Thursday, October 08, 2009


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Reckoner" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

The BAU investigates a case in Rossi's hometown that involves both his personal and professional life.

**Beware of spoilers in the comment**

*** Quote and song info will be posted immediately following the airing of the episode on the east coast***


morti_addams said...

can't wait for the ep

callie said...

Yeah it is Wed.

HardKOrr said...

Yeah, it's finally Wednesday. So glad to have new episodes of CM to look forward to again.

sharon said...

This looks like it is going to be a great episode!

Anonymous said...

Great, it looks like a Rossi episode! I love every last whisker of him. But it also looks like the rest of the team will be involved in the action, and that's terrific because the episodes that spread the interest between the characters have much more resonance. We've not quite had that in the first two episodes sp maybe the season will really get started tonight!!

Maja Flaathe said...

Won't be able to see this before tomorrow.
Gah, I love having CM back.

Sofie said...

This episode is a NOT TO BE MISS! Rossi is a fascinating character that I love, my favorite, and getting more info on him will help us understand more about him and is way of doing certain things in is professionnal life and is personal one (for the little we know about). I WONT MISS THAT ONE FOR SURE!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see this ep!! the promo looked awesome!

Brigitte said...

can't wait to be sitting in front my tv and watch some new CM! Glad this will be a Rossi's episode too!


Chiara said...

I love the wednesday night... can't wait 4 this ep!

gubegirl said...

Looks like we're going to get some back-story on Rossi and I can hardly wait. Learning about our fave characters prev. lives makes me feel closer to them - like getting to know them better and we know little about Rossi other than he has been married unsuccessfully sev. times.

Anyone know if Matthew is going to be missing in a few epis because of his leg? I understand he needed a second surgery (in real life!) in Sept and that maybe there will someone standing in as a temp while he is out. Any truth to that? Thanks!

(I will miss my baby Reid if that's the case and may have to focus more on the other handsome men in this one as loveable as Reid, tho:)

Deirdre said...

Can't wait for this episode. It'll be nice to learn more about Rosssi and from the promo it looks like there could be a good bit of JJ aswell :)

Laura_G said...

Can't wait to see tonight's episode. I LOVE Wednesdays!

Sonja/BlueCurl said...

can't wait until it airs here overseas! :) I am really wondering how Rossi will deal with his work and personal life :)

Vali said...

Sounds like another winner! Rossi is a great character and I'm looking forward to learning more about him.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to rossi and really hoping there will be some JJ in there!! Love JJ!!

Anonymous said...

ooh me too, on the JJ front!! will have to wait and see! I hope there is a JJ episode in this season!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope there's some Morgan in this episode cause Rossi and Hotch don't do a thing for me.

Anonymous said...

Garcia and Reid = Fun!

DianeDJ said...

Awesome episode!!! I loved this VERY much.

Everyone got equal time, and I liked how they showed JJ thinking about the events and Emily comforting her.

And I LOVED the pep talk between Hotch and Rossi!

And my favorite scenes were soo with Garcia and Reid.

And I how when Morgan and the therapist were talking and Morgan made that comment(forgot the actual line) and it obvious imo that he was referring to his childhood.

Ay! Just STOKED!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the episode. I am little biased because I am from Commack...Born and Raised (23 years).

Anonymous said...

Yay for Bill Sadler! Too bad they had to whack him.

mellysmelba said...

Another great episode!!! Was there a preview for the next episode? I did not see one.

Tracy said...

Funny how there are different takes on scenes from different people - I hated the talk with Rossi and Hotch - I pray this is not foreshadowing for Hotch to leave the BAU and TG to leave CM.

Other that that I thought the episode was great and I do love character centered episodes and Rossi was great in this one.

mellysmelba said...

Tracy: Good point about Hotch leaving BAU and TG leaving CM. I was wondering.

Anonymous said...

sorry but who got shot in the end? i missed some of it? unforunately it sure sounds like hotch might leave.

Unknown said...

AWESOME episode!!!

Rossi has more depth than I previously thought. Brilliantly put together and acted my the whole team:) Poor JJ getting the blood spatter all over her! Loved the banter between Reid and Garcia....I love those moments, it seems like we rarely get those light moments anymore!

Hotch seemed more calm on on his game tonight. It broke my heart when he was watching Jack on the computer....Tear!!! I DID NOT like Rossi's chat with Hotch.....Hotch should not have to choose between the job he loves and his family that he loves. Hotch gave everything he had into Haley and Jack and still was Haley that left him! I believe he deserves better and he can find another ray of light in his life that understands him and appreciates the brilliant man he is. He has Jack, who is his complete light! I don't think Rossi's talk was the best.

LOVED the epi though......I want more!!!

Great job!


Kirsten said...

A really good team episode! Great job CM cast & crew!

So many awesome moments: Garcia & Reid, Prentiss & JJ and Hotch & Rossi. The latter conversation was so intense yet moving. I'm loving all the 'father-son' moments with these two men, and perfectly portrayed by TG & JM.

The episode had good pace, interesting case and cool backstory for Rossi. The season is firing on all cylinders so far, can't wait for next week.

Sofie said...

... somehow... I can't find any words that summun how I feel about this episode and how great it was... in all the seasons from 3 to today, this one is the only one I will ever cherish that much. JOE WAS IMPACCABLE. Overwhelming episode.Finding out all this things about Rossi brings another perspective on him. It shows that he is human and a caring man.

The others were absolutely AWSOME and they all gave their best! The support from them was a great team effort. Love them all!

The cast was Superbe and the writers gave us another great episode to remember!

Megan said...

Awesome episode!

Everyone had equal screen time, and the whole case was a team effort.

Hotch absolutely broke my heart in the beginning.

Loved the scenes with Garcia and Reid -- their little battle of the intellects made for some nice lighter scenes. Their characters play well off of each other.

Rossi was heartbreaking as well in those last few scenes. I loved his talk with Hotch. Just a fantastic episode all around!

Can't wait til next Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode but I can't help but wonder if they are setting us up for Hotch leaving. Not sure what Rossi was trying to actually telling him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said . . . sorry but who got shot in the end? i missed some of it? unforunately it sure sounds like hotch might leave.

I can't remember the character's name, but it was the hit man unsub who was shot by the mob boss's assistance, the final retribution.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. Rossi was great in it as well as the rest of the cast. I like how the entire team is getting time. I died laughing during the Garcia and Reid moments. I felt so bad for hotch and I hope Thomas does not leave. The ending was great and I loved the little moment between Emily and J.J. as well as Hotch and Rossi. I am excited for what the rest of the season will bring.

Anonymous said...

Hotch watching Jack broke my heart. I think something is going to happen to Jack. The Reaper really did find the perfect way to torture Hotch. The only problem I have with this episode is that Hotch seemed to be pretty together mentally for someone who has been going through and is still going through hell. Shouldn't he still be a wreck. I wish they had showed more residual angst.

andrea said...

JJ was just totally awesome in this episode. I thought it was a really good episode.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until next week because I do think we are going to see Hotch crash a bit and burn. The beginning scene with Hotchner watching his son was one of the saddest scenes ever.

khalid said...

I agree with the people who said they didn't like the conversation between Rossi and Hotch. I agree that it is foreshadowing Hotch leaving the BAU.

Anonymous said...

Some people must have been watching a different episode than I was. I don't think the whole team got equal time. There was much more Rossi than anyone else and we barely saw Reid. I am so missing him this season. It's not the same show for me when they hardly show him at all. He's why I watch.

I was kind of upset at Hotch. To me he's being a total hypocrit lately. Last week he goes into that house unprotected with an armed unsub and blocks the sniper's shot, the exact thing he told Reid he should fire him for in EM. Then tonight he says Reid's not clear to fly when he did the exact same thing in Angel Maker with his ears.

And what's with JJ giving the profile? Hotch asked her after North Mamon if she wanted to be a profiler and she said no, she liked her role, then she should stick to it.

The hunt for the unsub wasn't exciting to me but I find I'm not as excited about the show these days since there seems to be a boycot on Reid. I hope it doesn't carry on for the whole season.

Debbie said...

Excellence episode!

What a twist in the plot - I wasn't expecting it.

Loved the Rossi focus. Reid and Garcia are so cute together - sibling rivalry...or is it genius rivalry?

Hotch is agonizing over this situation with his family - and yeah, it does seem like some foreshadowing for an exit for Hotch and TG - but I sure hope not. That would be such a bad move.

Loved JJ's hair tonight!

It was great - can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

If Hotch leaves the show to ride into the sunset with Haley and Jack I will stop watching the show. It really does seem like they are setting him up to leave but he could pull a Gideon and let go of his family and devote his life to his work. That is what Gideon did so it is possible. I liked finding out more about Rossi tonight and the rivalry between Garcia and Reid was just plain sweet.

jesse said...

Best line in the episode: "You're my bitch now." *g*

jackie said...

WOW!! Another great episode!
I loved it from beginning to
Nice to see backstory on Rossi.
Didn't know he had a savory past.
I didn't think he would be the
type to have ties to the mob.
And how sweet was it that he
never forgot his first true love.
Rossi and Emma were sweethearts
since they were 12.
Well, i guess Reid was not to
fly on last weeks episode, even
though he thought he was cleared.
Hotch wasn't to happy about that,
but after what he did in Angel
Maker, he should be one to talk.
Now Reid gets to stay behind and
be with Garcia, which makes her
extremely happy.
And how funny was it, that Reid
couldn't answer the clue to the
crossword puzzle and Garcia could?
Garcia was all in his face about
I was glad that Hotch got to
see Jack if only by webcam, on
his 4th Birthday.
And how dumb of Haley to call
her mother and risk their safety.
I thought she would have been
smarter than that, especially
after Hotch told her no one
could know where they were.
Now, they have to be moved again.
Glad to know that they have
agents tailing Hotch in case
Foyet is watching him, but now
it looks like that has to end
because of no money to keep it
I felt bad for JJ. Having the
Judge get shot right next to
her, and have his blood spatter
all over her. She was definately
in shock when it happened, and
so nice of Emily to reassure her
on the plane on the way home.
I thought the conversation
between Hotch and Rossi, was
really great.
Since they've known each other
since way back, i love how
Rossi is giving Hotch the
reassurance he needs to help
get him through this.
I just hope, that his comment
about family, wasn't telling
him that he should get back
together with Haley.
After all, she did leave him,
not vice versa.
Any way, awesome; rocking episode
as usual from beginning to end.
Rock On Criminal Minds!!!!!
Can't waite for next week!!!!

Blair (BB) said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVED JJ in this episode. She actually got to question the victim by herself and she got a lot of information out of it. And also, when that gunshot rang out, it looked as if it had hit JJ! But that wouldn't happen, we have enough cast members getting injured, ya know? ;D And I loved how Em comforted her a bit at the end of the ep.

Okay, enough rambling about my favorite character, LOL! I loved the Rossi/Hotch interaction as well, especially at the end. And the Garcia/Reid scenes?! They were HILARIOUS. I loved it! Taking a look into Rossi's past was interesting, and I liked how it tied into the case they were trying to solve.

Sofie said...

I think the conversation between Rossi and Hotch at the end may have shown us the pain they both feel inside for their own resons. Hotch may crash in a near futur but has Rossi told him they were their to support him and in my opinion it will make him stronger. Hotch has a family, something Rossi don't.

I really liked those scenes with Garcia and Reid. The way Reid tended to take over in Garcia world was really funny.

Finding out about Rossi's past brought a whole new perspective about him. The only woman he really loved, being a marine, is friend being mob member. Confiding in Hotch the real story of what happened in NY between her and him.

Seeing JJ with blood all over her but keeping her cool and do her job was also pretty special.

Brigitte said...

A very solid episode with good writing and acting.

First Rossi, like the backstory on him. He does have shaddy friends :) Nice twist about Rossi having meet the judge's wife, I really thought he had slept with her!

The judge story was okay, him killing for revenge and being sick of seeing criminals walk way was a good motive. Never saw it coming the judge being murdered.

Nice continuation on Hotch story. Poor him having to watch his son on camera on his little boy's birthday. Glad Hotch was more himself, less out of control. He DID put on his kevlar vest this time! I like his conversation with Rossi and how Dave told him that they, the team, was in this with Hotch. I like that the team cares and are looking out for each others.

Very funny moments with Reid and Garcia! Those two were so funny:)

all and all a good episode and as usual the cast did great especially Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson, those two work well together.


Amy said...

"An attack against you is an attack against us." ~Rossi to Hotch.

I loved this episode. I was scared when I saw the preview originally but it turned out to be something different entirely than what I thought.

I loved the group feeling to it. Reid and Garcia's banter. Hotch and Rossi's talks discussing family and the counter-surveillance on Hotch. JJ pondering what happened and Emily giving her a pat on the leg to let her know it was going to be okay.

The plot was good. At first I thought the BAU left and that the hitman was not going to get the justice due to him. Glad it wasn't left open-ended.

Great job to everyone who works on Criminal Minds in my opinion. A++

Shawn said...

Quite enjoyed this one. Not my favorite but still enjoyable.

Loved the JJ with the vic scene. Loved that when the vic squeezed her hand, JJ squeezed back. Loved the shooting at the end.

Quite liked Rossi being a douche and lying to the judge. I like my good guys being more gray hats.

All in all, this has been a solid start to season 5.

Anonymous said...

Major props to the writer for making Jack be 4 years old. Continuity with Hotch's character has always been a problem but Jack being 4 made sense. I enjoyed that we had the whole crew on tonight. I liked this episode. Obviously they are building up to something but I am not sure what it is.

Anonymous said...

I would like them to explore Morgan's childhood abuse some more. I liked the scene tonight with him. We need more backstory on him. The episode was more exciting than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

i really like this story tonight and all the back story on rossi.

Shadow said...

Wow, what was that? Did I buy a ticket for the movies? This episode was certainly more than you’d expect from a one-hour TV drama. Lots of very intense, deeply impressing moments.

For all the intensity of Rossi and Hotch, the one most shining in this episode for me was Morgan. His scene with the therapist was just incredible and his overall presence throughout the episode was unusually strong.

Loved the long plane scenes both in the beginning and the end of the episode, we really need more of these, there were too few of them last season.

Though I’m glad to hear that Rossi never committed adultery with Emma, I find it kind of sad that her husband, for all his crimes and wrongs, never found out that Rossi had just lied to him. He shouldn’t have died with the belief that his truthful wife of 35 years had cheated on him.

Interesting to learn that Rossi was with the marine corps as a young man. Never would have pictured this. I wonder if he also abandoned his family when he left his past behind all those years ago? I’d really like to meet Mama Rossi once.

To me the episode didn’t foreshadow Hotch leaving the BAU. I was just under the impression he might try to win Haley back (which I wouldn’t object to) once the whole Foyet thing is over, but that doesn’t mean to me that he’ll quit his job. Guess I’ll wait and see.

Now I’m just waiting to see when Garcia and Reid will start killing each other. They were really funny in this episode, competing and trying to outsmart each other. Yay for Garcia beating Reid to solving the puzzle. Hope at least he got some cookies this week.

Lying to Hotch about his medical clearance was a dumb thing of Reid to do. Will there be reprimands? It certainly doesn’t help his relationship with Hotch. One should think he would be smarter than that by now and should have learned not to mess with his team leader.

JJ gets a lot more field work to do these days, and the little scene with Emily on the plane home was really touching. The girls, especially Emily, were a bit underused in this episode, though. Hopefully they’ll get their chance to shine in another episode, soon.

The case had one weakness for me: Why did the judge choose the first three victims, and why only them and not more? In his position, the list could have been endless, and he still had 6 months to go on, but he only gave the hit man the list of five names to begin with. So, why did he choose these and not others?

All in all, one amazing episode. Way to go, CM!

Anonymous said...

LOVELY to have so much Rossi. Thank you CM!! He's the guy!! Joe Mantegna was great this episode and it was so good to see his past. CM has this great actor and still they don't use him enough. Sure he can give you depth and tell you about a character. More like this please. It's great the season is started for real. And it was the whole team too. Garcia and Reid scenes lovely too.

I wonder if Hotch will go? Did anyone think they said that? It would stir things and for real create a different team. He thinks he is the job! He should be a man first. Rossi is right and a good friend to tell him. It won't hurt me if he goes but it will upset a lot of people. So I hope they don't make him.

That opening bit with the darkness and the music and the sawing - that was scary!

Rossi certainly has a thing about keeping reminders! He has a talismanic temperament.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Guastaferro (have I spelt you right?). Lovely to have him on the show. He's such a good actor. Unshowy and absolutely believable. He's one of the group of actors that includes Joe M. that come together on Mamet projects so it's a pure treat to have him on CM.

Agree with Shadow's comment that this episode felt like the movies. There was a good darkness and a great pace and the case was the important element this time. I like that they didn't go overboard on one character the way they have in the first two episodes - as a lot of people have said. Nor did soapy team stuff undermine the main plot. It was balanced. There was a lot of Mantegna (HURRAH! and HURRAH!) as well as Garcia, Reid and Morgan.

I'm still not getting the Hotch/Gibson love but hey, it takes all kinds.

Great episode. The season opener as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this ep. loved the wee reid and garcia moments :p!

connie said...

I liked this episode. I liked the character interactions. It was fun to see Reid and Garcia play off eachother. It was also nice to see JJ have more to do this episode. The episode itself was consistant, but what stood out for me were the smaller character moments and interactions.

Anonymous said...

It feels like the writers are amp-ing up the show this season. Every episode has been incredible!! This one was no exception. Loved the teamwork we saw with everyone. I enjoy backstory on the characters and Rossi was no exception.

Hotch broke my heart watching Jack playing, but at least he did get to SEE his son on his birthday. I swear if they allow Foyet to that child I will be one angry woman!

My favorite scene was the one with Rossi and Hotch on the plane at the end. Rossi gave him something to think about. I don't necessarily think Hotch and Haley will get back together, but I do foresee them working things out as far as his job is concerned once Foyet is caught (and hopefully tortured and killed very slowly).

Anonymous said...

Always nice when we learn more about a character's past so that was good. The thing with Rossi and the wife was a little bit to gray for me but okay. I don't think they are laying the groundwork for Hotch to leave. I think they are just yanking our chains to make us worry. This isn't the first time that Hotch has implied that he would make things up to his family. Doesn't mean he is leaving.

gina said...

Great to see more of JJ in an episode. The most under used character on the show and she did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Gina....I agree about JJ. It was great to see her so calm while covered in blood and guts. She is a pro and it is great seeing her do such a great job.

The stuff with Rossi and the gangster was great. Mantegna did a fab job as always. Gangster friends. Rossi's past just keeps getting more complicated and more interesting every time they explore it more.

Reid and Garcia are rad. Love them. You are my bitch now was great.

laurel said...

The CM shippers scored big last night. I imagine the JJ/Prentiss stories will be hitting the web any minute.

Good episode. Solidly used all the characters which is almost rare any more.

Michelle said...

AAHHH! I feel asleep at the end and am going to have to watch it again! (oh darn)
I really loved this side of Rossi. We have been seeing a lot of his nurturing side, which is great. It was nice to see a tougher side, to get a glimpse on the life he had before the FBI.
The cast was so wonderful... as always. Loved AJ's hair cute and TG looked stunning.

Ele said...

I liked this episode but had some problems with the Judge´s story. For me it was too convenient that Rossi went to talk to one of the would be victims and that both of them had known Emma (Judge´s dead wife).
Besides that I really liked the interaction between Reid and Garcia, it was really funny, both were great together!
I love when ever Rossi and Hotch are togethe, although what Rossi told Hotch at the end did worry me a bit but I like to think that he is telling Hotch to move on with his life as soon as his child safe once again, not return to his workaholic days and nights!
My favorite scene is probably when Hotch is staring outside his office at the rain and Rossi comes in, he is hurting so much, usually one would find him at his desk working, there he was just thinking about his little boy...too sad! And lastly, WOW TG was looking so handsome :)

Elisabeth Rousset said...

Good episode.
I loved the backstory of Rossi.
It was good character development.

The scenes between Reid and Garcia were great.
I just think that Hotch was harsher than necessary with Reid. Hotch did the exact same thing in 'The Angels Maker', he wasn't cleared to fly but he did it anyway.
But maybe he was worried about Reid's health and recovery. At least I hope he was.

I would love to see them having a discussion. We didn't see the two of them having a good conversation since a really long time, I was hoping maybe it would be better in this season. I'm feeling a little let down, but maybe it'll get better as the season progresses.

Jenn said...

Well, telling Reid he's not allowed to fly was - IMHO - had to be done. MGG needed to have no weight on that leg... and whatever screen time we see him you have to times it by how many takes, and setting up times etc. That's a long time to be around on crutches.
Although, it does seem a little hypocritical coming from the man who almost permanently damaged his hearing because of flying too early (and even Hotch coming back after a month? Wasn't he upset with Elle for coming back after FOUR months?)
But yes - I actually loved team genius: Garcia and Reid. So I like that Reid is grounded for a bit. Someone mentioned they're fighting like siblings and it's true! ;)
It was nice to see Hotch more in control this week. And heartbreaking all at the same time because it was Jack's b-day :(
I was glad that Rossi clarified he didn't actually sleep with Emma (dang good way to get under the judge's skin though). Sad that he didn't get to go to her funeral though :(
And holy crap I though JJ got shot for a second there at the end. That was a lot of blood all over her, lol. I like the little "tea-time" moment with her and Prentiss, too.
Not sure what I think of Rossi/Hotch's conversation. I mean I liked it and it's very true... but in TV world... I don't want to see Hotch leave the show, so it worried me a bit. Maybe he'll just take off more time to spend with Jack?
I was also (pleasantly) distracted by the fact there were two Lost alumni in this episode - Libby and Kate's father, lol.

HardKOrr said...

Another solid episode from CM last night. While not one of my all-time favorites, there were lots of great moments in it.

Poor Hotch. Felt bad for him not being able to see his son in person on Jack's birthday. I know the show threw in that bit about there not being enough money for agents to continue trailing Hotch because of Foyet for a reason.

The interaction between Garcia and Reid was total win. So funny and a really good job of the show keeping Reid involved but not having him in the field. People need to understand that the show has not put Reid on the backburner but rather MGG's knee injury has. If you could have seen how much pain the man was in you would understand why they didn't have him traipsing all over the place with the team.

JJ was really good last night with the wife of the victim who had his hands sawed off (ew!!) and in giving part of the profile. She kept her composure when the judge was shot right next to her and I'm glad they showed it was still on her mind on the plane. Emily comforting her was another nice scene.

The interaction between Hotch and Rossi was very good. I don't read it as a sign that Hotch is going to quit the BAU but rather Rossi encouraging Hotch to keep his family together in spite of everything that has happened. One thing I do hope is that they are not pushing for a Hotch/Haley reconciliation. Hotch deserves some happiness and she had her chance. Even if they could get past what happened before, he still has the same job he had when she left him. She would just continue to harp on him to leave the BAU. He needs someone that understands and supports him. That will make him happy.

It was nice to get a little backstory on Rossi. A little convenient story-telling in how the judge, Emma, Finnegan, and Rossi were all tied together but it's TV so it should be expected.

All in all, again...another solid episode of my favorite show.

Now we have a little backstory on lets get some on Hotch, JJ, Emily, and Garcia.

Anonymous said...

This was an intersting episode IMO, not the most exciting or scary. I liked that Rossi had old contacts whose friendship extended beyond their illegal activities. The revenge killing at the end rather ummed up everything very well.

Hotch needs some kind of release or he's going to have a coronary or blow his brains out.

JJ was cool with the blood all over her, Reid and Garcia were very amusing to gether and Prentiss presented the case very well to the cops. All in all a good episode.

Next week looks like a variation on "A Clockwork Orange."


Elisabeth Rousset said...

"Well, telling Reid he's not allowed to fly was - IMHO - had to be done. MGG needed to have no weight on that leg... and whatever screen time we see him you have to times it by how many takes, and setting up times etc. That's a long time to be around on crutches."

"People need to understand that the show has not put Reid on the backburner but rather MGG's knee injury has. If you could have seen how much pain the man was in you would understand why they didn't have him traipsing all over the place with the team."

I know about MGG's injury. So I understand why the writers had to put Reid off the field, it's normal.
My only complaint is the way Hotch handled things in this episode.
Considering the fact that Hotch did exactly what Reid did in the beginning of the fourth season, I think he could have reacted differently. He could have first talked to Reid in private before criticizing him publicly and throwing him his medical file in the face in front of the whole team.

RMF said...

JJ, you've got a little judge on you. Here's a hose.

Wow. When you mention The Duchess of Malfi, you know things won't end well. I really liked this one, maybe not so much for the case (I groan at superpowered killers that can appear and disappear right under the team's noses), but for the character work. I don't usually like mob stories, and putting Mantegna in a plot about crime bosses is just begging to be slapped, but it turned out to be about more than just darkened restaurants and wiseguy patter. The glimpse of Rossi's background was interesting for the path not taken, but the mob connections blessedly did not dominate the plot, serving only as a vector for uncovering malfeasance at a higher level. Far from hiding a single episode of corruption in his past, this Ideal Husband chose to finish out his life with a murder spree, excusing it by wailing that the justice system he was part and parcel of had failed society. May as well go off the deep end too, eh? Well, the best among us know suffering can be undeserved, and there's a very real possibility that there is no justice in this world or the next, but choose to be good and do good anyway.

And while I am not thinking soley or specifically of Hotch or CM when I say that, it is fitting that Hotch's story is touched on and forms a subtext for the episode. He seems to be on a much more even keel this week, acting primarily as his smooth, professional self, which only reminds us how unnerving it was last week when he wasn't. It's kind of a mystery to me how an agent who acted so recklessly warrants only a concerned phone call to his senior colleague and hasn't been yanked off active duty and sent back to counseling, but okay, we'll go with it. Like the judge, Hotch has had his family taken away by circumstance and is obsessing. Foyet has gotten away with it all so far. But we end with that lovely Lincoln quote about mercy as we watch the mobster take out the hitman, and we know what choice Hotch has to make if this series has any integrity, but the substance of it is not what choice he makes, but why.

And how interesting it is that when Rossi confronts Hotch, he doesn't even mention the Foyet case. It's about what Hotch is going to do when it's over, and he's right, Hotch is someone who needs the work/life balance. I admit that last week Rossi's insistence that they just need to trust Hotch when he acted in such an untrustworthy manner seemed baffling. I think I get it now. An old hand like Rossi knows exactly what the wound pattern means and why Hotch isn't talking. Foyet launched the sexualized attack on Hotch in order to screw with his head and interfere with his ability as a profiler. But the very fact that he chose to act out in that way tells us something about the bats in Foyet's particular belfry, and in order to catch him, Hotch will eventually have to come clean. Rossi trusts Hotch because he knows Hotch realizes that. We're really lucky to have Gibson and Mantegna on the show.

Anonymous said...

Not one of my favorite episodes.
I loved the Garcia/Reid moments and I liked the Prentiss/JJ moment at the end. I also liked JJ in this episode.
I thought the case itself was weak and I lost interest, which is rare for a CM episode. I was on the fence about Rossi before, but now I really don't care for him. I thought the things he said to the judge were out of line. Trying to get under his skin or not, he had a chance to make it right and he didn't. He should not have kept the locket, it wasn't his to keep....
I thought Hotch should have been livid with Hayley for making that mistake.
I didn't read anything into the conversation at the end. I couldn't take anything Rossi said seriously. Having said that, I still love the show and cannot wait for next week.....

Helen said...

Wonderful, wonderful ep! The last of Jay and Dan! *Cries.*

So many good things, I loved the Rossi backstory and the team interaction and how wonderfully they incorporated the continuing Foyet storyline without detracting from the case at hand.

Garcia and Reid stuck together in the office = priceless.

And Hotch, so heartbreaking. He's back on form when it comes to his work, but you can still tell he doesn't think he has anything to smile about.

Great acting on the part of the cast (as usual). Just all around awesome.

THREE for THREE, guys! Make it four for four next week, ok? ;)

Stephanie said...

TG & JM rock! All of the cast were great but these two were memorable. Joe was in the spotlight by design, and I loved finding out a bit more of his past. Thomas had the beginning & end scenes to get across the fact that he's still working on healing and still heartbroken and he didn't fail to deliver. :( I don't think Hotch's character will leave us... he'd better not, he's why I watch!

Reid & Garcia were priceless, but it would have been nice to have a little more involvement from Prentiss and JJ.

All in all, enjoyed the epi and look forward to next week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, JJ looks hot in this episode. Yay for more JJ screen time!

I liked this episode a lot, especially since we delve into Rossi's life a bit, getting to know the man for more than his profiling skills.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!
I'm wondering if the "lie" Reid told saying he was cleared to travel when he really wasn't has anything to do with the timing of his second surgery. He was sitting for most of the eppy, except for the very very end.

Loved the scenes with Reid and Garcia though. Both of them were trying to outdo each other! :P

Rossi was great in this eppy. At first I was thinking Emma was an ex-wife, but I guess she was a little to young for that when they met! :P

I felt so sad for Hotch when he was watching his son on the video and that's all he could get for seeing his son on his birthday.

Anonymous said...

Another good one. Loved Reid and Garcia's work together... great!

Anonymous said...

Didn't really love this episode. Found myself paying less attention as the ep went on. I'm not really into all the shows jumping on the Dexter "vigilante killer" angle and I don't personally need all that much back story on Rossi. I like CM eps best when they stick to innovative, interesting stories about unusual killers. But I'm glad the ratings were good and I have high hopes for next week - looks good.

Kury said...

I enjoyed this episode.

I think Rossi had envy and jealousy to the judge Schuller because he was the one who spent 35 years with Emma as husband and wife, not Rossi. And when he discovered that Schuller was the planner, Rossi maybe subconsciously thought that he got the chance to beat Schuller. That is why his interrogation with Schuller was so personal rather than professional, even it worked. I think Rossi was embarrassed about it when he told Hotch about his lie to Schuller, and Hotch understood his feeling. Hotch was like listening to Rossi's confession. And when it came to his family matter, he become defensive.
I love TG's facial expressions especially in these three episodes of season 5. It's not overact but so telling. He is just awesome.

I also love, love, love the Garsia - Reid moments. They are soooo sweet and cute.

As for Hotch making Reid stay behind, it was what he had to do as a boss. He has responsibility to protect his men. And you should NEVER lie to your boss, that's for sure. lol.

The last quote says that mercy is better than strict justice, but I couldn't see that in the story. I wish Rossi would mentioned about Schuller to Hotch on the plane, as the ones who love the same woman for their life.

Anonymous said...

Kurry said...
As for Hotch making Reid stay behind, it's what he had to do as a boss. He has the responsibility to protect his men. And you should NEVER lie to your boss, that's for sure. lol

Besides being unable to understand why Reid couldn't fly, I've seen many disabled people on the flights I've taken, I think the boss shouldn't do the exact same thing himself as Hotch did in Angel Maker, where the flying could have damaged his injured ears. He shouldn't have been in the field either where the sound of gunfire could damage him but he did it anyway. Then he turns around and calls somebody else for doing the same thing.

Also, there are diplimatic ways of handling things. He should have taken Reid aside and spoken to him or reprimanded him in private instead of tossing a file at him and making him a laughing stock in front of the entire team. To me that's not good leadership. I'm quickly losing my patience and respect for Hotch.

Amanda said...

Even as a Hotch fan I can see where it can be argued he was hypocritical in dealing with Reid. However, that just makes him human. Leaders, like it or not, will make mistakes. Hotch made one in Angel Maker & corrected it at the end by not flying back to Quantico. Should he have stayed behind initially? Of course. But that doesn't give Reid the right to lie to his boss in this case... and not a smart move given Hotch will be even more protective of his team right now with Foyet on the loose and Reid physically vulnerable. Should he have taken Reid aside? Perhaps. But keep in mind he is still struggling w/ the loss of his family and recovering from being attacked. His emotional control is better but not perfect. Far from losing respect and patience w/ Hotch, I commend CM for creating an imperfect man who continues to simply do the best that he can. I'd love to see how well other leaders would hold up in similar circumstances.

Lemony said...

I liked this episode much more then 'Haunted' (although I still liked Haunted very much). It was better composed, like a good-old-fashion Criminal Minds episode. As I grow to like Rossi more and more, I loved the background on him, and although I find the 'mob' a bit far fetched it was nice to get some background on him. And Rossi in the Marines? Honestly did not think of that! lol

Some finer points of the episode were the Garcia/Reid comedy. I miss the usual Morgan/Garcia banter but I'll settle with the former for now. I think Reid needs to be a bit lighter this season for a while to balance out Hotch's agony. Also AJ had really fine acting this episode. I have yet to see JJ actually covered in blood (except for Revalations I think) and that was a very effective, when the Judge was shot. Somewhat excepted, but it did surprise me. Kodos to AJ letting herself get sprayed.

It was bittersweet for Hotch to see Jack on his fourth Birthday. I like that every episode so far they let us know how the investigation is going. Apparently not so well, since 'money' is running out. I think the future visit from Strauss will definetly not be a good one, for Hotch at least. At least Rossi backed him up!

Really enjoyed this episode!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode. Was a bit disappointed in not seeing an ex-wife of Rossi's but it was still nice to get a bit of back ground info on him. Loved everyone in this epi, especially a bit of an angsty Hotch without the Gideon behaviour.


Lanna said...

The episode opens with a woman arguing over the phone with a man. She’s struggling to juggle groceries and the phone as she tries to turn on a lamp. “You took her from me remember?” she yells into the phone and hangs up. “Ben, I thought you paid the bill” she calls into the darkness. She notices a flash coming from down the hall and heads over to check it out. She heads over to the bedroom and pushed the door open to see a man dead strapped to a chair, blood running from a gun shot behind his right ear. Another flash goes off and she’s packed by the shoulders from behind and smacked head first against the door frame.
She wakes up and finds herself lying on the floor. She looks up and sees a man standing with his back at her, concentrated on doing something to the dead man in the chair. As the image becomes clearer we see him using a saw on the victim. As the unsub turns around he’s got the dead man’s hands in a plastic bag. As he turns his attention towards her, we see the woman’s eyes go wide in terror. We see another flash and the image goes black.
We go on to see Jack at the park swinging happily as two agents watch him. There is a camera installed in a car to allow Hotch to see his son. In Garcia’s office Hotch asks the marshal about Jack and Haley, and is reassured they are both fine, but they have to be moved to another house due to a number of phone calls Haley made to her mother. He thanks the marshal, and the latter replies that no harm will come to Jack and Haley and Hotch should concentrate on getting Foyet. We see another image of Jack coming closer to the camera and Hotch wishes him “Happy Birthday”.
Hotch is in his office looking out the window at the pouring rain as Rossi comes in asking to talk to him. He asks Hotch to stay behind on a case that just came in his home town, saying that he would rather not go back there. Hotch hands him a file saying that on any other day he would have accepted that. Rossi takes a look at the file and nods.
In the conference room JJ presents the case of Ben Vanderwaal, killed the previous night in Long Island, one shot to the head, one shot to the heart. At the crime scene fibers and hairs from Ben’s wife Heather were found, but not her. The gunshot wounds matched those of two previous victims: Rita Haslat, who went missing from her home and was found dead four weeks later emaciated, with ligature marks on her wrists and ankles and shot in the head and in the heart at close range; and Bill Levington, who displayed the same gunshot wounds. His genitals were missing. Hotch gets up and announces the “wheels up in 20” after which he throws a file over the table to Reid telling him he lied about being cleared to travel. Reid argues that it wasn’t a lie since he is himself a doctor, so it was more like a second opinion. He’s staying behind at Quantico with Garcia.
We see a male figure in the dark watching pictures of Ben Vanderwaal’s murder on a computer screen, after which he pulls out a list of names and scraping Ben’s name off of it. The list contains the names of the previous two victims and two more names that are not yet scraped.
After the credits Rossi quotes Blaise Pascal saying “Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.”
On the plane the team discusses the case. They agree that they need to find out what which act of mutilation means for the unsub or the victim.

Lanna said...

Hotch and Emily go to Ben Vanderwaal’s home to look at the crime scene. They find out that Heather Vanderwaal has a daughter that recently moved to San Diego to live with her real father. They try to reconstruct Heather’s steps as she came back home, and the local detective informs them that the lights and the phone had been cut. Hotch examines the pool of blood left in the room where Ben Vanderwaal was found and notices marks in the blood that resemble a camera tripod. The detective also informs them that Heather has a daughter that recently went to live with her father. While they are still in the room the detective gets a phone call saying that Heather Vanderwaal had just been found wandering the streets and has been taken to the hospital. Hotch tells Emily to get JJ over there.
At the hospital, JJ goes to Heather’s room, trying to find out what happened. Heather tells her she saw a flash that got her attention and when she opened the door to the bedroom she saw Ben tied to a chair. She saw another flash and everything went dark. Then she woke up hearing a sawing noise and seeing the unsub cutting off Ben’s hands.
Garcia calls JJ to tell her that Heather Vanderwaal has a daughter that had just been moved to another school midterm, and that Heather had made a payment to a Family Law firm 6 days earlier. Heather admits that her daughter accused Ben of sexually abusing her and that’s the reason she went to live with her father. That’s also the reason Heather herself filed for divorce from Ben.
Morgan and Rossi are at the Medical Examiner’s office, looking at the body of the last victim. They notice that there was little gunshot residue left behind and that ballistics can’t match the bullet to a gun.
Back at the police station Rossi is warmly welcomed by Detective Gil Hardesty, who is delighted to meet him. He and Morgan brief the others on what they found at the ME’s office. The gun used in the killing is a so called zip gun, a hand made gun that can be made out of a piece of plumbing or a bicycle pump.
Rossi states that all this evidence points to a hit man and that the post mortem mutilation is one extra in the contract. They could be looking for two unsubs, maybe more. Rossi offers to try to hit on some old contacts that might be able to help, but he has to do it alone and the team best not know about them.
We see Rossi entering a bar/restaurant looking for the owner. The security guard gives him a body search and points a gun at him asking him if he is a cop. Rossi says he’s an old friend. Rossi’s old friend Ray, the owner of the bar has connections in the Organized Crime. He asks for Ray’s help and for information on the hit man. At first Ray refuses to assist in the investigation to protect his reputation. Rossi tells him the Organized Crime unit is close to bringing him down and he won’t have a reputation to protect.
Back at the police station the rest of the team is looking at the mutilations and trying to find the meaning behind them. Garcia and Reid back at Quantico found that Bill Levington had been involved in a number of cases of child abuse that never went to trial, and that Ruth Haslat had been fired by the DCFS when a 7 year old boy starved to death on her watch. The connection between them is that all three were accused of committing crimes against children. Hotch says that one of the unsubs probably works in the justice system as he seems to have access to the files. As the first two cases were a matter of public record but the third wasn’t, they need to talk to the daughter and see who she told about it. Emily calls Rossi to let him know about the latest developments.

Lanna said...

At the bar Rossi shows Ray a picture of Ben Vanderwaal’s murder. Ray says there’s only one person that would be that specific, a hit man named Bosola.
Heather’s daughter was brought in, and Morgan and Emily talk to her, in the presence of her father, trying to find out if she was abused by her step father and if she told anyone about it.
At Ray’s restaurant Rossi finds out more about Bosola’s MO. In exchange for his cooperation and help, Rossi offers Ray a deal for his right hand man Sean, who is accused of weapons transportation. Ray agrees to the deal and promises to bring Bosola to his restaurant that night.
Heather’s daughter eventually admits that she was abused by her step father and that she told her therapist about it.
Morgan and Emily interrogate the therapist and get confirmation that he reported the abuse to the police, but when the police interviewed her she denied the abuse and the case was closed.
Rossi gets a phone call from Ray who has arranged a meeting with Bosola. It would take place at midnight at his restaurant. After hanging up with Rossi, Ray lets Sean, his bodyguard and right hand man, know that he would be closing the restaurant that night and he and the others should take the night off. Sean protests that he shouldn’t do this alone, but Ray encourages him to leave.
Later that evening outside Ray’s restaurant Hotch and Rossi in a surveillance car talk while waiting for the signal to go in. Rossi notices a car with agents not belonging to their surveillance team, and asks Hotch about it. Hotch replies that it is a counter surveillance team, in case Foyet is still watching him, but that there would be no more money for it. Rossi admits having heard about it. Hotch is worried by the fact that Rossi got a call about him. He wants to know what Rossi told “them”. Rossi replies that it was the same thing he told Hotch, that an attack against Hotch was an attack against all of them. The sound of Rossi’s phone interrupts them. He sees it is Ray calling and worriedly picks up asking him why he was calling and if he was alright. Ray replies that he hopes there are some good agents out there because Bosola is a very dangerous man. He wants Reid’s help to solve the crossword puzzle he’s been struggling with. Rossi puts him through to Reid and Garcia back at Quantico. Ray asks his question and it’s Garcia who gives him the correct answer, upon which Ray compliments her for being smart.
After hanging up with Rossi, Ray reaches over and picks up a cigar and his lighter. As he tries to light the cigar, a breeze puts out the flame. We see the zip gun approaching Ray’s neck right below the right ear. His eyes widen and we hear the shot being fired.

From the car Rossi notices the flash inside the restaurant and points it out to Hotch. They see a second flash and realize that the unsub is already inside and give the order to go in.

They rush in to find an empty restaurant and Ray dead with his head on the table in a pool of blood.
As the crime scene investigators analyze the scene, Rossi asks himself how the unsub could get past them, as they had all the entrances covered. Emily tells him that Garcia tracked Ray’s phone and he made a phone call to a pre paid phone 7 hours earlier. Hotch states that having had 7 hours to prepare, the unsub had probably already been inside the restaurant before they arrived on the scene. Rossi completes that Bosola probably heard Ray’s phone call to him and blames himself for what happened. Detective Hardesty says that the unsub now knows they are on to him, and Rossi completes again that probably whoever he works for knows it too.

Lanna said...

At the police station Emily is giving the first part of the profile, explaining that the mutilations of each victim represent the crimes the unsubs believe that each of the individuals committed. Hotch clears the meaning of the term unsubs for a young lady in the audience and gives their profiles. He begins with the planner, who they believe is in his late 50s or 60s, works in the justice system and has experienced a devastating personal loss or another tragedy of some kind. He probably met the enforcer in the justice system and has access to enough funds to pay for the completion of these tasks. The fact that there was no attempt made to hide these crimes and mutilations also suggests that the planner either doesn’t care about these elements being found or he wants them to be found.
Morgan warns about the Enforcer, by saying he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
A computer screen indicates an online offshore bank transfer of $ 100,000 in progress and we see the Planner calling the Enforcer to let him know that all final payments have been made and asks him to complete the tasks, paying special attention to Mr.
Patton. He hangs up and places the phone down. He carefully opens a locket and looks at the picture of a woman inside.
Rossi is talking to Garcia and Reid, trying to find out who the planner is. The list is too big so they decide to concentrate on the Enforcer. Garcia finds the case of a Tony Mecacci, whose case was judged a mistrial, but whose suspected victim displayed the same 22 caliber gun shot behind the right ear.
Rossi asks them to match the profile of the planner to all those who had a connection with that case. The name of the judge rings a bell to Rossi. He knew judge Schuller’s wife and she was killed two years before by a drunk driver while returning home from work. Garcia adds that a year ago the judge took a leave of absence and Reid completes that it was after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six more months to live. Garcia points out that it was at that time that the killings started.
At Detective Hardesty’s disbelief that Judge Schuller could be the planner, Rossi affirms again that he is. JJ adds that he fits the profile. Rossi continues to say that Tony Mecacci is most likely Bosola the Enforcer and asks Garcia what she can find on him. She replies that he dropped off the grid after the last trial.
Hotch instructs JJ to put out a statewide APB and release Mecacci’s photo to the media. Detective Hardesty points out that Judge Schuller is a highly respected person and they can’t just accuse him of serial murder. Hotch replies that he will petition the Chief Justice if he has to. Rossi notices judge Schuller standing behind Hotch and Emily and retorts that maybe he won’t have to.
As all the team’s attention turns to him judge Schuller comments that he believes they are looking for him.
Morgan and Rossi enter the interrogation room to find Judge Schuller sitting in there. Morgan starts by saying they have to advise him about his rights. The judge replies that he waives his Constitutional right against self incrimination. Rossi asks him how he knew that they were looking for him. The judge replies that with the amount of evidence he left behind he knew it wouldn’t take them long to find him. Morgan comments that he doesn’t deny any of the crimes. The judge replies that what they see as crimes, he sees as justice.
Rossi tells him that Ray Finnegan was a friend of his, to which the judge reacts that Ray Finnegan was a criminal and that Rossi should choose his friends more wisely. Rossi continues to say that the judge must have been really thrown when Ray showed up at Emma’s funeral. The judge asks Rossi how he knows about his wife.
Hotch, Emily and detective Hardesty are looking in the interrogation room from behind the glass window. Emily points out that Ray told Rossi that most people only meet Bosola once, so judge Schuller must have given Bosola a list of names on their first meeting, continuing to pay him on proof of death.

Lanna said...

Hotch asks Emily to have Garcia hack into the judge’s files and track his financial records. When detective Hardesty tells them he made a call to the judge’s office to let them know they have two suspects, they realize the judge knows they are on to him and he came to the police station to stall.
Judge Schuller looks at his watch and wants to get on with what he went there to do. Morgan asks if he wants to do that so that Bosola would have the time to carry out whatever he instructed him to do. He demands the judge call Bosola and end the assignment. Judge Schuller replies that even if he could do that he wouldn’t.
Rossi starts to talk about the judge’s wife, giving him specific details about Emma’s life. The judge becomes impatient and demands to be charged if that is possible. Rossi goes on to ask if Emma’s death started the killing. The judge replies that it was the failure of the justice system to protect those who needed protecting that caused the killings. He goes on to say that every person on that list deserved to get the justice they managed to evade in the system.
Morgan concludes that he does have a list. The judge sits back down and refuses to talk anymore.
Emily and Garcia are trying to track judge Schuller’s payments to Bosola. Garcia finds payments made to some Cayman Islands banks, after which the trail goes cold. She finds that payments of approximately $50,000, paid in 5 separate payments had been made for each kill. She also finds that the judge made a final payment of $100,000 two days before, that he closed off all his accounts and turned all his fortune to a victim’s support group.
Emily tells Hotch that there are two more victims on the judge’s list. Hotch confirms it and states that whatever the judge is waiting for is about to happen.
In the interrogation room Rossi starts talking about the judge’s wife Emma again. The judge believes Dan Patton, the drunk driver that killed her, is a murderer. Rossi asks him if he is saving the nest for last, and Hotch behind the glass wall says they need to locate Dan Patton and Emily adds that the $100,000 must be for some serious extras.
Dan Patton is shown coming back from work.
Rossi asks the judge how many other people he targeted. The judge refuses to speak once again. Rossi starts telling the judge about a chance meeting he had with Emma a few years back in Manhattan and implies that they started an affair. The judge refuses to believe that. Rossi challenges the judge to give him the truth if he wants to know the truth about his affair with Emma. The judge swears Dan Patton is the last one on his list and demands Rossi tell him the truth. Rossi implies once again that he and Emma had an affair. Then he gets up and leaves the interrogation room.
Back at Dan Patton’s apartment we see Bosola with a baseball bat sneaking up behind Patton. He starts hitting Patton. Patton tries to offer him money, not to kill him. Bosola tells him it was not about money, but about Emma Schuller’s death. Patton tries in vain to protest that it was an accident.
In the interrogation room the judge looks at Morgan saying that now he knows what kind of a man he’s working with. Morgan throws the question back at him asking what kind of man he is. The judge replies that he had enough of seeing the guilty walking free of their sins. Morgan asks him about his own sins, to which the judge retorts that he got cancer for his sins.
At Dan Patton’s place Hotch, Emily and det. Hardesty walk in to find him in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the heart and one to the head.Outside det. Hardesty says that Bosola has no way of getting off Long Island. He and Hotch approach Emily who is just wrapping up a phone call and turns to them to say that they are moving Judge Schuller.

Lanna said...

Hotch points out that maybe Bosola doesn’t need to get off Long Island. They realize that the judge himself is the hit man’s last target. Hotch pulls out his phone and calls Morgan to let him know. He gets through to Morgan just as they are exiting the Police building to accompany the Judge to the car. The noise from the media questions and the flashes makes it impossible for Morgan to make out what Hotch is trying to tell him.
JJ goes ahead of the judge clearing the way and saying that he is aiding with a Federal investigation. The judge goes on to say that he believes justice has been served.
As they advance through the mass of reporters, the judge turns to Rossi and tells him he lied. Rossi realizes what the judge means at the same time that Morgan manages to understand what Hotch is trying to tell him. There is a gun shot and we see JJ all covered in blood. Morgan yells that everybody should get down on the ground. The judge had been shot once to the heart. As he dies, the locket with Emma’s picture falls from his right fist. Rossi picks it up and opens it to look inside. The camera starts to point towards the sky and we see Rossi kneeling next to the body and JJ standing next to it, covered in blood.
On the jet, JJ wrapped in a blanket stares into thin air when Emily approaches with two coffee mugs in her hands. She places one in front of JJ and pats her knee gently while sitting down next to her. She places her own coffee mug on the table in front of them and leans forward to pick up her book and start reading.
Rossi, sitting opposite to Hotch, is still looking at the Judge’s locket with Emma’s picture in it. Hotch looks at him and says Emma was special to him. Rossi confesses that Emma was the love of his life but they were doomed to be star crossed lovers, wondering what might have been. He also tells Hotch that he never slept with Emma, that he lied to the Judge to throw him off his game. He goes on to say that he should have married Emma, but that he allowed too many things get in the way, that he became obsessed with the chase and missed the opportunity of a life with her. Hotch replies that Foyet is threatening his family. Rossi assures him that they will get Foyet, but that Hotch still has a family and asks him about what he will do, when this will be over, not to become a lonely guy wondering why he let the purest thing in his life get away.
We see Bosola finishing a golfing session and putting his golf clubs in the trunk of his car. Sean appears from behind the car parked next to his, with a gun in his hand and asks Bosola if he’s going somewhere. Bosola asks him if he heard the joke about the two Irishmen, but he doesn’t get to finish that thought as Sean shoots him twice in the chest. As Bosola is lying on the ground in pain Sean comes closer and looks at him saying he heard it and didn’t find it funny. We hear Rossi’s voice quoting Abraham Lincoln saying “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice." just as we see Sean raising the gun again and pointing it at Bosola one more time. The episode ends with the end of the quote and the gun going off again.

Anonymous said...

It's only just registered with me that this great episode was written by Jay Beattie & Dan Dworkin who have left the show. Now I'm sad. They get these characters beautifully. Lovely job! I hope there can be found a way to have them back again some time.

motioncityerinn said...

i wanted to say thank-you guys for creating this blogspot. I've been an avid criminal minds fan for years and have only just found this place. I'm so excited...

gubegirl said...

Lanna, you are truly amazing. After reading some of your summary, it dawned on me thatsime if what you wrote was new to me and that I must have dozed thru some of the show! So, I needed to re-watch it all the way thru again yesterday. A very involved epi, to say the least.

Reid was too cute with Garcia - they truly behave like siblings, don't they! What cute geeks they are!

JJ's hair is so flattering - she looked better than she ever has. And I agree with whoever observed she is becoming more involved at profiling than before.

Feeling bad for Hotch who obviously wants his family back and Rossi, trying to share his prev experience, and trying to get Hotch to examine his motives and to think about what it takes to maintain a successful relationship. Next to impossible to succeed at this job when it is so intense and to have a happy home life, too. But, still the team must crave a personal, intimate life like normal people have. I can hardly wait to see the interaction between Morgan and his new love interest in the upcoming epi Wed. nite because he has already insisted that it just can't be. ("Someone's Watching" where he tells this to a lovesick Reid that their jobs are difficult enuf-who can have a personal life?)

Love it when the writers give our team a human side - makes me feel closer to them than ever. Makes the show even more compelling to watch and they always use just the right dose of this to keep us going, don't they?

Wed. nite: come quickly!

Anonymous said...

I think Rossi's comment to Hotch was not leading to him leaving cm, or to him going back to Haley. I think he was telling Hotch to realize that the team was always here for him and they were a family. Also, Him and Emily have gotten close through the fourth season and especially in the fifth season. I think Rossi was encouraging Hotch to see what was right in front of him-someone that wasnt going anywhere-Emily

Will said...

Anyone else find this episode (and a trend in the series) to be aimed at people who don't think for themselves? Example: They wondered for 15 minutes of show why the unsub cut off different parts of his victims anatomy, when it was so obvious these experts would have figured it out quicker than me. And I was thinking because of the crimes they committed as soon as we heard one was without hands and one was without his member. Also Rossi should have thought of the judge who was married to the woman of his dreams as soon as they set up the profile and told the police what they were looking for. He knew the guys wife had been killed because he skipped the funeral. He knew the guy was a judge. The guy fit everything they were looking for and yet Rossi only "remembered" him after the names were read to him. On top of that, these guys are supposed to be the top guys for profiling, and none of them thought to look up who "killed" the judges wife to see if he was a victim yet. I love the show, it just seems like they are dumbing the show down to achieve higher ratings.

Jasmine* said...

I just finished watching the episode and it was amazing.
It's always great to know more about the character's past but i have to say i would freak out if EVER Hotch decides to go anywhere...
the scenes with Reid and Garcia were hilarious XD