Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Criminal Minds: I have had numerous requests to start a Criminal Minds blog thread for fans to vent on and here it is.....vent!


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Anonymous said...

I'm still in shock.
I love this show but without AJ I don't think I'll continue watching it.

Maria Lopez said...

I am disgusted that they would cut two of our wonderful actresses. I think they do this for to save money for their new spin off show.

I am angry

Anonymous said...

This totally sucks. CM has always done well in the ratings and the cast works very well with each other. There is no logical reason to fire one and decrease the episodes of the other. I love Paget and AJ.

Stella said...

I sure do have an opinion, CBS this is the WORSE decision you have made! Not only will I boycott the CM spin off but I will not watch CM anymore!

please do reconsider, we want AJ back and we want both Paget and AJ as FULL time member of the cast not part timer!


K-Mac said...

I'm confused as to why one of television's most successful dramas has to take such drastic cost-cutting measures. It would be like Friends dropping Joey & Phoebe.

Then again, CBS did it to CSI as well (another disappointed decision). And CSI is the most popular show in the world.

I guess some execs wanted bigger bonuses.


Vali said...

Love these girls! AJ & Paget are an essential part of the CM team! Can't imagine the show without these two wonderful actresses! Both have contributed so much to the success of the show. Please don't get rid of ANY cast-members. The ratings have been high, the fans super loyal. How is that fair?

Anonymous said...

I am in complete shock that they would do this. I happen to like JJ's (AJ COOK's) storyline the best and often times my favorite episodes are when they center around her. I will definitely NOT continue to watch the show if they cut her down or remove her. What a shame. Way to ruin a great show, CBS.

Anonymous said...

What are you guys thinking? You can't get rid of the ladies. I think they help make the show what it is and the show will lose a lot of substance if you get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

I won't be watching the spin-off!!

I was going to give it a chance but now that the CM has been screwed so they can pay for Forrest Whitaker I won't watch one episode of it.

I may give up Criminal Minds. This is horse crap.

morgan said...

I don't even know what to think about this. The idea that it's a "male-centric/dominated" show and therefore we wouldn't miss our ladies is insane. I can't imagine the series without either JJ or Prentiss and I think it's crazy to cut back on both at the same time.

They are important parts of the cast and the network should realize that.

Anonymous said...

What were they thinking? This is going to kill the show.

Anonymous said...

You're cutting off two actors on a successful show for a spin off show. It's bad enough CBS has cut female leads on CBS, so the station isn't getting a very good rep. AJ has been there from the beginning! And Paget has been there for almost 4 years. If they're gone then the cast just isn't right anymore, and I'm gone. The only thing I'll have on CBS would be CSI: NY and The Mentalist.

Anonymous said...

IF it's true, I will attempt to give it the rest season to see how it goes. However, if it take any turn similar to the CSI franchise, I won't continue watching or buying the seasons. To cut both is not prudent considering both are dearly loved..isn't 2 in one season maybe too much too quick? Not to mention..if it's not broken..why are you so tempted to 'fix' it? Paget and AJ beat Whitaker, sorry..I'd rather have both of them than the one.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong on so many levels. CBS is going to lose so many viewers if they decided to not have J.J on anymore and very little Emily. They should be thinking of other ways to save some money if that is the issue. Not cutting two of the main characters! This shows means a lot to many people and by taking away two characters that are loved is ruining a great show. Criminal Minds is one of the highest rated television shows out today. If anyone looks at the ratings they know that they end up beating out whoever they are up agaisnt. So what is their show that gets boot? Its not right.

Anonymous said...

First the screw over the writing staff and now the actresses. What's next?

I think we should organize a boycott.

Brigitte said...

what is the thinking behind this decision? to save money? Will you save money CBS if CM ratings go down? Will you save money if the Spin off crash and burn because people will not watch it because of your decision to cut the CM cast?


k said...

Not only does this make me not want to watch the new season, but a show without JJ and less Prentiss feels like such a betrayal of the writing, I barely want to watch the previous seasons.

CBS might not care about women, but surely their advertisers do. And this is one female customer who will be looking for other shows if this decision stands.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a completely wrong inconceavable move! I mean, if you need to cut on the budget, cut the guest stars! We've been here before, when they decided to cut on the writers staff first. And, seriously, there is something I'll never understand, why on earth would you cut short the cast of a show that is ALWAYS, like every single episode always, number 1 or 2 in the ratings list?!
I really can't believe the network would make such a bad decision that will upset fans and surely cost a lot of viewers to the show!
I'm very disappointed!

Anonymous said...

This is madness. I cannot believe they're cutting out two characters, much less FEMALE. That's sexist beyond belief.
Emily and JJ are my two favorite characters, besides Hotch, and now one will be gone and the other will have a lot less screen time. And all throughout last season, I'd thought they were leading up to another big Emily episode...

If anything, take away the spin-off. No one is really too enthusiastic about it, and the finances for that can be put towards CM. They can cut Strauss out and all the other recurring characters.

If anything, it should be Rossi's role that is reduced. I know he's important, but he's retired, and it would make the most sense. JJ is a VITAL part to the team, as is Emily! Cutting them makes no sense.

If they're doing this for financial reasons, then they should find another way. Because they'll be losing even more money once tons of viewers stop watching because of these changes. Then they'll have to cancel the whole show.

I will not stop watching if they do go through with the changes, but I certainly won't enjoy it nearly as much.

Aya said...

I'm still hoping it's some kind of mistake. Maybe it's better to wait for official news to see if the rumour (yeah, I'm still in denial) is true or not.
But if it's true, it's the dumbest decision that could've been made, CBS.

Anonymous said...

This sucks. The series it dead to me if they kick Aj and cut back on Paget. They should cancel the spin off and let the main show survive. Why is it always the strong women that gotta go?

BrandiB said...

If it's true, this is NUTS! Budget reasons? Really? So let me get this straight; the network has the funding to greenlight a spin off show that "might" bring in viewers (wonder what FW's salary is?) but not to keep cast members of one of it's most popular shows? Sounds like BS to me.

rose said...

Somebody correct me if I am wrong but didn't we already have more male actors than female ones to start with?????!!!!!

So now it is an almost all male cast and two beloved characters are gone.


Anonymous said...

This show is my favourite ever!!Mainly because of A.J & Paget.If you take JJ away you rip the heart of the time out.If you take away Emily you take away the best character.We all don't fawn around after Spencer Reid.Dont get rid of the 2 best things about your show.

Lari Padovan said...

PLZ KEEP ALL 7 ACTORS IN CRIMINAL MINDS! We want Criminal Minds just the way it is now!

beib said...

I'm pissed. CBS is making a huge mistake. Enuff said.

Anonymous said...

I think its really fucked up that they fired my hero A.J COOK & I also think its really fucked up of what there also doing 2 my other hero PAGET BREWSTER. I think the whole cast should go on strike just 2 keep A.J COOK & PAGET BREWSTER on criminal minds. A.j cook & paget brewster have so many fans that love them & would do anything 2 keep them both on criminal minds & all there fan's will always have a.j cook & paget brewster's back's. There's nobody in this world that will ever replace a.j cook & paget brewster. I'm the kind of girl who tells it & says it likt it is & I speak my mind & I don't give a fuck. My 2 heroes A.J COOK & PAGET BREWSTER both fucking rock & kick fucking ass. Sorry about the bad words but I'm really upset bc of it right now:(

BSC said...

I love JJ! That character is my reason to watch! I was looking forward to the spin off but now I won't even start to watch when it comes on!!!

Bohoo! I already quit the CSI's.. I guess CM is next!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe it. It is such a poor business move and it is destined to make CM fail in the ratings next season. I don't understand how this is going to save them any money. They just killed CM and the crappy spin-off they have planned. That is alot of money to lose and alot of pissed off fans.

K. R. said...

I am honestly baffled by this decision. Why split up the stellar cast that has worked so well together for years? Removing the women from the field leaves the show as a whole in question. A women-less FBI field team is both impractical for the aesthetics of the show and mildly insulting to women everywhere.

I love this show. I love this team--male and female characters alike. But I'm afraid that this budget cut would be best left to the spinoff.

Durwen said...

This is outrageous.

I won't condone such a mysoginistic decision.

So long, CBS have fun jumping the shark. I won't be there to watch it.

regina said...


I am not a happy fan! I love Paget and if Prentiss is gone then so am I.

CBS sucks

Ashlee Sierra said...

this is terrible!!!! I LOVE THE ENTIRE CAST. Why mess with something that isn't broken? Please reconsider we love the CM Girls..... I want Paget and AJ back full time!!!!!! CBS stop messing with stuff!!!!!!

I will not watch the stupid spin off if they do this. I was going to give it some credit but nope not anymore... don't take the girls away, we love Garcia but we want some in the field woman kicking butt!

CBS...you have ruined my day

Kristin said...

I am so angry right now. This is the worst news I could have heard. CBS: are you idiots? This is the best show on TV and you are messing with perfection? Why? Let me guess so you can have more money for a spin off no one even wants or asked for? For some more reality tv that makes me sick? Great... go down to the lame crap level of NBC and ABC... good job CBS. You are such idiots. Moving CSI: NY to Friday nights was bad enough, but it least it was intacted. Now this. I think the world is run by people who never pay attention to anything. This one better set right or you are gonna suffer ratings big time. Next season of American Idol might kick your butts beyond your imaginations even without Simon Cowell if you do this. Wow... this is sick.

BlueCurl said...

Nobody that is watching will mind a budget cut on the guest stars! That is not a big impact as loosing one of your main characters! Let alone 1,5 or 2! The ladies are loved on CM. After Hotch, JJ is my fave character! I can't believe what I read earlier today!

Shame on you CBS!

Michelle said...

I truly hope you do not get rid of these two wonderful actresses/characters!!!! They are part of the reason the show's chemistry works so well. To remove the will cause a void, much like uncomfortable silences in a conversation!

Sara Gee said...

My question: Is this really about the money? Or is it because the female viewers wanted more male eye candy?

I'm trying not to turn this into a sexism thing, but since the majority of viewers I know and speak to are women, is CBS trying to cater to it's female demographic by keeping a predominantly male cast (and a fairly diverse group at that)?

As a fan (and only recently such) I'll respect the decisions of CBS and the actors involved in the cuts, and I'll continue to watch the show as long as it is on, but I'm not fully on board with cutting one (possibly two) such wonderful characters.

LaShawna said...

This decision is CRAP! Just what is driving this idiot maneuver? One of things I love most about CM is the interaction between ALL the cast members, and it produces a much stronger team/family dynamic. Why shake things up now, and why oh why do they seem to be just targeting the women? This just sends the sexist message that female professionals are more expendable than the male professionals. I really fear how this will affect the show for next season.

Anonymous said...

Paget should tell CBS to take their offer of less episodes and shove it up their asses. She did a stellar job of replacing Lola Glaudini and she has been great for the show.

A.J. is a great actress and I think that she was under used on the show. I am shocked she is gone just like everyone else is and I hope this decision comes back to bite CBS in the azz!!

Anonymous said...

They shouldnt make a spin off if it means that JJ and Emily wont be there. Aj and Paget are too important!! I feel like CBS is saying "Oh well you've done really well and made us lots of money but its not enough, so the females go first" Its sooo wrong they should take a lesser characters. Not amin ones

Geekette said...

I think that it is horrible that the fans have to sign petitions, spam Twitter, and send in complaints just to make sure that we can keep strong, realistic female characters on television.

What CBS calls a "financial decision" is absurd. If the fans of the show stop watching, you will lose more money than it would take to keep one of the members of the cast employed.

CBS talks about wanting to cut their budget, but they go out of their way to throw money at Charlie Sheen just to get him to come back to sitcom with a recycled format. He doesn't want to be on the show, fine. Leave him be and stop wasting money on people who don't want it.

jessie said...

Stop paying the big bucks to the guest stars and use the money to pay for our cast.

tania said...

I wonder how much WHITAKER is earning per season!!

Screw the spin off.

Criminal Minds just got royally screwed.......AGAIN!

Michaela said...

Dear CBS. First I would like to ask you if you know the type of mistake you are making? So far, 1440 people have signed a petition within a matter of hours. In just a few hours, this is already the number of viewers and buyers that you are going to lose if you continue with the ridiculous cuts of AJ Cook and Paget BRewster. In the UK, your Criminal Minds DVD's sell for £40 each. If you multiply that by the number of epople who have already signed and will not buy the DVDs you already stand to lose £57600. Tell me. Is the cuts worth that? Are they worth losing your ratings? I think not!

Both AJ Cook and Paget Brewster are integral members of the Criminal Minds family, and their characters are important members of the BAU team. There is no way that you are going to be able to portray the cases with such passion and empathy if you take away the heart of the team! You need a female presence continually on the show. Full Time.

If both AJ Cook and Paget Brewster are not back on the cast list FULL time, I can honestly say that there is absolutely no way I will watch Criminal Minds again.

So I'm asking, no, begging that you don't make a stupid mistake, and ruin one of the best shows on tv!

MARY CANO said...

Im not happy with turn of events w my fave show CM. Some the comments on facebook say it isnt sexism but wat do we call it then if two woman are axed one for good and one few episodes and the men are good so wat u call it then... CM im sry but u have angreed ur fans we are not happy ive been watching CM FOR 4 yrs and hve been clued to the shw since then i cnt amazin me not watching but if this is hw u treat ur leading ladies then the hell w u and ur new spin off...wats w cbs axing two of my fave shows i read online u axed ghost whisper and cold case they wnt be returning sept im so angry now ur axing two great ladies from CM WTF IS WRONG W THIS PICTURE MAD MAD MAD WORLD IN TV........

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the person that said Rossi's character should be reduced. I am glad that Joe Mantegna was not cut. I agree that his character needs to be used more, but he is my favorite. He is the stabilizer/dad member of the team. Rossi quietly supports every member of the team. I would not reduce Prentiss's role on CM. Prentiss is a strong female character!

izzy said...

Criminal Minds basically lives in the top 10 in the Nielsen ratings and its dvds sell really well according to Amazon.com so how is the show not paying for itself and turning a profit for CBS? I don't believe this has a thing to do with money at all. I think Les Moonves and Nina Tassler just want the show to die. They have never advertised it or done one tangible thing to promote it. I hate them for doing this to our show.

Jenny G said...

How can you take two main characters that we have loved for years and scrap them? It is an insult to fans who have hung in through two cast changes already. Why do this to us? Because of money? How about you take the money you are using for the spin off or hell the multimillion dollar salary you are giving to an actor who assaulted his wife? These actresses work hard to protray real, tough, intellegent women. Why penalize great people who are real and put such heart into it. Mandy and Lola wanted to leave the show and we stuck with the show even though we liked them, do not turn around and take away two characters we love because you want more money. You'll lose the fans and you'll lose the show and hello you will lose money in the long run. Wise up and give the fans what they want or you'll lose them all!

Ann said...

I'm simply at a loss for words...& those that know me know that never happens. I'm so angry right now. I want to do something to help. I've signed that petition & I'm ready to call up CBS. Just let me know where to direct my rage.

Anonymous said...

I bet Tim Curry and Eric Close cost them a pretty penny for the finale and the premiere. Money would have been better spent on keeping AJ and Paget intact. We don't watch the show because of the guest stars but because of the cast.

Jenn said...

This makes me so sad for A.J. Cook! She has been such an incredible asset since the beginning of the series. and Paget too? SADFACE.

I was not impressed with the spin-off... no offense to the incredible actors, but I don't see CM being one of those shows that needs a spin-off. Wish there was a chance to have CBS reverse the decision, but in lieu of that... any way that we can call and complain?

I can't help but find the irony that part of the call letter of the Eye network are B and S. Especially considering that this IS B.S.

Here's to hoping that Ed and his incredible writing team can keep doing what they do!

Also, I'll keep watching CM! Don't stop watching to punish CBS... that won't work! We need more people to watch!

(Thanks to Jill and the CM moderators for opening this up!)

Hannah Kaye said...

Don't make a stupid mistake CBS. We need our ladies full time! You'll kill the show if you don't have them!

Anonymous said...

CBS, this is your worst decision ever. You are gonna get kick in the a** for this

Anonymous said...

Do you know what this remember me? L&O: Criminal Intent, and the new season suck. No view. CSI? No view. Criminal Minds without JJ AND LESS PAGET??? No way I watch that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Last year it was writers, this year it's the actors. Or, should I say, actresses. I guess CBS really wants the BAU to remain a "boy's club." If they keep this up, next year all they'll have left is a set.

This has nothing to do with money. If Criminal Minds wasn't bringing in tons of cash for CBS, they wouldn't be starting the spin off. Personally, I'd rather do without a second show and just keep the first show together. Because it won't be Criminal Minds without J.J. and Emily.

Lisa G said...


Casey said...

Here's an idea CBS, NO ONE WANTED A SPIN OFF. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SPIN OFF. How about you scrap the spin off and use that money to keep the SEVEN characters we know and love. CBS is going to lose a LOT of viewers. I love Criminal Minds EXACTLY the way it is. If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it!

monica said...

Charlie Sheen got a raise after beating the crap out of his wife and threatening to kill her. Why is he worth a brinks truck full of money and our gals are worth the door??

CBS just totally sucks. I agree that we need to boycott. The companies that advertise on CBS like we did during the writers strike.

Anonymous said...
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BlueCurl said...

I want to add something to my previous post:

when you search on google about "criminal minds season 6 aj/jj" all hits are about her being cut... it is hitting the fans!

she'll be missed and fans will be angry...

Susanne said...

This sucks SO much! What an incredibly crappy decision. One of the best things about the show is the diverse cast and the dynamics between the characters... and now it won't have that.

Anonymous said...

So... You're going to leave us with ONE girl? Seriously? Way to alienate the female audience. Good decision, guys.

Anonymous said...

I love this show, the best on television but i will never watch it again if they get rid of Paget. I'll miss AJ's character JJ but i i really want Paget to stay

And btw CBS, this is the worse desision EVER!

So bottom line i want mainly Paget back but if so AJ too...and both FULL TIME!!! They are both vital!!

Drusilla said...

You can't seriously consider getting rid of AJ completely and reducing Paget's appearance in the show. The show needs all it's main characters. If it's all about cost why not just forget about making a spin off show. Both Paget and AJ are totally essential to Criminal Minds!!

Rebecca said...

Personally I think that if CBS has enough money to make a Criminal Minds spinoff then they should have enough money to support the original show. Take some of the spinoffs budget and keep AJ and Paget.
In CBS' own words "CBS also dominated the season's rankings in both drama and comedy. The Network has seven of the Top 10 dramas-NCIS (#1), THE MENTALIST (#2), CSI (#3), NCIS: LOS ANGELES (#4), CRIMINAL MINDS (#6), THE GOOD WIFE (#8) and CSI: MIAMI (#9)"
Criminal Minds is one of their top shows so why are they cutting its budget?!

Anonymous said...

Dear CBS, sounds like you're pulling a 'Strauss' and trying to break up the fam. This is an unfortunate idea. Strauss didn't win and nor should you. You have a LOYAL following to the 7 cast members...and dare I say, even 8 (the magnificent Mandy P). You need the women to balance the show. They add to the emotion, their backstories are amazing, and they help the female audience (which is huge, btw, with all the good looking men on CM) STAY CONNECTED. With Goob's injury, Paget got more action sequences, and she totally shined. AJ is a calm pillar of strength to the team and their cases. And no offense to the Spin-Off, but it was LACKLUSTER. The only redeeming quality of it was and is Forest Whitaker. Unfortunately, his team has no chemistry. Redirect any criticism to your casting office and/or your execs who don't even watch the show, but probably make all these decisions based on 'numbers' b/c my prediction is that the Spin-Off will not get past the first season b/c they don't work. The original CM has worked since day one. Save your money and keep the original team in tact. It's not rocket science, kids. If it ain't broke... xo tbenoit

Anonymous said...

I'm beyond angry! How can they do this at CBS? The fans have made this show a success despite the fact that CBS doesn't promote it as much as other shows. Now the fans can destroy it but not watching in the fall. AJ & Paget are as much of the heart of the show as any of the male characters and taking one away and reducing the other is a mistake of epic proportion in my opinion. And it does not help when we read a couple of months back that CBS hired another actress on a recurring basis!!!! Fire her!! That's money right there for AJ. And how about reducing other characters as well from time to time? How can Prentiss still be part of the team when she isn't going to be in all the episodes?? I'm seriously thinking of not watching in the fall and I will tell everyone I know about this, including my mom who turned me onto the show in the first place. Bad move CBS!!!

hannah arnold said...

Anybody know where Ed sits in all of this? I can't imagine he is happy with this decision.

Bottom for me is that I won't watch one more episode of CM if the ladies are gone. Not one and they can take that to the bank!

Samantha said...

I'm incredibly offended that CBS has the money to give a raise to Charlie Sheen, a known wife beater, but not keep our female character's fully in tack. This displays the misogyny of CBS from the top down. These women were some of the few examples that we have of strong women on our television, I hope you understand the gravity of the situation. I am extremly angry and am considering fully boycotting CBS and plan to urge others to do so as well.

MrsAaronHotchner said...

One of the many unique and wonderful things about CM is its layered, multi-dimensional and all-round loveable 7 main characters. Each of them have a special and important part to play in order to make up the beyond amazing BAU team we know and love.

To the show's credit, CM did not only portray honourable, strong heros but also heroines!! The women of the show are loved by the fans because of the uncliched, fair and totally plausible JJ, Garcia and Prentiss (a rarity on tv today)

JJ serves as a strong role model in her balancing motherhood and work (which not many show's address!) and as a compassionate yet professional woman.

Prentiss is a strong role model for her keeping with the boys - she wears a kevlar vest and wields a gun whilst always remaining feminine. She also can speak multiple languages, is well traveled and overcame personal issues which many women may also face. She, like JJ, is a poitive portrayal of a woman in today's society.

As a training actress, AJ Cook and Paget are role models themselves - they are incredibly gifted and the fans upset at their treatment at the hands of CBS is proof that fans appreciate and enjoy their work.

Finally, one of the biggest tributes I can pay to the show, the writers and actresses is that the females on the show, despite all being beautiful, have not been ever reduced to mere sex symbols or stereotypes, but represented their gender with admirable dignity... To lose the strong female characters is a lose in every sense - even for the network!!

- Sheila

Connie said...


I understand budget cuts. Sincerely, I do. I'm confused by the fact that an order for a spin off was green lighted if the original franchise show was in financial trouble. I'm also confused as to why Criminal Minds is in financial trouble when it delivers solid ratings every week.

Having a show without a strong female presence will cut out most of it's fan base. Kirsten Vangesse does a wonderful job, but her character is not presented as a profiler which is the main premise of this show. Guest female actors as profilers will not suffice for the current fan base and will not attract new viewers male or female.

The move to fire AJ Cook and reduce Paget Brewster's role in this show indicates a lack of faith in this franchise or CBS' wish to cancel the flagship show after season 6 and put effort into the spin off. It's a risky and, in my opinion, wrong move. CBS will lose an established ratings winner. With the loss of this fan base, the spin off will not last past 20 episodes. I urge CBS to take another look at the numbers and see what can be done.

vdo vault said...

What can I say? They're asshats running yet another BigMediaCo.

I am sorry yet another fandom is going through this totally unnecessary BS. Les 'Moonbat' Moonves went home with 19% of CBS's profits as his personal salary for last year, screwing everyone including his shareholders (they took losses). You all are now sadly on the Law & Order: ... See MoreCriminal Intent-style crazy train (first the writers get axed then the cast). You might want to consider jumping off now (i.e. don't watch the original show or the spinoff). Spare yourselves the inevitable heartache while you can because as that Vincent D'Onofrio video I posted a couple of days ago that Annabella Sciorra found we're all toasters: product or eyeballs/wallets. They think we're utterly fungible (fancy word for interchangable). You want to let them treat you that way, fine, keep watching & don't complain to fellow fans (current or future) advertisers (ditto) and oh yeah the government (see next paragraph).

Pretty soon CBS'll be crying about how they need to merge with some telco a la Comcast NBC to survive & then you can watch Sen Al Franken & Rep Maxine Waters talk about how awful & not diverse (ie no women & few/no folks of color) CBS's shows are (what the hell are they doing letting the actresses go but no white actors...have they been sleeping through all the government proceedings...oh, wait...that's right none of them have been covered in the mainstream TV news media including CBS News so clearly they have no idea how they're effing up yet again.

Look why don't you all let Rep Waters's office know CBS is off firing women from its shows just to make their quarterly numbers? Let them know you've seen what's up with Comcast/NBC (it's not an isolated thing CBS will be next) and help us stop that nonsense right effing now before it gets any worse? Follow freepress.net for merger news & activism, call Sen Franken's office & support him then call your reps & senators & let them know this crap stops now or they're out of a seat next election cycle?

I might sound like a whackjob here but I see how interrelated it all is and I'm so very done with watching anymore BigMedia stuff. My job is now to bust them into tiny little bits & keep them the hell away from the smaller things the talent (actors writers crew directors) are trying to do online (and also to keep that online lifeline open).

Anonymous said...

Oh and i was extremely upset this morning when i read the previous blog!! my mother thought i was going crazy!! but am i really??? PLEASE KEEP PAGET AND AJ!!!
you'll lose viewers if you don't

Anonymous said...

Would people at CBS be a little machist?§ I mean, under the pretext of cut the cost, they decide to fire AJ Cook and to reduce Paget's participation, 2 of main female characters (only Kirsten Vangsness survive to this policy) even though men are untouchables. So, next year, we won't watch Criminal Minds but Criminal Males, right?!
Completly stupid!
And what to say about the spin-off, which is totally injustified but which though will be aired next autumn?!
I don't understand this decision which is shocking for fans!

I knew that something was going to change, but this new was fully unexpected (not to see JJ aka AJ Cook anymore and less Prentiss, my favourite character (Paget's performance is so subtile!), I can't stand this idea!

I hope CBS will return on its decision and will offer to the both actresses a whole season because, they worked a lot last year and in fact for the beginning for AJ et from the second season for Paget, to accept this situation without a fight!

Anyway, it CBS keeps the AJ's leaving (and maybe Paget's one too if discussions come in nothing, even a partial appearance - better than nothing! -, I won't watch the show anymore because for me, Criminal Minds is a mixing of stories about Criminal people but about a team which each member, though different, are complementary! Without 2 of them, the team is broken like compicity between characters/actors!

A boycott would be great if people accept to follow it...Like that, CBS maybe would understand its mistake...

Sinead said...

Disgusted, saddened, disappointed, OUTRAGED!
Whatever chance there was of me watching the spin-off, it's now non-existent. If CBS can pump money into something like that then slash part of the outstanding cast of a consistently successful show, there's no balance, and CBS have no business acumen. AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! HEAR THIS, CBS - THE FANS WILL NOT SIT BACK AND ACCEPT WHAT'S HAPPENING. THERE WILL BE REPERCUSSIONS.

Meantime, guys, please support AJ and Paget here, as well as all the other great CM resources on the 'net:

Anonymous said...

I am so angry about this. CM is my favorite show and I have never missed an episode but I will stop watching CM if AJ and Paget aren't on the show anymore. JJ and Emily are two of my favorite characters on TV. I just can't believe you are doing this to such an amazing show that does so well in the ratings. If this really does happen CBS will lose so many viewers. Please just cut the awful spin off that nobody wants.

Anonymous said...

I think it is absolutely a slap in the face to the women who watch this show. Seriously, I can appreciate the need to reduce costs, but I think singling out the two main female characters to do that is insane. While I like Garcia, she doesn't get out there and kick in doors. It's nice to see a woman like Emily Prentiss who is just as tough as the guys while still maintaining her femininity. If the network needs to cut back on things why not cut back across the board? Keep JJ and give them all reduced time. Do we need 'the boys' in every episode? Not really. Surely, we can all go a week or two without Morgan there to tackle the bad guy, or Reid there to give us some random facts that nobody remembers after two minutes. And we all know the team can function very well without Hotch or Rossi for a couple of weeks.

Then there's the spin off. Really? We are going to lose characters we've invested time in for up to 5 years so we can get a NEW show full of miscreants? Really? How ridiculous is that?

It's getting old watching CBS take shows that are steady hits...money making hits...and reduce them to nothing more than sad shadows of their former selves. They want to know why their shows are failing? This is why.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this!!! AJ and Paget are both very talented actresses and my favorites on the show. I can say for sure that if AJ leaves and Paget only gets limited episodes, I will stop watching.

One of the reasons I love criminal minds is because they have really good female lead characters. Without them, the show is average at best. The CBS execs need to understand this and let them stay as full-time cast members! They're just doing this to save money for the awful spin off, which will probably be canceled anyway.

I am very disappointed that CBS would do something like this.

Anonymous said...

Why start a spin off if you can't afford to keep the cast of the "real" CM??

I have been a fan for several years and I have seen every episode, but I promise you that I will stop watching if they do this. AJ and Paget are two of my favourites and the show wouldn't be the same without them.

I sincerely wish that CBS knows what they are doing. And feels bad about it.

Aoife Ward said...

I actually felt a pain in my chest when I read this (yea I thought I'd died!!)
This REALLY can't happen. AJ and Paget are two of the most talented and under credited actresses in the world and what CBS is doing is not only insulting to them and their fans, but ist's also extremely sexist!!
If they really are that short on money they can cut the spin off and stop gatting such famous guest stars (which I'm sure they have to pay a lot of money!)
I'm seriously fuming about this and if they do get cut (I'm really hoping CBS will see the error of their ways!) I can see this as being the begining of the end for the show, because it won't be realistic anymore. With no AJ there's no media liason and without Paget there'll be no female profiler!! And like I said before that is extremley sexist!!!
There's so much more I want to say, but I'm to angry to word my thoughts right now without being nasty!!! >:(

marsha said...

I am mad and angry that they're jacking with the show. Keep Paget and AJ please.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad really... CM is the only thing on TV that I watch every week. If this is true, I won't have anything to watch on Wednesdays. Because even if I were to give it a chance, the show is going to tank so quickly after that, that it won't make it to next fall.

Anonymous said...

This is a completely ridiculous decision. I personally will not be watching the show without AJ!

Anonymous said...

This definitely has to be the worst decision made by CBS. I just don't understand why they're doing this. I think if it has to do with the spin-off destroying their budget then they should just scrap the spin-off. There is no point to having a new show if the original cannot air. It ruins it completely. No one can replace these amazing actresses or even come close to their performances. I do agree that their choice to cut two girls is also sexist if these are the reasons behind it.

Smacky30 said...

I think it is absolutely a slap in the face to the women who watch this show. Seriously, I can appreciate the need to reduce costs, but I think singling out the two main female characters to do that is insane. While I like Garcia, she doesn't get out there and kick in doors. It's nice to see a woman like Emily Prentiss who is just as tough as the guys while still maintaining her femininity. If the network needs to cut back on things why not cut back across the board? Keep JJ and give them all reduced time. Do we need 'the boys' in every episode? Not really. Surely, we can all go a week or two without Morgan there to tackle the bad guy, or Reid there to give us some random facts that nobody remembers after two minutes. And we all know the team can function very well without Hotch or Rossi for a couple of weeks.

Then there's the spin off. Really? We are going to lose characters we've invested time in for up to 5 years so we can get a NEW show full of miscreants? Really? How ridiculous is that?

It's getting old watching CBS take shows that are steady hits...money making hits...and reduce them to nothing more than sad shadows of their former selves. They want to know why their shows are failing? This is why.

Marcie said...

I watch the show because of AJ and Paget. They are great actresses and make the show. CM-you will have one less viewer because of this decision. And I definitely will not be watching the spinoff as well!!

Anonymous said...

I knew the spin off would end up hurting CM and I am sorry to say that I was right. I won't watch either show next year unless this decision is reversed.

Mel said...

What I love the most about Criminal Minds is the great chemistry and dynamic between the cast/characters.
Cutting JJ from the show and reducing Emily's participation is, in my opinion, destroying that. It will not be the same without them and I won't be watching anymore.

I'm truly disappointed in CBS for doing this.

Lena said...

I intend to quit watching Criminal Minds if this happens. In the meantime, sign t
he petition to keep Paget and AJ on CM full time: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?cmwomen

And here is contact info for CBS people:
Email CBS


Email addresses for:

President and CEO, Les Moonves: lmoonves@cbs.com

President, CBS Paramount Network TV, David Stapf dstapf@cbs.com
President, CBS Paramount Network TV Entertainment Group, Nancy Tellem, ntellem@cbs.com
Executive Chairman and Founder, Sumner Redstonesredstone@cbs.com

The company, it's divisions and it's division executives are listed here:

Email or call all the of the affiliates


2. Call CBS and tell them or leave voicemail

(212) 975-3241/3247/3245

Call CBS Paramount (323) 956-5000

CBS Executive Comment Line: 323-575-4913

CBS Television City 323-575-2345

3. Contact the Executives at CBS.
Ms. Nina Tassler, President

CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112
(323) 575-2747
Mr. Kelly Kahl

Senior Exec VP of Programming
CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019

Someone in another thread spoke with this woman,

Melissa Perez, and she indicated that the flood of

calls and emails are making a difference! Email her!


Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds is only as amazing as it's cast. I watch this show because I'm in love with the characters,and the amazing chemistry that occurs between all the phenominal actors and actresses. Criminal Minds will never be the same,and I don't think I can continue watching it. I like to believe that I am one of the biggest CM fans,but with this cast cut...it won't be the CM that I love. CBS,this is a huge mistake. Doing this puts you right up the with the 24 writers that killed off our beloved Renee Walker...it's not something you can come back from,and we will be angry.

Unknown said...

I think this is an appalling, disrespectful and counter-productive decision. I do not think this will save CBS money. I definitely no longer want to watch the spin off & I do not know if I will be watching CM after the girls leave either. My commitment to Criminal Minds i.e. watching every episode & buying all the box sets is disappearing fast. I love the show but I can not stomach the decisions being made by CBS. Why destroy something that works? If it really is about money make cuts else where (not in Criminal Minds). I'd start with reducing the salary of whoever decided firing A.J. Cook & reducing the hours of Paget Brewster was a good idea and then cut cost for the spin-off or can it completely.

Jessie said...

So much of what appeals to CM for me involves the strong female characters. On a show where so much violence is perpetrated against women, it has been so lovely to see such strong female cast members who refuse to be victimized. And now they're being victimized by CBS. I am beyond upset and beyond offended. I won't watch the show in the fall if we are left with only Garcia and the occasional Prentiss guest appearance to represent what I've come to love about Criminal Minds.

vdo vault said...

Sorry that should read no ''token' white male actors' I love me my white male actors plenty (starting with Vincent D'Onofrio) but this move is not only bullshit (no actors or actresses of any color needed firing to save the company money so Moonves can bogart it all) it looks incredibly stupid given that diversity hearing Rep Waters just held down the way from where CBS's offices are. Call them on it, embarass them, from the WGA strike that seems to be the only thing they respond to anymore: public shaming. So give it to them."

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad and angry.

I love Criminal Minds, it's my all time favorite show. But it'll change without the characters of JJ and Prentiss.

For once a show had strong and powerful female character. The only one on tv right now where they have a brain and use it.

I'm not sur I'll still watch it because I'm pretty sure the quality will go downards without AJ Cook and Paget Brewster (and my opinion about how great Paget is was reinforced by meeting Jim Beaver and listening to all the kinds words he said about her). They're both such talented actresses.

CBS should keep their money for Criminal Minds and its cast instead of doing a spin-off I won't watch because the first episode was so bad !!!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? They can't do this to the my favorite show. I am really pissed off. I want AJ and Paget on the show. Who cares about the spinoff. They should have never done it because the spinoff wont last. I am sorry but Forest did a bad job on criminal minds and I don't think the cast meshes well together. All of us should not watch the spinoff and then maybe cbs will get the clue. I just hope all of this is not true. Criminal minds has soo many fans and this will kill us all.

Anonymous said...

Dear CBS! If you want to save money, let go of the f*cking spin-off!
It's ridiculous that you can afford creating a whole new show, including an Acadamy Award winning actor, who certainly won't come cheap, but have no money on the one show that actually made it possible to come up with a new show!
You people must be seriously stupid if you think that this won't have a negative effect on the ratings! Or is this what you want, let the CM ratings drop so you have an excuse to cancel the show next year?

Shame on you!

This is wrong, so wrong on so many levels!

KC said...

I'm out if they butcher the series like this. This is supposed to be Emily's dream job yet we'll see her now and then? JJ tells the team where to go and she won't be around but an episode or two? Really? Pathetic. I like the fact they cram the cases from the moment they hit JJ's desk to the point they are flying home.

The relationships on the show will die. There's enough boy's club shows, I don't care to watch yet another. (Sorry Garcia, I love ya girlie but you feed off JJ as much as you do Morgan.)

Hate to tell ya CBS but the spin-off was the absolute worst episode to date.

Amber said...

I cannot believe this. If you want to cut costs, CUT THE SPIN-OFF! The majority of CM fans are opposed to it, so why take the chance that it will probably fail when you can keep the success of the original Criminal Minds going. We love AJ and Paget, you can’t just drop them! I hope Bernero knows he’ll lose viewers if he does this, and they will NOT be picked up again.
We love JJ and Prentiss and we need them on the show. I would rather have them on the much-loved original than watch the spin-off with completely unbelievable characters that make me sick (seriously, the woman from the spin-off, I HATE her).
I'd like to keep watching Criminal Minds, and I'll try to as long as Matthew Gray Gubler is on, but I don't know how long I could stand it if AJ and Paget are gone. I hate to say it, but I might have to completely stop watching it, because if they're gone, the show will bomb.
If AJ and Paget are forced to leave, viewers will leave, and they will not come back. If the girls are gone, viewership drops, and then you've lost everything.
This is stupid. Save money, scrap the spin-off, and keep ALL our girls on! And our guys, for that matter, in case they try to do something else that just as ridiculous.
Remember, an angry CM fan is not a good thing, as our viewership pays your salary. Do you really want to risk that?

Unknown said...

I am so angry!! This is not cool. Cut the spinoff if you want to save money. Stop messing with my favorite show!

Anonymous said...

ok my third one but yeah i just sent a very "nice" message to CBS and i hope you all will do the same!! i told them to check this page out so they can see for themselves!

Sheri said...

Why dissect a show that works yet take a gamble on a new series that may not?

Anonymous said...

Lola left and we got Paget then Mandy left and we got Joe. AJ has been with the show since the beginning. They have been so lucky up to now that cast changes haven't hurt the show but there is no way that this isn't going to impact it. Fans are going nutty about this all over the web.

And what the hell kind of thing is it to do to an actress like Paget Brewster to demote her to reoccuring status. Like Nick Brendon. If I were her I would be insulted and tell them to screw themselves. Seriously would.

Lena Freund said...

Why has my email to Nina Tassler been rejected twice? I'm posting it here instead:

Hello Ms. Tassler,

I'm writing you this email on behalf not only of myself but also of thousands of Criminal Minds who are more than severely disappointed in CBS' decision to fire A.J. Cook entirely and to cut back on Paget Brewster's role in Criminal Minds.

I would like you to know that you are making a massive mistake that will ultimately kill one of CBS' most popular dramas. While I do applaud your decision to keep Kirsten Vangsness, the "plus-size" cast member, I am certain that Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss are crucial members of this team. I watch this show BECAUSE of Paget Brewster - and I'm not the only one.

Furthermore, Jareau and Prentiss are the two most visible female members of the Criminal Minds team; by this,. I mean that they are the two FBI agents in the field, interacting with the public. As I'm sure that you know, law enforcement is already a male-dominated field, and it only hurts our cause to see women cut out of television shows which feature these kinds of environments. To remove the women in the field is to remove any visible signs of female participation in the FBI.

I implore you to reconsider this decision. Have you seen the petition I started last night? If you haven't, the link is here: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?cmwomen

Please note that in less than 24 hours, this petition has accrued 1662 signatures and counting.

This show is going to lose thousands of viewers, myself included, without two of its favorite characters. This show is one of your most successful and is dearly beloved by tens of thousands, if not millions, of viewers around the world.

Please don't destroy it.

Thank You,
Lena Freund

Anonymous said...

I´m absolutely not interested in a testosteron laden series which don´t care about the female power and touch this serie need like water to drink. Without this womanly touch it´s just an "action hero" centered pale imitation of wester movies. Bad, very bad decision. Why change a winning team and glue together a dubious spin-off *shake my head in wonder"
Angry greetings from Germany!

Thata said...

This is the most stupid thing that CBS can do! A.J. and Paget doesn't deserve this. Cancel the stupid spin-off instead of cutting the girls.

weatherwax said...

I won't even start to list all the reasons why this is plain stupid... people have already listed them. I don't buy that cutting costs BS, it's not like they could cost CBS more than FW (respect, I like him as an actor, but this whole spin-off thing is just... meh :/). I just wonder, even if that's a marketing-driven decision, don't they consider things like publicity and stuff? Even if it was for the cost - the two female leads with field scenes? Really? Sexist much?

Also, I'm pretty sure great part of the fans got into the show exactly because JJ and Prentiss are in it. So CBS, if you that, expect the ratings to ebb. And that's for CM, I won't even comment on the spinoff.

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope this is a hoax! I'm especially a fan of Prentiss, can't imagine the show without her and I'm not sure if I'd continue watching (although I love the rest of the cast as well, of course, but that would be just so disappointing).
I also stopped watching CSI when Jorja Fox and Louise Lombard left (I've followed the show from the very first episode), so don't believe I wouldn't stop watching Criminal Minds just because I'm addicted to it.

Jan L said...

Women are 1/2 the human population. They are ALREADY underrepresented in CM with just 3 women characters. Cutting an actress and/or screen time would seriously suck. I'm very disappointed. Not sure I would continue to watch.

Vanessa said...

I'm really shocked and disappointed at this decision. I simply can't understand how it even makes business sense.
If you need to save money don't start a new show with an Oscar-winning (and no doubt expensive) star!
JJ is the team's heart and Emily is also an integral part of it. Getting rid of them or reducing their screentime is a foolish and seemingly sexist move that will lose you viewers.

Kitty said...

I am just freakin' appalled. You have to wonder exactly what CBS thinks that it's doing, diminishing a solid property and throwing money at that spinoff loser.

Anonymous said...

Please don't do this. Love these girls. One of the reasons Criminal Minds is that successful is because of each and every cast member. Please don't ruined this. ;(

Anonymous said...

By cutting two major characters the ratings of Criminal Minds is sure to drop considerably. If you are trying to cut budge, cut out the new spin-off. Don't take a top 10 show and take off two of our beloved characters!

Leanne said...

Strong women are disappearing from our TVs. I think they are making a huge mistake with this decision. Part of the reason this show works so well is because they have a good balance between men & women. This team/cast is like a well oiled machine, each part working in perfect harmony with the other. If you start removing parts, everything begins to fall apart & eventually it'll break down completely. 

If they go ahead with this, I shall no longer be watching the show or buying the DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Dear CBS,

You're digging a hole for yourselves with this terrible decision.

If you're tight on money then why are you creating a spin-off when we already have a interesting and successful show with great actors? Cutting the spin-off would be a much better and smarter decision.

You're ruining one of the best tv series that we have. Thank you for your unreasonable behaviour.

grigore said...

i'm shocked and upset. how can they do this. the show won't be the same without our ladies. i may stop watching the show. and now i won't watch spin off too. i wathced CM since it's first season on tv in my country. i love the show so much and now that i know they will let go to main characters... it sucks. really deep suck. please change your minds CM. PLEASE

Kirds said...

Dear CBS,

This is the worst move you could ever make. If finances are that dire why are you throwing money at Charlie Sheen when he wants to leave? If finances are that dire why did you green light a spin-off which the majority of the CM fanbase think is a unthought hotch potch?

As a woman I love seeing the women portrayed on Criminal Minds as they are. They're strong, they're modern and they are a welcome change from the male dominated shows out there. Emily fought to prove herself at her dream job, and is kick ass in the field. JJ balances motherhood with work, something a lot of family women do these days. Both Paget and AJ are a must for the CM family, they make it work. As much as I love Kirsten/Garcia she isn't enough and the character feeds off JJ as well as Morgan.

If you go through with this move you'll lose a large portion of your viewers, both male and female. I'm one of them. As much as I love Criminal Minds I don't want to watch another 'boys club' show. As they say, don't try to fix what ain't broken and that is the case with CM if the vewing figures are anything to go by.

marta r. said...

They will probably write JJ off by saying she decided to stay home with Henry. That will totally suck. I can't even figure out how they will explain the limited amount of Prentiss.

I just emailed CBS and I hope that everyone else will also call.

Naomi said...

I seriously cannot believe this I am appalled!

I adore Criminal Minds not only for the storyline but because of the characters! Are you kidding me? Prentiss and JJ are essential for this show! it'll be dead without it! Without JJ's talent dealing with the media no one else can do it like she can! And Prentiss!! Her humor, her liveliness on the show is what makes her so wonderful! She's my personal favorite! and the cast influenced me to pursue a career in working for the BAU and I'm going to try to get in the FBI with all my might and currently there's i think maybe 1 or 2 women working for the BAU they give me hope and for all the other women too who are strong and want to help catch the bad guys! Their characters are essential to the show! Keep AJ and Paget pleaseeee!!!
I will refuse to watch the spinoff and tell as many criminal minds fans not to!
CBS you're making a HUGE MISTAKE!
I hope you understand what impact this decision is going to make.
Who cared about the spinoff anyway I bet any Criminal Minds fan will tell you to cancel the spinoff if it meant letting go of these 2 wonderful ladies! I'm in shock.
Ruined part of my summer.


Nancy said...

Can the stupid "spin-off" and concentrate on the core cast! You know, the show people are actually watching!

Do NOT like this news.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what they are planning to do. All I hope is that this whole thing is just a mistake, because if it's not, then this would be one of the worse decisions ever!!!! they cannot get rid of two actresses. The show without Paget will not be the same to me!!!! she's my favourite actress. First they did it to the writers, now the cast, who will be the next target?

Andrea M. said...

Dear CBS,
Criminal Minds is an amazing show that gets high ratings because of it writer, cast and crew. Ms. AJ Cook( JJ Jareau) and Ms. Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) are an integral part of the show. There are not many show that have strong women characters. I love Garcia, and the rest of the team, but if you cut 2/3 of the female characters on Criminal Minds, I will no longer have any desire to watch the show. There are mention of how this decision was as a way to cut costs, but I have to question the validity of cutting two main actresses of a hit show while deciding to pick up a rather unpopular spin-off of said show. I am appalled at your decision to cut Ms. AJ Cook and Ms. Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds. I would honestly rather Criminal Minds retained its high quality and had a reduced number of episodes, than lose any of the wonderful cast. I respectfully request that you reconsider your decision.

Anonymous said...

Just sent this through the complaints section at CBS.com, but will post it here as well. Hopefully it'll be read.


Just learned of your firing AJ Cook from CM, and the plans to reduce Paget Brewster's role.

HUGE mistake.

I don't know if you're trying to follow in NBC's footsteps, but this is a TERRIBLE network decision. CM is successful because of the unique balance and chemistry between characters, and dropping the women will not fly.

Apparently you think female characters are disposable, well they're not. No one is interested in watching a boys club of male profilers, I don't care what the "experts" say, you need Cook and Brewster for a comprehensive cast.

Maybe you think women don't watch CM (this woman does). Maybe you think people only want to watch the men on the show (this woman doesn't); if so, that is terribly ignorant and misguided, and numerous other viewers feel the same (just check the CM boards on TV.com or imdb.com).

Brewster and Cook bring just as much intelligence, humor and sex appeal to the table, and CM will be bereft without them. Unless you are trying to run the show into the ground, then you really should re-evaluate your position regarding them. I definitely will NOT continue watching if the show goes through with gutting the cast. CM will not be the same, the quality will be compromised, and it surely will be reflected in the ratings.

If CBS *honestly* wants to save money--axe the spin-off. Considering CM already has a large invested following, why tamper with its success for the gamble of a new show? And is it really cheaper to produce an additional series than to pay two actresses? I think not.

I don't know who made these decisions, but there needs to be a reversal asap. Don't be too proud to admit making a mistake; please keep Paget Brewster and AJ Cook employed at their full previous capacity. Your ratings and revenue will be better for it.

Hannah said...

CBS, you're being painfully stupid here. If there wasn't enough money to keep these integral characters, then what the fuck are you playing at by introducing a spin off? I'm so disappointed. I've heard nothing but how the spin off will destroy the show, and do you know what? I've defended it consistently, saying that if done right, it wouldn't affect CM at all, and might actually be good.

How wrong could I be, right?

The reason this show works is because of it's strong ensemble cast, the 'family' relationship of the team is what keeps it from sliding into becoming just another shitty procedural.

I SINCERELY hope you change your mind, or I SINCERELY hope this bites you square in the arse. Kiss goodbye to my DVD money if this goes ahead.

Anonymous said...

CBS must be smoking some bad stuff with this lame idea! All the characters are equally important in the series! The preview episode of the so called 'spin off' in the ORIGINAL, BEST and ONLY Criminal Minds totally sucked! TRASH the dumb spin off idea and channel the funds in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Mum of Two said...

Have the execs ever heard of "if something isn't broken, don't fix it?" Why don't they trim THEIR division (fire a few execs, cut their pay)? Talk about selfish thieves! JERKS! I'm not usually like this (don't like to be negative), but this really chaps my hide! I am SOOO angry right now!

Jessie said...

Can we say sexism?Oh yes we can.Or if that's not the case then what the heck is the deal with CBS and female characters?Just think about NCIS.
This show's gonna lose lots of fans if AJ and Paget have to go.
JJ got more attention in the 5th season we finally got to knew her better.It really makes no sense to cut her now.
Paget Brewster is an amazing actress and Prentiss is the most loveable character on the show.She brings some light into the darkness of the show (and so does JJ btw)
All in all,this is just wrong on at least a 100 levels.

Hannah said...

This is very bitter news. CBS is overpaying Charlie Sheen and fires to wonderful actresses for financial reasons!
What a shame!

JJ and Emily are crucial for the team dynamic. Both are strong female characters who are not just there as love interest or eye candy. It is hard to take that CBS gives the two up for an all male show.
Did CBS really thought it through? Who will do press now?

Anonymous said...

I know CBS has a lot of ensemble cast shows which 'eat' a lot of money and I'm not surprised, look at Without a Trace (although for me the writing so degraded after Season 3 that it was a mercy killing in the end) and Cold Case both had very high cast costs.

What gets me the most is not that they're trimming but that they trim the two female agents in the action. Better to keep Paget (from a story perspective they can get rid of a media liason -- but I will greatly, greatly miss AJ for she brings a gentleness and a realness that is so necessary and I love JJ) but better to keep Paget/Prentiss and lose one of the guys, Morgan or Reid.

Still, cutting anyone out of this cast is a cut to the heart. For five seasons this core with a couple of newcomers has been the show and to lose anyone hurts.

It's not just 'fat-cat greed' that's too convenient, truth is times are hard and the money train isn't what it used to be. Those who think it's just greed should take a moment and realize that everyone (with the exception of our out-of-control government) is cutting back and sadly these are realities.

I don't like it but I doubt I'll turn the show off because it's not Thomas' or Joe's or Shemar's or Kristen's or Matthew's fault and to abandon them now hurts everyone.

May said...

I cannot believe they would do this. I loooooved JJ/Reid and Prentiss/Morgan.
This is TOTAL bull, not to mention SEXIST! Now there are NO female cast members who are active in the feild!
I will continue watching, but on a VERY limited basis.
I am very disappointed in this decision.

BB said...

I'm appallled you would treat AJ Cook this way. She deserves better than this, and IF she comes back, then she better be treated like a fucken goddess.

If not, I wish her the best in whatever she does and I hope they utilize her acting talent better than Criminal Minds ever did.

She's a beyond brilliant actress, and for you to 'criminally' underuse her over these years has always been absurd and appalling to me.

Anonymous said...

stop messing with a well balanced show! They are hoping that by spending money on a named actor in the spin off that people will watch it because of who he is well I wont watch it because as far as i'm concerned it's his pay that cost AJ her job. Anyone else think that Emily may cross over onto the spin off??

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds is amazing, but u cant take out a character like that. After 5 seasons u cant do it. I wont watch it without aj cook or paget brewster. It would ruin the show

Anonymous said...

I think people cussing and throwing a fit is stupid.

I like JJ and Emily, but I believe AJ cook asked for more money than they could give and emily will work between both shows with her sniper.

Shelley said...

I'm extremely upset over this news. I sincerely hope that CBS rethinks this TERRIBLE decision. I really like Paget & AJ's characters and don't think the show will be the same without them. Btw, I'm a woman and I've loved this show from the beginning.

I'll boycott the spin-off too! I'd much rather watch the original than a poorly done spin-off anyway. The introduction episode was lacking and Forrest really doesn't work well on TV, IMO. Stick with the awesome cast you have with CM - ALL of them!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere disappointment over the recent decision made to eliminate the two female lead characters on Criminal Minds. Many reasons come to mind as to why this is a horrible choice for the network to make, but it all boils down to one main thing.....strong, beautiful female characters are extremely rare on any network these days, but one reason CM has always been ahead of the game is the extraordinarily wonderful job they have done in portraying these female profilers. They have been allowed to be women and yet still be just as kickass as their male counterparts. For those in charge to believe that hacking these two amazing actresses from the cast won't affect the ratings is a serious error in judgment on their part. Criminal Minds has always worked as a show BECAUSE of it's incredible ensemble cast and the contrast the different characters create. To take that away, to remove one of the biggest diversities from the cast (the women), the show will be a shadow if it's former self.

I earnestly hope the higher ups will reconsider this decision, as it is my belief it will spell the end of Criminal Minds.

Sigrid said...

To whom it may concern, AKA the person CBS pays to keep up with blogs like this one:

Wow. Seriously, wow. We've heard the tales of other shows being mistreated by the networks, and we said, "Hey, that'll never happen to our show, because CBS must understand what sort of gem it is they've got their hands one here".

Then last year happened, and we were pissed off at you for letting some of our wonderful writers go. The anger settled, though, because however much we miss them, it was after all better that they were cut loose than Thomas Gibson or one of the other actors - as we suspected for a while. Maybe our outrage and anger settled too fast? Because this.

Oh, wow, what a bonehead move this is, CBS. This is taking your fanbase and screwing them over. The thing this show does best, is developing the characters, and the relationship between them. Cutting AJ and reducing Paget's screen time is just so unreasonable, and makes so little sense. They're both wonderful actresses, and they deserve every cent of their pay checks - and they deserve to keep their pay checks.

This is a douchey and poorly thought-out move, CBS, and I can tell you right now that you're going to regret it, because Criminal Minds won't be Criminal Minds without AJ and Paget, and fans are going to recognize that.

Sigrid from Norway.

Krystal said...

Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows. It does terrific in the ratings and the cast has an awesome cameradie on screen and off. I have been all excited for the September season premiere...and then I read about A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster, and I. Am. PISSED.
CBS? You seriously gotta be kidding, right?
Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is my favorite character on Criminal Minds; she is a rebel and brings so much to the table. Don't cut Paget's screen time. She is awesome; probably one of the most down to Earth actresses of our time.
And what about poor A.J. Cook? Jennifer Jareau is the glue of the BAU, she has a good heart, as does A.J. who portays her.
I love the cast just as it is. Each actor and actress is wonderful. CBS, think about what you are doing and rectify this situation. Otherwise, Criminal Minds is done. I probably will quit watching. I'm not even remotely interested in the spinoff.
I think we as fans should protest, like fans did to save the show Jericho a few years back.
Also CBS, keep in mind that cutting one actress and minimizing screen appearances of another will look bad on your part. Fans and critics will deem this as sexist.
Ok. I've said my piece. Let's hope some good news will come out of this and CBS will come to their senses. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think that CBS are making a huge mistake, taking away 2 strong female character's in arguably one of the best shows on TV and one that produces the ratings!

Limiting any of the female characters roles, will spoil the show with dominating male characters we need that hint of femininity...besides JJ and Emily are awesome!!!

Save money by axing other shows , the spin off anything but getting rid of amazing characters and actresses!

Anonymous said...

This is idiotic. As a guy, I'm not interested in watching a show that only has one woman on it with any regularity. This can't be a money move seeing that the ratings went up this year. I really only care highly about Morgan and Prentiss as characters, and I could honestly care less about Rossi.

Just because the male fans aren't all over the message boards and the net doesn't mean we aren't here.

Also, I've never seen Rossi as a father figure to anyone other than Hotch, and maybe Prentiss. He has an adversarial relationship with Morgan, and doesn't really care about the rest of the team as people.

xenite_tara said...

This is pure sexism. One of the reasons CM has been so great over the years has been because it has portrayed strong females characters, and I don’t mean “muscle girls”, I mean intelligent, working, feminine, deep women.

They equilibrate the team. I am not saying I dislike the boys, I’m saying they have real conversations with each other, not like “I wanna go out with you” conversations but “how are you doing after the case” ones. They cared about each other like brother-sister or father-daughter relations instead of boss-employee or boyfriend-girlfriend ones.

JJ has been a great example for many women, she kept her job and it was her boyfriend the one who had to move and find a knew one.

While Emily gives us the insight of living as an Ambassador daughter, having seen many places and speaking different languages.

They both have interesting pasts (sister’s suicide and abortion) and you can see the way their job affects them: feeling attached to the victims, victims’ families, dating only work-related people, thinking about adopting victim’s orphans, having to cancel the few social events they are able to schedule…

I’ve read in a comment above that they are doing this because us women, want more eye candy. Guess what, we don’t need less girls to enjoy the boys. We need them both.
Boys for the eye candy and girls for the role models. What's more this girls are eye candy too.

Besides the only shippers remaining would be the slash ones (nothing wrong with that, just pointing the obvious), because there wont be any place for femmeslasher (and believe me there are many, overall because of Emily, she pings many gaydars) or straight shippers (we all know of many Hotch/Prentiss shippers that right now are probably really angry) .

Solution: Stop the spin off ( nobody likes it ) and keep the old team.

Lena Freund said...

Hey guys,

In the last 12 or 13 hours, our petition has accrued 1860 signatures. In the last hour or so, we have gone from 1710 to 1860...keep it going!

Hey CBS - that's 150 signatures per hour! 150 gestures of support per hour! Are you listening?

If you haven't signed it, here it is: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?cmwomen

Pass it around, tell your friends!

Anonymous said...

Since the writing for this show has been going downhill, it might be best that these ladies challenge their craft elsewhere.
This is a great disappointment. This show had a great balance of characters and now it is a sausage party as someone has put it.
Either the producers are crappy at managing funds or greedy bastards, but how can a show that gets more viewers than Friends with it's cast members being paid less than the 6 Friend's cast have financial problems. It's not like CM have fewer advertisers on their show.
Well one less show to watch and soon NBC will beat out CBS with all the stupid CBS business moves they have been making.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the need for budget cuts and then start a spin-off! Criminal Minds will not be the same without AJ and Paget. Emily Prentiss showed that she can get out and be as tough as the men in the field and to cut her character seems very sexist! Plus, JJ proves that she can handle a career and a family! If this takes place, I really can't see Criminal Minds making it another season!

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed to learn that CBS is planning to drop A.J. Cook and severely cut back on Paget Brewster's participation in Criminal Minds.

I am a new fan of the series, having caught the last half of one episode in January, then watching the entire episode online the next day. After that, I watched all of the episodes that were online and I was hooked. The program has a wonderful ensemble cast that works together. It just works. Don't mess with it.

I became such a fan after that first online viewing that I bought the first four seasons on DVD and my son and I had marathon viewing sessions. I have already pre-ordered season five. My son, who is out of the Navy and now attending college has decided he would really like to be a profiler, but barring that (as it's such an elite field and difficult to get into), he's heading toward law enforcement as a first step. The program has had that much impact on our lives.

I won't go overboard and say that we'll stop watching the program because of this decision, but I fear for the survival of Criminal Minds if you (CBS) follow through with this course of action. Ergo, I may have to stop watching even though I don't want to.

Please reconsider this.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid idea, to cut these characters. It's a team in the field, unlike the CSIs, and it needs to stay a team. I join the rest in saying I probably won't bother to watch without the full team.

Heidi G said...

The petition's already been linked above- here's the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127853747246708&ref=ts

CBS, if you've managed to get past over 140 comments (kudos to you) and are actually reading this (and hopefully, probably many more after this) - just know that by cutting JJ and Prentiss, you're cutting 2 of the most well-written, independent, strong female characters on TV today, which is actually (surprise!) something that makes it attractive and stand out to viewers.

CM needs its female characters- they emphasize with the family of the victim better and bring a dimension to the show that no male character could. Prentiss and JJ have both proven they can hang with the guys on the field without playing the sex card- what TV show does that nowadays?

I've loved the show from day 1- yes, there have been a couple of cast changes, but never any cast cutting to this extent. Don't fix what ain't broke and mess the balance of the show. You listened to the fans when it came to Rodriguez and CSI: Miami - listen to us NOW!

wendi rollings said...

Someone just posted that Paget would be appearing on both CM and the spin and that AJ had asked for more money than they were willing to pay.

Would you please site your source!!

The news about the latest cast changes were very unsettling last night when I first read it and even more today since I have had time to stew.

Judith said...

I can only agree with what many others have written.
I think the show certainly won't be the same without Paget and AJ and I would miss them terribly. I think they are both wonderful actresses and the show would suffer immensely if they are let go.
I always enjoyed their story lines as well as their interaction with the rest of the cast. I really, really hope it won't come this far.

And how can there be money for a spin-off if there isn't even money for the already-existing show?!

Lena Freund said...

Hey, CBS - 1923 signatures and counting. Are you hearing us?

Anonymous said...

If CBS doesn't mind being a sexist network, I don't mind not watching ANY CBS show again.

These two actresses are great at their jobs and are important components to the the team, this pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

I just read this: UPDATE TUESDAY 11AM: A source close to CBS stressed that the casting changes on Criminal Minds were a creative, not financial decision, and a way to "refresh a veteran drama series." A new regular female cast member will be brought in sometime next season to fill the void that will be left by Cook's departure.


Why mess with a winning combination? All of your fans are outraged at CBS's decision to cut AJ Cook and Paget Brewster!

Joy Thomas said...

I really can't believe this option is actually being considered by CBS.

JJ and Emily are integral characters to Criminal Minds, they balance this male dominated core cast. I would like to know if other options have been considered. What about reducing screen time of Joe and Shemar? And why was a spin-off approved if budgets were reduced on the original series? In any industry this is bad business practice.

On top of all this, how, living in 2010, can a primetime show reduce the % of female leads? One of the strengths of CM is it's ensemble cast... Why, oh why, would you want to change a winning formula? CBS already screwed with CSI and they needed to bring Jorja Fox back to strengthen the show... I just know this will backfire and the show will lose valuable viewers (like me).

CBS- please, please reconsider your decision to cut AJ Cook and reduce screen time of Paget Brewster.

-An English Criminal Minds fan

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Deadline Hollywood just posted that AJ Cook would be replaced by a new female actress mid season.


Anonymous said...

I'm typing this one a phone so ill keep it short, but to consider myself disappointed. would be a massive understatement. Aside from the extremely scary precedent being set by cutting 2 strong female characters at a time when there is a dearth of such on television, this is a huge mistake because of the actors and characters involved. Pager Brewster is an absolute natural, a woman whose embodied one of my favorite characters on tv from little more than a stock piece. Meanwhile, even when given little to work with, AJ Cook continues toground the crew as JJ, and find the humanity in this team a nd the BAU, even as the others become robotic in their persuit of evil. To so drastically change the dynamic of the team and show is treading on very thin ice. The cast is what trancends CM over other likeminded procedurals. Removing or. demoting these women,specifically, will change everything that I and many others have been supporting for years, and we may well choose not to support this new incarnation. Something to think about.

Miss Kitty Fantastico said...

This is a big heaping pile of sexist bull.

You are messing with the formula for a show that you know works for what? To save money for more reality tv? For the CM spin-off? You don't even know if that's going to take off. CM DID take off... now leave it alone.

Unknown said...

Wait, now it's a "creative decision"? Oh please. Didn't we already have the show briefly without AJ and some random fill-in woman? IT WAS NOT THE SAME. I don't want some token chick there to point the boys at the right case - I want actual CHARACTERS that I care about.

No matter what spin they give it, this is a terrible decision.

Lena Freund said...

I watch CM BECAUSE of Paget. Shaft Paget and I will quit watching. No joke.

Also, we're at 1971 signatures now! Keep it coming, people! Let CBS know that we won't support shafting AJ and Paget, especially not in favor of someone new!

Lisa said...

Big Mistake! I prefer Paget Brewster's character over Cook's... however, by the reaction of fans, both will be missed. Both are an integral part of the series. If you want to change things up... add a new character or two (not a spin-off!). Incorporate a new love interest for Hochner. Bring in someone from Rossi's past... SOMETHING else. Not eliminating of reducing air time for Paget and AJ. It's not right.

Anonymous said...

now i'm really angry, creative decision? wtf? did TPTB not see a mess that is her replacement when aj was on maternity leave?
the show ain't gonna be the same without her. keep the petition going ppl

Wendy D said...

It's just sad. They are two wonderful women and actresses! Please change your minds and keep them on full time. Whether it's money or just to mix it up Criminal Minds will loose some of their light and magic if they choose to leave these wonderful women behind.

xenite_tara said...

Now they are trying to "fix" it:
Criminal Minds: There will be a new actress added to the cast mid season http://www.deadline.com/2010/06/cbs-criminal-minds-trims-cast/

Durwen said...

FFS, this is getting ridiculous. It might be a "creative decision" and not financial, but it's still sexist as hell.

So, CBS is not getting AJ fired because of lack of money, they're doing it... Why? To bring in some new eye candy?

And how does CBS's bout of "creativeness" explain Paget's role reduction?

Kirds said...

I don't want a new actress, CBS. This is a load of rubbish. The majority of fans (your viewers) are happy with the cast as they are!

Slap in the face!

Anonymous said...

My day officially SUCKS just like this news…
I love CM and I just can’t believe what I’m reading, but to be truthful, without Paget and A.J. I won’t be watching the show anymore…

Lena Freund said...

Hey, CBS - we are now at 2,013 signatures!

We won't have our favorite ladies shafted or replaced!

Francesca said...

The truth? I love the show, but without A.J. and Paget, I don't think that I'll continue to watch it. No AJ and Paget in season 6 means no more Criminal Minds for me. The spinoff will not work, they are investing too much in my opinion. I really don't believe that the decision is related with the crisis, between CSI and CM CBS is cutting only female characters. After 5 season I can't watch Criminal Minds without JJ and Emily.

Anonymous said...

"Creative" my ass. Money makes the world go round.

Their "creative" impetus to get rid of AJ is to hire a newbie they can pay less money. As for Paget, if they're putting her in the spinoff its just to try to attact viewers over. Which won't work because it's AWFUL. Scrap the spinoff, keep the cast whole, and the show successful.

Remember when House decided to fix what wasn't broken with cast changes in their fourth season? It hasn't been the same since and now averages less that 10 million viewers (and it started out with more than CM currently pulls in). So what do you think will happen to this "veteran" (HA!) show once you f-ck with it??

Pam said...

So, the female cast are interchangeable, is that what CBS "creative" decisions are about?
I'm even more disgusted now.

patricia_23 said...

WHAT THE HELL???? This totally sucks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was mad (especially about JJ) when I thought this was a dumb decision made by network executives for financial reasons. I am 1000x madder now that I find out it was made for "creative" reasons!
BUT maybe this means the petitions have a better chance of working, when the producers figure out that we don't want them to mess with the perfect cast?

BB said...

We don't want a freakin' new actress!!!

Are you kidding me?! You CANNOT replace AJ/JJ.

Unknown said...

Is there a petition? I´ll sing all over it. This is ridiculous.
I´ll keep on watching the show, but I´m trully disappointed with these news. I cant see creativity in cutting members in a cast when the show is a success. Anyway, nothing is official up to now. There's just "I hear this" and "I hear that" and "sources say"...this is the perfect excuse for a made-up bullshit. Maybe they are just spreading it out to test viewer´s reaction. I´m still kinda hoping this is all just gossip. We still gonna have a lot of developments until September. It is too early to affirm anything.

Anonymous said...

Well I can honestly say this is a bad turn of events for CM. I have been watching it from the start, seeing the characters grow and evolve as a group and individually. The whole dynamic will be changed if they drop JJ and Emily. I am not about to say I will stop watching the show as that wouldn't be fair to the remaining crew HOWEVER ... I will NOT be tuning into the spinoff should they carry this action out. Bad decision ... Bad decision.


Marisa Pascual said...

I do sign the petition from here. CBS SUCKS!I don´t think CBS has done this for money, they could have saved a lot of money not greenlighting a ridiculous spinoff that not a CM fan wants to see. I promise not to see a single minute of the spinoff. They should cancel the spinoff, a more than dubious choice, and continue to work with the show that really has an audience, a faithful community. There is a wise saying: IF IT WORKS, DO NOT FIX IT!

I'm shocked, and disgusted, if they didn't want to go on with CM, they had better cancelled it. There is no logical reason to do what they have done, save that the actresses have tried to get a raise, and CBS does not want to spend. Still, I insist: Cancel the spin-off. Does any one really want to watch it? RENEW A.J. AND PAGET FULL TIME!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say, I think that CM fans have been incredibly blindsided by this stupid decision. Seriously CBS, why? Based off of many comments I've read on here and other sites, the character of JJ is widely considered to be the heart of the team. Prentiss has been a brilliant addition to the team, and without these two ladies, the show's dynamics will change. If dropping AJ is for "creative reasons", you'd darn well better provide the best character on primetime TV to step into her shoes. If dropping AJ and cutting Paget are for "financial reasons", one suggestion: cut the spinoff? I was going to give it a chance, but if it comes at the expense of members of the greatest cast on TV, I won't watch.

CBS, we've been on the rocks with each other since you dropped Moonlight (STILL mad about that... stupid decision). Don't make another crucial error by letting these two ladies go.

Unknown said...

Not happy CBS with the decision to fire AJ Cook, reduce the number of episodes Paget Brewster can appear in because you want to add a new female cast member and be 'creative'. These characters and actresses are not interchangeable nor expendable. I am really angry with you right now CBS. Weathering the upheaval of cast changes because actors decided to leave is not the same as forcing cast members to leave or take a back seat! So not cool.

khalid said...


Lets translate the latest info!

We want someone cheaper than AJ and we don't care about the quality of the show.

That is what this sounds like to me. It was horrible when she was out on maternity leave and we had a "replacement" aka "another actress."

Lena Freund said...

I asked Paul F Tompkins to sign our petition....and he did!!!!!!!!!

2,111 signatures and counting!

Ele said...

I do not understand this decision at all. Why mess with a perfect cast????They seem to really care for each other and that translates into the screen, they all have good chemistry with each other...I watch CM because of the team and the sense of family that they transmit..why change this????I love AJ and Paget´s characters, it will not be the same without them or less of them...hope CBS reconsiders, we do not want someone new!!!!
BTW I was willing to give the spin off a chance....now FORGET IT.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're replacing AJ, I love JJ's charcater and AJ Cook as an actress, I get that some people say she's not a profiler and didn't have much screentime or storyline for while but what she was given was great and I was really looking forward to more JJ development especially in her scenes with Hotch.

I'm saddened that they're replacig her, before the season wrapped up it seemed as though all the actors thought they were all coming back but the way in which CBS has dropped AJ only for her to be replaced by someone else is harsh and uncalled for. It's simply a slap in the face for all us JJ fans and for AJ and rest of the cast which makes them seem dispensible which in our opinion they're not. They've become a family and when one of them isn't present the team doesn't seem right, just look at when AJ went on maternity leave or when half way through this season before 100, when it seemed to be two diiferent teams.

The CM team have been through a lot behind the scenes with all the sudden changes, Lola and Patinkin leaving, AJ's pregnancy, the freak injuries and the writers strike and the only reason this show continued to improve was becase of fan's support and the cast and crew stepping up. The way in which AJ and Paget are being treat is callous.

I hope someone had the decancy to be truthful to the two female actress about their departure and cut back, the whole cast and crew always seem to be genuine and happy together, the news of AJ being cut is awful and the the fans and AJ and her family deserve more.

I know everytime there is sudden changes n the show people say they'l stop watching and the show it'll never be the same but seriously they're getting rid of the one person on the team that is the most believable and relatable. I can't belive there is no other way arouns this.

I hope AJ gets a great send off worthy of her as an actress and not just JJ going to spend more time wth her family. I haven't mentioned Paget yet because it says things are still under negotiation but the the people in charge have serious making up to do not just to AJ and Paget but to all those fans who have been watching for six years and have done so for the talents all of the the seven members of the cast especially, AJ Cook.

Michaela said...

So, let me get this straight, you are getting rid of two actresses people obviously like and want and replacing them with someone else? WAY TO GO CBS. RUIN THE SHOW!

Sabrina said...

2103 signatures and I am one of them!! Please hear us now!! Listen to the fans because if you don't you might lose the show in general!!!!! PLEASE HEAR US CBS!! A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster do not deserve this!!!!

claire said...

Betcha AJ could have been plenty -creative- if she had actually been given more than a few token lines every few episodes. She is a stellar actress that just got smacked down by a corporation that knows nothing about loyalty or fan appreciation. It is ALL about the money and I don't believe they would ever have pulled this crap on Joe, Thomas, Shemar or Matthew. It pays to have a penis in Hollywood.

vdo vault said...

"Translation: new female cast member under contract costs less than 2 experienced proven cast members no longer under full contract. That'a all.

Wonder what Les Moonves is going to buy himself with the $ he thinks he's saving?"

Antoinette said...


This is ridiculous, JJ is one of my FAVOURITES.
Cutting costs really?
How about you scrap the shit that it is going to be the spin off?!
Pissed beyond belief

cindy parks said...

what the heck are they thinking, AJ and Paget are the best, they cant find any better, please dont mess with perfection! We want our girls on our favorite show, it wont be the same without them!

Thays said...

I`ll stop watching as I stopped watching House... simple as that..,
They don`t care a little to fans and people that watch this... I can`t believe they`re gonna do that... it`s the stupidest thing I`ve heard.... but apparently hollywood producers don`t care about fans or watchers think or want...i hope everyone stop watching...

RMF said...

Damn, this hurts.

The core audience of CM is women, and CBS just delivered us a giant FY. And for what? To fund a spinoff widely dismissed as a piece of ****?

CM has done CBS proud. The writers and cast have worked hard to build a quality program involving a difficult subject, and their efforts have produced a solid performer that's consistently among the top ten of television dramas. Their reward is apparently to have both writing and acting staff gutted in favor of new shows that probably will tank inside of six weeks.

I love the male characters on the show. But they're not the only ones who are important. Emily Prentiss represented those of us who were too smart, too blunt, and too strong and looking for a place where those traits weren't seen as a handicap. I guess this wasn't it.

chloe said...

No AJ, No Paget, No Me!

Tzipora Kaplan said...


I'm a huge fan of the female characters on this show, and I'll be so very sad when Season 6 rolls around and there's no JJ (and reduced Prentiss? How's that going to work? Are you going to give her cancer, TV execs? And if you were, please don't.)

To everyone else: We don't know what goes on in the backrooms, everyone. Who knows who really wanted what and what was really talked about. Either one of them could have booked a movie and/or isn't available for a full shooting schedule.

To the network: If the decision was really 'creative' in the sense that the female characters have stagnated and aren't growing in a way that increases viewership, then neither are the men. None of these characters have changed in any significant personal way in at least a season, if not more (and I don't count Hotch losing Haley, because essentially the character is just the same as he's always been; what was an opportunity for great personal change disappeared almost instantly in the episodes following). So if none of the characters have changed significantly, then I can only attribute this suspicious cutting back of two main female characters as your attempt to 'sex up' the show. IE: bring on some hot new gal in skimpier FBI clothing to boost your male viewership.

To this I say: silliness. You had incredibly strong ratings without 'sexing up' the show. Now you're alienating a good portion of your viewers for a possible, but probably minor bump in ratings?

I sincerely hope this is not the case. However, if it is, this new character better be made of magic, cuz it's going to take alot of it to get the viewers on her side. No one likes the new kid the bosses bring in after firing office favorites.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching CM since the very beginning, and while I love the guys, it is so nice to see such strong, independent women on a network show. These women are just as smart and tough as any of the guys and there is no reason what so ever to take them away. I will not be watching the new spin off series, even though I did like the episode. I sincerely hope that CBS reconsiders their actions. I fear you will lose many strong, smart, independent women!

Gary said...

I look at it a little differently.
AJ will soon be free to get a LEAD role somewhere else.
even if they reversed their decision,
they wouldnt pay her the same.
I know it looks like sexism,But chances are both Paget and AJ were up for renewal .
and the others are locked in their contacts.

Unknown said...

Didn't we hear noises about a new recurring female cast member a little while ago on the Fanatic Blog? I don't think it has anything to do with filling AJ Cook's shoes. I think they were going to have her well before all this happened. I think CBS doesn't like our reaction & are trying to squash the theories about saving money or them being sexist & mollify us with nonsense about 'creative reasons'. Hah! You want to be creative CBS? Try making full use of the characters and talent of the actresses you already have before you can them or cut back their roles.

JamieDyan said...

I have to say when I heard CBS let go of AJ Cook, and are probably cutting back Paget Brewster's hours…it made me sick to my stomach.

What century are we in? Where women have no rights and get treated like they don’t matter? This is such a blatantly sexist move...I can't even comprehend any other way to put it than pure and simple discrimination. CBS is showing a very dangerous trend that needs to be stopped.

I don't understand CBS thinking a cast with only one woman will work. I'm not putting down Kirsten...she is completely remarkable. However, it will not work without the chemistry that AJ and Paget provide. CBS has ruined a top 10 show.

My other problem with this decision, is how much CBS is paying Charlie Sheen per episode for Two and a Half Men. With his continuous problems, lousy attitude, and horrible acting, they beg him to come back…bribing him with ridiculous amounts of money per episode. And yet, they let go of AJ and cut back Paget? They are two incredible actors that work hard, are so genuine, and do such an incredible job to help put out one of the BEST shows on television. I don't understand this. Ditch Charlie Sheen and the CM Spinoff that there is no chance in hell I'd watch (yet another man filled cast), and keep the actors that work hard, do a great job, and give CBS hit after hit show.

There is one other issue that really bothers me and I think needs to be addressed about this decision with AJ being cut and Paget’s screen time being reduced. AJ and Paget portray very strong women that are intelligent, compassionate, driven, with very high goals. The younger female generation looks up to these characters and they start to believe they can be like that. This helps improve their self-confidence and self-worth, which can lead to setting goals to go to college and graduate. They may even want to go to work as a Crime Scene Investigator or even the strive to work for the FBI. CBS please think long and hard about what you’re doing. Removing these female characters does not affect just the show.

CBS, you still have me for viewership of NCIS but that's it. I will not watch any other CBS shows. What was done was a tacky, tasteless move. Not that you seem to care, but you should be ashamed of what you did.

~Jamie Hayes

Anonymous said...

They can say whatever they want but it is always about the money and they are always cheap. I am going to call CBS several times a day to complain. I love CM and it won't be the same show with the ladies.

Anonymous said...

CBS has lots their minds... Paget and AJ's characters are awsome. I love the fact that they are strong women and feminine as well. I mean "JJ" is the one who keeps things organized and ready for the team. And "Emily" is a key member of the team. I cannot believe they are doing this. I love all of the characters and will continue to watch the show but I don't think it will have the same chemistry.

Kirsten said...

Absolute crap! Didn't you idiots (and that is the kindest word I can find right now) learn anything from last year??? But now you've made it completely sexist. As a female viewer, having no main female influence is completely unacceptable in this, the 21st century! Look at those 'other' shows, the inferior CSI's... EACH of them has a STRONG female presence! Creative differences, my ass. Who the *** believes that line? You are patronizing the fans YET again and expecting them to hang around??? Think again. We told you we want our CURRENT team, we told you we don't want a spinoff. You've ignored both. Well, ignore the petitions and blog posts at your peril. CBS is no longer a station I wish to support.

Anonymous said...

Poster on another site shared this phone number for CBS

212 975 3247

said they actually spoke to a person. I'm about to call.

If they don't take emails and petitions seriously maybe angry phonecalls will work.

Anonymous said...

JJ and Prentiss are amazing characters. AJ and Paget deserve to be on the show. I will not watch Criminal Minds if they are not signed FULL TIME.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I finally find a show with likeable, strong female characters, and CBS screws it up. JJ and Emily are integral parts of the team dynamic. What is CBS thinking?

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