Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Solitary Man" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware of spoilers! ***

**** Quotes and Song info will be posted as soon as the episode airs on the east coast***


gubegirl said...

Whoo-hoo - another new epi - something to look forward to - I love it!

Everybody have a good day, esp you, Paget, and I hope you, Matthew had a great one yesterday; despite the fact that you were prob'ly both working, I'm sure you made lots of fun out of it. I would love to be a fly on the wall of theset because I get the impression you guys have a great time working together and enjoy each other's company!

And we love talking to/about you guys - talk later after we get our CM fix!

Sofie said...

Here we have solitary man who is a truck driver, kidnapping women because he is looking for a wife. This one looks very interesting has for the case, even if it’s so sad to see that much sickness. Seem this episode will be very dark and the fact that children are involved makes it more dreadful.

Prentiss and JJ seem to be at forefront in this one so the ladies might bring balance to the dark aspect of that story.

This one is the last new episode for a while so I will be savouring it...

Sarah said...

This looks like it's going tp be a very good episode. I can't wait to see it!

Walburga Benker said...

Can´t wait!! whoo-hoo

Jenny G said...

I really like this one! Ending was sad which I have come to expect but I really loved it! Especially Reid in the ditch too adorable!

BB said...

This was a good episode! Nicely paced, and great screentime for all of the team members.

I loved when Prentiss and JJ went to go 'play' with the little girl. Aww! Just the interaction between the girl and them in general was real cute, especially with Em!

Morgan ftw. That is all.

Rossi and Reid scene with the ditch! Hahahaha! Ross-man, don't be a meanie to the Genius. =P

The ending...confused me? As in why it was necessary.. I thought Prentiss talking about that case in the plane at the end was enough.. I don't know. *shrug*

Great episode though!
P.S.- Why did JJ say to stay tuned for clips for their new episode, when it's all lies?! There won't be one for the next 3 weeks, right? JJ-fail. D=

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. It's been a while and I don't track the creative talent but 3/10/2010 episode felt like a new director. Does anyone else feel like something was different and not as tight?

Sofie said...

First I cannot go on without bringing the scene with Rossi & Reid. It is something that we don’t see often in CM. I thought it was well thought since CM can be so dark.

It was a good episode, creepy without the strange side. An unsub episode but with the team at the forefront all together, no one coming out in particular. It was awesome seeing them profiling this case.

Seeing that unsub whole story makes it sad and hard to hate the guy in a way. Losing is wife first and losing his daughter because he couldn’t take care of her made me have pity for him at some point. I felt for the daughter who at the end lost his dad.

Having Prentiss looking after the teenager and the little girl made me think that maybe she sees some of herself in them and that give her a toll to help children in those circumstances. She just needs her own life experience to help those young people.

JJ seemed a little worried at some moments but I’m sure it is a normal reaction; she has had that side of her since the beginning of CM and doesn’t have necessarily have anything with motherhood. She is still so efficient in her job and showed it again in this episode.

I noticed that Rossi was a little testy with Reid. Twice he “questioned” him in a cynical way. But I have to say that when he says “that is a first”, it made me laugh. The profiling scene was, aside from the “ditch” part very well done. I liked it. Lately I noticed that we get a lot of Rossi/Reid teaming.

Rossi, Hotch and Morgan profiling skills were so well shown. The different teaming, Rossi/Reid – Prentiss/Morgan, etc... It made everyone shine with their own special skills.

It found interesting the idea of the king and queen with the princess link to the unsub story.

The story itself was very good without being too complicated. Well written. Lot’s of sadness and cynics but it showed what some of life’s reality are sometimes... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Another great epi!

Loved the casting...

Connie said...

Interesting episode.

I loved the scene with Rossi and Reid. A little sense of fun. We haven't had that in a while. I also liked the banter between Morgan and Garcia in this episode.

The story itself was just sad for me again. Prentiss questioning whether or not things balance out with Morgan was a nice touch. We've had similar types of conversations between Morgan/Prentiss and Rossi/Prentiss before. I think it works well.

The only thing I had a hard time with was the slow motion use during the suicide scene. I understand why it was used. Something like that would have happened very quickly. I don't know how else it could have been staged. It just seems shows have been over-using that particular dramatic directing device lately (imo).

Debbie said...

An excellent episode. The guest stars did a great job - especially the little girl.

And what a plot concept! Very creative and creepy. CM does a good job of (occasionally) making us feel sorry for the unsub, and this was one of those cases.

The interaction between Rossi and Reid was great. I liked seeing Morgan's strength and leadership.

Congratulations to everyone on a great episode.

Anonymous said...

This was a well-written, well-paced balanced episode. I enjoyed it very much. The cast had a good balance of dialogue, although I never think there is enough Hotch. Great episode!

Sarah said...

I thought this episode was good. I enjoyed the different case, the teamwork.

I really liked the case, and how it was about a king, queen and princess. It's a different way of getting across to the audience and it was enjoyable to understand what the unsub was ultimately trying to do. How he did it now, that's another question. Why strangled them? Why leave them in those positions? We didn't find those answers like we usually would, but it didn't seem to matter that much. The unsub killing himself was a surprise to me, but I'd rather that then the predictable 'they're going to take him in'. Nice changes.

One thing I was kinda iffy about was the last scene with Morgan. First, him calling her Prentiss was a little weird to me. I mean, their supposed to be friends right? And, like Spenforthewin said, I thought she was thinking about adopting that child again. It seems like a repeat of 'children of the dark', or at least how they did it, with the 'aunt' showing up at the last minute. It just seemed a little redundant to me. It would have been interesting if they had just left it at hre thinking about the child, with the 'what if' in the air. Could have been another story arc for Season 6 but oh well.

I didn't mind Prentiss 'babysitting' the little girl. It probably was something like the draw of a short straw between her and JJ. The children would probably be more comfortable with a women instead of a man.

And the scene between Reid and Rossi? I loved it! The comedy was played perfectly, but I have to say, did Joe dye his hair darker? If he did, I want the grey back (what can I say, I have a thing for grey hair on a man lol ).

Over all, I liked the episode

Brigitte said...

It was a solid episode. Creepy without being strange. The dad was such a nice guy with his daughter but once he had to deal the mess that his life was now he just lost it and that monster came out. A recurring theme on CM, what it takes to make people go from nice decent people to monsters.

Pretty good acting from everyone. That little girl was pretty good.

Loved the scene with Reid and Rossi. Really Dave could have waited for poor Spencer.

Only complain was not much Hotch, again.

For a first episode Kim harrison and Ryan gibson did pretty, I hope they will write more for CM!


Anonymous said...

Excellent episode, loved it, storyline was excellent, and definitely had the edge of the seat CM quality, I had knots in my stomach for most of the episode in anticipation of what would happen next, certainly a tension filed episode.

Rossi & Reid were hilarious at the ditch, had me cackling with laughter … a gem of a scene, team interaction was great, profiling was very well done, loved the plane scene with Prentiss & Morgan. For the first time in a long time I noticed that everyone aside from JJ were not on the plane in the end scene, usually the pan out shows everyone doing whatever they are doing ... just something I noticed.

The construction of the storyline was excellent, woven in with the king, queen and princess storyline, I thought the little girl’s drawings were a little morbid but the obvious impact and understanding and parallel that it brought to the story was definitely well done, linked well with the story.

I must say I was relieved to see Prentiss walk out that door when Jodi got off the bus and the interaction between, JJ, Prentiss and Jodi was very well done.

I didn’t see the suicide coming until Jodi uttered the words ‘are you going to the better place’ the sheer devastation on Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss & Morgan’s faces was so sad to see.

Certainly not something that I would ever do but what I got from that last scene was a clear message to anyone never to hitch hike, that together with Paget’s summation that there are probably half a dozen serial killers driving around right now …
…. and I hope the good and the bad even out too.

gubegirl said...

Not nearly as sad an episode as last week - glad that there were no children tortured or killed. I think the younger, prostitute victims were posed in the fetal position because the unsub perceived them to be inexperienced (almost kids themselves) at being a mother and he was trying to find a replacement for his own wife and parenting-type experience was part of his criteria. Looks were only the beginning - if they couldn't pass his Q & A test, he killed them.

The little girl was so cute and very endearing and I felt for her; it seemed her relationship with her dad was a good one. He was def a case of dire & tragic circumstances making a good person go bad - really bad.

Morgan again giving orders? (to the local cop, I mean.) This is becoming a pattern and maybe a carry-over from his temp unit chief days? Seems to be OK with Hotch, who seemed like a token player last nite.

Reid and Rossi scene at beginning was really good: so nice to have a few lite moments in this very intense show and reminds us our guys are truly human and can demonstrate a sense of humor upon occasion!

Prentiss and JJ's womanly instincts kick-in at times like this; I don't think it's about JJ being a mother now or Prentiss wanting to be one - it's just the natural manner of being a woman and I like to see it. I would be doing the same type of things.

Garcia's red hair is growing on me - looked esp good last nite. Reid has had a trim, BTW, not looking quite so shaggy and Morgan continues to be gorgeous. But I think sometimes those good looks belie his superb acting skills, i.e. when he was running to the truck to try to prevent the unsub from killing himself. That look of despair on his face is one we have seen before and only Morgan can pull that off.

I also enjoy the Prentiss/Morgan moments on the plane, just as I used to Reid and Gideon. There is quite a kinship there, almost like a brother/sister one; true caring among colleagues.

OK, that's all for now. I liked it, it was satisfying, but I won't go back to watch it least not until we are into re-runs, anyway...

Vali said...

Appreciated to see more of Rossi. I like when the seasoned Rossi "takes on" the youngster Reid. Thank you for including some humor and putting them both in a ditch. :D I would have liked to see Hotch joining them. The man needs some lighter scenes.

maxine said...

There was a lot of desperation in that episode. To see a father turn bad because he wants to be with his daughter makes it so sad. It is one of those episodes that you cannot help but feel for the killer.

But there were also positive moments like Rossi and Reid at the beginning. It made me laugh so much. Whish there would be more of Rossi’s funny/sarcastic side on CM. The way Prentiss took care of the teenager and the daughter showed so much light in the darkness of this episode.

RMF said...

Well, Rossi was in a mood this week. LOL

I like to see the abrasive side of Rossi. It's just plain entertaining, and the scene with Reid recalls his refusal a couple of seasons ago to indulge Morgan's vulnerability about men of the cloth. It's a little throwback to the macho culture of the old BAU he evolved with. But as character moments go, this was pretty much it, and that gave this otherwise good episode a kind of generic feel.

The unsub in this case rewrites his hunting spree into a romantic fairy tale for his daughter, one of the worst cases of self-delusion I think we've ever seen on the show. Anyone who has ever taken a long road trip has felt the anonymity of truck stops and roadside diners, and there's a nice tie-in between the real-world peril and the status of the crossroads as a special place of danger in mythology. It's just that the "King" is also the ravening monster lying in wait. I think the Brothers Grimm could have worked that one.

I didn't quite buy the depiction of the unsub himself. He seemed like two different people, and not in a dissociative disorder kind of way. He was cold and creepy dealing with his victims, but warm and sympathetic with his daughter. The two didn't mesh, unlike, for instance, Mitch Pileggi's Norman, who even in his schlubby stage carried an undercurrent of rage that sold his eventual psychotic break, or Adam with his MPD. It was hard to believe that a man who would treat women in such a cold and controlling way would not let it leak into his family life. Yet, we're told that his daughter was taken away only because of neglect. A man who lost his wife, home, and daughter in short order might develop a whopper of a drinking problem, but not progress to serial killing unless he'd been seriously nuts before.

The ending was a little confusing, too. The episode once again gave us minimal Hotch and Rossi, which might not have been such an issue if it hadn't left us with two premier hostage negotiators standing around while the little girl was on the radio. I doubt that in real life an eight-year-old would have been exposed to that. What if the father had shot himself or the woman while she was listening?

Shadow said...

Not a spectacular episode, but I really enjoyed this one. It felt like a good old CM episode: Focused on the case, equal attention for all team members, no personal drama - just the way I like my episodes.

I also enjoyed the slow pace of this one and that it was dark without being creepy for a change. A serial killer story being told as a fairy tale feels strange and somehow fitting, but it was also a bit weird since last week we already had Hansel and Gretel and this week we had kings, queens and princesses. Two fairy tale episodes in a row surprised me, but it’s okay with me and this one had a nice twist at the end - so no happy ending to all fairy tales: There are more monsters than knights in shiny armor; evil outnumbers the victories. Why doesn’t this message surprise me? It strongly reminds me of another CM episode that used a quote saying that fairy tales don’t tell children that monsters exist, because children already know that but that the core of fairy tales is that monsters can be beaten, while in real life they win (or something along those lines). I like it when CM relates to these recurring themes.

The comparison of Hell’s Angels with courting habits at King Arthur’s court was funny as was the scene with Reid and Rossi at the ditch. While it’s pretty unbelievable to me, that Rossi would care about getting dirty, I found his attitude and Reid’s whining pretty hilarious. And Reid is a real magician because he pulled a geographical profile out of thin air. It totally escaped me how he could come up with this except he had worked it out before the meeting, but then it should have been mentioned. He may be a genius, but even he needs to put some time and work into something like this usually.

Garcia irritated me a bit this week. She was very short-spoken and seemed stressed without a reason to me - so not her usual friendly and chatty self. What was that about?

The scene with Prentiss and JJ ‘playing’ with the little girl was very sweet, but the image of women that’s being conveyed by CM lately is really starting to bother me. You know that women can be more than just mothers and nursemaids, don’t you? And I bet Prentiss on the plane was once again thinking about adopting the little girl victim...

The scene at the restroom had a pretty high Ewh!-factor, but I really like the abducted mom and also the foster mom. They both looked like ‘real’ women with not-so-perfect bodies and were very likeable characters.

While the little girl was a cutie, something about her creeped me out as well. When I imagine her 10-15 years from now, I wonder how she will turn out. She seemed to understand pretty well that her father was the king and what he was doing to this women and I wonder if her question if he will now “go to the better place” was really all that innocent like it seemed at first sight. I have a feeling she will turn out a majorly disturbed woman. But when that time is reached, the BAU will be there to catch her.

This episode has the potential to become a classic for me. Not really a favorite but one that I can watch over and over again when I need to relax without being drawn into the story too deeply or feeling creeped out. Nice work!

K said...

Really well done episode! I guess I have the same feelings as the rest of CM fanatics - scene between Rossi & Reid was hilarious. Little bit missing of Garcia and I'd rather Hotch to be 'main-boss' of BAU team instead of Derek (btw., in my opinion he looks like an idiot with that ugly thing on his face).

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, the second half of the season is much stronger than the first half. Liked the Reid / Rossi scene and would like to see more of that -- all elements -- more Rossi; more Reid; more Reid and Rossi together; more humour.

Also liked having another take on the Arthurian myth.

Garcia's blood-red hair is kind of appropriate to the CM work, as was Morgan's new name for her ('Red') in this story-tale plot.

Helen said...

Wow, great episode. I've been really happy with all the most recent episodes. The scene between Reid and Rossi was priceless - we need more of them! This show is serious, and about heavy subject matter, but the team is like family, and they spend so much time together. I think these scenes are perfect to lighten the mood and reinforce the wonderful relationships between the characters.

One thing I've been thinking, the scene between Rossi and Reid was even more interesting because it was such a stark contrast from the relationship of Gideon and Reid! I like that. :)

The case was great. I loved the creepiness of the father's fairy tale stories to his daughter overlapping the kidnappings of each woman. Brilliant.

Being a Hotch Sister, I very much liked, appreciated, the close-up on Hotch's face after the father commits suicide. It's been a while since Hotch has been the face the camera goes to after a case concludes; good to see it again.

Though I'm leery of the spin-off (very leery), I'm still looking forward to the return of our team in episode 18. Can't come soon enough!

One thing I do dislike a bit is, as other's have mentioned elsewhere, the focus on the unsubs that seems to be more of a norm. I think there was a better balance of team and unsub in earlier seasons, so for me a return to that would be better.

Also, I wish we had more profiling! Recently there was a case, I can't remember which one, where I'm fairly certain they never created or gave a profile! It really bothered me.

And, I'd really like a return to more basic serial killers. Again, this sort of harkens back to the earlier seasons - I don't like the more... far-fetched?... stories where there is an elaborate kidnapping and period of holding the victim. Like in "Mosley Lane", which I really liked as an episode (and Matthew did an amazing job at directing, and the children at acting), but still felt fantastic compared to an episode like "Public Enemy" which felt more like a regular "Criminal Minds" episode. It's hard to explain...

All in all I do adore this seasons; the Foyet episodes were brilliant and hardhitting, especially as I'm a Hotch fan, but the majority of stand-alone episodes of the season have also captured my interest and been really good episodes. So, great job, Criminal Minds!

M@rK1ll said...

Great ep! I loved the Reid Rossi moment.

Michelle said...

A decent case but more disappointment overall. The second half of the season blows. Too much unsub, not enough team and for sure not enough Hotch. I get that you need to get the other characters involved after 100, but pushing your lead character to the point of being invisible is dumb. And where's all the follow up? Where's Tamara? How is Hotch coping? And Jack? I used to really look forward to Wednesdays, now I'm just sad. Bring back Hotch and more Rossi too.

Dawn said...

Took me a while before posting because I really didn't have much to say about the episode.

'Solitary Man' was an okay episode. Had a funny scene with Reid and Rossi. Way too much on the unsub. again, just like 'Parasite'.

Agree with Michelle. Since '100' too much of the unsubs almost nothing on the team. Hotch, Rossi and Reid are almost non existant.

Count this fan as dissapointed with the second half of season5. I hope the remaining episodes focus more on the characters. I wanna see more of Hotch in particular.


Diane said...

okay, just watched the episode on DVR,I have to ask; what happen to my show? Why do we get so many episodes now about the unsubs? Sure I love when we get into the criminal minds BUT I like when the team does it not when I am told from the unsubs point of view!

CM is about people profiling serial killers. Notice the word profiling. Since when CM is about the life of the serial killers?

That episode was not a total bust. The scene with Prentiss turning the little girl away from the window before her dad, predically, would blow his head off, was good. Nice to see that Hotch and Prentiss would strap their guns on their back in the presence of that little girl.

LOVED the scene with Reid and Rossi. Rossi in snarky mood is SO entertaining! BTW someone, anyone, get Matthew to do something with his hair. It is getting ridiculous.

Speaking of Matthew, what with 'the Reid dissapearing act after 30 minutes'?

Oh and what about Hotch, why is he so in the background? He is your lead character and he gets next to nothing to do. I'm not please about this.

I hope this episode is not a sign of things to come with the spin off, writers too busy working on the spin off to write good episode for Criminal Minds. Please writers, I know you must all be excited about the new show but remember that the spin off is possible only because of we watch Criminal Minds. If you do not listen to the fans complain, they will stop watching.


Katniss said...

This episode was ok. I thought it didn't really fit together as well as older episodes did. I think the whole 5th season is not as good as the 4th season, although I liked last week's episode quite a bit.

I am DYING to know what is happening with Tamara and Morgan. It's so up in the air, it's annoying.

sammy said...

I liked this episode . There was a lot great profiling from the beginning `til the end. Every team member had something to add to solve the case, specially Morgan ,Rossi and Hotch. It was great to watch Morgan figuring out for what the unsub abducted the women . And I liked how the camera stayed on Hotch when he added the final detail to the profile , that the unsub wasn`t just looking for a companion but for a mother for his child.

This episode felt more like a traditional Criminal Minds episode than last weeks. It had great teamwork , great profiling and the unsub wasn`t too overdone creepy as last weeks.

But they should stop the slow-motion scenes , specially at the end of the episodes . There were too many already this season.

K said...

@sammy : totally agree! Especially with the slow-motion scenes. Being honest, I found the last scene of Solitary Man with 'king' ridiculous because of this. It should be heart breaking, but my only react was "really?".

Michelle said...

I thought the episode was ok. I do miss the group interactions but enjoyed the Reid/Rossi little bit.

I couldn't figure out why the episodes lately have felt a little off. But I think everyone else here is correct, there has been a lot of focus on the unsub.


babruin said...

I felt that this episode was too formulaic again and was bored.
Once again, the team follows an knownsub around and in the last ten minutes, Garcia pulls an instant analysis and pops up the perfect intel to catch him at the last minute. Seen that, been there. No twists, no exciting action. Hope all the good writing aren't being diverted to the spin-off because this doesn't bode well.
I was annoyed that Reid is again written without any regard to his genius mind. In the past, even if he didn't have enough info to profile on that specific unsub, he always was quick with the theories and similiar case precedents.
Now all we get is cute comic relief. And I was glad he didn't accidently trip going down a loose dirt embankment where unstable dirt could cause him to lose his balance and torque his knee.
Yikes,I was cringing the entire time! Please don't do that again!