm" at Strauss in '100.

- Emily poking Reid ' he is so lifelike'

- Emily exchange with Hotch after Morgan told Hotch he should have waited for backup in ' The eyes have it'

- Emily good cop to Hotch bad cop in 'bloodline'

- Her entire scenes with Viper in '52 pickup'

and I will add that love Emily snarkiness!


Anonymous said...

Well of course Demonology, but there's so many little scenes. Like when she beats Reid at Poker. The teams interactions and feeling is just right. Without Emily an JJ the whole dynamics would go to hell.

sdwally said...

I love all Emily and Hotch scenes; especially in Nameless Faceless, Haunted, Bloodline and 52 Pickup. And I loved her strength in Minimal Loss, taking a beating as the camera darted from her beating to a pained Hotch, Morgan and Rossi as they listened helplessly.

Anonymous said...

every moment is precious, I love to see it with the whole team, Prentiss is strong, funny, focused and dedicated mainly. Always check with colleagues, keep an open mind on all occasions. Emily Prentiss is simply our heroine and an example of a strong and independent woman. we women can and we did.
Please not break this chain, we will succeed . #SaveTheCMLadies

Anonymous said...

When they at the bar when they humiliate the fake FBI agent

Stella said...

My all time favorite; To Mick the annoying Brit from the Spin Off who asked her 'what are you wearing?' Prentiss ' A GUN'
LOL! So love that reply!

Really, Prentiss is so awesome! I want her to be on CM next season for the FULL season, got That CBS, Nina and Les? Let's hope you do listen to the fans who are ALSO your customers!


Terks said...

it's a tie between the "this is Brad, a REAL FBI agent!" moment and the moment when she said she's the FBI agent to protect reid.. i think it was the episode Minimal Loss <3

Shaina said...

Brad the "FBI Agent", all of DEMONOLOGY, all of MINIMAL LOSS, when she translates the letter that's in Arabic, "He's so life like", "I can take it", RETALIATION when she's in a car crash and then gets right out and chases after the perp with her gun, "I hate politics. I think they make people distrustful, and they tear families apart.", the great good cop/bad cop interrogation scene with her and Hotch, along with every line she's said, every episode she's been in.

The show will not be the same if the number of episodes Emily is in is reduced. She's is a tough, kick-ass, Kevlar-wearing, woman FBI agent, and we need more of those on TV. She's a role model to both me and many others, and CBS is making a mistake if they take her away.

Heidi G said...

-First episode: standing up for herself and asking for a chance to show why she should be at the BAU at the end of the episode.
-The CM ladies: "I'm Brad, a real FBI agent."
-References to her goth phase from high school.
-She's good with Arabic and Spanish. Plus some Russian. What more do you want?
-"Urgh, I keep forgetting you're from Las Vegas..." and then proceeds to reveal her winning hand.
-By defying Strauss, she stayed loyal to Hotch the team despite being the newest member.
-Oh yeah, and the episode where it's JJ's first day back - "I have a simple gesture."

That's only what I can come up with off the top of my head... within 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I hoped so much that in Season 6 we would finally get a strong storyline and some backstory for EMILY!

And now we actually have to fight to keep her on the show?
That's just not right!

We had a storyline for Gideon, we had a storyline for Reid, we had a storyline for Hotch and after the finale we knew we woulfdget a storyline for Morgan.
I'm getting TIRED with all the storylines for the male characters! It already has been all about the boys and it gets annoying!

WE WANT MORE EMILY! We want to know MORE about her! NOT LESS!

Silvinha said...

Every time Prentiss appears on the screen is my favorite moment.

1. When she admits she was the FBI agent. Not exactly the beating up but how she looks at Reid, then she looks at the floor and then to Cyrus. Awesome!(4x03)

2. The Brad momment! LOL! (2x21)
- Can we see it?
- See what?
- Your badge.

3. When she, JJ, Will and Gideon discovered that a detective didn't report a guy as a rapist to protected his future. (2x18)

4. When she said to Morgan that he was a good guy. (2x22)

5. When she resigns from the FBI to protect Hotch's career. (3x02)

6. When she questions Katie's aunt! Amazing! (3x06)

7. When she tells Morgan about women feelings! Love it! (3x08)

8. When she profiled detective Cooper! Amazing! (3x21)

9. All of her scenes with Viper! LOL! (4x09)

10. When Hotch tells her that they can't work the case about the Italian Priest anymore. Love her anger face! (4x17).

11 - When she tells Rossi about her abortion. That hurts! (4x17)

12 - When she goes looking for Hotch. (5x01)

13 - When she interviewed Karl Arnold. Made of Win! (5x08)

14 - When she answered "A Gun" to that hot but annoying British guy.

15 - When she beats Reid at the poker! LOL! (5x20)

The list can go on and on...I love her, Prentiss is my favorite character in CM!

Anonymous said...

All are my favourite moments! She is amazing! She is the reason I watch. She needs to be there, full time!

Anonymous said...

I could make a list with one scene for each episode!
But it will all come down to this: I watch Criminal Minds because i love the character of Emily Prentiss!

Who will be interviewing the women and kids if Emily isn't around anyymore?

The most disturbing scene in the finale of S5 for me was the interview of the rape victim by Rossi and Reid.
Seriously, who would send two men to interview a rape victim, when you have a very capable female agent to do that!

I work in law enforcement and i was shivering at that scene.......


Lindsey said...

All the the comments on here are moments of Emily Prentiss I love, also!
Another one is from the Season 5 episode 20 when Morgan asks "I gotta know, what is a 'Sin to Win' weekend in Atlantic City?" and she says "If you gotta ask, then you probably can't handle the answer."
Another episode that I love that involves all 3 of the CM ladies is Season 5 Episode 21 at the beginning when JJ tells Emily to call a guy and then Garcia comes in with a bunch of gifts for Henry and JJ says "I hope all of those aren't for my son" and Garcia goes "Nope, this one is for kevin" and it is a tiny little bag. then the scene ends with Emily saying, "Maybe I should get a cat."

Trisha Braico said...

In "52 Pickup" when she has to go to the club and she puts that idiot in his place!XD She can be so professional and kick-ass at the same time go Emily!

Laura A. said...

Oh man, I LOVE Prentiss, so picking a moment is sooooooooo hard. She loves Vonnegut, she cops to being a geek, she is smart and opinionated, she can hold her own in a fight, she's got a great sense of humor, she can shake off a car wreck along with the best of the male action heroes, she plays poker, she drinks beer, she fiercely loves her friends, she is compassionate, she is damn good at her job, and she's absolutely stunning. What's not to love about Prentiss?

However, "52 Pick-up" and "Demonology" are two of my absolute favorite episodes of "Criminal Minds" if I have to pick a moment.

Anonymous said...

"Brad, he is a real-life FBI Agent. We can see your badge".

Hands down.

I also like Demonology.

Vanessa said...

Emily putting together the star puzzle and telling Reid the story behind it.

"There was this young prince who wanted to win the heart of the fairest maiden in the land. So he climbed to the top of the tallest tower in the kingdom and he caught a falling star for her. Unfortunately, he was so excited that he dropped it and it smashed into all of these pieces. So he frantically put it back together again to prove his undying love to her and he succeeded and they lived happily ever after."

"That doesn't make any sense..."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't catch a falling star, it would burn up in the atmosphere."

"Yeah, but it's not literal, Reid, it's a fable."

"But it doesn't have a moral, fables have morals."

"Okay, so it's just a romantic little story. The point is it's basically impossible to figure out because you have to take all of those pieces and fit them together exactly th-"

Reid sets the finished puzzle on the table.

"There's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Reid."

Delivered with pure honesty and a straight face. One of the best and most hilarious moments yet!

Anonymous said...

Zoe's Reprise (S4E15):
When she interview the girlfriend! She was soooo great! Very sincere and intense but at the same time truly empathetic!
She even held her hair when the girlfriend had to throw up.
I can not see any of the male characters doing that scene!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Which of the guys could have find the clue to solve the case through flirting with VIPER? NONE!
The Club scene is one of my favorites. You can clearly see how smart EMILY is and how absolutely stunning!

We need her on the team.

Jenny G said...

I have a couple but I love the star puzzle scene with Reid! And the whole episode where she Gideon and Reid work together on the terrorist. None of that could be done without her! Hell this wednesday's epidose where she covered the girls ears when her father killed himself. Do you see Hotch, Reid, Rossi, or Morgan doing that? What are you going to cart Prentiss out on only 'female' episodes?

Anonymous said...

As a hardworking women in a high powered profession, i enjoy watching EMILY PRENTISS!
She has earned her position through hard work, she has earned the trust of her teammates through very good and convincing work! She doesn't need to get ahead through any office romance.
That's what i want to show my daughter on TV!

And hell, who else could kick down a window right after being in a terrible accident!

I can't imagine my Wednesdays nights without EMILY PRENTISS on my TV screen.
And i doubt i would keep watching Criminal Minds without Emily Prentiss!

Katherine said...

Emily Prentis, and Paget Brewster as Emily are role models.

Gorgeous, feminine and tough as nails! What every girl should want to be when she grows up (even me and I'm 50 for heaven sakes!).

Unknown said...

I can not post just one, the are a lot, like some listed the fake FBI agent, in minimal loss was great, demonology and a lot of funny lines.

But the most important thing to say here is Prentiss brings this woman view to the case to the profile, something that man cannot see, she's ready for the action, she's in front.

Anonymous said...

This is tough because Paget's character makes me laugh with all her witty comments. She was fabulous with all the emotions that came with the episode Demonology. I love her interactions with Morgan the best though they have such a brother/sister banter that can go on between them. We need them both on the show.

Anonymous said...

How she handled the situation on the Premiere of S5.
When she found out Hotch was missing, how she told Garcia that she can't tell the others, organizing the investigation. She stayed calm and focused, even when she had to listen to Reid getting shot!

EMILY PRENTISS is one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

The "Star Puzzle" ! Her geeky, nerdy (and romantic) side shining through.......
and of course her line ...... there's so much to hate about you, Dr. Reid

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a favorite moment or scene. I really just like her character alot and like her how she interacts with the team. She is strong, smart and funny.

Anonymous said...

Emily always has the best one-liners!
"He's so life-like!"
"Don't Emily me!"
"It's called SPLENDA"
"There's much to hate about you, Dr. Reid"
"That's Brad. A real FBI-Agent!"

i could go on and on.....

And besides that, she's amazing at her job!
She earned our love and respect and we don't want to miss her!

And how could you handle all that cases in which most of the victims are female, without a female agent?
You need the female perspective to solve the cases and EMILY brings that to the team!

Anonymous said...

Emily just IS the reason i watch this show!
How could i pick only ONE moment? That's impossible!

Sometimes, when i watch the DVDs, i only watch her scenes!

I would not watch Criminal Minds without Emily Prentiss and I would not buy the DVDs.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than a woman with a brain. Prentiss is sassy, snarky and smart all at the same time. I loved her in Mosely Lane!!

Julie! said...

Demonology was great - my favorite part though is the very last moment when she looks up at the church and suddenly realizes her nose is bleeding. You see this huge mix of emotions on her face as she processes her entire experience with the church - her hurt, her regret, her fear that she might be damned, etc. Anyway, it's beautiful.

I love when she and Hotch have resigned from the BAU and Hotch comes to get her to convince her to come back. And then later in that episode when she walks into the unsub's house as a "concerned citizen."

I also like her taking Hotch home after he's been in the hospital and his family is in witness protection, telling him that he isn't alone.

I've always liked her and Hotch's relationship - the way they've gone from him distrusting her and her trying to prove herself, to the two of them trusting each other and even leaning on each other for support. It's a great guy-girl platonic relationship.

And of course she's funny with Viper (while still getting the info the team needs).

I love all of her little moments. Like others have said, she's my favorite female crime procedural character. You don't get a lot of actresses who can really pull off her blend of compassionate, intelligent, and tough. A lot of actresses come across as shrill or completely fake when they try to play tough and competent, or insecure. Paget just gets the job done. The show will certainly suffer without her.

Anonymous said...

We still have to find out, what a "Sin to Win" weekend is!

Did you know, that after the episode aired, the "sin to Win"-phrase was the most searched phrase on google and yahoo ?
That should tell you everything you need to know to keep Emily Prentiss a full-time part of the team!

Vanessa said...

Prentiss is my favorite so I might not stop after I get going...

1. How she tells Hotch how much she despises politics for all it's bad consequences.

2. How she tells Morgan about how she totally screwed up this date.

3. "I have the magic ingredient. It's called splendor."

4. Demonology, Minimal Loss and Retaliation. All three of them showed her strength, assertiveness, warmth, vulnerability, candor, and love towards her team mates.

5. "I hate Vegas..."

6. Everytime she interacts with children. It seems like it's in the nature of Paget Brewster to be perfect at that.

7. "Ladies, this is Brad, a real FBI agent!"

8. "There goes my Sin-to-Win-Weekend in Atlantic City..." "Sin-to-Win?" "Ya... And I always win biiig..."

9. Very early on when we first meet Jane and she gives her back her whistle made out of human rib bone.

10. "You know Derek, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. But sometimes if you have to ask a question it means that you probably couldn't handle the answer." "There's a whole other side to that woman..."

11. She way she can give even superiors a piece of her mind if she feels that others are being treated poorly.

12. The good-cop-bad-cop-moment with Hotch.

13. When she interrogated that girl about her boyfriend's sexual preferences.

14. When Reid tells her he's trying to be more conversational and she goes "Oh yeah... It's not working..."

15. Her and Hotch interviewing the serial killer and then later on her struggle about having had to flirt with him.

And there is just so much more that I could go on forever...

Paget Brewster has this amazing ability to really listen closely to people talking. That's probably part of what makes her acting on this show so one-in-a-million. She also as an extremely pleasant way to talk. And I mean the talking itself. She could recite the weather report I wouldn't care. She captivates with her talking skills. Both her and Emily are smart, quick-witted, hilarious, intelligent, dedicated and can stand their ground in a most impressive way. Emily has a special relationship with everyone on the team. Everybody seems to be important to her in their own way.

Paget Brewster is an amazingly gifted actress and an incredible asset to the team and the show. And I could give you a million more things to write for Emily Prentiss. There is no way this is due to creative differences. And even if it's financial: Think about the consequences for once. By cutting one and a half female characters that have inspired so many people you'll be cutting the entire cast and show eventually.

Please reconsider! Thank you!

Joanne said...

The bar lol when they make fun of the fake FBI agent and recently when she is fighting with the doctors and insisting Morgan perform a cogntive interview after the car she was overturned in Retalation. And also in slave of duty when she brings down the Unsub so badass.
The show demonology was a whole great moment for her but her last parting words to the priest epic. Sorry could not choose one that is how amzing prentiss is

Joanne said...

The bar lol when they make fun of the fake FBI agent and recebtly when she is fighting with teh doctors and insting Morgan perform a cogntive interview after the car she was overturned in Retalation. And also in slave of duty when she brings down the Unsub so badass.
The show demonology was a whole great moment for her but her last parting words to the priest epic. Sorry could not choose one that is how amazing prentiss is

Anonymous said...

I love how she can click with every teammate on a different level.
She's keeping the team balanced!

I love her interview with The Fox.
You could see that it was the first interview of that kind for her, but within a very short time she adapted and got the job done!

She is brilliant and not replaceable and dispensable!

Joanne said...

oh yes and as Monitese said in sex birth and Dead and stands up to Hotch amazing :)Please Nina Tassler please reconsider Paget Brewster and AJ Cook are amzzing actresses palying amazing characters why fic something that is NOT broken.

Anonymous said...

The cognitive interview Morgan did with her! Great scene!

And here you can see, why even though we love Garcia, she is so important, different and special!

Garcia refused to do the cognitive interview and emily insisted on doing it!
That's the difference between our beloved tekki and our admired profiler!

And we need a female profiler we can identify with!

Anonymous said...

Seven Seconds: The interview Hotch and Emily did!
Just AMAZING! Hotch and her make such a great team!

You can not replace her in that scenes with any other male character on the show!

Anonymous said...

Emily rocks that Kevlar like no other!

Watching a smart, intelligent woman kicking down doors and smashing down windows is just such a joy!

But EMILY'S and JJ'S in sync entry in the unsubs house must be one of my favorite scenes ever!

They don't need to be protected, they are the protectors!

Anonymous said...


otherwise known as: Emily Prentiss - Freaking SUPERWOMAN!

Lena Freund said...

In the premiere of season 5, in the hospital, where she offers Hotch to chance to confide in her about what happened with Foyet.

Mary Hasbrouck said...

and when they humiliate that guy "Brad" at the bar...

Anonymous said...

Slave of Duty: When Emily Prentiss' famous compartmentalization skills really cracked for the first time!

And i so want to know about the story behind her reaction in that episode! That would be great for Season 6!

Anonymous said...

Oh "mopther of balls", where would you even begin?!?!?!? Paget Brewster is by far the most stunning, wonderful, amazing actress is any cbs show, and getting rid of her is just plain b.s.
Good Lord, um... Retaliation. Demonology. Getting the crap beat out of her by Cyrus. Suchhh a good scene.
Um. "I think I totally messed up this date." "I have the magic ingredient. ...It's called Splenda". "JJ, I swear to God." when she's hung over. So funny.
Every freaking thing about the last couple episodes. The scene in Exit Wounds with just the girls... One of my fav moments from the show so far. Her response to Morgan's confusion about her weekend plans. Always wondering whether it's Hotch or JJ she's truly in love with. haha, jk. Brad, the "real FBI agent".
Just freaking EVERYTHING about her. She's perfect. Totally captivating. Thank God I have Tivo, so I can rewind every jaw-dropping moment of all her subtle beauty. I definitely would not watch another second of CriMi if they cut her.

Ele said...

When she keeps asking for Hotch. When she tells Rossi "don´t Emily me!", when she gets hit by the rocket (magic trick) by Reid, when she tells Hotch he is not alone, when.....I could go on and on and on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Because demonology was the best episode EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved her "You're not fooling anyone" expression. She doesn't have to say a word, she just looks at someone and they change their story. I always smile when I see her do it. And of course, I love her interactions with the team.

Sierra said...

Paget's personality quietly balances the men in the group. I loved the part where she got to kick some a** a the tender moment tending to a child.

Ana said...

I liked Emily in the interaction with that freaky guy Fox from 5x08.

Unknown said...

Demonology was AMAZING. it gave you insight on the Compartmentalizing Emily Prentiss. I also thought the last scene in 5.20 was HILARIOUS with the whole card game between her and Reid and then when Morgan asked about Sin to Win in Atlantic City. Both those moments were extremely funny. Criminal Minds won't be the same without Paget or AJ. Who's going to console the families for JJ and who's going to speak 7 complicated languages for Emily?


Amy said...

"Oh this is really gunna suck."

And "Ladies, this is Brad. A real FBI agent."

And when she's hung over in Vegas.

LaLaBeepBeep said...

The story about her abortion in Demonology. The only time I've sat and bawled my eyes out watching an episode (before Hayley's death). She's a wonderful actress and it still gets to me.

Anonymous said...

Let's see..there was the scene where Prentiss is beating the arrogant jerk in the bar at his own game in "52 Pickup". Love that. Any of the scenes with Jane in "No Way Out P.1 and P.2" The scene with her and Reid when hey are talking about the letter Gideon left in "Scared to Death" I'm sorry was I only suppose to pick one. Oh well. Be glad I limited it to these few.

Unknown said...

Brazil says: we want AJ and Paget as before

Anonymous said...

When she took a beating from Luke Perry's cult leader last year. Tough girl - "I can take it!" Women aren't portrayed like that on the right side of the law very often

Anonymous said...

There are too many moments of awesome Prentiss moments. Here are some:

The hairstyle in "Tabula Rasa" lol

Demonology (the whole episode was done amazingly)

"Ladies, this is Brad, a real FBI agent" - Open Season

"Hahaha... no Paul. I'm baffled. I don't know what the unsub could have learned from you" - 52 pickup

"When a woman tells a man her feelings, she doesn't want him to fix her, she wants him to shut up and listen." - (the episode before "Penelope")

(Reid talking about guilt by obesseion not being an issue with Beethoven) "Oh yeah? Have you ever seen the movie "A Clockwork orange?" - The Performer

"Yeah Reid I don't think the unsub is luring them with pretzels."

Mick: So, what are you wearing?
Emily: A gun

Hotch and Prentiss meet for the first time

The deleted scenes from "fear and loathing" and "damaged"

(To Morgan) "Soo, is there anything you want to tell us?"

The "Sin to win" weekend in Atlantic City, which still slightly has me baffled lol

Beating Reid at poker

Prentiss: Mick Rawson is an arrogant, oversexed, egotistical
JJ: Hot, British dude with a sexy accent, badge and gun ... just your type.

There's more, but I've probably filled up so much space already lol

Holly:) said...

love when she beats reid at poker :D

when she is doing the star puzzle with reid and she says "theres alot to hate about you dr. reid"

when she pokes reids face and says "he's so lifelike"

"ladies this is brad a real fbi agent"
love all her scenes and im so glad she is in it instead of elle

Anonymous said...

When she reached over and touched Reid and said he was so life like.

When she beat Reid at poker!


Unknown said...

I loved Demonology, but Prentiss has been great in too many moments to count!

I read in Paget's twitter page that there would be a meeting in CBS regarding the AJ/PAGET business. Is there an outcome to that yet?

Zeborah said...

* how she stands up to Hotch, for herself and for Jordan Todd, and on his own behalf too. Reid and JJ support him a lot more subtly, and Rossi and Morgan get in his face, but Prentiss has a wonderful blend of straightforwardness and respect.

* when (having told Hotch she totally got the job on her own merits) it turns out that Strauss put her there hoping she'd turn spy, and rather than do it Prentiss decides to resign;

* when she flirts with Dante (which utterly fails), flirts with Viper and totally pawns him, and flirts with the Fox and feels all icky afterwards;

* whenever she gets bashed up, or sees someone killed, and keeps working the case without missing a beat, it's just awesome to watch.

Anonymous said...

I really like episode with Viper. Paget was great it that episode, her comments about him made me laugh & feel for her character on having to deal with the guy.

"Tell me we are not giving up on that guy?" Emily

"Nope we are just getting started" Aaron

Ms. Kathy said...

As I was reading, I saw many of my favorite things about Emily...."he's so lifelike" and "here's a simple gesture", "there's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Reid"...LOL But my favorite thing about the PAGET is her ability to show compassion and horror in the same expression... her ability to show fear and courage in the same act...the way she portrays Emily's struggle to keep a part of herself separate from the horrible things she sees but is too tenderhearted to be completely aloof....The show will NOT work without her.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite moments is in Angel Maker when she pokes Reid in the face and says, "He's so life-like"

Kathy said...

Emily lines: "he's so lifelike", "there's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Reid", "Here's a simple gesture", "Is it wrong to think that lying is never the right thing to do?"

PAGET: Her ability to convey horror and compassion in the same look, and the struggle she displays in her character between giving the job everything she has and being scared to lose herself in the job.

It will NOT work without her.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Prentiss scene...from "Damaged" when Rossi is found in the bar by Prentiss, Morgan, and JJ. He asks them "Why they are there and why do they care (about a 20 yr. old case he worked)" Prentiss replies "Because you do."

Kelly said...

Snarky Emily is made of WIN! So anytime she's snarky, I'm happy.

There are soo many! The bar scene where ALL three girls embarrass the guy pretending to be an FBI agent, entire Demonology episode, when she pokes Reid in the face and says "He's so life like.", when she comforted JJ while at the hospital waiting to hear about Garcia, when she pretty much single-handedly takes down the unsub in "Slave of Duty" and rips him a new one, when she wants to adopt the teenage girl who's family was killed in "Children of the Dark", when she "resigns" from the BAU because of Strauss/politics, when she yells at Morgan for firing the gun inside the SUV in "Rite of Passage", and so, soo many more!

Carol said...

All her moments rock but I love her caring of hotch this season. She was also fab with the little girl in Solitary Man. We cannot do without her full time!!!

SSA_Prentiss (Jan) said...

I don't remember the name of the episode but Agent Todd was in it. She and Em went to the bar because Hotch had asked them to...they were hunting this guy who thought he was "Gods gift to women". He said if Em would meet him on his turf he could make her do things...anyway, when Hotch suggested that she go to the bar she said "OH this is gonna suck" . It was just funny at the time.

Anonymous said...

it has to be 52 pick up for me it was great

Anonymous said...

I agree with every scene mentioned here and on AJ Cook's page. I can't believe that we have to go through this garbage every single year. Criminal Minds is the only show left on CBS that I watch. They canceled Numb3rs, Without a Trace, and Cold Case. Now they want to ruin my only remaining show. The show will be ruined without AJ and Paget. Other than a few shows such as Criminal Minds, TV is such trash. Please just leave this one show alone. I don't want to watch without ALL seven great characters. We NEED JJ and Emily!

Anonymous said...

There are so many great Prentiss scenes and lines. No one else on the show is as witty as Prentiss. If I had to pick just one moment that consistently makes me laugh its, "I have the magic ingredient, its called Splenda."

Emily said...

Please don't ruin a wonderful show by getting rid of AJ Cook and limiting Paget Brewster's role!!! I watch the show because of them. It'll just be a men's club with an occasional Garcia appearance. I love love love the episodes where the 3 ladies have scenes together, esp outside of work. (e.g. Exit Wounds, Natural Born Killer). I won't watch the show if you keep these changes!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Prentis moment was when she had her first assignment with the Bau. She was at a meeting with the team and they didn't know her yet. They were blown away by her intellegence. She was able to understand middle eastern languages so she was taken along to an interrogation at Guantanamo. Gideon didn't trust her to take her along so soon and wanted to get to know her abilities first. Hotch told him "I doubt there is much she can't do" that is the truth of her character. She is intellegent in multiple ways and there is no reason to eliminate her part. I am dreading how boring it will be with only men on the team.

Anonymous said...

I need Paget in CM!! She is the BEST!

JOYCE said...

I love all the Emily Prentiss moments in every episode that she is in, starting from her day 1 in season 2! She is the reason why I watch the show! If she's out of CM, then you have 1 less viewer!

Anonymous said...

When Prentiss pokes a finger into Reid's cheek and says, "He's so life-like!" (I don't remember the name of the episode where this happens - maybe The Angel Maker?)

Anonymous said...

In the episode "In Name and Blood", when Prentiss interrupts Strauss' meeting with Hotch to tell Strauss that she is resigning (instead of playing Strauss' game of trying to get rid of Hotch). Prentiss shows that she has principles (not playing politics) and will stick to them, no matter what the consequences.

AW said...

The plane scene at the end of Minimal Loss, when Prentiss talks to Reid and basically tells him not to feel guilty because Cyrus beat her up. Prentiss just shows how strong and compassionate she is even though she was the one who was hurt.

Anonymous said...

I can't choose one favorite Emily moment. I love that she's just as tough as any of the boys, kicking in doors & chasing down bad guys. She's absolutely able to hold her own. I'm especially reminded of all her scenes with Viper in "52 Pickup."

I love her devotion to the team, particularly when she protected Reid during "Minimal Loss." The end scene on the plane was outstanding. And I absolutely love her relationship with JJ & Garcia. The scenes with all the girls hanging out together are some of the best in the show.

I loved the scene where she confessed to Morgan that she's a nerd. And the scene with Garcia & Reid and Emily's high school picture.

I love that she's goofy and sympathetic and tough. I love that she has her moody moments with her team members, just like any family does. And I especially love her interrogations, which really demonstrate how good she is at her job. How she can be gentle and encouraging with victims, yet sly, manipulative, aggressive, or even understanding with unsubs.

I love her determination to make it on her own without trading on her mother's name, and her consequent aversion to politics.

I really loved "Demonology," which showcased not only just how amazing Paget is at her job, but how complex Emily is.

I've had a huge girl-crush on Paget Brewster since seeing her in Friends. There is no better actress for Emily, and anything short of giving her as much screen time as the guys next season would be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I have so much love for the scene with Strauss in "100," when every word she says is dripping with disdain. I also loved the scene where the team hears the gunshot & Emily's reaction in the backseat.

Her reaction in the scene where she finds out that JJ's pregnant was adorable. Her love of her teammates and her protectiveness of them make me love her more.

I also really dig her snarky banter with Morgan, her persistence with Reid when she first joined the team & how maternal she is toward him in later seasons, how comfortable she is with Rossi, and how her relationship with Hotch has evolved since she joined the team.

luvthejem said...

Pretty much every scene that Paget has is excellent. What I love about Emily is that she can be either comedic or dramatic at any given moment and it rings true. Without Paget Brewster's amazing range it would likely come across as awkward or cartoonish. Which makes picking my favourite Emily moments very difficult. When she told Rossi "Don't Emily me." was absolutely hilarious. When she took the beating to protect Reid was heartbreaking and I actually winced trying to watch it. When she quit to protect Hotch, who had been something of a jerk to her since her arrival, just cemented her place in my heart. I love her interactions with all the team members, especially with Garcia recently.
CBS can't expect to ruin the chemistry of the show and truly expect no lasting consequences. Can they?

Anonymous said...

the kids talk in the plane with JJ, that's the reason both of them should stay
paget was made for emily and criminal minds

Anonymous said...

Season three when she interogates the aunt of the girl that went missing. For some reason that really sticks out in my head. But any scene with just the girls is great, and Prentiss is an intergral part of the time. Don't cut her down. You are seriously ruining a fantastic show.

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